Oct 16, 2009

Friday October 16, 2009 Dan Naddor

Theme: V Formation - W + long vowel sounds are changed into V + same long vowel sounds in the first word of a familiar phrases/name.

18A. Seat for eating scaloppine?: VEAL CHAIR. Wheelchair. Scaloppine refer to thinly sliced pieces of meat, especially veal, dredged in flour, sautéed, and served in a sauce. Unknown to me. I thought it's Italian for scallop. Scallop also means "thin boneless slice of meat" in cookery.

23A. Tool for a dueling snake?: VIPER BLADE. Wiper blade. I gather blade here means teeth?

36A. What Tarzan became after years of swinging?: VINE CONNOISSEUR. Wine connoisseur. Probably Dan's seed entry.

49A. Egotistical describer of laws of motion?: VAIN NEWTON. Wayne Newton. Newton's law of motion.

55A. Paleontologist's ski resort discoveries?: VAIL BONES. Whalebone. Vail is a Colorado skiing resort (Aspen is another one).

Five V theme answers. Roman numeral for five is V. Maybe just a coincidence.

Sometime last month I mentioned that I hoped to finish a Dan Naddor puzzle (sans cheating) before German pulls out of Afghanistan. Well, I did. Aced this puzzle today. Figured out the gimmick rather quickly and simply filled in blank after blank.

Today's Dan Naddor Index (total non-theme entries with 6 or more letters) is 10. Quite low in his standard.


1. Seawater component, to a chemist: NACL. Salt.

5. Egypt's Mubarak: HOSNI. Got the answer from crossings. I only know Mubarak as Mubarak. He's been the Egyptian president since Sadat's assassination in 1981.

10. Adriatic Sea country: Abbr.: ALB (Albania)

13. "In other words ...": I MEAN

15. Decide to participate: OPT IN

17. Oktoberfest dance: POLKA. Timely fill, esp for Dennis, who has been organizing the Oktoberfest in his area. Can you picture him dancing polka?

20. Speaker's stand: LECTERN

22. Blue Cross competitor: AETNA. And INS (29. 22-Acr. business). A simple cross-reference.

26. Home of the witch who melted: WEST. The Wicked Witch of the West in "The Wizard of Oz". And EAST (65A. Home of the witch buried under a fallen house). The Wicked Witch of the East. They are sisters. Glinda is the Good Witch of the North.

27. Earth tones: OCHRES

28. Newspaper ad meas.: SQ IN (Square Inch)

30. Sainted fifth-century pope: LEO I

31. Playfully: IN FUN

33. Org. once headed by Heston: NRA. Gimme, right? I've mentioned this fact a few times before.

40. Half and half: ONE. Simple fun clue.

41. Madison's neat roomie: UNGER. From "The Odd Couple".

42. Bottom-line negative: LOSS

43. Sykora of the NHL: PETR. Again, got his name from crosses. I don't follow hockey. He's the right winger for our Minnesota Wild. I presume Petr is Czechoslovakian for Peter?

44. "The Tempest" king: ALONSO

52. Month for fools?: APRIL. April Fools.

54. Uranium-238, e.g.: ISOTOPE. Easy guess. I know nothing about Uranium-238.

57. "Au contraire!": NOT SO. And NO SIR (51D. Boot camp negative).

60. Nest egg item, briefly: IRA. Hey, Dow is over 10,000 now.

61. Cheri of "SNL": OTERI

62. Firestone Country Club city: AKRON. The Bridgestone Invitational is played here.

63. Arch site: Abbr.: STL (St-Louis). The Gateway Arch was designed by our crossword pal Eero Saarinen.

64. Passover meal: SEDER. Funny "20 Things to Do with Matzah".


2. Latin 101 verb: AMO. AMO, amas, amat.

3. Texting device: CELL PHONE

4. View from Cleveland: LAKE ERIE

5. Shack: HOVEL

6. "The Barber of Seville," e.g.: OPERA. Rossini's most famous opera.

