Apr 26, 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 Dave Sarpola

Theme: Choose - Three grid-spanning, two word entries that start each word with the respective part of the two part unifier. The unifiers are placed symmetrically near the start and the end of the grid.

17A. What an inflammatory statement is intended to do : PROVOKE CONFLICT

38A. What a restraining order is designed to do : PROHIBIT CONTACT

59A. What a band PR man is paid to do : PROMOTE CONCERTS

5D. With "and" and 61-Down, both sides (and this puzzle's title) : PRO

61D. See 5-Down : CON

Argyle here. A complex grid for a simple theme, appropriately. It appears to be another debut puzzle. If so, then Dave Sarpola has set the bar pretty high for himself. Impressive.


1. Head covering : SCALP. Tricky start.

6. High poker pair : ACES

10. Lobbying group for 50-and-overs : AARP

14. Peripheral : OUTER

15. Casual good-bye : TA-TA

16. XIX x III : LVII. 19x3=57

20. Long hauler : SEMI. Truck.

21. Medical research org. : NIH. National Institutes of Health.

22. Weekly check time : PAYDAY

23. Batter's stickum : PINE TAR

25. Bunsen burner, e.g. : GAS JET

29. Scrape off : ABRADE

33. Despise : ABHOR

34. Little stream : RILL

36. Lost film fish : NEMO. Walt Disney Studio's "Finding Nemo"

41. Deserve : EARN

42. Make-meet link : ENDS

43. A-lister : CELEB. Celebrity

44. Interlocks : MESHES

46. Meetings of lips : KISSES. But so much more!

47. Rodeo shouts : YEE-HAWS

50. Moon of Jupiter : EUROPA. Jupiter has 63 confirmed moons.

54. Nest egg letters : IRA

55. Color tones : HUES

62. Schools of thought : ISMS

63. Lodge fellows : ELKS. The Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks.

64. Heart, e.g. : ORGAN

65. Winery container : CASK

66. Go up : RISE

67. December tunes : NOELS


1. Soaks (up) : SOPS

2. Antidote : CURE

3. Basic building block : ATOM

4. Jeans pioneer Strauss : LEVI

6. Had home cooking : ATE IN

7. Secret stockpile : CACHE

8. Ike's WWII command : ETO. European Theater of Operations. General Eisenhower.

9. Author of muchas epĂ­stolas : SAN PABLO. Spanish. The letters of St. Paul.

10. Colleague in combat : ALLY

11. Fanatical : AVID

12. Costa __ : RICA. Central America Map.

13. Commiserate with : PITY

18. Wrinkle, as one's brow : KNIT

19. "M*A*S*H" actor Jamie : FARR. Cpl. Klinger.

23. Scope prefix, in subs : PERI

24. Soapstones : TALCS

25. Stare in wonder : GAPE

26. Garfield's middle name : ABRAM. James Abram Garfield, our 20th President.

27. Land by the sea : SHORE

28. __ Hopkins University : JOHNS. Baltimore, Maryland. If you wondered about the name...His first name, Johns (not John), was a family name. (wikipedia link)

30. Payments for hands : ANTEs. Poker.

31. Real bargains : DEALS

32. Ceremony facilitator : EMCEE

34. Dishwashing step : RINSE

35. "__ be a shame if ..." : IT'D

37. Places to pick your pony, for short : OTBs. Off Track Betting.

39. Bird that dines on stinging insects : BEE-EATER. Not native to America. Image.

40. CBS military drama : "NCIS"

45. Insulin deliverer : HYPO

46. Two-time Olympic skating medalist Michelle : KWAN

48. Country bumpkins : HICKS

49. "... __ / By any other name ..." : A ROSE. A shout-out.

50. Like some poetry : EPIC

51. Bear in the night sky : URSA

52. CD-__: computer inserts : ROMs

53. Trans-Siberian Railway city : OMSK

55. Damsel's savior : HERO

56. Yen : URGE

57. Catchall abbr. : ET AL.

58. Personnel IDs : SSNs

60. New Haven Ivy Leaguer : ELI. Yale.



Lemonade714 said...

I agree Argyle, this was a skillful Tuesday with three grid spanning answers along with the two hints. Also, it was not a complete speed run with clues and fill that required some thought. As you say, even 1A, head covering was not an immediate fill.

I did not know of bee-eaters nor that Jupiter had 63 moons; that is more than Benny Hill.

