May 17, 2020

Sunday May 17, 2020 Adam Vincent

Theme: "Illegal Tender" -  Phrases are humorously rephrased as "what money".

22. Mad money?: STEAMED CLAMS. Fit for Jim Cramer.

28. Grant money?: WISHBONES.
40. Hot money?: BUFFALO BILLS. Hot money "is capital that investors regularly move between economies and financial markets to profit from highest short-term interest rates", according to Investopedia.

52. Ransom money?: SPRING ROLL.

76. Old money?: STALE BREAD.

87. Paper money?: EDITOR'S NOTES.
100. Bad money?: SOURDOUGH. What is bad money?

109. Smart money?: SHARP CHEDDAR.

Looks like this Adam's debut Sunday. Congratulations! A sparkly 140-worder to boot.

We've seen various money theme over the years, like this CASH UPFRONT puzzle. Adam added an extra complexity and difficulty to clues, which are all in- the-language "what money".


1. "Please stay": DON'T GO. And 19. "I swear!": NO LIE. 60. "What else could it be?!": DUH. 83. "What are you gonna do about it?!": SUE ME. Quite a few spoken phrases.

7. Fallopian tube neighbor: OVARY.

12. __ Beta Kappa: PHI.

15. Just peachy, in old slang: OKE. Never heard of Boomer uses this slang.

18. Tool for winter fishing: ICE SAW.

20. Royal problem?: PAIN. Royal pain.

21. Superhero sound effect: POW.

24. Lingerie brand: OLGA. The malls here will be reopened next Monday.

25. Chapter in history: ERA.

26. Close-knit team: CADRE.

27. Navel type: OUTIE.

30. Takes too much, briefly: ODS. Overdoses.

31. The OED's 21,728, e.g.: PAGES.

33. Australian rockers __ at Work: MEN.

34. Shoot for: AIM AT.

35. Voice below soprano: ALTO.

36. French toppers: BERETS.

39. NFL pass rushers, as a unit: D LINE. Defensive line.

45. They're used for emphasis: ITALICS.

47. Olympian Bolt: USAIN.

48. Bit of info: DATUM.

49. Nasty type: MEANIE.

50. Social media pic that may go viral: MEME.

51. Intrinsically: PER SE. Also the pricey restaurant.

56. Amtrak track: RAIL.

57. Talk Like a Pirate Day word: ARR.

58. Undoing: BANE.

61. Go head to head: VIE.

62. From sunup to sundown: ALL-DAY.

64. Afterwords: EPILOGS.

67. Greek goddess of wisdom: ATHENA.

69. Hawaiian staple: POI. I miss taro. Will venture out to that big Asian store once things get better here.

70. Gamer's complaint: LAG.

72. Arrived at, as a conclusion: DREW.

73. BuzzFeed reaction button: LOL.

75. Wears on: IRKS.

79. Dishes out incautiously: SLOPS. These umeboshi will be in my mouth next Saturday, hopefully.

81. Sister of Rachel: LEAH.

82. Mercedes-Benz sedan line: E CLASS.  Dennis' car. Not sure what class his is. We also have 17. Discarded old PCs, say: E WASTE.

84. Put on: STAGE.

85. Should really: HAD BEST.

89. Type of drum or dance: CONGA.

90. Cassock wearer: PRIEST.

92. Long, long time: AEON.

93. Heavenly body?: ANGEL. Great clue.

94. Bear in Baja: OSO.

95. Seder staple: MATZO.

97. Pres. when Sputnik was launched: DDE.

103. Hindu teacher: SWAMI.

105. Rumble in the Jungle setting: ZAIRE.

107. Celtic Sea land, to the IOC: IRL. Ireland.

108. Hard end?: WARE. Hardware. TTP's domain.

111. Wonderland drink: TEA.

112. "I would consider __ honor": IT AN.

113. Backwoods type: YOKEL.

114. Self-referential "Don't you think?": AREN'T I.

115. Fizzy prefix: AER.

116. Flyers' org.: NHL.

117. Witherspoon of "Wild": REESE.

118. African pest: TSETSE. Hey, full name.


1. '70s music genre: DISCO.

2. Pie slices, often: OCTAD.

3. Water and air, e.g.: NEEDS. Really dislike the hard water here in Minnesota. But the air is so clean. I often take pretty cloud pictures and make my friend Lesley jealous.

