Dec 21, 2015

Monday, December 21, 2015 Joel Mackerry

Theme: Ho, Ho, WHOA! - He's watching you but who's watching out for him?

1A. With 71-Across, seasonal visitor who'd appreciate being warned about the ends of 20-, 37- and 56-Across : SANTA. And 71A. See 1-Across : CLAUS

37A. Former lovers : OLD FLAMES

20A. Boasting, metaphorically : BLOWING SMOKE

56A. Accidental attack on allied forces : FRIENDLY FIRE

Argyle *<;o)> here. Thank goodness for Kevlar and Nomex suit to keep Santa safe.


6. Shed one's feathers : MOLT

10. Pacific island nation : FIJI

14. In the slightest : A WHIT

15. Arabian ruler : EMIR

16. Confident words : "I CAN"

17. Andean pack animal : LLAMA

18. __ Day vitamins : ONE A

19. Four-sided fig. : RECT. (rectangle)

23. Gas, to a Brit : PETROL

26. __City: computer game : SIM

27. By way of : VIA

28. One who shuns company : LONE WOLF

31. Primary pursuit in the working world : CAREER

33. Ottawa's prov. : ONT. (Ontario)

34. Reformer Jacob : RIIS. ("muckraking" journalist)

36. They end round numbers : ZEROs

40. __-load: prep for a marathon : CARBO. (carbohydrate)

43. Beige shade : ECRU

44. "Goldfinger" novelist Fleming : IAN

47. "Anchors __": Navy fight song : AWEIGH. Anchors are "aweigh" when they are clear of the sea bed.

49. Not let go of : HANG ONTO. The bane of hoarders.

52. Eng. majors' degrees : BAs. (Bachelor of Arts)

53. "Of course, Pierre!" : "OUI!" "Yes!"

55. Did the tango : DANCED

60. Computes the total : ADDS

61. Retro phone feature : DIAL. So is the curly cord these days.

62. Purple flower : LILAC

66. Enlist again : RE-UP

67. Longtime "Tonight Show" host Jay : LENO

68. Words of defeat : "I LOST"

69. Blissful place : EDEN

70. Lawn border : EDGE


1. Actor Mineo : SAL

2. Leatherwork tool : AWL

3. FDR home loan org. : NHA. National Housing Act of 1934.

4. Musical tone color : TIMBRE

5. With nowhere to go but up, as one's spirits : AT A LOW

6. Cat call : MEOW

7. Marriott competitor : OMNI

8. Claims on property : LIENs

9. Like "Hamlet" : TRAGIC

10. Accounting partnership, e.g. : FIRM

11. Become frozen : ICE OVER

12. Onassis' last wife, familiarly : JACKIE "O"

13. Crying : IN TEARS

21. Prayer-opening words : "O, LORD"

22. Pollution portmanteau : SMAZE. A mixture of smoke and haze.

23. West Bank gp. : PLO. (Palestine Liberation Organization)

24. Many millennia : EON

25. Demolition initials : TNT

29. The "vie" in "c'est la vie" : LIFE

30. Swipe : FILCH

32. Hi-__ monitor : RES. (High-Resolution)

35. "Nobody doesn't like __ Lee" : SARA

37. Geisha's sash : OBI

38. Access Facebook, say : LOG ON

39. World, in a Latin saying : MUNDI. "Sic transit gloria mundi" “Thus passes the glory of the world”

40. Cost of a taxi : CAB FARE

41. Gave, as a medal : AWARDED

42. Trace evidence at a crime scene, e.g. : RESIDUE. "Send it to the lab!"

44. Business abbr. : INC. Incorporation or incorporated?

45. Dined : ATE

46. Wordless agreement : NOD

48. Circle around a quarterback : HUDDLE

50. Appetizing dinnertime aroma : GARLIC. Not to vampires.

51. Playwright Eugene : O'NEILL

54. Sheepish admission : "I LIED"

57. "Monday Night Football" channel : ESPN. (originally an acronym for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network)

58. Yin and __ : YANG

59. Arctic sheet : FLOE

63. Mauna __ : LOA. A different flow.

64. Sch. in Tempe : ASU. (Arizona State University)

65. Pennies: Abbr. : CTs. (cents)¢



OwenKL said...

