Jan 25, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011 Marti DuGuay-Carpenter

Theme: Conjunction Malfunction - Three examples of what would be left if some common phrases were to lose their conjunction and lastly, the unifying conjunction.

17A. *Worm change?: BAIT(and)SWITCH

37A. *Relocation company's cocktail mixers?: MOVERS(and)SHAKERS

60A. *Court mistake?: TRIAL(and)ERROR

68A. Word usually found in the answers to starred clues: AND

Argyle here. A simple yet clever Tuesday; how hard is that? A pleasing grid layout and the most six letter words(16) I've seen in a weekday puzzle.


1. Utah Jazz's gp. : NBA. Basketball.

4. Slopeside structure : CHALET. Along the ski slopes.

10. Sodas : POPs. A friend's father always uses both; soda pop.

14. DDE opponent : AES. Presidential elections of 1952 and 1956. Ike won both times.

15. Dugouts, e.g. : CANOES

16. Frizzy do : AFRO

19. Sci-fi saucers : UFOs

20. Shimmery sushi fish : OPAH. Known also as Moon Fish or Sun Fish. Does it depend on when you catch them?

21. Lush : SOT

22. Speck in the sea : ISLET. And 48D. Strand on a 22-Across : MAROON

24. Lender's product : BAGEL. Pioneer of the frozen bagel industry. A North American leader in the marketing, distribution and sales, and the brand evolved into one of the top five fresh and frozen bagel producers in North America.

26. Hardly a tough decision : NO-BRAINER

29. Decelerate : SLOW UP

31. Dough dispenser, briefly : ATM. Do-re-mi, moolah, bread, cabbage, chicken feed, dinero, green stuff; it's all legal tender

32. Craps cube : DIE. An alliteration with a poor visualization; craps is a dice game.

33. Words before "Here's to," perhaps : "A TOAST!". At sunset, for some people.

36. Remain unsettled : PEND. It is a stand alone verb.

41. Without accomplices : LONE

42. Didn't run the ball : PASSED

43. Nice vacation time? : ÉTÉ. Summer on the heart of the French Riviera.

44. Old word of annoyance : FIE. As in, "Fie! I can't make it to Nice again this year."

46. Twitches : SPASMS

50. Kentucky's state flower : GOLDENROD. Perhaps a comment, windhover?

54. Sacro- ending : ILIAC

55. "How Do I Live" singer LeAnn : RIMES. Our first
song(3:56) of the day.

56. One of a salty seven : SEA

58. Architect Saarinen : EERO

59. Start of a coconut cocktail name : PINA

63. Former Israeli president Weizman : EZER.
He is a little tough for a Tuesday.

64. Shoelace holder : EYELET

65. Canapé topper, perhaps : ROE. Would you care for

66. Corporate freebie : PERK

67. Breaks down in English class? : PARSES. Parse comes from when school was taught in Latin. Quae pars orationis? "What part of speech?"


1. Pooh-bahs : NABOBs. Although not in the original meaning, they have a negative connotation now.

2. "C'mon sport, help me out" : "BE A PAL"

3. Cheese from Italy's Veneto region : ASIAGO

4. IV amounts : CCs. IV / IntraVenous and CC / cubic centimeter.

5. Hesitating sounds : HAWs. Usually partnered with HEM.

6. Negatively charged atom : ANION

7. Game with scratching : LOTTO. Upstate just had a Powerball winner that was purchased in a laundromat!

8. Treaty of Rome org. : EEC. European Economic Community, the forerunner to the European Union.

9. Top at the beach : T-SHIRT

10. St. __ Girl beer : PAULI.
Image. It looks like she is wearing glasses. (On her face, guys.)

11. Lawbreaker : OFFENDER

12. Dietary needs found in beef : PROTEINS

13. Titanic signal : SOS

18. Coordinated fan effort at a stadium : THE WAVE

23. One of the Warner Brothers : SAM. Harry, Albert, Sam, and Jack. Any besides Jack is a tad hard for a Tuesday. There are many easier SAMs out there.

25. Bard's instrument : LUTE. Classic

27. Bubbly soothers : BATHS. Or maybe Craklin' Rosie?

28. Wine choice : RED

30. __ favor: señor's "please" : POR

34. According to : AS PER

35. Retirement org. : SSA. Social Security Administration.

36. One on a bike : PEDALER

37. Add an engine to : MOTORIZE. Then you wouldn't have to pedal.

38. Quick joke : ONE-LINER. See above.

39. Biblical mount : ASS. Not mountain.

40. Foreign Legion cap : KEPI

41. Hose filler? : LEG

44. Giant's first word : FEE. Jack and the Beanstalk.

45. Arched foot part : INSTEP

47. __ Nevada mountain range : SIERRA

49. Made a basket, say : SCORED. Basketball again.

51. Old German money, for short : D-MARK. Deutschmark.

52. Wickerwork willow : OSIER. For making baskets but not for basketball.

53. Antes precede them : DEALS. Poker, you have to pay to play.

57. On the sheltered side : ALEE

59. Vim : PEP

61. Shaggy Scandinavian rug : RYA. Wednesday word.

62. Sci-fi invaders, for short : ETs

Answer grid.


Note from C.C.:

Here is a beautiful photo of HeartRx and her husband taken on their last evening as "singles", going out to a New Years eve gala. They were married the following day on January 1, 2009.


Dennis said...

Good morning, Argyle, C.C. and gang - first off, congratulations to HeartRx on her constructing debut; just an outstanding accomplishment.

