Oct 1, 2016

Saturday, Oct 1st, 2016, C.C. Burnikel

Theme: C.C.C.W.~!

Words: 72 (missing B,F,G,J,Q,V,X,Z~!)

Blocks: 29

  Another Saturday soirée from our hostess, C.C., and this one went about at smoothly as one could hope.  Slowed down just a tad in the SW, with a few bad entries, but I got off to a good to start knowing 1a.  I'm becoming a big fan of the site, as you can imagine.  9- and 8-letter fills all around, so I am not going to single out any specific clues/answers.



1. Tumblr competitor : PINTEREST - I love this site - there's so much to see, in so many categories, that I began my own collection of photos and images, and have even received comments from strangers.  Besides the pantyhose images, I like the wood projects and clever construction tips I sometimes see

10. Workers' rights org. : OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Administration

14. Dunkin' Donuts buy : ICED LATTE

15. "Gimme five" : "UP TOP~!"

16. Go wild : RAISE CAIN

17. Sticky corner piece : STAMP - ooh, clever - I was stuck in 'ceramic tile' mode

18. Shot target : ARM - ah, the doctor visit kind of shot

19. Joint room? : CELL - the joint being jail

20. Zero on stage : MOSTEL - I like it when I know the proper names

21. "Later!" : "CIAO~!" - oops, not TA-TA~!

23. Marks meaning the same thing : DITTOS

25. Tongue attachment? : ESE - I have always found it interesting that as you move around the globe, we go from "-AN" (CanadiAN, AmericAN, MexicAN) to the "-ISH" (English, Spanish) thru the 'odd' ones (French, Swiss, Swede) on to the "-I" (Iran-I, Pakistan-I) and then over to the "-ESE" (ChinESE, JapanESE)

26. Pulls hard : YANKS

28. Dynamic start : AERO - aerodynamic - and a Daft Punk song with a great guitar riff

Check out this "live performance" clip
and watch the guitarist's fingers go

29. Lose at the table, with "out" : CRAP - so that's how you get a four-letter word into an LA Times puzzle....

30. Flier to Helsinki : SAS - finally getting this answer stuck in my noggin

32. Coach in six Super Bowls : DON SHULA - I was right, but wrong; for some reason, I thought his name was Jim, not Don

34. Fencing maneuvers : THRUSTS - and here's where the fun begins.  I had RIPOSTS, but that is incorrect - it's RIPOSTES 

38. Kim of "Army Wives" : DELANEY

39. "I agree!" : "HEAR HEAR~!"

41. Grumpy pal : DOC - Seven Dwarfs

42. Works in Madrid? : ARTE - yeah, I thought this might be the answer, but I hesitated

43. Singer with a domed nest : WREN - I found a cool site with a whole slew of peculiar nest constructors

45. Trick users, in a way : PHISH - ah - trick the verb, not the noun - am I thinking too close to Halloween already~?

49. Your, in Tours : TES - les Frawnche

50. Sri Lankan exports : PEKOES - well, I was thinking "TEA"....

52. "Off the Court" author : ASHE - my first thought, but I waited for a crossing

53. Acted badly : SINNED

55. True-to-life : REAL - ha~!  I put this in and forgot about it - and it was correct

57. Cut : LOP - or HEW~?  Had to wait

58. Used a drive-thru, maybe : ATE IN - odd that you have to go "out" to eat "in"

59. Online shopping button : ADD TO CART - great fill, and I love to shop online - this item~? yes, I will "add to cart"~!

