Oct 10, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011 Jeff Chen

Theme: Colorful Characters - Four compound phrases that begin with a color and end with a character; the color can be descriptive of a human condition and the character can also represent a ball player. That is how the answer is clued.

17A. Terrified Detroit baseball player? : WHITE TIGER. Clip(0:22) and Image.

33A. Embarrassed Carolina football player? : PINK PANTHER. Clip(0:15) and Image.

39A. Depressed Miami football player? : BLUE DOLPHIN. Clip(0:10) and Image.

58A. Jealous San Francisco baseball player? : GREEN GIANT. Clip(0:30) and Image.

Argyle here. I labored over how to describe the theme longer than it took to solve the puzzle. Jeff has given us an almost clunker free fill. Some might say there were too many proper names; oh well.

Also noticeable in the grid is the two Down non-theme 15's:

3D. Fast food pickup site : DRIVE-THRU WINDOW

11D. Reprimands : READS THE RIOT ACT.


1. Cheryl of "Charlie's Angels" : LADD. Lovely Image.

5. Screwdriver liquor : VODKA

10. "Logically, then ..." : ERGO

14. The "height" part of a height phobia : ACRO. Acrophobia.

15. Have __ to pick : A BONE

16. Red Army leader Trotsky : LEON. Trotsky died in 1940 after he was attacked in his home in Mexico by a Stalin follower with an ice axe.

19. Vietnam neighbor : LAOS

20. Cuts off : SEVERS

21. Architect I.M. : PEI

22. Advantage : EDGE

23. Very long time : EON

24. Indy 500 entrant : RACER. Clip(1:19) of the crazy last lap of this year's race

26. Tippler : SOT

27. Memo-directing abbr. : ATTN.

29. Actress Sorvino : MIRA. Image.  or maybe this one. Image.  Let us know if they work for you. 10:50 Maybe this one will work. Image.

30. Voice below soprano : ALTO

32. "Don't make me laugh!" : "HAH!"

36. Boeing competitor : AIRBUS

38. Strolls down to the saloon : MOSEYS

43. Gun, as a V6 : REV. To accelerate an engine.

44. Ran a tab : OWED

45. Mine products : ORES

46. Talk like Daffy : LISP

47. __ Lanka : SRI

48. Went off course, nautically : YAWED

50. "Little Red Book" writer : MAO. Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung comprises 427 quotations, divided thematically into 33 chapters.

51. Prefix with directional : OMNI

53. "Community" network : NBC

54. Sealy alternatives : SERTAs. Mattresses.

57. Arp's art movement : DADA

60. Take too much of, briefly : OD ON. Over-Dosed on.

61. Me-tooer's phrase : SO DO I

62. Teen outbreak : ACNE

63. Noises from itty-bitty kitties : MEWS

64. Online status update limited to 140 characters : TWEET

65. 'Vette roof option : T-TOP


1. Cops enforce them : LAWS

2. Yen : ACHE

4. Pamper : DOTE ON

5. Chocolate factory vessels : VATS

6. __-Wan Kenobi : OBI. from Star Wars.

7. Where boxers and pugs play : DOG PARK

8. Leg joint protector : KNEE CAP

9. Cliffside nest : AERIE

10. Cosmo rival : ELLE

12. Looks that lovers make : GOOGOO EYES

13. Beginning : ONSET

18. Bird by the beach : ERN

24. __ Tin Tin : RIN. Clip. (0:32)

25. Yakked and yakked : RAN ON

27. Starbuck's captain : AHAB. Starbuck was the young first mate of the Pequod in Moby-Dick.

28. Like a custom suit : TAILOR-MADE. But I rather have these Taylor made.

29. Soup with sushi : MISO

31. Capt.'s subordinates : LTs. Lieutenants.

33. "I tawt I taw a __ tat!" : PUDDY

34. French friends : AMIs

35. Letters on reply cards : RSVP

37. Drone or worker : BEE. or melissa.

40. Unsophisticated : LOWBROW

41. Come before : PRECEDE

42. "If __ only listened!" : HE'D. It will be my epitaph.

