Dec 14, 2015

Monday, December 14, 2015 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: Bird Vocalization

18. Cares : GIVES A HOOT. Owl.

28. Girl who lost her sheep : LITTLE BO PEEP. Chicken et al.

48. Short online message visible only to approved followers : PRIVATE TWEET. Cartoon canary.

62. Get lovey-dovey : BILL AND COO. Pigeon.

No reveal.

Argyle here. I have to admit I made the classic mistake of overthinking this one. I couldn't see what gimmick C.C. was using. Ha! I didn't see the birds for the trees. But finally I heard them.


1. Main idea : GIST

5. Seniors, to juniors : DADS. Like Dr. Jones to Dr. Jones.

9. Pizza party drinks : SODAS

14. A whole bunch : LOTS

15. Skip past : OMIT

16. __ Jeane Mortenson: Marilyn Monroe's birth name : NORMA

17. Six-sided state : UTAH

20. Superfan to the max : MANIAC

22. For each one : A POP

23. Org. that created American Hunter magazine : NRA. (National Rifle Association of America) C.C. goes bird hunting?

24. BBC time traveler : DR. WHO. The early bird gets the earworm.

26. Ginormous amount : UMPTEEN

31. Lawyer's org. : ABA. (American Bar Association)

32. Enjoy the pool : SWIM

33. Narnia lion : ASLAN. (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe)

37. Beauty goop : GEL

38. Get cracking : START

41. Cubes in a tray : ICE

42. Canonized fifth-cen. pope : ST. LEO

45. "Very funny!" : HA HA!":

47. VCR format : VHS. (videocassette recorder/Video Home System)

52. Important Colonial cash crop : TOBACCO

55. Carrying a gun : ARMED

56. "The Simpsons" Squishee seller : APU who might have this sign: 51D. "This convenience store checks IDs" : "WE CARD"

57. Parka part : HOOD

59. Awards for Helen Hunt and Holly Hunter : OSCARS. Hunt for As Good as It Gets(1997), Hunter for The Piano(1993).

65. Sunburn soother : ALOE

66. German pistol : LUGER. You have to be real good to hunt birds with a pistol.

67. Expel : OUST

68. Really anger : RILE

69. Revise, as text : EMEND

70. Makes a choice : OPTS

71. __-dish pizza : DEEP


1. Wearing a long face : GLUM

2. Greek letter before kappa : IOTA

3. Display confidence and pride : STAND TALL

4. Top with a slogan : T-SHIRT. Up in Lake George, they're fighting again about some of those slogans on display in the store fronts.

5. Canine gnawing toys : DOG CHEWS

6. "__ hearing you right?" : AM I

7. Prima donna : DIVA

8. Answer the call : STEP UP

9. Salad veggie with an edible pod : SNAP PEA

10. Fireworks reaction : "OOH!"

11. Stingless bee : DRONE

12. Valentino's valentine : AMORE

13. The devil : SATAN

19. Vague amount : SOME

21. Beltmaking tools : AWLS

25. Memorial news item, briefly : OBIT

27. Adorns with Cottonelle, informally : TPs. (toilet paper)

28. Falls behind : LAGS

29. "Yeah, whatever" : "I BET"

30. Nebraska city associated with steaks : OMAHA

34. Pretended to be what one isn't : LIVED A LIE

35. Tooth woe : ACHE

36. Home in a tree : NEST. Source of today's emanations?

39. Pro __: in proportion : RATA

40. Jimmy Fallon's longtime house band : THE ROOTS

43. Org. concerned with pesticides : EPA.(Environmental Protection Agency)

44. Apple tree grouping : ORCHARD

46. Emer. money sources : ATMs

49. Desktop image : ICON

50. Ritualistic kind of doll : VOODOO

52. Blackjack surface : TABLE

53. Poppy narcotic : OPIUM

54. Jut out : BULGE

58. Bra spec : D-CUP

60. Audition goal : ROLE

61. Ooze : SEEP

63. Quarterback Dawson : LEN. Played for three professional teams, most notably the Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs.

