Oct 10, 2016

Monday, October 10, 2016 Joel Mackerry

Theme: Monday smothered in gravy - Synonyms for money.

62. Down payment ... and what 17-, 25-, 38- and 53-Across have in common (besides being food): CASH UP FRONT

17. Pizza topping veggie: GREEN PEPPER

25. Traditional filled fare of Europe and West Asia: CABBAGE ROLL

38. Salad staples: LETTUCE LEAVES

53. Baked-in-their-shells seafood dish: CLAMS CASINO

Argyle here. Joel's fourth Monday. He certainly could find more synonyms but he has enough for today. I am curious as to what a later in the week offering Joel could provide.


1. "Stay out of my affairs," briefly: MYOB. (Mind Your Own Business)

5. Briefly, e.g.: ADVERB. Hung me up for awhile.

11. CFO's degree: MBA. (Chief Financial Officer/Master of Business Administration)

14. Window section: PANE

15. Like the sound of tall grass in the breeze: SWISHY. Not the clue I would have come up with.

16. "__ the ramparts ... ": O'ER

19. Dusting cloth: RAG

20. Slugger __ Harper of the Nats: BRYCE. Young fellow, he was 17 when he went in the 2010 MLB Draft.

21. Stylish, clothes-wise: NATTY

23. Remit: PAY

29. Preppy shirt brand: IZOD. See 21-Across.

31. Japanese noodle: SOBA

32. Replaceable joint: KNEE

33. Much-photographed evening event: SUNSET. Red Sunset Over Sedona.

36. Showroom model: DEMO. (demonstration)

43. Unexpected obstacle: SNAG

44. Revealing, as a bikini: SKIMPY

46. Eye care brand: RENU. Take care of those eyes after ogling those bikinis

50. Savings vehicles for later yrs.: IRAs. (Individual Retirement Account)

52. Copied: APED

57. NFL scores: TDs. (football touchdowns)

58. Car body style: COUPE

59. Saltwater candy: TAFFY

61. Covert __: secret missions: OPS. (OPerations)

68. Sara of baking: LEE

69. Band on the road: TROUPE

70. Franc replacement: EURO

71. Oral health org.: ADA. (American Dental Association)

72. Emphasize: STRESS

73. French state: Γ‰TAT


1. Fuel efficiency no.: MPG. (miles per gallon)

2. Pirate's cry: "YAR!"

3. Singly: ONE BY ONE

4. Bar pint contents: BEER

5. Pet adoption org.: ASPCA. (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

6. Nerdy types: DWEEBs

7. BMOC, for one: VIP. (Big Man of Christmas/Very Important Person)

8. Sixth sense, for short: ESP. (ExtraSensory Perception)

9. MLB scoreboard letters: RHE. Runs, Hits, Errors.

10. "In Treatment" star Gabriel __: BYRNE. Irish.

11. Salt brand with an umbrella girl: MORTON

12. Fab Four member: BEATLE

13. Socks pattern: ARGYLE. Thanks for the SO, Joel.

18. Metropolis served by JFK and LGA: NYC. (John F. Kennedy International Airport/LaGuardia Airport/New York City)

22. Noah's project: ARK

23. Circle ratios: PIs. There is more than one?

24. Blue, in Baja: AZUL

26. Spanish groceries: BODEGAs

27. Adam's second son: ABEL

28. Fun and __: GAMES

30. Mar.-to-Nov. hrs.: DST. Daylight Saving Time ends at 2:00 AM on
Sunday, November 6, 2016.

34. UFO pilots, presumably: ETS. (Unidentified Flying Object/Extra-Terrestrial)

35. Belted Forum garment: TUNIC. Because TOGA wouldn't fit.

37. Wine barrel wood: OAK

39. Siena sweetheart: CARA. Italian.

40. Through, in itineraries: VIA

41. Remove everything from, as a fridge: EMPTY OUT

42. Zoomed: SPED

45. NFL gains: YDS. (yards)

46. Coke competitor: RC COLA

47. Snuck out to get hitched: ELOPED

48. Queasy feeling: NAUSEA

49. Strike caller: UMP

51. Abs strengtheners: SIT-UPS

54. Religious factions: SECTS

55. Neck areas brushed by barbers: NAPEs

56. Not working today: OFF

60. At no cost: FREE

63. Museum display: ART

64. Fem. campus group: SOR. (sorority)

65. Shade of color: HUE

66. Org. for marksmen: NRA. (National Rifle Association)

67. Tyke: TOT



OwenKL said...

