Mar 5, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012 Ed Sessa

Theme: Diminutive of Amelia, Hermione, Mary, Minerva or Wilhelmina - It's good the first theme is so iconic because the unifier? has no clue as to what it is by itself.

17A. Click-and-drag tool : MOUSE BUTTON

39A. Learner’s permit prerequisite, often : DRIVER EDUCATION

63A. Memorable surprise attack site : PEARL HARBOR

71A. Name associated with the start of 17-, 39- or 63Across : MINNIE

Argyle here. Technical difficulties today; Cruciverb is down so watch out for typos. Other than the unifier coming from the theme entries or the perps, a nice puzzle with some answers I didn't see until the write-up. (And now, Cruciverb is up again.)


1. Long-necked waders : EGRETS

7. Sgt. Friday’s employer : LA PD. (Los Angeles Police Department)

11. Blow away : AWE

14. __ pork: Chinese dish with pancakes : MOO SHU. and from column B: 70A. Egg foo __ : YUNG

15. Fairy tale villain : OGRE

16. Betty Crocker product : MIX

19. Impersonal pronoun : ONE

20. Barnyard brayer : ASS

21. Half an Orkan goodbye : NANU. The other half is also Nanu.

22. Enjoyed, as a lollipop : LICKED

24. Filming locations : SETS

26. More out of practice : RUSTIER

28. Reunion attendee, briefly : ALUM

30. Libyan or Liberian, e.g. : AFRICAN. Cool map.

34. Tequila plant : AGAVE

37. Kimono sash : OBI

38. Hefty volume : TOME

43. Guitarist Hendrix : JIMI

44. Reveal, in verse : OPE

45. Thick, like fog : DENSE

46. Step on the gas : SPEED UP

48. Jack of late-night TV : PAAR

50. Legislative period : SESSION

52. Mex. ladies : SRAs. (senoritas)

56. Samples a bit of : TASTES

59. Univ. military org. : ROTC

61. Dada co-founder Jean : ARP

62. Actress Gardner : AVA

66. Deafening noise : DIN

67. Sprinter’s path : LANE

68. “Seinfeld” woman : ELAINE

69. Fruit drink ending : ADE


1. Actresses Watson and Thompson : EMMAs

2. Fairy tale Mother : GOOSE

3. Shake awake : ROUST

4. Superman’s monogram : ESS

5. Afterwards : THEN

6. Forester automaker : SUBARU. After ten years of production as a compact SUV, it grew to a mid-size crossover SUV.

7. Legs-intertwined meditative position : LOTUS

8. Player’s rep. : AGT.

9. Very productive : PROLIFIC

10. Naysayer : DENIER

11. Helter-skelter : AMOK

12. Rosé or Cabernet : WINE

13. Crossed (out) : EXed

18. U.S. motto word : UNUM. "e pluribus unum"

23. Animals, casually : CRITTERS

25. Most well-informed : SAVVIEST

27. Dana’s “forbidden fragrance” : TABU

29. Grant wartime foe : LEE

31. Nickel or dime : COIN

32. “Famous” cookie guy : AMOS

33. Hawaiian goose : NENE

34. Descriptive wds. : ADJs. (adjectives)

35. Golf club part : GRIP

36. “Je t’__”: French “I love you” : AIME

37. Shelley work : ODE

40. Philosopher JeanJacques : ROUSSEAU

41. “House” actor Omar : EPPS

42. Oral health org. : ADA. (American Dental Association)

47. With intense feeling : DEEPLY

48. Motel amenity : POOL

49. “O Canada,” e.g. : ANTHEM

51. Discount rack abbr. : IRREG.

53. Former Israeli leader Yitzhak : RABIN

54. “The San Francisco Treat” suffix : -A-RONI

55. Shopper’s indulgence : SPREE

56. “I did it!” : "TADA!"