7. Represents: STANDS FOR

9. Peruvian ancestor: INCA. The Inca Empire was centered in Peru.

12. Sacha Baron Cohen title character: BORAT. Quite raunchy.

14. Mother-of-pearl: NACRE

21. Atlanta-based sta.: TBS. TNT, CNN, they are all based in Atlanta.

23. Saab competitor: VOLVO. Latin for "I roll".

24. Trap during a winter storm, maybe: ICE IN. This has become a gimme.

25. Prefix with distant: EQUI

31. Deep-rooted: INGRAINED. Like bad habits.

33. Aquarium fish with an iridescent stripe: NEON TETRA. How is it different from common tetra?

34. Rene of "Ransom": RUSSO. And Mel Gibson. Not a bad movie.

35. Burning desire?: ARSON. Nailed it immediately.

37. Stick in a parlor: CUE. The pool stick.

38. Airing in prime time, say: ON TV

39. Hardly a speed demon: SLOWPOKE. I am one.

45. Hotelier Helmsley: LEONA. "The Queen of Mean".

46. Lincoln's Confederate counterpart: DAVIS. Jefferson Davis, the CSA president.

47. Separately: APART

50. Grenoble's river: ISERE (ee-ZAIR). It flows to the Rhone.

53. Debt-laden corp. takeovers: LBOS (Leveraged Buyouts)

56. Suffix with Capri: OTE. Capriote, native of Capri. Cypriote is native of Cyprus. Learned from doing Xword.

58. Mariner's "Help!": SOS. Mayday too.

59. Que. neighbor: ONT (Ontario). Where Toronto is.

Answer grid.

C.C. the Victorious Mandarin Loon


Dennis said...

Good morning, C.C. and gang - sorry to sound like a broken record, but.....clever theme, too easy a puzzle for a Friday.

Today's the first day in a while I thought there were too many 'crossword words'. Loved the theme, though. I'd really like to see some of these puzzles before they're 'dumbed down' by Rich. It'd sure be nice to have to think again, or depend on the perps, rather than just filling in blanks.

The nor'easter continues here, and is supposed to run through the weekend. We're also about 15-20 degrees below normal for this time of year, so Oktoberfest is certainly gonna be interesting. Guess I'll bag the liederhosen...

To our Mandarin Loon, the polka thing ain't happening.

Martin said...

I almost nailed it but SEDER was an unknown to me and I wasn't able to get VAIL BONES from the clue for 55A. (I got VAIL from the perps but I had NOT IN instead of NO SIR so I ened up getting stuck.) Oh if only I was up on my economics terminology I could have gotten LBOS and attacked from that direction!

I think somebody is going to say something about the clue "What Tarzan became after years of swinging" so it might as well be me! I pictured Tarzan and Jane leading a life of debauchery for years until he became JANE'S ONE AND ONLY (which fit!). It's actually a sweet sentiment when you think about it, right?

I just wrote something for my week old blog that I think might be of interest to people here: to make a long story short I met a Japanese person here, had a conversation with him and heard him say "aso" and I was delighted to hear the word used in context because it has appeared so often in Tribune puzzles. I won't put a link to my blog here because I understand some people have objected to certain pictures (even though they are only headshots) but if you want to visit the blog then you can get there through my profile.


Anonymous said...

I greatly enjoy the post and comments. If I might join the anachronistic broken record fray, I don't mind the puzzle's dumbing down.

Dumb Dave

Anonymous said...

@Dennis, stop whining. Like C.C., many of us are just excited to finally solve a Naddor puzzle without coming to the blog for help.

Dennis said...

Dave, why 'anachronistic'?

Lemonade714 said...

Congratulations C.C.,

I am sure it was a great feeling to get in tune with the puzzle and finish it all. The theme was another example of Dan Naddor having a wonderfully twisted mind. It was a very entertaining variation on the Latin pronunciation of the "V." Once again, Dan can say, "Veni Vidi, Vici."

Finally, the two references to The Wizard of Oz which is celebrating its 70th Anniversary on the big screen. I very much recommend going to see Wicked if you get a chance.

Mainiac said...

Good Morning All,

Fills gave me the theme answers. Definitely an easy Friday as I finished with pencil.

