Jan 2, 2013

Wednesday, Jan 2 2013, Robert Cirillo

theme: don't be koi

18A. Shortest way to get there : DIRECT ROUTE

in the name of love she came
this foolish winsome girl
she was all decked out like a rainbow trout
swimming upstream in the world

she said, please, please i've lost my way
the current is too strong
and she gave one flip of her rainbow tip of her tail
and she swam back down

24A. Good Samaritan parable source : GOSPEL OF LUKEgrowing up a PK (preacher's kid), i was taught that luke was "the beloved physician", and a close friend of paul. i still find bible history fascinating. wikipedia says flounder is also known as fluke. 

46. Hot-rodder's add-on : SUPER CHARGER. i know nothing about hot rods and superchargers, but perch is a colorful, freshwater fish.

57. Annual Mexican celebration : CINCO DE MAYO. celebration on the 5th of may to commemorate the victory of the mexican militia over the french army in 1862 - and a good excuse to eat tacos and drink cerveza. and who knew there was a whole book about cod?

37. "That's weird!" (or a comment about what's hidden in 18-, 24-, 46- and 57-Across) : SOMETHING'S FISHY

melissa here. quick solve today, but needed the unifier clue to see the theme. 

you don't have to be a brain sturgeon to come up with a fish pun, so i won't carp on it. but what's all this i've been herring about reinventing the whale? i'm floundering. if you can think of more, just let minnow. 

i apologize. cod that was bad. eely bad. now i'm getting a haddock. 

really, really sorry. it wasn't on porpoise.

ok i'm done.


1. Bear's place : DEN

4. Mil. awards : DSC'S. distinguished service crosses.

8. Long-eared pooch : BEAGLE. barry manilow had a beagle named bagel. don't ask me why i know that.

14. Stat for Clayton Kershaw : ERA. earned run average - kershaw finished with a  2.53. please don't ask me what that means.

15. "Nope" : UH-UH

16. Rustler, e.g. : OUTLAW

17. Emeril interjection : BAM. emeril lagasse - oh yeah babe.

20. Uintah and Ouray Reservation residents : UTES. reservation in northeast utah.

22. Disney's "__ & Stitch" : LILO. gimme, even though i've never seen it.

23. Key in : ENTER

27. Quash : NIX. kabosh.

28. Sheep's hangout : LEA

29. They could happen : IFS. ands and buts, too.

32. Early gaming name : ATARI

34. Judge's reprieve : STAY. like a stay of execution.

36. Go __ great length : ON AT

40. Tinged : HUED

41. Start the pot : ANTE. is it 4:20 already?

42. Dodge : ELUDE

43. 1776 and 2001, e.g.: Abbr. : YRS

44. Forward pass path : ARC

45. Cousteau's workplace : MER. french for sea.

52. American competitor, as it was once known : US AIR

55. Chewy candy brand : ROLO

56. Memorable golfing Spaniard, familiarly : SEVE. ballesteros.

60. Trivial picking point : NIT. but nobody here.

61. Not exactly social butterflies : LONERS

62. "I don't give __!" : A RAP. not sure i've heard that expression before - it's usually something about a rat.

63. NFL snapper : CTR. center.

64. Jaguar or impala : ANIMAL

65. Tweed's caricaturist : NAST. here.

66. "Hurrah!" : YAY


1. Fix, as a computer program : DEBUG

2. Muse with a lyre : ERATO

3. Sings, so to speak : NAMES NAMES. some great movies/documentaries about the hollywood red scare: the front, hollywood on trial, guilty by suspicion, and citizen cohn.

4. Cracker that doesn't crack : DUD. boo.

5. Carnival setup man : SHILL. stooge, plant.

6. Museum piece : CURIO

7. Place for a 6-Down : SHELF

8. Plant sci. : BOT. botany.

9. "I have it!" : EUREKA

10. More than apologize : ATONE

11. Market surplus : GLUT. funny word.

12. After curfew : LATE

13. Decorative water holder : EWER

19. Artistic potpourri : COLLAGE

21. Like many churches : SPIRED

25. Egress : EXIT

26. One-eighties : UEYS. u-turns.

29. Revolt : INSURGENCY

30. Saudi king, 1982-2005 : FAHD. died at 84 in 2005.

31. Eyelid trouble : STYE

32. Like a used fireplace : ASHY

33. Sequence of gigs : TOUR

34. Heartfelt : SINCERE

35. Volatile initials : TNT. trinitrotoluene, used in explosives.

36. Crude tankers : OILERS

38. Instrument that often sits on the floor while played : HARP

39. Tornado response gp. : FEMA. federal emergency management agency. been busy lately.

44. Natural light show : AURORA

46. Order to a boxer : SIC 'EM

47. Like some numerals and noses : ROMAN. 

48. The "It Girl" Bow : CLARA

49. Georgetown hoopsters : HOYAS. college.

50. Musical set in Buenos Aires : EVITA

51. Have another go at : RETRY

52. Kareem's alma mater : UCLA

53. Priory of __: "The Da Vinci Code" secret society : SION. i'm probably one of the only people who have not read this book (or seen the movie). needed perps.

