Oct 24, 2016

Monday, October 24, 2016 Gail Grabowski & Bruce Venzke

Theme: Welcome! Come right in. - What you hope will greet you at a party.

17A. What snowbirds seek in winter: WARM WEATHER

27A. Ready-to-send correspondence: OUTGOING MAIL

49A. Liqueur holder: CORDIAL GLASS

64A. Ideal party thrower described by the first words of 17-, 27- and 49-Across: PERFECT HOST

Argyle here. These are three things a host should be and I'm sure today's hosts, Gail and Bruce, would be. Don't forget to thank them before you leave.


1. "Handle __ care": WITH

5. Burns with hot liquid: SCALDS

11. Ex-Florida governor Bush: JEB

14. "__ Ben Adhem": ABOU. (may his tribe increase!)

15. Reacts facially to a bad joke, say: WINCES

16. Chopping tool: AXE

19. "Mamma __!": MIA

20. Mecca's peninsula: ARABIA

21. Heat in a microwave: ZAP

22. Indy service areas: PITS. Races have been won and lost in the pits.

23. "Do __ others ... ": UNTO

25. Most doubtful: IFFIEST. Like this C/A?

31. Network with regular pledge drives: NPR. Wait, wait, don't tell me; it's National Public Radio.

32. D-Day French city: ST.-LÔ. 95% destroyed after the 1944 bombardments, known as The Capital of Ruins.

33. Steak orders: T-BONES

37. Calm under pressure: COOL

39. Since Jan. 1, in accounting: YTD. (Year To Date)

41. Folksy account: TALE

42. "Bewitched" witch: ENDORA. (Agnes Moorehead)

45. Buster Brown's dog: TIGE

48. Jamaican music genre: SKA

52. Last word of a verbally cited passage: UNQUOTE

55. "Doctor Zhivago" heroine: LARA. I didn't pick this one last time; now I can.

56. Potpie veggies: PEAs

57. Hydroelectric facility: DAM

59. Quik maker: NESTLÉ. Nestlé Nesquik® No Sugar Added Chocolate Flavor Powder (note the name change. It has been Nesquik since 1999 but Nesquik won't do for a clue.)

