Sep 2, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011 Pancho Harrison

Theme: These PUNS really raised my IRE. Each phrase is a sound alike of a common phrase with a word rhyming with the "IRE" replaced with a homonym. Really very clever, with the first three in the first word and the remaining two changing the second word. I have a soft spot for Mr. Harrison as he was our first LA Times constructor when the change was made, and his interview warned of his interest in music and puns, both of which make this a Friday delight. Lemonade back again, and found this a real treat, inspiring many musical links (remember, you do not have to click all of them, just the ones you want) and some fun stuff. let us see where we go. Oh Pancho!

17A. Sign some new sluggers? : HIRE POWER. HIGHER Power, like a deity, unlike the Indians getting Jim Thome back from the Twins.

24A. Henna and such? : DYER NEEDS. DIRE Needs. Henna makes hair red for you boys.

40A. Stand-up gig for Richard?: PRYOR ENGAGEMENT. PRIOR Engagement. My favorite pun in the puzzle, not just because of the wit of this COMEDIAN (please do not link if you are offended by profanity) but the humor within humor is appealing.

50A. Instrument in need of cleaning?: DIRTY LYRE. Dirty LIAR. Ok, I lied, this is my favorite.

64A. Augustine, for one?: DEEP FRIAR. Deep FRYER. Another witty pun with the deep thinking St. Augustine compared to a turkey fryer.


1. Some rentals, in ads: APTS.

5. "Gimme just __": A SEC. Really, what can you do in a second?

9. Chew the scenery: EMOTE, ham it up so to speak.

14. Aquatic bird: COOT. In the rail family, strictly by perps for me.

15. Rowlands of "Gloria": GENA, a fine actress who appeared in this odd mob MOVIE.

16. Deteriorate: DECAY.

19. Word with time and space: WASTE. No need to comment, it would be a....

20. __ nous: ENTRE. French lesson: Between Us.

21. Like some nests: EMPTY. My boys have been gone for 4 years.

23. Wartime submachine guns: STENS. The British weapon along with the BREN; crosswordese. Why is it "SUB" machine?

29. Giant legend: OTT. By far the most famous baseball player in puzzledom and two time home run king of the National League.

31. Nagpur native: INDIAN. Really? Seemed too easy.

32. Granola grain: OAT.

35. 1805 Vienna premiere: EROICA; originally Beethoven's Third Symphony was written as a tribute to Napoleon Bonaparte, but the name was changed when Napoleon like Julius Caesar before him, declared himself Emperor.

39. Lambs: Lat.: AGNI. We are more used to the single "lamb" in AGNUS DEI.

43. Old wrap: TOGA. Gee, speaking of Caesar...

44. Original Speed Stick maker: MENNEN. Does someone else make it now?

45. Children's author Asquith: ROS; this was my obscure clue of the day, but it Friday and the perps were there, so I pass. Apparently a cartoonist as well, in England. Nice Cuppa?

46. Composer/violinist who taught Menuhin: ENESCO, luckily Devin studied Violin for a few years so I know this name and Yehudi.

48. U.S. Army E-5: SGT.

54. Sci-fi character whose first name, Nyota, was first revealed in film in 2009: UHURA.

58. Did a little courting: COOED. Don't you all love puzzles that have COOT and COOED both?

59. Like some denim jackets: LINED. For you of the Northern persuasion.

60. Flop with fins: EDSEL. Fond childhood Memory.

66. Best Actress nominee for "Ordinary People": MOORE. Put this MOVIE on your Netflix, I forgot how good it was.

67. Miss Megley's charge, in a Salinger story: ESME. With Love and Squalor, JD stood for Jerome David.

68. Lavish affection DOTE. Lavish the verb, not the adjective.

69. 1830s revolution site: TEXAS.

70. Grand jeté, e.g.: LEAP. A particular ballet move.

71. Go bananas: SNAP. Did you hear about Beyonce's sister, the inflatable banana and the switchblade?

relax, it is time to go:


1. More than twinges: ACHES.

2. Salient feature: POINT. You catch my drift?

3. High-calorie cake: TORTE. Which I guess brings us to Marie Antoinette to complete the Napoleon reference. Not to be confused with TORT, a civil wrong.

4. Jellied fuel: STERNO. Got me through Hurricane Wilma.

5. Past word: AGO.

6. Hemmed but didn't haw: SEWED. Really cute.

7. Ones not with you: ENEMY. If you ain't for me, your agin me.

8. __ diem: CARPE; Latin, Seize the Day.

