Jan 10, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011 Bruce Venzke and Gail Grabowski

Theme: Special Edition - Along with the unifier, the first word from the four longest entries form the cry of the old time paperboy. Statue in Great Barrington, MA.

17A. Do some palmistry: READ ONES FORTUNE

26A. Groundbreaking 1970s sitcom: ALL IN THE FAMILY

47A. Link on a writer's Web site: ABOUT THE AUTHOR

61A. Hillary Clinton bestseller: IT TAKES A VILLAGE

68A. When repeated, start of an old shout that ends with the starts of 17-, 26-, 47- and 61-Across: EXTRA

Argyle here.

Not bad for a Monday, although someone will complain about 2-Down, I suppose. Four long theme entries with some sparkling fill makes this a Special Edition Monday puzzle.


1. Make mention of : CITE

5. Bamboo lover : PANDA

10. Army NCO : SSGT

14. Eight, in Essen : ACHT. In Germany.

15. Look forward to : AWAIT

16. Tiger or Twin, briefly : ALer. Baseball.

20. Giant legend Mel : OTT. Baseball, again. He batted left-handed but threw right-handed and played right field.

21. Chick's digs : NEST. Cute clue.

22. Fine distinction : NICETY

23. Tavern tussle : MELEE

25. Delaware senator who sponsored IRA legislation : ROTH. The Roth Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a tax plan that allows a tax reduction on a limited amount of saving for retirement. The principal difference from most other tax advantaged retirement plans is that, rather than granting a tax break for money placed into the plan, the tax break is granted on the money withdrawn from the plan during retirement.

33. Excessively ornate : FLORID

34. Sensitive skin spots : SORES. Alliteration all the way.

35. Not operating : OFF

38. "Midnight Cowboy" hustler Rizzo : RATSO

40. __ Kan: Alpo alternative : KAL. Dog food.

41. Welsh dog : CORGI. Just mention food and a Corgi will show up.

44. Soviet anti-spy group in some James Bond novels : SMERSH. It is an acronym from two Russian words meaning "Death to Spies".

51. "__, old chap!" : I SAY

52. Laura's cry on "The Dick Van Dyke Show" : "OH, ROB!". Laura Petrie, played by Mary Tyler Moore and Rob Petrie , played By Dick Van Dyke.

54. Small gun : PISTOL

57. Western tie : BOLO

60. Stag party attendee : GUY

64. One who might 17-Across : SEER

65. Begat : SIRED

66. Top draft status : ONE A

67. Music boosters : AMPS

69. Cold War initials : USSR


1. Billiards bounce : CAROM

2. Summer refresher : ICE TEA

3. "__ be the day!" : THAT'LL. Buddy Holly
clip.(1:22) I can't help feeling a little sad listening to this clip, given his tragic end.

4. LAX datum : ETD. Estimated Time of Departure.

5. Window section : PANE

6. Leaves speechless : AWEs

7. Condé __ Publications : NAST. Founded by Condé Montrose Nast.

8. "What's the __?" : DIF. Shortened version of DIFFERENCE.

9. Numerous : A TON OF

10. Armstrong's nickname : SATCHMO. That is Louis Armstrong (1901-1971), American jazz musician and not one of these. Wikipedia List.

11. Turn on an axis : SLUE

12. Lady's partner : GENT

13. Low card : TREY

18. NBC correspondent Roger : O'NEIL This

19. Hayworth and Moreno : RITAs. Actresses.
R.H. and R.M.

24. Wrapper for Santa : ELF. My unsung heroes.

25. Obstacle for Moses : RED SEA

27. Hide-hair link : NOR

28. In poor taste : TRASHY

29. Blackjack request : "HIT ME". Ask for another card.

30. Aggravate : IRK

31. Grassy expanse : LEA

32. French designer's monogram : YSL. Yves Saint Laurent.

35. Andean stew veggie : OCA. A tuber.

36. Watch chain : FOB

37. To's opposite : FRO

39. Tulsa sch. named for a televangelist : ORU. Oral Roberts University (ORU) in Tulsa, OK.

42. Rock instruments : GUITARS

43. "Not to worry" : "IT'S OK"

45. Seat that often swivels : STOOL

46. 1968 loser to RMN : HHH. Nixon/Hubert H. Humphrey.

48. "Honor Thy Father" author Gay : TALESE

49. Instruments with many pedals : ORGANS

50. Cheek colorers : ROUGES

53. How some learn music : BY EAR

54. Tuscany tower site : PISA. Also, an avatar.

55. Agenda unit : ITEM

56. Twelve-__ program : STEP

57. Homer's son : BART

58. In excess of : OVER

59. "__ Rose": "The Music Man" song : LIDA.

