May 27, 2009

Wednesday May 27, 2009 Doug Peterson

Theme: Dog-tired

20A: Journalists with specialties: BEAT REPORTERS

33A: Washington Irving title setting: SLEEPY HOLLOW

41A: Dessert topping: WHIPPED CREAM

57A: Title place you "won't come back from," in a 1964 Jan & Dean hit: DEAD MAN'S CURVE

I'm exhausted!

I've never heard of Jan & Dean or their "DEAD MAN'S CURVE". BEAT REPORTERS and CITY DESK (38D: Local news department) brought to mind Watergate. Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein started their investigative reporting from Washington Post's CITY DESK.

I am amazed by the expense scandals emerging from the British Parliament. Maybe Heather Brooke had a Deep Throat assisting her along the way as well. She should come back to the US and have a look at our own Congress.

Doug Peterson's Newsday Stumper is always hard. But his themed TMS Daily or LAT is just perfect for me. He likes to use 4 (sometimes 3) theme entries, and synonym theme is quite fascinating and educative, esp for a non-Native English speaker.


1A: Oil container: DRUM. Wanted TANK.

5A: Golden Arches pork sandwich: McRIB. Have never had McRIB. What's the white stuff? Doesn't look like onion.

14A: 2000s sitcom set in Texas: REBA. Could only think of "Dallas".

15A: Tabriz resident: IRANI. Tabriz is in northwest of Iran. Literally "causing heat to flow" in IRANI language.

16A: Three-sided sails: JIBS. Ah, now I see what a boom really is.

17A: Yankee nickname: A-ROD. He is rumored to be dating Kate Hudson. Madonna is history now.

19A: Sighed line: ALAS

23A: Sweden's neighbor across the Baltic: LATVIA. Its capital city is Riga.

24A: Holiday number: NOEL. "Number" here means song.

25A: Was holding: HAD. I did not get this one immediately. Nor did I get OWNS (36D: Just bought).

29A: IRS employee: AGT. Thought CPA first.

31A: Split: CLEAVE. Root word of cleavage. Disappointed? Well, that's THE cleavage of the election year.

36A: Sea predator: ORCA

39A: Rivière contents: EAU. Water is Shui in Chinese, as in Feng Shui, literally "water-wind".

40A: Chooser's first word: EENY. From "EENY, meeny, miney, mo"? Why racist?

46A: Spendable salary: NET PAY

47A: Bouncers check them: IDS. I misread it as "Bounced check" first. Nice clue.

48A: Sign of a smash: SRO (Standing Room Only). Smash hit. Another great clue.

52A: Green side: PEAS. Side dish. I thought of LEAS first.

55A: Sea surrounding Lemnos: AEGEAN. See this map. Lemnos is directly above the word AEGEAN Sea.

62A: Meir's successor: RABIN. He is succeeded by Begin during his first term.

63A: Eldly: AGED

65A: Damaged layer: OZONE. Damaged? Not damaging?

66A: Bath residue: RING. I was thinking of FOAM/SUDS.

67A: Beatle bride: YOKO. Nice to see YOKO rather than ONO.

68A: Nero at the piano: PETER. I forgot all about this pianist. By the way, what is exactly the instrument Nero was fiddling while Roman burned?

69A: Two gelcaps, e.g.: DOSE


1D: In a dreary: DRABLY

2D: Study, in a way: REREAD. "In a way", yes.

3D: WWII subs: U-BOATS

4D: Comedy show that once featured "Spy vs. Spy" cartoon: MADTV. No idea. I've never seen MADTV.

5D: Odometer reading: MILEAGE

6D: Cut short: CROP. D'oh, CROP the hair.

7D: Incriminate: RAT ON

8D: Lead-in: INTRO

9D: Gene therapist's field, briefly: BIOTECH. Easy guess. I don't know what a gene therapist does.

10D: Close to closed: AJAR. I like the clue. This puzzle is quite scrabbly.

11D: Sedimentary fuel source: OIL SHALE. I've vaguely heard of SHALE OIL, not OIL SHALE. Wish DRUM (1A: Oil container") were clued differently. Don't like the oil repetition.

12D: Org. with Heat and Thunder: NBA. Only know Miami Heat. Oklahoma City Thunder is new to me. Our Minnesota pro soccer team is called Thunder too.

21D: Muscat moolah: RIAL. Also the moolah in Iran and Yemen.

22D: Cockney greeting: 'ELLO. Letter H is dropped in Cockney accent.

26D: Mary Kay rival: AVON

27D: Damp at dawn: DEWY. These DEWY persimmons need frost to to be sweet.

32D: Type of sch.: ELEM

33D: Seven-time NFL Pro Bowler Warren: SAPP. Nope. Only know #4 Favre guy on his left. Is 99 the highest jersey number in NFL?

37D: Flightless bird: RHEA. Do you know RHEA only has three toes? Ostrich has only two.

43D: Bit of ocular irrigation: EYE DROP

44D: "Lou Grant" star: ED ASNER

45D: "Just __!": A SEC. Repeat offender.

48D: Brasil '66 bandleader Mendes: SERGIO. No idea. The only Mendes I know is Eva Mendes.

49D: Croaking birds: RAVENS

50D: Jumpy: ON EDGE

54D: Dutch shoe: SABOT. Like these?

56D: Keep safe: GUARD

58D: Really big show: EXPO

59D: Musical inspired by Fellini's "8 1/2": NINE. Completely unknown to me. Where is the other 1/2?

60D: Cook with a skillet: FRY. I only use skillet to stir-fry.

61D: Thai language: LAO. LAO is spoken in northern Thailand.

Answer grid.


PS: Bay Area LAT solvers, please write to Katharine Fong (Deputy Managing Editor) of Mercury News if you prefer Rich Norris's LAT puzzles to the current Daily Communter. Her email address is and her phone number is 408 278 3448. Thanks, WM.


Dennis said...

Good morning, C.C. and gang - an excellent Wednesday puzzle, I thought. Enjoyable clues, although I don't necessarily agree that 'just bought' and 'owns' are synonymous. On the other hand, 'green side' was great, and I didn't have a clue until the perps filled it in.

(A quick note to Luxor, from last night: If you make an erroneous statement on the blog, somebody will correct you. That's all Argyle and I were doing; your definition of 'juke' was wrong. If you get so upset over a correction, then the only solution is to not make mistakes. Rather than throw a tantrum, admit you're human like the rest of us, and move on. Your posts on here are excellent, but last night was uncalled for.)

Today is Sunscreen Day. We have very effective sunscreen here in NJ this week - rain.

