Oct 11, 2016

Tuesday, October 11 2016, Janice Lutrell

 Theme: The show must go on.

20. *Artsy Lower Manhattan neighborhood : EAST VILLAGE

58. *Drug bust calculation : STREET VALUE

11. *Panel decision that's not unanimous : SPLIT VOTE

 35. *Became a YouTube sensation : WENT VIRAL

40. Set in a den, slangily ... or, initially, what can be found in each answer to a starred clue : THE TUBE.

Most TV's in use now are LCD or plasma. The old style CRT, or Cathode Ray Tube is a vacuum tube - and that's about all I know about that. Even though the CRT didn't last, the term "The Tube" might just be around forever.

Melissa here. I had to work way too hard for this one, for no particular reason that I can say. Only two total unknowns but I had to work for the tada just the same.


1. __ and flows : EBBS

5. Stepped heavily : TROD

9. __ Rica : COSTA

14. Pitcher's goof : BALK

15. Inflatable mattress prefix with Bed : AERO. Great crossword word, three vowels.

16. Colorado ski mecca : ASPEN

17. Muslim denomination : SHIA. Tried SIKH first, and discovered after looking it up that Sikhs are neither Hindu nor Muslim. Learning moment.

18. Not fatty, as meat : LEAN

19. Lease again : RELET

23. Car owner's premium pmt. : INS

24. American of Japanese descent : NISEI. Unknwown #1.

25. Dieter's catchword : LOFAT. Had to wait for the L to fill in - LOFAT or NOFAT?

27. Sweat unit : BEAD

30. Originates (from) : DERIVES

33. Like morning grass : DEWY

36. Title for Doubtfire or Dash : MRS.

38. Site of Arizona's Red Rock State Park : SEDONA

39. Rocks in bars : ICE

42. Gratuity : TIP

43. Dessert with a cherry : SUNDAE

45. Refreshing retreat : SPA

46. Wines that usually go well with beef : REDS

47. __ seat: advantageous spot : CATBIRD. I don't hear this phrase often, do you?

49. In couch-potato mode : IDLE. Watching the tube, perhaps.

51. France dance : VALSE. Second unknown for me. So sneaky, once I realized that VALSE is the French word for waltz. Oh.

52. Up to one's ears (in) : AWASH

56. Architect I.M. __ : PEI

62. Throat ailment : STREP

64. Modest skirt : MIDI. Tried MAXI first.

65. Writer Jaffe : RONA. Author of "The Best of Everything," made into a movie. Died in 2005.

66. Video game pioneer : ATARI

67. Region : AREA

68. Sullen : DOUR

69. Makeover place : SALON

70. Camera attachment : LENS

71. Bay Area cop gp. : SFPD


1. "Barnaby Jones" actor Buddy : EBSEN

2. Persian faith : BAHA'I

3. Utter joy : BLISS

4. Glide past on the ice : SKATE BY

5. Anklebones : TALI

6. Movie spool : REEL

7. Verbal : ORAL

8. Name on a Trump card? : DONALD

9. Untroubled : CAREFREE

10. Suffix with fruct- : OSE

12. "The Hunger Games" extra : TEEN

13. Picnic invaders : ANTS

21. "C'est la __!" : VIE

22. Turns sour : GOES BAD

26. Help : AID

28. UMass town : AMHERST

29. Hip-hop Dr. : DRE

31. Oklahoma's "Wheat Capital" : ENID

32. Drains of strength : SAPS

33. Phonograph record : DISC

34. Quito's country: Abbr. : ECUA. Quito is the capital of Ecuador.

37. N.Y. and Calif. : STs

40. Dramatic downturn : TAILSPIN

41. Wire service letters : UPI. United Press International

44. Corporate alias abbr. : DBA. (Doing Business As)

46. Bounty hunters' goals : REWARDS

48. Of the skin : DERMAL

50. Where a Brit may powder her nose : LAV. (Britain, slang) Short for lavatory.

53. Unlikely to get excited : ALOOF

54. Dawn : SUN UP

55. Listened to : HEARD

56. "This is your brain on drugs" ads, briefly : PSAs. Public Service Announcement

57. Singer James : ETTA

59. Irish name for Ireland : EIRE

60. Xanadu : EDEN

61. Spanish aunts : TIAs

63. Suffix with ranch : ERO


Argyle said...