{A, A-, B+, B.}

Sex with a half-ton robot could be -- squishy.
And also complicated, if the robot is -- SWISHY.
No, I think robot coitus
Will sadly disappoint us,
I'll stick with organic, in skirts that are -- SKIMPY!

The BEATLES went walking in single file,
What's known as "Indigenous People's" style!
When the traffic was done
They crossed ONE BY ONE,
But one of them lost his socks of ARGYLE!

An intern named Asok, from Mumbai,
Couldn't stop with just ONE PIece of PI!
He continued to more
Than three point ONE four,
Till ONE five nine, two six five had gone BY!

The Santa Fe Walmart's a bodacious BODEGA,
They stock everything from alpha to omega!
Clothes that are NATTY,
Or salt-water TAFFY,
Or some SWISHY mouthwash as a gift for Aunt ADA!

TTP said...

ARGYLE ! A SO to our navigator on this Columbus Day.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all (and Happy Columbus Day)!

[Decided to take the day off, since my son is out of school and my boss up in Toronto is off for Canadian Thanksgiving.]

I found this one to be a bit on the crunchy side, what with the unknown BRYCE and the tricky cluing for stuff like ADVERB. I had a total brain fart trying to remember which BEATLE's name began with a "B" until the obvious answer hit me in the face. I also stumbled a bit trying to figure out how to fit COMESTIBLES at at 26D, thinking that the clue was asking for the actual Spanish word for "groceries" instead of the word for grocery stores.

Have a great one!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Never having lived in a clammy area, CLAMS CASINO was unfamiliar. And have you ever heard a pirate say, "YAR!"? And weren't we embarrassed standing there in our TOGAS when everyone else was wearing a TUNIC? Still, the perps made things Monday-friendly. Thanx, Joel.

Nice SO, Argyle. Do you think Joel knew you'd be blogging his puzzle? Had to chuckle at "Not the clue I would have come up with."

Hungry Mother said...

Had "azur" briefly, the rest was quick and easy.

fermatprime said...


Thanks to Joel and Santa!

Fun puzzle!

Didn't know BRYCE. Finally got RHE down pat. ADVERB was a minor head scratcher.

Really late for bed. Phone man came today and disrupted my schedule. After hours of piddling around, he replaced the modem.

Have a great day!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Nice Monday eye opener. Erased sedan for COUPE and stripe for TROUPE. I agree with D-otto about YAR v. ARR. Didn't know BRYCE Harper, CLAMS CASINO, Gabriel BYRNE or CARA . Favorite clues today were 'Briefly" for ADVERB and "Singly" for ONE-BY-ONE.

We are going to try to check on our RV in its storage lot today. Don't know if the roads will be passable after Matthew. At least we have a bricks-and-sticks home with a dry basement and no leaks in the roof we didn't already know about. Our thoughts are with those who weren't so fortunate.

unclefred said...

ADVERB took a while, it's been a long time since grade school grammar. And everything that Barry said. I thought I was taking a very long time for a Monday, but when finished, I was only one minute over my usual Monday time. Fun CW, thanx, Joel! Terrific write-up, thanx, Argyle! You're at the top of your form today, Owen: A, B, A, A.

Magilla Go-Rilla said...

A good Monday puzzle. Not the usual walk in the park we get on Monday. This was more interesting.

7D: I always understood BMOC to mean BIG MAN ON CAMPUS and not of Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I always thought BMOC stood for Big Man On Campus...

CanadianEh! said...

Thanks for the FUN & GAMES today Joel and Argyle (yes I smiled at the CSO).