Today's Words of Wisdom: "A man is not old as long as he is seeking something." -- Biologist/Writer Jean Rostand

More Fun Facts:

- The body uses more than seventy muscles to say one word, and three hundred muscles to balance itself when standing still.

- Bone is stronger, inch for inch, than the steel in skyscrapers. (Where's Lois when we need her?)

C.C. Burnikel said...

I don't think "Just bought" & OWNS are fully interchangeable.

Why suddenly so sensitive? Totally unwarranted response yesterday.

Congratulations. Listening comprehension is always hard.

I don't always respond, but I truly appreciate the knowledge you've been bringing to us every day. You are a rara avis.

Martin said...

C.C., the ozone layer was damaged by clorofloro carbons back in the 70s. Scientists think that it's back up to full strength so the clue is misleading. (Environmentalists point to it as an example of where government policy had a positive impact on the environment.) I'm not sure why you want to say "damaging" because that would imply that the ozone layer actually damages us: it actually protects us by blocking ultra-violent radition from the sun.

I don't know if anybody answered yesterday but LCD stands for "liquid crystal display" which presumably does mean the same thing as "plasma".


windhover said...

Good morning, CC, et al, (like to use those crossword terms),

Tried not read the blog comments today, as I'm driving into Lexington in a few minutes and hope to stop by the office of the Irish and download the puzzle. May be back with that later.

Speaking of last night's mini-storm, yesterday morning I was wrong about the Lou Reed -ride, Sally, ride ( but was right in what Kazie was thinking). I fact-checked myself and corrected. But if I hadn't, someone on here, probably several someones, would have noticed and pointed out my mistake. So what's wrong with that? One of the things that distinguishes us as a group, as I have said before, is curiosity. We want to know what we don't know. One of the things I know for certain is that no matter how much useless but interesting trivia is buried in my brain, what I don't know is infinite. People who don't like to be corrected should limit their exposure to correction.
Melissa Bee, yesterday:
"She was beautiful, but often overheated".
So what does ( excuse me, did) it take to cool her down?

C.C. Burnikel said...

Re: OZONE. My brain just suffered a charlie horse.

I echo what you just said. Those who take time to read and correct us care.

Mary Anne,
Welcome! Hope to see more posts from you.

Too much cigarettes/nightlife in Paris. Great to hear from you again.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Fantastic "Corset Lady" new clues! My favorite: JAYS (NONET From Toronto) & SET.

Quick action and reaction from you with the puzzle change. You are certainly a do-er.

Warren & JD,
I am so happy that you stick with LAT. Would be very sad if I could not read your posts/links any more.

Anonymous said...

Hi, The San Jose Mercury News has started to run the "the DailyCommuter Puzzle" untill Rich
Norris can dumb-down the LAT puzzle for people who think that the Friday and Saturday puzzles are unsolvable. I don't know how the new LAT puzzles will affect your Blog. The dumbing-down will happen the middle of June.
I liked the way that the old LAT was and especially your blog. I'll wait untill June to see if we are solving the same puzzle.

Mainiac said...

Good Morning,

I really enjoyed this puzzle. I got hung up on McRib which finally fell with the perps. Cleave was tough as well which was my favorite clue.

Much to do today.

Have a good one.

Dick said...

Good morning C.C. and all,...a very nice puzzle today. The lower two thirds was a bunch of quick fills with no problems. The upper one third had me scratching my head for awhile. I finally completed all the fills without help except for the perps. I never eat at McDonald's so I had some problems getting McRib, however once I got this the rest of that area fell quickly. My favorite clue was green side.

C.C. I think you could have had a better link for cleave. Wow, how about a front shot of Kate Hudson instead.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday.

Bill said...

Good Morning,
More hunt and peck today but I came out on top of the thing. Took a little longer than the last two, but, hey, it's done. (and correctly, I might add)
I even (at the end) tumbled onto the theme, although I just called it "I'm Tired"! I, too, started with CPA for the IRS clue and soon found it wouldn't work, 'Cause MILEAGE has no "P"!
Re yesterday's discussion on JUKES. Although I'd heard the term before, relating to someone screwing around and not attending to matters at hand, (Quit JUKING around and get to work!),
I've NEVER heard it used in reference to sports, so y'all could have told ME anything and I wouldn't have known the difference.
Bottom line: I learned yet one more thing here. If I keep reading the blog I'll be so smart that I'll have to open a door to let my brain air out!!!
CY'all Later

KQ said...

Good morning all,

This puzzle actually filled in quite quickly for me. The only clue I couldn't get with perps or otherwise was SABOT (of course not catching on to the green side which was very clever I might add). Sadly, I was in the Netherlands and went on a tour to see the shoes being made. If you are ever in Amsterdam, visit Zans Schaanse, a little quaint town much more fun than the city and a short train ride away. They have a carver that makes Wedding Shoes. However, I have never heard them referred to as SABOT before.

CC - I don't think they sell McRibs in Minnesota. Many of McDonalds items are locally specific. They don't look appealing to me.

Eeny is considered as racist, as years ago a version was often used replacing tiger with the N word. I supposed some people believe it is still racist because of the past implication.

It was an excellent day in our household yesterday. While our youngest got his permit license (he was ecstatic, we not so much maybe) our daughter called several minutes later to tell us she got a job. She has been struggling with leaving school after loving it so much, and this really helps. As such she will move back in with us to get on her feet for a while before finding an apartment. I am excited she will be in the neighborhood as I miss her dearly. Should be a fun summer all around, and she can go driving with the little one sometimes so I don't have too!!!!! Yea Yea Yea

Hope everyone else has as good of a day.

Bay area, hope you get better response on your bid for LAT puzzle. WM, I agree, you need to speak your mind. Unfortunately, the papers don't realize that all the happy campers out there don't have any reason to gripe, so they go unheard.

luxor said...

Using the dictionary at the one across website, I found: juke= a deceptive move by a football player (fake). I didn't think it was wrong so I posted it. Just trying to answer C.C.'s question.
I disliked your comment to me sic. "asked and answered @ 5:38". As for Argyle, he didn't have a clue.

Didn't mean to be. His comment just hit me the wrong way.

Dennis said...

I disliked your comment to me sic. "asked and answered @ 5:38". Sorry, didn't realize you were such a sensitive thing. We'll certainly try to avoid correcting you in the future.

As for Argyle, he didn't have a clue.You should pray to be half as intelligent as Argyle. If I were you, I'd probably stop now and avoid looking more foolish.

tfrank said...