57. Raring to go : AVID

58. Of sound mind : SANE

60. Colombian city : CALI. Map.

64. __ Arbor, Michigan : ANN

65. Took flight : RAN



Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Speed run today. I don't know much about Minnie Pearl, but I seem to recall seeing a life size bronze statue of her at the Grand Ole Opry. As for Minnie Driver, I assumed until now that she simply invented an amusing stage name for herself; according to Wiki, however, it's real.

Morning, Argyle, thanks for persevering through the troubles.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

A fine Monday puzzle. A wee bit crunchier than normal for a Monday, but still very doable in a short amount of time. The theme was interesting, even though it wasn't necessary to know it in order to solve the puzzle. Having said that, it was nice that I actually knew who all the MINNIEs were.

I think the only unknown today was ROUSSEAU. I know the name, but didn't know what his first name was and therefore had to get help from the perps. It also took a little while to retrieve AGAVE from the dark recesses of my brain. Everything else was pretty straightforward, I thought.

Lemonade714 said...

Argyle, I sympathize over the cruciverb problems, but you did well as always. A true speed run for me and a nice way to start the week. Thanks Ed and all the Minnies.

thehondohurricane said...

Good day folks,

Not a speed run, but I made steady progress from top to bottom without any hold ups. My first thought was MICKEY, but MINNIE quickly appeared when I looked at al the key clues.

NENE was a learning moment on our recent Hawaiian vacation. I had always pronounced it NEEN, but a tour driver pronounced it NAY NAY. Made the whole trip worth it!

Argyle, thanks for the write up and clarification of which EMMA is which. Either one can cook supper for me.

Happy Monday everyone.

Anonymous said...

Just a little correction. Sra is the Spanish abbr. for señora which is "Mrs". Señorita is Srta. (Miss). I thought the ladies clue would be Srta. but it didn't fit since I needed the "s".

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

It was speedy, but not without its speed bumps. My SUZUKI turned into a SUBARU and DRIVERS ED COURSE turned into DRIVER EDUCATION. Other than those little missteps, she thought Our American Cousin was a great play.

I hadn't really looked at a map of Africa in recent years (thanx, Argyle). It's really amazing how few of the country names we learned in grade school geography still remain.

Yellowrocks said...

Bill G. from late last night in re arthritic knees: My physical therapist suggests sitting with my feet up for an hour or two every afternoon and every evening. During those times I apply an ice pack to both knees for 15 minutes. The knee I didn't have surgery on is now worse than the treated one. The rest and ice help both knees tremendously. Maybe it would help you.

Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning all. Nice, easy start to the week, as it should be. By the time I finished my first pass across ROUSSEAU had filled without looking at the clue. That was the only one that would have taxed my gray matter this morning.

Thanks for soldiering through the difficulties this morning, Argyle.

Sfingi said...

Several false starts:

ROUSe before ROUST
NATO before ROTC (interpreted univ. as meaning universal)
MOOgoo before MOOSHU (don't know that)
suCKED before LICKED. Yes.

Lots of U?

Jacques Derrida, the deconstructionist, like to refer to ROUSSEAU as Jean-Jacques.

kazie said...

I had absolutely no problems today. I wonder how long before the Spanish language stops using Señorita like the French and Germans have stopped using Mademoiselle and Fräulein respectively.

HeartRx said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. et al.

This was a really fun Monday puzzle. It would have been a total speed run, but I took time to read all the down clues as I went along, and I'm glad I did!

I drive a SUBARU Forester, get my legs intertwined each morning with the LOTUS position and love me a Cabernet WINE (Rose, not so much).

It was nice to see the different MINNIEs in the puzzle, but one other that I admired was Minnie Riperton, who died too young from breast cancer. Rembmer her song "Loving You"?

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Ed S., for a great start to the week. Thank you, Argyle, for the review.

Well, I could not get started in the NW at all. Headed east and filled that stuff in. Then south.

