Dec 3, 2013

Tuesday, December 3, 2013 Mike Peluso

Theme: Tree - Last word is parts of a tree.

18A. Thin, decorative metal : SILVER LEAF

23A. Gets married : TIES THE KNOT

37A. Dangerous things to risk : LIFE AND LIMB

48A. Equestrian's supply box : SADDLE TRUNK

56A. One, to one, e.g. : SQUARE ROOT

Argyle here. No unifier but you shouldn't have needed it. The entries run top to bottom of a tree, more or less. A few extra black squares gives a unique look to the grid but nothing special that I can see. Cruciverb is back up(I hope) but everything Google is messed up.


1. Cathedral area : APSE

5. Tons : SCADS

10. Reps: Abbr. : AGTs

14. Garden center supply : SEED

15. Dot in the ocean : ISLET. Did you know ait or eyot is an islet, esp in a river . (British dialect)

16. Circus performer? : FLEA

17. Tune : SONG

20. What a 63-Across may speak : ERSE. 63A. Hebrides native : GAEL. Off the west coast of Scotland.

21. The last Mrs. Chaplin : OONA. Daughter of Eugene O'Neill.

22. Grand Rapids-to-Detroit dir. : ESE

27. This, to Michelle : CET. For a masculine word beginning with a vowel, right?

28. Morose : SAD

29. Geometric suffix : GON

30. Like potato chips : SALTY

32. Lulus : DILLIES

36. Mass transit carrier : BUS

39. Retirement destination? : BED

40. Wimps : SISSIES

41. Underworld group : MAFIA

43. Printer's widths : EMs. The "em" value is based on the width of the uppercase M. We've had a better explanation before but the blog search is on the fritz.

44. Cookie container : JAR

47. Renoir output : ART

53. Spoil : ROT

54. Alabama, but not Kansas? : TRIO. Alabama, Kansas, The Doors (crossing word)

55. "Picnic" playwright : INGE. Labor Day picnic in Kansas, 1953.

60. "Ain't Misbehavin'" Tony winner Carter : NELL. Clip from the musical. (Catch a small shout out to Erie, PA)

61. Throw hard : HURL

62. Hero's quality : NERVE

64. Desires : YENS

65. Burning desire? : ARSON. Mini-clecho.

66. Chop __: Chinese American dish : SUEY


1. Valuables : ASSETS

2. Illinois city that symbolizes Middle America : PEORIA

3. Had a hunch : SENSED

4. Barely beats : EDGES

5. Member of the fam : SIS

6. CBS drama with two spin-offs : CSI. (Crime Scene Investigation)

7. "Everything's fine" : "ALL OK"

8. Exeter's county : DEVON

9. Dictation whiz : STENO

10. The K.C. Chiefs represented it in Super Bowl I : AFL. American Football League, operated from 1960 until 1969.

11. High school choral group : GLEE CLUB

12. Dollhouse cups, saucers, etc. : TEA SETS

13. Protected condition : SAFETY. Clue seemed awkward to me but valid.

19. Pied Piper followers : RATS

24. End-of-the-workweek cry : TGIF

25. Pebble Beach's 18 : HOLEs. Par 72 (blue tees)

26. China's Zhou __ : ENLAI

31. SALT concerns : ABMs. (Anti-ballistic missile)(Strategic Arms Limitation Talks)

32. "__ say something wrong?" : DID I

33. Elected ones : INs

34. '50s automotive failure : EDSEL

35. Goo : SLIME

37. There's a lane for one at many intersections : LEFT TURN

38. Superlative suffix : IEST

39. Like Bach's music : BAROQUE. Bach

41. Boggy : MARSHY

42. Solar system sci. : ASTRonomy

44. Alaskan capital : JUNEAU

45. "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" director : ANG LEE

46. "I Believe I Can Fly" singer : R. KELLY.  Video It starts out so lovely then the boom box comes in...ugh!