Good Morning, All,

Another good puzzle today. I struggled a bit with the NW corner, not remembering madtv or Reba; took a while to get beat reporter. I found the bottom half easier than the top. I don't eat at MacDonalds except in extremis, so was slow to get mcrib.

I am disturbed at the blog talk about dumbing down the LAT. I think it is great as it is. It is available to anyone on the internet; that's where I get mine as my local rag carries only the NYT. Success and happiness in life IMHO are achieved by reaching for the stars, not catering to the lowest common denominator.

May your day be filled with love and joy.

Jazzbumpa said...

Challenging puzzle today, but I did get through it.

Couldn't suss the theme on my own. Whipped and beat had me on the wrong track (again.)

Had Pooh for Storybook bear. Oh, bother!

Damaged Layer was my favorite clue.

We had Goldie Hawn a few days ago. Kate Hudson is her daughter.

This is for the cleavage deprived.

Perhaps there is a hollow to lay one's sleepy head

If you don't Remember Brazil 66, don't feel bad - it's been 43 years. They still sound pretty good.

C.C. - Thanks. A kind word is always appreciated.

Very tired today from all my shrub planting on Tuesday. Feeling old, Dennis's quote from Rostand not withstanding, and not especially clever.

Gotta run. Off to the Chiro-cracker.


windhover said...

As they say on the "Internets", " your results may vary", but the way it works for me is every time I learn something new I have to forget something first. Mostly though, it's GIGO.

Argyle said...

Proverbs 9:8 Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate thee: rebuke a wise man, and he will love thee.

kazie said...

Greetings all!

We have the same sunscreen as you today--much needed rain. Good WOW too.

I enjoyed today's XW, only got hung up on the NW corner--G'spotted MAD TV, and AROD. However, for the latter I got nothing, and finally it just hit me and then the rest of DRABLY fell in. (AB was missing.) I rarely, if ever, go to Micky D's, so MCRIB also took a while but I got it from the perps, and I wanted CPA for AGT. Was completely blindsided by PEAS, but it fell in. Very clever!

43D should be EYE drop in the main blog. Thanks for the comment today. I know you take everything in!
SABOT is actually the French word for clog. They are also necessary in the north of France, where farmland can be as soggy as in Holland. In Amsterdam you see displays of them like in c.c.'s link for tourists to buy, right alongside the wooden tulips.

luxor said...

I was advised when I was a boy, 'don't get into a pissing contest with a skunk'. I will take that advice and stop the dialogue with you. Bye.

Dennis said...

Luxor, I'll just say this: if for some reason you have a problem with me, my email is readily available. You could be a man and email me with your criticisms and keep your whining off the blog. A win-win for everyone.

g8rmomx2 said...

Hi c.c. and all:

Fun puzzle today. I had Star Reporters at first, but changed it finally when nothing fit with it. Sleepy Hollow and Dead Man's Curve I got immediately which helped a lot. As Dennis said, Green side was the most clever clue and didn't get it until the perps filled it in. I originally had Pooh bear instead of Papa bear which threw me off for awhile.

We threw a party for my daughter this past Saturday which went wonderfully. This weather was perfect except for 5/10 minutes of drizzle. Did a little boating, had tons of food and drinks and partied with relatives, friends, and neighbors. I'm starting to get "the empty nest syndrome" because she leaves Friday :(
Gainesville was only 3 hours, but now it will be more like 17 hours or a flight out and her time off is very limited in Residency. I guess I will just have to deal with it one way or another!

Linda said...

Good Morning all: Had "tank" for 1a...tried to fit "Dallas" for 14a :), got "mcrib" right away ,"sleepyhollow" came easily as did "whipped cream', although cool whip came to mind first. All in all, quite doable.

"Hatred stirs up quarrels, but love makes up for all offenses." Proverbs 10;12 NLT

embien said...

9:27 today. Much easier than Tuesday's Broadway musical puzzle for me.

I agree with those puzzling over 36d: Just bought (OWNS). I don't think that one fits the definition.

I filled in RABAN for Meir's successor and it took a while to find that mistake after I didn't get the "ta-da" screen after filling in the grid. (The play title could have been anything as far as I was concerned, so NANE didn't raise any red flags).

What's with all the musicals in our puzzle these days, anyway? I know they're gimmes for clear ayes, but I struggle with them.

treefrog said...

Had fun with today's puzzle. I got Sleepy Hollow with only the P. Jan and Dean easy too. Around here McRibs haven't been served in years. Noel was a D'OH!!
We have Jays around here. Not as many as a few years ago. What we have are Kamakazi (sp?) Blackbirds. They nest this time of year and will attack you. I felt the wings of one on my head yesterday when mowing the backyard. Between them and the blasted yellow jackets I might as well stay in the house!
My yard was watered early this AM, so no yard work today. Will try to catch up on some sewing projects.

luxor said...

Some clever clues today: cut short, damaged layer, and a few others already mentioned.

Anonymous said...

How come no one quoted the proverb about turning the other cheek?

embien said...

There is a difference between fake (deceptive ploy) as in a fake handoff or a trick play (statue of liberty, for example), and fake (juke) as in a feint by a wide receiver or running back meant to freeze the defensive player in his tracks. Different definitions for the same word, not uncommon in the English language.

Juke in football is equivalent to deke in hockey.

A dictionary can be your friend.

Anonymous said...

Good morning everyone. Argyle, your biblical quote is the best comment on the recent (and I sincerely hope) finished todo.

As to sabot, it is the base from which sabotage comes.
My understanding has been that this work derived from (French) anti-industrial workers that threw their sabots (wooden shoes) into factory gears to break them.

treefrog said...

Fnally poste a pix. Let's see if it comes up.
My computer buddies. Georgie Porgie-white and Violet-tortiseshell. She is a holy terror!

Anonymous said...

gr8momx2: As I was gone for two weeks, I may have missed where your daughter is doing her residency. And what is her specialty?
I am interested because my husband's son did his residency in Pittsburgh.
Says it's the best for surgery.

KQ said...

gr8momx2 - you and I are at opposite ends of the spectrum aren't we. However, I have those teenagers that some days you wish were heading out. I know how quickly we miss them too though.

Linda said...

"But I tell you, do not resist an evil person..." (and then, what you said.)
Matthew 5:39, not Proverbs...

You should probably should be a bit more familiar with your ammunition.

Dennis said...

embien, excellent point regarding the differences between 'fake' and 'juke'.

Jazzbumpa, thanks much for the link. Nice way to start the day.

Windhover, I've been saying the same thing ad nauseum on here for over a year now: it takes a smart man to know just how dumb he is. I guess we're pretty smart.

g8rmomx2, it'll just make those visits all the more special.

lois said...