62. Common dinner hour : SIX

63. Comic Costello : LOU

Answer grid.



Dennis said...

Good morning, Argyle, C.C. and gang - a fun, albeit quick solve this morning. Had no idea as to the theme until the unifier brought together the old newsboy call.

I went through the puzzle without pause, right up to the bottom where I needed perps for 'Lida'; no surprises or misdirection, and nothing else really comment-worthy. An appropriate puzzle for a Monday.

Today is Peculiar People Day.

Did You Know?:

- The largest human cell is the female ovum. The smallest is the male sperm.

- Mosquito repellent doesn't repel mosquitoes; it blocks their sensors so that they don't know you're there.

- Every 20 minutes, the world's human population increases by 3,500. In the same time, one or more species of animal or plant life is wiped out -- roughly 27,000 species per year.

fermatprime said...

Good morning cruciverbalists!

Thanks Argyle, Bruce and Gail and, of course, CC.

I am up with sick digestive track. My girl friend's food has screwed up bedtime for three days. Was out of food, so pretty desperate tonight. By then I knew better. (I have no tolerance for hot things these days.)

No trouble with puzzle, except momentarily forgot to whom ARMSTRONG was referring! (Saw the light when I did not get "happy sound.")

Dennis--It must be my day, then!

Tinbeni said...

Argyle, Wonderful write-up.

FUN Monday puzzle.
Really liked the themes and the payoff, EXTRA got a grin.

Well when all was settled, the Scion Tc was deemed "totaled."
GEICO paid off an almost TOO fair of settlement.
They were very, very priofessional with me all the way through the process.
SOOOO ... now I have a 2011 CRZ Hybrid that
is "A HOOT !!!"

Best friend is down from freezing Salisbury, MD (where it is currently 24 degrees) and were off to visit some "old-haunts" suffering with my 62 degree, 8 am, heading to 72 weather.

Sunset toast at 5:51 at Honeymoon Island.

Cheer's to ALL !!!

Mainiac said...

Good Morning Argyle, CC and All,

Extra tied everything up nicely this AM. Wasn't without some erasing. Spin instead of Slue, Man instead of Guy and Coop for Nest. Perps fixed those up.

Back at work and my youngest is back in school. Strep throat and a nasty virus which he politely shared with me. Managed to get the budget submitted but I warned my boss he may want to sterilize it.

Check back later. Playing catch up.

Happy Monday!

Jacel said...

I solved the theme questions easily but could not figure out the theme until the end with 68A.

I was stuck on Neil Armstrong or I would have guessed the answer earlier. Answered through the perps. It was an easy solve today. How I love Mondays.

creature said...

Good Morning C.C., Argyle and all,

I never thought of that song in that way-truly sad. Thanks, Argyle, for an informative, as well as entertaining, write-up.

A very smooth puzzle with interesting fill. Unknowns were SMERSH and OCA; although OCA has been in some, it didn't register with me.{Maybe if I eat some}.

I felt a little nostalgia for the disappearing newspaper,though. Even the statue dressed in such dated clothes was a reminder of the fading media.

SLUE started out as spin- didn't check my acrosses.

Fermatprime, I was going to claim my day-we'll have to share.

Have a nice day everyone.

Dick said...

Good morning Argyle and all, a fun puzzle this morning. I had the exact same errors that Mainiac had and like him they were corrected via perps. I could not remember the name of the Soviet anti-spy group and stared at sme_sh for a while before Oral Roberts University jumped out at me. I had Lance Armstrong in my mind and did not want to let go until I had the MO at the end, then the light came on. Other than the above the remainder of the puzzle was a quick fill today.

I am still working on yesterday’s puzzle so I am not reading any of yesterday’s posts until I finish.

Hope you all have a great Monday.

Abejo said...

Good morning crosswordies:

Thank you to Bruce and Gail for the puzzle and the Argyle for the write-up. Unjoyed the Buddy Holly clip except my computer at work does not have a sound card, so I watched it.

This was a good Monday puzzle, except for the two I screwed up. Totally my fault and the fact that I was in hurry. I messed up TREY and NICETY. I had TRES and NICETS. I figured NICETS was a word I did not know and I was going to get lucky. Oh well, haste makes waste. ATONOF got me thinking for a while, but I got it with the perps.