Hand up for trying Toga before TUNIC and Sedan before COUPE.

I had RBI before RHE.
Jubilation in Canada after Jays swept the Rangers last night!!!

Some Canadian variations: we have RRSPs instead of IRAs; our fuel efficiency is measured in L/100 km with a lower number being more efficient (as opposed to MGP where a higher number is better).

We are celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving (like Barry G's boss).
Happy Columbus Day to the American cornerites.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning, everyone.

I have been on hiatus; consequently I have missed Owen's Limericks and all the enjoyable banter here at the Corner. My daughter was married in Dallas, blending two families of boys: three sixth graders (one set of twins) and two third graders. Never a dull moment and much great fun. I think I have finally recovered from the heat and humidity. It is after all past the autumnal equinox.

We also attended the Bears-Cowboys game in a stadium apparently designed by twelve people who never spoke to each other. As they say in Maine, you cahn't get theah from heah! And soooooo many TV's--why not stay home and eat free nachos!?!? After 47 years of attending football games both home and away, this was undeniably the worst stadium set up ever. No one seems to know there is a game being played on the field. Oh, and the Bears. . .! Jeesh! Nonetheless, Grandma and Grandpa survived a delightfully happy visit.

My crossword brain failed slightly as a result of my hiatus. I tried Friday and Saturday to no avail with too many stops and starts. I didn't bother with yesterday, as my self-esteem was too low. ;~) So I am happy to return today--a successful Monday for me. Now I just need to keep up the practice before Friday and Saturday.

Thanks Joel. Thanks, ARGYLE, for the tour--especially the beautiful sunset. I loved the shout out to you. Argyle socks can be pretty complicated, carrying all the colors to create the pattern. When I was a kid--everyone was knitting them! All those bobbins of yarn!

Have a great day. I am looking forward to getting back later today to see the rest of your comments. I hope everyone is well!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Nice shoutout to ARGYLE this am. Comes from leading an exemplary lifestyle of which MYOB is a part.
Almost the whole time I was in El-Hi, I favored Argyle socks. A slam dunk clue.

A little crunchy for a Monday, but I got it all w/o mishap. N central with SWISHY and BYRNE (got from the perps) came last. Agree with Argyle on SWISHY comment. Grass noises from breezes in Upstate New York are hard to identify.
Liked the theme and the earthy descriptors of CASH. Well done!

We had to EMPTY OUT our under-warranty refrigerator a few weeks back when it couldn't cope with the summer heat and humidity. (Manufacturer covered repair.)

ADVERB took a while for me, too.

MJ said...

Good day to all!

Sailed through all of the puzzle except for the North-Central area. Gabriel BYRNE was a complete unknown. And SWISHY? CLAMS CASINO was also a complete unknown, but arrived VIA perps. Thanks, Joel.

Thanks for the expo, ARGYLE. Liked your SSO "Big Man of Christmas".

Enjoy the day!

Tinbeni said...

ARGYLE: Nice write-up.
Joel: Thank you for a FUN Monday puzzle.

Fave today, of course, was 4-d, Bar pint contents, BEER ... go figure, LOL.

I've heard Pirates say YAR many times, especially during the Gasparilla invasion every year in Tampa.

When R-H-E finally filled in ... the V-8 can smack soon followed.

SUNSET ... SUNSET ... What should I do at SUNSET ???

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I was convinced the theme was going to be food related, probably vegetables until Clams Casino showed up, but the reveal dispelled that notion. Had to wait on perps for Swishy but everything else was straightforward, especially that devil-may-care Black Irishman, Gabriel Byrne. ☘ Hand up for Campus vs Christmas. (It seems Argyle and CC are more conversant with current pop culture than I am, as I have never, ever heard of Big Man On Christmas! πŸŽ„)

Thanks, Joel, for a great kick-off to the week and for the CSO to our own BOMC, and thanks, Santa for the smooth sojourn.

Jinx in Norfolk, glad to hear you weathered Matthew as well as you did.