Good morning CC et al.,
Finally able to sit up and hold a pen to do the c/w. Got zapped by a viscious upper resp. infect. that knocked me out for days. Would say it's good to be vertical again, but I know how you all would read into that one.

Agree w/Jazz on the puzzle. The theme really slipped by me. Being tired was the end result of what I was conCOCting w/yds, mileage, Peter, A-rod, flex, drum, beat, whipped, cream, dewy, sleepy, and dead.

Fav clues were for peas and ello. Also loved seeing Sergio Mendes.

Dennis: Great FF: thank you for verifying what I've been believing all along, that bone is stronger than steel. I'd rather play w/a boner than a steeler any day and what could be better than a steeler trying to disprove the fact!

'Alas' my vertical time is up. Enjoy your day.

JIMBO said...

Hi C.C. and all,

Would you believe---I only had two mistakes and no "G's". It looked scary at first, because out of the whole top half only 13d
(Ess) was filled in; But from there things started snowballing. I had DEWS for DEWY (27D) and that messed up EENY. The other was OWNS (36d) which I don't have an excuse for.

I looked for the theme, but even after getting the right answers, I could not put it together. (I seldom do)

Anyway I feel much encouraged by doing so well on a Wednesday puzzle.
Thanks to all of you for pulling me up to the next level.

On another note: To whom it may concern.
"Pride goes before a fall".
"Love conquers all"

Vaya con Dios

melissa bee said...

good morning c.c. and all,

i seem to be right in line with the daily level of difficulty, each day generally takes 2-3 mins longer to complete than the day before. didn't love OWN or REREAD, did love PEAS. i've really enjoyed the thursday/friday puzzles and feel my solving ability has improved because of it. i'll miss the challenge come summer.

@c.c.: nice fake/juke/deke on the cleavage link.

@kazie: amsterdam is the city i most want to visit. i hope to see those clog and tulip displays in person some day.

@sallie: interesting SABOT/sabatogue, thanks.

@jimbo: woot woot!

@wh: if you're talking about the car, preventative maintenance goes a long way .. i learned to always keep the fluids topped off and she purred like a kitten.

carol said...

Hi C.C.and everyone - I just could not solve the NW corner. I put TANK in for 1A and that stopped me cold. DRUM never occurred to me. Have never watched REBA - I did get 28A (YDS) but it did not help me.

I loved the clue (48A) Sign of a Smash.
I put LEAS in instead of peas and until I read the comments, I thought I was correct. I did wonder about a bear named PALA though. LOL

Lois, so glad you are back and so sorry it was an illness that kept you gone so long. I just figured you had met a fun fellow and were riding into the sunset. Sure hope you are on the mend!! We have missed your humor and wit.

Treefrog, I can sympathize with your yellow jacket problem. A few years ago we had a nest at the base of a large fern in our back you know they burrow underground. My hubby is mildly allergic to stings and we bought some foam spray to use in the nest entrance. We had to get up at about 4:00 am one summer day so we could catch all the bees before they left the nest for the day. We had to spray 2 mornings in a row but we did get rid of them. I hate to kill anything but sometimes you just have to.
The small discussion of cats and the way they want to be where you are if you are doing something like reading, computer work, paper work etc...brought back a memory of our big white cat (Hardy). He was 16 lbs of lover boy. He always wanted to be right in the middle of whatever we were doing and one year when I was wrapping Christmas presents and had arranged the tissue paper just so inside the box, I turned to get the sweater I had folded and when I turned back there was Hardy, sitting inside the box looking very pleased with himself. I had to remove him and I gave him a piece of tissue paper to play with so I could continue. Pets... gotta love 'em. He and Laurel are gone now and we won't get more. We enjoy other peoples little furry friends instead.

Warren said...

Hi C.C. and ...

In today's SJ Mercury News they put in a puzzle answer correction for last Saturday's puzzle. That was the same day that they switched. I'm still miffed that they can go ahead and make a change without telling any of the readers about it.

I found today's puzzle a little challenging but doable with online red help.

I found this link McRib
that gives the ingredients. It must be a white onion slice on C.C.'s picture?

kazie said...

I have heard the story of the SABOTS thrown into the gears too. They thought the machinery would replace the workers.

The French love to go on strike, so it seems typical. I remember when I was there in 70-71 there was even a strike/protest by farmers, who dumped truckloads of potatoes on the Autoroutes to protest price controls or some such.

Glad to see you are again vertical, if only temporarily. At least it's a step in the right direction.

If you're right about the ozone layer that is indeed good news! I hadn't kept up on that front.

I don't know what they do to the pork in McRibs, but having tried one once, I wouldn't ever bother again. It was tasteless, but then what isn't at McD's?

Crockett1947 said...

Good morning, everyone! Nice puzzle today. Yes, those are onions, C.C.

Messed this one up. Had LEAS and thought PALA was an unknown bear. REBS sounded like a good sitcom title to me. No MSDTV? Never heard of MADTV, but it does make sense.

@lois So sorry you've been under the weather. I know you'd probably prefer to be under the weatherman! Welcome back to the living. I hope you get your strength back soon so your vertical time can be increased.

I also have a problem with OWNS=just bought. WTH?

@jimbo Way to go!

@carol See above, LOL!

Have a great Wednesday, all!!!

SandbridgeKaren said...

Could not for the life of me get the theme of this puzzle - thanks so much CC!! Way too obscure for me on a Wednesday. After g-ing MADTV I finally finished - had to think more than yesterday (it is Wednesday) but enjoyed the puzzle. I agree on the owns/just bought thing - clue should have been better. Would have liked Seven-time Pro Bowler for Warren Sapp - it could direct people away from football to bowling. Anyone see him on 'Dancing With The Stars?'

Welcome back, Lois, even if only for a bit. Miss you when you don't post. Hope you can stay fully vertical soon.

Our sunscreen today is clouds - better than rain - we've had a lot lately.

Hope you guys have fun with cleavage today.

Al said...

@jazzbumpa, thanks for the Sergio link. That one and the related songs took me back to a much happier time.

For the pet antic lovers, these two sites are pretty funny:
Dogs and cats. The captions are pretty imaginative, but the animals are the real stars.

windhover said...

Luxor, may I have a word with you?