64. East, in Essen : OST. German, adjective.



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Finished this one it normal Monday time, but it certainly didn't feel like a normal Monday puzzle while solving it. The theme remained completely hidden until I finished and had a chance to look back (cute theme, btw). I had no idea what the name of Jimmy Fallon's band was. I couldn't remember LEN Dawson. I had trouble coming up with UMPTEEN, simply because I think of it being an unspecified number that is reasonably small (in the teens) and not "ginormous". Finally, I was surprised at the duplication of the V in VHS/VCR, especially since the V stands for Video in both cases.

Anyway, as I said, I somehow managed to finish this in normal time, so no harm, no foul. And the theme was cute once I got it. Just a bit of an odd solving experience for me.

OwenKL said...

So many rhyming words in this puzzle! What a waste that I can't get inspired to use any of it because I'm obsessed with trying to tweak this windows 10 into working for me! :-(

I'm giving serious consideration to switching back to win7.

Microsoft, Microsoft, what have you done?
You changed the way that my 'puter must run!
The learning curve's steep,
But do you care a bleep?
No, you've made your "improvements", well thanks a whole ton!

Hungry Mother said...

I've always advised people to buy a new computer rather than upgrade Windows, but I did upgrade to Windows 10 because it was free. It is worth every penny.

Puzzle played a bit hard for me today, but I made it through.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

The theme completely blew past me. Big surprise. But the puzzle did feel Monday-easy. Thanks C.C., and thank you, Argyle, for revealing the reveal-less theme.

The local citizenry here is all upset because a few guys in a rent house decorated for Christmas and wrote "Beer Me" in lights on the roof. Guess that's a plea to Santa. Seems pretty innocuous to me. I can think of a few other 4-letter words that would have upset people more.

Thanks for the kind wishes about my brother. I'm sorry he's gone, but not sad at his death. In his late 70's, he was diagnosed with cancer. He decided at the time that there'd be no bone marrow transplants, no radiation, no chemotherapy. He opted for palliative treatment only. He was able to live at home, comfortably, and on his own terms for 11 more years. Shortly after Thanksgiving he suffered a massive stroke, never spoke again, and was gone in just a couple days. If he could have planned it, I think he would have planned it that way.

Big Easy said...

Congrats C.C. on another puzzle. I never got the bird theme, even after looking over the completed puzzle. I was thinking along the lines of position as STAND TALL was vertical at the top and THE ROOTS ( never heard of them) was at the bottom. And the band didn't help because BILL AND COO is an unfamiliar expression. I'm old but obviously it was before my time. After completing the puzzle I looked it up and there was a movie by that name in 1948. and a hotel in Greece named 'Bill and Coo Suites and Lounge'.

What would the value of UMPTEEN to the NTH degree be? Infinity squared?

unclefred said...

Got 'er done, but way over my Monday time. Seemed more like a Wednesday puzzle to me. Last to fall was NW. Maybe it's me that's a bit slow today. Drank far too much beer yesterday watching my Packers beat up on the Cowgirls.

Yellowrocks said...

Loved it. More interesting and fun than the normal Monday, CC. I was on to the theme with HOOT and PEEP. BILL AND COO sounds so familiar I didn't realize it was old fashioned. Big Easy LOL. I agree that UMPTEEN means a very large amount. Only unknown was THE ROOTS, all perps.
Owen I sympathize with your verse. I am afraid that my experience would be like yours rather than Hungry Mother's. I'm happy sticking with my 7. If it ain't broke don't fix it.
Cookie baking time this AM, sand tarts made with A TON of butter and rolled almost as thin as potato chips. They are crisp and melt in your mouth. Patience is a virtue when rolling them out. The recipe was handed down on my mother's side for generations. Of the 6 of us siblings, only two of us still have the patience for this.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I thought this had some crunche for a Monday. I got off on the wrong foot with Iowa instead of Utah and grim instead of glum, so that held me up for awhile. However, I did catch the theme early and that helped with the rest of the solve. Nice CSO to our Nebraskans and a not so nice CSO to Tin. 🙊

Thanks, Argyle and CC, for the "tweety" treat.

Have a great day.

Irish Miss said...

Sorry, crunch not crunche.

oc4beach said...

WES. Good puzzle but didn't get the theme until after I read the expo. Cute.