49. Stadium : ARENA

50. More desperate, as circumstances : DIRER

51. Some portals : DOORS. And a trio.

52. Adornments for noses and toes : RINGS

57. Gore and Green : ALs

58. Lacto-__ vegetarian : OVO. They do eat eggs and dairy products.

59. Years in a decade : TEN



OwenKL said...

There once was a rude Viking chief
Whose manners towards Gwen brought her grief.
She at last had enough,
Her command was quite gruff,
"Ericson, I demand that you LEAF!"

The prank with danger was fraught;
They'd be punished severely if caught.
Still they snuck, in the storm,
To the men teacher's dorm
And tied all their knickers in a KNOT!

The abbot from notoriety shrunk.
When he couldn't find the friar in his bunk,
He drove around town
Till his truant he found,
Then slunk home with a monk drunk in his TRUNK!

My computer cost me much loot,
Then refused when I asked it to boot.
The OS was malicious,
Repair charges were vicious;
I spent money on the evil of the ROOT!

I hope you don't think I'm a prick
But my habit is a hard one to kick.
My shrink I would beg,
Paid an arm and a leg,
And still can't resist a pun LIMB-rick!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Couldn't see the theme while solving, but did eventually suss it out afterwards. Took awhile because I don't normally think of a KNOT being part of a tree, although I know that trees can have them...

Mostly smooth sailing today. Almost turfed it on CET (I went with CES, since I've at least seen that word before even if I don't know what it means). The perps finally convinced me of the error of my ways, however. Elsewhere, SADDLE TRUNK was a complete unknown, but perfectly inferrable from the clue. And DILLIES is... not a word I have encountered before in this context.


C.C. Burnikel said...

No, never met Merl Reagle. Only a few email exchanges with him.

By the way, I know you and Mari don't read Sunday write-ups, here is a photo of Irish Miss I put on the blog before Thanksgiving.

The lady on the left is her sister Eileen.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. This Tree of Life puzzle was a good Tuesday level puzzle. After I finished the puzzle, I went back to find the theme.

My favorite clue was Retirement Destination = BED.

QOD: Gossip is what no one claims to like, but everybody enjoys. ~ Joseph Conrad (Dec. 3, 1857 ~ Aug. 3, 1924)


Lucina said...

Good day, friends!

Thanks to Argyle and Mike Peluso for a good start to this day.

I noticed SEED is the beginning of the tree in most cases, too.

APSE or nave? I always check the downs to see which one and ASSETS confirmed APSE. Then it was a very fast sashay from there.

I loved the clues,
retirement destination, BED
circus performer, FLEA

I'll have to research SADDLE TRUNK because equestrians are usually very particular about their saddles and how they are stored.

I hope you all have a fine Tuesday, everyone!

Martin said...

Finished today. I started from the bottom and worked my way up. "Circus performer?" was a difficult clue as was "Barely beats".

Funny thing about ANG LEE's name: in Taiwan he is referred to as LEE ANG because the pattern is family name followed by given name. But it is confusing because ANG is also a family name in Taiwan so if he were introduced to foreigners as LEE ANG they might think he was Mr. ANG. Nowadays he is famous enough that fewer people make this mistake.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

WLS -- no, not the Chicago radio/TV station, but what Lucina said.

DW gets home tonight, so lots of chores to do today...

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Mike Peluso, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for the fine write-up.

Argyle: Caught the Erie, PA, reference in the u-tube skit. Finally, my hometown is on the map!.

Got started easily today. The entire North fell easily. had to think about FLEA for a second, but it appeared.

CET was tough. Had CEL at first with SAFELY. Then fixed them after a while when SAFETY looked better.

Some new potato chips are not SALTY.

Good theme. Did not catch it first.

Was not sure about Lacto-OVO, but the perps made me sure.

Thought SQUARE ROOT was a good one. Had to think on that for a minute. But, the square root of one is one.

Needed a few letters to get started on BAROQUE, but wagged it.

Been to PEORIA, IL, many times. Only problem with the downtown area is if you want to buy something at a store, in the evening, there is nothing. You have to cross the Illinois River to East Peoria where there are many stores open. Of course, there's alway Big Al's.

Rainy here today, I think. It was last night.

See you tomorrow.