63. Dad, to grandpa: SON

66. Cutoff point: END

67. C to C, in music: OCTAVE

68. Richard of "A Summer Place": EGAN. A Summer Place is a 1959 romantic drama film. Richard Egan (1921 - 1987).

69. Org. with a PreCheck Program: TSA. (Transportation Security Administration)

70. Sets free: LOOSES

71. Facts and figures: DATA


1. Electric guitar effect: WAWA

2. Letter-shaped beam: I-BAR

3. __ Bora: Afghan region: TORA

4. Scrooge's "Nonsense!": "HUMBUG!"

5. Worry about something, slangily: SWEAT IT

6. Cloak-and-dagger org.: CIA. (Central Intelligence Agency)

7. Animated bug film: ANTZ

8. Bar mitzvah toast: L'CHAIM or l'chayim, lechayim, lehayim; literally, to life.

9. What fries are fried in: DEEP FAT. Is DEEP a type of FAT now?

10. Ukr. or Lith., once: SSR. (Ukraine or Lithuania, former Soviet Socialist Republics)

11. Actor Foxx: JAMIE

12. Freeway off-ramps: EXITS

13. Savage sort: BEAST

18. Tipplers: WINOs

22. Cockpit figure: PILOT

24. "I'm __ human": ONLY

26. Little lie: FIB

27. First fairy tale word: ONCE

28. Second fairy tale word: UPON. 18D to 28D, modern fairy tale?

29. Trampled (on): TROD

30. '80s-'90s crime boss John: GOTTI

34. Mission Control org.: NASA. (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

35. Benevolent fraternal group: ELKS. The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks.

36. Salty expanses: SEAs

38. Center of power: LOCUS. plural loci.

40. Bygone phone feature: DIAL

43. Pal of Piglet: ROO. Both are pards of Winnie the Pooh.

44. Radio City Music Hall design style: ART DECO

46. Cursory looks: GLANCEs

47. Long-legged wader: EGRET

50. "... near and __ my heart": DEAR TO

51. Assailed verbally, with "out": LASHED

52. Surprise win: UPSET

53. Bright signs: NEONs

54. Press conference format, briefly: Q AND A. (Questions and Answers)

58. Degs. for choreographers: MFAs. (Master of Fine Arts)

60. Old Roman robe: TOGA

61. Future D.A.'s exam: LSAT. (Law School Admission Test)

62. Sicilian volcano: ETNA

64. D.C. big shot: POL

65. Morn's counterpart: EVE

In 2009, at age 92, Dame Vera Lynn became the oldest living artist to make it to No. 1 on the British album chart. She now lives in Sussex, England, with daughter Virginia as her neighbor.



OwenKL said...

{C-, C-.} Multiple-personality disorder in very difficult to fit into an anapest line!

In winter, the snowbirds seek WARM WEATHER
To flee from the lands that are nether!
They say, as a rule
It's okay to be COOL,
But lounging's better in the all-together!

Doc said JAMIE was the PERFECT HOST,
His case was "classic," quote-UNQUOTE!
His personalities numbered
Just under a hundred!
For multi-person disorder, he had the most!

fermatprime said...


Thanks to Gail, Bruce and Santa!

Nice puzzle. EGAN and WAWA were perped.

Anyone like Westworld? Really violent, but interesting.

Have a great day!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Made a couple of missteps in my race to the bottom -- Sen (POL) and Heron (EGRET), but still finished in normal Monday time. Even managed to see the theme once the reveal appeared. Thanks GG, BV and Argyle.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Quick romp today, even for me. Only unknown was LCHAIM, and the perps took care of that. The eraser got the day off as well.

Our favorite Nestle products are the Stouffer's entrees. We keep a few in our freezer for when we are late getting home or just don't feel like cooking. Also great for dinners on the road in our motor home. (Crunch is REALLY my favorite, but that, like wine, is only a memory for me.)

Favorite clue - "last word of a verbally cited passage". Least favorite - "bar mitzvah toast", but only because I grew up in the WASPiest of WASP neighborhoods, rural Appalachia. I still enjoy learning about other customs, especially the use of indoor plumbing.

Oas said...

Same here Jinx .Thot lchaim but not sure of the spelling. Nice monday puzzle in ink with no write overs .

unclefred said...

Terrific, fun Monday CW, thanx, GG & BV!! I really enjoyed this one! Only mess was trying to write COCKTAILGLASS where CORDIALGLASS goes. Ran outa room! Head slap, correct, done. Terrific write-up, too, thanx, Argyle!! Owen, u too hard on uself: B, B. Thanks for the daily grins, I miss it when u don't chime in with your witty limericks!

Tinbeni said...

Argyle: Wonderful write-up and links. Good Job!

Gail & Bruce: Thank You for a FUN Monday puzzle.

Fave today, of course, was the theme answer CORDIAL GLASS (Hmm, a CSO?).

After a week in Negril, listening to a lot of SKA that was another fave.



thehondohurricane said...

Nice start to the week from Gail & Bruce and if I'm not mistaken, a panagram. Or whatever you call a puzzle using each letter in the alphabet.

Somehow, 9D doesn't make a lot of sense. Heard of DEEP fried, but can't recall ever hearing DEEP FAT. Probably a lack of something or other I missed along the way.

I remember Buster Brown and his dog TIGE from my youth, but never can spell that Damn dogs name. Again today spelling was ESP.

Lots of stuff going on dos "See you later"

Lemonade714 said...

Thank you Bruce and Gail

Everything is relative. L'chaim a gimme but Abou an unknown.

I had trouble dredging up Richard EGAN as clued though I do remember him the TV series EMPIRE and other similar roles.

Happy last week of October all

Thanks Argyle

CanadianEh! said...

