Dec 1, 2013

Sunday December 1, 2013 Pawel Fludzinski

Theme: Misstakes (Miss-takes) - Take is missing from each them entry.

23A. Accept unpleasantness : (Take) THE GOOD WITH THE BAD

37A. Be skeptical about :  (Take) WITH A GRAIN OF SALT

56A. Demonstrate unselfishness : (Take) ONE FOR THE TEAM

75A. Find a path of least resistance : (Take) THE EASY WAY OUT

91A. Start to deteriorate : (Take) A TURN FOR THE WORSE

110A. Tackle a problem head-on : (Take) THE BULL BY THE HORNS
3D. Use a roundabout route : (Take) THE LONG WAY HOME

51D. Emulate a bank robber : (Take) THE MONEY AND RUN

I actually misread the puzzle as "Mistakes". You?

Can't tell you how impressed I am with Dr. Fludzinski's grid today. Read more about him here. 

Let's count. Total 120 theme squares. Very high. And only 136 words and  65 black squares. Very low. Our norm is 144 words & 78 black squares. Simply amazing.
Pawel Fludzinski
1. Mystery writer Cornwell : PATRICIA. We don't often see a 8-letter for 1-Across.

9. Former clandestine org. : KGB

12. Ruler of Asgard : ODIN

16. Beer choice, briefly : IPA (India Pale Ale)

19. Command levels : ECHELONS

20. Subatomic particle : NEUTRINO. The Saturday Stud just had this yesterday, clued as "It's not charged".

22. Lass : GAL

25. Neil Armstrong's L.A. alma mater : USC

26. First word of Dante's "Inferno" : NEL. I forgot. I've seen identical clue before.

27. Lid troubles : STYES

28. Like non-oyster months, traditionally : R-LESS

29. Cold War defense acronym : SEATO (South East Asia Treaty Organization). The Asian equivalent of NATO.

31. In concert : AS ONE

33. Worked undercover : SPIED

35. Browning output : SONNET. Browning the poet, not food.

36. Part of MSG : MONO

42. Certain RPI grad : ENGR. Hi there Spitzboov & Splynter & Dr. Fludzinski! Who else on our blog went to  RPI?  Argyle went to Cornell, so did Bill G.

43. Relevant, in law : AD REM

44. Greek vacation spot : CORFU

45. Finagle : WANGLE. More familiar with WRANGLE.

47. Bear witness : ATTEST

50. To be, to Bizet : ETRE

54. MLB stat : ERA

60. Snookered : HAD

61. Lighter yet warmer, as winter wear : LAYERED

63. Covered walls : PAPERED. This reminds me of Marti's walls.

64. "The Three Faces __" : OF EVE

66. More pale : ASHIER

67. Champagne word : SEC

68. Hank Schrader's org. on "Breaking Bad" : DEA

69. Record listings? : CRIMES. Oh, criminal record.

70. Screen gems : ICONS

71. Sources of soft wool : MERINOS

73. Corrupts : POISONS

74. "Platoon" setting, briefly : NAM

78. Clandestine org. : NSA

79. Part of a CSA signature : (Robert) E. LEE

81. Feelings of dread, in Düsseldorf : ANGSTE. We just had this last Sunday.

82. Like Craig Ferguson's show : ON LATE

84. Cunning : GUILE

86. Boorish : CRUDE

88. Gomer or Goober : PYLE

97. Film critic Pauline : KAEL. For "The New Yorker".

98. Parking garage location : LEVEL A

99. Totaled : RAN TO

100. __ hand: help : LEND A

101. Magna __ : CARTA

102. Destines, not in a good way : DOOMS

104. French for "chewed" : MACHE.  So Papier-mâché = "Chewed paper". Learning moment for me.

108. A few minutes in the pool, say : DIP

109. Mama bear, in Madrid : OSA

114. "Oy __!" : VEY

115. Openings to fill : CAVITIES

116. Official state dog of Alaska : MALAMUTE. Alaskan Malamute. I have no idea what's Minnesota's state dog.

117. O staff, briefly : EDs (Editors). Oprah's magazine O.

118. Wellness gps. : HMOs

119. Org. for marksmen : NRA

120. Many divas : SOPRANOS


1. Sugar or cookie : PET NAME. Never been called "Cookie".

2. Truman secretary of state : ACHESON (Dean). I forgot also. We had him before. Here is what Wiki said: "Acheson helped design the Marshall Plan and played a central role in the development of the Truman Doctrine and creation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization."