4. Peter the Great, e.g.: TSAR.

5. Strategy: GAME PLAN.

6. Be indebted to: OWE.

7. As expected: ON CUE.

8. Battery count: VOLTS.

9. Jai __: ALAI.

10. Ancient mariner's story, e.g.: RIME.

11. Positive answer: YES.

12. Besties: PALS.

13. Runner's __: HIGH.

14. Unfavorably: IN A BAD LIGHT. Partner with 63. Tina Fey's boss on "30 Rock": ALEC BALDWIN.

15. Feature of club nights for comic wannabes: OPEN MIC.

16. Main cast of "Parasite," e.g.: KOREANS. Just won Best Picture this year.

20. Finer-tipped: POINTIER.

23. Well-intentioned humanitarian: DO-GOODER.

28. Like a bairn: WEE.

29. Fried foods, vis-à-vis baked ones: OILIER. Popular breakfast fast when I grew up. Jayce loved You Tiao also.

32. Georgia airport code: ATL.

33. Dash in a spice rack?: MRS. Mrs. Dash.

35. Word rarely used without "far": AFIELD.

36. Living symbol of happiness: BLUEBIRD. "Blue birds singing a song. Nothing but blue skies from now on."

37. State tree of Massachusetts: ELM.

38. No-nonsense: STAID.

40. Undeserved punishments: BUM RAPS.

41. Rely heavily on: USE A LOT.

42. Hermanos, primas, etcétera: FAMILIA. Family. We also have 89. Bolivian bungalow: CASITA.

43. Ballet-inspired workout method: BARRE.

44. Oft-mispunctuated word: IT'S.

46. Time Person of the Year et al.: ANNUALS.

49. Compressed file format: MPEG.

51. Accounts __: PAYABLE.

52. Ski slope apparel: SNOWSUIT. Thought of Marti.

53. Stuff oneself silly: OVEREAT.

54. Connection: LINKAGE.

55. Pet control aids: LEASHES.

59. Tavern mugful: ALE.

65. Devices made largely obsolete by smartphones: PDAS.

66. NFL ref's review aid: SLO-MO.

68. Multinational hotel chain: HILTON. Hilton Xi'an.

71. Understand: GRASP.

74. Like many La Scala productions: OPERATIC.

77. Bookkeeper's book: LEDGER.

78. Ovarian hormone: ESTROGEN.

80. Rent: LET.

83. '60s protest gp.: SDS. Students for a Democratic Society.

84. Big bores: SNOOZERS.

85. Special guest, perhaps: HONOREE.

86. Like many Cubist paintings: ANGULAR.

87. Fair-hiring inits.: EEO.

88. "__ me!": SEZ.

91. Sorta cousin: ISH.

95. Former fillies: MARES.

96. More than enough: AMPLE.

97. "__ We Almost Have It All": DIDN'T.

98. Mildly annoyed cries: DRATS.

99. Unnerving: EERIE.

101. Swear words?: OATH.

102. River through Orsk: URAL.

103. Pump, e.g.: SHOE.

104. Aftermath: WAKE.

106. "Zip-__-Doo-Dah": A-DEE.

109. Home of many 2010s refugees: Abbr.: SYR.

110. Magician's source of surprises: HAT.



Lemonade714 said...

Our second puzzle from Adam who had his debut here in December 2019. He also had a 21x21 in the WSJ in February of this year. This was a pretty straight forward Sunday. The theme was fine with Grant money?: WISHBONES and Ransom money?: SPRING ROLL the hardest to parse. I have never used CHEDDAR as a term for money, but it has appeared in many books that I have read. The rest of the fill was very diverse with no overemphasis of any area of knowledge.

Thank you, Adam, and C.C., I really appreciate all the personal insights from your life.

OwenKL said...

FIW. Double natick in SW CASiTA + ANGUlAR + iRl. Didn't know either of the downs, and tried several combinations for the across without hitting it before giving up.

There was a SWAMI in ZAIRE
Could levitate into the air.
But after fails
At beds of nails

There was a belle from BUFFALO
Who had a most ANGELIC glow.
She said it came
From EERIE grain
She mixed into her SOURDOUGH!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Overslept by a few minutes. That's my excuse for my second DNF in as many days. It took an alphabet run for that first E in EWASTE, and I didn't get it. D'oh! (Not DUH.) I thought the HOT MONEY would be stolen cash, and BAD MONEY would be ill-gotten gains. But CHEDDAR? Cheesy answer. I doubt that those skiers wear a SNOWSUIT like the ones I wore as a kid -- bulky, but warm. Thanx for the challenge (that I was unable to meet), Adam, and for the tour, C.C. (Was that "hard water" tongue in cheek, referring to this past winter? Surely, you've got a water softener at your house. I assume everybody in the upper midwest has got one.)