The weather has turned cold. Temps were in the upper 20's last night. They won't break out of the 40's today. I've put the road bike away and brought out the mountain bike (which I'm only averaging one ride a week, Uhg). If the temps keep dropping I'll be heading inside for the elliptical machine (Yuck!) Reviewing my riding journal, last year we had temps in the 60's through October. For Halloween the kids wore t-shirts and shorts under their costumes. Quite a change!

It's going to be hit or miss for me around here for awhile. I've got over $2 million in projects going and with it being mid football season my early mornings are filling with work requirements. I hope the real winter weather holds off until the new year. Keep your fingers crossed.

Have a great day.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, CC and Friends! What a fun, fun puzzle. It was certainly easier than most Friday puzzles (I completed it with no outside help), but it took me a couple of passes to fill in all the blanks. Plus, the clues were so much fun. I loved all the theme clues. They really put a smile on my face! The switching the "W" for "V" is just how some of my Eastern European relatives speak.

Interesting day yesterday with the President coming to Louisiana. He was only in NO for a few hours, but visited a school in the 9th Ward, one of the areas of the city most heavily damaged.

Lemonade: Wicked is coming to New Orleans in the spring. We already have tickets. I have been wanting to see this show, but couldn't get tickets when I was in New York

Dennis said...

Back from the gym, and for once I actually have to agree with a cowardly anon post: I have been whining too much lately about the simplicity of our puzzles. As I said earlier, I understand the reason for the 'dumbing down', so I'll limit my complaints to an occasional email to Rich Norris.

Apologies to anyone (excluding those who don't have the balls to post their name) who was put off by my constant complaining.

KittyB said...

Congratulations, C.C. I'm glad you reached your goal.

Unfortunately, this Dan Naddor puzzle did me in. I refuse to Google, so I couldn't fill in ISERE and OTERI. I didn't know LBOS and forgot OTE. PETR and ALONSO came from the crosses. I had trouble with the OIS in the middle of CONNOISSEUR, and VAILBONES just didn't want to be completed. I had VAIL___S.

I was just asking for a more difficult puzzle at the end of the week, and my request was answered. I have no idea why this was so difficult for me, when it seems to be easy for the rest of you. Normally I love Dan's puzzles.

Lemonade, I second your suggestion. I've seen "Wicked" three times and enjoyed every single minute of it.

Dennis....never apologize for stating an honest opinion.

Maniac, warmer weather may be on the way. In Chicago, we expect to go from the 40s to the 60s, so there's hope for a warm Halloween and a little more riding time.

Carol2 said...

Hi CC and gang,

Dennis, I think you are voicing what I have been feeling for quite some time. The puzzles have not been very challenging lately. I did well today, but did not zip through. Had to google to get "Petr". Had elfin instead of in fun which messed me up a bit. Don't know why elfin - don't think it has anything to do with fun!
Loved the references to the witches!

Dennis sorry about the bad weather we are having as it relates to your Oktoberfest plans. Guess we're lucky the Phillies are in LA right now and, by the way, won last night!

Congratulations CC on completing the puzzle! It's a good feeling.

kazie said...

Quick before I leave. I didn't know STL or DAVIS--I had DTL. Otherwise no problems and enjoyable Naddor puzzle with fewer names than the last, and most that were in this were guessable.

Caught the theme early and it was fun. Favorite clue: half and half: ONE.


Just do a waltz with hops between each step--it's the same thing!

Have a great day, everyone!

Dan Naddor said...

Hi everyone. Thought you'd like knowing that my puzzle's "title", for correspondence with Rich, was OY VEY. In retrospect I could have easily worked it in as a mini-punch line in the SW corner. It could have been clued: "Hahtool's relatives' reaction to struggling with this puzzle".

"Hahtool" is Hebrew for cat, right? My golf buddies, and now Jerome, all call me Duck. It's my birthday today, so you later bloggers be kind, ok? See y'all next Thursday.

Hahtool said...

Tov ma'od, Dan! I loved this puzzle and yes, my name does indeed mean "cat".

Dick said...

Good morning C.C. and all, I agree with KittyB on today's puzzle. I don't know what my problem was, but I never got into this puzzle. It was a struggle from top to bottom.