4. Gas pump spec. : REG

5. Words of defeat : I LOSE. I say "I LOST".

6. Rail family bird : COOT

7. __ 500 : INDY

8. "Even __ speak ..." : AS WE

9. Dubbed one: Abbr. : KNT

10. Ripken broke his record : GEHRIG (Lou).  For consecutive games played. Gehrig: 2,130. Ripken: 2,632. 

11. Whodunit cliché : BUTLER

12. They're mined for metal : ORES

13. Schoolyard claim : DIBS

14. Grieg's "Piano Concerto __ minor" : IN A

15. Dozes : NODS OFF

16. Exotic pet : IGUANA

17. Muted color choice : PASTEL

18. "Little Women" writer : ALCOTT (Louisa May)

21. Silents star Bara : THEDA

24. "This __": formal phone response : IS SHE

30. Follow : ENSUE

32. "A Doll's House" heroine : NORA

34. Canola oil spray : PAM

35. More or less, informally : SORTA

37. Baseball great Honus : WAGNER. His T 206 card is the Holy Grail of baseball card collection. It's worth over $1 million in "Very Good" condition. Over $2 for "Near Mint".

38. Killed time : IDLED

39. Not kosher : TREF. This stumped some last time.

40. Cooler in hot weather : ICE TEA.  No D.

41. Poked : NOSED

46. Gripe from the weary : NO REST

47. Netmen's org. : ATP

48. It has its ups and downs : THE DOW

49. Mother with a Nobel prize : TERESA

52. Super Bowl XLVII champs : RAVENS. Can't they just change Roman numerals to the year? 

53. Ancient capital of Macedonia : EDESSA. In modern day Turkey. Learned from doing xwords.

54. With 106-Down, 2000s Secretary of Labor : ELAINE. And 106. See 54-Down : CHAO. She was born in Taiwan, where Jayce spent a few years. The best snacks are made in Taiwan, in my opinion.

55. Scamp : RASCAL

57. Covent Garden offerings : OPERAS

58. Intolerant sort : RACIST

59. "The Karate Kid" co-star Pat : MORITA

62. German article : EIN

65. Hi-__ : FIs

67. "If I Had a Hammer" co-writer : SEEGER (Pete)

69. Washington's Grand __ Dam : COULEE. Is this pronounced the same as "Cooli"? 

71. __ Park, N.J. : MENLO. And 83. I-95 comprises most of it in N.J. : TPKE

72. Science guy Bill : NYE

73. Swimming spots : PONDS

76. Israeli port : HAIFA

77. "__ move" : YOUR

80. Marsh bird : EGRET

85. Open, in a way : UNLATCH

86. 100 lbs. : CWT. Another answer I only see in xwords. It stands for "Centum weight". Centum= Hundred.

87. Spacious : ROOMY

89. Prefaced : LED INTO

90. Ticks by : ELAPSES

91. Breakfast spot : ALCOVE

92. Ribbed : TEASED

93. Beach hazard : UV RAYS

94. Steelhead, e.g. : TROUT

95. Lincoln's first vice president : HAMLIN. Hannibal Hamlin.

96. Tony-winning playwright Eve : ENSLER. No idea. But I must have googled her before. I remember seeing her play title: "The Vagina Monologues".

100. "The Merry Widow" composer : LEHAR (Franz)

102. "Whip It" band : DEVO

103. Ties in Tokyo : OBIs

105. Bank offerings : ATMS

107. Menu that includes suggestions : HELP. Computer menu.

111. It's often cured : HAM

112. Eagles' org. : BSA. Boy Scouts.

113. Medical suffix : OMA



OwenKL said...