I usually skip the ads on YouTube, but today I did. Did anyone watch the Poo-Pouri ad that played before the Dr. Who YouTube piece that Argyle posted. Definitely bathroom humor that a teenager would appreciate.

Great puzzle CC and great write-up Argyle.

Have a good day everyone.

oc4beach said...

I meant "I did watch today."

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Much of what Yellowrocks said. I found today's puzzle a bit more challenging than the usual Monday cakewalk, and more interesting to boot. However, I completely overlooked the theme when it was all done - happens often for puzzles completed right at bedtime.

Morning, Argyle! Thanks for the early Dr. Who. Lately I've benefitted from Netflix' assembled collection of Dr. Who from the first broadcast (Nov. 1963) through about 1970. A lot of material was lost over the years, but a fair percentage was re-assembled from bits and pieces in private collections and whatnot. That original theme was hard to produce in the years before synthesizers, and makes for a fascinating story all on its own.

Husker Gary said...

Me too, Argyle! I saw OO, EE, EE and OO and followed that blind alley (OO, EE, OO, AH, AH, TING, TANG…) until the Duh Bird hit me!! C.C. was clever as always

-I got NO cells in the NW to start and thought, uh oh, Rich’s calendar went haywire
-There were a lot fewer PEEPS around here this year
-NORMA before and after
-If I try to SWIM, I will only Enjoy the bottom of the pool
-Get Cracking!
-Don’t we all know people who get CARDED despite being way over 21?
-All my T-SHIRTS seem to bear a Disney logo or the NASA meatball
-NFL is a game of attrition; the next guy has to STEP UP
-In 20 minutes I can get a great OMAHA Steak before it’s frozen
-What did the poppies do to them?
-My gay friends don’t have to LIVE A LIE anymore
-My automatic lift gate really did RILE me up yesterday when I backed out with it still up and I knocked off the piece that says GMC in this picture

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Thanks C.C. and Argyle for a nice wake-up to the day. Puzzle was a HOOT. Little bit crunchy but no detours needed.
D-CUP - Brought this engineer visions of cantileverage.
OST - Was raised by parents who hailed from a German peninsula jutting between the Nordsee and the OSTsee. (Baltic). Part of my early vocabulary.

D-O - Please accept my condolences on the loss of your brother.

C6D6 Peg said...

Thanks for another great puzzle, C.C. WES, didn't get the theme until after completing and studying.....

Thanks, Argyle, for the usual great write-up. Nice pic of Omaha!

Magilla Go-Rilla said...

T.G.I.M. I can always get through a Monday puzzle. Friday and Saturday, not so much.😧

Lucina said...

Greetings amigos and amigas!
What a treat to start the week with a C.C. puzzle. We know it won't be run of the mill and this did not disappoint. However, I didn't see the theme. Thank you, Argyle, for your bird's eye view on that.

A different cluing for APU and DR. WHO was lost on me, but perps did it all. What is a squishee, anyway?

My only write over was AMORE for AMOUR.

SOME crossing UMPTEEN is amusing. And the canonized fifth century pope is likely to be some form of LEO, (440-61) either ST or number I following his name. And since there were XII Leos the range of numbers and centuries provide much fodder for crossword constructors.

I have been using Windows 10 for one week and I'm baffled by the problems you are encountering, Owen. Mine is operating smoothly. I'm sorry yours is problematic.

Have a beauteous day, everyone! It's raining here!

CanadianEh! said...

After being MIA or just lurking over the past busy week, I enjoyed this puzzle although at first I thought it was a little crunchy for Monday. A C.C. puzzle with no baseball (oh well, I got my Blue Jays yesterday). Perhaps there is a subliminal allusion to all the teams with bird names!

I actually did not see the theme until I came here. Thanks Argyle.

Waited for perps to decide between SODAS and Colas. OMAHA steaks are not familiar to this Canadian. NRA reminded me that I have commented before on the distinctly different attitude to guns between Americans and Canadians.

Media has focused recently on how our new Canadian PM has STOOD TALL and STEPped UP to assist refugees. Perhaps another difference in Canadian and American attitudes. That's as political as I will get today.

Condolences to Lemonade and D-otto on the loss of brothers.

