Oct 8, 2016

Saturday, Oct 8th, 2016, Greg Johnson

Theme: None

Words: 68 (missing J,Q,X,Z)

Blocks: 30

This is the second Saturday puzzle I have blogged from today's constructor, and upon reviewing that last one (back in Nov. 2015), I read that my solving experience was much the same today - and I recognize this as a pattern with all crossword authors; no matter whose name is at the top of the grid, I seem to have the same struggles and successes with their contribution.  Like that puzzle a little under a year ago, I was able to get through 75% of the puzzle clue-by-clue, but then I ran into self-inflicted spelling/WAG mistakes, and did myself in - no ta-DA - so it was red-letter to the rescue.  Oh well.  Triple 9-letter Across corners, and stacked 9's and 10's crossing a pair of 10-letter climbers;

9. Not woody, to a botanist : HERBACEOUS - I had HE-B---- and just filled this in, not that I knew it was right, but it sounded right

26. Jefferson and others : VIRGINIANS - my first thought, but I waited on perps

1a. Decorative border : HEMSTITCH - too many thoughts to start; clothing, home decor, gardening~? I waited

55a. Formal choice : SILK DRESS - add a 44d., and you get this....

33a. One of ten in the Kentucky Derby : FURLONG - I took surveying as part of my construction technology classes in college, and I am always fascinated by the origin of distances and lengths - the Wiki

22d. Black arts practitioner : WARLOCK - "Crowley" fit, but didn't work with the crossings

(see below)


10. Business investment? : SUIT

14. Regardless : IN ANY CASE

15. Black-and-white vegetarian : PANDA - and a semi-clecho with....

16. Black-and-white : POLICE CAR

17. One putting two and two together : ADDER

18. Exit discreetly : SLIP OUT

19. Ivory, e.g. : BAR SOAP

21. Unannounced, as a quiz : POP

22. Beyond silly : WACKO - I tried INANE

23. Corroded : EATEN

26. Protect against harm, in a way : VACCINATE

30. It's about 40.5 for Pittsburgh, Pa. : N.Lat - I got it,  but only because I am aware that LI is roughly on the 42nd North Latitude

31. Inspiration for a red shade : FIRE ENGINE

32. Tirana is its cap. : ALBania

34. "Gr8 joke!" : LOL - at first I didn't get the G-R-8 hint, but then the V-8 can flew....

35. Classroom no-no : CALLING OUT - I pondered CLASS CLOWN, but class can't be in both clue & answer

37. Where le nez is : TÊTE - Frawnche, nose and head

38. Typical ham feature : THEATRICS - ah, the CLASS CLOWN kind of 'ham'

39. More twisted : WRYER

40. Cleared the room, perhaps : STUNK - here's where the problems began; stAnk, stInk - and I don't care for "stunk", so it didn't occur to me

41. Inc. magazine subject : CEO - I tried BUS.  first

42. A museum in Pesaro, Italy, marks his birthplace : ROSSINI - my DOWN crossings had me change this from GALILEO to GALILEI to CASSINI - and I was really pleased with my first 42d. fill

45. Alternative histories : "WHAT IFS"

49. Possible response to "I raise" : ALL IN - I got into a card game with some AA friends last Saturday night, and I am back at it tonight.  The buy-in was $20, and I took one pot that was fairly decent, then lost paired 10s and 8s to 3 threes....I went "all in" and ended up "all out" of money - but I had something to do on a Saturday night for a change - worth every penny of $20

50. Words seen before a dollar sign : AMOUNT DUE - all my bills are paid online

52. Filmmaker's __ light : KLIEG - I am ashamed to admit this did not come to me, but then again, we used softbox lighting on the movie set I worked on, not these

53. Only you : NO ONE ELSE - O.M.G. - the blue-eyed girl has re-entered my life - in the most bizarre way possible.  If you are curious, email me - I can't divulge the details here....