This was a solid Tuesday-level puzzle, which usually means a speed run; took me just a shade over four minutes. The theme was apparent with 'Bait switch' and that certainly helped the rest of the way. Nice piece of misdirection -- 'Lender's product' had me thinking something loan-related. Loved all the six-letter answers. Overall, a fun solve made all the more enjoyable with the knowledge that it was created by one of our own.

HeartRx, great picture, and Argyle, as always, excellent blogging.

Today is Opposite Day. No idea.

Did You Know?:

- There are more living organisms on the skin of a single human being than there are human beings on the earth's entire surface. An average adult's skin has a surface area of 16 to 22 square feet, each square inch of which houses nearly 20 million microorganisms.

- The carat, standard unit of measurement for gemstones, was originally based on the weight of the carob seed.

- On March 15, 1985, became the first registered Internet domain.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Wow, congrats to HeartRX for the puzzle debut! Dang, now that the constructor is one of us, I guess I can't say anything bad about the puzzle... ^_^

Actually, the puzzle was very smooth and enjoyable. I didn't even mind the ILIAC/SIERRA crossing, since both words are common enough in crosswords. Oddly enough, though, that section did end up being the one spot that caused me some grief, but only because I stupidly put in PEDDLER instead of PEDALER at 36D. Is PEDALER even a real word? I suppose it must be, although it just looks odd to me.

EZER is one of those names I will never remember, but fortunately the perps took care of him in short order. I also had no idea there was a Warner brother named SAM (and thought that was a rather obscure clue for a Tuesday), but once again, the perps came to the rescue.

Oh -- and I liked seeing FEE crossed with FIE. I just wish there were a FOFUM somewhere nearby... ^_^

Lemonade714 said...

Happy Tuesday.

Big time congrats HeartRx, a very nice, fun puzzle. The two early posters along with Argyle have made all my points, but I enjoyed it. There were a few tricky ones but they filled easily.

Thank you, and I like the shout out to CC.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning Argyle, HeartRx and Friends.

FEE, FIE, Foe Fum, I found this puzzle a lot of Fun! I had a bit of trouble with CHALET at first, but after the first pass, it suddenly came to me. And, knowing the constructor likes skiing, the Chalet makes perfect sense.

Lender's BAGEL came to me immediately. When we first moved to the South, frozen BAGELS were the only kind available. Now, our city actually has a true bagel bakery.

Some fun clues. I especially liked:
Hose Filler = LEG
Antes Precedes Them = DEALS.

Also, it was nice to see a shout-out to Windhover with the GOLDENROD!

QOD: Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

HeartRx said...

Good Morning Argyle, C.C. et al.

Wow, thanks guys for all the wonderful comments. I had ten puzzles rejected by Rich before he finally accepted this one. But I’m not too discouraged, because even if I never get another one published, it gives me a great sense of satisfaction just to put a puzzle together. I never thought it would be so fun!

Thanks for the thoughtful write-up, Argyle. I had clued this puzzle with more difficulty, but Rich made some changes. All for the better, of course! But I agree that it was more of a Wednesday level.

I groaned when I read your comment on 32A DIE…I hadn’t even thought of that visual. Now I’ll never get rid of it! Loved the ONE-LINER – you are too funny!

Yes, Lemonade (from your comment on the interview), the “C.C.s” at 4D was most definitely a shout out to our dear leader. I had other fill in there at first, but changed it so I could include this answer.

Creature, back on the 7th when we were discussing the theme fill of Gary Steinmehl’s IRATE MOVIES, you blogged “We'll be working these with your name on it”. I had to chuckle, because I knew my first puzzle had just been accepted. But thanks for your faith in me.

Dennis, I think for opposite day, I will make my toast at sunrise instead of sunset. How’s that sound?

Have a great day, everyone – I’ll be checking in later !

Dick said...

Good morning Argyle and all, a very entertaining puzzle today. I thought it was just about the right level of difficulty for a Tuesday. Even better it was constructed by one of our bloggers. Congratulations HeartRx and a very nice well done to you.

Not too much of a problem with this one, but I did have a few sticking points. First, I misread “dugouts” as donuts and I did this several times before the V8 can hit. In that same area it took a while for “chalet” to come to mind. Otherwise, the puzzle was pretty much straight forward.

I did not mind the crossing of “iliac” and “Sierra” for as Barry G said “both words are common enough in crosswords.” I thought Ezer was hard for a Tuesday, but the perps solved any hesitation in that area.

Like others I liked the crossing of “Fee” and “Fie” and was looking for Fo Fum.

Nice informative blog again Argyle.

Good luck and a health recovery to Lois and Lemonade.

Hope you all have a great Tuesday.

John Lampkin said...

Congratulations Marti for your solid debut and warm and engaging interview. Your positive and buoyant good nature sparkles throughout.

Oh goody, folks! Marti actually had FUN doing this in spite of ten rejections. That means more will be coming!

thehondohurricane said...

Good day folks,

HeartRx, many congratulations on accomplishing a unique, but fun puzzle. Look forward to many more from you. Argyle, another fine write up and a great interview with the constructor. I always enjoy hearing about the trials and tribulations that happen on the other side of "puzzle world."

Today was a bit of a slow go for me today. The NW corner was the last to fall. Pooh-bahs and Lender's product still have me scratching my head. I had them correct, but both were a big time WAG.

All my other thoughts/comments have all ready been addressed by others.

More snow today... one to three inches... a prelude to the foot we are supposed to see tomorrow. Enough already!

Everyone enjoy the day.

Tinbeni said...

Argyle, Nice write-up.