61. Tilts : LISTS - dah~! not LEANS

62. Dominican-born designer : de la RENTA - my spelling was a bit sloppy, but I finally figured it out

63. WWII Allied invasion vessels : LSTs

64. Put on : PRETENDED - ah, not the "DRESSED IN" answer I was pondering


1. Music industry woe : PIRACY

2. Samos neighbor named for the son of Daedalus : ICARIA

3. Partner of Marcus : NEIMAN - a place where you can "add to cart"

4. ESPN highlights : TDs - and now there's the "he shoots - he scores~!" of hockey again~!

5. Util. bill : ELECtric

6. Went fast : RACED

7. Latin catchall : ET ALIA - the full-out spelling

8. Overly formal : STILTED

9. Number worn by Tony La Russa as a tribute to Sparky Anderson : TEN - ONE, TWO, SIX or TEN~? I waited on perps

10. Goes (for) : OPTS

11. Like some Chinese TV stations : STATE-RUN

12. Closing subject : HOME SALE - I am in a quandary right now, as my mother's house is in my name, along with my brother's.  He and mom are thinking about selling the house now so she can get an apartment before the "N" word comes up.  I am of the financial mentality that a home equity loan today can mean an improved house for sale tomorrow - but I am out-voted 2-1

13. Google Wallet rival : APPLE PAY - I don't care for Apple products, though Google seems to be sticking more of their finger in a lot of my business these days

15. The __: two-time WWE Tag Team Champions : USOS - all perps, and the second "S" was my last fill ( I thought ditto plural was dittoEs )

20. Daydreamed : MOONED - and then there's the 'other' definition....

22. "Well, why not?" : "OK, SURE."

24. Walked : TROD

27. Beauty pageant band : SASH

29. Rumba relative : CHA-CHA

31. Simmered : STEWED

33. Sty supper : SLOP

34. "No more for me" : "THAT'S ALL" - I thought it might be "---FULL"

35. Finder's words : HERE IT IS

36. Total mess : RAT'S NEST - ah, not PIG STY related

37. Cutty __: Scotch : SARK - for Saturday, the "Scotch" part could probably be left off - as should the "ice", right Tin~?

40. Ask for more : REORDER - add to cart, again

44. Item for a sewer : NEEDLE - the Sew-er not the sewer of plumbing

46. Hong Kong, e.g. : ISLAND - I am reading a book with Hong Kong as part of the plot, and the author went into a lot of detail about the 200+ islands of the area 

47. Nest sound? : SHORT E - ah.  I did not see this until I started writing the blog

48. Set of seven : HEPTAD - nope, not SEPTET

50. Farm houses : PENS

51. Used, as a counter : SAT AT

54. Trifling criticisms : NITS - we have had our share of NITS and NATICKS here at the blog

56. Accumulated accounts : LORE

59. Payroll service co. : ADP

60. Historic span: Abbr. : CENtury



Dudley said...

Rabbit Rabbit

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah Dudley, rabbit, rabbit.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Stumbled quite a bit in today's C.C. project. The southeast was a particular challenge, mainly because I wanted Septet in there. Oscar De La Renta came to the rescue. Glad to see Tes in there today rather than that crossword standard "à toi". I took seven years of French in grade school, and to my recollection I never once encountered "à toi", and rarely saw "à moi". I'm more accustomed to the possessives Mon, Ton, Son, Mes, Tes, and Ses. No idea what gets more day-to-day use in France.

Morning, Splynter, I noted with interest your comments about Pinterest. I haven't made use of it yet.

OwenKL said...

Rabbit \/* Rabbit \/*

FIWrong. onTOP instead of upTOP, and HEPTet instead of HEPTAD. A couple of the perps might have tipped me off, but even with my Yuge vocabulary, I still have to admit a puzzle may contain a word I didn't know! Ah, well...

{A-, B.}

Don Ho played ukulele, not tuba!
He lived in Hawai'i, not on Aruba!
Ho, he didn't prance
In an end-zone dance --
But you'd be impressed by DON'S HULA!

Adam and Eve did their best to RAISE CAIN,
But he wasn't Abel, his temper to rein!
That didn't alter
When he SINNED at the altar,
So he gathered his CRAP and went elsewhere to reign!