Lovely Monday puzzle. Thanks to our hosts, Bruce, Gail and Argyle.
Enjoyed the theme.

This snowbird will be looking for WARM WEATHER soon.
PBS before NPR. Rap was replaced quickly by SKA.

Resting today after dental work. Will be using frozen PEAS.

Have a great day!

MJ said...

Good morning to all!

Thank you Gail and Bruce for an easily doable Monday morning puzzle. No unknowns, but needed perps to correctly spell a couple of words (L'CHAIM, ABOU).

Thanks for the expo, Argyle.

Enjoy the day!

Hungry Mother said...

This snowbird is already in Florida for our 7 month season of warmth. Easy puzzle for someone who grew up in a diverse neighborhood in the 50s. Nice start to the week.

TTP said...

CC, Argyle, et al. have been PERFECT HOSTS here at the Corner.

After listening to Lara's Theme, had to listen to A Summer Place. They will forever remind me of my middle sister, who loved songs like those.

Had DEEP OIL before FAT.

Also read "... near and __ my heart" as nearer, so DEARer went in but didn't last long either.

Wait, wait, don't tell me. Had I read the across clues before the downs, I would have entered PBS, but with ONCE, UPON and TROD in place, I only gave the across clues a cursory GLANCE. Didn't see SKA until the write up.

Thank you Bruce and Gail.

CORDIALly yours, TTP.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Seeing Bruce and Gail as the constructors is always a sign that I'm in for a treat and today's offering was no exception. They have a knack for taking a simple theme and creating a smooth, enjoyable solving experience. Two w/o's: PBS/NPR and Yuri/Lara, even though (at second glance) the clue indicated female. When I think of that movie, Omar Sharif (Yuri) takes center stage!

Thanks to the very Warm, Cordial, Outoing Perfect Hosts, Ms. Gail and Mr. Bruce, for the lovely time and thanks, Argyle, for adding to the enjoyment. (I didn't know Vera Lynn was still alive or that Richard Egan died so young.)

Anyone else besides Misty watching "The Durrells of Corfu?" I can't decide which one of the "children" I'd like to throttle first! Loved the puppy scenes last night. I haven't seen that many British series but I think this one is atypical and that's a compliment not a complaint.

Have a great day.

oc4beach said...

A good Monday puzzle by Gail and Bruce along with Argyle's consummate expo. I didn't see the theme until after I had filled everything in and read Argyle's description. But it wasn't necessary to fill in the puzzle.

Perps provided the missing letters in ABOU, IFFIEST, TIGE and EGAN and I had PBS before NPR.

I worked in a number of Mission Control Centers on a few satellite missions over the years for NASA, so that clue was a definite gimme. Back then huge computers and large displays were used that are less powerful than the typical smartphone of today. On some un-manned missions of today commanding the satellite can be done with smartphones. Technology has sure changed things. On an early astronomy satellite mission (OAO) the command and control computer at the remote tracking stations was the AD/ECS-37A built by General Mills and had vacuum tubes.

DEEPFAT fried was what Mom did. The fat was actually lard. Made some really tasty french fries and fried chicken. You don't find many things actually cooked in Lard any more. Gibble's potato chips are still fried in lard. It is touted as All Natural with no artificial ingredients like processed vegetable oil. Good and greasy.

Have a great day everyone.

Husker Gary said...

-WARM/OUT and WEATHER/MAIL had me guessing about the theme in this “just right” Monday puzzle but CORDIAL cleared that up
-JEB folded like a cheap umbrella in the debates. Even Mom couldn’t help
-I sometimes WINCE at Owen’s wonderful limericks but isn’t that the idea?
-Talk about yer fast PIT STOPS! (:22)
-Do UNTO others and then split!
-You rarely hear, “MacArthur said, Quote, I shall return, UN(EN)QUOTE”. It’s usually “MacArthur said QUOTE, UN(EN)QUOTE, I shall return”
-For years we thought bin Laden was hiding in TORA BORA. Turns out he was in a walled fortress in Abbottabad very near the Pakistan military academy.
-Middle linebackers from this team were sometimes called “BEASTS”
-Trample(d) and LOOSED from the Battle Hymn of the Republic today. Isn’t LOOSED now archaic as a verb?
-Kennedy Space Center launched manned space vehicles but as soon as the rocket was above the lighting mast on the launch tower, Mission Control in Houston took over.
-Mostly “bygone: – Dials, wall phones, cords, phone booths, phone books, operators…
-QANDA, shouldn’t there should be a U somewhere. Oh, now I get it!