Worked back to the NW. Got SUBARU after the ALUM, NANU, and MOUSEBUTTON appeared. Then all the rest in the NW fell into place. Except ESS. It was so simple I did not see it. Had EGS, because I had MOO GHU for the chinese pork dish. I know hardly nothing about chinese food. I rarely eat it and when I do it is pork fried rice.

The rest came easily. The theme appeared when I finished.

Got AIME with perps. Had no idea what that was.

Enjoyed seeing d=some crossword staples: NENE, NANU, OBI, TOME, ARP, ODE, etc.

Today is Casimir Pulaski Day in Chicago. All the schools are closed, etc.

See you tomorrow.


Husker Gary said...

Central Nebraska is visited by hundreds of thousands of CRANES in March and so EGRETS took a while but then the only issue was trying to suss the theme, which I did not but had a fun ride. Great Monday puzzle Ed!

-Here is a wonderful thing Minnie Pearl did under her real name of Sarah Cannon
-Does anyone remember Jack Webb in Sunset Boulevard?
-Lincoln once advocated sending blacks to Liberia as a solution to slavery
-ARP not ONO, hmm…
-Another Goose, Tatum, was recently put in the basketball hall of fame. His fame came as the clown prince of basketball with the Globetrotters when blacks weren’t allowed in the NBA.
-Wife wore TABU when we first dated and sprayed it on letters I got in college. It evokes great memories!
-My golf skills are getting RUSTIER but it’s 60° F today! Fore!

Mari said...

“I did it!” : "TADA!" Of course it was an easy Monday QWP, so that helped.

I didn't know ROUSSEAU but PERPed it. PROLIFIC and SAVVIEST were good words. I love my Egg Foo Yung (or Young).

Abejo @ 8:05 am: Yes, Chicago schools are closed for Pulaski Day, but unfortunately us bankers don't get the day off :(

Coach J said...

Speed run vis-a-vis Usain Bolt. Could not write fast enough! Hope everyone has a great day/week!

Middletown Bomber said...

Great monday eye opener and a speed run. great write up argyle.

Avg Joe said...

True speed run here. The only writeover was to put the T in Roust in lieu of the E I'd started with. There was a lot of CWese, but it seemed perfectly fine after the Gawd awful bonus puzzle on Saturday :-)

One of my favorite movies is "Return to Me" with Minnie Driver. Glad to see her in the theme.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning Argyle and all.

Easy enough. Had to skip around MOOSHU so went clockwise to the bottom. Got MOUSE BUTTON after seeing the unifier. Don't see double V's much so SAVVIEST was fun. I always pause with EGRETS; Herons maybe? Also had GOOSE and NENE. And then, TADA, it was done.

Glad to hear Creature is OK.

Have a good day.

Irish Miss said...

Good morning all:

Good expo, Argyle. Easy-peasy Monday work-out, cute theme.

One more example of our wacky winter: The high today is going to be 27 degrees, with a low of 9 degrees; the high Thursday will be 59 with a low of 34. This is true "March Madness".

Happy Monday, everyone.

CrossEyedDave said...

Easy Monday, but i feel like a dope cause i misspelled "ope".

I actually spent more time looking for funny "Minnie" clips than i did on the puzzle. (try & find a risque pic of Minnie Mouse, it's hard i tell ya.) Minnie Pearl on the other hand has lots of clean yet risque stuff, but all the clips were too long, so i settled for this clip which should at least bring a smile.

eddyB said...


Took longer to find the CW last night than to solve it. Finally
went to the LAT site at 9PM local.

Was 80 in the back yard shade yest.
Grass needs to be cut.

Take care of those knees.

APOD shows the ISS fly over at night if you missed it.


kazie said...

Abejo and others,
Listen to this and you'll never forget <a href=">Je t'aime</a>. Most of us probably were thinking the video should be otherwise, but this is the best I could find.

kazie said...

Try this--the preview doesn't show if it will work any more.
Je t'aime. There are a few videos but none show what everyone imagined listening to these lyrics.

