Oct 5, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009 Billie Truitt

Theme: S and S

19A: What little girls are made of, so it's said: SUGAR AND SPICE

33A: Out of harm's way: SAFE AND SOUND

40A: Light lunch: SOUP AND SALAD

55A: Pleasantly concise: SHORT AND SWEET

Argyle blogging.

This is one of the easiest ones yet. If you would like to add your own S and S, remember it should be 12 or 13 letters to fit the puzzle, e.g., Slip and Slide, but not Stop and Shop.


9A: Roe source: SHAD. Any of several unrelated fishes.

13A: Most eligible for the draft: ONE A

14A: Like a snowy landscape: WHITE.

15A: "Royal" nuisance: PAIN. I've heard this mostly as a qualifier: not just a pain in the a**, but a "Royal" pain in the a**.

16A: Put in pigeonholes: SORT.

17A: Duncan __: cake mix brand: HINES.

18A: Reformer for whom a Bible book is named: EZRA. Do you all know this fact?

22A: "That makes sense": I GET IT.

23A: The Blue Jays, on scoreboards: TOR. (Toronto). AL League, East Division. They've won 2 World Series, the same as the Twins.

24A: Place for a napkin: LAP.

27A: Prof's degree: PHD.

28A: Spat: TIFF.

31A: C.S. Lewis's "The Chronicles of __": NARNIA. .

38A: Prior to, poetically: ERE. Root word for ERST (67A: Previously, old-style)

39A: Courtroom figs.: ATTS. (Attorneys)

45A: "Queen of Soul" Franklin: ARETHA. Ah, the famous inauguration hat!

46A: Supermarket checkout unit: ITEM.

50A: Hesitant sounds: UMS. The "Mantra sounds" is OMS.

51A: Mexican Mrs.: SRA. (SeƱora)

53A: "Beats me": NO IDEA.

59A: Fuzzy fruit: KIWI. Full of vitamin C.

61A: "Shucks!": AW GEE.

62A: Castaway's spot: ISLE.

64A: Spud: TATER. (Potato)

65A: Use a swizzle stick: STIR.

66A: Modernists: NEOS. NEO is usually found in combination with other words, not standing alone as a noun.


1D: Grapevine news: GOSSIP.

2D: Sufficient: ENOUGH.

3D: Combined two companies into one: MERGED.

4D: Occupied, as a desk: SAT AT.

5D: Goatee's location: CHIN.

6D: __ legs: rear extremities: HIND.

7D: '50s nuclear experiment: A-TEST. (Atomic Bomb)

8D: Answer: RESPOND. Verb.

9D: Designer's detail, briefly: SPEC. SPEC could be shortened speculative or speculation but in this case, SPEC is the shortened form for specification.

10D: Coffee flavoring: HAZELNUT. Do you have a favorite coffee flavoring?

14D: "Just suppose ...": WHAT IF.

20D: Beatles meter maid: RITA.

25D: "__ That a Shame": Domino hit: AIN'T.

29D: Supply meals for: FEED.

30D: Iran's official language: FARSI. Now how did this slip into an easy-peasy Monday?

33D: Labor Day mo.: SEPT.

35D: Jacob's twin: ESAU.

36D: College housing: DORM. (dormitory)

37D: Phone caller's "Bet you don't recognize my voice!": GUESS WHO.

41D: Facetious "Of course": AH SO. Charlie Chan.

42D: Tell a story: NARRATE.

43D: Mortgage bank, e.g.: LENDER.

44D: Andy's old radio partner: AMOS.

47D: "__ Fideles": Christmas carol: ADESTE. "O Come All Ye Faithful".

52D: Engaged in battle: AT WAR.

54D: Start of a request to a genie: I WISH.

56D: Goes in haste: HIES.

57D: FBI employees: AGTS. (Agents)

58D: Depilatory product: NEET. Brand name. Nicely positioned under NEAT (34D: Tidy).