Rich was a meek mama's lad
Who could take THE GOOD WITH THE BAD.
The pink suit from his Mom
He wore to the prom,
But even he drew the line at the plaid!

Harry was a skeptic, no doubt.
He'd take all WITH A GRAIN OF SALT.
He declared it a hoax
When the marketing folks
He saw sell Sea Salt as an alt!

Loyalty, Coach took to extreme
Each player should take ONE FOR THE TEAM
So what could we do
When Karim caught the flu?
Coach made us all sneeze for Karim!

There's no need to wave and to shout.
We can still take THE EASY WAY OUT.
It's only a sack,
And a wet one at that --
Wait! When did canvas 'stead of paper come about?

(A new city ordinance here in Santa Fe: starting Jan 1, shoppers are to supply their own grocery bags, or else pay a plastic bag tax!)

I regret I afflict you with verse,
It will soon take A TURN FOR THE WORSE!
My sub while I'm gone
Will be a Vogon
(See Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe!)

Be wary when someone forewarns
He'll soon take THE BULL BY THE HORNS.
While he's getting glory
You've a different story,
You must shovel the BS that he scorns!

Again we meet Willy Sutton
(For trivia we're always a glutton)
Who once told me, "Son,
'Cause a man with no money ain't nothin'!"

Some day, when life itself bores ya
It's time to grab your bag and fedora.
All roads lead to Rome;
But why the heck would you travel to Georgia?

HeartRx said...

Rabbit, rabbit!

Good morning C.C. et al.

Geez, I hope I didn’t overlook a Honus WAGNER card when I cleared the cellar walls. If I did, it is now at the bottom of a 30-yard dumpster!

Like you, I thought this was a really impressive grid, C.C. While checking the down entries for 1-Across, I immediately entered “take the long way” for 3-Down. Boy, did that ever mess up that corner for a while! Fortunately, *WITH THE BAD showed up pretty soon at the end of 22-A and I took another look at the title. A smack in the head with the V-8 can put me back on track for the rest.

Oh, and I bet you couldn’t guess what the Massachusetts state dog is? (The Boston Terrier, of course!) To give equal time, the state cat is the Tabby. I think it was chosen because the distinctive striped pattern often forms an “M” on the forehead.

Have a relaxing day of rest, everyone!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Once I figured out the theme (which didn't take too long), I was able to zip through most o today's grid. Some proper noun woes (HAMLIN, ENSLER, ELAINE, CHAO, KAEL, EDESSA, etc.), but the perps took care of them pretty well.

Hello again, ANGSTE! I was prepared for you this time...


desper-otto said...

Good morning!

I zipped and zoomed through this one. Stuttered just a little at "ups and downs" -- SEESAW, nope, THE SUN, nope, THE DOW. And my Hi RES turned to Hi FIS.

CC, most people read CWT as "hundred-weight." I always thought the "C" was for the Roman numeral for 100.

I had to look up the state dog of Texas. It's the blue Lacy. Never heard of it. I'd rate it just one star.

Oh no, OwenKL. Not Vogon poetry, it's the absolute worst!

Oh, yeah, forgot to mention my DNF. I had ACHISON crossing NIL. To quote Marti, "Bzzzzzzzzt!"

desper-otto said...

For Splynter from last night:
P-D Pills = Drops
F-L First - Last
F-N Far-Near
A-N Atop - Neath or All - None
S-T Standard - Turbo
C-O Close - Open

C.C. -- apparently Minnesota doesn't have a state dog. There's a bird: Loon. And I'll bet Minnesota is the only state with an official state muffin -- blueberry. Wonder if any state is considering the stud muffin?

Al Cyone said...

After yesterday's DNF debacle, today's puzzle provided a much-appreciated recovery.

State dogs? New York doesn't have one (Wikipedia says only eleven states do). But we do have a State insect: the ladybug.