tawnya said...

Morning all!

I always enjoy Monday puzzles and today was no exception. Thank you Bruce, Gail, and Argyle for a lovely start to my day.

Starting singing this one with the first clue! This supergroup of the late eighties is still one of my favorites. My mother made sure I knew who everyone was and it really opened my ears to the "classics."

JAMIE Foxx has made a lot of music but his rendition of Georgia on My Mind is beautiful. He also did a different version of I got a Woman that is slow and moving - really changing the tone of the song completely. I couldn't find the Kenye West collaboration, (I'm sure Kenye controls the copyright and hates youtube or something) but I like it too...

Of course this blue heart is broken that the Dodgers lost, but I would love to see the Cubs win! I think they've waited long enough!

Happy Monday -


PS - I love the Pooh references! When we first brought in our littlest chihuahua, she was 3 pounds but could jump super high. We didn't want to name her Tigger or Roo, so we went with Kanga. She's the tiny red cutie in my picture.

desper-otto said...

Tawnya, thanx for reminding me of The Traveling Wilburys. I've got the 1988 album on my music server, and I'm listening to it as I write this.

Argyle, your Sunrise, Sunset link reminded me of the closing moments of Dr. Strangelove with its exploding h-bombs and Vera Lynn singing We'll Meet Again.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Gail Grabowski and Bruce Venzke, for a fine puzzle. Thank you Argyle, for a fine review.

Got through this quickly. It was a fun experience.

My favorite poem of all time, ABOU BEN ADHEM. Glad to see it appear.

I like JEB Bush. Too bad he could not get farther.

Our favorite French city again, ST LO.

L'CHAIM was a good word. I like toasts. How about you, Tinbeni?

DAMs and hydroelectric power are the perfect power source. No pollution. We should have more of that. Wind power is similar.

Now I have to report in for Sunday, since I finished that this morning.

See you tomorrow.


( )

CrossEyedDave said...

Todays puzzle was so nice & pleasant,
I totally forgot to look for the theme...

In the meantime, The theme from A Summer Place has always been a favorite...

Ah,,, so relaxing...

Bill G. said...

Thanks Gail, Bruce and Argyle.

Irish Miss, Misty, etc: Yes, I'm trying to watch "The Durrells of Corfu" but it's slow going so far. I haven't got to the important juncture where I start to care about the characters. Maybe I've started to care just a little bit about the mother so far...

I am also trying "Westworld" but that's hard for me too. I'm not sure which characters are people and which are androids. Hmm...

D-O, I love Vera Lynn's WWII songs like "We'll Meet Again." What is there about that era that I find so appealing? Everything I guess except the unpleasantness of the actual war.

Speaking of Quote and UNQUOTE, have you noticed how air quotes have entered into some people's speaking vocabulary? It feels "put on" and artificially "hip" to me.

Lucina said...

Thank you, Gail and Bruce, for a lovely time on your grid! Did you notice WINCES just below SCALDS? And what a nice memory of Richard EGAN who was a heart throb back in the day.

And thank you, Argyle. you are the PERFECT HOST!

Have a splendid Monday, everyone!

Lucina said...

Yes, I have watched The Durrells of Corfu and so far it seems chaotic though the mother is endearing. I'll see how it progresses.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

The IFFIEST c/a was, well, that - especially crossing an ESP. Otherwise what IM said, nice and smooth from Gail & Bruce. Y'all always provide a fun puzzle.