Madame Defarge was prescient with her Clausian quips yesterday!

Though SANTA CLAUSE may be a myth,
Little more than SMOKE and mist,
Yet heart FIRES
Of child desires
Kept him alive as hearth FLAMES hissed!

Down time's hiway Yule doth CAREER,
And soon will be the end of year.
Tho closer to grave
Be jolly and brave,
To have come so far from birth to here!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Long-winded cross-referential clues are not my cuppa, so I only got as far as "seasonal visitor" in the clue for 1A before entering SANTA and CLAUS and proceeding on with the rest of the puzzle, figuring I'd go back and read the rest if I got stuck. And then, of course, I didn't need to know the actual theme to get the rest of the theme answers, so I never went back. In retrospect, it's a fun, clever theme. Just too much to read at 1A on a Monday morning...

Today is officially my first day of vacation, and I'm off until the beginning of the year. Sadly, today was also the only time I could schedule some needed dental surgery, so it's not going to be quite as relaxing as I had hoped. Not a fan of dentists in general, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Like Barry, I got as far as "Seasonal visitor" in the clue for 1a. When the smoke and flames showed up, I thought maybe the theme had to do with firing Santa. Nope.

My phone doesn't have a DIAL, but it's got a curly cord. Even more important, it's got a speaker-phone button. That's a must-have for those interminable sessions in on-hold hell.

I love the aroma of garlic cooking in the kitchen. Some people can't stand it, though.

Madame Defarge said...


Nice shout out to our Monday tour guide. Thanks, Santa!

I enjoyed this one, but I stumbled in a couple of obvious places. I had "NRA" on auto instead of NHA. I jumped in and didn't check the perps; when I didn't get a TAH DAH, I had to go through the whole puzzle and still didn't see it. New glasses? More coffee? Nah. . . . In too much a a hurry! Thanks for a nice puzzle, Joel.

Have a good day everyone.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Joel Mackerry, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

Got through this fairly easily, but not as easy as a normal Monday. A little tougher.

Theme was good, seasonal. Very nice.

Never heard of "CARBO-LOAD" but it made sense.

SMAZE is a new word or term to me. Makes sense.

TIMBRE is also a new word for me. Perps helped.

I did get LIFE for vie. Finally!

Raining here today in Chicagoland. My grandchildren were going to go ice skating. I guess that is out.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Barry T. said...

"I LOSE" vs. "I LOST" was what did me in. Other than that, smooth sailing.

Jerome said...

The secret to a painless visit to the dentist is to grab his cajones and say, "Don't hurt me and I won't hurt you"

thehondohurricane said...

Is it Monday already? Fun weekend, business was good, only downer was the Giants blowing another one.

SANTA & CLAUS came easily, but as is my wont, I didn't worry about the theme. Fills were easy enough as they should be on a Monday.

CARBO Load didn't make sense, but perps looked solid.

Not my usual style, but all my Xmas duties remain undone, so this will not be a fun week. Fortunately, no tree worries. Decided not to have one this year because it wouldn't have lasted 24 hours. No place it could have been placed where it would be "Casey proof". The part I like the least is shopping, so that WILL be done today. First item on the agenda is a new wallet for Lucy. Dog got ahold of her current one. Boy, was she ticked.

SwampCat said...

Thanks, Joel, for a seasonal romp. Not as easy for me as some Mondays, but that is a good thing. Enjoyed the HoHo expo, Argyle!

Owen, interesting verses today. I thought I was going to end up depressed, but you are right. I'm glad to be " from birth to here" !! And I loved HEART FIRES and HEARTH FLAMES together. So pleasing!