9. He voiced Disney's Mad Hatter: ED WYNN; his voice helped make the Disney ALICE so special.

10. Drop-line link: ME A , not MEA Culpa.

11. Mil. training site: OCS. Officer Candidate School.

12. Ink spots, briefly?: TAT. Tattoo. Another clever clue.

13. Center: EYE How appropriate, the center of the storm in hurricanes. (and a nice personal reference).

18. Bedevil: PESTER. My fan club.

22. "M*A*S*H" procedures: TRIAGES, the initial exam to see who needs what.

25. Queso relleno cheese: EDAM; Queso means cheese in Spanish.

26. Peak in an Eastwood film: EIGER. THe peak in the Alps where Clint's CHARACTER had to perform his last SANCTION (assassination) in the eponymous movie.

27. Chin Ho co-worker, in a TV cop show: DANNO, now played by Scott Caan, son of James. Book 'em.

28. Miffed states: SNITS. Is this a word which applies only to females?

30. Vibrating effect: TREMOLO, more music. I defer to JzB for detail.

32. Made a choice: OPTED, yes, I opted not to discuss tremolo.

33. Product suffix created in San Francisco in 195: A-RONI a San Fransisco treat (try and keep that jingle out of your head).

34. Blake title feline: TYGER . A nice poem, you think CA?

36. "A Chorus Line" song: ONE

37. Starter: Abbr.: IGN, IGNITION. Meh.

38. Axe: CAN; Cleopatra records are going to re-release all of the AXE albums; yipee.

41. Hops drier: OAST. The now familiar brewing reference.

42. Swallow up: ENGULF.

47. Economic series: CYCLES, is it a cycle or a roller coaster off the tracks?

49. Bs in the key of G, e.g.: THIRDS, more music, need more help.

51. Sing "The Lonely Goatherd," say: YODEL performed by some favorites.

52. Entrepreneur inspired by Hershey: REESE, Peanut Butter Cup?

53. Fluid buildup: EDEMA, don't you love a puzzle that has EDAM and EDEMA?

55. U.S.S.R. part: UNION.

56. Gaucho's rope: REATA.

57. One concerned with the spot market? AD REP, cute advertising spots, not commodity prices.

60. 911 respondent: EMT, Emergency Medical Technician, well not too many Acronyms this week.

61. Female rabbit: DOE, who knew?

62. Chi-Town team: SOX, Nellie Fox was my childhood hero.

63. Historical span: ERA, also clothes washing product and an amendment that didn't.

65. __ rally: PEP, just in time, as I have run out of mine. Great long holiday weekend all, be careful and no more white pants or belts.



Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Lemonade and friends. I had much more fun with today's puzzle than I did with yesterday's. I loved all the puns!

This puzzle even included a bit of Oscar Trivia. Both GENA Rowlands (Gloria) and Mary Tyler MOORE were up against winner Sissy Spacek (Coal Miner's Daugher) for Best Actress in 1981.

Ones Not With You = ENEMY. Isn't this clued as plural? I was reluctant at first to answer in the singular.

I learned that Some Denim Jackets are not Faded, but are LINED.

Favorite clue was Flop with Fins = EDSEL. We haven't seen that car in quite some time.

I knew ROS Aquith from doing the puzzles.

Airline called me at 3:30 a.m., to tell me my 6:30 flight has been cancelled, so I am up really early to do the puzzle.

QOD: He who lives by the crystal ball soon learns to eat ground glass. ~ Edgar R. Fiedler

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

I love punny themes and tore through most of this puzzle with little resistance. Until, that is, I hit a complete brick wall at the crossing of 46A and 47D.

ENESCO was a complete unknown, and I couldn't even understand the clue, "Economic cycles." That wasn't the worst of it, though. No, the worst of it was that I quite sensibly had WOOED for 58A, which gave me _YWLES for 47D.

I knew that couldn't possibly be right, but every single perp was just totally rock-solid. I finally -- finally -- decided that WOOED was slightly less rock-solid than the other perps (I briefly entertained another meaning of "courting" and tried SUED, which didn't fit, but which which made me think that maybe, just maybe it could possibly be something else).