I, also, have been complaining about the easy puzzles, but this puzzle, for me, was the hammer. Oh well there is always tomorrow and Sunday.

Congrats to the Phillies on their win last night.

Hope you all have a great Friday.

Martin said...


I can't picture Cheri Oteri in my head but every time I watched Saturday Night Live the announcer would announce the cast members by name. It's called "passive listening": I never knew that one day I would need to know her name.

Dan Naddor,

Let me be the first to wish you a happy birthday. I'll say no more.


Anonymous said...

Good AM everyone. I caught on to the theme of this puzzle early on. First with the start of the fill with a V, then realizing it was a transfer from a W sound. I thought the theme was very fun, and helped with filling in the rest of the puzzle. I had several unknowns which all came via perps. But really, I am quite a good speller, but who can get CONNOISSEUR unaided? I had to get many of the down fills to finish that one. Great job as usual Dan. I liked your title also.

We drove to Stevens Point WI yesterday for a college visit. Four hour drive in the snow mixed with rain. A little tense on the way out, but on the way back it was just outstanding color. The Wausau WI area is simply beautiful this time of year. Nothing like it.

This was our last of college visits for our senior, and it is so amazing how different the visits are. Most of our time has been spent with area private schools. They have amazing admissions departments and the daily mail we get trying to sell us on their schools (as well as a plethora of schools we have absolutely no interest in) is unbelievable. The tour guides rave about all the "free" things students get - at about $40k a year I would hardly call that free (the kids eat it up though). Then you visit a state school, and the feel is so different. So much less professional, but then again, the price tag is about 1/3 and I am certain still a good education. So hard to decide!!

Back to the grind. My son will be visiting for an overnight this evening. Pray that he stays safe and well. Scary times for us.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes Dan, Happy Birthday. As I rarely have complaints about your puzzle, I have no reason to be hard on you. I always find them interesting. And if they beat me up, so much the better. I have learned more from it.

Congrats CC on getting through this one too.

lois said...

Good morning CC et al., Happy Birthday Dan Naddor! I wish you many, many more and hope your puzzles continue as well.

Dennis is probably just being modest. I bet he's one of the best 'polkers' east of the Mississippi...just all in how you define it.

I'll be back. School's out early.

Moon said...

Good Morning!
Dan, wishing you a very happy birthday.

I enjoyed the puzzle but it was too easy for a Friday. I tried in Master mode but the SE refused to be mastered. So I switched to regular and realized that there is no fish called NEOSTRATA. Fixed ALONSO and everything fell into place. The theme clues and answers were just too good.

Congratulations CC on your achievement...way to go! I loved your signature :) So you do admit that you are a loon? ;)

Today is Diwali, the Indian festival of lights and I'm organizing a snackfest at work. Lots of co-ordination to do...some of my colleagues are helping out. And my boss will be creating a sandpainting.
Happy Diwali!

Dennis said...

Dan, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY from the "peanut gallery", and many, many more.

Warren said...

Hi C.C. & gang, I got the V starts only not the theme before coming here. I think that we finished 2/3 of today's puzzle before my wife left for work. I stopped watching SNL years back so I didn't know 'Oteri' I thought the best clue was 35D: Burning desire?

I had forgotten about the Wizard of Oz details, remembered wicked witch of the West but not East...

For C.C. re 23A: ViperBlade,

A 'blade' can be an epee

Spitzboov said...

Dove in to the dreaded Dan Naddor puzzle but found it to be more fun than difficult. Only had two strike-thrus when I couldn't spell VAIL correctly (vale:-)).

Plenty of perps to help with the unknowns like PETR.

Hpaay Birthday to the constructor

Anonymous said...

Good morning everyone.

Happy birthday, Dan. I enjoy your puzzles, but don't find them easy - ever.

Agree with anon, let's stop complaining about too easy. There are those, like me, who have to come here to get the rest of the answers. After veal chair, I did manage to get vine and Vail, but didn't grok the rest of those answers. My favorite is "View from Cleveland".


Anonymous said...

C.C. I may be stating the obvious, but wiper blade refers to, IMHO, a windshield wiper.

Lemonade714 said...



Lemonade714 said...