Lucina said...

Hello, my friends!

What a fun romp today, thank you, Joel Mackerry! Since I started with FDA my SANTA was slow to appear but when I saw SMOKE, FLAMES and FIRE that spoke chimney to me and both SANTA and CLAUS emerged. The entire puzzle is a gigantic CSO to Argyle, our own resident SANTA!

CSO at ASU as well as BAs.

FILCH and SMAZE are words we don't often see and I recalled RIIS from other puzzle appearances.

RESIDUE might also be on SANTA's suit.

And Argyle, where is your suit? Tis your time to shine.

Have a splendid day, everyone!

Tinbeni said...

Argyle: Nice SANTA CSO at 1-a. Enjoyed the TANGO link!

D N F ... since all drinks at Villa Incognito are consumed NEAT, and I live in Florida ...
I haven't a clue about anything that would "Become frozen."

Needed ESP to get TIMBRE, wasn't aware that "Musical tones had color."

Stuck with a beautiful, sunny day ... heading to 80 degrees.

CanadianEh! said...

SANTA filled in easily at 1A and I thought I was off to the races but a few crunchy fills slowed me down.

SMAZE was unknown and TIMBRE was only filled in with perps (although it makes sense after the fact).

FIJI came to mind first although I toyed with BALI. I had HOLD ON TO until GARLIC perped it to HANG ON TO.

ONT was a given and although CTS are a distant memory in Canada, I filled it in quickly.

Have a great day all!

Unknown said...

As far as warnings go for dear Santa; what is the difference between fire and flame? I got the BLOWING SMOKE and FRIENDLY FIRE first, then thought the former lovers would be some type of weather condition.

Thanks for the seasonal puzzle.

Northwest Runner said...

This is hardest Monday puzzle I've seen in some time. From interpreting "Eng" as "Engineering" and wondering why "BSS" didn't work to trying to make "NRA" work for the FDR program to entering "I LOSE" instead of "I LOST" I stumbled all over the place. At least I got all proper (human) names on the first try. It was a great puzzle though.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Typical Monday speed run. There were a few snares, though. To me, an engineering degree is always a BS, not a BA. I always thought "blowing smoke" was making some unlikely promise, as a used car dealer might do, rather than boastfulness. Oh well, didn't slow things down much.

Morning, Argyle! Keep up the good work.

When I was little my folks didn't even try to get me to believe in Santa Claus. We didn't have a fireplace, you see, and so far as I know the folklore does not address that limitation.

First day of winter! I'm celebrating by planting a huge supply of daffodil bulbs, something you can pretty well never do outdoors in December in Massachusetts. Such is the extraordinarily mild weather we've been having.

Husker Gary said...

The tranquility of an easy Monday solve was tweaked slightly by having cross referencing at 1 Across but, all in all, a lovely Christmas solve.

-Geese MOLTING can make it hard to find golf balls on our course
-This wonderful movie was shot on uninhabited Monuriki which is part of the FIJI Islands
-“Grandma, where did you get this great corn?” “I CAN.”
-Sheldon’s derisive take (:24) on ONE A Day Vitamins
-With the current glut of PETROL on the market, a Brit now pays ONLY $4.12/gallon
-Is anyone raking muck in D.C.? A billion here, a billion there, it all ADDS up!
-Where is ECRU?
-Didja hear about the couple who stayed out until the OUI hours of the evening
-My grandkids have probably never seen a DIAL phone
-EDGING - which looks more like your neighborhood?
-I wonder if I could distinguish the TIMBRE from a Strad and a merely good violin
-Nothing is even close to being ICED OVER around here. 50˚F tomorrow
-Fabulous CRYING duet (4:04) on the LENO show
-CAB FARE from O’Hare to downtown - ~$35. Blue Line - ~$2
-Your thoughts on this kind of medal being AWARDED?

Lucina said...

Even at this moment the landscapers are out mowing and trimming the EDGEs.