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thank you, Rich & Adam, for finally giving us a more enjoyable doable puzzle for which a PHD is not needed. The last few days were brutal.

Thanks C.C. for another great expo. Loved your cloud picture. The sky is so blue.

Last fill: Royal problem = PAIN, Runner's HIGH, & Lingerie = OLGA. Had a long wait for IN A BAD LIGHT/WISH BONES cross. Never heard grant money = WISH BONES, but makes a certain sense. I'll forgive a couple stretches in wording with doable perps. Only 2 red-letter runs in this section.

Perps filled SHARP CHEDDAR before I read the clue "smart money". I wouldn't have come up with that cheesy answer with that clue.

I'll take a CSO with LEDGER. I've filled many many entries in several keeping books for 60 years.

Had "greasy" b4 OILIER, "words" b4 PAGES in the OED.

What family member is "prima" in Spanish? I knew "hermano".

FLN ANON PVX: chuckled loudly over your "shop 'til you drop" casket joke. Macabre but sadly apt in today's world.

desper-otto said...

Here's that whole song that C.C. was quoting: Blue Skies from Willie's Stardust album.

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank, you Adam, and congrats on your Sunday debut. Thank you, C.C.

Well nuts. Two errors. IReS instead of IRKS gave me LINeAGE instead of LINKAGE, and ARg instead of ARR gave me BARgE instead of BARRE. Should have paid closer attention to the crossing clues.

Bad Money ? Could be counterfeit money, or money that is no longer legal tender, such as Confederate States Dollars. "By the end of the Civil War, a cake of soap cost $50 CSA dollars."
PERSE - What ? Oh, PER SE.
I have no idea why I knew CASITA.
Ike before DDE.
ANNUALS provide long blooming beauty to your flower beds. I'm partial to impatiens and begonias.
LEDGER- I thought of you at that one, PK, from your previous mentions.
Desper-otto, thanks for linking Blue Skies. My mother's favorite artist and perhaps her favorite song.

When ALL DAY emerged, I immediately thought of this song that is so cute: All Day Long (The Coronavirus Song)

Yellowrocks said...

ARR! I hit publish and my blog disappeared.
I loved this puzzle. My results were spotty until I found CLAMS. AHA! Different words for money that fit into a non-money type of fill. WOW! So much fun, so satisfying. FIR. It took me quite a while, but I redeemed myself after a sorry fail yesterday.
I couldn’t remember Zaire until I had the Z. I thought of DDE right away, but that seemed too long ago. I had a math teacher in high school who said God didn’t intend for us to go to the moon.
CASITA opened up the SW. Casa is Spanish for House and –ita makes it little, a bungalow.
I think of HOT MONEY as stolen.
BAD MONEY? I know it has a specific meaning in finance, but I use it differently. I had an old car that broke down very often. I was spending too much money on a hopeless cause, throwing good money after bad. I found it less expensive to buy a new reliable car.

Church ZOOM cannot log any of us in today. Technical problems there. At the same time I lost my blog here.

Husker Gary said...

-Me too, D-O, OK_/_WASTE only uncertainty but I guessed correctly
-Sunup to sundown – Farmer’s hours
-LAG – TV picture of Husker FB games are 10 seconds behind Omaha radio announcer
-Answer, “I’d consider IT AN honor” Question, “Gary, would you blog Saturday puzzles for me?”
-REESE – Blonde actress is in for Dodger shortstop
-Why did DISCO get a BUM RAP? (I just started playing Donna Summer in the background)
-Our pies are usually divided into HEXADS
-Making a GAME PLAN for these historic Top Ten NFL D-LINES was very tough!
-LEDGER – Bob Cratchit’s book

OMaxiN said...

This was a fun puzzle after being run over by Mack Trucks Friday and Saturday. Still finished wrong with one bad cell. Had SEe me instead of SEZ me. Did not go back to correct MATZO. Not familiar with CHEDDAR & BONES, but they filled nicely with the theme.
Thank you Adam and C.C.

Yellowrocks said...

Here are some slang words for money: Only spondulix or spondoolies was new to me. I have heard money called bones, and just recently, cheddar.
So many to choose from

Hungry Mother said...