Clever theme and nice shot of the newsboy statue given us by Argyle. We just had a RATSO the other day. I guess I should see the movie. Never saw it yet.

The funny thing is I did a puzzle by Gail Grabowski yesterday also, in the Chicago Tribune. There are two each Sunday in the Trib, hers was the easier one. The other is L.A. Times one that we all do and reflect on. See you tomorrow.


thehondohurricane said...

Good day folks,

Easy solve today, although, as it is my MO, I never even thought about a theme. Yet, when I entered Extra it smacked me in the noggin. Nicety looked better to me spelled nicity, but I knew slui was wrong, so I reluctantly stayed with the correct version.... for once.

Argyle, nice write up. Loved the Buddy Holly link.

Not much else to comment about today. The weather dudes are predicting a Nor'easter Tues evening through Wednesday. This winter is already too long and it's just started!

Everyone enjoy the day.

kazie said...

G'morning all!

Nice blogging, Argyle, and you're right--that clip was sad in retrospect.

Very enjoyable solve today. I started to think about possible themes but only saw it with the unifier. Somewhat more difficult than usual Mondays, but no help needed. Unknowns were OCA, TALESE, LIDA, HHH, but all were easily got with perps. Without perps, I can never guess those three initial presidents other than JFK.

Here's a quote germane to the weekend's events (taken from today's Wordsmith email):

I realize that patriotism is not enough. I must have no hatred or bitterness towards anyone. -Edith Cavell, nurse and humanitarian (1865-1915)

Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning puzzleers. Easy Monday solve... mostly. I knew 10a was _SGT, but is it M,S or T? OK, switch to downs and SATCHMO was the immediate response. That's a little unusual, since I'm more of a science and technology person and not musically inclined. The other Armstrongs never entered the picture. Is that because we just had "Satch" in a puzzle a few days ago?

My downfall (almost) was staying in the down mode at that point. SPIN, GENT, TREY, no problem. Back to across and couldn't figure out why APER would be the entry for "Tiger or Twin, Briefly". I went ahead and filled the rest of the puzzle and came back to the NE to figure out was wrong. American League-ers kicked in and then SLUE was obvious.

It seems there are several of us that want in on the recognition of "our" day, Dennis. Should we organize a Parade of the Peculiar People Playing Puzzles?

Spitzboov said...

Good morning Argyle and all.

Gail and Bruce have cobbled together an easy but bright Monday puzzle. The theme phrases were clever. Although a speed run, it was fun and had an interesting assortment of fill - RATSO, SMERSH, TRASHY, and SATCHMO, for example. Nice counter to the meat grinders of the last few days.

Tinbeni - glad the Gecko took care of you.

Have a good day.

Splynter said...

Hi All ~!!

Well, I am going to contradict everyone today and say this one was tough for me - I had a WAG for SMERSH/ORU, otherwise, I'd still be working this one....

"OH ROB" is WAY before my time - I hardly grew up with the THEME show.

The SW is all about me -

I am in a 12-STEP program - Sat. marked SIX years for me.
I own seven GUITARS, all have their own unique sound, but only one AMP(S).
Never heard of TALESE, but "ITS OK", the perps got it done.

Thanks for a great blog, Santa, funny and spot-on - I will leave 2D at that, too.

To respond to yesterday's follow-ups, Lemonade, I screwed my typing up - what I meant to say was LAIT is OK with me, I just don't take it in my coffee....

Jeannie - over by a friend of a friend's is a "sump", basically a water run-off basin that get just enough water to freeze into the perfect "pond" for a game of hockey - and we have come up with some odd ways to "Zamboni" the surface after 2hours of scratching it up!!


carol said...

Hi all...hope your Monday is off to a good start. Fun puzzle and I thought of Lois when I saw 1A (I knew what it was too :)

Argyle, I won't complain about 2D but I will about 8D...DIF????? What the heck??? There was no indication of an 'abbr'.

Put me down in the wrong Armstrong group...I was not thinking of Louie.

I had no idea about 48D (author Gay).
Did not know 25A either but perps got these unknowns.

Tinbeni, glad about your new car and that you did not get injured!

Mainiac, are kids wonderful when they share??? Get better soon!

Anonymous said...

Good puzzle. Except for one thing which insults us military Army personal. Number ten is an Air Force rank and maybe a Marines rank. In the Army we use SSG as our abbreviation for Staff Sergeant. As a disabled vet I just wanted to clarify that.

SEC (Sergeant First Class). Jones


Anonymous said...