Did you interpret Eng. major as engineering? I thought immediately of English major.

Husker Gary said...

Christmas shopping is done now that Joann and I picked out this lovely Sirena necklace. My question is about pricing/markup:

-Tag on necklace - $1850
-50% “sale” got it to $925
-Joann’s 30% off Kohl’s coupon got it to $647.50
-Joann’s Kohl’s $30 coupon got it to $617.50
-We then got a Kohl’s cash coupon good for $120 in merchandise

Did we get a deal or is this normal?

Dudley said...

Lucina - D'Oh! Head smack! I never even thought of that. Thank you for setting me straight!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Great big CSO to our resident Santa! Until I read Argyle's review, I thought warned was warmed and, for the life of me, couldn't figure out how smoke could warm Santa! I either need new glasses or more sleep.

I, too, had hold before hang and, also, creme before lache. Overall, a nice, breezy Monday meander. Thanks, Joel, and thanks, Argyle, for "coming to town!"

Hondo, that handsome Casey sounds like he's a handful. Good thing you have a lot of patience! 🙊

Good luck, Barry, hope it's not as bad as you're expecting.

HG @ 10:14 - I don't know if you got a deal, but Joann got a stunning necklace.

Have a great day.

thehondohurricane said...

A local radio host whose show I listen to reported today is National Crossword Day. It is celebrated each December 21. Who knew!

Irish Miss said...

Sorry, leche, not lache.

Lucina said...

Yes, for Kohl's that's normal, coupons on top discounts. Good deal!

Maverick said...

SANTA CLAUS or CLAUS, SANTA? I Just needed SAL Mineo to confirm and I was on my way. A couple of hiccups along the way. I read "Eng" as Engineering (Engr.) rather than English (Engl.) so I started with BSS (or EES) at first. My Monday morning Latin only took me as far as CARPE or FUGIT. I needed help for the MUNDI phrase which I'm not familiar with. RIIS? Perps! SMOG is the proper portmanteau. Did I need to stretch it out? SMAUG? :) No, it's SMAZE? Wait! What? Really?

Montana said...

Good morning, everybody. I've caught a terrible cold right when I arrived to visit granddaughters. Happy they are all gone to work/school for a few days. I can nap and read. I am still struggling with edges on my iPad after updating OS. If a choice is there, like alphabet letters in Cruciverb, I can't select them. Frustrating. I will read up on the problem today. Maybe I'm not the only one.

Today's puzzle was a nice, in season, one. I knew TIMBRE, but spelled it timber at first. Never heard of SMAZE. Perps completed puzzle today.

Jayce, my duplex is 3 blocks from entry road to Malmstrom. And the college is now University of Great Falls. Gal in duplex beside me is a young pharmacist at Malmstrom. Many airmen in my neighborhood since it's right off base.

Happy Holidays,


C6D6 Peg said...

Great puzzle to start of the week of Christmas! Thanks, Joel! Theme was really cute!

Another great expo, Argyle, and a very nice CSO to you!

Good luck to all with your preparations for this week!

Chickie said...

Hello Everyone, I've been remiss in posting on the blog, but I've been on to read almost every day. Monday's are a fun fill, today being one for sure. Santa Claus came immediately to mind and I filled in the rest of the puzzle about as fast.

I agree with Lucina that Filch and Smaze aren't usually Monday fare, and I might add Timbre to that list. We usually have Haze or Smog here, but not Smaze. Burning has been banned almost entirely here in our area.

As for Kohl's discounts, I always find I hardly ever pay full price for an item, and am amazed that Kohl's can offer so many "bargains". Makes you wonder what the markup is in the first place!!!

We've had a bit of a dust-up in one of our local schools because a parent complained about a Kindergarten field trip to visit Santa Claus. The parent is Jewish and asked for inclusion of Hanukah and Kwanza in the curriculm to accommodate other children in the class. The school cancelled the trip and the rest of the parents went so far as to bully the mother who asked for some equal time for other holidays. This has been on the news the past few days. What ever happened to the Holiday spirit we are supposed to be spreading at this time of year?