Houston, we have a problem.

OwenKL said...

{B, B, A+, B.}

TV censorship is run by rubes
DOUR MRS. Grundys, prim as n00bs!
Any show of anatomy
Is blurred with depravity!
Why call it THE boob TUBE without any boobs!?

A ALOOF fashionista named RONA
From heat-stroke went in to a coma.
She awoke in a VILLAGE
On fire from pillage,
Said, "It's still cooler here than SEDONA!"

The air and grass and leaf to feed,
The fields AWASH,
Then golly, gosh,
I think, "This is where God has peed!"

In EDEN, those guys were CAREFREE!
LO-FAT snacks they just picked from a tree!
No thirst could prevail
Against Adam's Ale!
Their greatest BLISS? They had no TV!

(Anyone watch Miss Fisher Mysteries? Or one of the teacher comedies on TVLand? Blurs! MRS. Grundy would have us all drinking Adam's ale in innocence!)

Argyle said...

melissa bee's internet provider is on the blink so the blog was a little late this morning.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Thanks for getting the blog published, Santa.

Bill V. said...

I had LO-CAL before LO-FAT and LOO before LAV. Both easily corrected. Other than that smooth sailing.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Stumbled in the same spots as Bill V. with LIGHT and LOO. Quickly fixed. Missed the theme. But the total lack of sports names made this an easy Wednesday romp. Thanks Janice and Melissa Bee.

Argyle, I wondered what your first post meant. I get it now.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, MelissaB and friends. I saw the frequency of the V in each of the starred clues, then got the TUBE portion of the unifier, so realized we were looking for a TV. The "THE" part of the unifier, however, was the last to fall, as TAILSPIN and VALSE were my last fills

Hand up for trying Maxi before the MIDI skirt.

I also had to wait for the perps to determine if we were in the Loo or the LAV.

We have Tinbini's dreaded ICE!

I read RONA Jaffe (1931 ~ 2005) back in my college days.

Since ENID, Oklahoma appears with some frequency in the puzzles, I guessed that the city was also known as the Wheat Capital. My state has the Frog Capital of the World. What unique capital does your state have?

QOD: The only advantage of not being too good a housekeeper is that your guests are so pleased to feel how very much better they are. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt (Oct. 11, 1884 ~ Nov. 7, 1962)

Hungry Mother said...

Quick one today. DEWY seems to be around today, maybe the low morning temperature.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning,

Thanks for the welcome back. I'm back into my routine. Thanks, Janice for a fun puzzle and Melissa for the walk through.

SEDONA was a breeze after Argyle's photo yesterday. Oh, no, Tinbeni: ICE! TALI was a delightful Ah Ha moment. Yes, I also chose Maxi before MIDI. Fun Tuesday!

Enjoy the day. I know Matthew is still wreaking havoc with flood waters, so stay safe and be well along the Atlantic coast.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Lots of erasures and unknowns today, but the perps made it a fair and fun puzzle. Erased MaxI for MIDI, Loo for LAV, glUm for DOUR and stiff for ALOOF. Unknowns were VALSE, RONA Jaffe, BAHAI and TALI. Catbird's seat was old hat to me, having heard it a lot while growing up. Maybe its an Appalachian thing. Favorite clue - ya just can't go wrong with "rocks in bars" for ICE.

Hahtoolah, we frequently take our motor home to Roanoke Rapids, NC. Great campground in an interesting historic area. Roanoke Rapids bills itself as the Rockfish Capital of the World.

Thanks Janis for a very interesting Tuesday exercise. Melissa, your commentary was fun to read as always.

thehondohurricane said...

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, we are not allowed to talk politics on this blog. Let's just say, we have major issues across the board in our unique capital.