I believe you all will enjoy hearing about WIPER BLADES .

Dan and Hahtool this puzzle and your relatives remind me of the story of the elderly Jewish man who appeared to make the sign of the cross each day as he boarded the bus. A priest saw him, and said,

"Mr. Stein, I know you are a very orthdox Hebrew man. Rabbi Stern tells me of all your good works, why is it then you make the sign of the cross each day before you get on the bus?"

"Oy gevalt, the cross; no Father, I am just checking: spectacles, testicles, vallet and vatch."

Can you do visual humor, without pictures?

PJB-Chicago said...

Good morning!
Slept like a lava rock and was ready for Dan Naddor's challenge. The theme took me awhile to get, but the theme answers were fun, clever, and inspired. Favorite theme fills were VAIN NEWTON and VAIL BONES, neither of which came to mind on the first pass, but worth the struggle.

The "V-W shift" is common among English spoken by some Northern Europeans (Danes, Swedes, Dutch and Germans, et al), some people originating from the Indian sub-continent, and Thais too. Some Eastern Europeans, also, as Hahtool pointed out. Here in the US, some Amish also make that same shift. Throw the semi-vowel "W" in front of a real vowel requires some tricky moves with the lips, tongue, throat.

Dennis: I agree about the polka. Not a fan of doing it... I look like I'm having a seizure, and fear people will call 9-1-1. I hate to bust up a party like that!

61A's Cheri Oteri has survived longer in Crosswords than in the memory of SNL viewers.

3D CELLPHONE as "texting device" could have been "Telegraph" not so many years ago!

C.C. Congrats! Goal achieved.
Happy Birthday Dan Naddor. You have lots of fans here.

g8rmomx2 said...

Hi c.c. and all:

First of all a huge "Happy Birthday" to Dan Naddaor! Loved the theme answers!!!

Not too much trouble today, I had capriole instead of capriote and of course did not know Cheri's last name I had Oleri. Got Petr from the perps. Favorite clue answers: "Lake Erie" and "One"

KittyB: Nice chatting with you on line hope we can do it again soon!

Have a great day everyone and those in the cold weather say warm.

treefrog said...

First time in a couple of weeks that I needed help with a Friday puzzle. So, KittyB and Dick I'm with you.

Happy Birthday Dan.

Would love to see Wicked. I have the book on CD and really enjoyed it.

Was a time hubby and I did the Polka. Since he's 6'1" and I'm only 5'4" I was pretty much along for the ride.

Have a sewing seminar all weekend, see ya next week.

DCannon said...

I thought today's puzzle was somewhat more challenging than what we have had recently. I'm not too proud to admit that I Googled Oteri to double check because I'm not into pop culture and I have never heard of this person. Part of my problem was that I wanted "lvgs" (leverages) instead of "LBOS" for 53d. Once I got "Vail bones" I realized that mistake and LBOS fell into place.

The rest was not too hard, but was not as easy as some lately.

embien said...

9:02 today. About two minutes of that was spent finding my misspelling of ISERE (I had YSERE). D'oh. Difficulty was a bit easy for a Friday, but then I'm more used to the NY Times where Fridays are a struggle for me.

Oy vey! sounds like a perfect theme title. I kinda miss not having puzzle titles except for Sundays. Maybe that's a crossword "tradition" that the LA Times can correct (along with putting in "star" ratings like Sudoku--I still think most solvers would enjoy that).

Happy birthday, Dan!

Carol2 said...

Happy birthday Dan!! Absolutely love your constructing -you are one of my favorites. Would love to see a picture!

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang.

Happy birthday, Dan.

I was thinking Oy V for the theme. Close, almost. Enjoyed this puzzle a lot. Clever theme and great execution.

Needed perp help for the long central theme entry, since I don't know how to spell commonsewer.

My Hungarian Grandmother would pronounce W as V. I'll bet the LV's Polish Grandmother would do the same.

Not coming up with interesting symmetries, (just two place name abrvs in the corners) but there are some nice concept echoes: EAST WEST NNE; NOT SO LOSS BOO. Or just sound echoes: NACL (you have to forget the chemistry and say it as naycle)NACRE INCA and OCHRES.