Husker Gary said...

The theme answers allowed me to fill more squares quickly than any puzzle in my life. CC’s statistics reinforce how amazing this puzzle was!

-Husker faithful TAKE THE GOOD WITH THE BAD with Bo Pelini. I wish they had fired him after his Friday debacle
-Too many married people take THE EASY WAY OUT. Maintaining a marriage is work.
-Command levels are where ideas go to die
-My first Browning made guns and ammo
-If I know the waitress, I can usually WANGLE some free onion rings
-People with multiple DUI’s on their RECORD should get help and jail time
-Goober’s terrible imitation of a movie ICON
-PAPER MACHE heads used in actual escape attempt from Alcatraz
-Woody Allen said, “80% of life is showing up” and that’s Cal’s claim to fame
-Our fav theater has reclining seats and I can NOD OFF there
-Wahoo, Nebraska has one stop light but I have IDLED there many times with no other car in sight
-I’d stay out of any POND abutting one of these
-What 1969 Jackie DeShannon hit asked you to “LEND A helping hand”

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Pawel Fludzinski, for an excellent puzzle, and Dzien Dobre to you. Thank you, C.C., for the fine review.

Had a hard time getting started up North, so I headed South. Easier start there. Just kind of worked my way up.

All the theme answers appeared easily once I had a few letters. Got them all before I realized that the TAKE was missing from each one.

Liked UV RAYS for 93D.

Got NEUTRINO easily because of the other day when it appeared. The other day it was difficult.

I had WINDOW for a while for 48D. THE DOW appeared later.

liked BSA for 112D. Enjoyed that group in my youth.

Of course, my last word to finish was MACHE.

Do Widzenia, Pawel.

See you all tomorrow.



Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was a fun solve after yesterday's workout. Getting the theme early helped with the solve. Surprised to see neutrino and angste appear again so soon.

Kudos to Mr. Fludzinski for a satisfying Sunday challenge and to CC for a clear and concise expo.

Have a nice, relaxing Sunday.

Unknown said...

Fun puzzle today. Didn't really get a foothold until COULEE filled in. Then things went well.

Lucina said...

Hello, friends!

Thanks to Pawel Fludzinski for a really good puzzle and to C.C. for clarifying it.

Luckily, I knew all the cliches and filled them with no assistance from perps. In my youth I was often told to take "THE BULL BY THE HORNS."

As was mentioned, ANGSTE and NEUTRINO were foreshadowed yesterday. However, I missed MACHE trying to relate it to Spanish but MASHE didn't cut it. I did have ELAINE, but not CHAO.

And I've seen Honus WAGNER many times on the Blog otherwise would not have known.

Have a happy Sunday, everyone!

buckeye bob said...

Good morning!

Thank you Pawel for an impressive puzzle! Thank you C.C. for a good review.

The theme answers were fun and easy after getting several and then re-reading the theme Misstakes.

Didn’t know IPA, but the perps got it. Thank you C.C. for the explanation!

Also didn’t know EDESSA, ENSLER, LEHAR, KAEL, but the perps got them. Learning moments. Now if I can just remember them…

Remembered ANGSTE from last week, although I only know ANGST from usage.

Didn’t know a lot of answers based on the clues on the first run through, but a few perps, and BAM! the answers materialized!

buckeye bob said...

Bill G from last night --

I am a fan of Person of Interest also. I too was surprised when they killed off Joss Carter. It seemed to me that she supplied some of the chemistry that holds the show together.

I read an article that said (a) she knew from the beginning her character would be killed, but didn't know when; (b)she will be returning to the stage, which she prefers.


Does it seem TV shows are killing off or writing out regular characters more than usual this year?

-- NCIS L.A.
-- Hawaii 5-0
-- POI

buckeye bob said...

@ Husker Gary 8:28 a.m.

- Put A Little Love In Your Heart.

- Oldies rock!

Lemonade714 said...

This is truly a well crafted use of a Sunday grid. I enjoyed seeing NEUTRINO and MERINO in the puzzle. I also agree the perps salvaged all the unknowns.