Marti, Thank you for a FUN Tuesday.
Really enjoyed the AND themes.

A TOAST to you at Sunset.
Though the weather-gal said it will be raining then, I'm betting the Sun still sets.

Hmmm, St.___ Girl, just look in the frige, it's PAULI. Geez, that was a NO-BRAINER for this SOT.

Denny said...

Congrats, Marti! So this is what hanging out here can lead to, huh?

NE was my toughest area, always scary when it's there, because like most of us I suspect, that's where I start, and if I'm stumped, I figure the rest is going to be tough, too. But it got easier.

Bagel fell last of all -- never heard of the brand, so needless to say, I wanted money or loans. But in the end, it could only be that, so I filled it in and came here to figure out why!

I flummoxed myself for a while too by filling in movers shakers as "movershakeers" (I do that sometimes on clues where the first word ends with the same letter the next word begins with) and I just didn't notice it until I couldn't make anything work for the crosses. Doh!

As someone who works in the writing and editing biz, it reminded me of those stubborn typos that for some reason no one notices (until about 10 seconds after it's printed, of course).

Denny said...

Sorry, I meant NW!

Abejo said...

Good Morning Folks. A special congratulations to Marti for a great puzzle. I had no idea you were HeartRx and that this was your first puzzle. After reading the interview and the others' comments, I became enlightened. I will be looking for more from you. Thanks for posting C.C. and thank you Argyle for the nice write-up and interview. It is great to see what other folks do.

This puzzle sure was a great start to the day. Got it all done before I got on the train/bus, with the exception of 24A and 3D. On the bus I figured the Lender must be a brand name. I was trying to figure it as a loan of money or something similar. The cheese I did not know. However, I took a chance and got it right.

EZER Weizman was easy for me, having remembered him from Israeli news from years back.

I had to think about FEE for a while. I was trying to think of a baseball name (Giants). FIE helped me. My mother used that word continually. "FIE on you" was her phrase.

Dugouts/CANOES had me stumped. I was trying to fit benchs, as in baseball dugouts. CCS (4D) helped me out.

Thanks, Marti/HeartRx. Great job!


Grumpy 1 said...

What a great way to start a Tuesday! I looked at the constructor's name and thought "Hmmm, don't recall seeing that one before. I wonder what her style will be like." Well, for what it's worth, Marti, I like your style. A little misdirection and some fresh clues for the few tired entries added up to a very solid effort.

By the way, I really like the way you coordinated your debut with today's Frank and Ernest comic strip.

creature said...

Good Morning C.C.,Argyle and all,

C.C. forgot to commend you on your interview with Marti [better known as HeartRx]. Your intro and good questions were just enough. What a surprise effect and so nice.

Marti, as I said, I came here ready to rave about your puzzle, not knowing anything about the author.
It may seem more like a Wednesday effort, as I think about it, but that's more Rich's area, so there you have it. An early B'day present.

My fav{freshness factor] Craps cube: die.

Argyle, you are still the tops with
natural humor. Great ONE LINERS.

Lemonade, so sorry to hear about your recovery. I hope it speeds up
for you.

CA, It's all good...out of posts last night.

Lucina, you were competing with some strong contenders , but I finally had to vote for yours.

Have a nice day everyone.

HeartRx said...

John L, thanks for the kind words. It was so nice to finally talk to you last night! I hope we get to meet in person someday as well.

Denny, I almost fell on the floor laughing. You posted:
“As someone who works in the writing and editing biz, it reminded me of those stubborn typos that for some reason no one notices (until about 10 seconds after it's printed, of course).”
And then VOILA! 1 second later, you posted a correction, LOL !! You beat your record by 9 seconds – way to go!

Grumpy1, leave it to you to send me a hilarious and appropriate link!

Argyle said...

This aim for a later in the week debut explains SAM(23D), the Warner Brother instead of SAM, the Cheers bartender.

kazie said...

Well, hats off to HeartRx, it's a great accomplishment!

Like others here, my hardest and slowest area was the NW. I knew Lenders was going to be food, but for the life of me, I couldn't think of what. I'm not too familiar with the term NABOBS, but when that was in, the A of BAGEL was a logical completion. BE A PAL didn't come naturally either, since I didn't know AES or NBA either.

The first fill was the NE, and I pondered my way comfortably through the rest before returning to the NW. The theme came easily, so when I got AND it was confirmation rather than an 'aha!'. I thought at first it was going to be harder, but that's always my reaction when the NW is more difficult than the rest. On the whole, I think it was right for Tuesday.

I wondered about GOLDENROD, a weed, as far as I know, being a state flower.

My d-i-l's recipe for a good BATH: a glass of wine, (only one though, so you can still get out!) a good book and a twenty minute time limit so you still feel refreshed and not drained.

Splynter said...

Hi There~!

I thought it was a well-done Tuesday puzzle, from one of our own, and now I feel like I want to get involved, too!

I have constructed several puzzles in the past, but mostly specific to my friends and family - now I am inspired to try for publication.

I did OK with this one, HeartRx, just my own typos to deal with (had SEC of RED, and SCORER for SCORED).

EZER filled itself in, and I happen to love bagels, even the Lender's frozen ones...


Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone. Thanks for the commentary, Argyle.

What a nice surprise, when coming to this blog this morning to learn that the puzzle I had just completed was constructed by one of our respected bloggers. That's a hoot and I stand in awe of your talent, HeartRx. Well done and Bravo Zulu!. Great photo, too.

C.C. Thanks for filling us in and posting the interview with Marti.