Over the years, I have met a few people to whom I took an instant dislike. I think there are a few who took an instant dislike to me. But I have never made that decision about a person who I have never met. The guy you are contending with has proven himself, in his Internet persona at least, to be a standup guy. Terse sometimes, and overly honest, but never unfair. And if you missed it, he paid you a conciliatory (and deserved) compliment first thing this morning. You decided to continue your Hatfield-McCoy line of interaction.
To those of us here in the DMZ, the offense seemed slight. He did not say you were wrong, although you were; he said the question had been answered. I thought you had been here long enough to be aware of the unpardonable sin: not reading the prior comments. Even in face-to-face conversation it is a courtesy to know what has been said before you jump in and offer your two cents.
The one conceit that most of us on this
and most blogs share is that someone actually gives a damn about our musings on a subject. This great group of people for the most part really do that. Pay them the courtesy of curbing your temper, at least in the case of minor slights. I recall a great deal of warmth and tolerance being extended to you not very long ago. Just reciprocate.

Melissa Bee: Of course I meant the car, but I certainly have learned lately just how essential the
proper fluids can be. And I think you meant to say

Dennis said...

Jimbo! Outstanding!! Do you remember how down you were when we first made the switch? I'm really, really happy for you - just a matter of time 'til you're saying, "is that all you got?" on Fridays.

Lois, it's good to be vertical again??? Sorry, not buying that, coming from you. What have you done with Lois? Seriously, glad you're doing better; you're sorely missed here.

Mustang Mel, you really think WH was talking about the car?

Al, great sites; thanks.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, I marched right along on this Wednesday puzzle. All of the clues led easily to the fills. There wasn't even one word I was unfamiliar with. (Thank you Winston Churchill for your prepositional opinion.) Am I getting smarter? I rather doubt it, but I think I am getting the LAT knack.

I've never had a MC RIB sandwich. They don't look very appetizing to me. I'd rather have a real pulled pork sandwich!

Dinner and the show last night were terrific. If you don't have girlfriends when you are in your 60's, try to acquire some. Sorry guys, I'm NOT talking to you.

I'm off and running again today. We left our Odyssey at the shop yesterday and have to pick it up today. While we are at it, we will leave a thou or so with them. I shouldn't complain, it has been a very reliable vehicle and hasn't had much go wrong.

Clear Ayes said...

Reason for this particular poem? It reminded me of being 16, even though I wasn't an Iowa girl. It also refers to a speeding Impala. Made me think of some special summer nights. Ah....those were the days!


Tonight, I will love myself at sixteen when I desired
what I thought were the troubles of bad girls
in Iowa, pretending I smoked menthol cigarettes,
that my parents would divorce, that my father,
at least, worked the line at Firestone, took nothing
from the foreman but an occasional beer,
flipped the bird to management, and went out
damn proud when the Union said, Walk.
Friday nights, I stripped and searched the mirror
for Slavic bones, rib cage, pelvis, delicate
as a newly emerged atoll, trying to acquire
come-hither moves and the ropey voice that meant
devil in a blue dress to a bass guitar player
with silver ear clips. Saturdays, I lied like hell
to make off with my mother's Impala, speeding
for nearby soybean towns, scooping the loop in Ottumwa,
or Ames, parked in the shade of a grain elevator
where I learned lust for a dark green Camaro,
and each day after school I rode my bike across
the river, because the East Side was dangerous,
because crossing was bad, because I knew the rules,
and wanted every dark thing to be green and perfect.

- Beth Simon

Lemonade714 said...

Well another day where I feel I should be wearing my zebra shirt. Can you send adults to the corner for a timeout?

Doug Peterson's puzzles always have some interesting clues, and green side, PEAS, was so easy it was hard. SABOT is an interesting word; it also is a "a thrust-transmitting carrier that positions a missile in a gun barrel or launching tube and that prevents the escape of gas ahead of the missile." Meanwhile, I still am not getting these themes in time for them to be helpful; I guess I will continue to grind, word by word.

WM said...

Well, well, all around fun puzzle even though I scratched my head at the start of the NW corner. Went somewhere else and when I came back, filled in DRUM and then the rest was easy. Totally sideswiped by the cleverness of green side...DUH! Got all the theme answers with only one or two perps in each...pulled DEAD MANS CURVE out thin maybe now that I've used that, I can discard it to make room for something else in my Rolodex of a brain.

C.C....Thanks for posting the contact info for the SJMN. I do think it is important for the happy people to be heard and truly fear a dumbing down of the puzzle. If you haven't guessed...I really like challenges and it is fun to get better at something through plain hard slog...I really enjoy these puzzles. I am going to suggest to the paper that they print a small article about the puzzles, Rich Norris and this blog so that people can understand this whole process...Everyone here makes it so much fun and all the divergent views, ideas and experiences make this my first "go to" place every day. Also, I had several emails from Bay Area Lurkers and invited them to join in.

A couple of things(sorry for the REALLY long post) all of you and your kind mom is improving daily and her Dr. gave her the freedom to forget calories and salt intake and just eat whatever the heck she wants...what great therapy.

Also...My husband, the softie who even buys food for the racoons, caved at the vet's yesterday when we went to pick up meds for our 17 yr old kitty, and we are now the proud parents of Jack and Jill...a pair of matching grey "rescue kitties" forthcoming.

Kazie...thanks for the clarification on Sabot...which I thought was French...we continually rely on your expertise. I do have a pair of Dutch wooden shoes and even used have a pair of Japanese geta, which I found impossible to walk in.

JIMBO...Woot, Woot, Woot *pumping hands in air* You are awesome!!!

Lois...good to have you back and sorry it wasn't something fun keeping you to you.

Bill re: 7:01 Brain...air out...LOL!

And Boys...if you can't get along, pick up your toys and go home for a time out...Okey-Dokey! Tsk, Tsk.

Al said...

@C.C., those white things are supposed to look like onions, but probably aren't. Food photography as practiced by slick marketing people isn't even food most of the time, or at least isn't edible any more...

Argyle said...

I'm not sure this can be considered a true juke because the defender is playing the ball and not the man, but it is a thing of beauty just the same.

When I played football, as fullback, I didn't juke, I just ran over them. That was the halfback's job to juke 'em.

WM said...

Al...great link and I think it might be an improvement over the real McRibs which are scary "preformed meat product"...EWWWW!

Yes, the French love a good took me 3 visits to Paris to get into the Musee D'Orsay...Strikes each time and an almost strike the 3rd time... and it was off season.

treefrog...Yea! Cute kitties!

Lemonade714 said...


Good to hear about your mother's progress. It is one of the sad realities that as we age health related conversation is more common than pillow talk.

I have a new picture of my two sons, nephew and SOs at another nephew's wedding. Nothing heals better than some joy.

Linda said...

Jimbo: And they (not any one here!) said we Seniors couldn`t do it! Take that!,"they!",

Jazzbumpa said...