I finally ran through every letter in the alphabet until I hit the magic "C" and got the *tada* sound. OK, I now get CYCLES. Still not sure about COOED, though. WOOING is synonymous with courting. COOING, however, is synonymous with... sounding like a dove? Yeah, I know it also means making lovey-dovey noises at somebody, but usually by that stage the courting is over, isn't it?

To be continued...

Barry G. said...

Hahtool: ENEMY can be singular or collective. To say, "I fought the enemy in Nam," for example, refers to the entire Viet Cong and not just an individual.

Speaking of singular vs. plural, however, I got a bit hung up on "ink spots" for TAT. Shouldn't that be TATS?

DANNO also took awhile to come, since I was fixated on "Barney Miller" there for some reason.

I resisted putting SOX for "Chi-town team" since the only SOX worth talking about are, of course, the RED SOX! ^_^ CUBS, BEARS and BULLS didn't fit, though...

And yes, IGN rates a solid *meh* from me as well.

Have a great one!

Anonymous said...

Only 2 gimmes for me.

40A. Pryor engagement
62 D Chi town sports team Sox

Fun Facts By Dave Letterman

During a sugar shortage in the 1940's, many Americans flavored thier coffee with bullion cubes.

In the wake of a 1992 violation, New York State revoked the Beastie Boys' "license to ill."

Lemonade714 said...


A single tattoo is the product of the injection of many ink spots, so TAT is the correct answer.

Barry G. said...

Ah. I was thinking "spots" referred to locations and not the actual globules. Not being a tattoo afficonado, I always assumed they were just drawn (or scratched) on, not injected. Thanks muchly.

C.C. Burnikel said...

I had a soft spot for Pancho too. He's so talented. I wish we had more of his puzzles. Thanks for the fun write-up.

Bill G,
I simply pick from the Web rather than from Computer when changing my avatar the other day. Now, click here.Then click the first picture. Then copy & paste the IP address to the Web box, then wait a minute until the photo appears, then Save and see if your avatar is bigger.

C.C. Burnikel said...

The generous and thoughtful rascal Spitzoov sent me the Annin flag.

Grumpy 1 said...

TGIF and all that stuff. CYCLES/COOED... what Barry said.

REATA, I really wanted RiATA but finally decided it must be an alternate spelling. Google confirmed later.

DANN_/R_S, wasn't sure, but an O looked better than a Y.

ENEMY, not the usual Antis. A SEC, not A tad. Just enough confusion to keep me on my toes. Fun Fiday.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone. Thanks for the intro, Lemonade.

A tough one for me, today. Used red letter help to unravel the FRIARS/THIRD cross and to help spell TREMOLO. Never heard of ENESCO. Did not, at first associate YODEL with the Goatturd song. I liked old wrap: TOGA. After having ..YNN for 9d, I finally thought of ED WYNN, and the NE quickly fell into place.

Enjoy your day.

Mikey said...

An unexpectedly easy, Friday. Got PRYORENGAGEMENT ridiculously early in the game, allowing me to fill the other themes long before I should have.

Checking my Speed Stick, I see it's "by MENNEN®" but now owned, apparently by Colgate-Palmolive.

Favorite clue? "Flop with fins", which had me thinking SCUBA thoughts, but only very briefly.

Some brief confusion thinking about the Mad Hatter's voice -- I visualized him just fine, but wanted to call him Bert Lahr (of Cowardly Lion fame). Suddenly the glasses toggled one of my mental bits and EDWYNN popped up.

A fun and satisfying puzzle -- bring on Saturday!

Anonymous said...

I just finished rereading Watership Down a week or so ago, so the answer to [Female rabbit] came very easily to me. And just yesterday I read a Scrooge McDuck comic that name Cornelius COOT as the founder of Duckburg, so [Aquatic bird] came quickly once I had the C.

kazie said...

I thought this was normal Friday toughness. i.e. I had a hard time with it. Couldn't decipher any of the 3-letter downs in the NE except ME A, so missed getting DECAY and WASTE. Thought 12D would end in S, and can't get used to the blasé references to TATs everywhere.

I had PAN/CAN, didn't know ENESCO, missed ARONI, TEXAS, SOX and CYCLES, had WOOED, and wagged the rest of my multitudinous unknowns.

Got the theme early, but misspelled PRIOR and thought it must be the only one not to involve a changed spelling. Using pencil and paper rather than red letters means it's rare to get through with no errors at this end of the week.

HeartRx said...

Good Morning Lemonade, C.C. et al.