54. Caesarean cal. periods : ANNI. year in latin.

58. www connection option : DSL. wish i had that option.

59. Go (for) : OPT



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Back to work after 2 weeks of vacation means back to getting up early...

Smooth puzzle with a fun theme. Except... A RAP? Really? Is this familiar to anybody or did the constructor just make it up?

Dennis said...

Best. Theme. Writeup. Ever. Made me laugh out loud.

Argyle said...

Holy Mackerel! What a write-up.

Dennis said...

Argyle, she's definitely a ray of sunshine. You'd have to be a hammerhead not to appreciate it.

Argyle said...

Dennis, I may be obstinate but I'm not bullheaded so don't make me pout.

Dennis said...

Argyle, I'm no angel either, so I'm not gonna sit on my perch and question the morays of this group, but you've got to find this write-up funny. I know I'll be whistling a happy tuna all day.

thehondohurricane said...

Good morning everyone,

tough following an act from a couple of CHUMS.

Melissa, terrific write up full of lots of laughs. As to the DavVinci Code, there are two of us who have not read the book or viewed the movie.

Not much to say about the puzzle, pretty straight forward and no major hang ups.

grams said...

Oh shad! U guys crack me up. Hate to admit it, but puzzle wasn't my oyster DNF

Happy new year. This is Wednesday, right? Holidays mix me up.

Sfingi said...


I read the (very stupid) book, and wrote the spoiler on the first page to spare others.

Montana said...

Am I herring you guys correctly? I am not the sole person to enjoy the write-up?

What Hondo said, except I have read the book and seen the movie and walked to a lot of the places in Rome where the action took place.

I needed to go across and down several times each to perp in the clues I didn't know. Auroras are common where I live.
Yes, Husker, from yesterday, we have TV, but not "bundles" of services. Larger towns have bundled services. Cable or satellite is the rural way with co-op landline phones. IF one can afford it, one can get satellite Internet out on the farm, but cell service isn't available (yet?). We Montanans are smart enough to mentally subtract 2 hours from EST to know when a TV show will air. (yes, I know you were joking.). Local co-ops are surveying rural folks to see if there is enough interest for them to get into the phone/TV/Internet business. So far it hasn't happened.

Have a great day, everyone. I like this East Coast time zone. I don't read the blog and find 35 people have already posted when I get up in the morning.


grams said...

Melissa, I loved the write up!

Anonymous said...

Terrific write up Melissa and an enjoyable puzzle!


Mari said...

Happy New Year!

Fun puzzle with some good puzzling clues today. Great words: INSURGENCY, SINCERE, AURORA, COLLAGE, EUREKA and NIX.

Never herard of "I don't give a rap", so I tried Googling it. All I found are song lyrics. Probably rap music (?)

Back to work (Bah Humbug!)

Lemonade714 said...

Melissa, I agree that you have topped everyone in blog humor, and that is no line. I am sure some of the anons will try and bait us into making it a competition, but none of us need to trawl for compliments. Your Wednesdays are always great, I hope to see more of your wit and charm this year.

The theme like all fish in the sea was tricky to locate but a rather easy midweek puzzle.

Enjoy 20 13.

Lemonade714 said...

I do not give a crap about the missing 'c' as it could be the sea.
Rap indeed

Anonymous said...

A very enjoyable Wednesday offering. Thank you.

"Smooth puzzle with a fun theme. Except... A RAP? Really? Is this familiar to anybody or did the constructor just make it up?"

I believe most people who are familiar with "I don't give a rap" are deceased.

"This is Wednesday, right? Holidays mix me up."

Hand up.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Melissa, you really cracked me up this morning. Great job! Yes I've heard it RAP and I've heard it RAT'S and occasionally I've heard it FLYING, as in flying fish, of course.

I floundered here and there on this one. My CURIO began life as a RELIC. And my INSURGENCY was gonna be an INSURRECTION until I ran outta grid.

I thought only the Central time zone got TV shows a clock-hour earlier, and that in the Eastern, Mountain and Western zones prime time started at 8 PM. Is that not right? Or maybe you're talking about live stuff like sports.

kazie said...

I felt like a flathead at first today but then turned into a snapper (clecho on 63A?) as things started to go swimmingly.

