Sep 1, 2011

Thursday September 1, 2011 Steve Salitan

Theme: ROUNDS (64A. Clue for this puzzle's four longest answers) - Theme entries are four definitions of ROUNDS.

17A. See 64-Across : AMMUNITION UNITS

24A. See 64-Across : SPARRING PERIODS

42A. See 64-Across : TOURNAMENT PARTS

56A. See 64-Across : TRAYFULS OF BEERS

Boomer here. Good Morning and Happy September Fool's Day to all.

I found this puzzle difficult and also tough to cheat. After all, you cannot Google "See 64 Across" and get any help from the techno know-it-all. We had to rely on the Downers a lot. But once we got it figured out, I am thinking Trayfuls of beer is not correct. Traysful of beer seems better, but if it's truly a round, there better be a Manhattan for me on one of the trays. I don't like beer.

Enjoy the Labor Day weekend. Why do they call it Labor Day and then give 90 per cent of the population the day off work??


1. "Close!" : ALMOST

7. Cartoon monkey : ABU - From Disney's "Aladdin"

10. __ bonding : MALE

14. Create trouble : CAUSE A STIR - Highlight of the puzzle.

16. Mount near Olympus : OSSA

19. Marx's "__ Kapital" : DAS

20. Smallish quarrel : SPAT - I had to read the clue twice. I was trying to think of a small squirrel.

21. With attitude : SASSY

22. It may be painted : TOE - Yeah, ladies polish their toe nails, but I could think of a thousand better clues for TOE

23. NASA moon lander : LEM - Acronym for Lunar Excursion Module

33. "Alfred" composer, 1740 : ARNE - Thomas Arne, a British Composer

34. Study fields : AREAS

35. Something golfers often break : TEE - I first wrote in "PAR". I never break a tee. (I never break PAR either.)

36. Martial arts facility : DOJO - This is a Japanese name. In the US it's called a Chuck Norris Movie.

37. Molasses-like : THICK - Okay, but I'd rather have a chocolate malt.

38. LaBeouf of "Transformers" films : SHIA - Shia Saide LaBeouf. You had to know this. I didn't. I suppose it would have helped if I saw the movie.

39. Latin 101 word : AMO - "I Love." I learned this in Brother Albert's Class. Amo, Amas, Amat, I love, you love, he loves - but nobody loved Latin class.

40. Drummer in Goodman's band : KRUPA - Gene Krupa, a very famous percussionist. My Mom listened to Benny Goodman. I was more of a Ringo Starr fan.

41. Crammer's concern : TEST

46. Quite a while : EON

47. Unsafe? : OUT - I had to think awhile to realize this was a baseball reference. I never heard an umpire holler "Unsafe".

48. It's sometimes shaved : SCALP - Again, it didn't hit me right away, even from a Jesse Ventura state.

51. Smith's item : SHOE - Making it tough - they could have maybe said "Blacksmith"

53. Contend : VIE

60. "__Cop": 1987 film : ROBO - Beverly Hills didn't fit

61. Plant-based weight loss regimen : HERBAL DIET - One of many

62. Former cygnet : SWAN - Well known in Hans Christian Anderson's "The Ugly Cygnet"

63. Scale notes : FAS


1. Riding sch., e.g. : ACAD

2. Dharma teacher : LAMA

3. Rose Parade flowers : MUMS - Mostly roses are featured, but I suppose there are a few mums.

4. Home of the Woody Hayes Athletic Ctr. : OSU - Ohio State - Woody is the only coach I ever knew who actually went on the field during a play and tripped or tackled an opposing player who was running for a touchdown. A colorful and ultra successful coach.

5. Electric eye, e.g. : SENSOR - Speaking of football, a tight end Joe Sensor played a number of years for the Vikings. Now he has a few restaurants in town.

6. Capital SSW of Seoul : TAIPEI - In Taiwan. I think we called it Formosa when I was a kid.

7. Going head to head : AT IT

8. Vita : BIO -Curriculum Vitae?

9. Spigoted vessel : URN - Well a coffee urn has a spigot, but I also know of others that do not.

10. Parisian words of friendship : MON AMI - I had only one year of French, my friend.

11. Sale caveat : AS IS

12. WWII transports : LSTS - LST is an acronym for Landing Ship, Tank

13. Lenient : EASY

15. Short stop? : STA (Short for Station)

18. Windows openers : USERS - this would be for Microsoft Windows. Another window opener could be a rock.

22. Palm in one's palm? : TREO - Some kind of Smart Phone. Please put them away when driving.

23. Reporter's source : LEAK - Deep Throat Mark Felt was the most famous

24. Co-Nobelist with Begin in 1978 : SADAT - Anwar tried for peace in the Middle East, like those before and after.

25. Teaser : PROMO - Way too many on TV these days

26. One variety of it remains green when ripe : ANJOU - I was thinking of a grape. When you pare a pair of pears, it's hard to tell the difference.

