Mar 2, 2012

Friday, March 2, 2012, Frank Virzi

Theme: HAM ON RYE, this puzzle cuts the mustard. Click here to see the gimmick. For all of you who do not like cross referential cluing, this puzzle was not kosher, as the letters HAM are hidden in each of three theme answers, and RYE are hidden in three answers physically directly below. The reveal hint coming so early made all the difference for me, as I had no clue until I saw the first two long answers and went back and forth looking for a common element and the HAM popped pot. Then I realized looking for the Catcher in the RYE. Like last week, our theme answers come in pairs. This was my third straight puzzle from a constructor we have not seen for a year, and coincidentally the one who create the previous TV show TITLE PUZZLE; let us begin. Another combination of words and pictures

17A. Source of mints, at times: CHAMBER MAID. This is really cute and I had to wait until the down were down.
20A. 7-Across destination, eventually: DRYER. What if you like to hang the laundry outside in the fresh air?

They line up, so the HAM is on the RYE.

39A. It prohibits illegal search and seizure: FOURTH AMENDMENT. This was a gimme for me, and gave me the theme, as the run on word is a staple in crostic such as those featured in the Sunday London Times, and some Sunday NY Times Magazines.
41A. The recent past: YESTERYEAR. Am I the only one who thinks of the Lone Ranger?

60A. Subject of a 1922 archaeological discovery: TUTANKHAMUN.
64A. Some chickens: FRYERS. I wonder if they know when they are growing up what they are?

19A. With "on" and 59-Across, a hint to the theme hidden in three places in this puzzle: HAM. 59A. See 19-Across: RYE.

Notice HAM and RYE are symmetrically placed?

On to the show:


1. Stands: ABIDES. Many of you do not abide by these type of puzzles.

7. Load in a basket: WASH. Some of you may be more familiar with the term laundry.

11. Label: TAG.

14. Busts: BOSOMS. Well okay, let us get right to the heart of the matter. Dennis, for your examination...NIPPLEGATE (1:05)
15. Potent introduction?: OMNIpotent. A powerful clue.

16. Nabokov novel : ADA. An interesting but shocking BOOK, from the author of dear LO-li-ta
(hello) Jeannie, written when he was almost 70.

21. New York City's __ River: EAST. The rivers are why Manhattan is an island; can you name them all?

22. Chowderhead: DOPE. I think Mr. V. is from Massachusetts, so we get some chow-dah.

23. They often accompany stretches: YAWNS. I was looking for something tricky to do with jail time.

25. "I Loves You, Porgy" and others: DUETS. There are so many versions, but none netter than BILLIE (2:46). You like the cross with 25D. Pair: DUAD. Okay a Friday word, never heard of it. Also from Greek, meaning two, just like DUET.

26. House on TV, e.g.: DOCTOR. One of last weeks TV shows.

30. Poker star Hansen: GUS. Scandinavian star of the World Poker Tour.

31. River from the Cantabrian Mountains: EBRO. Didn't we just see this Spanish FLOWER?

32. Invasion leaders of the '60s: THE BEATLES. What is your favorite song? I think of them as...

42. Huit + trois: ONZE. 8 + 3 in French, our lesson of the day.

43. __-Aztecan languages: UTO. We studied the HOPI in sociology when I was in college.

44. Buyer, in legal usage: EMPTOR. CAVEAT EMPTOR, buyer beware. Literal translation from Latin. Unlike SEMPER UBI, SUB UBI.

46. Love: ADORE. Je t'aime, je t'adore.

49. Roundup need: LASSO. Lariat is longer.

52. Zoom: RACE. The verb.

53. Sub: HERO. The grinder, the elongated sandwich (or should I say shrewsbury?)

54. Once and again: TWICE. Again a cute clue.

62. Santa __ winds: ANA. Saint Anne.

63. One who often doesn't pick up?: SLOB. Oscar Madison.

65. Craving: YEN. I want lots of Japanese currency.

66. Show closers, perhaps: PANS. Bad reviews often spell the demise of shows.

67. Balmoral attraction: CASTLE. One of the Queen's places in Scotland.


1. Start of a tots' song: ABCD. A less offensive letter string clue?

2. 1922 physics Nobelist: BOHR. Proving knowledge is where you find it, I learned about this man from reading Martha Grimes' mysteries and watching The Big Bang Theory.

3. "__, old chap!": I SAY. A nice shout out to Nice Cuppa and our newbie Steve.