Great write-up and links, Lemon! Thanks for the EROICA link – it’s playing in the background right now. I took your advice, and added “Ordinary People” to my Netflix queue, but it does not give a date when it will be available. Strange, as it is more than twenty years old!

I really enjoyed all the puns in this one – very solid, and a nice Friday challenge. Only a few minor mis-steps before I finished. Like Barry, I had wooed instead of COOED at 58A, and misspelled PRYOR as “prior”…but that wouldn’t be punny, would it? I also had “riata” instead of REATA, which didn’t help suss LINED denim jackets. After a little head scratching, I finally changed those and finished in record time (for me) for a Friday. Great job, Pancho!

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend, everyone!

Tinbeni said...

Lemon; Wonderful write-up.

Really enjoyed these punny themes.
First to fall was PRYOR ENGAGEMENT and I was off and running.
DEEP FRIAR got a groan, but a good ONE.

EROICA I only know from crosswords.
Sorry I missed the premiere ...

ENESCO was a learning moment (along with his student in the clue, Menuhin).

ROS was another, though I never feel bad that I don't know ANY Children's authors. Why should I?

THIRDS & TREMOLO were both mostly perps.
Both got a WTF and a "if you say-so.'
Probably learned this stuff coming here.

For whatever reason, I liked DECAY over WASTE.

Grumpy 1; That riata/No it's REATA thingy got me too.

Hahtool be safe with all the rain heading your way.

All-in-All, a FUN Friday.

Cheers to all at Sunset !!!

Nice Cuppa said...

jheaton - welcome. I have not seen your posts before.

I read Watership Down in the 1970s, and the story still sticks in my mind. Great allegorical novel. The movie wasn't too bad either, Art Garfunkel 'n' all.

I checked your web page. Just to keep my gray matter connected, I derived your "RULE OF NINE". Apologies if this seems trite:

Let N be any integer between 1 and 9:

9 x N = (10-1) x N = 10N – N

Rewrite 10N = [10 x (N-1)] + 10


9 x N = 10 x (N-1) +(10 -N)

SInce N < 10 then:

Tens digit is (N-1)
Ones digit is (10-N)

Total of 2 digits is N -1 +10 – N = 9



ARBAON said...

LM:...or white shoes...

Lemonade714 said...

Rose, this is Florida where there are always white shoes, and lots of really white bodies at the beach. Come on down, the water is great

Nice Cuppa said...


Most of Ros Asquith's children's books were after my time. She does still, however, publish a daily (education section) cartoon in that most respectable of Brit newspaper, The Guardian.

Here is an example:



Anonymous said...



Lucina said...

Hello, puzzler friends.

Thanks, Lemonade, for adding to my store of knowledge. Great job!

For a Friday I thought this easier and faster than most and enjoyed the puns.

First long fill was PRIOR ENGAGEMENT and yes I left the I and did not return to correct it.

Loved DIRTYLYRE and DYERNEEDS which I do every month.

ROS Asquith has appeared in many puzzles as has OAST. Even OTT is now part of my jargon.

EMOTE was not my first thought at 9A, SPEED was, then had to change the image.

Misspelled UHURA as UHURO, CHORDS instead of THIRDS and the whole corner ended in a mess. I really must wear my glasses in future.

I love GENA Rowlands.

Hemmed but didn't haw, SEWED was my fav.

No white? It's the desert and white rules!

Have a fantastic Friday and weekend, everyone!

Lucina said...

Consider yourself fortunate to not have grown up hearing the jingle, "rice-a-roni, the San Francisco treat."

Once in the ear, impossible to remove.

Hahtoolah said...

Tinbini: thanks. I am trying to leave before the storm hits (planned trip before the gulf depression). It is already raining in New Orleans and an emergency plane landing in Baton Rouge caused havoc with that airport. I the tropical depression turns into something serious, my poor hubby will have to weather it alone.

ARBAON said...

LM: I was reared in FL and am now "bi-state-ul." But Mama`s rules were: No white shoes before Easter and none after August 31st. (those up- bringings die hard!)I love the water and am very tan...SO, not so much...easy to spot on shore!

kazie said...

LOL. I grew up with a different earworm food commercial for Aeroplane Jelly, Oz's answer to Jello. In fact I still remember the words! It was Oz's first singing commercial and it is still used in part for modern commercials.

thehondohurricane said...