46. Rope at a rodeo : LARIAT

47. City destroyed by fire and brimstone : SODOM. And Gomorrah.

49. Common teen emotion : ANGST

50. Ryan of "When Harry Met Sally..." : MEG. Gotta link the classic... Clip.

52. Actors McKellen and Holm : IANs

54. Agitated state : SNIT

55. A.D. part : ANNO

56. Armstrong's "small" stride : STEP

59. Fair-hiring inits. : EOE. Equal Opportunity Employer



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Blew through this one in typical Monday fashion with hardly a pause. The theme was nice, although the perps were so straightforward I really didn't need to know the theme to fill everything in. The only minor misstep was when I tried to fit in DRIVE THROUGH WINDOW at 3D, but ran out of letters and realized the abbreviation "THRU" was being used.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. This was a fun puzzle. I easily caught on to the colorful theme. What I really enjoyed, however, were the long down answers. READS THE RIOT ACT was a Riot!

I also was amused by the DOG PARK. My city recently built a Dog Park near my house. I didn't realize how popular such a park could be. The dogs seem to love it.

I initially tried Knee Pad instead of KNEE CAP, but that error was quickly rectified by the PINK PANTHER.

I couldn't open your MIRA links. The first one was totally blank, and the Access Denied appeared on the second link.

I don't get Columbus Day off. Do you?

QOD: You have to have sharp elbows if you want to change something. ~ James Carville

Argyle said...

I tried the MIRA links again and this time they both opened for me. The first link is large, 2000 x 3000 and may take extra time to open. I use IE browser and C.C. uses Firefox.

Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning! well... any Monday that starts with Cheryl LADD and a bottle of VODKA and ends with a TTOP has got to be a great one.

The second MIRA link comes up with a message that the site does not allow hotlinking. The first is such a large image that it just opened a blank page with a red X in the corner. Right click on the X and choose 'open picture' from the options.

Nice puzzle, Jeff. Love the two vertical grid spanners that were not part of the theme. Great job of construction.

Abejo said...

Good Morning, folks. Thanks, Jeff, for a great start to the week. Thank you, Argyle, for your usual good stuff. By the way, I could not open either Mira links.

Buzzed through this puzzle easily. My only initial error was EEO instead of EOE. That fixed easily.

Enjoyed the theme and the two long vertical answers.

I did not know ACRO, but got it with perps.

Now i know who STARBUCK was on the Pequod. Interesting.

Did not know Leon Trotsky was murdered in Mexico. Thanks for that tidbit, Argyle.

I missed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday puzzles due to being in Pennsylvania and not being able to print them. Now I am home and may try to catch up. I tried to use my IPAD in the car traveling yesterday, but it would not communicate with the Tribune program.

See you tomorrow.


Abejo said...

Now I am off to finish my current book, "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks." Very interesting on HeLa cells and the Lacks' family. My book club meets tonight.


Lemonade714 said...

What a wonderful week already, JL followed by Jeff Chen, with such wit and creativity.
Thru also thru me for a while, but the rest went smoothly. The first Mira link says it cannot open because of "errors' the second is "access denied." If you have day off, use it for some joy.

kazie said...

I blew through this too, wonderful puzzle--despite the team names, unknown in my world as to their locations at least, they easily filled with a few letters to WAG from, and this time the color phrases were gimmes too. As noted above, no clunky fill and it was a fun solve.

I did the same as others too--PAD before CAP, THROUGH before I got perps that suggested it had to be THRU while I was wondering what 3-letter word to finish it with. But I was all done before even cooking breakfast.

I also enjoyed JL's offering online yesterday--something I haven't had time for on Sundays for a while, but I had some spare time and when I looked and saw it was John's, I had to try it.

Argyle said...

WTF! Now I'm getting Access Denied, too, on the second link.

Nice Cuppa said...

Yup, a smooth run, except that:

GOOGOOEYES rather put me off my morning toast and marmalade.

While my dictionary has TURN/GO PINK to mean "blush from embarrassment", I have under PINK used as an attributive adjective, only the following:

the color; rosé (wine); left-wing/"liberal"; or gay/homosexual.