27. Book after Micah : NAHUM - One of the twelve prophets

28. Kvetch : GRIPE - I guess I've been kvetching about some of the clues in this puzzle.

29. Hard nut to crack : PECAN - Actually, pecans have an easy to crack thin shell, but hard to harvest the nut in two pieces.

30. Questionnaire catchall : OTHER

31. Certain believer : DEIST - A religious belief. I stay away from religion and politics.

32. Election prizes : SEATS

37. Air__: Southwest subsidiary : TRAN

38. BA or HR : STAT - Baseball leads all sports in stats.

40. Titan of publishing : KNOPF - Alfred Knopf founded his publishing house in 1915, It was acquired by Random House in 1960.

43. Put trust in : RELY ON

44. Where distasteful humor often goes : TOO FAR - But may be okay on September Fool's Day.

45. Hopi home : PUEBLO

48. Violas, cellos, etc.: Abbr. : STRS (Strings)

49. Bad thing to eat : CROW - I wonder if anyone has ever really eaten crow. Does it taste like chicken?? Colonel Sanders Kentucky Fried Crow.

50. "Rubáiyát" rhyme scheme : AABA. Whatever.

51. Georgia and Latvia, once: Abbr. : SSRS - Once a Soviet Social Republic

52. Fireplace shelf : HOB - I thought the hobs were the side pieces that hold the grate. Shelf seems a bit misleading.

53. Gold source : VEIN

54. Really ticked : IRED

55. Some attendance figs. : ESTS (Estimates)

57. TV dial letters : UHF (Ultra High Frequency). LOAITP - (Lots of acronyms in this puzzle)

58. Herd dining area : LEA

59. Prof's address letters : EDU

Answer grid.


Note from C.C.:

Here is a photo of baby Boomer. I just couldn't remove the right camera light on his left leg. (Added later: Photo fixed. Thanks to Kazie and Fermatprime.)


Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Boomer and friends (nice baby photo, Boomer). So you got the short straw and had to write the commentary on this puzzle, eh, Boomer? I really didn't like the cross-references to a cross-referenced unifier. I eventually got the ROUNDS, which did help with the other long theme clues.

Hand up for Par instead of breaking TEE.

I had the same thought on the URN. I initially wrote it in, then thought of all the Urns without spigots, so erased it.

Lots of crossword staples in this puzzle, including AT IT and DOJO (which I learned from doing these puzzles, not that it is helpful in my daily life.)

I thought that Distasteful Humor was headed for the TOILET instead of going TOO FAR.

Favorite clue was Smith's Item = SHOE.

QOD: QOD: Fame is the sum of misapprehensions that accrue around a name. ~ Maria Rilke

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Man, this one very nearly defeated me. Finished it in the end unassisted, but it took me longer than an average Friday or Saturday.

The big problem, of course, was that the whole thing was built around self-referential clues, which I absolutely loathe. I finally got AMMUNITION UNITS at 1A via the perps, which let me guess the unifying ROUNDS at 64A. And that let me guess SPARRING PERIODS at 24A. But then I ran into a wall.

NAHUM, TRAN, KRUPP and KNOPF -- all obscure proper nouns that barely knew and that conspired to keep me from getting 42A for the longest time. Self-referential clues and obscure proper nouns. Yummy!

Anyway, once I realized that 50D was AABA instead of ABBA and that 52D was HOB instead of HOD, I was able to get TRAYFULS OF BEERS at 56A. And that let me get TOO FAR and PUEBLO, which finally gave me enough perps to unlock the mystery of 42A.

So, in the end, I got 'er done. Wasn't too happy about it, though...

Barry G. said...

Sorry, post was getting too long...

I also had PAR instead of URN and thought TOE was a bit off for something being painted (yeah, the toenail is part of the toe, but still...)

OK, that's it for me, I promise!

Lemonade714 said...