Good day folks,

Just checking in with the world now that power has been restored. Won't bore anyone with the details, just glad we are back in the 21st century.

LaLinda, don't know where you are in Ct, but if you read this, I'd be interested in knowing how you made out.

Will begin posting comments on puzzles starting Monday. Business to attend to Sat & Sun.... seeing real people again! Hope I mind my manners.

Everyone enjoy Labor Day.

Grumpy 1 said...

Thanks for checking in Hondo. We've been wondering about you. Fill us in on all of the details when you get a chance. welcome back.

Yellowrocks said...

Everything I had noted about today's funny, punny puzzle, was already voiced by many early this morning. Thanks for the Eroica link, Lemonade.

I debated between WOOED and COOED, so had my back up plan ready. Have you ever traveled next to a cooing, courting couple? I have. How saccharine!

I believe that alternate versions of some spellings are totally acceptable. (Traysful, trayfuls.)Whatever, just bring me the tray with the beer on it.

The no white after labor Day rule is becoming quite passe.
Link White after Labor Day
White shoes seem to be an exception. Even during the summer white pumps seem to be frowned on, in favor of nude. Way back when I was in college I had a white wool dress for winter. Today I wear white slacks with a satiny red top in the winter and get dozens of compliments.

Yellowrocks said...

Yodeling from the Sound of Music

Link Lonely Goatherd

LaLaLinda said...

Hi All ~~

I'm glad 'thehondohurricane' was finally able to check in here. There are still quite a few without power here in CT. I'll leave him a note here on Monday.

I really liked today's puzzle and got through it pretty quickly for a Friday. I caught the theme early on with HIREPOWER and had fun from that point on. I had some of the same missteps as others ... 'Prior' instead of PRYOR, 'Riata' before REATA and 'Wooed' before COOED. Managed to get it all fixed up!

The jingles: "By Mennen" and "Rice-a-roni" were in my head as I worked ... I enjoyed your musical links much more, Lemonade, and your entertaining writeup!

Besides the puns I enjoyed lots of the cluing today ... especially 'Flop with fins' and 'Ink spots, briefly.'

Have a safe and happy weekend!

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Pancho, for a great puzzle. Thank you, as well Lemonade, for a swell write-up.

Sitting here in Cleveland on my way to Erie. Then heading to Virginia for my uncle's funeral.

Thought theuzzle was a good one. The theme came easily. Had a problem with the mountain, Eiger, but the peeps helped.

No time to talk much. Adios.


Husker Gary said...

I played 36 holes, started on the puzzle, edged my MIL’s sidewalks, worked on the puzzle, did yard work here and finished the puzzle. My favs are cwd’s that challenge, are clever and gettable. This had all three, so thanks Pancho!

-I’ve heard many theater peeps say, “Chew the scenery”
-A water bird that ain’t an ERNE or TEAL
-Empty nests aren’t all that bad when you can see the former offspring often!
-Nagpur sounded INDIAN, otherwise…
-I remember Belushi in a TOGA as much as Caesar
-Needed perps on ROS, ENESCO, ESME and UHURA
-I thought WOOING was courting and COOING was an activity while in the process
-CARPE DIEM was a oft used phrase in Dead Poets Society
-Bucks and Does under neighbor’s shed are keeping us in bunnies!
-George Costanza tried to become hang around women until they grew as accustomed to him as the phrase Buy Mennen

Unknown said...

Great writing, Lemon!
Today was a brain workout for me! Lots of unknowns but quickly done with fills.
White after Labor Day is a no-no here. Thanks for the link YR. I read it and can agree on some points, but really does anyone pay any attention to fashion experts? We do white white in the south, but we call it "winter white". I too have had some white wool slacks, but never white shoes after Labor Day. I will be keeping my flip flops in the closet because unless it is very cold; I wear them all year. Call me Imelda. My husband gave up counting my flip-flops and the rest of the shoe collection a long time ago.
Let's just say that there are a lot of them.
Have a safe weekend, y'all!

Lemonade714 said...


You didn't like the Muppets version of Yodeling?

JzB I need your help to explain all this music stuff. Marti, I have not heard from many of my relatives, how does it look your way and south to Putnam, Pomfret etc?

fermatprime said...


Very amusing puzzle, Pancho; fine write-up, Lemonade! Really loved the theme and caught on right away. Favorite: DIRTY LYRE. What a relief after yesterday's debacle. No problems.