4. Taj Mahal topper: DOME. Which erection do you like better, Balmoral or:

5. Developmental stage : EMBRYO. An anagram of MY EBRO.

6. Prescott-to-Tempe dir.: SSE. Arizona cities.

7. Smith attendee: WOMAN. One of only seven remaining all women COLLEGES. Another hint Mr. V. is from Massachusetts.

8. Round up: AMASS. See, what did I tell you! Don't have a ...

9. Hissy fit: SNIT. Just because I am silly. It is a trait I never...

10. Went underground: HID.

11. Attraction near U.S. 395: TAHOE. The city, the lake? One of my favorite places in the US.

12. Go with the flow: ADAPT.

13. Jenga and jacks: GAMES. I have never played either.

18. Remote letters: REWind. Letters on your remote control.

22. Broom alternative: DUST MOP. Not to be confused with RAGG MOPP (2:31) from a few weeks ago.

24. Prefix with -pod: ARTHRO. From the Greek meaning joint, the pods are the insects, arachnids etc of the universe. We all know the prefix from Arthritis, which means inflamed joint.

26. Challenge: DEFY.

27. Clarinet cousin: OBOE. Gee, and I saw them kissing.

28. French vineyards: CRUS. Oops, more French, from the word croître; also can be used to show a good vintage, e.g. premier cru.

29. Agony: TORTURE. Are we having fun, or are we in agony?

30. Blues and others: GENRES. Maybe some JAZZ? (1:48).

33. It's cut and dried: HAY. Hey, Windhover.

34. Morph ending: EME. I wants me my shot of MORPHEME? No, THIS. All of our English teachers happy?

35. Emmy-winning Arthur: BEA. A Golden Girl Maude.

36. Provided temporarily: LENT. What did our Catholic friends give up this year?

37. Auto designer Ferrari: ENZO. Should be a gimme by now.

38. Prank ending: STER. Oh Frank you prankster.

40. Head of Québec: TETE. More French, he must be from near Worcester or Southbridge where so many Canadians live.

45. Lepidopterous opponent of Godzilla: MOTHRA. When I was 10 I used to go to my Uncle's house to watch these movies while he slept.

46. Orderly grouping: ARRAY. Man, I thought it said orderly groping, and I was figuring it must be how the Amish make out, or what Nurses do in the hallway. Hearti?

47. "Tell It to My Heart" singer Taylor: DAYNE. A LINK for everyone. (3:44).

48. Expanse with crests: OCEAN. My bathroom did not fit.

49. Reveal: LET ON.

50. Most Syrians: ARABS.

51. Cain was the first: SON. Murderer also did not fit.

53. Dance with flowing gestures: HULA. Two weeks in a row, you coming back to visit K-man?

55. Distance: WAYS. Well we have have come quite a ways, until...

56. "__ a man with seven wives": I MET. An old nursery rhyme riddle. I miss CA.

As I was going to St Ives
I met a man with seven wives
Every wife had seven sacks
Every sack had seven cats
Every cat had seven kits
Kits, cats, sacks, wives
How many were going to St Ives.

57. Forearm exercise: CURL. Eh, more for the biceps.

58. Start of Massachusetts's motto: ENSE. My final piece of evidence your honor for my case that Mr. Virzi if from the Commonwealth. We had the clue recently: "Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem." (Latin) By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty.

60. Medicine amt.: TSP. of sugar makes the medicine go down.

61. "Original, crispy or grilled?" co.: KFC. Kentucky Fried Chicken. My only one of the day; not Kentucky's Fat Colonel. I love their coleslaw, and delivered for them many moons ago.

Answer grid.

Wowee kazowie: Another Friday puzzle in the record books; mostly pretty easy, but then when I blog I do not time myself as I stop and get links as I solve, so who really knows. Enjoy the week end all, and I hope Hank is okay Mainiac, and you as well Creature and all the rest of the wounded warriors in our troop. Lemonade, over and out see you all laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttter.


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

This one definitely gets a solid "meh" from me, I'm afraid. I guess I would have liked it better had the theme reveal simply been HAM ON RYE with a sandwich clue rather than splitting up HAM and RYE and having an obnoxious cross reference as the only clue.

Surprisingly, I got UTO easily because I just finished reading a novel ("Devil Colony" by James Rollins) that mentioned the UTO-Aztecan languages frequently. Go figure. ENSE, on the other hand, was not in my wheelhouse despite the fact that I am from Massachusetts. Ditto for CRUS.

MOTHRA was another gimme, since I love Godzilla movies.

Had a lot of trouble spelling TUTANKHAMUN. In fact, even my spell checker thinks it should be spelled TUTANKHAMEN.

Ended up with a wrong answer because of the crossing of DAYNE and ADORE. I'm not familiar with the singer, and AMORE seemed perfectly fine (as did MAYNE).

Mikey said...