HeartRx said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. et al.

Thanks for the lovely links today, Argyle! I thought R KELLY's song was just loverly all the way through. And it goes without saying, that I loved the recorder performance. Such talent!

Lucina, I also had never heard of a SADDLE TRUNK, and I have several friends who ride. I checked out this horse-y web site and found out that those things are not cheap. This one goes for $742 !!

Pretty mundane offering today, so I guess I'll have to wait for later in the week to get my dose of punny puzzles. Have a great day, everyone!

Montana said...

This was not an easy Tuesday puzzle, yet I sailed right through it, so not sure why I thought that.
I got the theme right away, but didn't think it was anything spectacular.

Forecasters say the worst winter storm here since 2009 is headed for Denver. I'll see what this Montanan thinks after it has passed through.

Have a good day,

kazie said...

I got stuck on TRUNK too, since I didn't know ANG, R.KELLY or INGE. Names as usual did me in.

Yes CET is used as you described it.

Nice to see you back!

Thanks for the nice pic of Irish Miss! I'm just finishing up my newsletter this week, so after that I should be here more often again.

Yellowrocks said...

Quick sashay today.
Lucina, nice catch with SEED.
This sense of retirement always makes me think of an antique ad for auto tires.
Link text

In re 29 A geometric suffix: When I caught on to this theme I immediately thought the tile should be GEOMETRY as in "Gee, I'm a tree." [GROAN]

Husker Gary said...

-Even I got the theme
-Ex-NFL players now see they were risking LIFE AND LIMB
-I remember my salad days when I thought I had SCADS of time to…
-What’s your favorite SONG with SONG in the title. Mine is not on the list and was done by Peter, Paul and Mary (2:45)
-How SAD must you be if you’re a BAMA fan after Auburn EDGED them in what sports columnists are calling the most fantastic finish in the history of college football last Saturday
-BUS pants (:13)
-A hero to me is someone who has the NERVE to take what life throws at them and still meets their responsibilities
-Will it play in PEORIA?
- Did anyone here learn this STENO skill?
-The Pied Piper taught us that being dishonest in small matters can have horrible consequences
-ASTROphysicist (a real one, not Raj) Neil DeGrasse Tyson has some fascinating lectures on YouTube.
-When I learned the state capitals from Mrs. Jackson, Juneau was not one of them
-Right you are Lucina, trees do grow from seeds. Have you ever had a neighbor as neglectful as this?
-AT - I enjoyed your game and shoutout yesterday but it was 67° yesterday and snow is expected soon, so…

fermatprime said...


Thanks for puzzle and expo, Mike and Argyle! enjoyed it. No problems. A few small things filled in by perps, like ABM and CET. (Had to change the S.)

Millie plays ball! First dog in 20 years that does this!

Was on the edge of my seat during The Blacklist. Anybody else watch it?


Unknown said...

Morning--another simple fill. Worked only with ACROSS'S today. Screen kept freezing up at 61 ACROSS but waited it out. Also never heard of SADDLETRUNK or ISLET. Although easy, I still learn something every day!

Hahtoolah said...

Yellowrocks: I had forgotten about that little joke about the acorn that grew up and said: Gee, I'm a Tree. Thank you for reminding me. It always gives me a chuckle.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Fun theme today, and straightforward. Didn't know R KELLY, but the perps were solid. CET had me recalling my HS French, but I think Argyle is right about the inflection. All in all easy enough for a Tuesday with just a modicum of 'gnarl'.

Off to get my semiannual DRE.

Have a great day.

Tinbeni said...

Argyle you exceeded yourself wonderfully with the SONG links today. Thank you!

Mike: Thank you for a FUN Tuesday puzzle. Nothing exceptionable, just an ALL-OK solve.

Husker: I always thought a Hero was something I have for lunch, unless I go up to Tarpon Springs where I usually get a Gyro.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! My brain must still be foggy from being ill. I didn't even realize there was a theme. However, I was doing the last two lines when I lost the puzzle so I just went back and filled the bottom sections and never saw the whole thing. I wish I could figure out what I do that loses the puzzle. Anybody else have this problem? My internet has been a little iffy lately so maybe it's my signal flipping.