54. Casual food : EATS - as in diner signs and such


1. Swinging joints? : HIPS - har-har

2. Organic compound : ENOL - we had this recently

3. Landlocked African country : MALI

about 23 N Lat

4. Fragment : SNIPPET

5. Business VIP : TYCOON

6. Freeze : ICE UP - Look away, Tin - two weeks in a row~!

7. Careful handling : TACT

8. Union foe in the 19th cen. : CSA

10. Tearjerker : SAD SONG

11. Command following "Oops!" : UNDO - think computers; I have frequent "oops" moments with AutoCAD and Photoshop

12. Flash, maybe : IDEA

13. Weather protection : TARP - baseball winds down as hockey starts up

15. Downtown challenge : PARKING

20. Reason for a misunderstanding : ACCENT

23. Make law : ENACT

24. Quran deity : ALLAH - makes me think of this song from Van Halen, with Dave's "religious" philosophy (@2:40)

25. Stand with a leaf : TABLE - clever way to misdirect, but I did not fall prey, since I have been regularly refinishing leaf tables

27. Dancer posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2014 : AILEY - did not know this one - filled via perps

28. Govt. issue : T-NOTE

29. Pot-using sportsman : EELER - learned doing crosswords

31. 2K, say : FUN RUN - meh.  I had FUNRA- from my stAnk fill, and just couldn't see what we were looking for

33. Tailor's service : FITTING - ...but then this made sense, so GALILEO had to go

36. Many Aberdeen residents : LASSIES - for some reason, I was thinking Texas, but that's Abilene ( though there IS an Aberdeen in Texas ) - we're talking Ireland instead

37. Harness racer : TROTTER - another good WAG on my pert

39. Withdrew gradually : WEANED

41. Piece : CHUNK

42. Casino tool : RAKE - well, Cassini gave me "CAGE", and that seemed reasonable

43. Paella cooker : OLLA

44. Clothing opening : SLIT

45. Clothing material : WOOL - bonus image this week

46. Off : IDLE

47. Bellyache : FUSS

48. Gets it : SEES

51. "Excusez-__" : MOI - and finish avec les Frawnche


Note from C.C.:

Happy Birthday to dear Jayce, my patient puzzle collaborator and friend. Thanks for understanding me the way you do, Jayce! Thanks for being here for all of us. Cooking Trader Joe's Chicken Gyoza in your honor today, but no miso for broth.

Jayce, June 2013, Santa Barbara


OwenKL said...

Two days in a row I've finished the puzzle without errors or help! Although yesterday, like Jazz and others, I guessed the theme wrong, and so wondered about PAST CARJACK, while JACKING seemed a bit off, too suggestive for our paper!

Hand up for INANE > WACKY > WACKO. Also pACk-IN-icE > VACCINATE, and AWRY > IDLE before WRYER showed up elsewhere.

But if I've done well with the puzzle, I'm afraid my poems are fizzles. None yesterday, and while I got a couple today that used a lot of puzzle words, they don't have the story-telling nor humor I consider paramount, so they both rate only C-.

A fashionable PANDA, in need of some SUITS,
And a HEMSTITCH pattern on ADDER-skin boots,
Sought a cobbler and tailor,
On his FITTING to labor --
And also a SILK DRESS to be worn by his toots!

Is that a POLICE CAR chasing robbers with loot?
A FIRE ENGINE to battle flame, smoke, and soot?
Is a victim CALLING OUT
With some evil to rout?
Or maybe an ambulance, with lawyers in pursuit?

unclefred said...

Well, no time yesterday for CW, what with Matthew. But after all the prep Matthew was a no-show here in FLL. Anyway, cheated like crazy to get a fill today; no joy there, but was otherwise stumped. The only reason for doing the CW at all when I have to cheat so much is to perhaps learn something for future CWs. Nice write-up, Splynter, thanx! Owen, B+; you're too hard on yourself today, I thought they were very good!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all (and Happy Birthday to Jayce)!

Bit of a slog today, but I managed to git 'er done unassisted in the end. Like Splytnter, I somehow managed to throw down HERBACEOUS off the initial HER without knowing why, but it worked. I'm pretty sure that paella is usually cooked in a pan and not an OLLA (which is a deep pot), but I could certainly be wrong. Either way, I resisted putting it in until forced to do so. Wanted INANE and then WACKY before WACKO. SAD TALE before SAD SONG. AWRY before IDLE. And speaking of AWRY, I really hated WRYER. Not sure why, but it just looks icky to me...

You're a foul one, Mr. Grinch.
You're a nasty wasty skunk.
Your heart is full of unwashed socks.
Your soul is full of gunk,
Mr Grinch, the three best words that best describe you are as follows, and I quote: "Stink, Stank, Stunk!"

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This one was suitably Saturday tough. Here's a third hand up for INANE, WACKY, WACKO. My "Tearjerker" started life as a SAD FILM. And with _USS in place, I thought "Bellyache" might be CUSS. Should've known better. Nicely done, Greg Johnson.