Other than the same DAYNE/ADORE vs MAYNE/AMORE error I shared with Barry G., a surprisingly easy Friday. Happy Weekend, all.

HeartRx said...

Good morning Lemonade, C.C. et al.

Fun write-up and links, Lemony. Funny enough, the ad that popped up when I clicked the “I loves you, Porgy” link was for Tide – “Reinventing Laundry”!! How did they know that today was WASH day in our puzzle, with clothes headed for the DRYER?

I would have fallen into the same trap as Barry, except that there was no hint that the “love” would be in Italian. So I went with ADORE. (Whew, dodged that bullet!)

But then there were all those non-word prefixes and suffixes: OMNI-, UTO-, ARTHRO-, -EME and –STER.

On the other hand, I really did like the theme. Stacking of the DUADs of HAM and RYE took a lot of imagination, so hats off to Mr. Virzi!


Middletown Bomber said...

Sort of easy Friday entry though not a speed run by any means and the reference to frying chickens and KFC did not help. I also noticed that there was a lot of french in this Puzzle (hmmm french fries)thank god my French expert had not left for work when I was solving. There were a lot of easy clues so I did not notice the theme. Like Barry my brain wanted to spell TUT*** with an E not a U. . Well Ham on Rye is a nice sandwhich but I prefer Pastrami. TGIF all and enjoy your fried fish friday. Thankyou Lemonade for the super write up and to Frank for this friday eye opener.

desper-otto said...

Happy Friday, all!

I didn't think this one was as easy as some of you have been implying. The NE almost did me in today. I got the theme before I got either HAM or RYE. That finally
allowed me to sneak up on TAHOE and DAYNE.


Still, it was a good workout.

Leapling said...

Dudley: Shirley McClaine has been taping Downton Abbey.

Avg Joe said...

I got beat by this one today. Had ArIsES for 1A and the noted AmORE for 46A. I saw the HAM's after solving, but did not see the RYE's. That revelation raised my opinion of the puzzle tenfold. Tough construction and well executed.

Thanks for the thoughts yesterday, all, and for the SqDance call late last night YR. I'm happy to say I'm not experiencing all those symptoms, but every muscle in my body hurts. It even hurts my hands to pick up something no matter how light. That interferes with 12 oz curls, and that's not a good thing. I've not had the flu since the '60s when I had the Hong Kong version. IIRC, that was worse, but this ain't exactly a walk in the park.

HeartRx said...

I just went back and read the late posts from last night:

Bill G. from 9:11 last night, I'll get right on it...

And Lemon, thanks for the reminder that Fermatprime introduced us to Jackie Evancho last year. How quickly we forget!

Anonymous said...

As easy and "meh" as you all think the puzzle was, especially for a Friday, it couldn't have been easy for the constructor to stack those HAMs and RYEs directly over each other in such long theme entries. Kudos to him!

Are you going to finish your thought on THE BEATLES?

Mari said...

Wow - this was my easiest Friday CWP in a long time. I think the long answers helped speed things up. Interestingly, I caught the HAM in the long clues, but totally missed the RYE. I guess I'll stick to ham on whole wheat.

My only hang ups were EBRO and CRUS. I thought DUAD was odd, but PERPS lead me to it.


I hope you all have a wonderful day and a great weekend!

Lucina said...

Hello, cyber friends. A big thank you to you, Lemonade, for a blog well done.

I sashayed through this one and checked the calendar to ensure it is Friday.

HAM ON RYE popped popped up with TAHOE but sadly I fell into the AMORE/ADORE trap since I don't know Taylor DAYNE and MAYNE sounded right.

Prescott to Tempe was a given and I hang my WASH on the line and use the DRYER sparingly. We have solar heat to spare.

And since you asked, L, it's no dessert or sweets for me until Easter.

Have a super Friday, everyone!

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Frank Virzi, for a great Friday puzzle. Thank you, Mr. Lemonade, for the great review.

Got started easily with this in the NW. Worked across and down just like enjoy. Got held up in the NE for a while. I wanted TAHOE, but I always wait until I get a couple crosswords. I used to drive Route 395 about every month as I worked all up and down the Sierra Nevada Range. Spent some time in Stateline, NV, going up and down the Kingsbury Grade. Beautiful country.

CHAMBERMAID came easily. As did FOURTH AMENDMENT and YESTERYEAR. AS did TUTANKHAMUN. Was not sure of the spelling of that Egyptian, but KFC fixed that.

HAM on RYE appeared. I looked for the theme and it appeared as well. Pretty easy Friday.

As usual for me the french words came with perps. Did not know ONZE and CRUS.

Enjoyed this puzzle.

See you tomorrow.