59D: Wichita's state: Abbr.: KAN. (Kansas or KS)

Answer grid.

Picture of the Day: Here is a great picture of what Clear Ayes dubbed as "California Coven + One" (Carol is from Oregon). They gathered at Milpitas, CA yesterday. Left to right: Chickie, Carol, Moon, JD, with Wolfmom (WM) and Clear Ayes seated.



Martin said...

Yeah, pretty easy because EZRA, ESAU, FARSI and NEET have all been in puzzles before; hence, no unknowns, except maybe SHAD (I simply wanted FISH) and TIFF but they came from the perps.


Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, CC and Argyle: This puzzled was just a tad too easy. I flew threw it so fast, that I barely had time to register the clues.

I never really understood the attraction of HAZELNUT (10D) flavoring for coffee.

TATER (64) down reminded me of this Ron White comedy routine. It's kind of long, but really funny.

EZRA (18) was the prophet who lived during the second Temple period (~ 430 BCE). After being exiled in Babylon, the Jews were again able to return to Jerusalem. Many Jews had actually remained in Jerusalem during this period, although they had become assimilated and had lost their religious practices, including their knowledge of the language. EZRA was a reformer because he tried to bring these individuals back into the fold.

A good week to all. It promises to be a very rainy and humid start to the week here.

Lemonade714 said...

Wonderful picture of our west coast women; thank you. The puzzle was just too easy to say anything; enjoy your week all and more pictures.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Martin & Hahtool,
Yep, the easiest LAT I've solved. The EZRA clue was new to me.

Nice write-up. Quite a few food items in the grid: SHAD, SUGAR AND SPICE, SOUP AND SALAD, SWEET, KIWI & TATER. Oh, and FEED.

How does your Mom prepare her cinnamon tea? My husband is quite fond of cinnamon.

Mainiac said...

Good Morning CC, Argyle and All,

Way too easy. Wrote Sear first which was the only erasing.

I think its great you west coast ladies got together. Thanks for the picture.

Have a great day!!

Dr. Dad said...

Good morning. Hope this finds everyone well.

Breezed through this one. Of course it’s only Monday.

Supplies meals for and supplies food for was a bit lame in my opinion.

I rather like “frogs and snails and puppy dog tails.”

I will be short and sweet and just wish everyone a Happy Monday.

Hahtoolah said...

Your Moment of Trivia for October 4: The Gregorian Calendar, named for Pope Gregory XIII was implemented in several European countries. October 4 was immediately followed by October 15, causing some people to fear that they had “lost” 11 days of their lives. The fundamental rationale for the implementation of the new calendar was to standardized the celebration dates of major Christian holidays.

Janis Joplin died on October 4 in 1970.

Anonymous said...

A nice quick puzzle for a Monday morning. The theme answers helped with the other fills rather than the other way around this time. However, I don't think there was anything that would be a stumper anyway. Nice way to start off the week with some confidence.

I am sure that I will be boning up on EZRA. I am doing a bible study that takes me through the entire Old Testament this year. It is a "big picture" study and becomes a basis for further studies. Very interesting stuff.

What a great picture of the gals. That one is a keeper.

CC, if you want a simple way to make tea with some cinnamon, you can purchase bags of Good Earth tea at your local grocers. You may not be fond of steeping your tea that way, but it is a favorite of mine. I am into easy at my home.

kazie said...

Nice job again Argyle. Must be second nature by now, eh?

I agree about the ease of this puzzle. My only unknown was TOR, but perps took care of it.

Great pic of the west coasters. You gals were secretive about your rendez-vous coming up--at least I was unaware of it. Looks like a nice venue too.

I'm into my new "task" with the newsletter I mentioned earlier. So a busy month for me. I keep finding more that I have to ask the former editor about--where to get this, what to do with that, etc. so lots of emailing too.

Have a great day, all of you!

windhover said...