Sorry my phone message thinks the rank before Jones was miss spelled so it auto changed it to SEC

Dennis said...

SEC Jones, you're correct that SSG is the Army abbreviation for Staff Sergeant, but taking it as an 'insult'?? Please. It was a simple error, not something done maliciously.

Anonymous said...

It helps if you use the arrow keys to navigate the apps. Much easier!

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, first thanks to Argyle for the LIDA Rose clip. Music Man fans will love to start their days with it.

Re"(3D) THAT'LL Be The Day. I also loved Buddy Holly. I am definitely of "that" age.

I can see why this puzzle might be a little rough on the under 50(or so) crowd. (52A) OH ROB came to me immediately, but I understand how Splynter blanked on it.

(10D) Armstrong's nickname/SATCHMO. The clue was pretty broad for a Monday. The first Armstrong I thought of was Neil.

Names I really didn't know and had to get from the perps were (18D) O'NEIL and (25A) ROTH.

I'm with Carol about (8D) "What's the __?"/DIF. Looks like an abbreviation to me too.

On the pleased side, I really liked FLORID, SMERSH and CORGI.

Dennis said...

And a very Happy Birthday to Frenchie, who's been away from the blog for too long. Hope it's a great one for you.

kazie said...

I forgot O'NEIL as one of my unknowns too. And 'rock instruments' had me in geology for a while.

I was amazed yesterday to see the temperatures in the south--Little Rock was 12 degrees when here in WI we had 20. Our son is in Belize right now, so we wondered if his pipes at home in his old house might freeze, but so far no word from him as to whether his neighbors have a key.

Spitzboov said...

Re: Ssgt - Here is an official DOD site which lists the enlisted ranks and insignia for all the services. It agrees with SFC Jones' comment @ 0930

MH said...

Maybe a little more difficult than your standard Monday puzzle but very solvable without need for looking things up.

Cold morning here in NorCal: 32F which is cold for here. Ice on cars and no scrapers to be found.

JD said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. and all peculiar puzzlers,

I always look forward to Monday, but a speed run this wasn't..only because of that NE corner:slue,the second s in ssgt, nicety,ALer took some thought.Gent also took time as my head kept saying Tramp.The perps filled my 2 unknowns: florid and SMERSH.

Tomorrow I will be saying,"Hit me!" We're off to Las Vegas for a few days.This is where I should be using florid in a sentence.

Argyle, I'm going back to listen to the music..thanks!

Bill G. said...

My little trouble: I spelled SLUE as SLEW.

That music from the Music Man is my favorite. You don't hear anything like that on American Idol.

I don't think of "What's the dif?" as an abbreviation but as a slang expression. Just my two-cents worth.

Ratso Rizzo: "I'm walkin' here! I'm walkin' here!"

HeartRx said...

Good Morning Argyle, C.C. et al.

Great write-up, Argyle - loved the Buddy Holly and Music Man links. Now I have some great stuff CAROMing around in my head.

Hand up for thinking of Neil Armstrong instead of SATCHMO. But perps to the rescue. I had "NLER" for 16A (its the only baseball league I could think of at first). When I filled in READ ONES FORTUNE, I figured nler wasn't right because it gave me SNT... for 10D. I finally changed it to ALER, and whizzed through that corner.

Nice puzzle for a Monday, and I liked the theme unifier tying everything together. I certainly would not have gotten the theme without it.

Grumpy1, perhaps peculiar people prefer picnics?

Have a great day everyone!

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon everyone.

Thank heavens for Mondays!
Even so, I missed a few.

Clear Ayes: did you know that Corgis where made from Schipperkes? Of course you did because you liked seeing Corgi in the puzzle.

Happy birthday, Frenchie. Don't be a stranger.


Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, A little more difficult for me today, but I did manage to finish after I went down to the unifier and Extra helped me fill in the beginning of the last two theme answers.

There were unknowns today such as, Talese, and Smersh, but they filled in with the perps. I,too, had trouble with the wrong Armstrong. I was thinking Lance, and the only nickname I could think of was Speeder.

The NE corner was the last to fall as I Abbreviated ALer/ALGR and wanted Lord for Lady's partner. I finally erased everything and started over.

My first thought on filling in Extrta and Read All About It, was when FDR died. This was the last time I really remember newsboys being on the street--even in our neighborhood. I don't think I can recall ever hearing that again.

Have a nice day everyone, and keep warm.

Husker Gary said...

Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day! Here’s my day so far:
-12” of snow on the ground and still coming. It’s ATONOF snow but pretty!
-Showed up at 10 am for an 11 am dentist appointment. I read Jan 10 as 10 am on my desktop.
-Went to the Y and locked my key in the truck
-Got a ride home from a friend in his car that I thought was going to get stuck

The NE corner was tough when I put MOONMAN for Neil Armstrong and had no idea about SLUE. That seems to be a word that y’all knew and I did not. I added it to my flashcards

-My wife’s twin sister is SKYPEing (word from yesterday) like crazy now and that is pretty cool
-I liked Chick’s digs too (Hennery from this fall?) and Santa’s Wrapper.
-Mary Tyler Moore was hot as Laura but they still had twin beds. How did Richie come to be?
-Despite Hillary and any village, it still takes a good home to raise a child! The village can only help or hurt.
-Okay, okay, I get it! ICETEA! We don’t need no stinkin’ D!
-SLUE? If you commonly use that word, you run in different circle than I do!
-Of course that tower in Tuscany was #1 on my bucket list!!
-My brother was in many 12-step programs and all failed him. He did tell me, “For me, one drink is too many and a thousand aren’t enough!” It killed him at 60!
-I loved all the barbershop music from the Buffalo Bills in Music Man. Lida Rose with Sweet and Low in counterpoint was my favorite! It’s the only movie I took my Mother to!

Off to dig out from maintainer going by!

PJB-Chicago said...

Howdy Argyle & all!

This seemed just right for a Monday, although I made a "slew" of hasty guesses: "horrid" nearly went in where FLORID belonged. SLUE just "looked" wrong, but wasn't. Huge gaps in my knowledge of musicals/films kept LIDA from being a gimme. Everything I know about baseball stats, Greek gods, and showtunes comes from crossword puzzles. Or Jeopardy....

Anyone else think DIF was spelled with two F's? ---ergo kind of a "prob" for me. Wassup with that?

I do like the AHA moment when the theme emerges.

In London 12 (?) years ago, I took a number of walking tours. During one such walk, our guide announced a "special treat," as she timed our itinerary so we could watch the Queen Mum 's royal CORGIs being walked by the appointed member of staff. Pictures were snapped but no, um, "souvenirs" were scored. That was my only brush with royalty.

It's 24 degrees here in Chicago, almost balmy.
Enjoy the week!

Husker Gary said...

p.s. I forgot to add. Omaha has the best Buddy Holly Tribute band in the country and at their Omaha show last spring they mentioned that Buddy got the title for That'll Be The Day from the John Wayne line in the movie The Searchers. Billy McGuigan explains it in this clip, "That'll Be The Day

Hahtoolah said...

Good afternoon, all. Late to the puzzle today, but it was a pretty quick ride. I liked the theme, but before I got to the unifier, I wondered how the long theme clues could be connected.

I tried Spin instead of SLUE for turning on an axis. I was also trying to think of a nickname for Neal and/or Lance Armstrong, before it dawned on me that the reference was to the New Orleans Louis Armstrong.

QOD: All music is folk music, I ain't never heard no horse sing a song. ~ Louis Armstrong

ARBAON said...

Wanted "lord" for lady`s partner, wanted "spin" or "spun" for turn on an axis...really messed up that corner for a while. Wanted "palm" instead of "fortune" (and tried to make it fit!) since the lord and spin errors didn`t allow me to see "fortune." Wanted "sight" for how some learn music...and "aone" for "onea". Once I got un-fixated on the wrong answers, the correct ones came.

This weekend, a friend brought me a copy of a two-page puzzle spread from a southern MO paper. I`m so spoiled to grid symmetry, unifiers and themes that this one is a challenge only in size.

1. belonging to one person or group
2. felt to be characteristic of one only
3. different from the usual or norm
4. exempt from ordinary jurisdiction
5. strange

I suppose we might all fit one or more of those definitions.

melissa bee said...

good afternoon c.c., argyle and fellow peculiar people,

typical breezy monday, with a few minor snags - nothing that hasn't already been mentioned. before i saw the final theme clue, i was looking at the theme answers thinking it would be the last words that would be relevant - tried to make a theme from FORTUNE, FAMILY, and AUTHOR. the actual theme was a complete surprise once i saw it.

abejo, awaiting your report.

Original LTL said...

America lost a true hero today.

Lucina said...

Good afternoon fellow peculiar puzzlers!

Late here because my S-I-L needed transportation then it was time for the gym and time just marches on.