I guess "Carolina football player from 47D?" would have been a bit naughty, though.

ABEJO: You must have missed by brief biography of Trotsky:


The last in Mexico.


Spitzboov said...

Good morning Argyle and everyone.

Belated birthday greetings to Jayce. Hope you had a great day.

I, too, thought this one was quite easy - no unknowns. The 'color' theme was neat, and the unusual grid spanning downs were a nice touch. READS THE RIOT ACT was essentially a WAG after noting the RE…… fill at the top.

I couldn't get the MIRA links either. The first didn't complete, and the 2nd didn't allow hot links. (My browser is Safari)

Enjoy your holiday if you have the day off.

kazie said...

Finally got around to changing my avatar from the baby pic to this one. I was near Leipzig at the Völkerschlachtdenkmal with my son, d-i-l and her grandparents last spring. The monument commemorates the slaughter during the French invasion in 1812. I tested this link and it works, but it seems Picasa has changed its format so that now all my uploads are accessible here instead of just this one. Anyone know how to avoid that?

Husker Gary said...

Jeff, what a nice ray of sunshine on a dreary day in corn country. Having a fun theme and all the other long fills can’t be easy on a Monday!

-Tigers did not turn white against overpaid Yankees
-No one can be Clouseau but Peter Sellers!
-I’ve seen only one Indy 500 – enjoyed it and that’s enough
-Alto has been a frequent visitor
-I like Kenobi better than a Japanese sash
-If you owe the mob money, protect your kneecaps
-I’ve never seen or heard of an ERN(E) outside of here
-Do you remember Ray Steven’s Ahab?
-I knew this girl from SODOM…
-Rob Reiner’s mom’s classic line, “I’ll have what she’s having!” is one of all time favs
-Neil’s footprint on the Moon looks the same now as when he made it 42 years ago with no wind or water up there. It will be a tourist attraction some day.

HeartRx said...

Good Moroning Argyle, C.C. et al.

Argyle, I use Safari and couldn't link the Mira sites. I tried Firefox, but that didn't work, either.

Great job on the write-up. I could tell you spent a lot of time on the theme, because your links were perfect...I especially loved the Pink Panther one!

So, what everyone else has said. Jeff Chen, Monday, with two bonus 15-letter sparklers...what more could you ask for???

Have a lovely day, everyone!

windhover said...

I didn't realize how much I miss Dennis until I read the first line of your post.
Great typo (I assume). :)
Every day's a holiday here. I try to enjoy them all equally.

Nice Cuppa said...


Originally, in English Common Law, an Act to "enable certain local officials to make a proclamation ordering the dispersal of any group of more than twelve people who were "unlawfully, riotously, and tumultuously assembled together". The original punishment for failing to disperse was the death sentence. It was repealed for England and Wales in 1967. Those rowdy Scots had to wait until 1973.

The U.S. adopted the RIOT ACT into the first Militia Act of 1792, providing a mechanism "for calling forth the Militia to execute the laws of the Union, suppress insurrections and repel invasions".

I expect that laws to "suppress insurrections", much like laws against treason, were awkward subjects at the time, so soon after they had been ones patriotic duty.

Nearly identical language is presently codified in chapter 15 of title 10, United States Code.


Tinbeni said...

Argyle: Colorful write-up & links.

I subscribe to the One-STEP program.
VODKA to take the EDGE off this LOWBROW SOT.

Jeff, Thank you for a FUN Monday.

Cheers !!!

GarlicGal said...

Monday, Monday. Oh boy another quick fill. After getting WHITE, then GREEN, I tried to find the RED - I was thinking Columbus Day/Italian flag colors. That didn't happen.

I have actually been to the Trosky Museum in Coyoacon, a little area outside of Mexico City. He lived around the corner from Frida Kahlo. Must have been a real hoot when the neighbors got together for coffee!

Speaking of politics... has anyone seen "Ides of March" yet? Stunning movie and not just because George Clooney is in it.

Wishing a good week to all.

Hahtoolah said...