I did enjoy the puzzle, Mike. Great expo, Argyle! Love the Renoir.

HG, I had STENO training in Gregg. Never became very proficient in it. Never had to use it much although I used some symbols regularly as a reporter. Dictation machines and little tape recorders came into popular use in time to save me.

One boss asked me to take dictation then proceeded to dictate "sweet" letters to two different women he was romancing. Upset me. I wanted so bad to put the letters into envelopes addressed to the other woman and "out" the cad. I refrained because I really needed my paycheck.

Anonymous T said...

Good Morning All:

Another day with a bug, so I get to play early if not foggy...

Kazie - the names in the SE did me in too with too many names. DNF (is it really only Tuesday? Where's Marti's puzzle?). I still don't know what is nor how to pronounce 32a - both clue and ans. Perps got it - unlike at 45 & 46d and 55, 60, & 63a.

I liked SISSIES and SQUAREROOT. ABMS threw me (I was thinking ICBMS). The theme was cute, but it took a few seconds to get it - it helped me with SADDLETRUNK (the bags that hang on each side of one's horse? like SADDLEbags on a motorcycle?).

Hahtoola - I like the new pelican avitar.

D-O - re: WLS. I heard that WLS stood for World's Largest Store as it was sponsored by Sears. I could pick it up any day of the week in SPI, in Shreveport it had to be a clear night. There's another WLS in Norman, OK. I think it is only station left of the Mississippi that doesn't start with a K. Friends, enlighten me.

HG - Immigrant Song is on the list. My favorite name within names (not quite your game) is Big Country's In a Big Country.

Jeff - we had ISLET about 9 weeks ago... I wasn't keen on it then but OK now that I've seen it.

I'm going to see the clinic people to make sure this is a virus or to get some antibiotics.

Cheers, -T

desper-otto said...

Anon-T: WLS was indeed owned by Sears in the early days, and the call sign did mean "world's largest store." WGN, owned by the Chicago Tribune, meant "world's greatest newspaper." Chicago apparently had quite the ego. In my ute **everybody** listened to WLS. You could pick up "clear channel 89" at night almost anywhere east of the Rockies. I think the station in Oklahoma you were thinking of is WWLS-FM. Duplicate call signs are not permitted in the US.

There are numerous K stations east of the Mississippi and numerous W stations to the west. Those are old stations, and their non-comforming call signs were "grandfathered." But if they were ever to apply for a new call sign, which often happens when a station is sold, the new one would have to be four letters long and comply with the K/W divide.

oc4beach said...

Got through the puzzle without a lot of difficulty, but again perps were needed to solve it.
Even though my wife used to ride horses, neither of us had heard of a saddle trunk. Saddle bags, however, didn't fit.

Husker Gary: Did you see the Chicago Bears vs Minnesota game on Sunday? The same thing almost happened as it did in the Auburn vs. Alabama game on the field goal attempt at the end of the fourth quarter. Chicago covered the field goal attempt return better than Alabama did, but they lost in OT.

HeartRx said...

HG @ 7:42, I roared when I saw your neglectful neighbor link. The house we just bought next door (foreclosure) had maple tree seedlings growing in the gutters. My first order of business was to clean them out and install gutter screens…

YR, I had forgotten all about the “gee-I’m-a-tree” joke, too. Brings back fond memories!

Misty said...

Delightful speed run this morning, but I couldn't suss the theme to save my soul. Kept looking for a reveal, kept checking to see if the long answers had hidden letters or something else in common. But was totally clueless until Argyle mercifully filled us in. Still loved this puzzle--so, many thanks, Mike.

There were so many fun clues. Like others, I chuckled at the ones for BED and FLEA. But my favorite may have been BURNING DESIRE. Kept wanting to put in AVIDITY or something silly like that until ARSON finally shook down.

Must say I still don't get what Alabama and Kansas have to do with TRIO.

C.C. I love the Irish Miss photo. Many thanks for posting it.