Husker Gary said...

Theme came at the end and was a real AHA moment! Cross referencing just adds a fun element for me. Wonderful job Frank!
-Clotheslines are verboten in our development
-YESTERYEAR and The William Tell Overture – Hi Ho Silver!
-I Saw Her Standing There is my fav! Both for the song and the time when I loved it. The Beatle cover group I like always ends their show with it!
-I SUB but am no HERO
-It would have cost me 652 yen to get into the state tournament game yesterday. Home team got drilled by Omaha Central!
-I taught the BOHR atom for years
-Emma wants to go to SMITH like her aunt
-They play JENGA on Big Bang Theory
-A broom and a dust mop don’t seem interchangeable to me
-Grandson gave up soda for LENT and so I got him a slushie at the game
-Sorry to hear you’re sick Joe. I’m in Lincoln, maybe I can run some chicken soup down to you! It couldn’t hurt!

kazie said...

I got stuck in the SE corner due to interference of my Sydney background. I couldn't think of CASTLE, because of Balmoral Beach at home in Oz. It didn't help that CURL is unknown to me, and I had TUTANKHAMEN, and had no idea of the Mass. motto or MOTHRA (hate horror movies, even those). I also got caught on MAYNE/AMORE.

Much of the rest was WAGS and perp help. I thought HAM ON RYE meant I was to look for different sandwiches, so found HERO but couldn't be bothered looking further. OK for a Friday I guess.

Enjoy the weekend all of you, and stay out of the weather!

kazie said...

I forgot to mention that I have no knowledge of SMITH college and wondered why WOMAN would be remarkable enough to mention at a family reunion.

These kinds of cultural lacunes are why I could never do the blogging job that our regular bloggers do so well. I'm constantly amazed that C.C. did it so well on her own for so long!

Yellowrocks said...

Lemoade, thanks for the informative write up. I liked the stacking of HAM on RYE. I messed up AMMORE/MAYNE and ADORE/DAYNE. AMORE seemed so good, I did not look for another choice, BOO! Hiss! for me.

I am an inveterate reader of everything, including cereal boxes and wine labels. I read the wine labels in the store and on the table. This habit gave me CRU. I have seen it often, usually in the store because I choose less expensive wines mostly.

Grumpy 1 said...

Fun puzzle today. Definitely not WBS. I saw right away that there were multiple possibilities for 1a so I skipped to the top center and NE and worked out from there. My first thought on the cross-referenced clues was 'on the lam' but a few perps quickly brought out HAM on RYE.

I wasn't sure of the spelling of TUTANK-watz-is-name, but perps filled it

What did I give up for Lent? My few remaining New Year's Resolutions, of course.

Great blog, Lemon.

CrossEyedDave said...

Had to rush through his one, very busy day. All i can say about this puzzle is that it made me hungry...

thehondohurricane said...

Good day folks,

This one did me in today. I am the in house Dummkopf for this week. I was able to solve roughly 50% on my own and finished the balance with heavy assistance from Mr, G.

The North was my success , Central and South were a bunch of Huh's. For some reason, I wasn't too into this puzzle today and that likely contributed to my problems. Enough said.

Kazie, Smith College, located in Northhampton, Ma is a old and well known school for woman. i believe it is as highly ranked as Vasser.

Yellowrocks said...

I am keeping a reading journal of words whose meanings I can glean from context so that I will remember them in isolation for x-words. It helps tremendously.

I was a CHAMBERMAID at a resort during the college years when I ushered (ushed?) at Summer Theater. I never hear CHAMBERMAID anymore. It seems so old fashioned.

HG, we are not allowed to have clotheslines here, either. I placed a tension shower rod over the center of the tub long ways so I can drip dry some items. This is not convenient for very large items, but works well for everything else.

*David* said...

An easier Friday then usual and I really do like the theme. Sometimes I think an obvious revealer should just be left out, hinting at the answer is much more fun.

Only real problem was by THE BEATLES, GUS, DUST MOP, and DUAD section. Loved seeing King Tut but did feel like more prefixes and suffixes were in there then I would like to see.

Irish Miss said...

Good morning all:

Overall, a breezy Friday. Went astray early on with Dare for 26D instead of Defy and some trouble with the spelling of Tutankhamun. But finished w/o help which is always satisfying.

Got the clever theme early on which helped a lot. Great puzzle, Mr. V and fun write-up, Lemonade.

Lots of snow on the ground but tomorrow's 48 degrees and rain should make most of it disappear.

Happy Friday everyone.

Ron Worden said...