Bill G. said...

Hi everybody. That was a very enjoyable Monday puzzle. Thanks Joel and Argyle.

Mark me down for thinking Eng. was engineering. Then the degree seemed like it should have been a BS or a BEE or ??? English never even occurred to me. Dunno why...

Gary, I'd say you got a good deal. But now that you've explained it and knowing that Kohl's is still making money, I can't imagine shopping there without those kinds of deals.

Dudley, I love daffodils!

Argyle, Frasier was one of my favorite shows and I remember that tango scene. I'll bet they slipped in a dancing substitute when 'Daphne' threw her leg up on his shoulder. The tension between Niles and Daphne was one of the ingredients that made that sitcom great. When they got married, the whole show started a downhill slide.

Barry G. said...

Boy, that was so much fun! My favorite part was desperately trying not to gag while biting down on a tray full of alginate for four long, long [looooooong] minutes. Good news is that I probably won't need a root canal after all. Bad news is that they gave me a temporary plastic crown and I have to go back in a few weeks for the real one.

Misty said...

Yay--I got it, I got it. Had trouble with SIM and SMAZE but my guess worked out, so I got the whole thing. Yay! Many thanks, Joel, and you too, Argyle. I thought the SANTA CLAUS theme was really cute and funny.

Barry, glad you survived your dental visit without too much trauma.

My Christmas party on Saturday was a huge success--the biggest turnout I've ever had. We practically ran out of the catered food. Sad to have it without Rowland, but a good way to thank friends for all their kindness, and Rowland loved the party, so he would have wanted us to have it. And it cheered me up, and returned my Christmas spirit.

Have a lovely Christmas week, everybody!

Jayce said...

I only read as far as "seasonal visitor" before penciling in SANTA. Like Barry G I went back to read the entire clue only after having finished the puzzle. Glad you only need a crown and not a root canal job, Barry. And what is a "tray full of alginate"?

Husker Gary, I agree with Irish Miss that Joann got a stunning necklace.

Best wishes to you all.

desper-otto said...

Hmmm. So it doesn't mean Gloria got sick on the train Monday.

Barry, one thing I like about my dentist is that he can fit a permanent crown during the initial session. He prepares the "stump," takes a few measurements, feeds them into the computer, and moments later out comes a finished crown.

Husker, hard to say. Jewelry markups usually range between 100% and 1000%. I agree that it's still a very nice necklace.

Barry G. said...

Alginate is the material they use to make dental molds of your teeth. I think it is (or originally was) made from seaweed? Anyway, they fill a little tray with the goop, stick in in your mouth and have you bite down for 4.5 minutes until it sets. I have a very sensitive gag reflex and I spent the entire time trying (and mostly succeeding) not to retch.

The original crown was done similar to what desper-otto said -- one day service, in and out. This dentist, however, said they need to have the measurements sent to a lab elsewhere.

As for the root canal, the dentist said I probably don't need on, unless the pain gets intense and won't go away. Now that the Novocaine has worn off, I'm definitely feeling the intense pain. I'm just hoping it goes away soon. Just took an extra strength Tylenol, so hopefully that will help...

Barry G. said...

With regard to getting bargains at Kohl's, I remember a few years back when they got in trouble with the state of Massachusetts for regularly advertising "sale" prices but never actually selling anything for the "original" prices. Which is to say they would claim that a necklace "originally" cost $1000 and was on "sale" for $600, but they never actually sold it for anything higher than $600.