I fell into the LOO/Lav trap too, but got it quickly corrected. The crossing H for BAHAI &b SHIA was my only wag today. French dance, VALSE, appeared thanks to ESP.

We have a woodpecker redecorating our house and can't get rid of him. We were told a Owl figurine would do the trick, but it was vetoed by Lucy because it would get rid of all the other birds too. Now we have a ribbon type streamer flying out of a window. So he's moved to another side, so more streamers. We are beginning to look like a parade route on the Fourth of July. Anyone like to suggest a possible solution.

MJ said...

Good day to all!

I found the puzzle to be a breeze today, especially after having to work really hard to complete yesterday's puzzle. Thought at first that I might stumble in the Southeast because I couldn't remember RONA Jaffe right off the bat, but she arrived via perps. Thanks for an enjoyable offering today, Janice.

Thanks for the fine expo, Melissa. Lovely VALSE Parisienne music.

Enjoy the day!

Tinbeni said...

Melissa: Wonderful, informative write-up.

Janice: Thank You for a FUN Tuesday puzzle. Enjoyed the TV theme.

D-N-F ... since a certain "3-letter word" was NOT filled in ...

VALSE was a learning moment. Always a plus!

OwenKL: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries is one of my favorite shows, along with Midsomer Murders ... I DVR them every Friday night.
(I also have read probably 15 the of Kerry Greenwood books. Great character, good stories).

It was 67 degrees at SUN UP this morning.
Windows open ... A/C turned OFF!


Husker Gary said...

-Very straight forward with only two erasures (MAXI/MIDI and SOUR/DOUR)
-When I watch THE TUBE, I hardly ever visit the major networks
-I’m so old that the CRT was still the standard when I got my physics degree and the solid-state revolution was still in the wings
-An accidental BALK (:40)
-Declaration of Independence - “Governments are instituted among Men, DERIVING their just powers from the consent of the governed”. Not how King George saw it.
-We baseball mavens associate CATBIRD with this great announcer
-Math books are AWASH in AREA and perimeter story problems
-Movie REELS are becoming as rare as CRT’s in this digital world
-Some coaches think sex on the eve of a game SAPS strength. I might have risked it. ☺
-A very good BOUNTY HUNTER movie
-If you get a State Farm representative named Missy located in Orlando, it might be my daughter who is there for a month on Cat (catastrophe) duty for Matthew victims.

Yellowrocks said...

Quick puzzle, neat expo. My error was placing two good answers in the wrong cells and having to erase them. Senior moment? Bad eyesight? I seem to be breaking or damaging everything I touch these last 24 hours. Amazon makes a mint from me.
Hondo, I would worry that the woodpecker is tapping your house for insects. I hope not. I can picture your house on the parade route with all the streamers.LOL
More than DEWY, there was a light film of frost on my windshield this AM.
NJ is known as the Diner Capital of the World, still today. Diners were even more prevalent in my high school and college days.
Link NJ

SwampCat said...

I found this one hard work without much fun although I managed to finish. Is TALI really a Tuesday word? Yesterday's offering was easier for me. Ah well. Thanks, Melissa , for the tour.

Owen, thanks!!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was an easy, breeze Tuesday with an easy to suss theme. Waited for perps to get Lav, other than that, no hang ups. Poor Tin - there is just no escaping that nasty _ _ _, is there?

Thanks, Janice, for a fun solve and thanks, Melissa, for a fun summary.

Our Mayor is proposing a budget which calls for a 28 % property tax increase, necessitated by the fiscal floundering of the last two administrations. Ironically, the last mayor was an Accounting professor at a local college. As Jayce would say, Sheesh! I guess New York State could claim the title of "TAX CAPITAL OF THE WORLD." (I believe we are the most, (or one of the most) heavily taxed states in the country.)

Have a great day.

Tinbeni said...

Florida is the LIGHTNING CAPITAL of the United States.

... and the Tampa Bay Lightning open their season on Thursday.

GO Lightning!!!

tawnya said...

Good morning all!

