Oct 25, 2016

Tuesday, October 25, 2016 John Lieb

Theme: Philosophy - Live for the moment.

18A. "We're done here. Please leave": YOU MAY GO NOW

30A. Lone source of local entertainment: ONLY GAME IN TOWN

45A. Eschew modern conveniences: LIVE OFF THE GRID

57A. Like the child of your first cousin, to you: ONCE-REMOVED. (still a first cousin)

56D. Modern-day carpe diem spelled out at the starts of 18-, 30-, 45- and 57-Across: YOLO. (you only live once)

Argyle here. Carpe diem and the day is Tuesday. If you are Bond, James Bond, then You Only Live Twice. I liked today's pairing of RANT AND RAVE and YOSEMITE SAM.


1. __ for the course: PAR

4. Proverb: ADAGE

9. Wire fence stickers: BARBS. Inventors had a field day with this type of fencing.

14. Winner of the most 2016 Olympic medals: USA. 46 golds, 37 silvers and 38 bronzes. 44-Across. Part of 14-Across: Abbr.: AMERica.

15. Prize founder: NOBEL

16. Accustom (to): INURE

17. __ Tin Tin: RIN. Yo, Rinny! But who was Sgt. Preston's dog? (No, not Tige.)

20. For mature viewers: RATED R

22. Foot prettifier, briefly: PEDI. (pedicure)

23. Miss. neighbor: ALA. (Alabama)

24. Grape-Nuts cereal brand: POST. Developed in 1897 by C. W. Post, no grapes or nuts were harmed in the making of this cereal.

26. Big Board letters: NYSE. (New York Stock Exchange)

33. Pop in a glass: SODA. Not the same as pop in his cups.

34. Wonder: AWE

35. Longtime name in Syrian leadership: ASSAD. Hafez al-Assad and his son, Bashar al-Assad.

36. Prereq for a lifeguard: CPR. (CardioPulmonary Resuscitation)

37. Fred Flintstone's boss: MR. SLATE

40. CBS logo: EYE

41. Yoga position: ASANA. Number of positions

43. Conservationist's prefix: ECO. (ecological interaction)

49. Worrisome grades: DEEs

50. Misplace: LOSE

51. Tennis do-over: LET

52. Open house offering: TOUR

54. Great suffering: MISERY

62. Great Lakes' __ Canals: SOO

63. Baseball legend Satchel: PAIGEThe Official Satchel Paige Home Page.

64. Dior skirt style: A-LINE

65. "__ the President's Men": ALL by Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward.

66. Does' mates: STAGS

67. Cares for: TENDS

68. Sound on Old MacDonald's farm: MOO


1. Sound of a contented kitty: PURR

2. Great Wall setting: ASIA

3. Deliver a tirade: RANT AND RAVE

4. Sometime soon: ANY DAY

5. "Let's Make a Deal" selection: DOOR. Often three doors but what's behind them?

6. __ Dhabi: ABU

7. Emerald, e.g.: GEM

8. Slip by: ELAPSE

9. Texas city of 1.3 million, familiarly: BIG D. Dallas.

10. Consecrates with oil: ANOINTS

11. It may be unearned: RUN

12. Compadre: BRO. (Brother)

13. Clinch, with "up": SEW

19. Mythical Himalayan: YETI

21. Singer Fitzgerald: ELLA

24. Feline feet: PAWS

25. Brunch servings: OMELETS

27. Ill-tempered Looney Tunes character: YOSEMITE SAM

28. Persuaded: SWAYED

29. Week or rear add-on: ENDER. Better to have a weekender than a rear-ender.

30. "My bad!": "OOPSIE!"

31. Needlefish: GAR

32. Scottish denial: NAE

33. Nearly boil: SCALD. Nearly a repeat of yesterday.

37. Long March leader in 1930s China: MAO. Mao Zedong.

38. Tylenol target: ACHE

39. One may be stubbed: TOE

42. Retirement fund: NEST EGG

44. Belligerent god: ARES. Greek god of war, son of Zeus and Hera.

46. Chimney part: FLUE. Now is the time to have it checked before the heating season. PSA

47. Word processing category involving page dimensions: FORMAT

48. Moves smoothly: GLIDES

53. Lodes and lodes: ORES

54. Patch up: MEND

55. Hershey's caramel candy: ROLO. A treat for trick-or-treaters.

57. Black __: covert missions: OPS. (see 59-Down)

58. D.C. ballplayer: NAT. Washington Nationals.

59. Spy novel org.: CIA. (Central Intelligence Agency)

60. "¡Viva el matador!": "¡OLE!"