Abejo: I read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks when the book first came out. I really enjoyed it. I thought the author portrayed a balanced look at medicine and consent issues throughout the years.

GarlicGirl: I saw Ides of March yesterday but found it disappointing. It got so much hype that I expected more.

HeartRx: I agree with Windhover on your interesting typo.

Frank said...

Re: 25D
Where do people who yak and yak go to get help?
On & On Anon.

I knew 47D was referring to SODOM and Gomorrah, but then, with Lot on the brain, I entered SaleM. I'm sure a lot of fire and brimstone sermons were delivered there during the witch hunts, but the Stephen King novel had nothing to do with that...

Did Lot's wife have a name? Saline, maybe? I can't remember...

Jalmar said...

Originally BLACK BEAR was in this puzzle but the PC police rejected it. AFRICAN-AMERICAN BEAR didn't fit the theme so it was dropped all together.

Husker Gary said...

Marti, since I am the resident moron on this site, your mistyping was very amusing!!

Eddy, the Huskers will not play Okie State this year. Nebraska is out of the Big 12 (which has 10 members this year and is in the Big 10 (which now has, you guessed it, 12 members this year).

Georgetown Avenue outside the Indy 500 oval the night before the race is NOT a place to be just as Colorado Blvd. the night before the Rose Parade can be very "iffy"!

Columbus now appears to be way down the line of peeps reaching the "New World" and only gov't employees get today off as far as I know.

Nice Cuppa, Perhaps Fred and Barney had imbibed some Rose' prior to singing, "We'll have a gay old time!"

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, It has been a week or so since I've checked in and I was having puzzle withdrawal.

I loved the 15 letter down fill. I was having so much fun with the colorful across theme answers that the biggies didn't pop out at me until they were almost filled in.

It looks like it may be a while between puzzles and blogs for me. GAH and I have been busy selling our house. Yes, we took a big hit on it, but the offer is doable (barely). That was last Saturday. On Thursday, we were down the highway looking for a new house closer to our daughter. We found one we like and will probably hear if our offer is accepted by the end of this week.

In the meantime, I still have to get ready to move...somewhere. Fortunately I'm feeling pretty good, so I can get a couple hours of packing in every day. It is amazing how much stuff we have on our walls and shelves...and GAH and I are not even collectors.

I'll be back whenever I can. Have fun everyone.

Argyle said...

I give up if this doesn't work. Mira Sorvino.

HeartRx said...

OMG Argyle, I am so sorry about the typo!!! (But spell check didn't pick it up, so I guess that makes me the moron...)

I was able to open this last Mira link you posted. Pretty eyes, do't you think?

Clear Ayes, good luck with your move! Any huge job is easily tackled if you remember this Italian saying "You can even eat an elephant, if you take one bite at a time..."

eddyB said...


Third link opened w IE.

Theme ans also movies. Tho White Tiger and Green Giant are Japanese anime.

Going to fire the sports blogger who said the two teams would play
this year.

take care. eddy

LaLaLinda said...

Hi Everyone ~~

What a fun way to start the week! I loved starting off with the Detroit Tigers (husband's team) ... the poor guy in the photo just broke his ankle again so he's out for the rest of the post-season. The team names were easy for me and I've recently watched them all play at some point in time.

~~I really liked GOO GOO EYES (sorry about your breakfast, NC) and the cat-related clues, especially 'Noises from itty-bitty kitties.' >^:^<

~~ Argyle ~~ A really nice write-up ...your links were images were wonderful!

~~ Unusually warm here in CT ... 85 yesterday and expecting about the same today.

~~ It'll be lobster and cheesecake for my husband's birthday today ... I guess I can forget about counting calories!

Enjoy the day!

Anony-Mouse said...

Very Nice puzzle Mr. Jeff Chen and very nice blogging Argyle. Thank you both.

I couldn't see Mira either, on either of the sites - but hey, no problem - I just mentally 'imagined' her - after all, all Caucasian actresses look alike, huh ? ... actually, in my mental image, she was revealing too much skin, so I mentally 'dressed' her up. This is strictly LOL, so please no hate mail.