I had a hard time in NE corner, with SHIA crossing BAHAI. I should have known and now feel very ignorant for not getting it right away. Oh well, still figured it out. Today is Tuesday right?

The New York reference filled my head with many songs from Simon and Garfunkle to Stevie Wonder and, of course, old school Beasties.

I've tried to find what Missouri is the World Capital of and all I could find was that Missouri is no longer the meth capital of the world. So there's that.

California has the Garlic Capital in Gilroy and the Artichoke Capital in Castroville. I'm sure there are more...

@hondo: I found this website from Cornell that has some great ideas - including how to enhance the parade appearance of your home. Looks like the best thing is to call the exterminator to get rid of whatever Woody is eating. And add some pinwheels!

@Owen: the first one is an A+, LOL :)

@Anon-T from yesterday: exams went well as always. The thing about going through college at 41 is that I am not distracted by boys and parties so I just study all the time. Not that the program is easy (it is not) but I am a much better student this time around.

Back to the garden! Baseball starts at 4pm CDT. Dodgers are facing elimination so it's a "must win" against the Nationals. Cubs should be able to eliminate the Giants today, I hope. Cleveland won yesterday so they will go on to face Toronto in the ALCS. There's your baseball update so you can appear informed when you have to make small talk :)

Happy Tuesday!


Ergo said...

---> Anonymous T. Thank you for your post from yesterday re) my Work in Progress novel. Can you help me a little with your reference to the opening 'lacking a sense of space.' I appreciate your candid observations.



oc4beach said...

Nice puzzle by Janice and MB's expo was well done. Good Tuesday run with only a few hiccups. I got the TV theme at the end, but only saw it after the puzzle was all filled in, so it didn't help in solving the puzzle.

Like others, I had some of the same missteps. LOO vs LAV, MAXI vs MIDI, LOCAL vs LOFAT, BALL vs BALK, and I mistakenly put in DANSE vs VALSE. Perps to the rescue.

I knew STREP right away. We had two kids who suffered with it for years. After our daughter had her tonsils removed, the strep infections stopped. Our son who still has his tonsils still gets a strep infection every year even though he is in his 40's.

Tin: If you don't like ICE, how can you be a Tampa Bay Lightning fan?

Our DEWY this morning was FROSTY. The temperature was 32 so we had our first frost of the season. I had to scrape the frost off of the windshield. Also the leaves are turning and some of the Locust trees are starting to lose their leaves in Central PA. The peak should be coming in the next week or two. Winter won't be far behind.

Enjoy the sunshine today and I hope you all are high and dry.

Yellowrocks said...

Owen KL, to the first verse I say Huh? What are nOObs? I like the rest of it very much. If I understood it I might give it an A.
The others: A,B,A. I am sure "A aloof fashionista" was a typo for "An aloof.."
Diner story
In college a frat boy invited me to a diner for a late night study break and snack, a spur of the moment first date. His idea of "dessert," a roll with honey, was not what I had in mind. On the way back to the dorm he told me I was just the kind of girl he hoped to marry some day, but in the meantime.... Boys will boys. First and last date with him.

CanadianEh! said...

Sailed through this one today but theme did not help very much. Thanks Janice and Melissa bee.
My only problem was CATBIRD crossing DBA, both expressions with which I am not familiar.

Hand up for Loo before LAV, Sour before DOUR and Maxi before MIDI (I was being really modest!)

I also noted the _ _ _ for Tin, and also REDS for Marti.

I must remember the architect PEI (I would prefer the smallest Canadian province clue), but I have learned NISEI from previous CWs.

Hahtoolah - LOL at your QOD. Thanks.

No comment on 8D but let's just say that on a Thanksgiving list of most Canadians is the relief that we do not have to vote in November!

7C (45F) low overnight here. No frost yet but some in surrounding areas.

Yes tawnya, we are excited that the Blue Jays will play the Indians. Both are coming from sweeps and it should be a great series. Tickets are at a premium.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Janice seems to be getting to be a regular. Good one today. Just a tad crunchy but maybe the editor is trying to lift the bar a bit. A rising tide lifts all boats.
Like others, had loo before LAV and dewd before DEWY. Did not have the MIDI conundrum because happenstance had me solving vertically there (EDEN, TIAS, and EIRE were cake.)