Enjoyed your write-up, Splynter. I do think, though, that those Aberdeen LASSIES were from Scotland. Spent a week there in December 2000 -- got light about 9:30 AM and was dark again by 3 PM. Don't think I could live there.

Happy Birthday, Jayce! What's shakin'?

Hungry Mother said...

Another day where I surprised myself with stuff that I didn't know I knew. My biggest virtue on Saturday is patience.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Not too many unknowns, but that dancer Ailey was 100% perps. WBS - Stunk took me right to Stink, Stank, Stunk too.

HBTY Jayce!

Morning, Splynter, I'm curious about that blue-eyed girl. Hmmm.

-T from last night - we'll just call it an inert Easter egg.

inanehiker said...

Nice typical Saturday- few known for sure- but slowly pieced together.

Thanks Splynter, Greg! And HBD to Jayce!

Need to get outside to enjoy this beautiful day!

Lemonade714 said...

HBDTY Jayce and many more.

Worn out watching the devastation in St. Augustine. My parents lived on the ocean in Crescent Beach before my father died.

Hard to concentrate, mistakes all over the place. Thanks for the poetic shout out Owen

Do we have readers in the Carolinas HG?

Be safe all

Avg Joe said...

A tough go for me. The NW filled completely before moving on, but progress was at a crawl after that. Did make that same guess at Herbaceous, but had an I instead of the second E, so that slowed things a lot. But it finally all came together and the only thing I had no faith in was Ailey...but it was right.

There's also an Aberdeen in So Dak, but Dakotan wouldn't work with any of the crosses. I thought it would have been amusing if there had been another clue elsewhere in the puzzle of "Small silvery fish" as a counterpart to 40A.

Happy Birthday Jayce! Hope you have a wonderful day.

Big Easy said...

This may have been the only Saturday puzzle that I worked NW to SE. I never heard of a HEMSTITCH before but IN ANY CASE the downs just fell into place with the only WHAT IFS being CHAD or MALI and REB or CSA. I knew that latitude would be Pittsburgh's 40.5 but I had always thought of it as LAT-North not North-LATitude.

Is LASSIES (Timmy's in the well) correct or is it LASSES? Either way LASSIES fit and I'm glad because KLIEG light was an unknown, along with AILEY. I was thinking of a movie for the 'Tearjerker' clue, not a SAD SONG.

'Pot-using sportsman"?- hunter who thinks a cow is a deer and shoots it.

Avg Joe said...

Oh. Meant to mention this on the N Lat topic. Here's a little factoid I've often found useful since it is right in the middle of the country. The southern border of Nebraska is the 40th parallel. And by extension, so is Baseline Rd on the S edge of Boulder, CO. Not sure about the S border of PA, but that's a strong possibility.

Anonymous said...

Link lassie

MJ said...

Good day to all, and HBTY Jayce!

I was able to move through this puzzle more easily than usual for a Saturday, but still needed Google help in the central area. Looked up FURLONG which helped me finish. Liked "Typical ham feature" for THEATRICS. Thanks, Greg, for today's fine offering.

Wonderful expo as usual, Splynter. Great links. I'm off to the soccer field for grandson's game.

Enjoy the day!

TTP said...

Happy Birthday Jayce !

Was going to fill the NE and SE, and leave the great wide diagonal in the middle for last.

Nope. It was the SE corner that did me in. Held on to ABATED too long.

When I finally ferreted out VIRGINIANS in the center, it was an "Oh that's true too" moment. I'd ruled out Federalists. That was Hamilton and others. Presidents fit count-wise, but didn't agree with the perps.

Since I don't play poker or other card games that involve gambling, I didn't see ALL IN until it perped in. Did know RAKE as a croupiers's tool though.

Not so odd, I more associate "what-ifs" with predictors, as in running test-case scenarios.

Tinbeni said...


You will be "toasted" at Oktoberfest ...


Husker Gary said...

-Cry/Crier led me to WRY/WRIER and one bad cell on this interesting Saturday puzzle
-Monocotyledonous was not going to fit for HERBACEOUS
-The FURLONG/220 yd (202.2 m) race in track and field is now the 200-meter dash
-Regardless is preferred to the portmanteau of irrespective and regardless
-All zoos agree that PANDAS are a prestige item but not a moneymaker
-Car 54 and Adam 12 are two black and whites that come to my mind
-That shade of red is seen often in Snyder, NE (pop. 300) at Smeal Mfg.
-Teddy Roosevelt’s pince-nez glasses gave me nose and so…
-I too abandoned other Italians before I got the composer of the Lone Ranger theme! ☺
-WHAT IF the plot to kill Lincoln enroute to his first inauguration in 1861 had succeeded?
-All you need to know about TACT
-Hilarious ACCENT misunderstanding! (1:15)
-I’ve been to Aberdeen, South Dakota (DAKOTANS was close)
-The Husker’s FB team is OFF/IDLE today
-Happy Birthday, Jayce!!
-“Just SLIP OUT the back, Jack”. Next line?
-Here’s our Crossword Map to see our Carolina residents

Jinx in Norfolk said...