Nice Cuppa, thanks for the 'Riot Act' update - I also read, earlier, that the Act was required to be 'read aloud', (- in case the hoi polloi were illiterate.... ? ).

Certain other govts. also read the Riot Act to their demonstrators - except that their words are strictly staccato ... with deadlier results....

Our city dog park has been closed down - due to the high cost of litigation, both from the local residents, .... AND the "next city residents" , - across a cliff and a ledge 400 feet away ! The operative word is NIMBY - Not in My Back Yard ! ( sigh ).

Jerome said...

Highly unusual grid. The four themes total 42 letters. The four longest non-theme fill, 50. Nothing wrong with that. It's just unusual. I like it... a lot.

SRI- Xat rotcelloc

MOSEYS- Ten Commandments, briefly

Anony-Mouse said...

What drove me absolutely mad - was not this lovely puzzle - BUT - Hearti's so-called "typo" !!!!

Windhover referred to it - and I tried so hard to find it - and then Hahtool referred to it again - now, I've got to find it !!! - I printed out her post and analysed it word for word - and then letter for letter - - and finally it struck ! Boy, I felt so stupid - I could never make 'proof editor'.!

As for Windhover's comment to Kazie - I'm just giving up - I probably couldn't find it in a million years.

Alt QOD: My girlfriend got a one year subscription to Bride magazine. I renewed it for five years. ~ Norm MacDonald.

Have a good week, you all.

Jalmar said...

Windy's reference to Kazie's 8:04a post was just a LOWBROW attempt at humor. Not worth explaining. Just blow it off.

Anonymous said...

Talking about Jerome's ten commandments - have you heard this one ?

As the story goes, before Moses actually moseyed down the mountain, with the tablets, he had to get past the complaints of the 'common folk' lobbists -, who were complaining and protesting before him, and who rushed down the mountain, before him, and reported to the expectant masses huddled below.

' We have negotiated, long and hard, and I am glad to inform you that we have defanged most of the odious provisions of the bill. The good news is we got the laws limited to just ten ( err, actually only nine - ). The bad news is, adultery is still in. '

suomynonA said...

?rotcelloc xat eb taht t'ndluohs, emoreJ

Moron said...

Very nice, especially in the light of your 10:16. What's that about pots and kettles?

Lucina said...

Good day, puzzlers. Argyle, great job as always and I was able to open the third MIRA link. Does nothing for me, just another beautiful woman.

What all of you have said so far. This was a fun run from Jeff. Misspelled MIRA as MINA and had no idea about a DOGPANK. Saw PARK later.

PUDDY and TWEET along with MEWS
summarize the last century for me; cartoons filled the 20th. Electronics fill the 21st.


I hope your Monday is spectacular, everyone!

Yellowrocks said...

I searched for quite a while too. Look at the spelling of Good Morning.

windhover said...

I resemble that remark. But it's easy to be lowbrow when you enjoy the Löwenbräu.

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, What Barry said. I thought the two down spanning phrases were awesome today. We don't see that too often on a Monday. Once I had White Tiger in, then Pink Panther, I knew what to look for for the theme answers.

Thanks, Argyle, for your usual great writeup.

Trotsky was a good friend of Diego Rivera, the Mexican Painter. After their falling out Trotsky lived just a short distance away in the same neighborhood. Due to Trotsky's assassination Rivera always had a gun nearby because he feared for his safety. Just an interesting aside.

Have a great day everyone.

ARBAON said...

Argyle, You always go the extra mile...(writing the color words in that color.

I had "knee pad" at first, too.
Loved the punny puzzle yesterday, also..Xie Xie. I plan to "seas the day" pretty soon...there`s a cruise in my future. (Alaska if I have my way, Hawaii if I don`t.)

I miss Dennis...I wonder how he fared during "Irene."

Carry on, bloggers (as if any of you needed encouragement in that area! :)

Yellowrocks said...

BLACK BEAR could be DEPRESSED CHICAGO FOOTBALL PLAYER. Of course, the BLACK here would raise the same quibble as PINK did for some. (turn PINK) (BLACK mood)

Better ones are:

Lemonade714 said...