Spitzboov said...

Kazie - My preview starts down the right side and finishes at the bottom. The link checker does work; just have to look for it. Sigh.

Lucina said...

Good morning! Great job, Argyle, as always.

And thank you, Ed Sessa, for the speed run today. My only write over was AIME as AIMI which was corrected by SPEED UP.

Didn't see most of the downs until rereading abd I love Chinese food.

Return to Me is my favorite MINNIE Driver movie, too. It's a beautiful story.

I thought yesterday's puzzle was fairly easy as well until the SE corner. However, I noticed most of you found it difficult. It was too late to post and I was tired from all that DIAPERing all weekend!

Have fun today, everyone!

Lucina said...

Oops! That should be "and" not abd.

As for SRA. it would be clued to mean SRTA such as Mex. miss or something like that not Mex. lady.

Bill G. said...

Fun puzzle. Thanks for the writeup, Argyle.

Thanks for the knee advice, Yellowrocks. I'm going to take a Celebrex tablet now and see if it's worth almost $3.00 after insurance.

Any puzzle with Emma Watson, Emma Thompson and Minnie Driver in it is going to be OK by me. I've been a Minnie Driver fan from the beginning; 'Circle of Love' I'm guessing. She can speak with an American accent as well as I can.

Lemonade714 said...

thanks for the Minnie Ripperton reminder; a wonderful talent who died so young. she was living in gainesville back when I started out. she also is mother to maya rudolph of SNL and other fame.

for C.C. and others, my minnie nominee is Saturnino Orestes Armas "Minnie" Miñoso Arrieta who played in the 40's, 50's 60's 70's and had one at bat in 1980 fo rthe Tony LaRussa White Sox, at age 54.

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, A nice Monday puzzle. I had one huh moment with ADJS. The v-8 can left a real bump on my forehead. I shouldn't have been fooled by that one as it is a common crossword abbreviation.

I was a little concerned with the two v's in a row but the perps helped with that problem.

We use mild tasting agave syrup on our cereal, and on pancakes. It has a lower glycemic index than refined sugars. We get it at Trader Joe's. I also use it in baking and salad dressing recipes that call for sugar.

Husker, We traveled to see the cranes in Nebraska. What a fantastic feast of sight and sound. We were on the Platte, just outside Kearney, Nebraska.

Also, loved the shout out for our adopted city of Cali. Our two years there was a wonderful experience.

Thanks, Argyle for all the pictures in the blog today and for a great writeup.

Misty said...

I loved this speed run--many thanks, Ed Sessa, for getting our Mondays off to a great start. And Argyle, those are wonderful visuals in your write-up!

I usually never get car clues, but no problem with SUBARU since I drive an Outback station wagon. We were delighted to see our own green and silver version featured in the movie "Win-Win"! Also ANN Arbor was a gimme, since I taught there for eleven years!

Great start to what promises to be a warm, sunny week! Have a good one, everybody!

Chickie said...

My comments disappeared right before my eyes.

Yellowrocks, I'm told that because you favor your just fixed knee, you put a strain on your "good" knee.

Take the time with your feet up to do another crossword or read a good book. Time is never wasted when you are doing something you enjoy.

Lucina, rest up today. Having little ones around can really tire you out.

Oh! no string of words down the right side of the preview area. Everything is at the bottom now. Much better. I hope it stays that way.

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Enjoyed this easy puzzle today. Easy but still FIW since I had rouse instead of ROUST and didn't see the sees. Had to wait for perps to decide whether 44A would be OPE or oen. The clue to AFRICAN was good. Agree that seeing double V was cool. I likes me a nice cabernet too. I understand the blue agave is becoming endangered, as it is being over-harvested to make tequila. I likes me a good tequila too. A shoutout to LemonADE. Best wishes to you all.

Yellowrocks said...

This was an enjoyable easy Monday puzzle. The clues were interesting.