After yesterday's wipeout I didn't have a lot of hope for today's puzzle. Got stalled, set it down, and took the greyhound for a walk. Picked it up when i got back, and things started coming together. Finished up without help or errors, an atypical Saturday for me. Didn't know ALBania's capitol, ROSSINI, HERBACEOUS or AILEY. Lexington has a historic harness track called the Big Red Mile. Growing up, the Lexington Trots was a euphemism for a case of diarrhea. Along the same line, for "cleared the room" I first wanted "farted" before I saw it wouldn't fit. I have a colonoscopy in a couple of weeks, so I think my mind is in a dark place.

Thanks Greg for a "just right" Saturday puzzle and to Splynter for another great narrative.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Make a little plan, Stan.

No need to be coy, Roy.

Just get yourself free.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Got most of it OK but went into the tall grass in the SE. Obvious as the nose on your face, not on your head. TETE means head. My nose is on my face minus the actinic keratosis the plastic surgeon took off last week. If your nose is on your head, I wish you all the best. Also did not like FUSS for bellyache, and IDLE for off. When your car idles, it is not off. Neutral maybe.

Happy birthday to Jayce. Hope your day is special.

oc4beach said...

True Saturday. I needed most of the help there is, Red Letter, Perps, ITranslate, but not Google. Officially a DNF, even though I ultimately filled in all of the squares.

I agree with many others on HERBACEOUS, IDLE, WRYER, WACKO, CEO, and a few others. I wanted the French word for face (Visage) vs. TETE.

I thought ABERDEEN was in Scotland.

Rainy day to watch college football on the tube today. Enjoy.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Well, this was what I would call a 50-50 solve, i.e., I breezed through half of it and sputtered through the other half. It didn't help that I held on to DaVinci for far too long, aided and abetted by Dice, which I finally admitted is not really a tool. Once I entered Rossini/Rake, that area opened up and there was clear sailing from then on. Hand up for inane/wacky and that should have been a given as I call my brother Wacky Jackie, all in good fun, of course! 😈 (He used to call me "twerp" when I was younger, so I guess we're even!)

Thanks, Greg, for a workout that was worth the effort and thanks, Splynter, for the grand tour. Good luck with the blue-eyed girl.

Happy Birthday, Jayce, hope your day is special.

Where are YR, PK, Bluehen, and other missing Cornerites?

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Relatively smooth sailing here, except for that icky AileY/WrYer crossing. WrIer or wrYer are essentially interchangeable spellings, yielding a bit of a Natick situation for those of us unfamiliar with the dancer or the proper spelling of his name.

Yellowrocks said...

Thanks for asking Irish Miss. I've worked the LAT every day and followed the interesting write-ups and posts. Thank you all for the day brighteners.

I am kinda in a blue funk. Alan has been lying in bed teary-eyed for at least half of the days for the last six months. Since he has had so many medical issues he is frightened about his health and dying, even when he is all right. Depressing for both of us. It is especially frustrating because it is so difficult to know whether there is a real problem and how serious it might be. Everything is basically okay for both of us just now. He returned to work this week. Will the other shoe drop?

No nit with nose being part of the head. "The upper part of the human body.... typically separated from the rest of the body by a neck, and CONTAINING the brain, mouth, and sense organs." My nose knows when I have a head cold.

Lemonade, thanks for the beefcake yesterday. IMO the mature Clark Gable type is sexier than the young and ripped.
Happy birthday, Jayce.

Jayce said...

Whoo! This puzzle was harrrrd! Needed red letters but at least I didn't need Google. I also wanted a French word for face at 37 across, so I tried MIEN at first, which got me totally messed up at AILEY, WRYER, etc. At 49 across I wanted I FOLD, I CALL, or I'M OUT, which kept me stuck with DICE at 42 down. Took a long time to get myself out of that rut.