Have a great day.

Lucina said...

CATBIRD seat? Never HEARD of that. Otherwise a quick sashay on this grid. And I have to say writing 8D brought on a disgust I can't even describe.

CSO at SEDONA, the vortex capital of Arizona. Many go there for the alleged spiritual vibes.

Hand up for LOO before LAV.

Thank you, Janice and Melissa. It's a great start to my day! Tawnya, congratulations on passing your tests!

Have a splendid day, everyone!

C6D6 Peg said...

Thanks, Janice, for a fun run this morning.

Melissa, thank you for the "tour" of Paris. Enjoyed it, reminding me of my trip there in 1998!

JD said...

Good morning Melissa and all,

The south east corner went very slow for me, although nothing new there. Loo >lab was quick...thinking of awash was slower. The real problem was not knowing catbird and valse, plus guessing abbreviations Ecua and DBA to complete it. Would never have guessed the theme. In fact, I didn't really like filling in THE.

Owen, I'd give your 4th poem an A. Loved your write up Melissa.

Capitals of the world are interesting. You can find your state's capitals here. I had forgotten about Fallbrook being the avocado capital, and Half Moon Bay being the pumpkin capital. Roads are solid traffic for miles on the weekend of that festival.

Hahtoolah said...

Hondo: we have a woodpecker that has decided to tap onto our window panes. It is most annoying.

Misty said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Janice--for a terrific and doable Tuesday puzzle. I got the whole thing easily, without any problems--after the struggle I had yesterday. So this was a great way to start the day. Two initials were unknown to me--PSA and DBA--but perps helped so all was fine. It didn't occur to me that the lack of sports clues might have been a huge help. Anyway, great beginning to my day, along with your always delightful expo, Melissa!

I can't imagine how I'd live without a TV. Its programs fill my evenings with so much knowledge, access to the world, drama, comedy and laughs. Rowland and I used to love our evenings watching TV together, and now that he's gone, it's even more of a comfort to still have it. Something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

Have a great day, everybody!

TTP said...

Thanks Janice and Melissa.

LO CAL to LO FAT. STOIC to ALOOF. LOO to LAV. Assisted by perps on a few others as well.

Bounty hunter's goals... Who had the line "I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride, I'm wanted dead or alive" ?

Name on a Trump card... Did anyone else solve Frank Virzi's "For Mature Audiences" puzzle a couple of days ago ?

Car owner's premium... My truck's license plate sticker expired in June. Was brought to my attention Saturday. Just got back from the Secretary of State's office. They had quit sending renewal notices last Oct to save $450,000 in mailing costs. They started sending the notices again last month after public outcry. For me, it was a $20.00 late fee on top of the $101.00 annual renewal. Plus $2.39 convenience fee for putting it on my card. The state brought in another $7M or so in late fee charges. Cut costs and increase revenues. Those are solid business goals.

WENT VIRAL... from the folks at Bad Lip Syncing:

Hondo, Years ago, I had a woodpecker that pecked on the aluminum pickups on the TV antenna on our roof. Took me days to figure out where that noise was coming from.

The Texas Legislature proclaimed Kenedy, TX the Horned Lizard Capital of the World in 2001.

Topeka used to be known as the psychiatric capital of the world.

Maybe we could pair up those Horny Toads from Texas and bull frogs from Rayne, LA and create a new super species of bug eaters ?

Time to walk my avatar. Ciao.

Yellowrocks said...

I have been awaiting PK's reaction to "a roll with honey". LOL. Unfortunately she is offline right now. I miss her, a real hip lady.

Unknown said...

Easier than yesterday. I always have to think hard on NISEI.

I could name about 40 just in my area.

Crawfish Capital, Breaux Bridge
Rice, Crowley
Mardi Gras and Cajun Music, Mamou
Cattle and Dairy, Abbeville
Duck, Gueydan
Zydeco, Plaisance,
Smoked Meat, Ville Platte

That's all for now got to get to physical therapy.