Have a great Tuesday, everybody!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Nice, easy romp for a Tuesday. Thanks, Mike, and, Argyle.

Moderate temps today and up until the weekend, when it's going to turn colder. Not bad for December, though.

Ferm, I DVRed The Blacklist and also Hostages. They are both pretty intense shows. Glad to hear all is well with Miss Millie!

Have a great day.

Anonymous T said...

D-O Thanks for the info. I looked it up, and you're right, it is W WLS. I swear I remember it as WLS when I lived there 20 years ago - memory's not everything though. My favorite station growing up was KSHE-95 out of STL. I had to jerry-rig the cable TV signal to the radio's antenna input to pick it up, but I'd rock with the rest of STL (funny thing, over the cable company's dishes, the signal shifted to 96.2 on the dial).

HG - I think I know STENO... at least that's how my handwriting looks.

Um, Mr. Peluso... With all the vowels in your name, I assume you're Italian. We don't talk about 41a. Not at breakfast anyway. ALLOK? It would be a shame to see a nice boy like you lose a LIMB below the TRUNK. It's a real nice puzzle you have here, I'd hate to see anything bad happen to it.*

It's just a virus, so just symptom meds. I guess I need to let it run it's course... :-(

Cheers, -T
*I had fun w/ your puzzle. Thanks for making a miserable sick-day better.

JJM said...

In case anybody is wondering, in the early days of radio stations call letters often times referred to the owner. Here in Chicago we have:

WLS- World's Largest Store (Sears)
WCFL- (Chicago Federation of Labor)
WGN- World's Greatest Newspaper (Chicago Tribune)
WMAQ- From Herbert Hoover "We Must Ask Questions"
WBBM- World's Best Battery Maker (Mallory Battery)
WJJD- John J. Davis - Founder of the Loyal Order of Moose and WJJD Radio

You get the idea

CrossEyedDave said...

Definitely not a Tuesday puzzle for me, it took many passes to get enough fill to link things together. I hesitated on "Apse" & incorrectly Wagged "Urbana" instead of Peoria, so until I could make sense of 3D, assets for valuables just would not reveal itself.

YR, (7:41) Your "Gee I'm a tree" made me smile...

Instead of funny, I looked for the most unusual tree. (Consensus seems to be Ginkgo Biloba.) & found a wealth of visuals.

Just testing This Link to see if it brings up just the pic, or the whole site. (Hmm, seems ti be just the pic. Here is the site.)

For those who do not wish to look at scary trees, This site is much more interesting.

Ok, enough public service work, I'm off to find some funny trees...

Argyle said...

Misty(@10:54), TRIO refers to the number of members in the band. Alabama had 3 and Kansas had 5, originally. The Doors were a trio, also.

I think all my musical links had fiddles except Nell Carter.

Bill G. said...

That was a very pleasant puzzle. I agree with Marti. Not much punny stuffy. Thanks Mike and Argyle.

I couldn't remember the capital of Alaska. Nome wouldn't fit. Fairbanks wouldn't fit. Ah, it starts with a 'J' so Juneau came to mind. I'm sure some potato chips aren't salty. I don't think they taste very good either. Is there still a demand for stenos these days? The clue for SAFETY didn't make much sense to me. I never heard of a saddle trunk. Oh well, I still enjoyed the puzzle.

Cold weather is due here for the rest of the week. Brrr. Good sleeping weather.

It's good to own some stock in Apple and Tesla today.

CED, I enjoyed your 'Interesting Trees' link.

The tree work at the neighbor's house has quieted. No chain saws or wood chipper noise at the moment. Good time for a nap.

desper-otto said...

CED, your scary tree picture is book-matched. No real tree would ever have such symmetry.

Misty, Alabama and Kansas are the names of 70's music groups. Alabama was a TRIO. Kansas had more members.

We may set a temperature record today. The record is 85 and we're gonna be close. Once Montana's winter storm comes our way on Thursday, our temps will drop by 30-40 degrees.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi Gang -

Fun puzzle. Theme was over my head. D'OH.

Love the Nell Carter clip.