Melissa, simply brilliant write up!

I had RIP/RAP, and didn't know what to put for IFS and Yay, so also had a problem getting INSURGENCY.

Anonymous said...

Quit your CARPing

Rob C said...

Hi all,

This is Robert Cirillo, your humble constructor of the day. Thanks for all the kind words. The theme came to me while sitting in church, looking at the readings and I saw the FLUKE in Gospel of Luke. Had some other theme entries that I didn't use. My favorite of these was (CARP)ool lane. My original clue for INSURGENCY was "revolting activity" - thought it was a nice misdirect.

Also, as everyone has pointed out, nice write-up Melissa.

Happy New Year.

Yellowrocks said...

Delightful puzzle today, Robert Cirillo, and very funny, delightful blog, Melissa. I, as a fellow PK, had the same thought about LUKE. The AURORA clip and the music that went with it were great.

Give a RAP is so common to me it was my first thought. I am surprised that others have not heard it.
From the Free Online Dictionary:
[From obsolete rap, 18th-century Irish counterfeit halfpenny, from Irish Gaelic, alteration (possibly influenced by rap, piece, bit) of ropaire, cutthroat; see rapparee.]

47D ROMAN, like some numerals and noses. In your high school did the guys have ROMAN hands and Russian fingers?

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, MelissaBee and friends. What a fun fishy puzzle. I love all the fish puns.

Actually, the book Cod was very interesting. The author also wrote a book on Salt.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob C

Pinto said...

mb: I've always said 'fire it up' but START THE POT seems like it would work. funny, very funny.

Mari said...

Yellowrocks at 8:35 am: Too funny about the high school guys! :)

Vairnut said...

Excellent, funny write-up. Fairly easy puzzle. My only writeover was having SEA for MER. I wont even attempt to make any sharky puns.

CrossEyedDave said...

Am i the only sane person on the Blog today!


Al Cyone said...

A fun and helpful theme (FLUKE gave me LUKE). I have to admit that, once I finish a puzzle, I don't look for words I never entered so, for example, ARAP and NAST (both formed by all perps), never showed up on my radar. [7:49]

And a hand way up for not being sure what day of the week it's been since Christmas Eve. Maybe by next Monday things will be back to normal?

Dennis said...

Yeah, Dave, good luck with that one...

TTP said...

Thank you Robert Cirillo and thank you Mellisa ! It's my first day back to work after an extended period of time off, so of course, I slept in, and am already late. I'm calling it comp time.

I don't know much of anything about fish or fishing except that there's a fine line between fishing and standing on the shoreline looking like an idiot.

Yellow Rocks, Thank you for the explanation of "... RAP". I was going to have a nit, as I often heard "Don't give a rat's ---" in the Army. It was often yelled when an excuse was offered for a failure.

Today (Jan 2nd) is Oatmeal Day, at least according to The Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom. It is also the Feast Day of St Macarius of Alexandria. He is the Patron saint of cooks, candy makers and pastry chefs.

See you all later

klilly said...

Great puzzle.. Thanks yellowrocks for the info about rap..I always learn something from you..

Liked the puzzle.. Always mix up elude and evade.. Takes me awhile to sort out

Happy Wednesday.

Anony Mouse said...

Very Nice puzzle Mr. Robert Cirillo - I have a friend, internist with exactly the same name. Could it be you ? .... are you familiar with the Isles of Langerhans ? Anyway, I really, really enjoyed it. Thank you.

Thank you, melissa b, for a very witty, punny, enjoyable commentary. I was so awed, the catfish got my tongue.

I asked an associate, who has lived in the deep south, about a 'Cracker that doesn't crack', and he immediately replied 'Honky'. I am not sure that passes the breakfast test.

I've been pomfretting about fish names, you know, just for the halibut, but all the names seemed to goby me real fast. I've been wrasse-ling for at least one good pun, but the sole one, that I piked, that drum-med up my interest, is an Oldwife's tale and is not much to tarpon.

Anyway, I betta stop now.

Have a pleasant rest of the short week, ans best wishes.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Hand up for not knowing "I don't give a rap". I'm more familiar with a similar phrase involving the hindquarters of rats.

Other hand way up for not knowing what weekday it is. The Holidays are funny like that.

Loved the wit, MelissaBee!

Cheers All

Husker Gary said...

I had to give more of an effort than MB but really enjoyed Robert’s puzzle and Melissa’s write-up and puns. I ain’t even picking a NIT about ASHY or ARAP.