Good morning to all and happy Friday. Always adore your write-ups Lemon. Fun Fri.finished with no help and only one smudge at eme.Easy fix when I got to amendment. Hope everyone is ok in the severe storms path today. I think I'll go have a ham on rye with swiss and spicy mustard. Have a great day to all. RJW.

Sfingi said...

Unique and cute.

Like everyone had AmORE til here. Never heard of DAYNE.

Also, didn't kmow this HANSEN. Think UTO, ENSE and ONZE are c--p words.
Why not German for 11 = ELF?
Why is everyone expected to know French and not German? Italian is undici, so I don't expect to see that, but German words are short.

On Smith College - one of the 7 sisters. ALmost every "girls'" school has gone coed, mostly to get more alum money. I graduated from Skidmore and attemded Russell Sage, both 2nd tier (as opposed to 7 sister) and both coed now. I felt the arrangement gave one more opportunities to lead, since guys often take over; and, dating Dartmouth, RPI, Williams, etc. was more exciting.

eddyB said...


Would rather have corned beef on
rye. Going to try Arby's new Super Reuben for lunch.


Rube said...

I too fell into the AmORE/mAYNE trap for a technical DNF. Hate when that happens for one measly letter. Also, saw the HAMs, but didn't realize the RYEs until I came here.

Also had trouble with DUAD. Wanted DyAD, common crosswordese meaning the same thing. FWIW, the Free Dictionary defines it as, "a rare word for pair". Nevertheless, GyS would be a strange first name while I think I've heard of GUS Hansen.

I'm waiting to see EBRO clued as, "Online dude".

Nice, quick Friday w/ no Googles.

Anonymous said...

Cool. Now we can reply to individual responses. That will make Fermatprime happy.

Lucina said...


HG and YR:
Our complex also prohibits clothes lines so I use tiered racks as well closet racks with hangers. It has worked well for many years even before being energy conscious.

No HAM ON RYE today because it is meatless Friday.

You may be deficient in the American pop culture area but you run circles around most of us in languages and global lore.

Lemonade714 said...

For your trivial education here is the scoop on GUS HANSEN who unlike Marmaduke or Hamlet, is a happy Dane, not to be confused with your new friend Taylor Dayne.

Vairnut said...

I thought todays puzzle was relatively easy, but there was still a workout. Never did see the RYE embedded in the lower answers. Knowing HAM did help. Could not think of MOTHRA, had to look that up. I too spelled TUTANKHAMUN wrong. Originally thought HOTELPILLOW for mint source, but perps soon changed that. NW corner was the hardest part, but little by little, got it filled in. I enjoyed Lemons write up too.

Tuttle said...

Gah. Everything was fairly easy except 26A/24D/28D. Don't watch much broadcast TV so no idea who/what House is all about, don't speak French or drink wine and I immediately penned in "anthro" for 24D (Anthropod: bipedal humanoid).

Misty said...

Incredibly clever puzzle, I thought--many thanks, Frank! I got the HAM and the RYE separately first, but when I realized the HAM was on the RYE, it blew my mind! Brilliant symmetry! And a great write-up, as always, Lemon.

Reading the blog this morning was a great relief because I felt so stupid over the AMORE/ADORE mix-up, and it helps to know this was a common problem. Like Rube 10:52 I also put DYAD instead of DUAD. Still, this was a great way to begin a Friday!

Lent, hmm? Think I'll go the other way, not with sacrifices but with extra charity.

Have a great day, everybody!

Tinbeni said...

Lemon: Wonderful write-up & links.

WOW, what a FUN Friday. Thank You Frank Virzi.

I liked the HAM ON RYE themes.
Noticed the placement of the HAM being directly OVER(ON) the RYE right off the bat.

I liked how FRYERS crossed KFC.
I liked how Frank clued the ABCD run.
I liked how I had to "work my perps" to get my unknowns; DAYNE, DUAD, CRUS and a few others.
I even liked how DUST-MOP reminded me of the Westminister winning Pekingese. Ugh!

Grumpy 1: I'm with you.
Definitely NOT What-Barry-Said (WBS).

How a solver rates an ENTIRE puzzle as "meh" for the reason given is unconscionable.

Sorry, but I find THAT to be obnoxious!
It is insulting to the Constructor.

eddyB: Thanks for the Arby's lunch suggestion.

Cheers to all at Sunset.

Jerome said...

I'm pretty sure TAHOE, ARTHRO, and EMBRYO were the sons of the Three Musketeers.

BOSOMS- Derek's mantras

DEFY- What's omitted in de fi, fo, fum

Bill G. said...

I enjoyed the puzzle and agree with Tin Man, 11:54.

I'm off to the doctor in a few minutes for a physical. I don't know why I'm apprehensive and dislike it so much, but I do.