Just the right difficulty for a Tuesday. Loved the theme fill which was easily gotten after declaring the unifier, AND. I knew EZER, and took a guess at GOLDENROD. I liked the clever clueing for BAGEL, LEG, and PARSES. I did not know RIMES, but the perps delivered it. No searches were needed.

Interesting that an 'aiglet' makes it easier to use an EYELET.

Enjoy the day.

windhover said...

Wow! Talk about separating the men from the boys. Or do I mean the women from the girls? What I really mean is the solvers from the constructors.
I love solving, but I'd rather eat glass than try to make a puzzle. My hat is off to you (and I almost never take off my hat) HeartRx/Marti, as well as to CC for her Dennis tribute puzzle last year and anyone else who crosses the line from puzzler to puzzle maker.
And after seeing your pic, it's clear why that Southern guy is willing to endure the Northern weather. A very classy looking couple, and another gold star for the "simple black
Agree with Creature, Lucina wins, but NC (original submission) a close second, and JohnL's "strapping buck" a strong honorable mention.
You all are the funniest people I (don't) know.

Husker Gary said...

Argyle et al, Greetings from the Great Plains where we are luxuriating in +18F weather! Where did I leave those darn tank tops? This “high” temp on top of 8” of snow has our landscape as foggy as a politicians promises. No subbing today and so I don’t have to feel my way into Omaha!

This was not a real speed run but a lovely exercise where the north middle took some time to extract, as I do not live in a CHALET, only scratch on pool games and had other ideas for beach tops!

Lovely interview with Marti as well. I loved her testimony to persistence and what a lovely picture.

-Ain’t never heerd or seed an OPAH. Of course around here we call sushi bait. This from a man who pigged out on gator a week ago.
-Of course I wanted that Lender to dispense a book
-What other words have worse plural issues than die/dice, medium/media, datum/data
-In three days we have had SKOAL, SALUD and ATOAST. Can I run a tab?
-ETE with no French cluing reference, nailed it
-Nebraska’s state flower is also the GOLDENROD and is featured prominently on our new License Plate
-Is this a more ubiquitous crossword architect than our old buddy EERO?
-I hope to not be a nattering NABOB
-Thanks for pointing out glasses on St. Pauli girl. Uh, I didn’t see ‘em at first.
-I hope we first year baby boomers don’t run the SSA dry
-I have never worn a KEPI or walked on a RYA

kazie said...

You complained: -What other words have worse plural issues than die/dice, medium/media, datum/data
As long as you stick to English, you have louse/lice versus house/houses, roof/ roofs versus hoof/hooves.

But don't complain--In German, words either add or change nothing, just add Umlaut (Umläute), add -er, -s, -e, -en, or any of these with Umlaut as well.

Grumpy 1 said...

I liked seeing NABOBS in the puzzle. It always reminds me of Spiro Agnew's ascerbic alliterations such as 'Nattering nabobs of negativitism', 'pusillanimous pussyfooters' and 'hopeless, hysterical hypochondriacs of history'.

I had no problem with the cross of ILIAC and SIERRA. I started to fill ILIAC and then paused to check a down or two when I realized it might possibly be SANCT. SIERRA told me my first choice was correct. 'Lender' slowed me down a bit, too. Dayum, that 64oz V8 jug packs a wallop! I wanted SLOW DOWN but it wouldn't fit so I let a few perps point me to SLOW UP.

Here's A TOAST (St. PAULI Girl, PINA Colada or the beverage of your choice) to our newest constructor!

Husker Gary said...

Kazie, My comment was not a complaint but merely a "musing" as is my wont. I completely understand your list but it has been my experience that those words I mentioned seem to be more misused in spoken discourse versus simply how their plurals are formed. Hasn't everyone heard, "The media is..." or been asked to "Roll the dice" when only one is involved in the game, or "The data shows...".

I hope your friends in Queensland are safe. My 2.5" of rain in Orlando last week is pretty petty by comparison.

carol said...

Hi all,

Congratulations HeartRx/Marti! I applaud anyone who can construct a puzzle. I used to think it would be fun to try, but soon gave up that idea when I read about the construction process...I didn't even understand it!

The difficulty level with this one was more like Wednesday for me, but I really enjoyed it and all the mis-directions it gave me.

36A had me thinking of our daily bike rides and funny thing Barry, I put PEDDLER in too!! I couldn't believe I misspelled that...geez.

41D HOSE FILLER/LEG AND 44D GIANT'S FIRST WORD/FEE, made me smile. Great stuff.

I really had trouble in the NW corner though: 3D, 17A, 6 and 8D just would not come to me. I put EELS in for 20A at first so that didn't help much. I did get it all straightened out finally :)

Kazie, good advise on the time limit on a bath. I had a friend who LOVED to soak in her tub. She would light a candle, have wine and her paperback book of choice. One day she came to work with the book. It was all warped and fat...she said she fell asleep in the bath, and dropped it in the water. She woke up because the water got cold. I prefer a nice, hot shower.

Warren said...

Hi Argyle, C.C. & gang,

Great first puzzle HeartRx!

My wife and finished ~90% of today's puzzle before she left for work. Once we got Movers Shakers we got the 'and' for 68A which gave up 'Bait Switch' & 'Trial Error'.

The hardest section for me was the bottom right but the crosses made it doable...

I had 36D: spelled also as Peddler vs. Pedaler and the latter appears in red underscore so I'm not the only one?

Lucina said...

Good day, puzzle people!

Thank you for an amusing blog, Argyle.

Congratulations! Brava, HeartRX/Marti! I loved your puzzle and did not at first recognize the name nor have I read the interview; that shall come in due time.