-Being a Good Samaritan and stopping to help a stalled car on the turnPIKE (darn MB) is a crap shoot today
-Stitch’s Great Escape in Magic Kingdom is a very scary attraction for little ones. The seats have shoulder restraints that come down and keep you from jumping out of your chair.
-I couldn’t think of an Early Naming Game because it was an Early Gaming Name.
-All here who follow the show know Bates got a STAY of execution last season
-C’mon you put SEA before MER, didn’t you?
-DEBUGging a program is like a big game to me
-She NAMED NAMES (:26)
-Politicians hire SHILLS that help generate phony excitement at events
-When we science peeps hear, EUREKA, we think of naked Archimedes running down the street
-My church is SPIRED, the service is not inSPIRED
-We got tix for 8 year old Elise to see Justin Bieber when he is in Omaha on TOUR next summer
-I fished in northern Saskatchewan (my only time fishing) for a week and the AURORAE were spectacular that far north
-Da Vinci Code was fabulous for art, history, travel, and religion let alone good movie elements. A student gave me an illustrated edition so I didn’t have to look up all the referenced art work and churches.
-Yeah, Montana, TV peeps must not think there’s anything between Dallas and Los Angeles.

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice superCHARger?

I've used "don't give a rap".

Splynter said...

Hi there ~!

Well done, melissa ~!!!

Yep, I had SEA before MER, and I thought the fish was CHAR, too - then I read the write-up.

I think you've all drained the tank of fish puns....


Pinto said...

I don't think we've even catched the surfish!

Anonymous said...


CanadianEh! said...

Loved the theme and the puns today. Wanted USSR for American competitor but 1 letter short. Speaking of time zones, hubby will have to get up early to see the US/Canada World Jr hockey game from Russia tomorrow morning.
TTP -I have always used the term Americans for US citizens
JD - yes we are close to all the wineries - haven't heard if they are harvesting the grapes for ice wine but nights have almost been cold enough I think

melissa bee said...

anon and splynter - you're right! i didn't know CHAR was a kind of fish.

rob c., thanks for stopping in, CHAR *and* PERCH, genius.

splynter - drained the tank? you do not know who you are dealing with. there are always more crappie puns. my date is planning salmon chanted evening tonight. if he asks me to filet, i'll mullet over, but only if we're in tuna. because that's a moray. anyway i thought it smelt funny.

Argyle said...

The Catch of the Day.(5:05)

Yellowrocks said...

I read The Da Vinci Code as an interesting thriller quite loosely based on fact. Dan Brown took plenty of poetic license. IMHO the book is not true historical fiction and I would not trust its "facts" and research. I love historical fiction that is assiduously researched and any poetical license duly noted in the afterword section.

I generally research the historical accuracy of puported historical novels after I finish them. My interst in history has been generated by novels. I learn so much this way.

I have read articles by many scholars pointing out The Da Vinci Code's inaccuracies in art, science, and history. Wiki, far down the page, lists some of these inaccuracies. The same is true for Angels and Demons, an interesting thriller, but not very accurate IMHO.

Here’s where I make my nits. Not so much in x-word puzzles.

Anonymous said...

Carpe diem thy scaly solvers.

Please raise a gill if you have ever seen a harp being played when not on the floor (the harp, not yourself).

Anonymous said...

Do harpists, or harpers, suffer from meta carpal syndrome?

Avg Joe said...

Are you folks about done yet??!

MB, you sure opunned a can of worms.

Tinbeni said...

Melissa: Outstanding write-up & links.
Robert Cirillo: Thank you for a FUN Wednesday offering.

I wanted "I don't give A DAMN" but it wouldn't fit.
Thank you YR for the "A-RAP" info. You are a wealth of knowledge.

A "toast" to all at Sunset.
Cheers !!!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone. Nice write-up and titling, Melissa.

Easy enough for a Wednesday. No lookups were needed. I'm angling to say something proflound but the trout is I codn't. I saw CHAR before PERCH. Love the taste of Arctic Char; one of my favorites to order in a seafood restaurant. I agree with Barry about A RAP.

0ยบ here tonight.

Anonymous said...

He opted for it

Lucina said...

Yowza! 45 comments already and it's not even noon.

Hi, Melissa. Super write up today. You were inSPIRED! And that's a fine kettle of fish.

Thank you, Robert Cirillo, for a fun puzzle and for stopping by to say hello.

This went swimmingly and my only write over was at OPT where I had NASH before NAST.

Of course I love seeing AURORA, my middle name.

My cousin gave me the book, COD, and I agree it is really interesting. Also I read and saw the movie, The DaVinci Code. It was a well written thriller but as Yellowrocks said, not at all accurate.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Dave dont feel left out of the cod.

Anonymous said...

Whale, I char was floundering, had a halibut time with sion, but decided to throw in my catch, an upside down catfish. '

Thx Melissa for a fin new year tail.

Misty said...