My uncle subscribed to the New Yorker so Kael was a gimme, but I have heard and read much since her death such as LINK to cause wonder.

Rabbit rabbit.

Anonymous said...

Evidently even critics can become famous enough to get into crosswords. Specially for late week constructors looking for vowel rich words.. Whatever,

Argyle said...


The Mentalist

One of the biggest kill-offs.

Red John is finally dead. It looks like the show takes off in an entirely new direction next episode. Preview looks like only Jane goes on. Will he ditch the Citroën?

PK said...

Hi Y'all! After the puzzle disappeared for the 7th time while I tried to do it online, I gave up and came to our wise C.C. I had all the theme answers but the bankrobber one. PATRICIA and ATCHESON I knew but the critic I never heard of. I suspect Pawel lives in a much different world than I do. I did like the concept and probably would have enjoyed it if I could have kept it on the screen.

B.Bob: I only know ANGSTE from life. I was very ill mid-week and missed getting to be with my family for Thanksgiving. I slept so much I didn't even feel up to giving myself a pity party until now. They all talked to my military son via internet. The only good news: I lost 5#. WooHoo!

Argyle said...

"The Mentalist" heads into uncharted territory Sunday at 10 p.m. EST on CBS.

Lucina said...

As far as I can tell from reading about them, most of the actors chose to end their contracts though I realize that is not always the case. Sometimes the story simply calls for the demise of a character.

For example, Cote de Pablo (NCIS) purportedly was offered a great increase in salary but she preferred to opt out.

Avg Joe said...

I'm going to miss Joss Carter on POI, and also miss Zeva. But the one I'm having the hardest time figuring out is Brian on Family Guy:-)

Unknown said...

the Perfidious English believe that a Ton is Two Two Four Oh pounds and that 100lbs is a Cental. Now there are 14pounds in a Stone and 2 stones in a Quarter there being four quarter in a hundred weight and 20 cwt in a ton !

Anonymous T said...

Ave Joe - I heard Tuesday on NPR's ATC that Brian will be back. I like the show, but seldom watch. Maybe a Netflix binge over the next holiday is in order... -T

Yellowrocks said...

Here is a case where the theme helped greatly. Finding phrases beginning with TAKE was easy and gave me tons of perps.

I perped IPA, but didn't recognize it as India pale Ale, one of my favorites.

Our NJ state legislature has assigned all kinds of symbols, but not dogs. They have been very busy.

Bird- eastern goldfinch
Mammal- horse
Flower- purple violet
Tree - red oak
Fruit - high bush blueberry
Fish - brook trout
Dinosaur Duck billed dinosaur (hadrosaurus foulkii) The first nearly complete dinosaur skeleton discovered in U.S. at Haddonfield, NJ
Shell - knobbed whelk
Tall ship - AJ Meerwald
Insect- honey bee
Folk dance- square dance YEA!!
I knew them all except shell, tall ship,and dinosaur.

PK I am so sorry you were ill over the holiday and missed talking to your son.

Lemonade714 said...

Argyle, not the Citroën? I am so happy the Red John crap is over; I enjoy his using his powers of observation, not the absurd Red John army.

Cote de Pablo wanted more money than the more money they offered. The show is weaker without her, but it has survived many upheavals and deaths.

I doubt Brian asked for more money.

Michael Cane; sweet of you to stop by and educate us.

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Wonderful puzzle today; I like and admire it a lot. It was a pleasure to solve.

Bill G. said...

Good puzzle! It took me part of last night and much of this morning though. I'm no speed solver. I like the theme phrases but never saw the connection to 'Take' until reading the blog.

Gary, I saw on "Sunday Morning" that Bruce Dern is starring in a new movie called Nebraska. It's supposed to be good.

I miss Cote but I missed Sasha Alexander's Caitlin Todd at least as much. I hope they find somebody good to replace Cote. Maybe Taraji P. Henson since she's out of a job on Person of Interest? I'll bet she would be good.

