Sep 26, 2011


#6 of our Curious Conundrums series. Happy Birthday, Dennis!

The theme was inspired by Dennis' love for Coast soap. Rich liked the idea, but he had already accepted (and later published) a theme with similar gimmick.

Don thought it would be fun to experiment with the theme clues a bit. We hope you enjoy the result.


Here is PDF (click on File, then Download).

Here is puz file (click on Download).

Spoiler: Here is the answer grid.

Thanks for solving, and we look forward to your comments.



MJ said...

Fun puzzle, although I had to visit Mr. G. to understand the tie-in to Coast soap. Happy Birthday, Dennis.

Favorite clue was 21A-"Mini bottom" for HEM.

Enjoy the day!

Grumpy 1 said...

Hmmm, BUCK NAKED, in PUBLIC, BY CHOICE? Now that would be a real EYE OPENER, especially if LONI is involved, maybe a little TACKY though.

Coast soap did have some cute commercials. Yes, I remember the EYE OPENER/backstroke commercial.

Thanks for the shout out in the clue at 32a.

Lots of fun with this one. Thanks, C.C. and Don.

Yellowrocks said...

As I was about to publish at 8:29 AM I noticed that my blog was almost word for word the same as MJ's, except that, in addition, I mentioned I liked the double clues. I thought I'd write to encourage CC and Don to keep up these extra puzzles.

HeartRx said...

Hand me the V8 can!! After I finished solving, I was trying to figure out the clue for 61A...

BUCK NAKED - hmmm, if it was a teeny weeny, I guess it would be an "unmagnified looker". Then I realized, it is only the last word of the theme entries that is the "eye" opener !!!

Fun solve, and nice fill - thanks for sharing, Don and C.C.

Anonymous said...

does dennis still come here?

MR ED said...

i couldn't get the typing to work on the pdf download.

Grumpy 1 said...

Mr. Ed, the pdf file is for those that want to print it out and fill it in by hand. If you want to do it on your computer you need to install AcrossLite software and then open the .puz file.

There are some addon programs for Adobe Reader that allow you to type info onto a pdf file, but they usually don't work too well with crosswords.

ant said...

Both 7D and 51A were head-scratchers for me. I got the answers via perps, but couldn't for the life of me figure out what they meant. When I finally did suss the clues, it wasn't so much a V-8 moment as it was a groan.

I actually used to love Coast, until they changed the scent. However, I see that they are bringing the original back as a limited edition. Gotta love those throwbacks!

Thanks for the puzzle, C.C. & Hard G!
Happy Birthday, Dennis!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday, Dennis!

Tinbeni said...

In golf the "Driver's number" would be the ONE wood.
13, for Al ... AT-NO = Atomic Number
for aluminium (Al), the 13th element.

C.C. & Don G. FUN puzzle.
Keep the "Curious Conundrums" coming.

My fave today (of course) was TIPPI.
Or how I feel after too much Avatar.

creature said...

Thanks, Tinbeni for the explanation of 51A.

Perps helped , of course.

Keep these coming, CC and Don.

Very well done puzzles; and extra fun for us.

I am out of the loop on 'Coast' soap; yet, I think I've got the theme.

Could someone explain 'Coast' soap and this theme to me?

Thanks, all.

Yellowrocks said...

I also wondered about the relationship with Coast soap. I googled it and found that EYE OPENER was on Coast's packaging at one time.
Link Coast soap package

Husker Gary said...

Fun solve, dynamic duo! Just enough misdirection and subtle cluing (It stinks, Happy time, et al) to make for an enjoyable solve! I am still working on the theme connections. Hmmm... Tripper? Scrutiny?

-Wanted ETUI for my needle
-Gotta have baseball reference! Waa happened to those Twins?
-Love my ONE wood, sometimes
-If you're a Seinfeld fan, you remember Kramer's good soak
-Shamu doesn't have trainers in the water for now

Thanks again!

Bill G. said...

This would have made a great Monday or Tuesday puzzle. Mini bottom was very tricky for me but I got it. Who's clue was that?

I didn't get 51A until I read Tinbeni's post. V-8 tricky!

Very enjoyable puzzle. Thanks to both of you.

Lucina said...

Nicely done, C.C. and Don! Very enjoyable puzzle with some fun misdirection.

Thanks to Tinbeni for explaining 51A and 7D.

Keep them coming, dynamic duo!

C.C. Burnikel said...

What a nice surprise to hear from you.

I'm glad you caught the shout-out!

Bill G,
"Mini bottom" for HEM is Don's clue. I'd never have thought of that.