I don't know if I can write this because I'm still shaking from laughing. Started with Melissa's puns in the write-up but when I came to the blog they just didn't quit. Will have to see if I can handle this much hilarity this early in the morning. Yep, I can, so thanks, everybody! And you too, Rob, for a delightful puzzle. Loved it, and loved all the fun it spawned.

Melissa, what's the poem?

Have a great hump (backed whale) day, everybody!

Irish Miss said...

Good afternoon:

Well done, Mr. Cirillo, and brava, Melissa B., for your hilarious commentary. I finished but didn't get the TA-DA because I had losers instead of loners. Great theme and cluing made for a fun Wednesday offering.

Hand up for sea before mer and avoid before elude. Like Mr. C's revolting activity for insurgency better than revolt but I guess Mr. Norris knows best.

A belated welcome to CanadianEH.

I finally got to watch the Exotic Marigold Hotel. I enjoyed it very much; how could I not with that magnificent cast? While it had it's comic moments, the serious main theme is quite relevant to those of us of a "certain age."

Have a great Wednesday.

CrossEyedDave said...

Anyway, i put CincoDeMay"a" which gave me a 59D A_T. So Go (for) must be ACT! (Which gave me give a rac)??

Did i mention i hate rap?

I don't know what it is today, & i can't put my finger on it... But i just don't feel comfortable here anymore....

Anonymous said...

Pretty puzzle. I thought the theme wonderful. My favorite was cinCODemayo big word for a small fish word, awesome. Proper wordage is "Gospel According to Luke." That is why I was stuck for a while. Never heard of shill, DSC was a stretch. Notice ATONE has been in lots of puzzles lately! Is someone trying to tell us something???

TTP said...


Yes, so do I. Canadians, Americans...

That's why I think it may have been too many Labatts. Something set him off...

I just thought it was funny.

melissa bee said...

misty, those are lyrics from gordon lightfoot's sweet tune, rainbow trout. not surprised i couldn't find a link, it's pretty obscure - but i've always loved it.

Lemonade714 said...

melissa, you are the queen of piscatorrial punning.

Robert C. thanks for stopping by, is this your first LA Times publication?

Argyle said...

It must be the price of having a successful blog, 80 pieces of spam in the filter; one(11:14) wasn't spam.

JD said...

Oh my cod,hilarious! Bouquet of flounders to you ,mb,for the best blog, best title ever! Great light show and poem too.

anony @ 8:01-LOL
anony @9:40-are you dead? Just squidding

Argyle-hard to top that Wet Dream!!Yes, I stole my LINE from there; I am not punny.

Rob, did you snicker when your mind turned to loaves & flukes? Got the theme, but it didn't help me finish.I rolled thru the alphabet to finish iFs; not familiar with Fahd. Charges/hoyas/nast took some wagging.

Hand up for soc 'em before sic 'em.
All of you are rEELy good at this! Great morning... thanks for the smiles.

thehondohurricane said...

TTP @ 9:07AM

As I see it, the biggest difference between fishing at the shore and just standing there is if you are only standing, you don't have to worry about your pole being pulled on.

Rob C said...

Lemonade714: My first in LA Times. Have had a couple in NY Times. I can only devote spare time to constructing - family and career necessarily come first. But I thoroughly enjoy it.

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Robert Cirillo, for a great wednesday puzzle. Thank you, Melissa Bee, for a great write-up and lots of humor.

"Holy Mackeral," what a great puzzle!

Yes, I have heard the term "A RAP" all my life. Usually in place of a curse word or two when someone is trying to be civil, as we all should be.

US AIR was easy for 52A. I remember when they were Allegheny Airlines. One of the five that flew into Erie on a daily basis.

Enjoyed the theme. Found all the fish.

Yes, I wrote in SEA before MER. One of my write-overs.

Liked NAST for 65A. Have had variations of that before.

Spelled FAHD wrong at first, but FISHY fixed that.

Da Vinci Code is one of my favorite books. All you have to do is keep in mind that it is a novel. However, what a story!

Not familiar with LILO and STITCH.

Sunny today, but cold, in Chicago area.

See you tomorrow.


Pookie said...

Am I the only one who confidently filled in
SOMETHING'S FunnY ???!!!!
The fish tales are killing me. You are all VERY good at the puns.
Melissa, you STARTED this!
Reminds me of when us kids would start laughing at the dinner table and just not quit 'til my Dad told us to shut up.

Holiday cookies remind me of this:

Cookie Blues

Anonymous said...

ERA- Earned Run Average is the amount of runs a pitcher gives up per 9 innings. The lower the better.

Blue Iris said...

Didn't get the "catchy" fish theme until coming here. Thanks, Melissa!

