Apr 25, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011 Jennifer Nutt

(Note: The Notepad in today's puzzle says:  Saturday's puzzle had no e's in either the clues or answers.)

Theme: Tonsorial Requests - The last word in the answers indicated by the unifier is what you might get if you visit the unifier.

16A. Near miss : CLOSE SHAVE

22A. Boxer's fit condition : FIGHTING TRIM

37A. Neckwear accessory : TIE CLIP

49A. Specially edited version of a film : DIRECTOR'S CUT

61A. Establishment where the ends of 16-, 22-, 37- and 49-Across take place : BARBERSHOP

Argyle here. The theme and the entries are pretty much self-explanatory so I'll move right on to the rest. A good start to the week.


1. Shire of "Rocky" : TALIA. "Yo! Adrian!"

6. Mortgage insurance org. : FHA. Federal Housing Administration.

9. "__, poor Yorick!": Hamlet : ALAS. Cemetery scene, Act 5, scene 1.

13. Giving the old heave-ho : AXING

14. Flippered mammal : SEAL

15. Tibetan spiritual master : LAMA. It may be because it was close to Easter but there are several religious entries.

18. And others, in footnotes : ET AL.

19. Casino game : KENO

20. Make smooth, as a transition : EASE

21. Glacial ridge : ARÊTE. A view of ARÊTES in Peru.

25. Texas city across the border from Ciudad Juárez : EL PASO

28. Bottle opener, e.g. : TOOL

29. Pine (for) : YEARN

30. "Phooey!" : "DRAT!"

32. Betray sleepiness : YAWN

36. Musician's asset : EAR

40. Hush-hush fed. gp. : CIA

41. Design detail, for short : SPEC. This SPEC stands for specification. Building ON SPEC stands for on speculation.

43. It's younger than a yearling : FOAL. A yearling is a young animal of either sex that is between one and two years old, hence the name. Except, the official age, for racing, a one year old horse is dated from January 1 of the year after the year of foaling.

44. Deserves : EARNS

46. Police action : RAID

48. Police action : ARREST

54. Regal pronouncement : EDICT

55. Equine restraint : REIN

56. Cuba, por ejemplo : ISLA. Spanish.

60. "Candy is dandy" poet : NASH. "but Liquor is Quicker". I can't find out who added "but acid`s like lightning", anybody know?

63. You, to Quakers : THEE

64. Load to bear : ONUS

65. Worldly-unwise : NAIVE

66. Turgenev's "Fathers and __" : SONS. Easy guess. Russian novelist, Turgenev's most famous and enduring novel, appeared in 1862.

67. RR stop : STN. Railroad station.

68. Building wing : ANNEX


1. Notice holder : TACK. Clever clue.

2. Bridge toll unit : AXLE. Often trucks are charged by the number of axles they have, figuring the more axles, the heavier the weight.

3. King of the jungle : LION. A legend in his own mind. Cartoon.

4. To such an extent : IN SO FAR

5. Go gray, maybe : AGE

6. Lavish dinner : FEAST

7. Succeed in every way : HAVE IT ALL

8. Brown or pale quaff : ALE

9. With vigilance : ALERTLY

10. "See ya __" : LATER

11. Valuable violin : AMATI

12. Oregon's capital : SALEM

14. Persian king : SHAH

17. Lily that's Utah's state flower : SEGO. Google images.

21. In the past : AGO

23. George Harrison's "__ It a Pity" : ISN'T. Isn't It a Pity [Version Two](4:51)

24. "Me? Never!" : "NOT I!"

25. Storm centers : EYES

26. __ of faith : LEAP

27. Cut the peel from : PARE

30. Underarm product : DEODORANT

31. "His Master's Voice" co. : RCA. Image.