Well Boomer's baby picture was the highlight for me. The theme was creative but as already expressed, hanging on for a unifier does not seem right. I wonder if doing the puzzle bottom to top is what was sought?

I was glad to recall the work of Gene KRUPA who was a favorite of my parents.

Go play, it is Jeudi!

Abejo said...

Good Morning, folks. Thanks, Steve, for a challenging puzzle. Thank you, Boomer, for the clever write-up.

Well, this one scared me for a while after I saw the theme, et al.

Thank goodness there were a lot of easy answers that got me started. I wound up with OUNDS, but could not figure the first letter. Eventually I got AMMUNITION UNITS and that gave me ROUNDS. The third and fourth themes fell easily then. I had a problem with the second one because I had LEMON and AROMA instead of ANJOU and PROMO. Also had A PDA instead of TREO. Deep thinking got me ARNE, then all the rest fell into place.

So, I finished it all. In the end it looked easy, but don't they all after you finish.

See you tomorrow.


Tinbeni said...

Boomer; Wonderful write-up and cute photo.

After the first pass I think I had maybe 10 or 12 answers.
ALMOST all were crosswordese; AT-IT, AS-IS, DOJO, LEA, SADAT, URN, etc.
It didn't get much better after that.
Though the fact I got the Smiths SHOE and Fireplace shelf HOB felt like minor victories.

After the 2nd cup of java, with the Ink-Blot TEST looking pornographic (where is our "Word-of-the-week: Uteri?), I just threw in the towel.

DNF ... 'nuf said.

Cheers to all at Sunset !!!

Yellowrocks said...

This took as long as a Fri. or Sat. puzzle. I didn't care for all the self referential cluing. I did finish all correctly with no look ups, but I questioned TREO. Boomer explained it, a PDA brand.

I finally went to the bottom to decipher the clue for the theme. With HERBAL DIET and perps, I found ROUNDS, which helped me get the long answers.

I believe 35A is breaking a TIE, not TEE. You need the I for DEIST.

Looking back now, I would have enjoyed this puzzle if ROUNDS had been clued directly.

Anonymous said...

The 'I' is in SHIA.

Anonymous said...

I knew Shia from the Indiana Jones movie Kingdom of The Crystal Skull. He played Indiana's son.

Fun Facts by Dave Letterman

In 1956, the actor who played Smokey The Bear accidentally set fire to a Woolworth's department store.

Due to wartime fabric shortages, from 1943-45, American males were forced to walk around shirtless.

creature said...

Good Morning CC, Boomer and All,

The whole time I was working this puzzle, I was thinking about Barry and how much he was hating it.

Then reading Barry's post, I realize we had a very similar solve. Even same thoughts on TOE.

Thanks, Steve. It's good to shake us up every once in a while.

TREO and DOJO were last fills. Strong reliance on perps.

Enjoyed your write-up, Boomer. Loved the cute pic, too. Thanks.


Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone. Nice informative write-up, Boomer.

Without meaning to offend Tinbeni's sensibilities, my favorite fill was TRAYFULS OF BEERS. Fun theme, actually, but luckily, I got ROUNDS early so I could 'back' into the rest of the theme fills. Only needed help with SHIA. Perps helped with TREO. Didn't 'get' it though. Hesitated with TRAN; thought it was Trans. We had the AABA thing a while back, so that helped. Always chuckle at KNOPF; means 'button' in German. Overall, a good workout, but a fair challenge for a Thursday.

Have a great day.

Nance said...

I worry that Barry is, somehow, the MaleMe, writing the comments here that I am thinking as I solve the puzzle. Each time I log on to read, his narrative exactly matches my own!

This crossword today I hated, hated, hated it. It stopped being fun about five minutes in and then became an all-out war. No way it was going to beat me. And it didn't. No Googling, no calls to Mom, no lifelines. I bested this bete noire.

I never paint my toes or my toenails, and when was the last time anyone went to see a Disney "cartoon?"

Making mint pesto today. Lovely on lamb!

kazie said...

Thank you Boomer,
Your feelings about this CW reflect mine, only not as strongly. But I was glad you were IRED with it too. Cut photo too! I also have some 35mm slides with pink stains like that--don't know where they come from.

VITA means life in Latin, so same thing as BIO. It's getting to be that about the only parts of these lately that I'm certain of are the foreign words. I hate the increasingly numerous acronyms too.