Plus Tard ~!~!

Ol' Man Keith said...

My mitt's up too
for preceding LAV with LOO.

As for CATBIRD seat, it's an expression I have known for years but have never heard a soul actually use. We read the Thurber story in college, but its origin was never explained. I have privately assumed all these years that it referred to a bird who was stationed where he or she could monitor all approaches for potential cat attacks--and so held an advantage over other birds, and predatory cats of course.
(In my mind's eye I "see" this played out by one of the animated magpies, Heckle or Jeckle, and Tom, the Oscar-winning feline from the Tom and Jerry cartoons.)

Nicely done, Ms. Luttrell, and thank you too, Melissa Bee!

gmony said...

I put loo not lav being born in england.

Tinbeni said...


I have stated (many times) that I drink my Scotch (and Rum, and Ouzo) NEAT ...

As such, and because it is "in" too many crossword puzzles (that's what happens with words that are 3-letters, with 2 of them being vowels) I decided to get "on-the-bandwagon" and NOT enter that "3-letter-word."

But I do enjoy Hockey ... and "_ _ _ skating."

Go Lightning!

CrossEyedDave said...

Enjoyed the theme,
but was a little taken aback by such Naticks as vAlse/dbA, & persian faith crossing
muslim denomination and American of Japanese descent???

50dloo/lav did not confuse me.
What did confuse me was misreading the clue as "where a Brit may powder HIS nose"???
(I have heard of judges wearing powdered wigs, but really...)

State Capital nicknames! What fun!
Let's see, New jersey, Capital city = Trenton
Trenton nickname = Capital City???
(Hmm, this is not working out as well as I had hoped...)

Catbird seat!
Oh Yeah! I can link something for this I am sure..
(Hmm, again,not working out as well as I hoped...)

(Can someone explain wtf that catbird diagram has to do with an overview of anything?)

& (hopefully) finally,

Annoying little buggers,
so much so that I believe the best solution is a slingshot and some BB's.
But unfortunately, here in New Jersey, it is illegal to have not only a gun,
or a BB gun,
even a slingshot will get you arrested for carrying a deadly weapon.
(I think NJ is 1st in Capital punishment..)
So unless you climb a ladder, & poke him in the the eye with your finger,
May I suggest this video...

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Well, eldest got her car today. She was going to treat me to lunch but when I ordered a beer, they refused to let her pay. Daddy's Amex to the rescue again ;-)

NE was a WAG fest and my last bit of fill. First, I had BALL b/f BALK. But HAHAI xing SHIA & NISEI (xing French!). 7 WAGs and all right. Whew. Thanks Janice. It was fun while waiting for my CU to coordinate w/ dealer.

While at the dealer, I overheard someone from another office questioning his friend what DBA meant. I wasn't done w/ pzl yet so I didn't know the context... I turned to eldest "Doing Business As" OR DataBase Administrators. LOL'd when I got to 44d.

Thanks Melissa (and by extension Argyle) the the fun expo.


WO - I shot myself in the foot... I had ST and wrote in EETVALUE immediately. There's an empty square but it's not plural!?! Oh, I forgot the Arrrrr! First day w/ me new hook*

Near Fav: Milo Hamilton would say, "We're sitting in the CAT BIRD seat on this beautiful day for baseball."

Fav: Though I messed it up, it's gotta be STREET VALUE for evoking this scene.

Hahtoolah - In addition to Space City, USA, Houston is the Energy Capitol of the World (my company's on that list)

Tawnya - good on you re: exams and thanks for the tunes.

Ergo - I'll respond a bit later off-line.

Cheers, -T
*The barkeep asks about the Pirate's patch. The pirate tells the stories of Swishing and Swashing and Swashing and Swishing in various fights, losing his leg in one and losing his hand in another...
"But how did you lose your eye?"
"ARRRR, Walked out on the deck ta 'mire the SUN UP. To the heavens I look to apprize the clouds and a bird shat in me eye!"
"That's how you lost your eye?" asked the keep...
"Narr, 'Twas the first day with me new hook."