Happy Thanksgiving, CanadianEh, don't eat too much turkey! Congrats on the Jays success.

Madame Defarge, welcome back; you've been missed.

Have a great day.

tawnya said...

Morning all!

Pretty quick run for me, below average for a Monday. I am in baseball mode and have a love/hate relationship with Bryce Harper this week. Normally I'm a huge fan, the kid has an enormous amount of talent, but I like him a lot more when he's not batting against the Dodgers.

Didn't know BMOC until I got here and giggled at Argyle's updated definition :) I think it's another CSO to Santa, our own Big Man Of Crosswords...

@Madame D - I've felt that way at stadiums before, too. It seems like if it's designed to hold 50K people, the intimacy of being so close to the game is lost. There are TVs everywhere and most people can't even see the ball or the action so have to rely on the big screen to see what happened. And welcome back! It's always better to start fresh on Mondays.

I also wanted sedan for COUPE, have never heard of CLAMS CASINO or Gabriel BYRNE, but perps filled everything in and I was done before I knew it.

No work, no school - I'm going to spend the day in the garden! It is very neglected and should be a gorgeous day so I'm pretty excited about it. My MIL is sharing some hostas with me and my little pond needs to be cleaned out. Should be fairly busy until my game starts at 3pm. Go Dodgers!

Happy Monday -


oc4beach said...

This was a Monday puzzle with a couple of Wednesday words. Good one Joel.

There were a few words that weren't immediately obvious, but perps took care of all of the unknowns: ADVERB, SWISHY, BRYCE, CARA and SOBA. Otherwise everything fell into place.

I liked Argyle's beautiful sunset picture, but I thought there might be a bikini picture for SKIMPY (sigh). Whoops, wrong reviewer.

Canadian EH: Is the menu for Canadian Thanksgiving similar to a typical American Thanksgiving with turkey and stuffing, etc.? Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

Cabbage rolls, AKA Halupki, Golumpki, Golabki, Golubtsy, Holubtsi, etc., by any name are one of my favorite foods. My DW on the other hand can't stand them or my other favorite, Scrapple. She doesn't know what she's missing.

Have a great day.

CanadianEh! said...

oc4beach@9:50 - Yes I am looking forward to turkey and stuffing, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, pumpkin pie etc. Diet tomorrow LOL!

Lucina said...

ADVERB was tricky but all else sprang up easily. I have liked Gabriel BYRNE since I first saw him but BRYCE was unknown to me. No SNAGs though.

Owen can likely confirm this; in New Mexico many of the older people, including my late grandmother, speak 16th century Spanish. One of the words she used was "tunico" for dress instead of the more current, vestido. Presumably that derived from TUNIC.

I love TAFFY and our local sprouts has licorice TAFFY. Oh yum!

Nice SO to ARGYLE!

Happy Thanksgiving Day to our Canadians.

Have a STRESSless day, everyone!

oc4beach said...

CanadianEH!: Sounds good, enjoy. Maybe leftovers tomorrow, diet on Wednesday.

Irish Miss said...

CanadianEh @ 10:14 - I hope your menu's lack of mashed potatoes and gravy was simply an omission. Can't imagine a turkey dinner without either! πŸ— Bon appetit, mon amie!

Tawnya @ 9:36 - Glad to hear you're enjoying your break! πŸπŸ‚πŸƒ

Husker Gary said...

-Joel’s puzzle had a little more fiber than usual for a Monday and my salad theme went bye-bye at Salad in a clue and CLAM for fill.
-Subbing in math and physics today, which matches my endorsements. Yay! This is the fun lab I had them do!
-Why can’t restaurants cut up salad leaves into eatable sizes?
-One of Ann Landers’ very often proffered MYOB as good advice!
-Do you remember who Lucy APED in a famous I Love Lucy episode? Hilarious Answer! (3:56)
-“I didn’t hit him!” STRESS one word at a time and see the difference
-Sometimes solving Sudoku puzzles requires eliminating numbers ONE-BY-ONE
-At no additional cost does not mean FREE
-Are observing DST and celebrating Columbus Day both past their time?