Do not worry Buckeye, I was not being sentimental, just leery

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Short on time this morning. Nice puzzle, for the most part. Almost a speed run, but got bogged down where I put in SAN PAULO instead of SAN PABLO. I also had SCARF instead of SCALP to begin with, but that got resolved as soon as I started working the perps.

Have a great one!

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. What a fun and clever puzzle! I loved the PRO and CON theme. I got off to a rocky start, however, with some difficulty with the NW corner.

I learned that a Head Covering is a SCALP and not a Scarf.

I learned that the Weekly Check Time is PAYDAY and not Friday.

As Argyle noted, we had a shout-out to our missing Friend, ARBAON.

QOD: The secret of being boring is to say everything. ~ Voltaire

Dick said...

Good morning Argyle and all, almost a speed run this morning except for inserting scarf in lieu of scalp for 1A. This really screwed up that section for awhile.

While reading yesterday's comments I was pleased to see that Dr. Dad and Buckeye have reappeared. It is always nice to read Dr Dad's informative comments and Buckeye...well he is still being Buckeye and you gotta love his comments. Hopefully they both will visit more often.

Have a great day.

Dr. Dad said...

Good morning and happy Tuesday.

I didn't abhor this puzzle nor abrude my scalp with any of the answers.

Whenever I see Nemo I think of this 1954 Film.

Nice crossing of hicks and yeehaws.

Today is Richter Scale Day and National Pretzel Day. Try eating a pretzel in an earthquake.

Have a great Tuesday! TTFN.

Dr. Dad said...

So sorry. Meant to say "abrade."

Mainiac said...

Morning Argyle, CC and All,

Scarf led to Fro for 5D which made me want Too for 61D, which made no sense at all. Went back to the top and continued with perp help which fixed everything up. Fun puzzle.

Belated Happy Birthday Kazie and many more!

Have a great day.

Buckeye said...

Thanks, Dr. Dad. I went to my "Bob Webster's Community College Dictionary and Book Of Motorcycle Mechanics" and couldn't find "adrude." You made my day - again!

I must be off.

p.s. Lemonade 714. I knew you were just being Timothy "Leery".

thehondohurricane said...

Good day folks,

This was either a Tuesday toughie or a "brain dead" day for Hondo. Likely some combination of the two.

I did enjoy the puzzle though. Never knew there was a publication called Many Pistols and while I consider myself well read, I've never heard of an author named San Pablo.

Three E's in a row in 39D had me reeling for a while. Didn't know the term Yee Haw as a rodeo shout. I tried for Hee Haw. I confidently entered Para for 23D and Fret for 18D. Eventually I woke up.

Whenever I see Michelle Kwan, I always wonder what happened to Nancy Kwan, the beautiful Asian actress who stole Willam Holdens heart in The World of Suzy Wong.

Kazie, a belated Happy Birthday. Hope it was a blast.

Abejo said...

Good Morning, folks. Enjoyed this Dave S. If I understood correctly, this is your first puzzle construction? If so, great job. Thank you Argyle, as always.

Got started in the North Center and NE. I had a problem with 1A and put that on the back burner. I never write and answer until I get a crossword to it.

PROVOKE CONFLICT came easily. That gave me the theme and the two theme clues.

Wanted HEEHAW for a while. Once I figured out HYPO, YEEHAW came to light. Speaking of HYPO. Is that an entire word or an abreviation/shortened word?

I recall having ABRAM not too long ago as a Garfield answer. I remembered that.

SAN PABLO was arrived at with perps. I am not much on Spanish.

Fun Tuesday. See you tomorrow.


Husker Gary said...

My word, a clever theme that has 3 grid spanners! Wow, what fun!

-Head cover of SCARF with first 3 letters same as SCALP gave eraser an early workout
-Rolling Stones elevator music and an AARP card. Can the home be far behind?
-Arthur C. Clarke’s Odyssey 2 had a lot of activity on Europa
-Hybrid clue of author in English and muchas epistolas in Spanish?
-Jamie Farr’s section 8 Klinger is the world’s most famous Toledo Mud Hen!
-GAZE? Nope. GAPE.
-Maybe I should go by GARYS like JOHNS
-I thought BEEEATER was generic to fill cells but not so much. Purty burty!
-The Insulin Pump is one of many spinoffs from NASA that has enhanced our lives.
-I looked for 61 D clue for a while before I remembered where it was! (see second musing for explanation!)
-Yes, Hahtool, brevity is indeed the soul of wit!

Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning Argyle and solvers all. Congratulations to Dave Sarpola on a great LAT intro puzzle. I hope we see more.

This was one where it was necessary to keep checking downs as I went across, but that kept me from falling into the SCARF/SCALP trap that Dave set for us.

Jamie Farr got in some good plugs for Toledo's Tony Packo's hot dogs too.

Hey, Buckeye, is my old pal Gilbert still hobbling around the halls of PZ GBRV?

Splynter said...

Hi There ~!

I had the PRO/CON part first, and did not have to go back and make any changes today - save for trying FRIDAY for 22A first - but realized I get paid on Thursdays, so had to try PAY DAY instead.

I liked how HICKS crossed YEE HAWS, too.


Splynter said...

Hi Again ~!

I wanted to say that my landlady is getting married to her long time partner, a Polish guy, and I asked him yesterday about 'Dyngus Day' - and he said he used to celebrate it, but called it "Wet Monday", and wanted me to keep hush-hush about the soaking of women....


Tinbeni said...

Argyle, Thanks for the pic of that cute BEE-EATER.

Dave, FUN Tuesday. Nice LAT debut.

Fave, of course, was CASK.
Though I prefer it being filled with Avatar.

A "toast-to-all" at Sunset.

Cheers !!!

creature said...

Good Morning All,

I cannot get ‘The Corner’ to open . This satellite stuff is not a great delivery system, when its raining and over cast. Yet it’s the only method from the ’boonies’. short of ’dial-up’. I was able to download the puzzle a bit ago, but it shut down again. I’ll try to slip this post in , when it opens up

The theme was creative and helpful - the unifier, as well.

1A is my fave clue. I wanted ‘scarf’, but LEVI cleared up that area, fairly quickly.

Perps filled in some questions: OMSK,KWAN ,ABRAM and SAN PABLO.

I want to send a belated Happy Birthday wish for Kazie.

Jacel, I’m thinking of you.

Argyle, I look forward to double checking my answers with your write-up, and thanks.

Have a nice day everyone.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Great grid-apanning theme today. Not an easy romp.


JOHNS made me think of her. I always thought JOHNS HOPKINS was named after TWO people.

Put me in the SCARF club. Not a lot under the SCALP today, but I did notice the clever RISE - AROSE cross.

TATA or Cheers!
JzB not a CELEB trombonist

Bill G. said...

This was a very nice Tuesday puzzle; challenging but very doable. Fun writeup as usual. I too had SCARF at first. I wonder how many of our athletically-challenged folks had trouble with PINE TAR?

I would take minor issue with the clue for ET AL. I don't think it's a catchall abbreviation like etc. It refers to the rest of a clearly-defined list. What do you think?

The moons of Jupiter are a very fun sight in a small telescope, even a good pair of binoculars. What a clever fellow Galileo was to have seen them for the first time and figured out that since they clearly rotated around Jupiter, maybe the earth wasn't really the center of everything in the universe. That clever bit of scientific thinking got him in a world of trouble.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, It got easier after I figured out that 1A/head covering wasn't a wouldn't fit anyway.

I had to back my way into 9D. I tried PAOLO and PAULO and finally went to perp ABRADE to get that pesky B.

After that, things went pretty smoothly. I caught on to the PRO/CON theme and filled in "PRO" at the beginning of each theme phrase. I knew CON would be there someplace, I just had to wait for it.

Happy Day Late to Kazie.

I have to get a handle on our checking account balance this morning. Both our microwave (20 years old) and my treadmill (a measly 5 years) went flooey over the weekend. Last night a chunk of back bottom tooth broke off while I was flossing. All this stuff means money out the door.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many constructors out there saw BEEEATER - thought BEEFEATER - and are now coming up with a clever theme for their next puzzle...

I also wonder how many BEEFEATERS will actually smile this weekend...

Jazzbumpa said...

C.A. -

Ouch, ouch, and OUCH. I lost a chunk of filling flossing once, and the tooth had to be rebuilt. Not a good day. So much of medical technology is skilled craft with the body as the work piece.

Dentistry = masonry.
Cardiac surgery = plumbing.
Joint replacement = mechanics.

One of the granddaughters had to have SCALP work done as an infant. It was basically like stretching carpet. (I am not making this up.)

Sorry, Splynter, can't come up with a carpentry analog.