And of course, I'd be remiss to not thank our always CORDIAL HOST Argyle. Delicious judicious use of links today. LOL'd at Wait, Wait comment.

WOs: NSA b/f CIA. Hand up TTP - DEEP oil first. I misread @65d's clue as Mom's counterpart [dad]. And Unclefred, since I spelt COctIAL as such it fit for too long.

ESP:s TIGE, ABOU, LARA, and L'CHAIM - I was going w/ Huzzah or some such. Fortunately the perps didn't agree.

Funness (hey, if you can use iffiest...): After my kvetching about NPRs pledge week last week I enjoyed that c/a [there really should be a button for "I've already donated, now shut up and give me the news!"]. ONCE UPON juxtaposed was fun too.

Fav: The fact it felt an unforced panagram. Very nice.

Obligatory TOGA, TOGA!

{B-, B+}

Tawnya - Enjoyed the tunes and Kanga's story. Thanks.

Abejo - DAM! But, think about the fish! [sorry, I've spent all morning researching cyber-capabilities of activists opposed to WT drilling - they have their point; at least they're not nutz]

Oc4 & HG - I too have been to NASA's JSC mission control (ISS MC) and WOW! I can't imagine doing Rocket Science w/o the tech we have now. I was reading an article last June about sats we launched years ago (the ESS constellation IIRC) - they sit between Earth's & Sun's gravitational pulls so require almost no power. Who thinks this shit up? Oh, Euler & LaGrange, that's who.

Speaking of which - who named EU's Mars lander Schiaparelli? To this dyslexic, the name looks too much like shrapnel, which, apparently, what it was on impact. Oops; Our bad; MIA [sic] Culpa. Sorry Mars. [and rim-shot ;-)]

Y'all have a great day.

Cheers, -T

Misty said...

Great Monday morning puzzle, Gail and Bruce--many thanks! And am always happy to see a poem, Argyle--thanks for that too.

Breezed right through this one, with just a couple of unknowns (TIGE, ANTZ). ENDORA is coming up a lot in puzzles lately, isn't she?

Yes, the "Durrells of Corfu" is a bit chaotic. But I'll try to hang in there.

We're having horrible thunderstorms here in Laguna Beach, starting at around 5 in the morning--so loud, I couldn't believe it. Then a few hours of quiet, and now they're starting again. My poor tree trimmers, on to work on the trees today, are not having an easy time of it.

Have a good day, everybody!

Jayce said...

A really nice Monday puzzle. Gail and Bruce's work is always satisfying. Hand up for having PBS at first.

I used to have a colleague named Robert Tabone. Guess what his nickname is.

Agree about The Durrells of Corfu. Never watched Westworld.

Mom used to deep-fat fry sometimes, especially chicken and potatoes. Now I'm going to see if Gibble's potato chips are in any stores around here.

My high-school girlfriend had a big crush on Richard Egan.

Best wishes to you all.

oc4beach said...

Jayce@1:58pm: Gibbles are made in Pennsylvania and I don't think they are sold any further west than Pittsburgh, PA or any further south than Raliegh, NC. However, they are sold on-line from Gibbles and I have seen them on Amazon, but they are not cheap that way.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Thanks, Argyle, for reminding us of Dame Vera Lynn.
I know she wasn't precisely within today's answer field, but it's always good (for some of us war kids) to remember a time when we truly were "all in it together," and this young British songbird promised, "We'll meet again"!

"Keep smilin' through just like you always do
'til the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away...."

Bill G., the appeal must have come from the camaraderie, which holds a stronger draw in every passing decade--as politics polarize us at home, and old allies lose appreciation for each others' helpfulness.

Tinbeni said...

Abejo @10:02 am

Of course I like "Toasts" ... especially the daily one at Sunset.

Seems to me I can "toast" in probably 15 languages ...

But some I just can't spell, like todays L'CHAIM.

Yup, needed ESP (Every-Single-Perp) to fill in the boxes.