I hated this partial puzzle from start to finish. I had to g'spot the guts out of it--literally--ALMOST everything in the midsection. And having 60 tiles virtually clueless made it worse. Actually Hahtool's TOILET suggestion is appropriate for the whole thing IMO. TREO???

Avg Joe said...

I normally despise cross referenced clues. This one put me off at first for that reason, but the perps were doable enough that I could see giving it a pass. Just this once, though. :-)

Hand up for par (and thinking "Not me"). Wanted Teepee instead of Pueblo. Krupa was the first name that came to mind for the drummer even though I didn't know he'd played for Benny. Agree that pecans are easy to crack, just hard to get the meat out in one piece. All in all, a solid B.

Argyle said...

Since there was no way to get the unifier except through the perps, I was in a pet and turned on the red letters.

Husker Gary said...

Took a day off the links on this hopefully last really hot day and thought I’d relax with this puzzle. OMG, I came up 3 cells short (parts of ARNE, BIO, TREO, ANJOU) after a considerable amount of time! Oh well, I was “1Across”. Cross references were kind of fun once I got the drift.

-ABU – Disney, APU – Simpsons
-Boomer, I saw squirrel and had PAR too. Could you reach the brakes on that scooter?
-Or could have said “Ferrier”
-Rose Parade is worth attending on many levels!
-Woody’s modern over the top counterpart Mike Leach got fired
-No indication of abbr. for STA!
-Hahtool, re QOD – what film had this line, “When legend becomes fact, print the legend.” Some of our historical heroes had feet of clay!
-BTW, today is Emma M. Nutt Day! I’m a charter member!

Argyle said...

I know, I know!

Theme song was sung by one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

Husker Gary, the clue was "short stop", implying the abbreviation for station. We've seen "short" used in that manner before.

Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning! Good to see you blogging again, Boomer. Cute pic.

I started off filling the NE corner since I had to verify MALE by checking the downs, which were very EASY in that corner. Then I saw the cross referenced third line ending in _NITS. OK, lets drop down to the unifier... another cross reference! Aaaarrrrgh! Fortunately, the downs were pretty easy there and gave me _OUNDS. It wasn't too difficult to pick ROUNDS over the other possibilities and tie it to UNITS (which kept me from putting in 'icons' for windows openers) and then I had a pretty good idea as to the theme. I worked back up from the bottom and finished.

This one would have been really difficult except for the many discussions here. AABA and DOJO would not have come easily.

I sometimes fly AirTRAN from Ft Myers to Atlanta or Akron, so that was easy.

I was all set to rant about TOES, but a Google check confirms that the sloppy deletion of 'nails' has become common usage. Oh well...

Husker Gary said...

Argyle, I bought Gene Pitney albums too! I assume you are not thinking of a theme song for "Emma M. Nut Day"

Any thoughts on this blog about what historical figures have been "cleaned up the most (legend/fact)"? As I mentioned a while ago, our state icon J. Sterling Morton had some very bad beliefs that may have passed at the time but not now.

sherry said...

Too many misleads! Had perhaps 11 or 12 answers from the first go round. This was a worst case scenario for me; really don't like cross referenced clues. Didn't get any of them. Thanks for the write up Boomer.

fermatprime said...

Hi All!

Agree with Argyle.

CC: fixed your pic of Boomer and sent it to you!


fermatprime said...

Thanks for interesting write-up, Boomer!

Grumpy 1 said...

Boomer, Woody Hayes certainly deserved to be fired for his conduct in striking a player, but, to my knowledge, he NEVER went onto the field during a play and interferred with a play in progress. He threw the punch at Charlie Bauman after the play when he felt that Bauman was taunting him. Still inexcusable, but not to the degree that interfereing with a play in progress would have been.

HeartRx said...

Good Morning Boomer, C.C> et al.

Nice to hear from you Boomer, and what a cute baby pic!!

I think Barry G has a lot of crossword doppelgängers in this corner. What he said today took all my words out of my mouth! LOL

Nice Cuppa said...

Thanks Boomer

I did not object to the theme per se, only the theme answers. Ammunition Units is bearable, but the other phrases are ugly - technically correct but contrived.

Husker Gary

The "short" and quest. mark in SHORT STOP? were the indics. that an abbr. was req.


Ashley Eidbo said...

Tricky puzzle! When the clue isn't given, it makes for a rough ride. "Shoe" was a clever answer!