33. Field measure : ACRE

34. Pitching successes : WINS

35. Democratic donkey designer : NAST. A quick story about it.

38. "__ makes you happy ..." : IF IT

39. Bolivia neighbor : PERU

42. Nativity scenes : CRECHES. Image

45. Craftsperson : ARTISAN

47. Take steps : ACT

48. Teen facial woe : ACNE

49. Fender dings : DENTS

50. The Snake flows along much of its border with Oregon : IDAHO

51. (Has) ascended : RISEN

52. It's not an all-new episode : RERUN

53. Sis and bro : SIBS

57. Knee-to-ankle bone : SHIN

58. Zero, at Wimbledon : LOVE. Tennis.

59. Acme : APEX

61. Logan Airport city: Abbr. : BOS. Boston Map. Built into Boston Harbor on fill and reclaimed land.

62. Messenger molecule : RNA

And to wrap this up...clip.(0:05)



Dennis said...

Good morning, Argyle, C.C. and gang - a nice, easy start to the week this morning. Except for the theme, all the clues should have been familiar to most of us, to the point where there's not much I could find to comment on. Finally saw the theme after the third theme answer and overall thought this was the prototypical Monday-level puzzle, which I assume is every bit as difficult to construct as, say, a mid-week offering. Nicely done in its simplicity.

Today is a day I have to figure out a way to celebrate without going to jail. It is Dyngus Day, evidently a Polish holiday celebrated by wetting ladies down. Sprinkling or drenching is evidently accepted, whether with squirt guns, buckets, etc.

Did You Know? (I didn't, and I sellthese):

- Only female ants (but never a queen) are what Uncle Milton Industries mails out to be used in its Ant Farm, because male ants do not do well in captivity.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Slight case of the 4Ms today, but not too bad. I didn't know FHA, so it took until the very end to get HAVEITALL at 7D (I actually put in FMA at first, thinking it was related to Fannie Mae).

In the center of the grid I initially had COLT instead of FOAL at 43A and I CAN instead of IF IT at 38D. It seemed to make sense at the time. Fortunately, it didn't take me too long to see the error of my ways, but long enough to keep this from being a speed run.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. This was a good Monday puzzle. The NW corner gave me a bit of a challenge. TACK and AXEL were slow in coming to me. The bottom half went so smoothly that I filled in some of the perps without reading the answer.

TALIA Shire is, as you all probably know, the sister of Francis Ford Coppola.

Happy Monday, everyone!

QOD: The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend. ~Chuck Palahniuk

thehondohurricane said...

Good day folks,

I'd like to thank Jennifer for reminding me to find some time soon for a haircut. And to renew my objective of having the cost of a haircut reduced for us guys suffering from hair loss. Two chances of winning that fight .... slim and none.

Easy go today, even for a Monday. As Dennis pointed out, the cluing was straight forward. Still,the theme made the challenge fun. First two down clues were my favorites; Notice holder/tack & bridge toll unit/axle.

I'll have to find a clever way of celebrating Dyngus Day and still be married tomorrow.

Jacel said...

That was the easiest puzzle I have done in a long time. Finished in record time. However, I never heard of "creches" before.

Today, my son starts chemotherapy which will take 5 hours today and the next three days. I will take a thick crossword puzzle book.

Dennis said...

Jacel, just a terrible thing for anyone to have to go through, much less a young person. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and him.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning Argyle and all. Nice start to the week.

Fairly easy solve but I did manage two Wite Outs®. Fawn ➔ ➔ FOAL and thus ➔ ➔ IN SO. Slight pause with ARETE because we've had 'esker' before. Liked the AXLE/AXING cross. Great barbershop theme. Good job Jennifer.

Happy Dyngus day. Very fervently observed in Buffalo.

Hahtoolah said...

Jacel: I am so sorry to hear of your son's illness. I hope he has an easy time with the chemotherapy. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Dr. Dad said...

Good morning to everyone! Hope everyone had a great Easter. Finally hit 78°F in Rhode Island.

Theme wasn't hard to get after the second answer.