Not much to say about the puzzle, other than that's ten minutes of my life I'll never see again. My guess is Rich is getting feedback from the "it's too hard" whiners. Squeaky wheel gets the grease and all that.
The California Coven:
looking fine. I think the Irish gave them that name a few months ago. She is so proud this morning. And I did notice the once glass in sight was empty. A great looking group, for sure.
when you get to the story (in Kings, I believe) where the guy cuts his wife into pieces and feeds her to the dogs, could you tell me what the message was there?

windhover said...

My mistake. Try Genesis19 and Judges 19, evidently related passages. Puzzling to me.

Warren said...

Good job Argyle, I'd call today's puzzle a speed run in under 10 minutes without pause.

I hope that Dennis is OK and will report in soon.

I missed commenting on Sunday's puzzle, we took a ride on the Niles Canyon Railway and we finished the puzzle while waiting for the shuttle bus to take us back to the train station for the return trip. Niles is a very picturesque and small town with not much to do.

For Jeannie ET AL, we made your meatloaf recipe for Saturday's dinner and it was so good it was difficult to save enough to zip freeze it for later. We cooked it on top of a small rack covered with tin foil with some holes poked in it (to help drain away the grease). We used our convection oven in convection roast and probe mode set for 160 degrees and it was done perfectly in about 1 hour.

One of our friends last night gave us a whole bunch of tomatoes so I guess that we'll try the Tomato/Basil soup recipe next.

Carol2 said...

Hi CC, Argyle and Gang,

Much too easy today. Another one of those "is that all there is" days. Wasn't some kind of clue about sugar and spice in another puzzle last week? I do other online crosswords so I might be mistaken. Loved the picture of the "gals" - what fun. We need to do this for those of us on the East Coast.

Hope everyone has a great day. Beautiful in the Phila area.

A tad late but "GO PHILLIES".


Carol2 said...

By the way, except for Dennis, are any of you living in the East?

Just curious - thanks.

CC - I will try to find a picutre to post.

Bill G. said...

Easy and pleasant. I completed it quicker than ever before.

My mother used to bake shad. Occasionally it would turn out to be a roe shad. Shucks. I haven't had shad roe in fifty years.

Fun photo.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang --Good job, Argyle, as always.

Our Wonderful and Beautiful West Coast Ladies -
Looks like a great, fun time. Thanks for the Pic.

I'm with Dr. Dad on the puzzle, but I'll raise the stakes a bit. I said recently that difficulty doesn't mean much to me, as long as the extremes are avoided. Well, this is an extreme. Easy to the point of being lame, overall.

Alas, no particular sparkle, either. The theme is cute, but too simple.

There are a couple of nice symmetries, though.


And the near miss of DORM and PADS

JzB the looking-on-the-bright-side trombonist

Al said...

@C.C. I'm not a coffee drinker, but since you asked about cinnamon flavored tea, I see there is a Teavana store listed in the Mall of America. They only sell loose leaf tea, not in bags, and yes it really does make a difference.

One of my favorites, which I highly recommend is Rooibos Amore, a red "tea" with cinnamon pieces. It doesn't come from the tea plant, so there's no caffeine in that one. It makes me sad to empty out the teapot after I make it, it smells so good.

If you've never visited a Teavana store, you should. I wish there was one closer to home, but the nearest one to me is in Milwaukee. The one I went to while on vacation in Illinois had samples set up in three different places, and the clerks let you smell different varieties if you ask. Earl Grey Creme is a very pleasing aromatic black tea, also one of my favorites. It does have caffeine, but only about 20% that of coffee. Tea also has health benefits that coffee doesn't.

Dr. Dad said...

Carol2 - I live in Rhode Island. Dennis is not all that far from me.

eddyB said...

Morning all,

This puzzle was way TOO easy.

West coast coven, nice photo. The Embassy Suites was a favorite TGIF place. I haven't been there for awhile.


Anonymous said...