Tinbeni said...

Hey if they aren't Avatar, TRAYFULS-OF-BEERS seem OK to me.

Of course, I would order Trayfuls-of-Pinch. lol

Cheers !!!

eddyB said...


After Krupa left, Buddy Rich took over. For a great solo, G Sing, Sing, Sing from the 1938 Concert.
Krupa at his best.

Warren said...

Hi gang, Thanks for blogging Boomer!

A toughie again today. With all of the main clues linked to an unknown I had to use red letters to get 'rounds' and after that the rest fell easily enough.

But I've never heard of Knopf or Nahum.

For C.C. and the spot on Boomers picture, one word -- Photoshop. My wife is the expert and I'm sure it's easy to remove the bad highlight if you know how.

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, if Boomer says so, it must be September Fool's Day. That explains why this puzzle took so long and I felt like an idiot.

Not a very good The Scarlet Pimpernel, rip-off:

I see them here
I see them there
got me everywhere!

ACAD, OSU, STA, BIO, LSATS, STRS, UHF, SSRS, EDU and ESTS. There were probably more, I just didn't want to go back again.

50)"Rubáiyát" rhyme scheme/AABA may have been "Whatever" to Boomer, but I was thankful for something I didn't have to sweat over.

Sometimes I can see the self references coming together as I am filling them in. Not this time. I had to have ROUNDS and even that came slowly.

Biggest laugh of the day was Boomer's 62A)Former cygnet/SWAN - "Well known in Hans Christian Anderson's "The Ugly Cygnet"

Clear Ayes said...

Loved the photo of Baby Boomer. Even then he had a sly little grin on his face. I wonder if he was thinking of the future when he would meet a smart funny cute Chinese lady, sweep her off her feet (just like a bowling pin!) and take her off to the great state of Minnesota. Nah...that could never happen!

I agree about TRAYSFUL, rather than TRAYFULS, but Wikionary says "trayful (plural trayfuls or traysful)" Breathe deep, English teachers and move on.

WM said...

Boomer...great blog and thank you for making sense of all this. Loved the photo!

I guess I have channeled BarryG since the get Barry said. Hands up for PAR though I considered TEE, did put in URN and left it, but overall a very frustrating experience and definitely a Friday or Saturday level puzzle...:oP

JD said...

Good morning Boomer and all,

I 5th-6th-7th Barry G.'s remarks. Red letters wouldn't have helped. My face fell each time I read "see 64 across" and 64 across told us nothing. Defeating!I thought I was off to a good start filling in almost (what a joke...not even close), abu and male.

Boomer, ugly cygnet made me howl with laughter. Your blogging was delightful. C.C., thanks for sharing that darling picture.

I loved Latin class. Sr. Gregory was the most animated of all the nuns and I will always remember those Greek myths she told us.

Anonymous said...

31. Certain believer : DEIST -
Thomas Jefferson was a deist.

Anonymous said...

51 D I had USSR.
23 D I had lead but leak reminds me of FBI special agent Mark Felt (deep throat).

2 D I had yoga for Dharma ( I was thinking of Jenna Elfman's role) not familiar with lama.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Boomer, well done, ya adorable kid, ya.

What's up with all the non-cluing? This puzzle was middle-of-the-road, at best, anyway.

Four grid-spanning theme answers and a unified usually characterizes an upper level puzzle. Not so this time.

The unwillingness to provide any theme-related clues is incomprehensible, and pleases nobody.

I hate it when two answers share one clue. Here we have 5 with none.

'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

baby Boomer in nomenclature and socially!

Unknown said...

Hi, Boomer, thanks for the writing.
Is Boomer C.C. husband? Did I get that right?
I agree with the traysful rather than trayfuls. I was told by Miss Miller, my 7th grade English teacher, to divide the word and then use it in the sentence. Would I like trays full of beer or tray fulls? The former rather than the latter makes more sense. The dictionaries of late are too easy on the slang ways of speaking and writing, in my opinion.
More dental visits are in my future! Egad this has been the summer of teeth! Age is gaining on me; I can't seem to out-run it.
I am a Boomer.

Grumpy 1 said...

MomSpeaksOut, are the dental problems caused by the gnashing of teeth about the accelerating misuse of and misspelling of words in our language?

Bill G. said...