In the United States, Dyngus Day celebrations are widespread and popular in Buffalo, New York and South Bend, Indiana. In Buffalo’s eastern suburbs, Dyngus Day is celebrated with a level of enthusiasm that rivals St. Patrick’s Day. Common tradition is to buy pussy willow to display in the home; this is tied to the “striking” custom from Poland, where goat willow, the European type of pussy willow, was traditionally used for whipping the legs of girls. In South Bend, the day is often used to launch the year’s political campaign season (particularly among Democrats)- often from within the West-Side Democratic Club, the Falcons Club or in local pubs, where buying drinks is favored over handshaking.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

Abejo said...

Good Morning, folks. Thank you Jennifer Nutt for a swell Monday puzzle. Zipped right through it. Thanks, Argyle, for the write-up and ditty at the end. I could not hear it, however.

Never got the theme until I did the unifier. That helped with some answers. I had TIETACK for a while. Then the theme straightened that out with TIECLIP.

Entered STA for RR Stop. Corrected that with perp RERUN.

My favorite haircut story was when I was working in Genoa, IL, for eight years (1993 to 2001), I started going to the town barber at lunch about once a month for a haircut. I always got a buzz because most of my hair was gone. He charged $3.00 for a buzz. His regular haircuts were quite a bit more. Now my daughter cuts my hair for nothing, even on a Monday. See you tomorrow.


thehondohurricane said...


My thoughts and prayers are with you and your son.

Husker Gary said...

Argyle, et al, this one took a little longer than most Mondays as NW was stubborn – AXING, AXLE, etc. Fun clip to end fine write-up Argyle!

-“Big hitter, the Lama!” Gotta love that movie!
-I was surprised to learn TALIA was my age and that her Godfather role (nepotism?) predated her turn in Rocky. You’d better not try that Dyngus stuff with a Corleone girl!
-El Paso has been known to catch some stray bullets coming across the Rio Grande from the murder capital of the world – Juarez
-RISEN in the puzzle on the day after Easter
-Hahtool, love the quote. Corollary – Some people listen and some people just wait for their turn to talk.
-Jacel, there can be nothing worse than seeing your child in distress! Hope all goes well!
-Union barbershops closed on Monday are an anachronism now.
-Dennis, how do you exactly find the gender of an ant?

Mainiac said...

Morning Argyle, CC and All,

Typical Monday with a bit different cluing to keep things interesting. I wrote Fawn for 43A and then spelled Foal wrong, which was the only erasing. Directors Cut lead to Barber Shop which filled the rest of the theme answers pretty quickly.

Writing sidewalk Specs exciting.

Just filled up the water cannon for Dyngus Day!!

Have a good one.

Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning Argyle and the rest of the "not quite awake, it's Monday" club. This was an easy way to start the week, in spite of having no idea for 1a. Perps took care of that, though.

One little nit to pick with your write up, Argyle. A builder may build on SPEC(ulation), but those that are bidding on the job are bidding based on the SPEC(ifications).

Jacel, we're praying for a successful outcome.

Tinbeni said...

FUN Monday offering.
Jennifer Nutt, Thank you.

At least the guy in the final clip is a good-tipper ... 100%.

I did know that "all-the-worker-ants" in an Ant Farm were female.
Same would be true if they ever came up with a Bee Farm.
The males are good for "one-thing, and ONE-THING, only!"

Argyle said...

Yup, Grumpy, you're right so I gave it a quick fix. Thanks.

Hahtoolah said...

Kazie: happy birthday. I know you are enjoying you visit with your son.

Tinbini: Some wpuld say your statement applies to all species!

Tinbeni said...

Was wondering how long my "straight-line" was going to dangle 'out-there' before someone (kinda knew it would be YOU) was going to 'pick-up' on that one.

You're welcome and probably right.
(Though, I do think we (men) are good at starting wars).

g8rmomx2 said...

Hi C.C. and all:

Easy and quick puzzle to solve, althought I never heard of creches, but got it easily from the perps.

Jacel: So sorry to hear about your son's illness. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Lemonade714 said...