I should have posted this yesterday, but my mind was on another course - or corset, perhaps. Yesterday's 27D
was OLIVE. The previous Tuesday we had GINS as an A, in the same part of the grid. So, I submit this for your consideration.

Of course, it is one of my conceits that somebody here will give a hoot. Or take a sip.

X-word lovers should be interested in this. I learned an alternate meaning for a familiar word today. My Chiro-cracker instructed the massage therapist to employ "distraction" on my neck today. This involves stretching and then lengthening the
affected area. I told the LW that if she had chauffeured me to my appointment, I could say she drove me to "distraction."


Anonymous said...

Hello Bloggers and Fellow Lurkers,
I'm one of the disgruntled Mercury-News Puzzle doers. I e-mailed WM yesterday and gave her the news that I had e-mailed and GOT and answer back almost immediately hoping that we could make a difference in what puzzle was published in our paper.

WM has convinced me to no longer lurk, but join in. Since we don't have the same puzzle in our paper any longer, I'll have to do it on-line.

I have enjoyed this blog for almost a year, and come daily to get my "unknowns" from CC. I'm not sure how often I'll be able to contribute my two-cent's worth, but hopefully you'll let me continue to enjoy your banter and expertise on all subjects, known and unknown to me.

lois said...

Lemonade: about SABOT is an interesting word; it also is a "a thrust-transmitting carrier that positions a missile in a ... launching tube and that prevents the escape of gas ahead of the missile."

I KNEW that guy! I.S.Abot

Thank you all for the well wishes. Vertical time is increasing but will probably be decreasing in proportion to the number of 'shots' I'll have at tonight's bday party. It's all good.

If this works, the new picture is Bill w/Isabelle at the Amelia Bluegrass Festival. He's playing w/Woody (gotta love that name) who is a phenomenal guitarist. Unbelievable talent in both of them. It was quite an experience!

Jazzbumpa said...

Clear Ayes -

Interesting poem, and one that deserves to be 2D, repeatedly.

With that in mind, and continuing the conceit, here is a Jazzbumpa Original (of a sort.)

Cheers, again!

SandbridgeKaren said...

Jazzbumpa - ooh!!! stretching and then lengthening the affected area???? I'm in.

WM said...

Yea! Chickie...stay with us for the ride and please forgive the boys their bickering today as it is most glad you posted today!

Jazz...Funny! LOL

Lois...Thank you for the photo...Heya Bill! Love Bluegrass. with everyone's help you CAN teach "older" dogs new tricks...Love it!

I think that's #3

Dennis said...

Lois, whose birthday?

Anonymous said...

I subscribe to two daily newspapers: the "Long Beach Press Telegram" and the "Los Angeles Times." The "Press" used to carry the Star Tribune Crossword, but has switched to Newsday. I find that one pretty easy. The "Press" also carries the New York Times Crossword--always has.

I'm a long-time subscriber to the "L.A. Times" and have avoided their crossword thinking it wasn't doable for me. I'm liking it now thanks to you guys.

in L.A.

Mainiac said...

WM, Glad that your mother is gaining ground. Also congrats on your new additions to the family.

Ours are growing like mad and catching mice to bring to their mother on her side of the bed! She is less than impressed with their newly found skills. The good thing is that they haven't gotten to eating parts of them and leaving what they don't like.

Lois, Attah girl! Keep forcing those fluids! Hope you have a speedy recovery.

We're in for a rainy stretch. Looks like it will be the gym rather than the bike.

Jazzbumpa said...

SBKaren -

It's called distraction for a reason.

Buckeye said...


Really can't relate to Luxor's disgruntledness because I have never been corrected on this blog, having never made a mistake. I do have the words "My bad!" in my lexicon, but I've never had to use them together.

I hope they don't "dumb down" the LAT x/w. I find Wednesday's puzzle my favorite because, like today, I can easily get the answers, but love the cluing. I actually started at 1(a.) and worked the across and downs all the way to the bottom with no real problems, but had pauses to enjoy and figure out the clues. Great fun.

I'm getting better on Thursday's and Friday's and still find Sat.'s a bit beyond me, but I'm getting more and more each week.

G8rmom; I'm only 90 mins. from OSU, so feel free to stay here if you wish.

Linda; The verse just before the one you quoted in Matthew (5-38) rejects "an eye for an eye"; one of the arguments used to endorse capital punishment.

Lois; I thought you were horizontal most of the time, anyway. At least that was my fantasy.

Dennis, Embien and Argyle; youse guys don't need to scorn me for me to hate thee. I hate thee 'cause y'all is so damn smart. Embien completes the puzzle faster than I can find the friggin' thing in my newspaper, Dennis is one of them menses dudes and Argyle is smarter than an eight year old police dog. What's not to hate?

Clearayes; Agree with GAH. It has to be 85 degrees inside before I use my AC. Love your rhymey thingies and even the ones that don't rhyme. However, I never spent any time in front of a mirror checking out my cheek-bones.

An Irishman and a Mormon were sitting next to each other on an airplane. The Irishman ordered a double whiskey but the Mormon told the attendant, "I'd rather be ravaged by three demented whores than to allow liquor to touch my lips". The Irishman handed back his drink and said, "I'll go along with this guy. I didn't know we had a choice!" (Thanks, Carol).

I must be off!!

WM said...

Lemonade and Mainiac...thanks...

Mainiac...Love the new avatar, kind of a "Monet with Dog"...sooooo pretty.

Our little guys are going to have to be indoor cats...raccoons, opossum, etc...too dangerous outside. We have had others in the past that have gifted us with critters, bats, brought a small alligator lizard into the house, which promtly took off and which we couldn't find anywhere until, about 6 mos. later, when I was about 8 mos pregnant with our first, it showed up, fully grown, walking across the kitchen floor...I couldn't move fast enough to catch it...but hubby saved it and put it outside...ya gotta love kitties...they are always so thoughtful.

Buckeye...great to see you...LOL as always.


carol said...

Crockett (12:25) Good one to Lois!

Chickie - welcome, I hope you will post more and lurk less. We appreciate the various views here.

WM - Your hubby sounds sweet...I would have to watch mine around kittens too, as he most likely would take them all home, actually so would I and that is why I stay away from places like that. I swear I would have 10 of them if I could. Also so glad to hear your Mom is improving and can now eat what she wants. I gave my Mom her favorite Hershey mini candy bars and Kisses. She had so little pleasure left in her life, I couldn't refuse the sweets she loved.