Not many 6+ letter answers, true. But five-stacks all over the place - Oy V!

Had to guess at the T in the OTE OTERI cross. Hey - another sound echo!

Kazie - The polka is a two step dance, and the waltz is in three. What you are describing is an oberek.

It just occurred to me that Labannon has ceders, Israel has SEDERs.

Never could pass over a chance for a bad joke.

JzB the don't BOO me trombonist

KittyB said...

Happy Birthday, Dan! I love your puzzles. I always look forward to them. It gives me great glee to finish one unassisted. Thanks for stopping by.

g8rmomx2, it was great to chat with you today. I'm glad the girls are doing well.

Martin, I stopped watching SNL before Cheri Oteri became a member of the cast.

Moon, Happy Diwali!

treefrog, misery loves company. You're welcome to join our little clan for the day. *S*

Jerome said...

Happy Birthday, Duck! And a big thanks for the excuse you've given me for breakin' out the Old Crow and my stash of vintage Pabst! Brother, I'm going to be in carpenter heaven.

OY VEY, my eye! This theme is purely Norwegian. Spend some time in North Dakota with the ancient's and you wouldn't know that a W existed. "Ah, a cold vinter, ya?"

Four, nine letter fill words. Two of them paired with an eight letter word. Best of all, humor.

"Would you sue a VINE CONNOISSEUR?"

"Son, did you say damn?"



Andrea said...

Happy Birthday, Dan! I really enjoyed today's puzzle. While I was ultimately able to solve it without outside assistance, it took several passes. I agree with CC - it feels like an accomplishment to finish a Dan Naddor puzzle unassisted!

I thought the theme was very fun clever, and actually figured it out early, which helped with the solves. Very often I don't get the theme...

Favorite clue for cleverness was half and half, but Isere made me remember a trip I took in France with friends, so for the memory alone, that was my favorite clue.

Have a great weekend everyone. We've got tix for the Badger/Hawkeye game tomorrow, so no time for xword in the morning for me. Go Badgers!!


Jerome said...

Carol2- No you wouldn't.

Crockett1947 said...

Good afternoon, all.

Anyone know why the avatars are missing?

Hey Dan! Happy Birthday to you. May your days be filled with friendship, love, and joy!!!

@moon, I hope you have an enjoyable Diwali day.

@lemonade714 Such talent!

@jazzbumpa May we groan a bit?

Have a great remainder of your Friday and a marvelous weekend. Will be gone chasing that train back into Portland so I won't be back on until Wednesday at the earliest.

Carol2 said...

Jerome - "no I wouldn't" Huh. Are you referring to my curiosity to see Dan's picture? If true, Dan you better defend yourself.

Jazzbumpa said...

Jerome -

Glad you're back. You inspire me.

Crockett -

May we groan a bit?

Can you call for CLONE HELP on your CELL PHONE?


If this is INGRAINED, am I

JzB the incorrigible trombonist

Annette said...

Carol2: I think Dan's photo is on C.C.'s photo link...

Best wishes to you, Dan! Thanks for all the enjoyment you've given us and so many others!

Lemonade: I loved the joke!

Yay, I got the theme today, early enough to be of use to me too.

I've never cared for SNL, so was 'clueless' for OTERI, since I also didn't know the river (ISERE) or CAPRI(OTE). Had to google HOSNI. Finally, had an O instead of E in CONNOISSEUR, and the reverse in LOSS that took a minute to straighten out and catch that sinking (descending) fish!

Despite the above, I enjoyed the puzzle. It was challenging for me, but fun - especially the theme fills!

MJ said...

What a delightful puzzle today! I thought the theme was extremely creative. Thank you, Dan Naddor. I hope you're enjoying the anniversary of your birth in style!

Re: the discussion of puzzle difficulty. IMHO, some of the perceived ease of recent puzzles is that many here are seasoned solvers. Four months ago, before I discovered this site, today's puzzle would have been a struggle for me. Today it was just smiles and fun. Since then, I have learned that all but Saturday puzzles in the LAT have themes (yes, I was that clueless), have enjoyed interviews with constructors to better understand their thought processes and strategies, and have solved many puzzles per day to practice. As I've mentioned before, it has also helped to have fellow bloggers share about how they have gone about solving the puzzles.