Here's a video of auroras taken from the International Space Station.

CrazyCat said...

Thanks Lemon! What a fun puzzle Frank.

I too fell into the AMORE/MAYNE abyss. I did think about there not being a foreign language reference in the clue, but it didn't stop me.

My other problem was putting in DARE, then DENY before DEFY.

I saw the RYEs and not the HAMs. Loved it when I came here and saw the HAM on RYE. Guess what lunch will be?

The WASH, the DRYER and the DUSTMOP all elicit YAWNS from me. Sometimes I feel like the CHAMBERMAID. I wish I could just be a SLOB and not worry about it.

Have a great weekend everyone. Off to the beach. Weather is supposed to be in the 80s!

Bill G. said...

CCat, what beach are you going to?

Irish Miss said...

Anonymous @ 12:06-could you please explain what you are referring to? I'm confused. Thanks.

Lemonade714 said...

JerOMe, you are too quick. the BO's OMs catch is wonderful!

I think the beauty of this puzzle is the skill involved in crafting the HAM/RYE fill, which is an extremely challenging feet. If you do not appreciate that skill, you would not appreciate the puzzle. It is one case where a theme and its presentation are the heart of a presentation.

SafetyHarborSteph said...

Like your mother always told you...Always wear underwear. Thanks for the flashback to high school Latin class!

Gunghy said...

I think Weds. was the hardest this week, but this one was the most enjoyable. I agree that the art of stacking the theme was impressive, but I finished the puzzle so fast I never saw HAM over RYE until I read Lemonade's post.

Ms Dayne was an unknown, and after about 30 seconds of the link will remain that way, but ADORE seemed a better fit, so that wasn't a problem.

Balmoral is a castle, so I looked for another attraction. I remember seeing some of the shaggy scottish caTtle on the grounds. Oops: FRIER and WAIT seemed to work.

Life's been hectic, but I'll try to get by more often.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Very ambitious theme, and well executed. This is one of those puzzles I enjoy more in retrospect than while working it. There are certainly things in it I don't like, but I'm not going to dwell on them.

Ordinarily I object to those cross-referential clues that give no information, but in this particular instance, the end justifies the means.

I didn't think it was easy at all - moved all around looking for a foothold. Couldn't remember which AMENDMENT was right, and always want to spell it with 2 M's, anyway. Went for the perps and neglected to fill in AMENDMENT (DO'H!), so the whole mid-section was a lot harder than it needed to be.

WEll done, Lemon - and thank's for the Bessie Smith link. She was special, and I love that song.

Hand up for The Lone Ranger. And AMORE/MAYNE.

I must be vertically challenged. I make inexplicable spelling errors in the down fill.

When I go to pray in the vinyards, I always take my CRUS Missal.

Cool Regards!

HeartRx said...

Bill G., I just emailed you the puzzle you asked for last night..have fun!!

Jazzbumpa said...

OK. That Was Billie Holiday.

But Bessie Smith really was special.


Lemonade714 said...

Welcome and thanks for picking up on my SEMPER UBI silliness. Oddly, my oldest boy is getting his PhD in the Classics and has oodles of Latin knowledge.

I love Bessie's work too, but today was my Billie Holliday Holiday

desper-otto said...

Marti, why don't you post your puzzle as a blog extra. Then we can all give it a shot.

Tinbeni said...

Only ONE was going to St. Ives.

Also, I wonder how the "commando's" feel about SEMPER UBI SUB UBI.


Captain Obvious said...

I don't understand how one could "solve" this puzzle and not see ham on rye! The gimmick is clearly pointed out for us in the 19a/59a clues. Why would you bother with a themed puzzle and not look for a theme? For me, its half the fun. Learning moments being another half. Personal challenge is the remaining half.

kazie said...

Thanks for the details on Smith. I guess I've never had occasion to research out-of-state universities here, since we never could have afforded private colleges for our sons, and of course didn't have daughters to research for. Besides, with the UW- Madison just down the road from here, why would we want to?

You are too kind. Thanks for your high praise. Strangely enough, I was caught by surprise today with the CRU answer for French vineyards. I didn't know the word as a noun, only as an adjective meaning RAW. But on looking it up, sure enough, le cru is growth, cultivation, especially of wine.

41 years ago, when I was first with my future husband in Spain, he had to ask directions since I didn't know Spanish, but he was bemused that I always figured out what they answered before he did, because of my knowledge of French and Latin.

ELF happens to be one of German's shortest words. Their love of linking into one word compounds that we would use separately in English, or at most, hyphenate, gives them the reputation for having too many long words.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was the easiest friday in a long time. I usually dont finish Fridays. but I did, rather quickly. The Beatles was the best clue, Ya! Ya! Ya!