Very nice puzzle from Gail and Bruce. Had I been on my usual schedule, it might have been a speed run, maybe. Anyway it was easy but stumbled the same as you did, SPIN for SLUE, waited to see which Armstrong to fill, balked at SMERSH. I thought that was more of at least a Wednesday word.

And now time for my Monday massage.

Glad your car situation went well. That's good to know about Geico.

You hang in there, my friend.

French: happy birthday! Come visit again.

I hope you are all having a great Monday.

Lucina said...

oops. Sorry, I meant Frenchie, happy birthday.

LaLaLinda said...

Hello Everyone ~~

A fun puzzle today -- no real problems except for SLUE as many have already mentioned. Count me in the group that remembers "OH ROB." Got SATCHMO and LIDA easily but wasn't at all sure of SMERSH and didn't like DIF, but it finally all came together.

Thanks, Argyle for your write-up --I really enjoyed the LIDA Rose link!

Another major snowstorm is headed this way -- not exactly unexpected in winter in New England. It makes for some pretty scenery.

Enjoy the evening ~~

creature said...

Happy Birthday, Frenchie! Haven't heard from you for a while. Hope all's well.

dodo said...

ahello, Argyle, Gail, Bruce and youse others!

This was really a nice Monday puzzle. I did the "spin" thing and the only Armstrong I could think of was Lance and who knows what nickname he might have! Perps helped straighten that out. I, too, had no idea what the relationship between the theme answers was to be. Argyle set me right on that.

To me 'slue' equals 'a ton of'. And I consider 'what's the dif' in the same class as 'wait a sec'. Not really an abreviation. They both seem to be accepted as words.

We had 24 degrees here in the Cemtral Valley at 8 a.m. today. Frost everywhere and seven major accidents on I-5 by that time: black ice. One was fatal, I understand. Well, it takes my mind off the economy and other worries closer to home.

Great write-up, Santa. Loved 'Lida Rose'.

Well, it's the witching hour 6 p.m. Gotta watch the news.

fermatprime said...

Hello again!

Just am dropping in to mention something peculiar. Was looking for more info on SYLVIA BURSTYN, who died last week unexpectedly. (Was that mentioned in a previous blog?)

I googled her up and looked at several pages of images. Believe it or not:

1. MY avatar is there (why?) Definitely the last thing I expected to find!!!

2. CC's avatar is there

3. It says that she was only blogged by Crossword Corner.

Her puzzles were great. There are no more coming down the pike. She was only 62 and didn't expect to die!!! I am very sad.

Lucina said...

I believe you are thinking of "slew" meaning "a ton" or any large number of things. "Slue" meaning "turn on an axis" is often used to describe when a tire spins through a watery area. What a difference two letters make, eh?

Good thoughts going out to all you buried in snow; please stay warm and safe.

Spitzboov said...

Slue - spinning on an axis can also be spelled slew.

dodo said...

Hi, Lucina and Clearayes, I just read the late comments from last night. Yes, I do put all those sticky labels that are 'gifts' from people asking for money in my books and magazines and anything I own, for that matter. Of course, I suppose lending the Netflix DVD was not only foolish, but possibly illegal! However, I did see the friend at dinner last night and asked her how they liked the movie. She said they'd not seen it yet. I suggested that perhaps I should get one for her later, when they had 'more time'. No dice! Later she phoned and said her husband had asked her to phone and see if it was all right for them to keep it until Wednesday when their granddaughter will be visiting. At least, I've stirred they memories, I hope. I'll check on Thursday and see if it's been returned! They are really very nice people and I should have learned by now that to lend something is sometimes to give it away!

CA in the case of lending your own DVDs, it's a bit sticky, since you don't have the excuse of wanting to return them to Netflix. I guess you could keep nagging your friend about which one did they like best, yada, yada, yada. Why do we get into these things, anyway!

Oh, and thanks Sally. The only thing worse than 'loaned' are 'lie' and 'lay' amd all their conjugations which seem too complex for the general English speaker! Don't even ask!

dodo said...

Lucy, How about 'David 9or whoever) slew him with the jawbone of an ass'? And then we have Moser Sough which runs behind the levee that I see from my living room window! Oh dear, oh dear!

dodo said...

Oh, and if you play bridge, you 'slough' a card while trumping you opponents ace!

I'd better go to bed. I have brain pains!

Lucina said...

You're right, Dodo. There are just too many variations, a slew of them in fact.

Have a very good night! I'm concerned about our snowbound friends. I just hope they have electricity.

windhover said...

I don't. ;-}

windhover said...

(have electricity, that is.)