I'm tickled pink that one of our posters has a puzzle! It started easily and BAITSWITCH hinted at the theme.

We had a discussion about Agnew's nattering NABOBS of negativism some time ago so the word popped out.

Lender's fooled me for a while, too, but ASIAGO confirmed BAGEL.

I do have to confess that EZER stumped me completely and since I filled ZIP for vim, didn't notice that ZINA made no sense. It was corrected by the blog.

Really made me smile:
dough dispenser, ATM
one of a salty seven, SEA
top at the beach, TSHIRT

Thank you, Creature and Lemonade for your nice compliment; that was fun, especially the interaction among "some people" and you know who you are!

Not being a beer drinker I didn't know St. PAULI girl but it emerged nicely.

I hope your Tuesday is going gloriously!

kazie said...

Yes, I never feel I have time for a bath either, but I admire the idea of relaxing that way--as long as you don't overdo it, I guess!

Thanks for clarifying. I wasn't thinking of the grammatical implications--but don't get me started on grammar!
Thanks too for the wishes about the Oz floods. As far as I am aware, nobody I know is affected, but of course there could be some who can't communicate it.

Lucina said...

Ooh! One more; loved hose filler, LEG.

JimmyB said...

OK, Argyle, if you're waiting for someone to say something, I'll bite. Has anyone noticed that the St. Pauli Girl image that Argyle linked to is really that Sarah Palin Girl? Maybe if the guys around here would look a little higher than her chest!

Nice one, Argyle!

(Sent my congrats to HeartRx on the interview comments.)

Bill G. said...

What a really nice start to the day. A very enjoyable puzzle by somebody I feel like I know a little (congratulations!), an excellent write up, a great interview and the perceptive comments by the usual suspects.

Re. bagels. I didn't grow up eating bagels in Virginia. Didn't have 'em until Cornell University. I'm still not crazy about many store-bought bagels (too dense) but there is a bakery/bagel shop near here that produces lighter and tastier poppy seed bagels which I've grown to enjoy. Otherwise, my taste in quick breads runs more to buttermilk biscuits and cornbread.

Anonymous said...

Argyle - Beautiful commentary, as usual - very interesting - altho I did solve the puzzle, it was fun to come here to see what you had to say. Thank you for the Leann Rimes song - it really touched my heart - got me all teary eyed !

HeartRx - Very commendable achievement and congratulations and best wishes. You have achieved a stellar crown and have become a comet ! To see one of our regular bloggers achieve glory is a great source of pride for all of us. May you live long and prosper and have many more laurels and crowns.

C.C. - Very well thought out and incisive interview. You brought out the best of the constructor and your questions elicited the best of responses from the interviewee. Great job !

MH said...

This was a fun puzzle. I got the theme on the very first theme entry which made it pretty easy. Argyle, pretty funny: the St. Pauli Girl has Sarah Palin's face. It's enough to make me want to drink Beck's instead.

GarlicGal said...

Good morning all. Great puzzle HeartRx! I loved "Hose filler" and the Fie/Fee fill. You constructors go through such an interesting thought process. I'm envious!

It sure makes me shiver to read about all the snow and cold, cold weather some of you are having. We're expecting low 70's today. Perfect MG cruising weather!

I'm all for toasting the sunrise (although it's a little late now).
Mimosa, anyone?

Here's to a Terrific Tuesday!

Jerome said...

Well I'll be damned! HeartRx, you Sneaky Pete! Congratulations on this fine, fine debut.

GOLDENROD, NABOBS, BEAPAL, THEWAVE. Good stuff. But I especially liked NOBRAINER and ONELINER. Top-notch fill!

Clever, tight, entertaining theme. A formula for success always.

A tip o' the hat and a bow your way. This is your day... I'm hopin' you're feeling magnificent and proud!

creature said...

Super Pic! Dayum* goodlookin' couple!
*ala Grumpy1@9:35AM

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

This is sweet, indeed! Let's have A TOAST PASSED around.

Great 6-letter fill, and how 'bout them 7's and 8's!

I was thinking EYELET for ISLET and wanted shoelace for strand - which had to be some sort of thread! Oh, well . . .

And isn't that the best Flecho ever?


Argyle - you're theme title is most especially brilliant!

JzB who wonders about OSY, OSIER, OSIEST

Gunghy said...

LOVED IT! One of the funnest Tuesdays in a long time. I came down from my mountain CABIN late yesterday, so naturally, CHALET was the last to fall. Probably because TSHIRT never entered my mind. I mean, who cares about a tshirt at thebeach?

Grumpy1, with the way your mind connects things, I expect to see you being interviewed someday soon.

Kazie, Definition of a weed: A flower in the wrong spot.

Husker, Octopus/octopi? I've heard people stumble so bad it's come out Octopussies.

Jeannie, from Friday: I'm really glad I don't have to choose, but Summer has many more activities I love, so sailing has competition. Right now, I can see my nearest neighbor's house, no farther. Skiing gets me out of this CRAP(S)py fog. I would give up sailing if I had to, but expect to ski until I'm dead. In fact, I've instructed my kids that if I ever get as bad as my parents are, they are to leave me out in a snowbank in a blizzard.

On that cheery note, there are many birthdays and well-wishes I missed, but I hope everyone has/had a good day.

Lucina said...

Windhover: my sincere apologies! I just realized I gave credit to the wrong person. Believe me, I would never mistake you for anyone else, mi amigo guapo.

LaLaLinda said...