Great start to a Monday morning. On the original post however, the answer given for 3 Down says MERGER when in fact it is in the past tense of MERGED.

Jerome said...

Yup, pretty easy, but it's fine for a Monday. Lots of theme and some fun fill. I GET IT, I WISH, WHAT IF, AW GEE, REEL IN, HAZELNUT, NO IDEA, NARNIA, and GOSSIP. Nice stuff.

I can't help it!-
I hate to GOSSIP but I gotta GO PISS!

kazie said...

Nathan Landreville,
Welcome--I love the photos on your blogsite! Are you in Milan or Israel?

Anonymous said...

Windhover, Genesis 19 is in our reading this week (heading to work on that as I write). Looking forward to our discussion on that. Will keep you informed. Lots of brutal stuff happens in the Old Testament.

Nathan, welcome. How exciting to have a young student abroad joining us.

Jerome, we were awaiting your comments on the Sunday anagram puzzle. Did you complete it? It was just up your alley.

Lemonade714 said...


If you expect us to publish without typographic errors, your standards are too high. It would be interesting to know what brought you to our world, and if you took the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon everyone.

Late to the blog because my volunteer effort at Planned Parenthood was from 10-12. Did the puzzle while eating lunch. It went so quickly that I then did the Commuter Puzzle.
As I've mentioned before, it is interesting that some of the clues are the same in both. Today CP had "Place for a goatee", "Go quickly", and answers one a and a one, which are close enough!

Love the pic from CA. What fun!


Argyle said...

Actually, that wasn't a typo; I got going too fast and was only half-awake and failed to read what I entered. It's always nice to know somebody is checking up on me.


Jeannie said...

This puzzle was a walk in the park today. I am in accordance with everyone else that this was just one step shy of the puzzle now occupying the Mpls Star and Tribune. Nothing really to comment on about it.

Warren, I am so glad that the meatloaf was to your liking. What made the flavor pop? The bacon, the mushroom/onion addition? You are a lucky man to have a convection oven. If I ever win the lotto, you won't believe the kitchen I will possess.

CA gals, I guess there is a reason for the Beach Boy tune regarding the West Coast women.

Dennis, I hope you are enjoying your walk down memory lane. Eat a chili dog for me.

Linda said...

Good afternoon Argyle and CC: I expect the Monday puzzle to be simple, but this one was "puzzle triple-lite!." The only one to make me even hesitate was, "modernists" (66a)

CC: Mom boils the water, adds 1/4 to 1/2 tsp powdered cinnamon per cup, stirs it and lets it steep. You can add honey or sugar if you like.

Left-coast gals: Great picture. Fresh "do", CA? Nice.

Windhover: You didn`t ask me so "flush" this if you like. I believe God allowed all the blood, gore and junk in the Bible ( the 38th chapter of Genesis is sickening) to show us that no one is beyond redemption. If we had been good little children who played nice, we would not have needed redemption. Do monsters who commit heinous crimes still owe a debt to society? Of course! But even they can be redeemed eternally.
God is that merciful. I`m not, so it`s a good thing He doesn`t have to consult with me!

BTW: IMHO:Genuine repentance includes a turning away from the wrong deeds. Those who "repent" meaning full-well to return to their "vomit" haven`t repented at all.

embien said...

6:16 today. I actually didn't find it as easy as many of you apparently did. Over six minutes for a Monday is a tough Monday for me.

Not one of my favorite puzzles due to all the abbreviations, several of which are non-standard. ATTS instead of ATTYS? KAN instead of the more usual KANS or the two-letter USPS KS. I never know what the constructor is going for with something like AGTS. I wanted GMEN. At least SEPT was the usual abbreviation, instead of the often-seen in puzzles SEP, which I hate.

SHAD roe was a favorite dish of my favorite fictional detective: Nero Wolfe. Not all fish roe are eaten as gourmet food. I suppose there's caviar (from sturgeon) and salmon and flying fish roe (used extensively in sushi). Not too many others. So, usually when you have a four-letter fill for this kind of clue, it's going to be SHAD.