Spitzboov said...

Good evening everyone.

Away for 3 days so no time to spend on today's puzzle. Thanks, C.C, for the ENGRS shout out.

"To the optimist, the glass is half-full. To the pessimist, the glass is half-empty. To the engineer, the glass is twice as big as it needs to be."


"What is the difference between mechanical engineers and civil engineers? Mechanical engineers build weapons. Civil engineers build targets."

Spitzboov said...

How they do pranks in Kazie's native land - Oz.

Guy finds his house plumbed with beer (7:08)

fermatprime said...


Oh happy day! A great puzzle! No problems. Loved the theme!

I acquired a new dog! Her name is Millie. She is an eight year old rhodesian ridgeback/shepherd mix. She has some suspicious moles that have me worried. Do not want to go through the cancer thing again! She is incredibly sweet, partially trained and sleeps when I sleep.


Bill G. said...

I just came across a Barbra Streisand special on PBS. Geez, that woman can sing! I like her so much better than the dudes and dudettes on American Idol, for example.

Spitz, what a fun prank! Fun for everybody. Not the kind where somebody get embarrassed and angry.

I've enjoyed 60 Minutes so far. Amazon is working on a little helicopter drone that will be able to deliver a package to your house (depending on where you live) within 30 minutes of when you order it. I'm looking forward to the segment on the Capitol dome. I've been up in it at least once. My father was a high-ranking civil servant in Washington D.C. and he showed me around a bit. I lived in the area until I graduated from college and came west. Where we lived, Falls Church, is often mentioned on NCIS and other shows and news programs centered around Washington D.C.

FP, I'm happy to hear about your new dog. I miss our dogs.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Just when you thought we'd forgotten: Downton Abbey is back! Sunday January 5th is the U.S. premiere of Season Four. To get the juices going, PBS aired a special tonight, hosted by the lovely Susan Sarandon, in which we got a few glimpses of plot points to come.

Related to which: some months ago I mentioned a few fascinating people with whom I'd love to have a couple of beers. Near the top of the list is Yo Yo Ma, for example. Well, tonight's special reminded me that Susan Sarandon would be another fine drinking buddy. Please put in a good word for me.

Anonymous T said...

FP - congrats on the new dog. My pop just got a new puppy - at least your pup is trained, Dad's dog just ate 1/2 a box of pencils. Good luck!

Spitz - I wish I had friends that would plumb my house with beer!

Dudley - If you can make it to Houston, YoYo Ma will be performing this week. Also, I've marked the calendar for DW for the Jan 5 Downton Abbey. Me, meh, I like Dr. Who.

Bill G. What happens in VA stays in VA. And the first rule of VA is don't talk about VA. (Are you just trying to get this blog targeted by th


Bill G. said...

AnonT; oh no, now I've done it! First it was giving away the next day's constructor. Now I've got you in trouble with the virgins, er ... Virginians.

kjinkc said...

Okay, I really enjoyed this puzzle. Very clever theme.

If anyone is still out there tonight or reads this yet tonight, I have a question...What group performed a song called "Take the Long Way Home"? They also did one of my favorite songs called "The Logical Song" which has a collection of many rhyming words (reminds me of some of Owen's works).

Sorry but I don't know how to insert links but a quick google search will reveal them.

Good night all!

Anonymous T said...

Frogs... The ipad just ate my post...

More Engineering jokes:

Why don't women make good engineers? Because they've been told all their life this (|--|) is six-inches.

Maybe that's more of a visual joke....

ME's are ME's because EE is to imaginary.

It only takes one EE to change a light bulb iff* it is done in the frequency domain.

kjinkc - Breakfast in America isn't for another few hours :-)

Cheers, -T
*not a typo iff == if and only if.

kjinkc said...

Anon T - You are so very clever. Couldn't stump you even at this late hour. Goodbye Stranger.

Dudley said...

What new devilry is this? Neither Cruciverb nor the LAT site has the Dec. 2 puzzle available just now.