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Hand up for entering AMORE/MAYNE. At least I knew it wasn't going to be SWIFT.

Also hand up for seeing the HAMs within the entries, but missing the RYEs just beneath them. It quadrupled my appreciation of the puzzle to see, after coming here, the hams ON the ryes. Wow.

Jerome, you made me laugh out loud.

I filled in TUT ANKH AM_N and waited to see if the perp would dictate E or U.

DUETS and DUAD. Hmmmm.

LW and I love highway 395.

"Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?"

I will never put a FRYER in the DRYER. Nor hang it on a line.

Best wishes to you all.

Avg Joe said...

Hope everyone in today's tornado alley is keeping a close eye on the weather. It's looking extremely ugly between Nashville and Louisville right now. Stay safe everyone!

I wonder if my fryer parts will mind being used for boiling (chicken soup) tonight. Not that I really care, cuz that's how it's going to be.

Oh, and Marti, from last night: I've always used the phrase "Starve a cold, feed a hangover." BWDIK:-)

Lemonade714 said...

BWDIK, But What Do I Know.

Tinbeni said...

If you NEVER stop imbibing that hangover will not occur. lol

Then again, Avatar has kept me FLU free for decades.

OTOH ...

Maybe I did get the FLU, just didn't know it ...

Hope you "Get Well, Soon."

Cheers !!!

Lemonade714 said...

Jerome do you think Enzo was Onze when designed his first car?

CrossEyedDave said...

Phew! i have some more time now, sorry i didn't get to savor this one!

JzB@1:43, i don't know how it happened, but one second i was listening to Bessie Smith, and then a youtube sidebar caught my eye, Duane Allman, then another sidebar, Dickie Betts & son giving lessons on how to play Elizabeth Reed,,, Oh Man i am gonna be gone for hours...

I just came back to say thanks, and throw this at ya,,, but i think this is the true
Ham on Rye.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Barry G and others on the AMORE/MAYNE issue. I hate excessive names--you either know them, or you don't. The worst thing is when two names cross, and you don't know either. This cross of an unfamiliar name and the reasonable AMORE is almost as annoying.

Well, there's usually something to annoy everyone, & I don't mean to be so negative. Not too bad a puzzle, all-in-all.

Premier crus or grand crus are the top French wines, so I don't think Yellowrocks drinks wines that are toooo cheap. I have a Grave on tap to have with fish tonight. Don't think it's a grand cru, though.

I count at least 14 foreign words or proper names; seems kinda high for my tastes.

kazie said...

Or would Enzo have said "io sono undici."?

HeartRx said...

Jerome (anon???) @ 12:06, loved your take on "The Three Musketeers"!! And I DEFY you to put default on me for not thinking of it first...

Avg Joe, I'm with Tinbeni @3:52 on that one. I once went on a cruise and came home only to get "the flu" a couple days later. But then I got the photos back from the studio and realized it wasn't the flu - it was just the worst hangover I had ever had, because we were hammered for the entire trip! (Those pictures will never see the internet, BTW...)

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, Again, Barry had exactly the same trouble as I did today. Amore/Mayne and the spelling of Tutankhamun/men. Other than those two trouble areas the puzzle came together nicely today. The Ham and Rye stacks were very clever. I think they were really hard to construct.

I thought the Once and again clue was clever, as was It's cut and dried. I tried to make the answer for Smith attendee a lot harder than it was. I thought woman was too easy!!LOL. I wanted a school nickname.

Kazie, your language skills are to be admired.

Thanks Lemon for a great blog.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.

Avg Joe said...

Tin and Marti, I do understand the concept, but have never really wanted to test it. I did have a 3 day hangover once in my life. Can't say I ever wanted a repeat, and still can't stand even the smell of Southern Discomfort to this day.

The worst part of this bout is that I ache as badly as if I had an awful hangover, but didn't get to have any of the fun that lead up to it. Seems like a serious waste of pain to me.

Weather is still very nasty in places. Keep you heads low everyone affected. I did swap e-mails with WH earlier and he was taking all necessary precautions. Hope the kids are alright.

Argyle said...

A note from Janice Luttrell, our constuctor on Monday, January 16, 2012.

Anonymous said...
What a nice surprise! I googled my name and found this blog. Thanks Argyle for all the nice pix and links and thank all for the nice comments.

Pretty exciting to have my first puzzle published!


March 2, 2012 4:26 PM

Marge said...

Hi all,

I had my post almost done,then somehow it all disappeared.

This was harder but I plugged away at it, got about two thirds done with perps and CW dictionary.