You outdid yourself with a fun and infomrative write up of this Monday exercise. I think we have all commented how hard it must be to build a Monday puzzle and make it entertaining.

The young people who filmed your shave and a haircut, two-bits apparently did not know two bits is a quarter, as each bit is an EIGHTH the history of which I found interesting.

Happy Easter Monday all; prayers for Jacel and her son and Happy Birthday Kazie, great to see Dr. Dad and g8rmomx2.

Buckeye said...

Nice puzzle to start the week. Thanks, Argyle!
@Dennis: Male ants do not do well in captivity? Do you know of a male ANYTHING that does well in captivity? Also, I thought EVERY DAY was Dyngus Day.
Jacel: Hope your son does well. Those little rascals are alot tougher than you think.
Dr. Dad: Welcome. Your posts have always been the best.
g8rmomx2: You, Dr. Dad and I have been lurking in the woods too long. It's time to "re-share" our wisdom with these folks.
As for you, Tinbeni; When did you become the straight man for this blog? I love it - and remember - the straight man gets 60%.

Things at the GBRV were great for Easter. We colored eggs. Nurse Ratchet gave us all a hard boiled egg and a Sharpy and "let us loose." The Dendren twins, Phil A. and Rhoda, took first prize when they drew a "Pitcher" of their first incestual encounter on their egg. Very disturbing. And the Hammer brothers, Trip, Ballpeen and Sledge ate the heads off of everybody's "Peepers." Otherwise, a great day.

I must be off!

p.s. I just became an Ordained Minister. Don't ask!!!

Anonymous said...

Very Nice and wonderful puzzle Ms. Nutt, and a very nice commentary and blog, Argyle.

I think Ogden Nash wrote:

Candy is dandy,
but Liquor is quicker.

And 20 years later, wrote

Pot is not.

( if I'm not mistaken ...)

Lemonade, further to your interesting linkup article, pre-1776, people used to 'cut up' a 'Real' into 8 pieces, (because of a shortage of coinage - ), (hence a 'bit' was an eighth - ). The price of a haircut, at 2 bits, was probably in the 50's.

How to tell a male ant from a female ? Look out for accessories ... do they match ? Are they color coordinated ? Look for the 'guy' sitting on his doofus, barking out the orders.

dulburm said...

A bit of unease at the boxing clue for FIGHTING TRIM eventually led me to wonder why "She is in fighting trim" rolled off my lips more easily than "He is in fighting trim." Finally dawned on me that a warship ("she") prepared to enter battle is described as being in FIGHTING TRIM. Can't help but wonder if that usage doesn't pre-date the boxing reference. That's certainly NOT to say that the boxing clue is wrong!

Mainiac said...

Thoughts to Jacel and her son.

We received good news a couple of weeks ago that my MIL is officially in remission. What an ordeal!

I haven't been around much lately and may have missed you, but damn good to see you again Buckeye.

Forgot to thank Argyle for the write-up.

Anonymous said...

Alternate QOD: My wife greeted me at the door, the other night in a sexy negligee. Unfortunately, she was just coming home. - Rodney Dangerfeld.

carol said...

Hi all -

This was a fun puzzle and no major snags. Didn't know 25A but after filling in a few more around it, I got it.

12D was a gimmie :)

Jacel: I want to send you good positive thoughts as you go through this procedure with your son. Today's medicine can work wonders. Take care of yourself too.

Never heard of Dyngus Day...the way it rains here, getting drenched is something that happens A LOT. No need for squirt guns or buckets either.

Argyle said...

I was unaware so many didn't know crèche, which is another word for the nativity scene.

Thank you, dulburm. You have explained why I felt uneasy about FIGHTING TRIM.

Bill G. said...

Jacel, best wishes for you and your son. That's got to be tough.

I didn't see AXLE right away but did fine otherwise.

Have a good day everybody, expecially Jacel!

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, Taking a few days away from crosswords made it all the more enjoyable when I came back.