FIR, with too many write-overs to recount. Whenever I see TSETSE, I think of that bite on the back of my ear lobe in Zambia, another Z country in Africa. PERSE is a nickname my father had to deal with as a youth in Altoona, PA. His full name was John Percival McArthur and Mac was his most common nickname in later life. My grandfather worked on the Pennsylvania Railroad for his whole career. Family lore had it that he met a rich dude named Percival who promised to supply some filthy lucre if the expected baby could bear his name. The money never came.

Yellowrocks said...

BTW Ransom=spring
You can spring a felon from jail.
You can spring a captive from captivity by paying a ransom.

Should I have trashed the above post before adding this thought, or should I have made a new post like this one? I am always torn.

desper-otto said...

After reading TTP's post, I realized that I also had IRES/LINEAGE rather than IRKS/LINKAGE. Double-DNF. Rats!

Shankers said...

Fun, enjoyable Sunday offering. Seems like the only bumps in the road were three letter answers. Had bam before pow, doh before duh, arg before arr, ire before girl, and was able to suss oke for 15A but never heard of it. Now on to the NYT puzzle while I take in Mass on t.v. at the same time although I shouldn't.

Shankers said...

Should have been ire before irl above.

Big Easy said...

After yesterday's wipe out this was 'almost' a walk in the park. The NE tip of Maine got me because I had filled 'Grant money' as WISH BONDS, not BONES. I've never heard of 'bones' (or CHEDDAR) used as a synonym for money. WASTE was in place but the unknown OKE (never heard that one either, same as Boomer) wouldn't allow the E. With _ORDANS in place I left the tip of Maine blank. "Paradise" cast was an unknown NOT solved by perps.

MB sedan line-DW's is not a sedan, it's M-Class. My last two were S-Class. They now have an A-Class. I read that they quit making that tin can death trap, aka 'Smart Car', which I would consider as NO-Class.

D-otto, I was thinking C-waste for computer waste or T-waste for 'tech'. OKE for peachy would never have happened anyway. I'm old but not that old.

TTP said...

Yellowrocks, don't worry about it.

Desper-otto, please don't hold it against me.

Abejo, more rain, and more expected. My wet/dry vac is going to get used again today. Thankfully, it's only two small areas. Hope you aren't taking in any more. Unbelievable how saturated the ground is.

Misty said...

Fun Sunday puzzle with nice array of doable items and toughies, which always makes for a neat experience. So many thanks, Adam. And C.C., your commentary is always a pleasure.

I started off in the northeast, as I often do, with PHI and PALS, and I was happy to get KOREAN because I had actually seen 'Parasite' at a neighbor's hour before the Oscar awards.

Further down I got ALTO, and BERETS and ELM, and then ITALICS and MEANIE.

Nice to see PRIEST and ANGEL and SWAMI all near each other at the bottom.

Lots of names I didn't get, but I sure know REESE Witherspoon (hey, I read PEOPLE magazine).

TSETSEs show up a lot in puzzles, don't they? And my favorite clue was the one for MRS. DASH in the spice rack.

Have a good Sunday, everybody.

Yuman said...

C.C your Youtiao Loki’s similar to our deep fried churros. Fresh hot churros, sprinkled with cinnamon and a cup of coffee, yummo!

NaomiZ said...

Thanks, Adam and C.C.! After an otherwise perfect week in the CW, I left one square blank and needed the blog to reach enlightenment. I had STEAMErCLAMS for Mad Money, and cUTIE for Navel Type. That left me looking at rc_OODER for Well-Intentioned Humanitarian, and I thought I was looking at an unknown name. No excuse for leaving PA_ES for the OED's 21,728. PAGES just did not occur. The fault was my own; the puzzle was excellent.

Lucina said...


PRIMA is a female cousin. Primo: male cousin

Thank you, Adam Vincent and C.C.! I enjoyed both the puzzle and the analysis.

In fact, this is one of the quickest Sunday puzzles in quite a while. NO LIE!

I shall never understand why Parasite won so many awards; for me it was a mediocre though unusual movie. And speaking of movies, we can now go to the theater!

CSO to our friend, LEAH, who used to post regularly.

HILTON reminds me that Liz Taylor's first marriage and first divorce was to Nicky HILTON; the wedding was a big splash but it lasted only one year.

I'll take a CSO at OLGA because many of those items are in my dresser. However, I have never worn a SNOWSUIT.

The day Sputnik was launched I went outside to retrieve the newspaper and was shocked to read the headlines. From then on the space race started.

Again, thank you, C.C. Enjoy shopping this week if that is what you will do!