Swimming partner has injured herself again, so I too am grounded today. Darn!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Don Draper said...

I believe its "by Mennen" not buy mennen

Anonymous said...

Just a thought on your question regarding "sub" machine guns(no, I'm not a gun nut, but have had an interest in history, including military history.) I've always believed the "sub" referred to the fact that they are small, hand held, individual automatic weapons, smaller versions of your standard bipod or tripod mounted machineguns, which are usually crew served weapons; one to fire, another to load ammo belts and change barrels when they overheated. Sub machine guns also included the gangster favorite, the "Thompson Sub".

dodo said...

Hello Friends,

Well I broke my Friday vow again. Things were so bad yesterday I thought today couldn't be much worse, so I took the plungs. Glad I did. This was an easy Friday one.

I can't take credit for fiinishing it with no help: I had to look up Uhura. Also a funny thing happened with 47D. I had the C and the Y so I was sure "wooed" wouldn't fly. I never thought of "cooed" as 'courting'. I put in 'asked'. It seemed to make a little sense.
Then I went on with the Southwest three stack.

I ended up 47D as "cyales"! No way! Couldn't believe it! I erased that "asked" entry so fast it was a blur! Then I could see that 'cooed' was what Pancho wanted
so that 'cycle' evolved! Sorry, Pancho. And thanks for restoring some of my self-esteem. You, too, Lemonade, for your stellar opus. Loved your links.

Sorry, C.C., I got carried away!

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, A difficult puzzle again today. I had all but the SE corner completed with the crossings of Lined, Third, and Reata.

Denim jackets aren't all Levis, and I spelled Reata/Riata. I also put in Erode instead of Decay, but eventually fixed that error. My other misspelling was Gena/Gina. So all in all it took me a LONG time to finish up today.

We had a "Hop Kiln" winery here in the Napa wine area so Oast was Kiln for a while. Thanks, Lemonade, for the music links. I listened to the Eroica while I read your post. One of my favorites.

Hands up for IGN? Meh from me too.

Have a great weekend everyone. Enjoy the holiday.

Anonymous said...

8. __ Diem: CARPE; Latin, Seize the Day.

Carpe Diem Baby Metallica


JD said...

What a delightful puzzle today. I was either laughing or saying"didn't know that." Had to wag a few and where I didn't, I left a few holes. Filling in tremble for tremole was my downfall, so that area was a bit messy. 51 was a lonely blank square as I didn't know uhurA/ Adrep

Loved "flop with fins",and "product suffix created in SF...", and all of the theme phrases.Never "got" the ire sound. sheesh!

Always a big thanks for your informative hilarious write ups, Lemon. ME A...aha!

Kudos to you too Pancho..such a fair puzzle. Love those perps. Without a little pep, I would not have filled esme or deep friar.

TinoTechie said...

Online LA Times site had clue for 38D as "Axe". In my local paper (San Jose Mercury News) it was clued as "Ax". Googled both and it said "Ax" was to fire someone, and "Axe" is a tool.

This was a fun puzzle. Like other have said, it took time, but all but the proper names made sense to me.

Thanks to all.

Yellowrocks said...

Sorry but your Muppet link doesn't play for me. But, just now I noticed that I can find it as an option on the right hand side of my link. I like Julie Andrews.
Really good yodeling can be found on another side link to mine. Check out the kid on Crazy Yodeling.

Annette said...

Thanks for a fun puzzle and theme, Pancho! I love puns!!!

Lemonade, you're right, we have a different dress code down here from the rest of the country! Although, whenever I've tried wearing white shoes any time of year, I feel like a Good Humor man or medical professional, so I try to avoid them.

Hahtool, I hope you make it out of town before Lee arrives. I'm worried about my niece who lives somewhat near you. Her new husband's out of the country right now; she's just entered her 2nd trimester; they've only been in their house a few months, so they may not know it's special traits (leaks, flooding, etc.); they've been working long hours, 7 days a week; and she's alone in dealing with bringing in their fleet of scientific vessels until the storm passes; and keeping their 2 dogs calm.

I just finished worrying about the rest of the family, that thankfully made it through Irene with only one power outage between them!

Lemonade714 said...

YR and others, if a link is broken please tell me and I will fix it as I have done with the muppets. Thanks for the nice words and the fun, and for my kharma khamedian, enjoy playing with yourself.

Anonymous said...

Still censoring?

Why not, Lemonade is still a crook.