OwenKL said...

Yellowrocks -- n00b = l33tsp3ak for newbie, someone who hasn't been around long enough to realize the real world isn't like Sunday school.

Right, "An ALOOF..." had earlier been "A cranky..." that I missed updating. Also "went in to a coma" should have been "into"

Anonymous T said...

Forgot - TTP - GNR
{A, B, A+, B+}
And wrong capital... But y'all knew a VILLAGE lost their idiot a long time ago. ;-)
C, -T

Jayce said...

Late greetings to you all. I cannot add to what you all have said so eloquently about this puzzle.
Speaking of Sedona, here is a true story. After installing some computer equipment at a diner in Cottonwood, Arizona, we simply couldn't make it work right. It would work but would act erratically. The owner and I fiddled with it for a day and a half. Then, inspired, he suggested moving the equipment to the other end of the building, farther away from Sedona and the "vibes" emanating from there. Sure enough, moving the stuff 40 feet apparently put it out of range of the emanations because it worked reliably. To test our theory we moved the equipment back and forth between the two locations several times and it always screwed up at the original location (40 feet closer to Sedona) and never failed at the new location. We never did figure it out.

Second Sedona story: When LW and I were visiting that center of artsy-craftsy enterprise, I bought her a lovely piece of Navajo jewelry, replete with turquoise and coral set in lots of silver. Paid a lot for it. On the way back home to California we stopped off in the little town of Quartzite, Arizona, famous for being a mecca for desert-rat miner types. We saw what appeared to be the exact same piece of jewelry in a shop there, but for about 1/3 of what we paid for it in Sedona. Unfortunately, we neglected to recall the name of the artist of the piece in Sedona so we couldn't confirm or refute whether the cheaper one was made by the same artist. Darn pretty, though, so it was worth it.
You know what is really cool? The word for bee in Greek is mélissa! Of course you've known that for a long time, eh, Melissa Bee?

TTP said...

Anon-T, did you consult Consumer Reports before buying that used car ?

Not GNR (or STP, who is another favorite of the era), but the east coast rockers from NJ, Bon Jovi. Wanted, Dead or Alive was inspired by Bob Seger's earlier "Turn the Page." The both could have been inspired by Jackson Browne's "The Load Out." All great songs about being on the road as a rock band. Probably a whole list of them.

Jayce, I bought silver and turquoise jewelry in Tucson one year on a business trip. Found out DW is not a fan.

TTP said...

BTW, Anon-T, and no slight intended, but I think Manac and Tawnya might have nailed it as Bon Jovi.

Watching the Dodgers and Nats, waiting on the Cubs and Giants.

Just polished off three pulled pork sandwiches. Smoked a pork shoulder for 7 hours Sunday on my LyfeTyme smoker, using Oklahoma Joe's pulled pork recipe. It's a keeper recipe, but I'm going to cut down on the sugar and substitute some mesquite for the hickory.

Good call to all on Paul Prudhomme. My friend, and Desper-otto's neighbor, introduced me to blackened redfish and other spiced up dishes from K-Pauls in the 83 or 84 time frame. Love those Magic seasonings. Have a three legged burner and all the accoutrements needed to blacken fish or steak. Loved to watch him cook.

Lastly, welcome back Madame DeFarge. Quick question. On that Feldco commercial, the young woman says, "This is she." Is that correct, or should it be her ?

See you all tomorrow !

Madame Defarge said...

I Know for sure you are in Illinois--where our Governors make our license plates!! Register for online notification. No more mail notices!!!

Madame Defarge

Madame Defarge said...


Yes, she is correct!

If I call you on the phone and say, "I'm calling for TTP." You're correct response would be, "This is he." "Be" verbs always take the subjective.

xo, Madame

Bill G. said...


I went for my usual (level) bike ride along the blue Pacific. Several places along the way had a dog on their cute little apartment balcony, their dog constantly yapping at passers by. The neighbors must love that. Then I headed into a local emporium on the way home for my espresso fix. The place was busy and loud with mostly students from our local high school. I can just imagine the conversation with their mothers when they get home.