*\/ .v .v v. .v v. .v v. v. v. \/*

john in michigan said...

fairly easy fill until the bitter end where i was punked by the "short E"...should've known better, but couldn't get past the mental hurdle of being convinced the solve was some synonym of 'chirp'...nice saturday morning puzzle, as usual...hope everybody has a nice weekend

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Missed you guys. So far my new commute is OK as long as I get out of the house by 6:30, but I still haven't adjusted to the earlier wake up time and have been tired a lot as a result. Give it time, give it time... As for the actual working conditions, well, they are what they are. Hopefully I'll be able to start working from home on and off in the near future.

Fun puzzle today, although I really had to accept on blind faith that ICARIA and USOS were real things (or people, as the case may be). SHORT E didn't hold me up (for too long, at least) and I was generally on C.C.'s wavelength for the rest of the puzzle.

I initially misread the clue for 43A as "Singer with a domed nest" and almost went with a bird until I realized it was actually "Stinger" and entered WASP instead. Of course, once I tried the perps (especially SARK), I realized that I had it right to begin with and went with WREN. Time to get some new reading glasses...

Tinbeni said...

Pinch, Pinch ...

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Started right off with PAYOLA, ICARUS and NIEMAN. Wite-Out, please. Didn't realize that "Needless Markup" was EI and not IE. Otherwise, things came together pretty quickly for a Saturday. Did wonder how NEEDLE could be an item for a "skewer." Get me a pair while you're at it, Barry. I think of OSHA as a safety rather than rights organization, but I guess an employee has a right to a safe workplace. Gotta love a puzzle that has both CRAP and MOONED in it. Thanx, C.C.

Splynter, interesting observation about language suffixes. I share your feelings toward Apple products.

Fall has definitely "fell" here in the southland. Yesterday morning the temps dipped into the 50's for the first time since early May. The hummingbirds are busy getting their final gas-up before heading across the Gulf for the winter.

Hungry Mother said...

Last two lines in the SE got me to DNF, but LORE was the killer; I had "lots" and liked it too much.

Big Easy said...

This C.C. special went a lot smoother than yesterday's toughie. But not knowing of either 'Tumblr' or PINTEREST or 'Samos' or ICARIA made the NW hard to fill. Thanks for the map because I thought they were people, not ISLANDs. I'll RAISE CAIN later ( granddaughter getting married tonight). The SW filled in normal time for a Saturday but the East took some mental gymnastics.

I tried LAST CALL for the closing subject before HOME SALE eventually worked its way in. Thanks for the ESE on the tongue clue because I kept wanting it to be attached to the TOE of a shoe; never thought about languages. My last fill was the cross of UP TOP and USOS- never heard of either one of them, or Kim DELANEY. But DON SHULA I did know after running past Chuck Noll, Tom Landry, Bud Grant, and other old coaches.

Starting the SE long fills was hard with only ISLAND, HEPT__ (ET or AD), ERA or AGE (both wrong) and tried DRESSED IN and PRESENTED for 'Put on' before PRETENDED made it into the grid. The SAT AT answer for 'Used, as a counter' is one I don't get.???

Splynter, your MOONED explanation agrees with my thinking. Never heard of its use for daydreaming.

Avg Joe said...

Great puzzle. Maybe the fastest Saturday solve I've ever had, but it never once seemed easy. Had the most trouble in the SE after I entered Dela Reese instead of DeLarenta. I know, I know, but it fit. Thanks Splynter and C.C.

Early day today. 2:30 game time and a pre-game party to go to beforehand. It's a beautiful day for foo ball. GBR.

Lemonade714 said...

Pretty much WEES especially to parse used as a counter: SAT AT until I pictured the fountain in the drug store when I was a kid drinking hand made cherry colas.

5 of Shula' s 6 super bowl appearances were as coach of the Dolphins, only Belichek also has 6.

USOS? Anyone watching wrestling anymore?

Thanks C.C. and Splynter

Yellowrocks said...