I had some trouble in the middle because I had TIE TACK at first. That messed with the theme too. All is well, I saw it quickly and corrected.

We seldom see a BARBER SHOP nowadays. Do the men here have a real barber, or do you get a CUT at a salon? Have you ever had a shop SHAVE? I cut GAH's hair (what is left of it) and trim his beard too.

I was glad to see everyone resisted posting 60A/NASH poem 15A/The LAMA. We've seen it here a lot. But here is one of his about Dennis' "Did You Know",

The Ant

The ant has made himself illustrious
Through constant industry industrious.
So what?
Would you be calm and placid
If you were full of formic acid?

Anonymous said...

Good morning everyone.

It is nice to be back, and especially with Buckeye's return – as a minister no less! Also nice to see g8rmomx2 and Dr. Dad.

Happy Birthday, Kazie.

Jacel, good thought coming your way about your son and you. Sounds like very serious chemo.

I enjoyed NASH and NAST in the same puzzle. Still don't understand TACK. Nice to come home to a Monday and be able to do it!


Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Since I was RISEN LATER this morning, a nice easy puzzle was a welcome sight. Cute theme, and I like the X's in the opposite corners.

Jacel - Best of luck to you and your son.

Gary - I think it takes a very powerful magnifying glass.

Buckeye - you old not, do you ever chase nurse Ratchet with a bucket?

My lovely wife is Polish, but we've never herd of Dyngus day until now. Hmmm - I wonder if the garden hose and a lose branch from the maple tree will suffice . . .?

JzB - all in the spirit of scientific inquiry

JD said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. and all,

a nice little xwd today.Hand up for fawn..thought of the novel where the pet deer, Flag, had to be killed..
never saw that sad movie.

axle was an a-ha

anon @ 9:49- very funny

So good to hear from you Dr. Dad, and Buckeye, you always make me laugh.Hope you guarded your peeper.

Jacel, we're all pulling for your son's recovery. Come and share whenever you need to.hugs

Carol celebrates Dyngus Day EVERY time she goes on a bike ride.

Bill G. said...

CA, I used to go to a barber shop until he retired about 10 years ago. Now I go to my wife's hairdresser out of convenience. I would still be going to the old barber shop if it were still available. Nowadays, I don't get to read Playboy magazines. Great articles!

Spitzboov said...

Jacel; sorry to hear what your son has to go through, but I hope and pray for a good outcome. I empathize with you because we have experienced chemo treatments in our family. So far they have been successful.

Clear Ayes said...

Jacel, my heart goes out to you. I know that it is almost more difficult for the patient's family members because there is so little you can do to help. Stay positive. There is abundant life and laughs, even during chemo.

JD, "The Yearling" was a touching book and a movie. The story was retold in the movie memoir "Cross Creek" about author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings.

Dr. Dad, I'm so pleased to see your lumpy bumpy avatar again! I'm not enthusiastic about that "leg whipping" though! These guys look like they are relishing the idea.

Buckeye, I won't ask, but I suspect you have either been asked to officiate at a wedding, or you are planning to minister at your own funeral. I believe that if anyone can do it, it would be you.

Lucina said...

Good day, Argyle, ET AL!

Thanks for your wonderful blogging, Argyle. I, too, am surprised that many do not know CRECHE.

Happy, happy birthday, Kazie.

A speed run today from Jennifer Nutt, thank you. My only erasure was STN because it's more often, STA.

Some impressive fill for Monday, NAIVE, ANNEX, DEODORANT, ALERTLY and CRECHE.

Jacel, my prayers today are for your son and you. It's rough for anyone but especially a child.

I was so off my game yesterday in Scrabble! My nieces and nephews clobbered me. In a rare occurrence, the first two players started with all seven tiles so they had an immediate advantage.

Buckeye, it's good to see you and good to know all is still abnormal at GBRV.

Dyngus Day, never heard of it but would showering together count?

Have a delightful Monday, all!