HowardW said...

The puzzle went quickly, so I didn't notice the theme until after completion. My choice for theme is Birds Do it.

As others have said, a little above the Monday mean, but that's all to the good.

Thanks CC for a fun puzzle, and Argyle for the pix'n'linx.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, C.C., for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

D-O, my sympathies in your loss. I know how you feel. Just lost my mother two weeks ago.

Puzzle was a little harder than a typical Monday, but got through it easily, nonetheless.

BILL AND COO was a new one to me. Plenty of perps to help.


ST LEO is a frequent visitor.

Tried AMEND before EMEND won out.

Lots to do today. Have to pick up a ground fault breaker. One of mine died. See you tomorrow, or maybe later today, as I am still working on the Sunday puzzle. It has been tough.


( )

Ergo said...

The Sunday message thread is archived, so your indulgence as I post a bump in the Monday comments.

Finally threw in the towel this morning with just a couple of renegade obscure white spots. Was trying forever to get AMWAY CAR DEALER to fit. Went outside to gnaw on a cigar and "AMUSED" hit me like a can of V8.

Accurately pondered PARM, IDES, ELISA and OPP, but never had enough confidence to make them fit. Doh!

APOSTLES CREAMED was a rewarding discovery.

Gotta have a lot of appreciation for a puzzle that draws you in for 24 hours rather than repels you after 30 minutes of anguish.

Tinbeni said...

A self-imposed, Monday D N F ... due to a certain 3-letter word.

BTW, when we have a Pizza part at Villa incognito we drink beers.


Misty said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, C.C., for a doable and totally enjoyable Monday puzzle after the bears over the weekend. I had no trouble with this at all, although I did need the expo to finally get the theme--thanks, Argyle. A great way to start the week.

The story about your brother is simply inspiring, Desper-otto--thanks for sharing it. And so sorry to hear about the loss of your mother, Abejo.

Thanks for posting concerns about Windows 10. I don't want to do it and have been agonizing, and it sounds as if it's okay to just ignore it. A huge relief.

Have a great week, everybody!

TTP said...

Good morning all. Thank you Argyle and CC.

Up most of the night after deciding to rest my eyes for a few minutes around 7 last night, and then waking just before 1. Then read Anon-T's link on leveraging buffer overruns, and many more at that site (now bookmarked - thanks -T), while watching reruns of The Donna Reed Show on Decades until 4 something

Had to work from the NE back to get the NW early on. Ran into 'Jimmy Fallon's band' later and needed most of the perps before seeing ROOTS.

Had a type over pretty early by entering SNOW befor SNAP PEA. GIVES A HOOT forced that correction, but didn't give me the theme.

SOME and UMPTEEN aren't words you'd expect to find in contract terms and conditions.

'Top with a slogan' was a favorite clue. Not especially fond of DEEP dish pizza.

Grew up with an apple ORCHARD in the backyard. We also had pear trees, a couple of huge old walnuts, and a chestnut tree. Some people think they were wiped out in the US in their entirety.

Never heard of BILL AND COO before. A pair of doves frequents the bird feeder and ground below the magnolia outside our bedroom window practically every morning during the winter. Cardinals too, until the squirrels come in, only to be driven away by the Blue Jays.

Me too Gary. I drowned once.

ARMED with a LUGER, the MANIAC HOOD could have won OSCARS playing the ROLE of SATAN when knocking off LOTS of convenience and TOBACCO stores in OMAHA to support his OPIUM habit, but could never OUST the money from the ATMS. I hate to DRONE on, but his OBIT read that he LIVED A LIE.

desper-otto said...

RE Bill and Coo: As recorded by the Chad Mitchell Trio

Love is a series of Darlings and Dearies
Of Honeys and Sweeties
And sugared entreaties
Of moonings and swoonings
And Cooings and Billings
All tempered, of course,
By occasional killings.

Bill G said...

Hey, it's me again. I'm trying to go back to Bill G instead of Bill Graham (that happened automatically when I switched to Google Chrome). Let's see if this works.

Well, I tried and it's like pulling teeth. If there's an easy way to get my old identity back, please let me know. Otherwise, Google Chrome seems to be insisting that I use my gmail ID.

desper-otto said...