61. __ Scully, Dodger announcer for 67 seasons: VIN



OwenKL said...

{D⃥-⃥,⃥ ⃥D⃥+⃥,⃥ C, C, B, B-.}

Unless you're a cat, then lives you've a bunch!
If your PURR you would pause
To extend PAWS and claws
You need all those lives to check every hunch!

Running in circles his energy saps,
The math-genius kid is nearing collapse!
Round the track he did wind
Two point seven one eight times --
Coach told him to time his running e-LAPS!

Always delayed was poor MR. SLATE,
His wife was tardy for every date!
No mind what she'd say,
She'd arrive ANY DAY --
She was known to ALL as MRS. LATE!

If RATED R on Yelp causes folks to detour
Avoiding your DOOR while on any TOUR,
For your rep to mend
You must quickly send
For the spin-meister supreme, the RATE DR.!

fermatprime said...


Thanks to John and Santa!

Enjoyable, easy puzzle!

No problems.

Bought a wet suit. Girlfriend likes all of the windows and door open in my pool house. Hope it works!

Have a great day!

Hungry Mother said...

Nice one for a Tuesday. Quick and easy.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Got through this one, but not without injuries to both feet with "YOU MAY leave" and "LIVE OFF THE land." Not really problems, though.

Sault (pronounced SOO, sort of) Ste. Marie is just north of the Strait of Mackinac (pronounced Mack-in-awe).

I once won a bet with DW that it wasn't "bob-wire." She refused to pay, naturally.

RE: Let's Make A Deal, there's some probability theory involved in what's known as the Monty Hall Problem. Should you switch your guess to a different door or stand pat?

Anonymous said...

Always switch doors. Best way to demonstrate this that I have seen is with a deck of cards - each card represents a door with a prize behind it. Say the ace of diamonds is the "big prize" card and you are dealt one of the 52 cards. The dealer (host) takes away 50 of the other cards, saying that none of these are the ace of diamonds and leaves a single card besides the one you were dealt. Would you switch cards? Definitely. The dealer is not randomly removing cards. Of course, there's the more rigorous mathematical proof that shows your probability goes up to 2/3 by switching doors in the original problem.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, none "is" the ace of spades.

Anonymous said...

YOLO: "The dumbass's excuse for something stupid that they did. Also one of the most annoying abbreviations ever." – Urban Dictionary.

And, grammatically, it should be YLOO: "You live only once," with adverb properly placed.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:
Two days in a row of fun, fresh simple but enjoyable solves. Two CSO's to Mr. Meow at Purrs 🐱 and Paws 🐈! I'm familiar with YOLO but not for that long; I don't text (I don't even have a cell phone) but I run across these shortcuts often and try to find out the meaning. Sometimes, I'd be better off not knowing, if you catch my drift!

Thanks, John, for a Tuesday treat and thanks, Argyle, for your usual "tricks!"

TTP, I hope you receive encouraging news about your friend.

Have a great day.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

I liked the puzzle today, just enough of a challenge for a Tuesday. I erased lotus for ASANA and rear ENDEd for rear ENDER. The unifier didn't help me solve the puzzle, the puzzle helped me get the unifier. I suppose that YOLO was born of the texting crowd. I can't believe that I didn't know MR SLATE. As a kid I watched that show and the Jetsons without fail.

One can live "off the grid" without giving up modern conveniences. Solar panels, lithium batteries and big inverters make it possible, if not economical.

Years ago I read an analysis of the Monte Hall problem written by Marilyn vos Savant. Her answer didn't make sense to me, so I really appreciate the link by desper-otto. I wish I could see the code behind the demo, but assuming it's honest it actually proves the choice empirically.

Thanks John and Argyle for a fun wake-up exercise.

Lucina said...

Hand up for LIVEOFFTHEland which was soon corrected by that irascible YOSEMITESAME. Thank you, John Lieb. It was a quick sashay today though I tripped on GAME/GAR. I had name and thought NAR was an unknown fish. Of course I've not heard of YOLO. When I text every word is spelled out. Once in a while I might use an abbreviation if I know it.