Lois, listen to all the good advise you are getting. Healthy lungs are important as are proper fluids. Maybe you will be 'distracted' tonight.:) It does sound like fun; all that stretching and elongation. What a prescription! Do you go to Dr.Feelgood?

Jazzbumpa - thanks for the 'visual' on the distraction thingy...loved it!

SB Karen..LOL - it does conjure up a nice thought huh?

Bill said...

Lois, Lois, Lois!!!
The word is "accompanied" not "played with"!!!
Don't EVEN try to get me in trouble!!

kazie said...

I forgot to mention earlier the French strike that almost unhinged my life.

After my future husband and I had met in Spain during Holy Week, we agreed to meet later in Munich before leaving Europe. I returned to Montpellier to finish my year as English assistant, he traveled through Italy, Yugoslavia and Austria for the next few weeks. The day I was to take the train from Montpellier to Geneva and thence to Munich, the French railways were on a go-slow, at about 10mph instead of the normal 60+. Of course I missed the Swiss connection, and by the time I got to Munich, hours later than expected, I didn't know if I'd find him, or if he'd have given me up and moved on. Fortunately though, someone had told him of the strike, so he had gotten us a room and was on his way back to the hostel where we'd agreed to meet when I met him on the street. I often wonder how our lives would have been different if we hadn't reconnected that night. I may never have come here.

Doug P said...

Thanks for the comments! The seed entry for today's puzzle was DEAD MAN'S CURVE. I thought it would make a great entry, and I managed to come up with three more "tired" theme answers to go with it. I often try to put the most interesting theme answer at the bottom of the puzzle, because I assume most solvers work from top to bottom, and I want to save the best for last.

Dennis said...

Doug, you definitely succeeded. I am curious, however - was the 'just bought/owns' combo yours? I can't see the synonymity.

Argyle said...

Hi Doug,

Was that your original clue for DEADMANS CURVE? 'cause when I scanned all the clues, I jumped right on it, being an old car song guy. I was hoping the others would be car songs but, alas, it was not do be.

Seriously, a good puzzle though. Were you aiming at a Wednesday puzzle? I mean, it seemed a perfect fit.

melissa bee said...

@wh: Melissa Bee: Of course I meant the car, [...] And I think you meant to say "kitty".does that mean you changed your answer?

@dennis: no.

@lois: thanks for posting the pic, that's great. same question as dennis.

@buckeye: lurk less, post more.

Doug P said...

@Dennis - No, that wasn't my clue for OWNS. I suppose you could say "He just bought a car" = "He owns a car," but it's a stretch.

@Argyle - My original clue was simply "1964 Jan & Dean hit." I love the way Rich Norris added the lyric. Wonderful clue! I figured this puzzle would run on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. I'm glad it hit the spot.

SandbridgeKaren said...

Lois - ?playing w/Woody? - cannot believe you wrote that and nobody commented.

Carol - thanks. Think I'll call my s.o. and see if he's willing to distract me a couple times tonite.

Dennis said...

SandbridgeKaren said, Lois - ?playing w/Woody? - cannot believe you wrote that and nobody commented.Karen, we don't usually comment on routine events.

KittyB said...

Hi, all!

I suppose I could just say..."What they said," and close. In 65 posts, you've pretty much covered it all.

I agree with tfrank: dumbing down of the LAT is disturbing. I've adjusted to the different levels of difficulty, and have come to look forward to the challenge.

Today's puzzle was easier for me than yesterday's c/w. The last to fall was the NW corner. When AROD and MADTV fell in place, so did the rest of that section. MADTV was totally a guess. 'Green side' was pretty clever.

treefrog, what in the world is that cat doing!?

Way to go, Jimbo!

Lois, I didn't realize that you've been ill. I hope you're feeling better now. (laughing) What Crockett said!

Sports clues are just wasted on me. I read "Seven Time NFL Pro Bowler Warren" and wondered if pro bowling was still shown on TV. I know that I should have picked up on "NFL" as part of the clue, but it slid right by. Luckily, this was completed by the across clues.

Al, I loved the cat in the box.

WM, I'm so glad to hear that your Mom is doing better. Wonderful news!

Thanks for the picture of Bill and Woody, Lois. Have fun tonight.

Welcome to the group, Chickie.

WM, thanks for the kittie story. I read it to Dear Husband, who has been trying to tell me that our old cat will be the last pet in this house. The cat's name is Edward Scissorhands, and he has taken to leaving chipmunk parts at my front door. The kids have started calling him 'Dracula' because he prefers the top half of the chipmunks.

Buckeye, your Irishman and Mormon joke pulled a laugh out of Dear Husband! *G*

Vern said...

The eeny,meeny, miny, mo brings back a lot of memories of similar racist expressions from my youth...although we didn't at the time think of them as racist 1930's & 1940's. Does anyone remember the Katzenjeimer (sp?) Kids in the Sunday Comics with Hans & Fritz and the frequent use of the word "Himmel"? That cartoon bit the dust as it was insulting to the German readers along with a very popular kid's book, "Little Black Sambo" where a tiger changed a little black boy around a tree, moving so fast that the two of them changed into pancakes. We were so polically incorrect back then.

kazie said...

Himmel just means heaven(s)--what is wrong with that?

The Katzenjammer kids were based (I believe) on a popular 19th century collection of German Max und Moritz stories by a popular German humorist, Wilhelm Busch.

I'm certainly glad your mom is doing better. It sounds like you are managing to cheer her up a little.

WELCOME CHICKIE! And thanks WM for introducing her to the blog!

Vern said...

Hi Kazie:

I cited the word "Himmel" only as an example of the comic frequently using a German word. I didn't mean to suggest it was a "swear word." The only other word I can recall was "Ach" which was also frequently used.

KittyB said...

Jazzbumpa, thank you for your response to my question about 'No Other Love,' last night @10:44

My husband and I both played the 'Victory at Sea' Suite in the early sixties, as you did. I've been driving him crazy, humming the music. One day I'll figure it out, and wake him in the middle of the night with the answer.

carol said...

SB Karen - I can't believe I missed the 'playing with Woody' comment either! I read it but it just did not connect.

Bill - I am sure you are not in trouble.
Such a cute explanation about 'accompanied' vs 'playing with'...we know you would not play with a woody. Lois, on the 'other hand', would!