Phone call from son. Later.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

What unclefred said. Thanks to YR I got 1d, but then things went to "huh?" in a hurry. Spent 80% of my Africa geographical knowledge on Chad (3d) and and had to crib from Splynter for MALI (thanks Mate!). That cleared things up a bit.

Same issue w/ Vegan @15a. PANDA? Really? That c/a is just WACK. Good, but WACK.

I did Google 9d w/ HERBA---US in place - HERBAvourus did not seem right (you think?)... AILEY was another Google - I only had LOL in place. TETE was ESP.

Hand up for INANE - tried to go with Inchanter [sic] for 22d. Thought of Wiccan and that helped for WACKO - the WARLOCK's work was close behind.

Eventually, by hook or by crook, it all came together and I enjoyed the above-my-pay-grade challenge (I'm slowly getting better...). Overall a FUN RUN. Thanks Greg. Thanks Splynter. Your 22d WAG made me laugh - Mr. Crowley for you. For those who don't know Aleister Crowley - so evil he doesn't follow the I before E rule!

Fav - KLIEG. Not only did it SLIP right in,... I was reading an OpEd last weekend, saw that word, and came up w/ a possible clue if I ever have time to construct again: "Light of scrutiny?" Or "Scrutiny's light?" Rich can pick :-)

Runners up: EELER - LOL c/a. LASSIES - After yesterday's MIDLAND, TX and today's ABERDEEN, Scotland, I feel someone's following my travels. I've been to both 'cuz there's OIL there. For the record, Aberdeen is way more fun.

{B-, A} Perhaps the puzzle made you FUSSy and under-grade yourself.

Barry - good one w/ the Grinch.
Stay safe PVX.
For Jinx - P. Simon (and relief for those that listened to Ozzy.) :-)

Happy Birthday Jayce! I appreciate your insights on both the xwords & seismology. Have a great day!

Cheers, -T

Misty said...

Happy Birthday, Jayce!

Nice to have you back, Barry G.

Sorry to hear about Alan's tough time, Yellowrocks.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

Yellowrocks said...

Anon T, thanks for the shout out at 1D. Swing those hips on the dance floor! Square dancing and ebooks are my opiates.

Lucina said...

Happy birthday, Jayce! I hope it's a great day for you!

Ay! Ay! Ay! This puzzle took such a long time I went right to comments and I'll read you all later. Since I don't have the luxury of red letters, erasing is my alternative and with such wide generalizations, my eraser went amok. Ironically, the French words were my first fill as they are part of my meager cache of French vocabulary. And of course, OLLA, though I knew it should be pan.

CHAD changed to MALI, INANE then WACKO, FEDERALIST replaced by VIRGINIAN. That was a big one as it gave me a toehold across the center grid. SOLITAIRE before NO ONE ELSE then WOOL/SILK but SILKDRESS appeared.

It all took way too long but I was determined to finish without help and I'm glad of it.

At 23A we have EATEN then 56A, EATS. Clecho? The clue for EELER was painfully misdirected.

Thank you, Greg Johnson and Splynter. Whew! That was a tough challenge.

Thankfully, it appears Florida was spared so I'm happy you residents are all safe.

CrossEyedDave said...

Hmm, I also thought inane.
(even asinine)
yet was somehow insulted when it turned out to be wacko...

My response to "I raise."
"I fold."
(Hmm, methinks I know now why I lose at Poker...)

Hmm, being a huge fan of Paella,
I am confused by this Olla (deep pot) reference.
Translation please...

Hmm, Hmm,
Totally mystified at Splynters reference at 24d.
Never heard the song, but played it several times @2:40
to find my religious preferences....
Nope. not finding any enlightenment,
(unless you meant beer,)
in that case, yes, if you have any undrunk, by all means, keep them frosty...

Happy Birthday Jayce!
I had a little trouble finding your cake, there were some strange references...
Just consider your cake to be under construction while I try to find one that wasn't stepped on...

Thank you for the Lassie link, I really enjoyed it.

curious, this is my favorite time of year.
Can you get Alan out into Nature, take a hike? Picnic lunch?
If this doesn't work, I am at a loss...

This made me think of Bill G.
Dang it! I just wanted to play! (without percentages...)

desper-otto said...

YR, are you talkin' 'bout an alleyman lift with a does-see-does?

Bill G. said...

AnonT, wow, your puzzle is too hard for me. I've got a headache. The Dodgers game is rained out. Time for lunch, then a nap.

Jayce, I hope you have a great day! Best wishes for a great year to come...

Unknown said...