"What were you doing after school, honey?"

"Oh, I have an algebra test coming up and we had a study session at the Coffee Bean."

Based on my limited and informal observations, the percentage of time spent studying was about five percent compared to the 95 percent of the time spent looking at pictures on Facebook, giggling, flirting, etc.

One lady was playing with her little kid. She would say something and the kid would scream a response. No input from her like, "Not so loud dear," or "Use your indoor voice" or ...

I'm guessing this onset of crotchety curmudgeonliness is part of my impending geezerhood.

AnonT, I loved your hook joke. I'd heard it before years ago but mentally mislaid it and enjoyed all over again.

Wilbur Charles said...

Finally, in GUR-land as usual. I have Cubs-Giants on right now. They mentioned Red Auerbach who's idea of the catbird seat was lighting up a cigar.

And, Shortly after the other Red, Barber, said "The Dodgers are in the catbird seat", Bobby Thompson hit the home run heard around the world.

Easier than Monday as was mentioned. Along with the theme being explained in here twas also explained. "A roll with honey".

I get a good laugh every time in here.

I'll go with Owen's grades but for different poems.

Let's see, balk, catbird... Lots of baseball.

Somewhere around Boston is a "Shoe City".
Maybe Lawrence??

Hondo: Who broke his ankle sliding into third in that fateful inning?

Finally. I think the first diner was in Worcester, MA

JD said...

Bill, thanks for the giggle on your impending geezerhood.😄🤔😀

Anonymous T said...

TTP - Arggg! As soon as you said Bon Jovi I was "D'oh! duh..." I don't take offense re: Manac or Tawnya, but is you callin' me old :-)

Re: CR: yes. It's a '15 Corolla (sans Takata airbags!) w/ 21k mi. Ran the CarFax too (1 owner and not part of the Memorial Day flood). Got an OK deal on it (his kids gotta eat too) and closed the deal in a few hours. Eldest now has a better car than DW & me, er, I.

Ergo - well, crud, you ain't Blue. What I meant was that first I was thinking he was getting bags from the machine, or maybe placing the bags in the machine [in a hallway or some such] then he seemed like in a back room / workshop. Or maybe it was his memory as he was doing something else...
Please take this with these salt-grains; 1) See VILLAGE idiot comment above 2) I'm a very visual thinker and if I can't "see" I can't "get" it. I re-read the intro and could see it better (having read News2 as well). I do love the premise and the introduction of B-4 into the vernacular. Would be funny if that replaced 4:20 :-)

Oh, and I like Hot Fries... (am I the only one?)

Cheers, -T

Ergo said...

@ Anon T. Thanks for the kind post and the insight. I understand where you're coming from now. The opening graphs could use a little more substance (as per you reference to being a visual thinker). I tend to dance around a bit to create intrigue, but need to be careful about leaning toward being abstract and alienating the reader.

Thank again for your kind suggestions.


Wilbur Charles said...

I think"Shoe City" was Brockton, MA home of two world boxing Champions.

Ans. Whitey Lockman. I was just turning 7 and my mother yelled to switch the channel. And there were the Dodgers walking off the field in the true agony of defeat.

Captured in the video of Willy, Mickey and the Duke. They could have earned a year's salary by beating the Yankees in the World Series.

Second year in a row they'd lost on the last pitch.

And this will be lost in the ether

TTP said...

Thank you Madame DeFarge. And yes, Illinois.

Anon-T, no, you are a young whipper-snapper.* Anyone could have googled the answer. You took a shot. Reasonable guess.

Wilbur, Whitey Lockman hit the double. Don Mueller severely sprained his ankle sliding into third on the play.

*Not me. Two nights in a that I can't stay awake long enough to watch the entire Cubs game. Monday night I get. The game ended round 1:45 AM central. Looking at the box score, last night's game would have ended just after 11 PM central. I don't think I made until 10 PM either night. It may not be a result of getting older though. Could be habit from getting up so very early for many years.