We always said" I don't give a rip!" Reely, we did!

Has anyone here had to deal with FEMA after a natural disaster?

Could someone explain the clue and answer-The "it girl" bow-CLARA ??

SION- I also have not read or seen the movie.

Possible explosive mini theme...
RETRY(Don't put your face over when retrying to light)

Just heard on the news that the post office is coming out with "Dr. Who" stamp collection. My daughter DVRed and watched episodes over Christmas break.

Anonymous said...

loved the aurora

Ol' Man Keith said...

Greetings, all! I wish the Times would print the theme, so those who don't come on line to read the Corner would have a chance of appreciating the creator's wit.
And speaking of wit, I want to send a Happy New Year to all-- and especially to those who spread joy here with their bar jokes yesterday. Several made me laugh out loud. And got me to laugh a second time as I read them to my wife!

desper-otto said...

Blue Iris: I wasn't around back then, but Clara Bow was a silent screen actress back in the '20's, and she was known as the "It Girl." Apparently, whatever it was, she had it.

Jayce said...

Melissa, you really cracked me up with your comments today. Thank you!

PK said...

Walleye thought this was a fun puzzle, Rob C.! A whale of a great expo, melissa! RobC. did you get anything out of the sermon the day you saw the "fluke"? Besides a great inspirational crossword, that is.

Hands up for SOMETHING FunnY before I dived into the FISHY stuff. I got MER first--I've been caught on that before. I've heard RAP all my life.

Saw a lap HARP at an Irish harpers concert in Silver Dollar City.

YR, haven't heard about the Romans in years. Yep, we had 'em but mostly after hours. Not IN school.

CED: And here I thought you liked fishing--as well as surfing the internet.

Nice to have a little MAYO with COD. I like tartar sauce on my fish.

SEVE a gimmee. The European players at last Sunday's Ryder Cup were all channeling SEVE to help them win.

PK said...

Forgot to thank Argyle for the "wet dream" and Melissa for the Aurora.

Lucina: my granddaughter's middle name is Aurora too. My daughter took three years of Spanish in HS and the kids all took a Spanish name for class. Hers was Aurora, so she named her kid that.

Arty Marty said...

I wish you would capitalize your"I"s please!!

Bill G. said...

This late in the day I guess it would be redundant to say I enjoyed the puzzle and the writeup.

Pas, I really enjoyed your video.

I saw one aurora while at Cornell. Beautiful! I always find it interesting that it looks like colored clouds but it is clear, not cloudy. You can see the stars right through it.

Melissa, in case you would like to know about ERA, here's the way I would explain it. It means Earned Run Average. (An earned run is one that the pitcher was responsible for, not because of an error.) It is the average number of runs given up per nine innings (a whole game). So if a pitcher has pitched 18 innings and has give up six runs, his ERA for nine innings would be three.

Puzzle for today
3D triangle ABC
Triangle ABC, with sides of 5, 6 and 7 has one vertex on the positive x axis, one on the positive y axis and one on the positive z axis. Let O be the origin. What is the volume of tetrahedron OABC?

Misty said...

Keith, thanks for reminding me to thank everyone for yesterday's bar jokes too. I printed them up and read them to my husband, and we both cracked up. Good way to celebrate New Year's day.

Unknown said...

Wow, what a great blog today! I've laughed all the way through it. You all are very clever indeed. The puzzle itself was fun as well and I made it through with no erasures.

Arty Marty, that seems pretty petty to me.

Bill G., if you're saying it for the first time, then I don't think it's redundant. Superfluous maybe, but not redundant. (Although explaining ERA again, after the 12:54 explanation, might be redundant, haha). Way to contradict yourself, Jimmy.

So who's going to win the Super Bowl? I'm pulling for Atlanta, obviously.

desper-otto said...

YR & PK -- Old world evolution works this way: First you're Russian, then European, and finally you're Finnish.

Lucina said...

That's interesting because AURORA is kind of an obscure Spanish name. Mine is after my paternal grandmother as that was her first name. I also had a friend in high school with that name.

Other than that I've not met anyone else named AURORA.

River Doc said...

Happy Twenty Thirteen all!

Technically, Kareem went by his given name, Lew Alcindor, while at UCLA. He didn’t change his name to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar until he was with the Milwaukee Bucks. And there’s my NIT for the day.

In 1984 I worked on the King Fahd International Airport, or KFIA, project.

Argyle @10:21, I was going to post a link to Wet Dreams but you beat me to it. Kip Addotta used to open his act with this very punny story, much to the groans of a lot in the audience, but I loved it!

PK said...

I read both "The DaVinci Code" and "Angels & Demons" and watched the movies. They were engrossing, but I usually like simpler themes. All the symbolism and ritual and dogma gets confusing to me.