That said, thank you C.C. for all your hard work and input! And congratulations on your success today!

carol said...

Hi C.C. and all -

First of all I want to wish Dan Naddor a very happy birthday. I always look forward to your puzzles and very rarely can I finish one, but that doesn't matter since I always learn from them. (I keep my V-8 can at the ready too).

Moon - Enjoy your Festival of Lights!

Jerome - I agree with you on the Norwegian AND Swedish accents. W's are pronounced as V's and J's are Y's; thus I am married to Yo - ya, you betcha!

Lemonade - great limerick!!

Now to the puzzle: I loved 40A and 37D
- very cute. Did not know several and could not get them with the perp help so I cheated and looked at the answer page I always print out. (it is easier than going to the G-spot)

Dennis - you can gripe all you want to. Hope the Oktoberfest won't be a total bust...I'm sure we'd all love to see a picture of you in your liederhosen, preferably doing some sort of 'polka'- or maybe that would be censored.

hypatia1 said...

Hi everybody,

I realize this is too late for (most of?) the East coasters. I just wanted to say happy birthday to Dan. It is a great puzzle. About right length of time for me. Worked it in master mode without googles, etc.

Hasn't OTERI been in many other puzzles? I knew it immediately even though I haven't watched the show in decades.

Had trouble bringing BORAT to mind, perhaps since I think its a disgusting character.

We have had rain for several days in the San Fernando Valley, but not enough to write home about. Today it is 95 degrees F (instead of 60)!

MJ said...

@hypatia1--You joined the blog while I was on vacation. Welcome! You're in the SF Valley? As far as I know, BillG and I are the only other L.A. area solvers who chime in. Go blue and tell us about yourself.

Al said...

Some good news from Orange, she reports that in a few weeks Rich is being allowed to up the Friday and Saturday difficulty somewhat. Not all the way to previous levels, apparently, but going in the right direction. Keep those letters to the editors coming, they may be having an effect.

PJB-Chicago said...

Al, thanks for sharing the good news. Let's remember that our letters etc. matter. When we notice the change, I plan on sending them a note of appreciation. I hope they add a note signaling how the week progresses so people aren't caught off-guard!

Anonymous said...

21. Atlanta-based sta.: TBS. TNT, CNN, they are all based in Atlanta.

Headline News is also in the same building in Atl GA as CNN


Anonymous said...

Kelevra is Hebrew for bad dog

Anonymous said...

I've just recently started crossword puzzles, although immediately got my husband hooked becuase it is a bit of a competition to see who can get the most answers first, but I must say YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your brain power is something to behold.....
Thank you for posting this daily blog as I can check my answers without waiting for the next morning paper arrival.
Again, thank you and may one day may I not feel like a total idiot.

Crockett1947 said...

@anonymous@12:04 Welcome to the blog! Keep on keeping on and you will see improvement.

Chickie said...

Hello All--Very late tonight as I helped all day at our office. I'm not used to those all day marathons!

I loved the puzzle today. It was just the right difficulty for me.
I've never watched SNL so Cheri Oteri was the one unknown for me today so Ote, and the O in LBOS was left out until I came to the blog for the answers.

Good show, C.C. You made it!

Happy Diwali to you Moon.

And last, but not least, Many happy returns, Dan. I hope your day was everything you expected. I do enjoy your puzzles, and the theme this time was vonderful.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the wordplay today--can only find the time to do these on a Friday evening before crashing! Oy vey you guys are living in the past if you think Swedes and Norsks still switch sounds...with the exception of a few grannies, most young people in Scandinavia today articulate English phonemes effortlessly--they've been raised on undubbed cable ya know.

Anonymous said...

Miguel, go blue and tell us about yourself too.

Jerome said...

Any puzzle with QUAKELAKE, REJIGGER, LOUISXIV, SLIPKNOT, AWESTRUCK, LIFESIZED, PAPERBAG, and DEJAVU holds enough fun for me. The rest of the fill is icing on the cake. I've never done a Silk puzzle that wasn't superb.

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