Thank you, also, Argyle.

Have a splendid day, everyone!

CanadianEh! said...

Straight-forward solve today. Thanks John and Argyle.

OwenKL - like Jinx, I didn't know 37A and thought the answer was MRS LATE. LOL ( I know this texting abbreviation but did not know YOLO).

There is a Sault Ste. Marie on both sides of the border. We call our Canadian one The Soo (I'm not sure if the same can be said for the American one?) . Beautiful drive just north of The Soo to Wawa (the town, not the guitar reference from yesterday's CW).

Many Ontarians wish they were OFF THE GRID as hydro prices have skyrocketed. Plenty of controversy over wind turbines and solar alternatives to coal. DAMs (also from yesterday's CW) are looking better than ever.

Have a great day.

Big Easy said...

An easy Tuesday level puzzle. I tried to guess the theme clues and only missed LIVE OFF THE GRID. I guessed LAND just like D-O but the downs corrected it when I filled the rest of the puzzle. I was also thinking LEAVE but went with GO NOW. I filled my only unknown-YOLO-from perps and am glad because I had never heard of it. The saying-yes; YOLO-no. I agree with Anon@8:30's assessment of YOLO.

RANT AND RAVE and YOSEMITE SAM- also guessed from the first letters- R & Y- were filled by crosses.

ALA & LSU are playing this weekend. I hope the Tigers keep it respectable.

Are movies still rated M? That was for 'mature audiences'. I thought R was for ages 17 & over. I don't keep up with it.

MJ said...

Good day to all!

YOLO was a complete unknown to me, but none the less an enjoyable solve. Thanks, John.

Great expo and links, Argyle. I wonder if that is a photo or an artist's rendering of Abu Dhabi. Beautiful in either case.

Enjoy the day!

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, John Lieb, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

Zipped through this quite easily. Liked the theme. As someone else said, I got all the theme answers before YOLO.

Of course I wrote in ROTH IRA for 42D. After realizing that NEST EGG was what wanted, I wound up with a big inkblot correcting that.

I have many cousins "ONCE REMOVED." Some two and three times removed.

Wonder if there will ever be a third ASSAD governing Syria. Wonder if there will be a Syria in the future.

Lots to do. See you tomorrow.


( )

thehondohurricane said...

Nice Tuesday offering with lots to like. Thank you John.

I shot PAR for the course once in my golf life. Closest I ever got to it before or again was a +4 or+5 as I recall. 3D, RANT AND RAVE....that's me even in my ongoing slide down the bell curve.

Is YOU MAY GO NOW still used today? All I seem to hear is Get the %$@^ outta here!

Never saw Satch Paige pitch, but when I was at Miami the local AAA club signed him to a short term contract, hoping it would improve attendance. They put a recliner in the bullpen for him. Don't remember if he ever entered a game.

Wanted EIEIO for 68A, but it wouldn't fit.

Are ALINE skirts only created by Dior? Thought the style was open to any designer who so chose.........

Drought in the NE is beginning to work on me. If our well goes, we are in deep weeds.

CrossEyedDave said...

Could not help but notice the repetition
in the SE corner,

intersected by all misery & the rantings of Yosemite Sam...

CrossEyedDave said...

If you only live once,
why is YOLO so repetative...







Chairman Moe said...

Big Easy @ 9:22

I think LSU - Bama is the week after this. Pretty sure that both teams have a "bye" week to prepare. I'm a big LSU Tigers' fan, but as you said, am hoping for a respectable outcome. Bama's freshman QB may be LSU's hope for a victory

Lemonade714 said...

HH, I only saw Mr. Paige pitch once, when he started a game for KC in 1965 and threw three scoreless innings, but he played three years in Miami. COMPLETE RECORD .

Thanks Argyle.

Misty said...

Fun Tuesday puzzle--a little crunchy but doable--many thanks, John. Lots of popular culture--not my strong point, but it still all worked. Didn't know PAIGE, but got VIN Scully because his retirement has been all over the news lately. Amazing image of ABU DHABI, Argyle--thanks for that.

Well, we survived a horrific storm yesterday and today is sunny, but more storms predicted later in the week. I don't ever remember experiencing thunder and lightning like that--absolutely terrifying.

Have a great day, everybody!

Spitzboov said...

Good afternoon everyone.