My wife and I don't shop at Kohl's anymore because of that, but she does occasionally look at jewelry at Macy's. Macy's doesn't have deceptive pricing like Kohl's (used to?), but we have noticed that if you wait long enough pretty much everything eventually goes on sale for significantly less than the regular price. My wife has seen $2000 rings marked half off, then marked down an additional 15%, and then marked down an additional $5 off that. She thinks that final $800 price is the bargain of the century until I convince her to look on eBay and see all the people selling the exact same ring for $500 (or less). Which makes me convinced that the store gets the rings for around $400 and jacks the price waaaay up in the hopes of finding a sucker or three, and then eventually lowers the price until they are only making a decent profit instead of a truly obscene profit.

Taking care of business said...

The dentist shouldave given you a pain cocktail with 4 mg. of Valium (diazopam), 2 mg of fentanyl and a 3 mg of oxycodone with APAP ( tylenol), to take you through tomorrow morning without excessive sleepiness. Taking care of a patient's pain is a part and parcel of being a good dentist. They have all gone thru atleast 2 years of an anesthesia residency - they ought to know and be throughly familiar with the protocol.

Lemonade714 said...

I think it is great that Joel returned to our pages for his second publication with a puzzle obviously written to honor our Monday maven, Argyle. I really liked what you did with the colors for the fill.

I also heard today was National Crossword Puzzle Day which makes sense since we celebrated the 100 year anniversary of the 12/21/1913 publication of the first puzzle. It also is my 1st anniversary, though I did not plan my wedding based on the puzzle (though marriage certainly is one life's enduring enigmas) but rather as the longest night of the year. Thanks for reminding us Hondo.

HG and BG, while Kohl's may inflate the retail prices, the reality in my experience is you could pay that price at Neiman's or other high end stores, NECKLACE .

TCB, your cocktail sounds a bit much for me, but then I was taught pain was how we remember we are alive.

Lemonade714 said...

I left off the best part

Brilliant Value®
Sirena™ 3/4 CT. T.W. Diamond Three Stone Pendant in 14K Gold
Orig. $2269.00
Now $1699.99

PK said...

Hi Y'ALL! For some dumb reason I had trouble getting started with this puzzle. Seasonal visitor meant like migrant grape pickers to me. Duh! I even had SAL, AWL, & LLAMA. Went on to the rest of the puzzle then came back and wondered why I hadn't caught on right away. I got FIJI & I CAN in the NE and was stumped again. One problem was I thought O'Nassis married someone else after Jackie. I had the "J" and "IEO". Finally the SMOKE cleared in my head and I got FIREd up enough fill every thing.. Pretty good puzzle, Joel!

TIMBRE wasn't a color in my mind. I kept trying to spell some form of "ohmbre" or "uhmbre". Those are colors. Sorta.

Been so long since I saw the words to the Navy song, my anchors were "away".

Didn't know MUNDI or RIIS. FILCH came slowly. And I never know whether to LOG ON or in.

Thanks, Santa, for all you do. Loved the tango.

Gary, loved the "Crying". That suited my mood since I found out this week that my brother's 32 yr. old son was diagnosed with a rare Sarcoma which started in his leg muscle and was misdiagnosed as benign five years ago. The tumor grew back and has spread to both lungs. He has a wife and children ages 5, 2, and 5 mos. The cancer is the slow going kind but doesn't respond well to chemo. However, they had a friend who had the same cancer five years ago and is cancer free. He is a minister so will have the power of prayer in force. Not a merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I can't even stand the stink of garlic in my NEIGHBOR'S kitchen!

Taking care of business said...

Lemonade, normally I wouldn't have responded, but your good reputation, well deserved, precedes you. Pain, is a symptom, and like all such conditions, the modern thinking is that, it should be taken care of, and alleviated to the extent possible. We accepted pain in the past, like we accepted bitter medicine ( its bitter, ergo, its good for you - ) or the foul tasting cod liver oil, or castor oil. Where are they all now ? Pain, should be properly managed, within the limitations of the treatment, and in some cases, like the pain of certain chronic cancers, even if the disease cannot be treated, it is the professional duty of the doctor and oncologist to reduce the pain as much as possible, and thus contribute to a better quality of life, for the remaining part of the patient's life. Thats what happens in a hospice. A cocktail of drugs is required because opiates and other synthetic derivatives have different levels of attrition, ranges of effectiveness, and may be short or long acting, and different mechanisms of assisting or blocking the endomorphins in the brain. The problem with the word 'cocktail' is that it brings up the image of a crafty bartender in a seedy joint... tis a pity. End of rant.

fermatprime said...