Bill -

I think you're right about ET AL not being quite right. Though, one of my chemistry profs once said, "That AL publishes with everybody."

And heretical thinking will always get you in a world of trouble. Being right only makes it worse.

JzB the skeptical trombonist

Argyle said...

This(3:23) is the best I could come up with for today's song.

carol said...

Hi all - a good Tuesday effort...I still don't understand 62A (ISMS) though. Had no idea about 9D either but those were minor things.

Buckeye: (from last night) Thanks for the kind offer. Very sweet of you. I'll be sure to notify you if necessary :)

CA: OUCH! Guess it's true troubles come in 3's. You didn't mention wanting to take a trip in front of those 'things' did you? You know they pick up on our vacation plans. Never fails, mention a trip and the car, stove or furnace falls apart.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers - Another clever product today! Hand up for SCARF, but it didn't stay there long. Just enough pepper in the clues that it wasn't a speed run, making for a solid Tuesday outing.

Never been to Omsk, I wonder if it's cold in the winter? :-)

Seldom Seen said...

I'm surprised that there are no DF comments yet.

His ORGAN tended to RISE to resemble a HERO sandwich when he PROceded to CONTACT her TATA with KISSES.

What the school did when the student body had a STD epidemic.
(15 letters)
PROvided CONdoms

Spitzboov said...

Good afternoon Argyle and all. Back from a Dr's appt. after having done the puzzle early this morning.

It seemed to be a relatively easy walk in the park. Kept checking the perps as I went along so did not fall into the scarf-SCALP trap. The theme fills came easily, but the PRO-CON twist wasn't fully clear until I got near the end with PROMOTE CONCERTS. Quite nifty for a Tuesday. Liked seeing the OMSK/CASK cross. Nice job, Dave!

RILL - one of those words seen in cw's and poems, but not used in normal conversation. IMO

Nice shout-out for A ROSE.

Enjoy the day.

Lucina said...

Good day, Argyle, ET Al.

Thank you for your always great blogging, Argyle.

In one way ET AL is a catchall in that all the sources are included in the phrase, IMHO.

And may I have my membership card for the SCARF club? It didn't last long as OUTER and SEMI disavowed it.

I came up ACES with the theme and blitzed through the rest though failed to read "epistolas" correctly and was thinking evangelists and tried them all, MARCO, LUCAS, MATEO then the light went on; no wonder I belong to AARP.

Luckily EUROPA is the only Jupiter moon I know.

Oh, and hand up for GAZE before GAPE.

NIH is becoming a regular.

ISMS is actually a suffix to schools of thought such as idealism, socialism, communism, etc.

Have a lovely Tuesday, everyone! It is absolutely gorgeous here today.

Jeannie said...

What a fun puzzle today! Like Clearayes I caught on to the pro/con theme relatively early so I too typed in “pro” at the beginning and waited for the “con” to show up. I am not up on my Jupiter moons so I had to perp out Europa and had no clue there was a town called Omsk. It does sound Russian doesn’t it. Like MFCounselor, I was unaware that there was a “bee-eater” bird. There was some fresh fill in abrade and a rill. I don’t think you can call our usually small streams rills right now, they are close to being called rivers at this point. All in all I did pretty well. Thanks Mr. Sarpola, and you too Argyle for a nice write up.

Seen, who knew you had that DF streak? LMAO!

Jacel, I too wanted to wish you and your son well as you face this journey. How old is he?

Kazie, a very Happy Belated Birthday! I can’t wait to see some of your pictures when you get back.

DrDad and Buckeye, welcome back to a couple of my favorite long time regulars!!

BillG, no worries….

eddyB said...

Morning all.
Time to be pithy.
It's Sao Paulo in Brazil. Host of Sunday's race.
Cote de Pablo on Letterman last night. Season finals start next week.
Congrats to Sharks. Get to keep my
my play-off beard for awhile longer.
Managing to get up more often these days. Up about 6hrs/day.

Take care.

JD said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. et al,

Perfect xwd for a Tuesday, Dave. Very clever cluing (ex:"lost film fish"), and theme. I GOT IT!!

Hand up for scarf;felt so smug filling in the 1st 6 words.Wagged San Pablo that filled abrade..not too sure of that.
Did most of you know OTBS?

Seen, still laughing!!

CA,my condolences.Isn't it ironic that our teeth start giving us problems just when we no longer get decent dental insurance?