Have a joyful day, everyone!

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Adam Vincent, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for a fine review.

TTP: I only get water when the electric goes out and I am not fast enough to get my generator going, like the other night.

Puzzle went through fine for the most part. Caught the theme. Liked it. Got most of the easily.

Did not know KOREANS. Perps.

Tried JPEG before MPEG worked better.

I used to OVEREAT a lot. Never gained much weight though. Now I never overeat. And I have lost 40 lbs. Not intentionally. Hopefully my four doctors can figure this out and I can get on with my life.

Wanted some sort of Russian for Cassock wearer. I settled for PRIEST.

Still raining. See you tomorrow.


( )

Yellowrocks said...

Years ago I was property manager at my church.They have a high water table so the rectory often had severe water seepage problems in the basement. I promoted installing a battery powered back up for the sump pump during an electrical outage. Problem solved.The fact I was a woman held me back, but deep research, persistence, and picking experts brains won me success and respect.

Anonymous said...

DNF. We know that three letter words are necessary evils. Why construct a puzzle that needs so many?Add to that all the three word phrases.Bolivian bungalow: CASITA crossed by Celtic Sea land, to the IOC: IRL. Ireland DID ME IN.

Jayce said...

I loved this puzzle, which, as NaomiZ said, was excellent. I solved it all but the timer didn't stop incrementing so I knew something was not right. It took a bit of time but I finally found IRE/LINEAGE, changed the E to a K and that did it.

I wanted SNOW BOOT at first, but SUIT it had to be. Also had to change ICE AXE to ICE SAW. For the Mercedes Benz sedan I put in -CLASS and depended on the perp. Waited to see if it would be CONGO or ZAIRE. Like Abejo, I wanted some sort of Russian for Cassock wearer, then realized I was thinking Cossack. Call me confused for a brief moment.

How does one pronounce OKE? Like oak, or okie? (I've heard and often said "okey dokey.")

Yes, I liked and still like You Tiao, especially with Zhou ("congee") or Dou Jiang (hot soybean soup). Heck, I'll eat 'em with any kind of soup, or even all by themselves. Better'n doughnuts. Even-steven with Tater Tots.

The water here in Santa Clara county is also pretty hard. What I don't like about it is that it seems to have "sand" in it that clogs up the little holes in the shower head flow restrictor and faucet aerator screens. I have take them apart and clean them about every 2 months. IRKsome.

I wonder if Heath LEDGER started out as a bookkeeper on the moors?

Good wishes to you all.

TTP said...


I haven't had any electric outages, so in my case, it's just the hydraulic pressure forcing the water through small cracks in the foundation wall. Our house sits high, and the ground slopes away on all sides. Not a big deal. Probably sucked up just a couple of gallons inside the house.

However, the garage has a drain that goes out to a dry well. There's so much hydraulic pressure that the water from the yard has been backing up into the garage. DW called my attention to it. I'm keeping it under control with the shop vac. It never reached the tires of either vehicle, but it's still a pain. And it's still raining.

Lucina said...

LOL at your Heath Ledger comment!

I have not seen our PRIEST in many weeks but he sends us a message every weekend and it is much appreciated. He is a fatherly sort, comforting and inspiring.

Yuman said...

Correction of my 12:08 post, looks not Loki’s autocorrect strikes again.

Malodorous Manatee said...

I enjoyed the puzzle but could have done without the OKE, AER, IRL and ITAN fills. I suspect that Adam likely feels the same.

Lucina, I would guess that Parasite won so many awards for some of the same reasons that Birdman did a few years back. Hollywood tends to be trendy town where "group think" is quite prevalent.

CrossEyedDave said...

I dunno,
This puzzle made me feel, well, unclean...

So, I went looking for answers to this puzzle...

However, I may have found a solution...

JohnB said...

I don't think bane means undoing. Bane is sort of what causes you the most grief. But, it's not your undoing.

jfromvt said...

Very pleasant puzzle, I enjoy play on word type themes.

Tough times for print edition newspapers. Our local, owned by Gannett, “treated” us with a 12 page supplement chock full of puzzles of all kinds. Of course it comes with a $3 adder to our bill, a reward for our loyalty of remaining a print subscriber. And it turns out the copyright date on the puzzles is 2013, so they’ve been collecting dust for seven years, and now they spring the supplement on us in a time of financial need for them.

Vermontah said...

Fun Sunday puzzle which, with only a little help from Mr. Google, I FIR.