Vern, I am sure all of us 'older' people here can remember remarks, signs, songs, comics, jokes, etc about various races/ethnic groups from the 40's, 50's and even 60's. I am glad we have moved on from all those hurtful things. I think it was last summer that we had quite a discussion on this topic here. I remember a restaurant here in Portland that was named "Coon Chicken Inn" and had as it's entrance a large smiling face of a black man!! Can you imagine such a thing now???! I was only a kid at the time, but I still remember that huge grinning painted face around the doorway - people would have to walk through the 'mouth' to enter! It is amazing to me to look back on what happened back then, and blacks did not dare to protest (until the 60's). I remember in the 50's that the only jobs black women could get in stores was that of cleaning the women's restrooms or possibly run the elevators ( that was before automation came in.) I hope we have overcome these horrible wrongs, but I know in some parts of our country, these thoughts are still there but are not always openly expressed.
I shall now step down from soap box :)

Linda said...

Buckeye; I don`t understand your point in the statement about capital punishment. Please enlighten me.

Vern: Sambo and the elephant turn into a pool of butter...which would be good on pancakes.

This from wikkipee on the author of "Sambo"

"The heroes of many of her books are recognizably south Indian or Tamil children from the illustrations and use of words like Little Black Sambo has Ghee, Tigers, Bazaar, Little Black Mingo has Jungle, Mugger, Dhobi, Mongoose, Little Black Quasha has Bazaar, Tigers, Little Black Quibba has Mangoes and Elephants and have nothing to do with Africa or African people. And despite the plots having no really racist overtones and usually celebrating the intelligence and ingenuity of the children, the name Sambo has become a slur against people of colour and the books have often been banned or censored. As a result of this controversy, a politically correct version co-authored by Fred Marcellino, The Story of Little Babaji, changed the names of the main characters."

Linda said...

Vern: Of course it was Sambo and the tiger.

hahtoolah said...

I filled in all the blanks, but still couldn't figure out the theme. I figured that Beat, and Whipped could lead one to become Dead, but didn't see how Sleepy fit into the mix.

Argyle said...

I thought Sambo got the tigers to chase each other, so fast they turned into butter, which he then had on his pancakes. If that is not the way it was, don't tell me. I like my version better.

Where's DR DRE MD? I'd be interested in his take on this and the "eeny, meeny, miney, mo" thing.

Crockett1947 said...

@linda And I had visions of the world's fastest elephant chasing around the tree!

JIMBO said...


I remember it the same way you do.

lois said...

Crockett: LMAO Funny guy and right on the money.

Bill: LMAOROTF I will be more careful in describing how you associate w/your fellow musicians -esp Woody. But I must say, you guys sure know how to pluck a G string!

Jazz: that 'distraction' apparatus sure sounds familiar, except that what I'm familiar with is not a stradiometer but a stradle-ometer -and with similar effects. 10 mins w/that and you can bet I reach a significant height all right! Puts me in left orbit & into the right side of a rocket!

Carol: I've heard of Dr Feelgood, but I go to a Thai dr named Dr. Prik Khing. He's so good they named an 'entree' after him...ummm good!

Thank you all for your kind health advice. I don't have to push fluids. I'm taking shots. It's all good.

Buckeye: don't lose your fantasy. My verticality is only a temporary setback...I'll be looking up again in no time.

Dennis & MelissaB: today marks the 3 anniversary of my eldest daughter's 29th year...I was a child bride! She's the one getting married in Aug in Lexington KY. Look out Windhover! We're coming to town!

kazie said...

Thanks for clarifying the Himmel example. I thought I was missing something.

JD said...

Hi CC and all.

Even though it's late I wanted to check in.When the "T-man" is with me, I do not get on my computer.

The puzzle went well this am although I had problems with McRib. I'm sure I'd have greater problems if I ate one.Yuk! I could not see "rat on" or get cleave. I had sleeve.LOL!And oil shelf soon became oilshale.I think I am improving, but the theme goes over my head, so it's no help.I kept reading the 3 I had filled in, but it didn't help with beat reporters.

My fav. clue was chooser's first word.

CA, I loved the poem. I never looked for cheekbones in the mirror either. There was a problem of zits in those days, and unruly curly hair when the style was long and straight like Cher.

I am so impressed that the SJMN answered WM. I wrote right away and OBVIOUSLY my writing lacked something.LOL. WM, that was a great letter. Let us know how the older cat adjusts to those little guys. It was smart to get 2.

Lois, what can I say that has not been said? Don't over do??? titter

Kazie, my fav. trip ever was the month I spent in Amsterdam (July1997).So many fine museums and interesting side trips. Seeing all those flowers at the Aalsmeer Flower auction was breath taking.None of my tulips grew from the bulbs I brought home.I have since acquired a large assorted collection.I had not heard of the word sabot so I found all of that explanation very interesting.I always look forward to your expertise on words.

JD said...

I still have my childhood copy of Little Black Sambo. After the 4 tigers took all of L.B.S.'s clothes, they were arguing over who was the grandest tiger of all.( Now I would have laughed at the tiger with the purple shoes hanging off his ears!!)The angry tigers took off the clothes, grabbed each other's tails and chased each other so quickly around the tree that they just melted away into a big pool of "ghi" (butter in India).And you know the rest. I am so glad that no professor told me all the symbolism of that tale. I liked it as it was, except for the boy's name.

melissa bee said...

all the talk about little black sambo brought lots of memories for me .. anyone else remember the sambo's restaurants? adorned with pictures of sambo. my dad used to take me there after a day at the recording studio .. this was in arizona and i'm now in california .. are there still sambo's?

Martin said...


It seems I misspoke about the hole in the ozone layer being fixed. I just read a
BBC report
from 2006 online that says that the hole in the ozone layer is actually getting bigger even though the concentration of CFCs in the atmosphere has been declining since 2001. The truth is that people don't worry about the ozone layer as much as they did because the hole in the ozone layer is centered over Antartica which is unpopulated. My statement saying that the ozone layer was "fixed" was based on what Al Gore said in The Inconvenient Truth saying that government policy was able to repair the damage to the ozone layer and citing this as an example of government policy being able to prevent an environmental crisis. (CFCs act as a catalyst causing ozone to break down to oxygen. CFCs are also greenhouse gases and the rate of ozone depletion increases when atmospheric temperatures are high so the issue is related to global warming. I would expect that scientists have taken into account the fact that the levels of CFCs in the atmosphere peaked in 2001 when they make predictions about global warming.)

It just occurs to me how appropriate a discussion this is on Sunscreen Day. :)

C.C. and Dennis,

Today is the day Chinese people celebrate the dragon boat festival. I'm sorry to say, C.C., I didn't eat any pork fried rice today. (I forget what they call that. Zaozi?)


Martin said...

P.S. I misread the article. The hole in the ozone layer actually gets larget with LOWER temperatures so global warming would actually help, oddly enough.