Argyle said...

Irish, I need a tongue-in-cheek emoji to go with that BMOC. Of course I've been a fan of Joel ever since this big CSO.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

So, I was going to buy Eldest a car today...

Some dumb Italian stumbled into not-India and this dumb Italian didn't know the Credit Union is closed (I kept calling for >3hrs trying to reach my loan-person!). Eldest is sorely disappointed. Happy Columbus Day (Not!).
Thanks to C,Eh, I now get what Canadians are celebrating Barry - our office there is closed too. C, Eh!, now that the Jays dispatched with Dallas, Go Cubs! :-). Enjoy your feast-day.

Oh, the puzzle. Damn 10d xing 21a. NATTY? As a style? I had rATTY clothes (did you see us in the 90's?). I wish 10d was clued as Talking Heads' frontman. Then I wouldn't have a FIW.

Joel - This was a crunchy delight. Not only did you synonym-inize the Mighty Dollar, you made it all food! Nice (I mean, right, Steve?). ARGYLE - take your bow you BMOC :-)

WO - Hand up: AZUr.

Fav: BEER - It's proof God wants us happy...
Then there's Joel's use of "hip" abbrevs -- evoked a "ONYD!?!" Oh, yes he did -now MYOB!

{B+, A, A, B+}

Jinx - good to hear you're whole. Madame D - good you're back. No one likes Dallas and their silly over-priced shrine. Quick, get to Houston - it's our week of "Chamber of Commerce" boasting weather.

Tawnya - good to see you back too. How'd the exams go?

When leaving the party what did the salad say to the shrimp? Lettuce roll... (Thu'dumpt)

I'll CLAM up now.

Cheers, -T
Don't tell my you're not GREEN with envy at those awful puns... Pastis, eat your heart out :-)

Bill G. said...

Mark down today as the time when I took another big step into looming geezerhood. I went grocery shopping. Last time, the flap that covers the (child's) leg holes at the back of the top tier of the shopping cart was missing and several grocery items fell though the holes onto the floor. Frustrating. It started to happen again today and I decided to take action and complain to the manager. Unfortunately, I discovered today's cart had the flap but I just hadn't folded it properly in place. So I felt a bit foolish, especially after inserting my credit card backward. It just wasn't my day.

Misty said...

Well, I thought this was a bit of a toughie for a Monday--but I guess the reference to ARGYLE made it worth having on a Monday. I liked the food theme, but hated all those abbreviations, many of which I didn't know. And in the end, I goofed on one letter by putting IPOD/APUL since I didn't know either. Not my best start to the week.

Argyle, I loved seeing those evolving MORTON salt images.

Great to have you back, Canadian Eh, and Happy Thanksgiving. A quick question: I haven't been able to get Murdoch Mysteries on Saturday nights for the last three weeks, mainly because of football games, I think. Are you still able to get them, and if so, on what channel? Maybe I can find them--I really miss them. In the last episode I saw Julia learned that William had wanted to propose to her, and she wrote him a note telling him that if he still wanted to do that, she would call off her wedding. But the last scene showed her getting married to that other guy. I'm dying to find out what happened.

Apologies for this diversion, everybody. Have a great Monday, and a great week!

Boo LuQuette AKA Boudreaux in Eunice, La. said...

Jayce from yesterday.... yes Blackened redfish is a Cajun dish. Like Anon T said Paul Prudhome from my area here 4 miles away in fact made that famous.

I thought this was Tuesday when I started the puzzle. but got a foothold and finished it .......

Ol' Man Keith said...

A relatively tough pzl for a Monday, and much appreciated! Thank you, Mr. Mackerry.