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, After Shave and Trim, I guessed what the theme was and that helped with the last two answers. For once, I didn't go to the unifier to see what the theme might be.

An easy puzzle, but with some interesting words not usually seen on Monday: For example, Deordorant, Creches, & Artisan.

All in all a fun fill. My favorite today, was tack. We use a magnet board here at our house.

The word Artisan brought to mind our trip on Saturday to a goat farm and an Artisan cheese factory on the coast near our home. They make some of the best goat cheese there is, as well as lotions, and other bath items from the goat's milk. A fun trip.

Thanks for the writeup, Argyle. Those sego lilly clips were gorgeous.

Have a great Monday, everyone.

LaLaLinda said...

Hi Everyone ~~

A fun, easy puzzle for a Monday. I got the unifier after a couple of theme answers and the rest fell in nicely. I had to change STA to STN but that was the only misstep. Thanks for the write-up and links, Argyle.

~~ Good thoughts go out to you and your son, Jacel.

~~ Happy Birthday, Kazie!

Enjoy the day ~~

Buckeye said...

OOPS! Sorry - Happy-B-Day Kazie. Somehow I missed it on my list of "blog people, places,interests, family and important dates." I'm serious.

Sister C.E.; Yes. As a former Uniterian/Universalist Chairman, I did this to both marry non-sectarian folksuses, and to preach at my own funeral. It's pre-recorded - or IS IT!!!!!


Chickie said...

I almost forgot, the goat farm is located in the small town very near where Carlos D'Oeste worked as a cowboy. I wonder how he is doing these days with his photography?

It was good to see Buckeye, and Dr. Dad today. Good suggestion, Buckeye, that you two come more often to the Corner.

HBDTY, Kazie. I know that you will be having a wonderful day with your son and his family.

Jacel I'll be thinking about you and your son this week. Keep us posted.

I have a feeling that all I'll have to do is walk outside today to celebrate Dyngus Day. It will be raining before noon, I'm afraid.

carol said...

Buckeye and DrDad, good to hear from both of you!

Buckeye, only you could preach at your own funeral! Hopefully that will not be for a very long time. Just keep nurse Ratchet away from you, never know what tricks she has up her sleeve, or yours.

JD: you are right about the wet bike rides, maybe I can scare the begeezus out of people by wearing a white tee shirt! WooHoo!

DrDad: Pussy willows??????

Bill G. said...

A Virginia man to his girlfriend via the Washington Post crossword; the answer to the clue "Words with a certain ring to them?" was "Will you marry me?"

thehondohurricane said...

Husker Gary,

Meant to say thanks for the Abba link last Saturday. They have been a big favorite of mine for more years then I care to remember. The link has been bookmarked.

Speaking of links, I got to learn how to put one up. Had the instructions a while back, but there were no breadcrumbs, so I was quickly lost .. again.

Argyle said...

You gotta hear this one; the Surrey Harmony((a capella group) doing a barbershop version of Bohemian Rhapsody. Clip(5:27).

Husker Gary said...

My friend’s brother got “ordained” online and preformed a wedding for my friend’s daughter. It was horrible, as he had no idea what he was doing. My friend is a VERY fallen away Catholic who will never forgive “what those nuns did to me” and probably didn’t care all that much but the ceremony had all the class of an oil change. Oh well, it still counts and there was unusual food – mashed potatoes in a martini glass with all the fixings on the side?

I wish Kazie a HBD as well but know she is travelling. Rain chased me off the golf course today but we are still welcoming moisture here. A huge Canadian goose was resting in the middle of a fairway and of course I didn’t even come close to it! This has been an incredibly cool and wet spring here!

Crèches still generate controversy every Christmas in this country. I grew up with them in our schools and courthouses and don’t miss that custom at all. Our country is too diverse to have nativity sets or menorah candles or other religious items on public property. God knows there is ample private property to display whatever trips your religious trigger.

Husker Gary said...