My favorite coffee flavoring is: black. One of my favorite daily activities is to settle in with a cup of coffee and the NY Times puzzle in the greasy spoon while I wait for my breakfast to arrive.

Loved the photo of the coven. Of course I could tell from your posts that you were classy ladies. The photo just confirms my prior impression.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Afternoon All, No puzzle for me today, but it doesn't sound like I missed more than a very typical Monday.

I am surprised that none of the other lunch party ladies have posted yet today. I spent last night at my daughter's place, which is about halfway between Milpitas and my "home on the range" and just got home a short while ago.

Our lunch turned into a four hour gabfest and I left our meeting place earlier than the others. I wonder if they just kept on partying. That wouldn't surprise me. What a lovely, amiable and charming group of women they are. We had a wonderful visit and hope to be able to do it again soon.

Thanks to Chickie, Carol, Moon, JD and made my day!

Jazzbumpa said...

Nathan -
Welcome. Great photos on you're blog. Don't read my posts - they're full of typos.

Jerome -
Brilliant! And no -- one hug leaves something to be desired.

Sallie -
I thought today's puzzle had a commuter-like feel to it.

Bill -
I'll try almost anything, once. So, I had shad roe -- once.

There's an easy way to make cinnamon coffee. Place a cinnamon stick in the carafe when you brew the coffee. We tried this yesterday, and it came out very nicely

JzB the I'll try it once trombonist

Anonymous said...

PJB-Chicago, classic split infinitive.

KittyB said...

What a great picture, left coast ladies! It sounds as though you had a terrific time.

I preview before I post, but I refuse to be responsible for typos!

I have a pretty darned good minestrone soup recipe I'm willing to share should anyone care for it.

This is my favorite time of year. I love the crisp air, and cooler temperatures. Will we see Halloween themed puzzles, or ones for Thanksgiving?

JD said...

Good afternoon CC and all,

Finished this c/w in 10 min. which is about as fast as I can think and write, and I felt that it was over wayyyyyy too quickly.The perps, as always, helped me with shad, ezra and tor. We've probably had those before, but...

Yesterday's get together was so much fun. We all felt that we already knew each other so it was very comfortable and full of laughter..and yes, wine, beer..
Moon had just finished running a race, and she is as cute as a button.Kudos to CA and Carol who drove quite a distance. And,of course, our real thanks goes to you ,CC.

Al,your information is always so clear that even I can understand it.Great biotin

CA, that panther poem was so sad, but that's what I like about poetry, so few words express a feeling,idea, picture,etc. So many of us :) go on and on.

Welcome Nathan, I am so impressed with your photography. Please stay with us.

Linda, could you please put your preaching in personal e-mails?

PJB-Chicago said...

Hello, all.
In case anyone was wondering, I checked the official police blotter and not one of the California Coven was arrested for brazen, illegal, or suspicious behavior before, during or after the meeting! [Sigh of relief]

Looks like you all had a great time.Thanks for the photo. I bet there are at least 20 regular "posters" here on the XW corner who wish they were there to listen in on the stories.

Perhaps those of us in the Midwest can arrange a similar meeting before we're snowed in?

Can't say much about the puzzle. I sandwiched it between breakfast and 10:45 a.m. snack. I used the clues just to fill in the edges first, the middle column and a central row, then made wild guesses for the rest. Yep, a few mistakes were made but the long train trip seemed somehow shorter. So much less cumbersome than chatting up people Sudoku-ing, or reading the tiny print in the horoscopes and the sports section.

May I make a suggestion?
Please do write/email TMS/LAT if you want to have your opinion heard about the "new-and-improved" puzzles. [cough, choke]. Your voice does count.

Andrea said...

Greetings all -

We have colds going through our house, so an easy puzzle kind of fit the bill for what my drowsy brain could handle this morning...