Nice challenge, CC, a tad easier than yesterday's. Splynter, I look forward to your blog every Sat. You never disappoint me.
I wanted SEPTAD, but finally thought of HEPTAD which gave me the SH for PHISH and the S for SHORT E. Clues like SHORT E always hang me up. They are not my favorite type of clue.
In the NE I thought of OSHA right away but didn't want to accept that it is about workers' rights. I think of safety, instead. When I accepted it, everything came together.
I am a frequent user of Amazon, so I use ADD TO CART several times each month.
I was surprised to find wrens have dome shaped nests, but the perps needed WREN. I looked it up before raising a nit. It seems house wrens have cup shaped nests, which is what I thought. The marsh wrens have dome shaped nests with an opening on the side. Live and learn.
I use MOON in the daydream sense, especially about a lover. She mooned about the house longing for her beau.

Unknown said...

I think your "skewer" was a typo for "sewer"

C6D6 Peg said...

Thanks, C.C., for an interesting Saturday offering. Must have been on your wavelength as it was finished in record time!

Nice job, Splynter, on the pics and comments!

MJ said...

Greetings to all!

A thoroughly enjoyable puzzle today. No NITS. Really liked "Joint room?" for CELL. Thanks, C.C.

And thank you, Splynter, for today's expo. Fascinating bird nest site.

Good to hear from you, Barry.

Enjoy the day!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Nice to have a CC offering on a Saturday, for a change. It took awhile to get some traction but just kept chipping away here and there (Where have you gone, Barry Silk? 🎤🎧) and, eventually, finished in normal Saturday time. Had pirate/piracy and Icarus/Icaria but not for long. Cutty Sark is the only Scotch that ever game me a headache. 😡

Thanks, CC, for starting October with a "tricky treat", and thanks, Splynter, for the guided tour.

Hang in there, Barry.

Have a great day.

Irish Miss said...

Sorry, gave not game. (New eyeglasses, anyone?)

Husker Gary said...

-An impressive grid and wonderful fill. My admiration for C.C. only grows!!
-ICARUS, RIM, HEPTET, etalia all fit but all got second place and now I get SHORT E, arrrggghhh
-PINTEREST has given me fun little astronomy projects for kids to do when I sub
-Non-sticky teacher STAMPS. I see a few I would use for C.C.!
-Lame use for DITTO (:11)
-I know we have Tin and others here who “pull hard” for their YANKS
-DW used to answer PHISHING emails angrily until I told her what was happening
-If your LST LISTS, you might be having issues
-PIRACY has made it so that touring is how artists make big money these days
-C.C. does STATE-RUN Chinese TV have comedies that Americans would find funny or are they STITLED?
-We all know the U.S. state SASH no girl wants to wear…
-Go Big Red football today but many wonder if the student body will refuse to stand for the national anthem to support three players who knelt last week
-Name the movie with this scene and the line, ”Sister, we have SINNED”

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

I had the same brain fart as Splynter with 'users' in the SE, so with septet. got bolluxed up and never did get PHISH. Couldn't spell DE LA RENTA either. Got everything else, though, so I call it a satisfactory Saturday.
No NITS today.

TTP said...

Thought I was going to finish unscathed, but a DNF.

Did not even hazard a guess for the T in SHORT E. Should have seen it. de la RENTA should have been known, but never thought of leading into it with Oscar. Got all but that same T.

In the northeast, correctly had OSHA, APPLEPAY, MOSTEL and OPTS, but couldn't derive UP TOP. Threw in tiE for "Tongue attachment." That tripped me up in the end. Made seeing STATE RUN and HOME SALE impossible. Didn't help that I had DELANtY for unknown actress Kim. Should have used that T for SHORT E.

A small stumbling block early was having SAME HERE instead of HEAR HEAR; it was SARK that made me reconsider.

"Off the Court" author ASHE and PHISH made me realize CAN CAN was wrong. CHA CHA fit better.