Hello Everyone ~~

What a great puzzle! I didn't recognize the name of the constructor and thought it must be someone's debut puzzle. I didn't realize it would turn out to be a special someone! Congratulations HeartRx/Marti ~~ I can't wait for your next one.

My only unknown was EZER but the perps filled it. I learned ASIAGO cheese from a TV commercial for the 'Olive Garden.' I really enjoy their food. Many clever clues ... 'Lender's product,' 'Game with scratching' and the shout out to C.C.

A great write-up, Argyle ... I always enjoy your comments and links. The St. Pauli/Palin picture had me going for a while ... I thought it must be my imagination!

It's snowing today, another storm is moving in for tomorrow and Thursday. Not many days when it isn't snowing lately.

Lemonade ... I hope you're feeling better and Lois ... I hope your surgery went well.

Stay warm!

Mainiac said...

Afternoon Argyle, CC and All,

Typical Tuesday but a great debut for HeartRx! Certainly took some erasing, the center block in the north was the toughest. I was totally focused on baseball for 15A and Chalet struggled into my brain. Slammed Mento into 54A, spelling didn't count at that point in the day! Wrote Sole in for 41A and kept that sentiment for 45D filling in Insole. So the eraser was exercised a bit but I did complete it unaided.

Thanks again to CC for the interview. They are always informative. And of course another excellent write up Argyle.

Weatherman said a dusting to an inch today. We're closing in on 3 inches and it hasn't started to let up yet.

Have a great remainder.

Jeannie said...

My, my, what a surprise!! HeartRx (Marti) you got a bunch of us!! Now you’ve got a bunch of fans too! I really, really enjoyed your debut puzzle. I hope you frame this one! There was some very fun fills and I loved the theme. I also loved that you managed to sneak C.C. into your puzzle. My learning moment was “Nabobs” for Pooh-bahs. Ezer, Eero, EEC and AES all revealed themselves via the perps and a couple of WAG’s. I love St. Pauli Girl beer. If I am going to drink an imported beer it’s either that or a Moosehead.

Argyle, lucky you got to write up this debut puzzle. You did an excellent job. C.C., I also enjoyed your interview; as someone already pointed out you know just what questions to ask.

No snow here, it seems it has decided it’s the east coast’s turn. Be careful people!

Lois, I hope you eye is healing well, and MFcounselor, I am sending you cyber space Chicken Soup.

Oh, I forgot to mention what a handsome couple you make Marti! Is Marti your given name?

Anonymous said...

Seriously folks,

Is it just me - or - but I feel the St. Pauli girl looks like she is smiling thru 'black-ened' eyes ?? Maybe someone imbibed too much and - (omg !!! ) laid hands on her - or walloped her ? ( maybe have seen too many ER area incidents - ).

Argyle said...


JimmyB already called it @ 11:11 this morning. That is Sarah Palin's face.

And JimmyB, no, I didn't catch it untill your post. Good catch.

kazie said...

and if you know Hamburg, the district of St. Pauli is rather interesting too. Appropriate match with Palin, I'd say.

LTL said...

Kazie, I thought you were better than that.

Argyle said...

All right, let's drop the whole thing. I'm sorry I linked it now and it is distracting from the puzzle.

Anonymous said...

Good late afternoon everyone.

What fun to have HeartRx/ Marti be the constructor! Congratulations and we all hope for many more.

Great write up Argyle, and great questions to get such a neat conversation, C.C.

Enjoyed today's puzzle, but missed the long ones except for trial and error. I'm too literal.

Cheers, and a special one the HeartRx.

eddyB said...

Hi all.

Funny coincidence. Neil Diamond
will be inducted into the R&R Hall
of Fame. Story on

Marti also the name of my favorite Dixie Chick.

They are back. Falcon cam at San Jose is turned on. No activity yet.

20C, again.

take care.

Kath said...

Congrats...very innovative puzzle! I
maybe won't be the last poster today...Usually
I am due to West coast time...

mtnest995 said...

Congratulations HeartRx/Marti! What a fun puzzle - clueing was very clever. Especially liked hose filler, Lender's product and the theme fills as well.

I'm confident this is the first of many enjoyable puzzles from one of our own.

Enjoy what's left of the day, everyone.

HeartRx said...

Lots of interesting comments and questions. If I forget anyone, just shoot me an email!

Splynter and Arabon, as a newbie myself, I would highly recommend you jump in – believe me, the water is fine and there are so many kind people out there who are willing to help you along the way.

Windhover, DH got a kick out of your comment “after seeing your pic, it's clear why that Southern guy is willing to endure the Northern weather”. I think his words were something like “[expletive deleted] RIGHT …why else would I be insane enough to live up here in this weather??” (More snow today…and tomorrow…and the next day……….)

JazzBumpa, thanks for the “Laurel and Hardy Handshake” on the interview link…I think? I always love your humor!

Jeannie, my real name is Martha. But I decided to use a nickname when I was around 12 and started having nieces and nephews, because “Aunt Martha” just sounded “ancient” to me. Unfortunately, everyone else calls me Marti, EXCEPT my family. So I’m still “Aunt Martha” to 13 people.

“Pedaler” – hmmm…I think that one is getting added to my list of “Crosswordese” ones not to use. Although at the time, it seemed perfectly logical. I had actually clued it as “Vendor on a bike?” to be even more devious. But I can see that would have been too mean, so it’s a good thing Rich changed it!

It's been quite a day on "The Corner" and I hope to have more for all you devoted puzzl'rs soon, but only the editing gods know...

Marge said...