I've recently (and very sadly)given up coffee due to acid reflux, and have taken up tea so I can continue to enjoy the hot morning beverage ritual. A friend has a tea webstore with some wonderful teas - we use several at the restaurant. She's also on Facebook, and is great at giving recommendations if you don't know where to start.

Jeannie - what's for dinner this week? I've really enjoyed your meal planning assistance!

I'm off to make some risotto for dinner now - one of my favorite things to make on cool evenings.

Kazie - sounds like your assignment is keeping your busy. I know you're doing a terrific job!

Looks and sounds like a very fun meeting in CA. It is so cool to see all the friendships develop offline!


Carol2 said...

Hi Dr. Dad,

Glad to know you are a fellow Easterner. I think Dennis is from NJ. Rhode Island is a beautiful state, but too cold for me.


Jeannie said...

Andrea, I have a pot roast simmering on the stove top right now with some home grown tomatoes, red wine, garlic, thyme, onions and carrots. I seasoned the chuck roast with garlic powder, salt and pepper and seared it on the grill on high for six minutes a side before putting it in the pot. I am going to bake a butternut squash to pair with it. What kind of risotto are you making?

Bill G. said...

Jazz said: "I'll try almost anything, once. So, I had shad roe -- once."

My mother used to fry it and serve it as a side dish with scrambled eggs.

I'll try anything that other people think is good to eat. I've never had haggis but I'm willing to try it. I like scrapple.

Warren said...

Hi Jeannie, just checking in. Thinking about your meatloaf makes me hungry for dinner and I think my wife is still stuck in freeway traffic Google maps says there's an accident block her way home on hwy 85.

What made it pop? I'm not sure exactly what, perhaps the mushroom with the spices, it smelled different than a regular meatloaf while it was cooking. Also I think that this was the first time we put bacon on top. We used pepper bacon.

Andrea said...

Jeannie - your pot roast sounds yummy. I love that it's pot roast time of year.

I made a pretty simple risotto with leek and spinach, served with salmon. I use homemade chicken stock which I always have on hand; use rotisserie chicken remains to make the stock.

If you use your imagination, the risotto looked kind of green and gold in honor of the Packers! Go Pack and Aaron Rogers!!!

Anyone have any good recipes for napa cabbage? I picked up some at the Farmers Market over the weekend.

A.R.E. said...

Nice Pic of the West Coast Ladies.


P.S. Yes CC, I'm still alive and working hard. Still hoping to see more sailing clues in the puzzles. Lots of possibilities.

danabw said...

I have never considered your posts to be 'preaching' and would miss your insight and knowledge if you used personal emails for your responses.

I do not always enjoy the detailed science explanations or the political slams that are posted. Nothing wrong with them, that's just my personal preference. I do know how to utilize the scroll bar to move past what does not interest me or has the potential to offend or bore me.

This is CC's blog and she has shown great latitude in allowing everyone to express their individual views and to discuss many topics unrelated to the crossword puzzle.

Windover opened the door to this topic, yet no one asked him or KQ to keep their discussion private.

With a few exceptions, this blog has always been open minded and fair. Until 5:32 this afternoon.

Linda said...

JD: I have asked CC about the things I post. So far, she hasn`t restricted me. Until she does, please use your scroll bar, just as we all do for the posts which don`t interest us.

Bill G. said...

Danabw said: "Linda,
I have never considered your posts to be 'preaching' and would miss your insight and knowledge if you used personal emails for your responses."

I'm a new guy in town but this is my two-cents worth. Of course we want to continue to get Linda's insight but injecting too much about one's religious or political opinions can be dicey and may offend some. I don't know how to define when a post has gone a bit too far but I can feel it. No offence intended for anyone.

JD said...

I enjoy reading your posts, but sometimes some things feel out of place, and yes, I know I am very able to scroll on.I love the Bible and the history , but I don't enjoy the preaching of your interpretation.