Plenty of unsures / unknowns that perped in or got corrected by the crosses. For example, ICARus morphed to ICARIA.

Filled in ET ALI- and waited to read the clue for the cross. Could have been an I or an A. AERO removed any doubt as to which it would be.

Thanks CC for a really good challenge for today. Good find on those bird nests Splynter.

From yesterday, Happy Birthday to Pat and her husband !

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

I almost got a Sat!!! Almost - only one lookup (32a) and, alas, 20a is not gaSTEL and it's not spelt HEPTeD. Well, CRAP. [Really, gOONED (with out) seems like the THRUST of daydream - can I get a Wah!-Wha!, er, HEAR HEAR?].

Thanks C.C., this was fun - lots of sparkle and neo-usage (UP TOP, PHISH, and ADD TO CART]. Enjoy'd the writeup Splynter - LOL'd at your 29a comment.

Cuteness: Homonyms xing in the SW. Look for it... it's for REAL.

WAG o' the week: nailing DELANEY (who?) w/ only --LA--Y in place.

Huh?-ness: "Nest" in 2 clues and one answer... Only C.C. can get away with that :-)

Fav: PHISH. Not only did it breakup the SE, but, yeah, I dos it to my users. With all the barriers [firewalls, IDS/IPS, NG-AV] in place, it's easier for the hackers to just trick a user to click.

Runner up: Joint room? I was in a Colorado-esque den too long :-)

{B+, A} - I don't get the fives.

HG - your teacher STAMPS made me think of DW's "syllabus day" talk. She lectures 101 students on what her comment marks mean - eg RO== Runon, The one that gets the laugh is ONYD* for when Frosh use txt abbrs in their paper.

I couldn't imagine a STATE RUN SNL-like comedy HG... In Communist China, TV watches you.**

Cheers, -T
*Oh no you did'n'
**In Capitalist America, TV watches your habits and gets you to REORDER!

Angry drunken Jerome said...

Saturdays are for the boys! Thanks Splynter for the moon over my hammy.

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle; lots of fresh and interesting fill. Agree about OSHA. Tony, good eye; I sure didn't notice the NEST in the answer. Favorite clue is Joint room. Had to change PARRIES to THRUSTS. I learned that PEKOE is also a noun meaning tea, and not just an adjective meaning a KIND of tea or tea leaf.

That map of Hong Kong is interesting to me because my wife was born and grew up in Yuen Long. Of course, it's far easier to simply say "Hong Kong" whenever anybody asks where she's from, like saying "San Diego" when you're really from, for example, El Cajon.

Splynter, interesting observation about language suffixes. I gotta say, though, that CanadiAN, AmericAN, MexicAN, Swiss, etc. are not languages, they are nationalities. I totally get what you mean, though.

Best wishes to you all this first day of October.

AnonymousPVX said...

What a difference between today and yesterday. Both seemed just as hard, but this one had clueing that allowed a foothold to get other answers, while that wasn't the case - for me at least - yesterday. So it was solved, and rather cleanly considering.

Ol' Man Keith said...

A beautiful Xwd from C.C.! - with a lovely grid design and clever clues.
I was very proud of myself, working my way through most of it without any need of help. I sailed along, often relying on perps to fill the unknowns, until I crashed in the SE corner. Woe set in.
Damn, and Double Damn! I flirted a long time with SHORT E at 47-D, but I really wanted CHIRPS. It was a classic struggle between what my brain sussed as C.C.'s misdirection and the simpler answer my gut preferred. The combination of this and my inability to crack the final fill at 64-A that held me up - and finally did me in.
No, I want no tears for me. Please, nobody weep. We are grownups here.

Misty said...

What a relief to get this wonderful, doable Saturday puzzle from C.C. after the bear yesterday. No, I didn't get it all and had many of the same problems as others, especially in the South-East. But I got about 4/5 or so which is really pretty good for me, and I loved many of the clever misleading clues that everyone has been noting. So, many thanks, C.C. for a great start to the weekend! And you too, Splynter!