Couldn't fill in LIVE OFF THE GRID without thinking of our correspondent Emeritus Windhover. Hope this finds you in fine fettle.

Liked the theme fill a lot; the mechanics of it tho, not so much.
Got it all without searches or erasures. Good job, John.
SOO - Stayed overnight once at the Soo in Ont. Crossed to the US side by ferry the next morning. There is now a highway bridge crossing so you can see how long ago this was. The need for the SOO locks is because the St. Mary's river drops about 23' (603' - 580' above sea level) between L. Superior and L. Huron.

Husker Gary said...

-The theme hid until I simply read the first words in progression
-The Husker QB has a YOLO/Go for broke reputation
-I had some PAR for the course holes this morning
-An open house can be uncomfortable when the owner/seller is giving the TOUR
-No one seems to have the same curiosity as Woodward and Bernstein these days
-Unearned RUNS and dollars are all worth the same as the earned ones
-I don’t think many voters can still be SWAYED at this late date
-In my friends lake, they use this chemical to help rid themselves of GAR and other nuisance fish
-FORMATTING - Remember how to change margins on these?

OwenKL said...

I'm better inspired this afternoon, thanks to fermat' and the rest of you:

{A, B+.}

I ate too many caramels, so I'm now ROLO-polly
It's MISERY being so fat and lonely!
To start exercising
I took up skin diving,
But the wet-suit I bought was marked "dry clean only"!

YOLO, said the redneck, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE
As he went off the cliff for a bungee-jump stunt!
He made one long sound
The cord's first time down,
Then fainted like a YOYO: You Only Yell Once!

AnonymousPVX said...

Typical Tuesday level puzzle, nicely done. Not much else to add, so I won't.

Jayce said...

Interesting puzzle, inventive theme. Smiled at SOO, MOO and ALL with the corresponding ROLO and YOLO. Didn't quite like the clue for BRO, but I understand the constructor's desire to clue it differently than it had ever been clued before.

When I was a kid I always pronounced YOSEMITE as "Yoze might." It made sense to me then, because of the pronunciations of vegemite, stalagmite, dynamite, etc. But then again, I also used to think Penelope was pronounced like "Peena lope," rhyming with other words such as antelope, envelope, and cantaloupe. Even today I tend to mispronounce some words, such as Hydralazine (high blood pressure medicine) as "hydra LAYzine" rather than the correct "hy DRAHL uh zine." And I shall forever keep alive my two favorites: misled as "MYzulled" and Bode Plot as "Bode" instead of "Bodie." I mean, who ever heard of pie ala modie?

Beast washes to you all.

oc4beach said...

I didn't get the theme until I read Argyle's write up. And like others I've gotten tired of YOLO in everyday usage. Otherwise a good puzzle by John.

This was a Tuesday level puzzle and didn't take to long filling it in. It proves that you can do well constructed puzzles without going crazy trying to figure out some esoteric and obscure clues.

If your cousin's child is once removed from you, then your child and his child are second cousins. However, if your grandfather married his brother's daughter, what would her relationship be to you?

Hope everyone has had a good day.

Tinbeni said...

FUN Tuesday puzzle.

I've often shot "PAR for the course" ... then finished the final three holes. LOL



Ol' Man Keith said...

Enjoyed today's message, Y.O.L.O. Not sure how true it is. But it might as well be, for if reincarnation is real, it's apparently accompanied by an amnesia so profound that the fact of it becomes meaningless.

VOTED today! My wife and I completed our mail-in ballots & left them for the carrier. As we are in SoCal, our votes won't make much difference in the presidential contest, but I hope we can have an effect on the outcome of the "down-ballot" races and our long list of propositions. Now that it's done, I wish we didn't have to endure another two weeks of waiting!

Also busy in the garden today, trying to discover WHY my new Algerian Ivy's leaves are beginning to dry out and shrivel. I'm growing it indoors and making sure it gets filtered sunlight, keeping the soil moist but not too wet. I pruned the drying leaves severely and will watch it over the next few days. I wonder: could it be pot bound already?

Anonymous T said...


Fast fun Tuesday with great sparkle. Thanks John. Great TOUR Argyle. Was it you that linked the YODA pic CED did today a few weeks back?