Argyle, fabulous rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody!! I have heard it posited that you are officially old when you hear the "rebel" music of your youth while you are riding an elevator. Mine was hearing Can't Get No Satisfaction while going up to the 14th floor!! AARRGGHH!

p.s. I hope my previous posting was not construed as being "over the religious line" of this blog. It was only intended as a comment on the passing human parade of our increasingly diverse country.

Marge said...

Hi all,
I enjoyed this puzzle and The Atlanta paper does have it every day,including Sunday. Thanks Jennifer, C C and Argyle.

We have had a good week in Ga., especially with our great Grandson.

Jacel- I am sorry about your son. How old is he? Our son, who is now 49 had cancer in 2009. He had both chemo and radiation. And my husband had it in 2010. They are both cancer free now and I pray your son will be healed!

Happy birthday Kazie- my husband was 80 yesterday and our kids arranged for him to have a ride in a small bi-plane. He really enjoyed it

In 'Water for Elephants'. All the circus wagons in the movie came from the Circus World Museum in Baraboo,Wi. It has over 200 wagons,and most of them have been restored.

Have a good week,

lois said...

Good evening Argyle, CC, et al., Love Monday puzzles - about the only ones I can finish while waiting at red lights. Great job, Argyle. Loved the Bohemian Raph. link. Crazy good!

Dr.Dad: Pussy willow! LMAO!! I'm going to settle for just getting the shower. Hooray for Dyngus Day!!! Good to see you.

Buckeye: Good to see you and to hear about the GBRV.I hope you get to help Nurse R.celebrate Dyngus Day. A little S & M - probably right up her alley!

Kazie: Happy Birthday. Wish you many more.

Jacel: Thoughts & prayers are with you and your family.

Tinbeni: hilarious! Love it when you dangle a straight line! I'll drink to that! Cheers!

Enjoy your day/night - doing the switch and spray! Cheers!

Lucina said...

How interesting to know that about the circus wagons. I've decided to see it so I can make my own judgement about the movie.

Love that Bohemian Rhapsody. Thank you, Argyle.

The JVN said...

31D - His Master's Voice -- the logo now belongs to RCA Corp. But it originated earlier by the Victor Talking Machine Company of Camden, New Jersey. I own serial 16247 of model VV-XIV, manufactured in late 1912. The metal label plate has the picture of "Nipper" the dog, just as shown in Argyle's link.

Thank you, Argyle, for the awesome mountains!

With Hahtool, I had my problems with the NW corner. 2D "Bridge tool unit" escaped me entirely.

thehondohurricane -- Your mention of reduced-price haircuts reminded my of my Dad. His dentist charged the usual (full) price for his cleaning, even though Dad had only one tooth. When he complained about it, the dentist explained that they charge extra when they have to search for the teeth. But he did get a reduced price.
(To be continued....

The JVN said...

.... continuing --

Adding to dulburm's explanation of "fighting trim": "trim" is the setting of a ship's sails, depending on wind directions, etc.

Clear Ayes -- I had a barber shop shave, just once. I had failed to carry along my electric shaver when moving from Los Angeles to San Jose, California. So I had to wait for my household mover to arrive. The barber shop shave was much cheaper than buying another shaver.

Bill G -- I used to go to a barber shop for a haircut. It had Police Gazette instead of Playboy. Sigh. As a mathematician, I preferred the figures. As an astronomer, I preferred the heavenly bodies.

fermatprime said...

Hello all!

Thanks Jennifer, cool puzzle. But I had to scratch my head over AXLE (stupid me). Nice theme. Thanks for the well-annotated write-up, Argyle.

Just stopped by to wish Jacel and her son the very best. I truly hope a remission is coming!

Also, HBTY, Kazie!

Have a good evening!

dodo said...

Evening, C.C.,Argyle, Jennifer, and all the rest,

What a lovely Monday puzzle! Comments were also somehow refreshing. Jennifer, you obviously made everyone pretty happy.