Bill G, you've somehow switched from Blogger to Google-Plus. And you've lost your profile in the process. It's happened to folks before. It happened to me before, and I figured out how to undo it. But it's so long ago that I don't remember what I did.

Bill G. said...

OK, I figured out how to make Firefox work OK again (it had been filling up the whole screen with no access to 'The Dock' and other menus. But it looks normal again. I'll stay with this if it continues to work OK. But if not, both Bill G and Bill Graham are the same old ME.

Did you see my posts about fireworks and sidekicks late last night? I'm a big fan of Rose from Dr Who.

TTP said...

oc4beach, I didn't get an ad before the Dr Who video.

Nice Cuppa said...

Nice works as ever, CC

I'm happy to see so many WHOVIANS among us. I remember the original episodes in the early 60s - often watched from behind the sofa. Daleks and Cybermen - SCARY!

34D. LIVED A LIE = Pretended to be what one WASN'T, not ISN'T. It is possible that you ARE that person NOW.

54D. BULGE I think of as a rounded smooth thing, like my belly. SHARP, JAGGED things JUT OUT .

26A. UMPTEEN I think of as an indefinite number, but not indefinitely large – as its root suggest, maybe somewhere in the teens. I always assumed GINORMOUS is a portmanteau of Gigantic and Enormous – i.e., much bigger.


Jayce said...

What a lovely, chirpy puzzle today. Agree it seemed a teeny weeny bit harder than the usual Monday puzzle, but it was basically pretty easy. Starting off with GIST was not auspicious and was the last area to get untangled. Fun puzzle, C.C. Thank you.

Bill G, that happened to me once recently: Firefox somehow got set to "full screen" view and I didn't know how to get it back. It's normal now, but I don't know what I did, if anything, to make it happen. Yes, I read your posts last night; I always read what you post and enjoy what you have to say.

Re Windows 10: My instincts tell me that upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 will be smooth and problem-free if your computer is "plain vanilla" (not oaky) and has no special or uncommon configurations or attachments. The reason I think so is because the items I had trouble with so far and required manually tweaking were my "non-standard" video card, Wi-Fi adapter, and printer setup. My Microsoft Outlook program suddenly began acting all finicky last week, after an Office update, but I'm not sure that's related to Windows updates. That might explain why Lucina has had no trouble and Owen has to do a lot of tweaking.

Our DSL went out again over the weekend. A lineman came out today to check the phone line, and reported that the cable on the telephone pole was basically deteriorating away, aided and abetted by squirrels (which he calls rats with fuzzy tails) chewing on the insulation. He put in a work order to have the cable repaired, so we'll wait and see. At least it's working now, although we don't know for how long. It seems the heavy rains we had here are a primary cause of failure, which makes sense because when un-insulated wires get wet they short out. It's a pretty worn out infrastructure.

Best wishes to you all.

Montana said...

Condolences to those who have lost family members while I've been absent.

I was surprised to struggle today with the Monday puzzle, and a CC one, no less. But after reading the comments so far, I feel better. I did solve it, but I sure did a lot of back and forth, up and across. I did get the theme right away.

I have spent the last week moving to Great Falls, MT for the winter. It's not large by many of your standards (@60,000 people) but I am a taxi ride away from an airport, compared to the 4-hour drive before. I'm healthy as can be, but this is where I would have been flown, if I had problems back home (1,967 people!.)

Lots of snow here this morning. Keep warm, everybody!


Husker Gary said...

-TTP – Sorry to hear about your drowning. To whom shall I send the flowers? ☺
-My neighbor is a Red Cross swimming instructor, has her own pool in her backyard and swears she can teach me to swim. Yeah, right!
-We’ve gotten 2” – 5” of rain around here that I wish we could ship to the arid members of our little literary lemonade stand.
-The Husker VB team will be in the NCAA final four that starts on Thursday. It will sell out the 15,000 seat OMAHA Century Link Center and the cheapest tickets I can find are $118 at the top of the building

AnonymousPVX said...