Mom and Grumpy, here here! Loan me your ears! Your right. I care alot about all this sloppy english. Its a shame! Every body just could care less about there mistake's. Nobody speaks good any more. Their ought to be some thing done about it cause it effects all of us. Im just one whose trying, irregardless of every body else. Im feeling so badly Ill just go lay down!

LaLaLinda said...

Bill G. ~~ Your funny. Between you and I,, that was grate!

Lucina said...

Hello, Super Solvers. Thank you, Boomer; I always enjoy your entertaining blogging.

Well, what can I say except agree that cross cluing CAUSES A STIR! The minute I saw that I knew it would be a downward solve and the top was quickly doable, but forgot to add the second S in OSSA.

Then I further shot myself in the TOE by filling ANWAR instead of SADAT. Once I corrected that, the section was filled; ARNE, DOJO, AMO are all reliable crosswordese as has been noted.

Hand up for PAR before TEE when after erasing that area, OTHERS came into view.

But USSR, SOVS stood in the way of HERBAL and no way would I guess HOB as the shelf.

Whew! Finally it was done but it was not EASY and not much fun.

Steve Salitan, what a challenge you gave us.

I hope your Thursday is going better, everyone!

Lucina said...

Bill G:
Very funny! What is sad that some would read your post and not even realize the errors.

The general rule is to add the s at the end as in cupfuls, handfuls, spoonfuls, bowlfuls, etc.

Avg Joe said...

Baa Baa Bartender, have you any brews?

Yes Sir, Yes Sir, 3 Tray fulls. :-)

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, I did finish today, but I had a difficult time. Dojo, Arne, (Air)-Tran, and SSRS were my lookups. I did get ABU and Nahum with perps, but I had UHL and Las instead of UHF and Fas. So I technically didn't finish without error today.

When I get a difficult puzzle like this I do have a sense of accomplishment, even though I made an error.

Thanks Boomer for the writeup--also for the cute Baby Boomer picture.

I do have a nit to pick. Anjous are a type of pear, and they are almost always green when ripe. I don't know of a TYPE of Anjou that is not green when ripe. Also, I don't paint my toes, only the nails on my toes!!

I agree with Barry on just about everything else in this puzzle.

Chickie said...

Bill G., I laughed a lot at your post and agree with Lucina that some would read it and not realize that there were any errors.

Also, Who said, "Rabbit, Rabbit" today?

Since school starts earlier and earlier these days, September isn't the month of new beginnings that it used to be. Our district has been in session for two weeks. Sigh. Where did summer go?

Lucina said...

You are so right about the early start of school preempting what used to be a fresh march toward autumn but believe me, summer is very much with us here.

August temps have broken all records and it cannot end soon enough for me.

Jazzbumpa said...

Bill G -

Aye speak jest as good ass ewe due.

Sum daze effen gooder!


Jazzbumpa said...

Wabbit, wabbit!


TinoTechie said...

Lucinda @3:06pm.

Surely you were making a joke on the remark about where to add the "s" to handful and the others?

I too had "par" instead of "tee". And 44D was at first "gutter".

32D, TREO, is a smart phone made by Palm.

20A, I had Tiff and 41A was Exam.

Oh well. I frequently don't finish Thursday puzzles

JD said...

Jzbumpa, all we need is wittle Elmer Fudd wunning around yelling"Come out of your holes, you cowardwy wabbits! I'll bwow you to smitteweenies!"

Marge said...

Hi all,
The puzzle was hard and I didn't finish yet but just wanted to say my hudband was able to get the picture of our greatgrandson on the blog.

I hope it comes thru.


Boomer said...

Thank you all for your comments. Grumpy, you are correct. For some reason my memory fooled me on that 1978 Gator bowl game. And yeah, I am an original Baby Boomer. The photo of me trying to ride my dad's Cushman scooter was taken around 1948. 90 degrees here today with zero change in the next 4 months. (The zero will change and be in front of the 9.)

Hahtoolah said...

Marge: your great-grandson is a cutie!

Plurals: more than one Attorney General = Attorneys General; more than one Right-of-Way = Rights- of- Way.

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Did not like this puzzle one bit. All it did was makes me IRED. Nuff said. Best wishes to you all.

Bill G. said...

TinoTechnie, almost every place you look for information on grammar lists cupfuls as correct. I think I would have gotten that wrong too since I know about plurals such as attorneys-general.

Lucina said...

What an adorable child!

Tino Techie:
I never joke about grammar. It's an occupational hazard.