Hi all,
Congratulations Marti/HeartRx on your puzzle. I found the top half of the puzzle hardest-when I went to the bottom,I started going up and got most of them but took a long time.Thanks Argyle for the great write up and C.C. for the interview.

C.C. I really wasn't thinking of you for 4 down, CCs, I was thinking of the medical aspect of it from my nursing background. Sorry!

For 26A I put in 'easy as pie' because it fit, at least at first, but of course had to change it when I discovered my mistake.I also had peddler 1st but soon changed that.

I first heard LeeAnn Rimes when my grandaughter was visiting several years ago, she was about 13 or 14 and she begged to stay up long enough to watch LeeAnn on Disney channel. LeeAnn was very young too. Of course, grandma gave in to her. Now my grandaughter is 25 and has an almost 1 year old baby boy. That makes me feel ancient.

Have a good evening all!

MJ said...

Good evening to all!

Marti/HeartRx, thank you for a very enjoyable puzzle, and congratulations again. I didn't recognize your by-line (now I see why, it was your debut), but was ready to rave about the puzzle after completing it. I loved it! Favorite clue was the Lender's bagels. Such an unexpected pleasure to find out that you were the constructor! So nice to welcome a new constructor.

Healing wishes to Lois and Lemonade, and as Gunghy said, "for birthdays and well wishes I've missed", I send greetings.

And from yesterday, BHBTY John Lampkin! Fun Monday puzzle. Really liked "Docs for doggies and dogies."

Enjoy the night!

Grumpy 1 said...

I'm one that thought that PEDALER as clued was a good entry and perhaps closer to Monday than Tuesday level. One who pedals is a pedaler. One who peddles is a peddler. One who assembles artificial flowers is a petaler. No problem.

Seldom Seen said...

Awesome Grumpy1

What about arod crossing the street? ped aler

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, Some of the misleading clues kept me on my toes today and had my eraser going a bit. I liked Biblical Mount/Ass, Lender's productl/Bagel, and One of the salty seven/Seas. My favorite clue today was Hose filler/Leg. Had a chuckle over that one.'
Also, the crossing of Fee and Fie were fun. I,too, kept looking for Fo and Fum, but they didn't show up.

I was hung up for a bit on the top half over slope sided structure. I put in Leanto right away and, of course, had to use my eraser there as soon as the perps started filling in. I blithely put in sunflowers for Goldenrod so had a misstep in that section, also.

I loved this puzzle and once I got the missing And in BaitSwith I enjoyed finding the other sayings with the missing connector.

Thank you Heart Rx for an enjoyable puzzle and Argyle for an excellent writeup.

Andrea said...

A very fun puzzle today. Congrats Marti/HeartRX on your debut! CC, your interview was great. Both are perfect examples of why this blog is such a fun companion to solving the puzzle every day. Even if I don't post every day, I still enjoy checking in whenever I can.

HeartRx said...

Thanks to all the “late” (“early”?) bloggers. It’s funny, because I deal with people in California, Austria and Germany every day, so I am always conscious of the time differences. It’s like my clock is broken up into 3- or 6-hour time frames.

Jazzbumpa – never knew you were a Wolverines fan !! Have to go with the ‘Gators, myself (Tip of the hat to DH).

Andrea, are you a Packers fan? I have to admit, I don’t know who I like better – them, or the Steelers on the 6th.

And good to hear from all our “oater” bloggers today. (That’s crosswordese for “western”, LOL):
JD – out in Los Gatos
Chickie – in San Jose
Melissa Bee over near Santa Clara
Lucina – somewhere in AZ (They don’t even list any cities near you!)
Dodo in Stockton, Clear Ayes over near Merced and Gunghy in Fresno

I used to live in LA with my LH, and we would go up to Yosemete whenever the traffic was heavier “going south” on the weekends (true!). We’d get out to the highway, assess the situation, and say “OK – San Fran today! “

Seen - ? You’re not on the map, but you’re in my radar!!

Mainiac – you’re late to the party. Have you been out shoveling all day? Get ready for more tomorrow! My sister lives outside of Portland, so I hope they have plenty of gas in the snow blower.

Have a great evening, everyone!
“After all…tomorrow is another day.”
(“Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.”)

Dot said...

Congratulations HeartRx. Like so many other bloggers, I'm amazed at the way constructors put these puzzles together.Before I did the puzzle, I was thinking today was Wednesday. Maybe that is why I thought it was Wednesday difficulty.

I could not think of a three letter Bible Mountain and I concentrated so much on that, that I never even realized when the perps filled it in, what the mount was until I looked over the puzzle to see if I'd missed anything. Duh!

Lois, I hope your eye heals quickly & that you don't have any problems. But isn't it fun to have your life revolve around eye drops? A friend had her second cataract surgery today. The first eye, two weeks ago, gave her no trouble at all. Hopefully, this will go as well.

I've had a horrible cold for two days; husband has been limping around for a week with a pulled muscle in his thigh. Hopefully we'll both improve soon. I have a very busy week-end coming up. There's a Spanish group conference which will bring in about 300 people and I'm overseeing the Nursery-child care aspect as well as serving on the committee that is planning the Saturday luncheon.
I gotta get well!

ltl said...

When did Melissa Bee post today?

Kazie, that was a very poor comment. I've lost a great deal of respect for you. I thought you were better than that.

windhover said...

ltl - "When did MelissaBee post today?"
You're just a natural critic, aren't you? How about putting a sock in it? No one here really cares.

Kazie -
OTOH, your stock went up with me, ROFLLMAO.
Of course, like someone yesterday (MH?), now I'm looking for it.