The use of the Riot Act in pre-revolutionary war Great Britain plays a significant part in Ken Follett's A Place Called Freedom .

Proof reading is very difficult, because our minds will make sense out of nonsense; I too did not see the typo when i first read the post.That is hwy there are typos

Argyle said...

I forgot to mention: the BLUE DOLPHIN isn't a dolphin but a fish. Has anyone read Island of the Blue Dolphins and can tell us if it is a reference to fish or dolphins?

Spitzboov said...

Re: Dolphins. Here is a brief description and a picture of a dolphin used to berth ships or to moor to. (If they were painted blue, I'm not sure if they would be called blue dolphins ;-))

eddyB said...


Indy clip is a classic example of under steer coming out of turn 4
in the high grove. Felt so bad for JR. Should have gone low.

Weldon has been busy all season testing the new car for 2012. He is entered in the Vegas race and will share $5 mil if he can win
coming from last place on the grid. 34 cars entered so far. Hope he gets a full time ride next year.

One way to tell that it is a holiday - no mail delivery.


Yellowrocks said...

My class read "Island of the Blue Dolphins". There were pictures of dolphins (mammals) on the cover. I don't remember that dolphins played any important part in the story. Feral dogs were more important. I am sure your research has told you that really there is no species of dolphin (mammals) called Blue Doplhins, but there are Blue Dolphin fish.

Argyle, I loved the care you took with your very interesting write up. I especially appreciated the clip of the beautiful white tiger. Thanks.

Yellowrocks said...

I have now remembered and confirmed that The Island of the Blue Dolphin (no S) is in the shape of a dolphin (mammal.

Lucina said...

Kazie and LaLaLinda:
Very lovely photos.

kazie said...

Thank you! and you are right, LaLaLinda's photo is actually striking. She looks lovely.

Argyle said...

Yellowrocks, check your confirmation of The Island of the Blue Dolphin. All the images of the book cover is "Dolphins".

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Great puzzle today. Not so easy for me. Had a hard time getting on Jeff's wavelength.

Busy week. Not much time to chat.

Hatool - Your new avatar really bugs me.

Tigers just blew another first inning opportunity. Mags out. Delmon out. The big hitters can't hit. This is sad.


JzB who has occasional moronic moments

Yellowrocks said...

Of course, you are correct, Argyle. There is an "S". Otherwise, I am correct about the title. Everywhere I read that the island is named for its dolphin (mammal) shape.) I am amazed that the cover of the book pictures a mammal because Scott Odell, the author, is well versed in marine animals. The idea of the blue dolphin as a mammal is carried forward in the many lesson plans I read.

I have always had a beef with textbooks, especailly in the area of science. So many are inaccurate. Besides, very often the science experiments for young children are cute, but don't prove what they are said to prove. Even during my fellowship in Japan, I found that one of their their "hands on" lessons had faulty logic. My American compatriots agreed with me, but seemd to say,"So what? It kinda proved what it set out to prove, and they are just kids." I think that even if the nuances are lost on children, we should be more exacting.

Jeff Chen said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! Always glad to hear what is working and what could be improved.


Lucina said...

Joon is so gutsy!

Go, Joon! It will be fun to see how long he can maintain his lead.

LaLaLinda said...

Finally finished watching baseball ... 12 innings ... my husband's Tigers lost on his birthday. :-(

Nice goin' Joon!

Lucina and Kazie ... thank you.

dodo said...

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to let you all know that I am NOT dodo1925, at least not here. That is my new email name and how it got me a'new profile' and user name, I don't know! C.C.. if you are up this late and read this, maybe you can figure it out. I think Google wants to be my default mail site, but I won't go that way. I had it and didn't like it.

I have no picture because I removed the last one and haven't been able to get a new one in yet. I still haven't figured out the secret. I see that my original profile is still there, and that's the only one that applies.
I did the xword today but just finished and now it's too late to read the blog, so I'll get to it tomorrow. Had a busy day!