Clear Ayes said...

If someone posts a detailed scientific explanation, it might be thought boring, but it certainly won't offend anyone. If someone posts a "political slam", an opposing view holder won't be considered to be condemned to an eternity in Hell, at least I hope not.

Not everyone is a Christian, or religious in any sense of the word. Religion, or lack thereof, is a very personal matter. Simply citing chapter and verse is one thing. A reader can choose whether to follow up or not. I think it is understandable that some people are uncomfortable reading personal religious interpretations.

I don't think JD should be chastised for stating her opinion. I admire her for it.

JoeM said...

Hello all....we are in Santa Rosa right now. I have not done the puzzle because it is hard to do that while in the car!

Thanks for all nice remarks on our 'coven' picture. I had a wonderful time! These California 'girls' are just wonderful. JD is right, we felt like we all knew each other and of course once we started gabbing, we didn't shut up for hours!! What a hoot and what fun!
I'd do it again in a heart beat.

JD at 5:32...good suggestion about private e-mails!

We hope to be back in Portland on Thursday.

JoeM said...

Hey again....the comment that shows from Joe is really from Carol...sorry, I am signed in on this computer under his name. Argggh

Jeannie said...

Linda were drawn in by Windhovers post and KQ and only wanted to view your point. I was thrown to the wolves one time on this site as well. Although, not in a religous way. I have the upmost respect and caring for you, and I do know you have an unfounded LOVE for God, and that is great. You need to keep that to yourself though. Pray for me though...

Argyle said...

Jeannie, speaking of being thrown to a wolf: If I ever win the lotto, you won't believe the kitchen I will build for you to come and cook for me.

Martie said...

Perhaps it is JD and others who are being "thrown to the wolves" for voicing a less than popular mainstream opinion. Why would those who may not have "an unfounded LOVE for God" be any less deserving of utmost respect and caring?

Anonymous said...

Windover asked a question that never got answered after the discussion went off on a tangent. So, although you never asked me either, Windover, here is my understanding of the story. Genesis 19 and Judges 19 are two entirely unrelated incidences. They occurred approximately 500 years apart. What they had in common was they are accounts of men who were completely depraved.
You probably had not read the Judges account recently because the man did not feed the concubine to the dogs. She had died as a result of being raped multiple times and he cut her in pieces and sent the pieces throughout the tribes of Israel as an attention getting shocker so all Israel would know how totally base the men of Gibeah were. As you read on, you learn that the other eleven tribes and Benjamin went to war over this affair and there were many thousands killed. Throughout our world today, there is so much immorality and cruelty but I'm glad I didn't live in the time of the Judges. There was not much value to life. In fact, I don't have a very good opinion of the Levite (the husband) He pushed the woman out the door to protect himself & then apparently was able to lie down & sleep without being concerned about her. And in the morning, he got up to go on his way, found her lying in the doorway & said, "Get up and let's get going." Such love! It is all because "every man did what was right in his own eyes." Judges 17:6

I don't want to preach so, I'll let you draw your own conclusions!


JD said...


Thanks for that, some history for us all to chew on, or not

Chickie said...

Hello All--A very fast puzzle today. It was easy and really didn't give much of a challenge.

My computer had a hard drive crash today. I think I have lost everything--e-mail addresses, all my recipes, financials, etc. Sigh!

I am using my husband's computer because I wanted to comment on our wonderful get together yesterday. Moon had just run a ten-K race, and she attended a marathon gab fest right afterward. It was great meeting everyone. You would have thought we all had known each other for ages, when in reality some of us had only just met.

I think we really need to thank C.C. for bringing all of us together, not just the groups who are able to get together, but those of us who have never met, but enjoy the banter every day.

CA, we didn't stay too much longer after you left. I'm glad you got home safe and sound. Thanks for giving C.C. the picture to post. Carol, drive carefully as I know you are still on the road home.