We just got an estimate for removing a dead tree, and having the palm fronds trimmed, as we no longer can reach those heights.$$

carol said...

Seen, very funny!!!

JD, I always forget OTB (off track betting)...I shouldn't as it has been in puzzles several times.
You are right about dental insurance!
Who had any that covers the biggies? Mine only covers 2 cleanings per year.
Not too helpful when facing the cost of crowns or, GASP, implants!

Dennis said...

Good afternoon, Argyle, C.C. and gang - fun puzzle today, and all my comments have already been covered. Nicely done theme.

Had an early morning appointment at the car dealership (about an hour away), so I didn't get a chance to post earlier. I'm sure most of you know this already, but it bears repeating since I witnessed two people with the same problem this morning: If your 'check engine' light comes on, make sure that your fuel cap is on correctly and tightly. You should hear it 'click' several times when you or an attendant puts it back on. If it's not on correctly, the light will eventually come on, and dealerships will CHARGE YOU, regardless of whether the vehicle's under warranty or not. Just a heads-up.

Who had any that covers the biggies?
Carol, you have those insured too??

Buckeye, you've been missed -- great to see you back and on your game.

Seen, brilliant.

dodo said...


Finished before lunch for once, but I couldn't get here till now.

Nice Tuesday puzzle! (I was thinking it was
Wednesday...happens to me a lot!).
A real lesson in Spanish! Interesting fill/clues. Thanks, Dave and Argyle, as usual, well done!

thehondohurricane said...

Cripes, I can't get anything right lately! Just saw the E in epistolas for 9D. I did think at the time it was a strange title. Well, anyhow, still never heard of him. Sorry for my goof folks.

carol said...

Dennis: LOL - my 'biggies' are not in the same league as Lois, but they are covered (some of the time) :0 Oh, was that about insurance???

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, Rather late to the party today and most of my problems have already been stated by others. I belong to the scarf school, as well, but I put in coast for Shore and that whole mid-west section took a bit of erasing before I had it filled in.

I put in Pro and Con, but didn't even see the pro and con portions of the theme answers. Thanks, Argyle for calling that to our attention.

My favorite clue today was payments for hands. I had an aha moment when that was filled in.

I thought this was a bit harder than most of our Tuesday puzzles, but very enjoyable. I'm looking forward to more offerings by Dave Sarpola.

Have a great evening everyone.

lois said...

Good evening Argyle, CC, et al., Trouble here and there made it a slower Tues than usual, but I was so proud of myself for knowing Pine Tar and that made my day. I'm so easily th'rill'ed.

Had to laugh at Hero crossing Organ and Urge so am thinkin' that the Hicks crossing YeeHaws are onto 'tata', organ, ends, meshes, kisses (that were blown). That of course is b/c of decree to 'prohibit contact', and which is enough to provoke conflict in itself.

if my 'cask' ever runneth over, that's more than a pity - that's a sin! I'm off to lick a pretzel straight-just one of my 'SOPs'. Email me for techniques.

Enjoy your day/night.

lois said...

Seen: very funny!

Carol: yeah, we ought to insure our grand tetons...they get more rocks off than a mining company and those tend to be cherished family stones....well, sometimes.

Dennis: thank you for the car tip. Good to know.

Argyle, great job today as always. You are awesome!

HUTCH said...

jazbumpa.My wife had to have an ablation for her atrial fibulation. Our Cardiologist, who called himself a plumer, referred us to an "electrician", i.e. He snipped electrical wires in the heart. You have to be careful not to snip the wrong wire!You dont argue "price" with one of those guys. You just say "Thank you".

Spitzboov said...

Dennis re: 'Check Engine Light'. It came on intermittently then steadily on my wife's Subaru after she had it about a year. Took it to the dealer who checked the gas cap, first thing. Problem corrected. No charge. Needless to say, we felt kinda dumb.

Unknown said...

Fun one, wasn't it?
Yall have said it all!
Hey, even I got the theme this time.
Off to bed after a tiring day.

Bill G. said...

Considering Jordan's general lack of athletic eptness, the stars seem to have aligned for him this afternoon. His dad's been working with him, Grandpa has been providing some knowledgable coaching and Grandma's been providing unwavering support. He went three for three, scored all three times and got the game ball. A red-letter day for Jordan and his family.

So Lois, how do the boys manage to pay attention to what you're trying to teach them over the D-stractions?