Rain in the Outer Bluegrass (where the goldenrod is long gone) changing to snow overnight, 2-4" total.

Argyle - Don't sweat the petty stuff, pet the - ...... You know.

JD said...

Good evening Argyle, C.C., HeartRX, and all,

Yesterday was a "no brainer", but as my Bostonian niece would say, this was a "wicked good" puzzle, Marti. It did seem more like a Wed, my to solve, because the clues really make me think, and, best of all, I am able to finish.A good Magic Rub always helps ;-)

solo > mono > lone
bah t> fie
axion t> an ion
weaved to scored

and Carol, I also wrote peddler. You are the ultimate pedaler of our corner.

Wasn't fooled by Biblical mount this time!!
had trouble with maroon/eero, and lastly nabobs/bagel.

Since it is late, and I have already babbled on, I didn't tune in yesterday as it was a Grandma day. Truman went with me to his 1st movie, Tangled. Then we came home and learned all about chameleons. Just had to share that joy with you.

HeartRx said...

Kazie, I agree with Windhover. You are a class woman, and I always read every one of your blogs with the greatest respect, as my German and French can always use improvement!

And if we were all "vanilla" posters, with no opinions or humor...what a SAD blog this would be !! C.C. knows when to "reel us in", but I think she appreciates the diversity and opinions that we always share.

Dennis said...

Lol, look at our happy family.

This is one time I'll disagree with my good friend, WH. Kazie's post crossed the line. Equating a member of a political party to a whore is way beyond C.C.'s guidelines.

I have very strong opinions regarding things political, crossing into both parties, but out of respect for C.C., I've always refrained from expressing them on her blog. No one here has a clue where I stand, and as difficult as that is for me, that's the way it has to be. And I don't think keeping politics/religion off the blog makes us "vanilla".

Anyway, just my take on it. I'll let someone else have the last word; I'm beat and going to bed. Fun posts today.

Gunghy said...

So, Kazie, I suppose I should preface this by warning you I am a registered Republican. That said, you didn't get a laugh until I clicked over to wiki. Then, I laughed so loud, I scared the dog.

I really don't understand people that want to be offended. It seems that they demand that everyone believe just like them.

Now, fair warning, if I can make it funny enough and it's timely, I will take a shot at the opposition.

windhover said...

Dammit, Dennis,
You can't disagree with me, because I agree with you. ;-}

LTL said...

Kazie and Gunghy, maybe I didn't understand the joke. Please explain it to me. But only if you can do so in good taste.

P.S. I am not ltl.

windhover said...

LTL - We know that.
I think the "joke" is that St. Pauli is a red light district in Hamburg.
And with respect to Dennis and those of a different persuasion than moi, there are plenty of those in both (all) political parties.
Now let's go back to "happy family" mode, a la Tolstoy.

Jeannie said...

Kazie, hey we've all crossed the line one time or another. Dennis, WH, WM, Me. I think I know you better than most and think you were just trying to be funny. I know when my feelings were hurt I stayed away for a couple, two three of weeks. We will miss you if you choose that route.

My opinion of you still stands. You are one smart, educated, experienced lady in my books.

Lo-li-ta. Jeannie to you new folks.

Bill G. said...

Hey HeartRx, I enjoyed your puzzle and should be on your radar as an 'oater' too. Ya missed me. :>)

Jeannie: Dang! I haven't crossed the line yet. I'd like to. I'm trying. I just haven't figured out how to do it yet.

Good speech I thought.

Jeannie said...

I know most of you have your own thoughts as music goes, but I just spent the last couple of hours at Jen's last group home making a meal and just talking to some residents there. As I was driving home I heard this tune please listen to the lyrics. I am not a rap fan but this one touched me. Jeannie...sappy.

kazie said...

Jeannie, WH, Dennis, LTL and HeartRx,
If you want my true opinion, I think she has prostituted both herself and her family by chasing the almighty dollar and fame. Any self-respecting mother of a disadvantaged child should be at home with that child, shouldn't she? But now I suppose she can afford to hire someone else to do that in her absence.

I appreciate that you appreciated the humor despite being in the same political spectrum as the object of it. Thanks for your tolerance.

Gunghy said...

ltl, I've said my piece on the blog. If you would like to email me, I'll expand, but this subject has taken up too much space on a crossword site.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Kazie et al,
Let's stop immediately on this topic. Not a fan of Palin, but "prostitute" & "whore" are just too much.

HeartRx said...

BillG, OMG, how could I leave you out?? You are one of my fav'rites!!! I used to live in Marina Del Rey, so we must've been neighbors (in LA standards, anyway). But don't think I forgot you..I was just looking at the "late" (vis a vis EST) posts when I made that list- it was not all inclusive. Have a great evening everyone, and I'll see you all manana.

Lucina said...

I don't know where you looked, but I live in Scottsdale which is surrounded by a cluster of cities including Phoenix.

Good night, all!

mtnest995 said...

OK - way late, but I had to comment - HeartRx, you're a Martha too? My parents refused to let anyone call me Marti or Marty - so I've always been known by family and close friends as "Mar". It's no wonder I was on your wavelength with this puzzle. Again, thanks for great fun!

Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

HeartRx said...

Lucina, I looked on the "Blog Map", but I think that I zoomed in too much and didn't see any cities around your pin. After going back and zooming out, your "Map pin" is somewhere between Scottsdale and Flagstaff. So, nothing is perfect. But it is still a beautiful area that you live in - I envy you, especially since we are going to get hit with more snow tomorrow...Thursday...Friday...and Saturday! Stay warm !