Nice puzzle. Thanks Jeff and Santa!

Got to sleep early last night (early morning of course)! Really needed the sleep!

We actually had rain here yesterday (more than an insignificant piddle on the sidewalks).


SwampCat said...

PK, prayers going up for you and your family. I hope no one minds.

Madame Defarge said...


Very nice celebration!

Husker Gary said...

Musings 3
-I have enjoyed the take on the necklace/markup. I’m sure we got a good deal. BTW, how do you know the jewelry was for Joann? ☺
-Kohl’s is a favorite shopping place for both of us. The prices are at or below what others charge, the store is nicely and logically arranged, the clerks are friendly, returns are never questioned and Joann manages her Kohl’s cash and coupons very diligently.
-I wonder what retail even means and MSRP on cars is a joke! I’m certain these can go lower!!
-PK, I am so sorry about your holiday news.

fermatprime said...

PK: So sorry about your nephew. Hope of the best.

fermatprime said...

That's "for the best."

Anonymous said...

@maverick, 11:04

"Sic transit Gloria Munda" is the phrase you seek.

Anonymous said...

Darn you, auto correct
"Sic transit Gloria Mundi"

Anonymous T said...

WBS sans going to the dentist (glad no biggie today!). Thanks for the puzzle Joel & thanks for the writeup Argyle, er, Santa.

Back to work. Cheers, -T

Bill G. said...

I had to go to the dentist for something similar. There was decay under a crown so I needed a three-tooth bridge. The temporary one felt OK but kept coming off, even with his stronger cement. Finally, things had healed up enough I could get fitted for the permanent one. The fit was very tight and it hasn't come off. During the whole process, while some of it was uncomfortable, there was no pain.

We had to make a choice about continuing to pay for dental insurance with our school district since we've been retired. Unless we have a big expense like this bridge or a crown, the insurance costs more than the dental expenses. So we're on our own now.

Anonymous T said...

Work is (mostly) done - I hate vacation-prep; you work 2x as hard for 3 days for 3 days of downtime.

Joel - The pzl was a hoot and an easy run w/ one hangup at RIIS xing FILCH... I or E... I WAG'd right!

FRIENDLY FIRE was easy enough, but I hate that term. If someone's FIRE'n on you, it can't be FRIENDLY. I never saw combat, but little bro has more than enough.

W/o - OCRE b/f ECRU. I think both exist, but HG put doubt on that assertion :-)

Fav - PETROL... 1) Steve & Kazie came to mind 2) I use that term just to mess w/ the kids. C, Eh? Do y'all use that vernacular for gas in CA too?

Runner up - my OLD FLAME is still my FLAME... 27yrs & counting...

AWEIGH was cute too after last week's mistakes in language link.

YR - Sorry to hear the bad news. Please take care all around - it sounds like it's treatable... Love emanating from HOU.

Cheers, -T

Unknown said...

Well I am chiming really late. My SIL stayed at our house house till 3 am last night and we had a very late supper. Homemade hamburger steaks. Yes homemade ground meat. Rump roasts were on sale for 2.85 a pound and I loaded up. My buddy was making some homemade Cajun sausage 150 lbs. so we went over and used his grinder. We cooked the steaks and they did not shrink one bit. So we slept late today and i worked on 3 weedeaters and 2 leaf blowers. Got that out the way !!

Almost a walk in in the park but SMAZE got me oh well.

I looked at the first clue across and looked at 1 down and put Santa and Claus for the other.

Irish Miss am I missing something for the LECHE word I did not see that in my puzzle ?