I know EPPS as a Germanic name. I haven't been able to find the orign of Omar Hashim Epps's surname.

I love mooshu pork. It is served on thin pancakes with hoisin sauce and rolled kind of like a taco with an open top. Peking duck, another of my favorites, is also served rolled in a pancake with hoisin sauce and a green onion or scallion.

Marti, I vote with you on the cabernet.

Hahtoolah said...

A mini bit of trivia: Minnie PEARL real name was Sarah Ophelia Colley Cannon. Yesterday, March 4, marked the 6th anniversary of her death. She was 83.

Lucina said...

Thank you, Chickie. I am doing just that today. We grandmothers know the energy level of toddlers!

I, too, had forgotten about MINNIE Riverton and her haunting voice. I love that song! Thanks, Marti, for posting the link.

Just started to do Saturday's puzzle and I see that it's a real workout.

Ron Worden said...

Good afternoon to all,and happy Monday. Fun puzzle from Ed and thanks for the write-up Argyle. To anon@6:24 the clue for 52A Mex. ladies I felt was correct as mex makes it an abbr. and ladies refers to women not girls as srtas would note. Have a great day to all. I hope this is our last shot of cold as we had 30's this a.m. RJW.

Ron Worden said...

also to Yellowrocks try to elevate your knee higher than your heart to relieve the swelling. I used to put a pillow under my leg when I went to bed as it would help and it will feel better when you get up in the morning. RJW.

Bill G. said...

I probably shouldn't say this but I have been a sometimes watcher of The View. Back before the last election, I found their discussions interesting. Today was mildly interesting with Sandra Fluke as a guest. But their number of minutes devoted to advertising continues to escalate in an annoying exponential manner. Plus, I'm finding Barbara Walters increasing annoying. I don't know if it's because she is becoming more annoying or because I am becoming more sensitized to her.

JD said...

Good morning all,

Thanks Argyle, I always give up if any computer program doesn't work for me..drives me nuts.

This was quite a speedy run for me. Only 2 areas of having to use down/across to fill ope crossing epps and dada cofounder crossing rabin.Also, did not see Minnie coming.Cute!

Hand up for a good cabernet!

Chinese cuisine is a family favorite, and love the nights when everyone gets their choice to share.

Mari said...

Hahtoolah, I miss your kitties in the sink avatar!

Yellowrocks said...

Chickie and Ron, thank you for your concern and advice. I will listen to the PT and you, although it's like a hair shirt for a doer like me to sit still.

I disagree that my so-called good leg is weary of supporting the treated leg. This knee, too, has been getting worse ans worse for years, the mirror image of the treated one. It has the characteristic "hitch" or catching that is a sign of a pinched meniscus. Working on the two serially will take a long time.

Before someone catched me, the mooshu pancakes are not folded like a taco, but like a burrito with an open top or like a sandwich wrap.

Lucina said...

The Downton Abbey DVD arrived with the weekend mail and I just found it.

An anon posted last week that the accents would be thicker and I fell into the tease trap (I think that's what it was)but it's the same program with just some sections of it cut. I haven't watched it yet but am so looking forward to it. Reports to follow!

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Extra effort today Argyle - thanks.

No speed run for me - but they never are. Theme was a total mystery until the reveal. That's why I like it placed at the end.

Sometimes we have a mini-theme. I think this is the first Minnie theme.

Lemon - I remember Minnie Minoso from his days with the Indians - when I was a kid.

Marti - I totally forgot about Minnie Riperton and her amazing voice. "Loving You" is one of the most unusual pop songs ever.

Poignant that you should mention it. We just got back from a funeral home visitation for one of our neighbors. She was a breast cancer survivor who fell to another cancer at age 46. Way too young. Funeral tomorrow morning.

Life and love are precious, friends. Cherish every moment.

Are gorillas the SAVVIEST CRITTERS?


CrossEyedDave said...