Argyle, I love that photo of a SUNSET. It reminds me of a speech I once gave in my 1st season with Oregon Shakespeare (as Lorenzo in THE MERCHANT OF VENICE):
"Look how the floor of heaven
Is thick inlaid with patines of bright gold..."
We don't often get to see images that make it so clear why writers refer to heaven as if it has a "floor."
Bill G., I identify with your note of a "geezerhood" threshhold. I haven't made the same cart-flap error (I read the warning sign), but I can never seem to insert my card the right way. That, and I never pull it out fast enough before that nasty little beeper starts yelling at me. My last clerk had the tact to say, "It does that to ALL my customers." We once had a shooting at my market (not while I was there), so that makes me worry that an annoying beep might be all it takes some day to release the inner disgruntlement of an unhappy soul.

CrossEyedDave said...


(I do not think I missed an LATimes puzzle since I joined this Blog.)
but for the life of me, I do not remember that 12/21/15 puzzle Argyle linked!
I bookmarked it to do (possibly again) later
Hmm, let's see, just before Christmas, what could I have possibly been doing?
(Oh,I know, I must have been helping the BMOC...)

Lessee, I was helping Santa print coupons so everyone could
get their Xmas presents...

Here is some help for your early Xmas shopping!

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Joel Mackerry, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

Got home from Pennsylvania today. Did the puzzle while riding on the train. Had a great time at Kegs and Eggs in Edinboro.

Puzzle was a little stickier than usual for a Monday, but still easily doable. Enjoyed it.

Theme was swell. I did not puck up on it until finished.

Thought of our Mentor, Argyle, when I filled in 13D.

CABBAGE ROLL is one of my favorite foods, Golabki, pronounced Gowumpki. A Golab, or Gowump, is a pigeon. Golabki, or Gowumpki, means little pigeons. Since that is what they look like. My wife, who is Polish, taught me how to make them, so I make all of ours. Takes lots of time. Well worth the effort.

Did not know BRYCE, but perps fixed that.

I should know SOBA by now, but I did not remember. Perps.

CLAMS CASINO is unknown. Perps. My father-in-law used to make steamed clams which were fine to eat.

BURNE was also unknown, but perps resolved that.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Anonymous T said...

Boo L. I think Big Easy beat me to the Paul P. link. I first had Blacked-Redfish in '87 or '88 on a Science Club trip in HS to Baton Rouge (go ahead, point-laugh-call me a DWEEB). For a kid from the Midwest, that was a WOW! moment. Crystal sauce is in my cupboard.

So Jayce, you still haven't answered the question. How'd a nice gut like you end up w/ fried okra? :-)

OMK - Re: Sunset - Deep man, deep. I understand some of the most beautifully painted SUNSETS are shortly after a year of major volcanic eruptions.

Documented 5th Century use of Mind Your Own Business [@2:01]. Apparently, it's French :-)

Cheers, -T

Jayce said...

Happy Columbus Day, happy Thanksgiving Day, and happy Double Ten Day! So many celebrations, and office closures.

This puzzle was a tiny bit harder than I expected, but it was fun. Hand up for thinking the theme was (1) vegetables (nope!), then (2) food (nope! well, sorta) and then learning it was (3) cash up front. Very cool. Never heard of Clams Casino, but I'm going to look it up. Like Misty, I hated all those abbreviations, of which there seemed to be many. Congratulations to Argyle.

TX Ms, Anonymous T, Boo luquette, Big Easy, from yesterday: Nope, I'm not a southern boy. I'm a northern boy, having lived my formative years in Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Connecticut, and Oregon. Yes, my wife and I currently live in San Jose and we've been Californians for almost 30 years. I did live in San Angelo Texas for a short while, where I discovered nachos (real ones, not that glop you get in bowling alleys), Shiner beer, and Dr. Pepper served hot in a big coffee mug. As for the blackened catfish, etc. we had for dinner on Saturday and yesterday, I learned these from a friend who was born and grew up in North Carolina and lived for many years in New Orleans. I like to cook and I love food of all kinds, but I'm sure I can't hold a candle to Steve in that area.

Buenos tardes to you all.

Dudley said...

-T 3:35 - Er, Tenth Century, in that case

AnonymousPVX said...

I found this to be a bit of a crunchy Monday puzzle, better than the walk through we usually get on Monday.

Manac said...