I finished the task in pretty short order and came here confidently until you, Argyle, cam to 8D where I had 'make it all', originally 'make it big'. I was stunned to see that when I had changed 'big' to 'all', I didn't bother to change just two letters, m to h and k to v. Never looked back and of course ended up with not only the wrong answer for 7D, but 6A, FHA and 16A, 'Shave'!

I deserve a lot of bops on the head with the V8 can!

dodo said...

Dodo, again,

Kazie, a very Happy Birthday to you! (Is there a blog birthday list? If so, will some one send me a copy, please!)

Jacel, positive thought going your way for you and yours!

BUCKEYE, DR. DAD, Great to see you again. Don't be strangers for so long!

Dot said...

This, for us, was a speed run.
I just counted 27 barber shops in the telephone directory with quite a few other listed under that category but without 'barber shop' in the name. My husband always went to a barber shop until it burned last year, now goes to 'Cost Cutters' which is a hair salon.

Happy birthday to Kazie.

Jacel, I too, wondered how old your son is. I am praying for him (and you). My nephew just completed chemo & radiation treatments for cancer of the esophagus. It is an ordeal!


carol said...

Kazie, even though I know you are traveling, I wish you a very happy birthday!!! I know you are where you want to be so it's all good (as our Lois would say) :)

So many afflicted with cancer, it is so sad. My friend continues to fight but she is really very sick...they have approved her for an experimental pill hoping that it will reduce her large tumors. Melanoma that has spread is rarely overcome so we don't know how long she has.

HUTCH said...

Lemonade 714! A few years ago, I went to a garage sale, unattended except for a young High School girl. I saw an extension cord which was unpriced. I asked the young lady "How much" She asked "What do you think?" I said :how about 2 bits? She said OK. I gave her a quarter. She looked at it and asked "Where's the other one?

MR ED said...

never heard the term 'fighting trim'.

Anonymous said...

A very, very common term.

Lemonade714 said...

C.C., I am amazed, we have the return of Buckeye, Dr. Dad, g8trmomx2 and LUXOR! what a country

Buckeye said...

Lemonade 714; Cut out the sentimentality. It doesn't suit you. Get caustic.

Husker Gary; I've performed marriages as a U.U. minister. While doing that, I went over the ceremony with the couple involved. If there were a problem, we solved it. So sorry your experience was unsatisfactory. "Nuff" said.

Do you think that when George Washington and Thomas Jefferson signed the Bill Of Rights, they looked at each other and winked when the wrote,"All men are created equal". Then they said, "Get me some hot coffee, BOY."
Just a thought!!


Argyle said...

Where are you Jerome? I was sure someone would mention that the four theme entries make a babershop quartet!

Buckeye said...

Re carol: Whoever that guy is in the photo with you, he's not good enough for you. I can see in his eyes, he only wants you for your money and body. As soon as I can escape from GBRV, I'll be there to satisfy all of your desires. Wait for me!!


As Jon Kyl said. "My statement is not to be meant as truthful." Man, does this open up the doors to a lot of fun on my part. I can now say anything!!!! Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Abejo said...

To Jacel: I wish you and the best of luck for your son. He is in our prayers. What is his name?


WikWak said...

I grew up with a 2-1/2 foot tall version of RCA's "Nipper" (from a store display)which had belonged to my grandfather. When he died my father brought it to our house where it sat by the fireplace in the study, as it does to this day. We have birthday pictures of both of our sons (now in their late 20's) at ages 1, 2, 3, and 4--standing under Nipper's head, patting his face. Very cool.

Bill G. said...

I wish I had a life-size likeness of Nipper. I wish I had an old wind-up Victrola like my aunt did. I wish the Dodgers and the Lakers had won. I wish Jeannie had gotten to this post before I did.

Pretty day here today; blue skies, sea breeze, high about 67. It's supposed to get up to 79 Wednesday. Some people would love it but it's about 10 degrees warmer than my ideal temperature. Still...I can't complain.