WO: GLIDED @1st.
Hate'd: BIG D. Should have been 2.2 million in H-Town! ;-)

Sparkle: ANOINTS, ONLY GAME IN TOWN (see cable discussion :-)), and of course RANT AND RAVE mirrored against....
Fav: YOSEMITE SAM. He's the rootin'est, tootin'est, shootin'est hombre this side of the Rio Grand!

Runner up: Seeing 15a - it reminded me I've not seen the 2016 Ig Nobels yet. I love Miss Sweetie-Poo: She says "Please Stop, I'm bored" over and over someone's speech as they go over time.

Oc4 - mom?

Big E- I thing the M rating is for music and video games. I don't recall it on movies.

@8:30 - I agree w/ Urban Dictionary re: YOLO.

{B-,Thumper,B,B+} {A,A+}. You inspired me OKL:

"YOLO!" hallar'd YOSEMITE.
As he lit the TNT
Said, "Here..."
"Hold my beer."
Now he's just a memory.

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

Oops, Oc4 - misread it - go back a generation... -T

TX Ms said...

Jayce - had to smile at your long-ago pronunciation of "Penelope" rhyming with antelope. Penelope was supposed to be my first name, but Daddy always pronounced it Pennalope leading up to my birth so the family just gave up, and I was baptized with a different moniker easier to pronounce–“Mary,” which Mama later changed to a different name on my birth certificate sans middle name (unless you count nmi). Guess the movie stars really don’t deliberate that much nowadays – Apple, Blue Ivy, North, etc.

TX ms said...

PS - Anon-T - Good one! Is that an original Anon-T'ism?

I remember certain movie ratings as "Rated - Mature Audience," but I think that appeared for a short while.

Yellowrocks said...

Owen KL, hit of the day "YOLO said the redneck." Interesting puzzle, almost done as fast as one could write except for waiting for crosses to find NEST EGG, but interesting never the less. Well done, John Lieb. Argyle, thanks for the links.
As I am a descriptive grammarian, not a prescriptive grammarian, my reaction to the grammar discussions this AM is that, if you wait long enough, what is decried today as low class and incorrect will become the norm if it continues to be common usage. So many meanings, spellings, grammar rules that are widely accepted today were decried as illiterate in the past. The older I become the less prescriptive and rule-bound I become. Yesterday's anathema is today's righteously defended orthodoxy.
In re REAR-ENDER, Sunday before dawn a speeding bus in CA rear ended a semi and drove 15 feet into its back, killing 13 passengers and injuring many more. It is said the driver had another fatal accident previously. Scary in view of my driving almost1700 miles these past five days.

Spitzboov said...

Re: NONE - "None can take either a singular or plural verb. A common misconception is that none is always singular because it is short for no one. However, it is just as likely to mean not any, implying a plural. When none is followed by a mass noun (a noun that cannot be counted or made plural) it takes a singular verb."

windhover said...

Here in my part of the Bluegrass you can forego the inverter if you wire the house for DC, use propane for refrigeration, and heat with wood.

Irish Miss said...

Tx Ms @ 5:24 - Your parent's naming antics hit close to home. My sister, Eileen, was christened Noreen Anne after my father's mother, Nora, much against my mother's wishes but she was never, ever called anything but Eileen, which is her Confirmation name. (Naturally, she runs into all sorts of confusion when ID is required.) I, OTOH, was supposed to be Kathleen until dear old Dad suggested I be named after an aunt who was very helpful to my mother who was dealing with 9 children.

Anonymous T said...

The Cubs ain't getting a gift like the the 7th again tonight. C.Moe - today looks like yours...

Good to hear from you Windhover!

Re: YOLO. I consulted an expert in modern-day vernacular. She said, "Dad, that's what boys say before they do something stupid like jump off a bridge or something." That's what we thought. Thanks Youngest.

YR - and now UBER wants to have trucks drive themselves [Yes, I still get some news from /.] My biggest problem with the stunt is they didn't choose a better beer - they had all of Ft. Collins' micro-brews from which to choose!

TXMs - I assume you mean the prose... Yup, I made it up. On my last pass, I think it would scan better with the 1st two lines swapped. OKL?, Corner?

Re: names - there was no choice being male; it was going to be dad & gramps' name. I only know if I was a female I'd be -J (Jennifer - apparently very popular in the early 70's. Why a Mom tells her son this, I donno).

Let's go see what the Cubs can do in the last two innings...

Cheers, -T