Nostrovia! (Cheers, in Russian)

Spitzboov said...

Hello, everyone.

Easy one; no issues in gaining the solve.
DAM - Felt the clue should be more qualified. Many hydro projects have a DAM as part of the works. Other major features would include the powerhouse, reservoir, spillway, and penstocks/conduits. The turbine/generators would be in the powerhouse which stands separately from the DAM.

Abejo - I don't disagree with your sentiments toward hydro. Most good hydro electric sites have already been developed. Future development faces strong pressures to leave the land in its"natural" state. No one wants to drown valleys to form reservoirs. Benefit/cost ratios are an important factor. Virtually all hydroelectric developments must satisfy licensing criteria from FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission)
Wind farms are a work in progress and will generate their own controversies over time.

Irish Miss said...

oc4beach and Jayce: Being a potato chip fiend, I couldn't resist the Gibbles temptation. I ordered 24 1.75 oz Snack size bags for $30.00, shipping included. I think the price is reasonable and the portion figure-friendly! Will give an update when they arrive and have been taste-tested. (I order popcorn from Popcornopolis on a regular basis because it is so much better than any of the supermarket brands.). Ain't the Internet grand? 🤗

Jayce said...

oc4beach and Irish Miss, I confess I have never bought food over the internet. I'm glad you like the Popcornopolis popcorn, and I hope you like the Gibbles chips. I'm a potato chip lover too, but it looks as if I'll be sticking to the brands I have been buying already. Indeed the internet is grand; LW and I have purchased many items via the internet (usually Amazon and Newegg for me, Bloomingdales and Target for her) many times and it has always been good. Looking forward to reading the results of your taste test.

Chairman Moe said...

-T @ 12:35: I Always enjoy watching an Animal House clip! Thanks for the link! 🍻🍺☠

TTP said...

Hey Anon-T

Thought of you as the broadcast station just played Working Man while I was downing a few. Neil Peart was perfect with the drums.

Earlier heard Can't You Hear Me Knocking, with the great guitar riffs by Keith Richards and Mick Taylor, and tenor sax by Bobby Keys. Organ by Billy Preston. Yeah, I looked it up. Trying to cope, and in need of diversion.

Both great rock songs with extended instrumentals, and tonight played loudly. Sadly, the volume only goes up to ten.

In a P.O.'ed mood tonight. I'm angered.

Have to link Green Grass and High Tides to my southern rocking golfing buddy who is in the hospital in critical condition after someone left turned in front of his Harley late Sunday afternoon. Heard this afternoon.

"Green grass and high tides forever
Castles of stone souls and glory
Lost faces say we adore you"

Now just waiting word, one way or the other.

Friggin' people trying to drive and text shattering lives. Senseless.

All else seems trivial.

Anonymous T said...

Abejo - I hope you knew I was joking - all energy production has trade-offs and many times the producer ignores externalities.

TTP - I'm so sorry to hear about your buddy. Eldest knows better than to touch her phone while driving... DW is still a work in progress. Great song BTW. I think I'll join you in tossing one back. God Speed to your buddy.

Cheers, -T

Bill G. said...

TTP, best wishes for your golfing buddy and his family. You too...

Lucina said...

I extend my best wishes for your buddy's recovery. It's so hard to understand why laws banning texting/phoning while driving can't be enacted. Such a shame.

Bill G. said...

Lucina, around here, at least, there are laws against texting (and other stuff) while driving. Enforcing those laws is the problem. How to tell easily before an accident happens? Too many people believe it won't happen to them.

I think that even just talking on a hands-free cell phone can be very distracting.

Did you get any rain?

TTP said...

Woke up about an hour ago and couldn't get back to sleep.

Looked to the crossword for distraction and solved Tuesday's puzzle. I'm sure it's been in queue.

Thank you all for your compassion and kindness. Haven't heard anything more yet.

My boy (my avatar) has an appt early this morning. Hope to get some sleep after that.