Very enjoyable puzzle but it was hard to get going on this one.
INANE-WACKY-WACKO like everyone else.

I finally finished with no cheats and one mistake
I had SKIPOUT instead of SLIPOUT. Never heard of ENOK, but also never heard of ENOL.

Anonymous T said...

CED - Funny construction cake. Reminds me....Anyone catch this story? C, Eh! & BlueHen - Canadians are so cute... Y'alls offended by this? WHAT IF yous had to vote in our election?!?! Go JAYS! Down w/ Dallas...

I JOKE - I've been to Canada many times and loved every moment,

Prisoner's delima is do I rat or do I mum?. Then there's the Dining Philosopher's problem... Yeah, I knows my Big-O's [notation] :-)

Cheers, -T

Unknown said...

Bon Fete Jayce......

Hands up for CHAD... For some reason I wanted PUCCINI instead of CASSINI. ZEBRA for PANDA.... Hands up for INANE...SQUAD CAR for POLICECAR not enough letters and didn't fit with CSA i PUT reb in there first...

Wanted IM OUT for ALL IN but didn't fit with OLLA and SLIT. Put NOBODYELSE for NOONE ELSE.

Naturally I got all the Frawnch...

I have been busy with my Super Hot peppers lately and small engine repair but I still do the puzzles and read the blog

Plus Tard From Cajun Country !!!!

Ol' Man Keith said...

Happy B'Day, Jaycee!

HEY! Great pzl today! Greg Johnson for president!! Oh, that's the WRONG Johnson? Too too bad. But I bet this GJ knows where Aleppo is...

You all know how I know it was a GREAT pzl? Because it looked to be intractable, unyielding, and impossible... But then I finished it with NO lookups or cheats, not even a single after-the-fill confirmation.
Bully for moi! Seriously. My gimmes were POP, ADDER, and AILEY. ALB came to me as an old memory, as the country I had to drive around back in the early '70s when we rented a car to go from Athens to Dubrovnik in then-Yugoslavia. We had to detour all the way around *#@! Albania, up through the hairpin curves and peaks of Montenegro to reach the Croatian coast - just because Albania didn't want its socialist purity compromised by our Hertz license plate.

Jayce said...

Wow, my PC updated to Windows 10 Millenium Edition while I was away having a phone conversation with our son and his wife. Looks like no problems, at least not that I can see so far. Whew.

Thanks for all your birthday wishes. Not doing anything special today, but I am cooking blackened catfish (lots of smoke!), fried okra, and steamed potatoes for dinner tonight. Then for dessert, lobster tails with melted garlic butter. Odd dessert, huh. And some nice Goyette pinot noir to go with. I hope you enjoy your gyoza, C.C. Thanks for the cool cakes, CrossEyedDave. Thankfully, nuttin' shakin' here.

Best wishes to you all.

Lucina said...

Translation and it's not pretty. Too bad you don't know Spanish bad words. It's "Work! Work! You ****. Cabrones literally means "male goats" but that's not the intended meaning, more like lechers. The caption is "pressure cooker."

Lucina said...

OOps. CEDave@3:01

I'm so sorry to hear that Alan is experiencing problems.

Irish Miss said...

CED - Please stick to cakes and cats- your conundrums made me crazy! πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚. 🐱🐱🐱. πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‡πŸ‘Ώ

CrossEyedDave said...

Oh dear me,

Remind me to never post anything that requires translation
if you do not know what it means...

(I hate having to apologize for my ignorance...)

(It just looked like a funny pot yelling..)

Hmm, did I apologize?


To Irish Miss:

That was not my conundrum,
I said it reminded me of Bill G...
(believe me, I could not figure it out either...)

Wilbur Charles said...

I did this in bits and pieces, lots of overwrites. I finally got some sleep, nearly finished Fri this morning and then got started on Saturday about one.

I was going to Disney to pickup a van full but had to pass because the evacuees had I4 jammed.

Every time I had to put it down and restart I got another biggie like VACCINATE.

I had all the misses and I'll add WALKING before PARKING.

I actually liked Owen's first a lot A, B+

HBD Jayce.

So Splynter, were Bill, Bob, Dr S and John the Indian all in the game?

The G.U.R.

AnonymousPVX said...

Posting on 10/9, did not get the paper yesterday due to Matthew, it was delivered today (Sunday) - along with the Sunday paper.

Was happy to solve this one, even a day late.

No issue here in SC 25 miles from shore. Lost power for 25 hours and that's about it, lucky for me.