As for the "Blind Side" mentioned yesterday: It was my favorite movie that year and I watched it several times. Later I read the books correcting the movie written by Leigh Anne Tuohy and Michael Oher.

HeartRx said...

I still have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard while reading your write-up, melissa! You really set everyone off today, so there's just nothing left to say!

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

This is one of those days when the puzzle and the blogger are a match made in heaven - or maybe somewhere under the sea.

Melissa - you have scaled the heights and set a new high water mark.

I struggled with this puzzle, though nothing there looks especially difficult after the fact, and never really sussed the theme.

No DIRECT ROUTES for me, and yes, I did flounder - a lot. Wanted BASS for HARP. Shame that didn't work out.

We do have
After saying SIC EM to your BEAGLE or boxer, do you ATONE?

Happy New Year, all.

Cool Regards!

Anonymous said...

Not a good puzzle today. Seemed rather aimless, with some rather far-fetched clues. Plus, whenever you have to pencil in "ueys", "ifs", or "sicem" (really???...), it makes me wonder just how lazy the author is.

Dennis said...

And there is our dark cloud for the day. Must be a riot at parties...

Yellowrocks said...

Thanks for the tip, Irish Mist. I just now entered Exotic Marigold Hotel into my Netflix queue.

PK, we didn't encounter the ROMAN hands in school, but in school we discussed who had them during the female version of bull session. A guy named Marty seemed to be the most infamous. If Dennis went to our school, would he have been a candidate? LOL

DO @2:11 LOL Russian,European, Finnish. Reminds me of road trips when former DH hated to stop.

I just finished a very enjoyable Civil War novel that had the true flavor of the period. It made no pretense of being history so no nits from me. Dan Brown claims great accuracy, hence the nits. I feel the same about many docudramas that pretend accuracy. Gullible fish swallow the compromised docudramas and novels hook, line, and sinker and believe them word for word.

Pas de Chat. I thought of SOMETHING funny, but waited. Then the I in OILER gave me FISHY.

One more holiday "do" to stage. Two friends are coming for lunch on Friday.

Bill G. said...

Jimmy, did you read my post a couple of days ago where I commented that I am another Graham? I grew up in Virginia.

Dennis, maybe he is a really nice, intelligent person in disguise as a snarky, witless, unpleasant, inconsiderate, unintelligent anon with not much point to his/her life? Do you think? (Why does it seem that I automatically think of a person like this as male?)

Husker Gary said...

Husker Musings (football alert!)
-As I always do, I went back and read the late postings yesterday and appreciate the commiseration about the Husker loss. The boys from Lincoln played well and were driving for a go-ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter when they fumbled and that was all she wrote. Georgia was physically superior and that final mistake spelled doom. It ain’t life or death for those of us who have traveled a few miles from the Platte River. However, I have supported them for 60 years, even when they really stunk (like day old fish and fish puns ;-) before Bob Devaney. For a decade, UNL was the best college football program in America and now that has all shifted south. Que sera, sera, at least we got our turn at bat.

Argyle said...

Anon@2:51 is probably a descendant of the reporter who asked, "So,other than that, how did you like the play, Mrs. Lincoln?"

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, Great writeup Melissa. Good to see you.

I started the puzzle early this morning, but didn't finish it. At lunch time I found a minute to sit down with the puzzle again and realized that there were fish involved. The fact that Fluke was another name for Flounder is a new one to me. I wasn't sure I had found the fish in Gospel of Luke!

My one misstep today was putting in Basset for Beagle. I really think that the ears on a Basset are about the longest ears on any hound.
Dennis, Argyle, Hondo and Grams, What CLOWN(S) you are this morning.

I will read the rest of the blog later--too many errands to run today.

Have a great day everyone.

PK said...

YR: I remember road trips with the international theme. Good ones, YR & DO!

Dennis has to be the King of the Romans, although I doubt he would be Russian the situation. He's too classy for that.

Montana, beautiful state. One thing I remember about driving through Montana was the great distance between rest rooms. Not having "bundles" and some of the electronics can also be a blessing.

Jerome said...


melissa bee said...

argyle@3:54, that was just a red herring.

Spitzboov said...

Anon @1139 - Why is 4a, DSCS a stretch? DSC is the second highest military award for valor, right after the Medal of Honor. The Navy equivalent is the Navy Cross.

btw: Did you all know that 'stretched' is one of the seven longest one-syllable words in the English language?
Screeched, scratched, scrounged, scrunched, stretched, straights and strengths

Lucina said...

EUREKA! Today gives a whole new meaning to the term, FISH Day.

I believe that anonymous@2:51 is simply a fish out of water.