Everyone should know how to keep afloat in the water if not actually learn to swim. One never knows…

Sorry about the losses of family members. My mom is 91 and losing her memory. What's the point of aging if the mind goes first? I sure hope that my future lies elsewhere.

I thought this a breezy Monday puzzle, no offense to those who found it crunchy.

Jayce said...

I know Great Falls! I was stationed at Malmstrom Air Force Base back in the mid sixties. That's where I was when President Kennedy was shot, and that's where I met the woman who is now my wife. She was going to The College of Great Falls at the time. That's also where I bought my very first car.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! My first thought was "Goody, a C.C. puzzle"! After finishing I knew her talent didn't fly south for the winter. She has a lot to Crow about but is too modest.

I couldn't get the GIST at first even though I got GLUM. Both in the puzzle and in mood when I couldn't get NW right away. Perped it out. I got the theme after the first two which helped with the others.

I always forget where IOTA lies in the Greek alphabet. I learned it as a teenager when the doctor's son I sometimes dated pledged a fraternity and said with great hauteur that everyone should know the Greek alphabet. Finally, I have a use for it.

BILL & COO has been in my vocabulary since the forties. Shocked to see so many didn't know it.

TTP: your last paragraph at 11:20 really filled the BILL and made me laugh.

Santa baby, another great expo.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

1st. D-O: I'm sorry I missed the news about your brother. I hope DW lets me go the way your brother did... His own Way. Condolences.

What a crunchy Monday from our fearless leader. I got the crux, er, GIST of the puzzle, but missteps slowed me down. Thank you C.C. for a fun Monday. I just got a txt from MIL; she enjoyed it too but thought "Is it Tuesday?" She was just happy to have a C.C. today.

Thanks Argyle for the D+ write-up [When is a D good? When it's CUP'd :-)].

W/os - Aforementioned Crux b/f GIST, TaBACCO -duh, and rUGER b/f LUGER.

Fav - DR. WHO. I also really liked the 3d / 34d symmetry - it's hard to STAND TALL if you LIVED A LIE.

UMPTEEN - Boy did I hear that growing up (I've told you for the UMPTEENth time to [whatever I did / didn't do]).

Another runner up: Juxtaposition of DADS SODAS.

Thanks Argyle for parsing T.S. HIRT for me. That was my last fill and WT? I kept thinking Top's Big Boy or SOME such.

Nit - I'll argue no TWEET is PRIVATE. Case-in-point: Anthony Weiner.

TIN - you must'a made C.C. very mad - she ICE'd ya'.

Cheers, -T

oc4beach said...

TTP: I just went back and opened the YouTube "Dr Who" and got a different ad. It was similar to the first one, but different. So, I closed the window and started over again and didn't get any ads. Oh well, I guess there is a certain amount of randomness to their ads. The first one was for a (real) product called "Poo-Pouri" and I don't think we will be seeing it on prime time TV any time soon.

Re Windows 10: After my Vista laptop died, I bought a laptop with Windows 8 and was so disappointed in the interface and all of the problems that I had with it. So, after a year of suffering with Windows 8 and then 8.1 I bought another laptop with Windows 7 and was very happy with the "old" style windows.

When they offered Windows 10 for free I decided to try it. So I downloaded it and updated the 8.1 computer to 10. It has vestiges of both 7 and 8 and is easier to use than 8, but I still prefer the old Windows 7 because I can use all of the older software that I have that doesn't work on 8.1 and 10. I use both computers, but the one with 10 on it is mostly used for email and some games. I think they just want you to buy new software when they come out with completely new systems.

thehondohurricane said...

Howdy all,

Did the puzzle this AM while my vehicle was being serviced. It's mileage reading is at 205K. Hope it has another 100K. New Tahoe's too expensive....50 to 60K.

I too felt CC's offering was a bit dicey for a Monday, but there were no major hold ups. Unlike my friend in Fla, 43A was filled with ICE. A puzzle on the rock!

Started with DOG Bones for 5d, but it wasn't long before DOG CHEWS made it's way in. Casey chews whatever he wants. The most stubborn dog I've owned. He's first in a lot of stuff, most of which is no no's. But he is one good ooking dude.

Thanks for explaining 27D Argyle. Had no clue.