I knew 60D was Tut's full name but not the spelling. Dict. had 'men' at the end so I had cerl for curl.

I didn't know Jenga but I played many games of Jacks in grade school.What fun!

The info I had on Mass. motto only
had it in english so of course I had that wrong until I came here.

Why I missed Bea Arthur I don't know. I always enjoyed her on all her shows.

We once did a service Elderhostel om the Hopi reservation in Az. It was fun, worked in the grade school.

Good evening all!

Seldom Seen said...

All is well in the Miami Valley. Some severe storms to the north and southwest of me today. I hope Creature is o.k. as well. Her area(especially to her east) was hit hard.

Avg Joe said...

Thanks for checking in Seen. Hope it continues to be OK. Anyone else that follows and is in harms way, please provide updates, especially Creature! This is almost as nasty as that huge outbreak last April.

Is there anyone following the blog that is in Jackson, MS, or more specifically Brandon? That's at the SW extreme of this outbreak, but I have people there. Any report would be appreciated.

fermatprime said...


Really cool puzzle, Frank! Great explanation, Lemonade!

I had 2 red letters, see many comments above.

Do not think I deserve the wrath of Anon@11:06. I complained once about people asking and answering the same question repeatedly on the SAME day.

Lemon and Marti: Thanks for remembering. Certainly was unexpected and unnecessary.

Had awful night. Distilled water cannot be bought here currently due to a tax dispute (I am told). It was very windy. Could not use humidifier. Should make Anon above very happy.

Have a great weekend.

CrazyCat said...

AvgJoe - I haven't had the flu since the 1980s, but I remember it like it was yesterday. It was terrible, horrible, miserable.

@Tinbeni - I am mostly a wine drinker. Last week I learned that white wine is antibacterial and that you can use it to clean your countertops. Maybe that's why I never get the flu. Probably, it's because I get my flu shot every year. Let's just pour some of that Grand CRU on the granite.

Any of you in the path of the storms, stay safe.

@HeartRx - Now I have another reason to not go on a cruise LOL!

This new preview format is bizarre to say the least. It's all over the place.

Yellowrocks said...

This new format is for the birds. I don't get spell check. I seldom get the edit button and when I do it doesn't work. If I don't copy my post immediately after writing it, it often disappears. I am sorry, but I go immediately to PUBLISH, edited or not.

Freond @4:20, My tasting experience with CRU has been limited to a few times with my son and DIL. Otherwise it is only window shopping. I was a teacher. My son surpassed my salary in his second or third year out of college. I buy only modest wines myself.

Bill G. said...

It's sad to hear about the rough weather some of you are experiencing. Today was really pretty here. I wish I could share it with some of you having crappy weather right now. I hope everybody stays safe and that health problems improve.

Fermatprime, I agree with you. It's frustrating when one make a thoughtful post and it appears that some people haven't taken the time to read it.

For a set of five whole numbers, the mean is 4, the mode is 1, and the median is 5. What are the five numbers?

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed. Not only did you not answer my question @ 8:08, but you more or less took my comment about the puzzle and said the same thing at 12:56.

Anons are people, too!

Tinbeni said...

Bill G,
Well I'm making SURE I don't catch the FLU (if you catch my drift) and enjoying "The Right Stuff" (smoke 'em if you got 'em) on TCM ... which led me to your "number" quiz.

I was thinkin' 23456 ... but that's nowhere near my ZIP CODE???

Freond @4:28
This is a FRIDAY puzzle after all, so the cluing is a little tougher.

Cheers !!!

Avg Joe said...

Tin, you might be smokin' 'em too short. I believe the answer to be: 1, 1, 5, 6 and 7.

With that, I'm off to bed. Statistics always tire me out.

Spitzboov said...

Bill G

How about 1 1 5 6 7

Bill G. said...

Spitz and Avg Joe, good job.

CrossEyedDave said...

OK, i think i am ready for Saturdays
puzzle, i found some amazing crossword puzzle secrets, but try not to spread it around, save it for the late nite bloggers. ;)

Argyle said...

The filter thought this was spam; I don't know.

Lemony- I'm disappointed. Not only did you not answer my question @ 8:08, but you more or less took my comment about the puzzle and said the same thing at 12:56. Anons are people, too!
By Anonymous on Friday, March 2, 2012, Frank Virzi at 8:15 PM

Bill G. said...

CED, Wow! Thanks for that video about CW puzzle hints. Excellent! ALL stuff I didn't know! I'm going to be a speed-solver from now on. I am practically through with Saturday's and Sunday's puzzle already and am heading into next week! I'm on fire!

I know you were putting us on but I'm not quite sure about the guy who made the video...