And, Barry G., good to have you home for the weekend.

CrossEyedDave said...

I do not remember ever seeing a C.C. puzzle on Saturday!

So, question for C.C.,
did this start out as a weekday puzzle
that Rich hyped up in Silkies absence?

It seemed easier that the usual Saturday, however
I did it red letter, so maybe that is why I missed my inkblots...

Re: lists,trivia;
I used to take The Staten Island ferry to work every day,
& one day the boat was listing 5 degrees, so I asked one of the crew
about it, & he said, "She can handle up to 15 degrees no problem!"

Curiously, they end up the same way they start out!

tawnya said...

Happy Saturday!

Yay for CC Saturday! I actually did it without running the reds or googling! It makes such a difference when it's a constructor I'm familiar with...and thank you, Master Splynter, for the write up!

@Barry - welcome back. Glad you survived and hope you are able to switch back soon.

@anon-T - no Phish? Here, pick a Phish! Or have some Phish Food!

And I really wanted RAISE HELL, but CAIN was more Rich appropriate. I have APPLE PAY but always forget to use it...

Enjoy the rest of the day!


inanehiker said...

Finally getting around to the puzzle after a busy day today! Enjoyable solve with little footholds here and there and then it finally was done! NW took me the longest!
Thanks Splynter and CC!

@D-Otto - didn't see the rest of the comments yesterday - I went up to Columbia, MO - you were probably thinking of Columbia, SC - I bet they both could have a Blues and Barbeque festival!

Anonymous said...

OSHA is not an "org."; it's a government agency.

NITS are not "criticisms"; they are the things criticized.

And since when is a CENtury a "historic span"? It's a measure of years, not of history. There might be several historic spans within one CEN, and some historic spans span more than a CEN.

WSS about ATE IN.

George said...

Hey anon, what you would say 8s the greatest in invention of the 20th CEN? Well during that historic span the Internet was invented which allows people to hide in anonymity and make negative comments to large gatherings of people. Cool huh?

Wilbur Charles said...

I don't get the rabbit thang.

I sneaked a peak and saw that we had a CC today. Couldn't wait, didn't disappoint.

That SHORT E, almost got me and then I noticed that I had ATP. Second FIW in a row.

Of course, I quickly penned Belicheck and ran out of space. The D on the left and A on the right straightened me out.

Here's on for the subs except it's math and do many kids hate it.

I was water walking and noticed a significant saying 13 laps per quarter mile and the clock read 8:35.

I timed my laps at 40 seconds.

Can I do a mile by 9:00 pm closing?
Why is it easier if it's 51 laps/mile and 8:36?

Of course calculators are out. Until after the algebra, then give them ten seconds.

Wilbur Charles said...

Aarrgghh! Autocorrect did me in. The sign read 13 laps per qtr mile. One for the subs and so many kids hate thinking.

Anonymous T said...

Tawnya for the win!!! Nicely done w/ PHISH.

I've been in Cyber so long Phish didn't synapse with the 90's jam-band. Your prize - how 'bout Stewart STEWED into your Phish food :-) C, -T

RetFizz said...

George, consider yourself lucky that you didn't tune in late yesterday, so you missed three unpleasant posts by the invisible man, including one personal attack on one of our bloggers. They're gone now - deleted, as he had predicted.
He could also use a fact checker for many of his posts.

Picard said...

Hand up for PRESENTED before PRETENDED, Big Easy.

Yes, UP TOP and USOS crossing seemed a bit unfair. No idea about either.

The SW was hardest as it was hard to get from SEPTET to HEPTET to HEPTAD.

Never heard of MOONED in that way!

I agree with Splynter: I have never bought an Apple product and don't plan to. I don't like how they make you do it their way or not at all. I am an open source kind of guy.