You know the memory is the second thing to go...

I've heard.

OwenKL said...

Misty: Not to "pan" the show, but the episode following Julia's marriage is entitled Klondike Murdock. His Watson turns out to be a famous author. Thru some flim-flam and politics, he's welcomed back to Toronto, but Julia moves away, replaced by Dr. Grace, a younger version of herself, brilliant but unseasoned.

Does no one know this is no longer Columbus Day, but Indigenous Peoples Day? Sheesh! Can't appreciate my BEATLES poem without knowing that!

Pat said...

After I fixed the sedan/COUPE and Togas/TUNIC issues this was a typical Monday easy solve. Thank you,Joel Mackerry! Nice SO, Argyle! Thanks for your expo!

I haven't had CABBAGE ROLLS since DH's aunt passed away. She could bring anything she wanted to a family reunion as long as she brought the cabbage rolls.

My brother does an excellent job of taking pictures of the SUNSET, sunrise and everything outside.

The young couple who bought our family home are very involved in a mission to bring clean water to rural areas of Haiti. Unfortunately, they work on the south western area of the country which was the hardest hit by Hurricane Matthew. I'm paying more attention to what is going on there now that I have a person connection. The area was devestated. How sad.

Have a nice evening.


TX Ms said...

Thanks, Jayce, for answering the burning question we Southerners were wondering about. I'm impressed with your gastronomic adaptability - the Northerners I know don't like black-eyed peas or okra in any form. May be pushing my luck here, but how do you feel about grits (Southern staple)? :-) I guess the polenta craze made it more palatable everywhere.

Anon-T, loved your Monty Python clip. I have no idea why I never watched the show (regretfully, my loss!), although my 80-year-old neighbors never missed it when it was airing many years ago. Also, thanks for explaining the science behind fantastic sunsets, although I don't see many living in a wooded area around the North Loop.

Pat, you are fortunate to have such a caring couple buy your family home - that should bring some comfort in that difficult decision. Watching the news from Haiti is so heart-wrenching.

Ergo said...

Only got around to the Sunday puzzle today. A nice offering that I finished with the exception of a couple of obscurities.

Spent the rest of the weekend churning out another 3,000 words on the latest novel. You can follow the story unfold online at The Vending Machine Man

CanadianEh! said...

Thanks for all the Happy Thanksgiving wishes.

Irish Miss @11:09 Oh yes, I had mashed potatoes and gravy! SIL made garlic mashed - delicious! And I always get the task of making the gravy even at my sister's house. Now I am stuffed (pun intended)!

Misty@ 2:07 We get Murdoch Mysteries on the CBC and I missed the start of Season 10 tonight I believe. The episode you are referring to is the end of Season 4 (episode 13 - Murdoch in Wonderland) I believe. So there is a lot more to come. OwenKL is correct about Klondike Murdoch but without being a spoiler, let me say that there is more of Julia to come! Perhaps you can find the episode online to watch?

Misty said...

Thank you, Owen and Canadian Eh, for your info on Murdoch Mysteries. I just pray I can find the episodes somehow, or get my DVD to work so I can watch tapes. This has been my favorite series for some years now, and I just desperately want to continue watching it. Again, many thanks for the updates.

Anonymous T said...

OKL - I got it, hence my Columbus Day comment. Seriously, we celebrate a dago who didn't know where the F- he was? And then called them Indians? [MA-L]. Full disclosure - I say this as a 4th-gen Itallan with a demented sense of humour :-)

C, Eh! - oh yummy. I love garlic smashed taters. We Americans have to wait until after the election to be thankful :-)

Dudley - did I screw up by half? I thought Arthur came out of the 5th or 6th century lore. Steve, Nice Cuppa, help (or slap) a Yank?

Ergo - YAR! It's bedtime so I'm not into News 2 yet. The opening, though, lacks a sense of space IMHO. B-4 I go to bed, I've nice Arrogant Bastard Ale, er, BEER to imbibe. I like the premise and will enjoy News 2 as I finish this bad-boy off.

Cheers, -T