SNOWSUIT? Haven't we had SKI CAP and SKI MASK in puzzles recently? Come on, winter is over, people! More golf clues please!

Why on earth did I think Alec Guinness was on 30 Rock? took me a while to realize that Jack was played by Alec Baldwin, then SW filled itself in.

Fun money clues. I haven't gotten my $1200 check from the gov't, neither has my daughter, but my POSSLQ has. Go figure. Supposedly I'm to get a hazard pay grant from Vermont but I'll believe that when I see it.

Which speaking of, I work in a Hampton Inn, so a big CSO for Vermontah with HILTON!!! Woo hoo!

It took until today's blog to realize what MRS had to do with my spice rack. Mrs Dash! Of course! That's the thanksgivingy chicken flavoring that I put in stuffing, right? The little box?

Did y'all know that SPAM is a staple in Hawaii? They go crazy for it there! Apparently it's a vestige from WWII when all the sailers ate spam. They have a whole spam culture there, including restaurants that just do Spam dishes. Lots of Spam recipes too!

Abejo, a Cassock is a priest's robe. A Cossack is someone from a region of Russia. \

Finally, EPILOG, in my mind, is misspelt. I much prefer Epilogue because silent letters are the bomb.

Wilbur Charles said...

One box Wilbur strikes again. BONGO wouldn't work with ALEC BALDWIN. SO I just changed O to A in a fit of laziness. Just like yesterday.
FIW after all that effort. Some tough combined with a lot of easy.

Owen, A+,A+. Two most excellent l'icks. And speaking of poetry, welcome appearance by the Chairman (Moe) yesterday even though Eric and Leslie won't be invited to dinner. I thought of you with DECANT.

I guess this never got posted. I was running around in Ocala.


Bill G said...

Hi everybody.

Silly mini rant: I continue to dislike Liberty Mutual Insurance Company's advertising. First, their annoying jingle; "Liberty, Liberty, Liberty" with a tedious attempt at a simple-minded 'musical' accompaniment. Then, their promise to only have you pay for what you need. Really? This is their new, important selling point? Finally, their advertisements with an ugly animated spokes-animal of some sort. Ostrich? Rhea? Turkey? Yes, their advertising sticks in my brain but in an offensive way. I wouldn't buy insurance from them even if it was cheaper than my present insurance company. Yuck!

PK said...

Vermontah, had to laugh when I read your post about SPAM. I was sitting here trying to work up enthusiasm for having a SPAM sandwich for supper -- my fifth such concoction in three days. I've been relying more on canned meat with the pandemic closing several major fresh meat suppliers. So I'm trying to talk myself into believing I'm going to a Hawaiian luau. It ain't working, folks! And I like the stuff.

Lucina said...

Hawaii has an entire week devoted to celebrating SPAM; I believe it's sometime in summer.

I love all those puzzles that were included in today's newspapers. I don't care if they are dated; I love puzzles and those will keep me entertained and engaged for a long while.

Bobbi said...

I'm baaaack!! I finally heave reached perfection in my inanity scale. Today's entry scores a PERFECT TEN on the Inanity scale!! TaDa!! Archaic slang for money is just the start. A plethora of foreign words, archaic words and slang that haven't seen the light of day for a century. This is truly an honor to bestow this honor of futility on this puzzle and it's constructor! A round of applause, please!
P.S. I'm in a tangle with the IRS right now (they owe me $10,000+ and are dragging their heels) and am NOT in A pleasant mood. Could you tell?

Dow Jones said...

Monday's edition (5/18/20) of the Wall Street Journal features a crossword puzzle (On Alert) constructed by C.C. Burnikel

C.C.'s Puzzle

Enjoy !

Chairman Moe said...

WC @ 7:59

LOL! No, they won’t! A wine tasting, maybe. Dinner, no. Today’s puzzle was much more enjoyable while being challenging.

Bobbi said...

Hmmmm! My earlier post was removed. Was the tone too cheeky? Well I DID spend over FOUR hours trying to decipher it, using lots of tomes from my extensive home library to assist me. Yet, I had cavernous gap in the middle I was unable to cope with the never-before heard slang words for money. I stick to my original view that, for me, this was an unsolvable mess. Remember: I never use the two dozen plus " cheat sites" which populate the internet and, by the looks of it,were very frequently used to solve this hopeless mess. I hope you hold no grudges when people occasionally dislike the LAT puzzle offerings.

TTP said...

Bobbi, no one removed your earlier post