Sorry, but i must complain, that Gorilla clip was way too long, i know because my cheeks hurt from smiling:)

Husker Gary said...

Musings 2

-I played 31 holes today but flying a kite might have worked out better! If the wind truly is named Mariah, we are on a first name basis! 70°F tomorrow!
-If you’ve never seen the Sandhill Cranes in south central Nebraska, you are missing one of the biggest wildlife spectacles on the planet. You might want to look at some of the other videos on this page. The sight of 500,000 birds is stunning and the sound is deafening.
-I have never been to Cali but remember Cartagena from Romancing the Stone
-I love Emma Thompson but my favorite Emma is 15 years old and attends Lincoln High School.

Bill G. said...

Here's a video that's not very well edited but it's just astounding. I shows a group of wild gorillas visiting a camp.

Marge said...

Hi all,
Nice puzzle, harder than last week Monday.

I also had sucked before licked. I wasn't sure about Mouse button(gotten with the perps) until I came to Minnie at the end.

24A, filming sets, made me remember the mid-50's, when I lived in New Mexico. The movie 'Man from Laramie' with JIMMIE STEWART was being filmed at an Indian Pueblo near where I lived. Some of us went to watch the filming.He has the bluest eyes I've ever seen.That was in 1955,the year I met my DH in NM.

A good evening to all!

Marge said...

About your Saturday coment on LL Bean, I always get my Pima cotton things from Lands' End because I worked there for 21 years. Believe it or not,I actually didn't get the answer to 1D. I guess my mind is really going.Ha

CrossEyedDave said...

Bill G.@3:40,,,did you know that was Jzb's clip?

i know i should not do this, but the combination of today's Gorilla's, combined with last weeks "mooned" and "Ptui" make posting this impossible to resist.

pissed off Gorilla

Bill G. said...

Damn, that was dumb. I thought I saw it on my wife's Facebook page. Crap. Anyway, I obviously liked it. Sorry JzB! This CRS is getting worser and worser. :>)

Oh well. Off for a short bike ride and an espresso. Maybe that will clear my foggy brain.

Seldom Seen said...

Life and love are precious, friends. Cherish every moment.-JzB

Well said and timely.

Many in the tri-state(KY, IN and OH) are still trying to come to terms with what happened in last week's storms. Early morning snow has made clean-up and evaluation efforts even more difficult.

Abejo: Its funny you mention Pulaski. I was in Pulaski County, KY over the weekend to check on the damage to the family cabin. I've been going there since the early 70's and never thought of the county's namesake. Wiki: Casimir Pulaski. Interesting fellow.

Avg Joe said...

JazzB, that really is an incredible video. Thanks for sharing it.

BillG, as you probably know, CRS is a professional designation from NAR denoting "Certified Residential Specialist". It's long held the alternate meaning you implied, but I didn't realize that it had crept into the public domain. I guess it was inevitable, but I still find it very amusing to see it out in the wild in that usage.

Seldom Seen said...

I hope it is late enough for a little DF joke.

I've liked MINNIE DRIVER ever since I saw her in Good Will Hunting. One of my favorite scenes is when they were in the bar sharing jokes. Filthy joke.

**Corner Warning** Do not watch above video. You WILL be offended. It is a dirty, dirty joke. Funny as hell though.

LA CW Addict said...

Loved that gorilla video and today's puzzle.

Can someone please tell me what FIW stands for?

Thank you

Jayce said...

Seen, that was indeed very dirty and very funny.

LA CW Addict, FIW means Finished It Wrong.

JazzB, that video of the gorillas was wonderful. Thank you!

HeartRx said...

JazzB @ 3:03, it really is sad to see someone gone so young. I wholeheartedly agree: life is too short.

Bill G., even though I had watched Jazz's clip, I ended up clicking on yours and watching it all over again, so thanks for re-posting!

Seldom Seen said...