Carry on punsters! I love it. You have now topped the scales!

Avg Joe said...

It's pretty much all been said. At this point it would take a brain STURGEON to DRUM up anything SNAPPieR. We're SCROD.

Bill G. said...

I actually meant the question I asked earlier. When there is a snarky anon such as 2:51, do you automatically assume it is a male? I do. I wonder why I do that and if it is a good assumption.

I had a BLTA for lunch. Growing up in Virginia, I never even heard of an avocado, much less had one. Not at Cornell either. I wonder if they are commonplace back east now? It's close to a perfect addition to a BLT.

Qli said...

Fabulous puzzle and puns today! Made me laugh, which I needed after a truly crappie day at work.

We always gave A RAP until we got to college, when we started using the one about the rat's nether parts. Much to Mom's chagrin.

You guys rock!

CrossEyedDave said...

for Irish Miss

(You know i can't resist being silly...)

Avg Joe said...

Bill, the avocado does sound like a good addition to a BLT. I also read in yesterday's paper about another addition to a long time favorite of mine...add cream cheese to a radish sandwich. Can't wait for spring.

Yellowrocks said...

Avocados are very popular here a in NJ and are available all year round. We have many Latino and Mexican neighbors, but the rest of us have adopted the avocado, too. Mexican cuisine, including guacamole, is popular here. And we love our salsa.

I make a dip that layers refried beans, taco seasoning, mashed avocado, grated cheddar (or other types of cheese)sliced green onions and chopped tomatoes. I serve it with corn chips. It disappears rapidly.

I love BLTs. I will have to add avocados the next time. Thanks, Bill G.

CED @ 5:25 Cute!

Argyle said...

"Personof Interest" and "Elementary" are new episodes tonight.

Irish Miss said...

CED @ 5:25 - as Forest Gump would say, "Silly is as Silly does.". LOL

Argyle @ 6:39 - I think you are a day early.

Bill G. said...

YR, let me know how you like avocados on a BLT. Barbara makes that same dip. Yummy!

Avg Joe, what goes onto a radish sandwich besides sliced radishes and cream cheese?

I see where Patti Page has died. I loved "The Tennessee Waltz." That reminds me, without Googling, do you remember who sang "The Wayward Wind"?

Lucina said...

Avocados in a BLT! That sounds yummy. I'll have to try it. I love avocados.

R.I.P. Patti Page. I loved her voice.I may even have one of her vinyl records. Have some digging to do.

Chickie said...

I've now read the whole blog and laughed all the way through! We have some very clever people writing their cleverest today. Is cleverest a word?

We've lost another one of our favorite singers today. Patti Page was someone we grew up with.

I buy at least four avacados a week. I use them in salads, on sandwiches, in dip, & on the side for garnish.

Love the comments today.

Avg Joe said...

Bill, it depends where you are.

If it is being served as a horses ovary in polite company, it should be open faced on thin rye toast, lightly buttered. The radishes should be thinly sliced and in a single layer. Season with kosher salt and fresh ground pepper then cut into finger food sized pieces. For garnish add a bit of parsley, and a spritz of lemon. It makes an interesting appetizer.

If you're on a farm, slather butter on two pieces of fresh baked bread, slice the radishes about 3/8" thick and apply so that there are as few gaps as possible. Top that with some very thin onion slices and salt like you mean it. A teaspoon at a minimum. Eat it whole, like an entree. It makes a good meal.

Irish Miss said...

Bill G @ 6:59 That would be Gogi Grant.

Argyle said...

Ignore my previous post; it's tomorrow.

Bill G. said...

Bill G. (to anon at 2:51) - You seem ignorant and apathetic. Do you know what that means?

Anon - I don't know and I don't care.

Irish Miss, yes, Gogi Grant. I wonder if she falls into the category of a one-hit wonder?

JD said...

and it continues....
CEDave, still laughing at that poor trout.
YR, that dip is addicting and seems to be a CA staple. We also use 2-3 avocados a week. An avocado and salami sandwich on French bread is my favorite. Most places around here serve it with turkey..too plain.

DaveyJ said...

Have you heard the fish quartet?
First and second tuna, baracuda and bass. They just sing for the halibut.

Argyle said...


Bill G. said...

Back when I was still taking the newspaper, this was my favorite comic. The cartoonist lives locally and I went to a couple of his booksignings. Drabble.

I got a notice I need to get my Driver's License renewed. I'll have to take a written test and an eye test. Oh well...

fermatprime said...


Swell puzzle and write-up, Rob C and mb!

No one has mentioned the Trout Quintet!

Answer is 35, Bill.


Bill G. said...

Regarding the tetrahedron, my answer is closer to 10.