One of these days, a visit to Webster's book will be made. Need to learn the diff between Amend & EMEND. First try today began with the A version.

Almost time for the afternoon libation. Think I'll use "de" Cup

Anonymous T said...

I think'ed I link'd it b/f, but the the Poopori ad oc was talking about. C, -T

Lucina said...

I'm still wondering what a squishee is. And speaking of STANDING TALL, did anyone else, besides Bill G I assume, see Sunday Morning yesterday? Dr. Amy Cuddy presented her "power stance" theory. I found it fascinating; you can watch it on youtube if you're interested. It is a TED talk she gave based on research with her students at Harvard U.

HowardW said...

Somewhat related to PooPourri is Squatty Potty.

oc4beach said...

HowardW: Squatty Potty is another bathroom ad that teens and pretteens would love.

Anonymous said...

27D "Adorns with Cottonelle, informally" is the best clue of the decade.

tawnya said...

Hi all!

Fun run today CC! I always enjoy your puzzles and today was no exception. I was looking for baseball and your signature but didn't find it. My fault for thinking I know what you would put in, surprised me again!

@Jayce - every two years I have trouble with my internet going off, coming on, going off, coming on and it's always worse in the rain or fog. Every two years I call to have it fixed. And every two years, after at least two visits, they replace the lines from the pole to my house. Evidently that's how long it takes for squirrels to ruin cable lines. (PS, I hate Mediacom. Worst provider ever.)

Glad to see (most) people are enjoying Windows 10. I have been putting off installation on my ASUS until school was out. Now I am out of excuses. So I am planning to back up everything and take the plunge. I am running Windows 8 on a touchscreen laptop (which is really what 8 was designed for so I think I enjoy this version more than most). Wish me luck!

My mother was given PooPourri as a white elephant gift a few years ago and was thoroughly disgusted that anyone would give a poop themed gift for Christmas. I thought it was hilarious!

Happy Monday! No school or studying for me until January 20, just work and cleaning the stuff I have been ignoring since August!


PS - D-Otto, sorry for losing your brother but really glad it wasn't a long drawn out experience. 11 years!!! That's amazing!!!

Dudley said...

Classical music for today: I stumbled upon this YouTube video of a favorite of mine, the Albinoni Adagio in G Minor. I've heard lots of versions, and different instrumentations, but this example is outstanding for being a live recording that's extremely well done. The string ensemble is about a dozen performers from Poland. (8:25)

Adagio in G Minor

An Adagio is generally somber, and this is no exception. It's a touching piece.

TTP said...

HG, I'm pretty sure it was my swimming instructor (and lifeguard) that pulled me up from the bottom of the pool and revived me. It could have been much worse, and I'm glad it wasn't ! ☺

Anon-PVX, I had no excess weight when I was younger and could not float. Maybe all of these non-muscle pounds I've added since I was a teen.

PK, I almost didn't but the words just jumped off the screen. Think there's any future for a second career ? "It was a dark and a rainy night..."

Anon-T, I think I've seen that ad before, so you must've linked it.

Lucina, I did not see Sunday Morning this week.

Jayce, I've also had to have my cable line replaced, probably about two years ago now. Same reasons. I was told the newer cables are treated to deter the squirrels.

Dudley from Saturday, thanks for the notes on the locks of the RMD canal. Quite the engineering job, I'm sure. Someone - perhaps Spizboov or Gary - linked the Magdeburg Water Bridge before. It's neat.

HowardW said...

Dudley -
Thanks for the link to the Albinoni Adagio. A wonderful piece.

PK said...

TTP: There's always a distinct possibility that you can put words together to sell. Bet you've got a story or two in you. Just keep your day job until the money starts rolling in and management of it takes all your time. LOL! Meanwhile, we appreciate getting the benefit of your talent here at the corner.

Anonymous T said...

Just in time for the holidays a new PooPourri ad!

Like TTP did the other night, I fell asleep early and got up at 1a. (I took the afternoon off to put up Christmas lights (DW was going to go all Lysistrata on me if I didn't) and wanted 20 winks at 7p. Now I'm up.)

Tawnya - let us know how you did. Enjoy the break!

Dudley - I loved the piece. Thanks.

Cheers, -T