I apologize if this video has been linked before. I paused the video @ 1:35 and used Lake Erie to identify the Dayton-Cincinnati metro area. The two cities are almost one. Chicago, Detroit, Indianpolis, Columbus are easy to pick out also, thanks to the dark lakes.

I also like how the astronauts look down to see meteors.

Oh yeah, the northern lights are ok too!


Bill G. said...

Seen, I had seen that video a couple of days ago but it was well worth a second look. I took your advice and paused the video at 1:35. It was easy to see a couple of the Great Lakes that I had missed before.

JD said...

Time out for a video that will make you smile.

CrossEyedDave said...


i do not think that video has been posted here before, but i think i saw it because i check out YouTube Science & Tech every day.
Unfortunately where i live (NY metro area) it is one big bright blob.

Thank for posting it, i enjoyed watching it again, but it freaks me out that these guys in the ISS are orbiting the Earth in a shooting gallery. I hope i never see that on the front page! (can somebody pls invent shields!)

Speaking of being reluctant to post, can somebody pls give me feedback on the Crossword Inker i posted yesterday?

CrossEyedDave said...


i know that song...

it's the "i wish i had fingers Blues"

Avg Joe said...

Thanks for that one JD. This is gonna sound like a "Yeah sure. You bet" story, but when I was 11~ I had a mixed breed dog named Tarzan. He would howl while I played the piano at times...not always, but sometimes. One snowy winter night I was outside scooping the drive while no one else was home. I heard the piano being pounded on, accompanied by howling, so from the front porch I looked in the front window and saw Tarzan up on the bench playing the keys and howling almost the same as that's probably an old dog standard.

Needless to say, that brought back a lot of memories.

Bill G. said...

CED, I watched your Crossword Inker video yesterday and really didn't know what to make of it. I didn't know, at first, if the video was meant to be taken seriously or if you took it seriously. So I ended up a bit confused and didn't comment on it.

Since you mentioned it again, I watched it again and decided it was a very droll satire. I like it because it's full of real-sounding names of people and because the guy speaking seems to hold these people and their contributions in such high esteem. I think I didn't comment on it at first because I felt insecure about your opinion of it. But with a second viewing, I think it is very clever and witty; so much so that it took me a while to form my own opinion about it. I'm hoping you agree.

Argyle said...

Long ago but not far away...Saturday March 28, 2009 and Monday, August 4, 2008 on this blog, Crossword Inker.

fermatprime said...


Nice, fun, speedy puzzle, Ed. Fine write-up, Argyle.

I had the MINNIE long before the names. I worked at it from the other direction. Nonetheless, the puzzle completed itself quickly.

I looked at all of the clips. Thanks Jazz, Seen, JD, CED, and more. Loved the gorillas roaming the best. (Boy, that other gorilla has a huge bladder!)

Lucina: Can't wait to hear your verdict!

Did anyone else see the premiere of Annie Potts' new show last night? What did you think? (I liked that Kristin Chenoweth (Sp?) got a chance to sing!

Bye, all!

CrossEyedDave said...

Thank you BillG, i was not sure if this crowd would appreciate it, but i was sure it had been seen before.

Argyle, thx, u confirmed it

one more try,,,if no one likes it, i will stop posting this silliness

Irish Miss said...

JD@8:01-Thanks for that delightful video.

Avg Joe@8:15-When I would practice my piano lessons, our beagle, Brownie, would sit by my feet and sing (howl) just like the dog on the video who appears to be a beagle, also. (I think Brownie was a better "singer" than I was a "pianist".)

Bill G. said...

Re. CW Secrets video. Thanks. I can't wait to try out some of those hints tomorrow morning.

Do any of you have a reaction to the way that guy holds a pen?

Lucina said...

When I see a pen held that way I cringe. It's like nails on a chalk board!

I watched part one tonight and it was at least ten minutes longer than the PBS version which I'll watch tomorrow for the difference. I think I already know where it lies.