Since we're featuring music and honoring cities: PEORIA.

Speaking of Bach. This is so far beyond me, I am in awe. [11 min. I'm thinking specifically of the Prelude - first 2 min. Actually, I can play the minuets from 7:36 to 9:56 and the Gigue following. But not at a performance level. Yet.]

My lovely wife has that STENO skill.

Gary -
Song of India.

The Song is You.

Cool Regards!

Jazzbumpa said...

The Song remains the same.


CrossEyedDave said...

I love leaves, but I hate raking them in the fall...

Wedded trees? Looks like they tied the knot! (Groan....)

Strangest tree limb I have ever seen...

Desper-otto@11:49, You are right! Now that you mention it, it is so obvious,,, (I don't know how I missed it.) Instead, how about this tree trunk?

Roots, they are so beautiful, they should be in an Art Studio?

Ok Desper-otto, I screwed up on the scary tree,,, but can you explain this one??? (it's gotta be photoshop!?!?!?)

Avg Joe said...

Not on the list????!!

Song for You

Montana said...

Half my extended family lives in the Harlingen, TX, area. They let us know when some "Montana" weather reaches them in the winter. They do not appreciate it!


Ol' Man Keith said...

Mmm. Usual short solve time. Must be Tuesday.

Liked "Circus performer."

Questioned "Burning desire" for ARSON.

What would a lawyer have to say about the wish without the deed? The DA could say, "He had ARSON in his heart,' but the defense counsel would counter, "Show me some ash!"

Heavy Metal Dirigible said...

JzB: Right album, wrong SONG. Just kidding, every last song on that album is great but I liked track 2 better than track 1.

Houses of the Holy: Side 1, Track 2

Bill G. said...

Evangeline Lilly (from Lost) was on Craig Ferguson last night. She has a cute personality (flirty) and is gorgeous! She was doing great up until she said something that included "... with my son and I." Other than that, she is almost perfect, right up there with Sofia Vergara.

desper-otto said...

CED, that girl is definitely photo-shopped.

BillG, are you upset with her grammar or with the fact that she's got a son?

Montana, my personal rule is that weather is fine so long as the temperature exceeds my age.

You guys are linkin' some good songs today. Keep 'em comin'.

Butch said...

Equal time for dogs: Fun with leaf or leaves

Always Curious said...

Cross eyed Dave .... I really look forward to your posts and I was not disappointed !

I started looking at Unusual Trees list

Then I started looking at the 10 strangest trees ....

Then the top 10 youngest criminals, or whatever ....

Then I "graduated" to the 20 strangest fruits in the world ... Knew of or ate 6 of them ....

Then I looked at 10 people who should have won the Nobel Prize , but didn't ... Knew ( of ) 6 of them.

Boy, am I exhausted....

But, I do want to sincerely thank you for beginning this wonderful journey for me ....

Listverse ROCKS ..

Yellowrocks said...

have sent ypu emails.

buckeye bob said...

It's crazy how many songs have the word "song" in the title. And I'm amazed there are web pages with a list of them. There are 4 songs on HG's list I really like.

But my hands-down favorite is Killing Me Softly With His Song by Roberta Flack.

My runner-up would be The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) by Simon & Garfunkel.

Oldies rock!

Pat said...

A nice Tuesday offering. Thanks, M.P. and Argyle.

Love all the tree and music links.

Two more warm days and then winter is going to try to take over from fall.

Have a nice evening.


Argyle said...

Mick says it's "The Singer, Not The Song".

Yellowrocks said...

I am waxing nostalgic over the answers, 20 A and 63 A, GAEL and ERSE. They recall the fabulous scenery of Hebrides where we hiked.
Link Hebrides

Many in the Hebrides still speak the Gaelic language, often alongside English. The government is trying to keep the Gaelic culture and language alive. In the pubs, we had to listen closely to decipher English being spoken with a broad Scots accent, not always catching the whole content. We sampled many kinds of Scotch not available in the U.S. and at much cheaper prices.

Avg Joe said...

Here's another tune for the list that isn't on the list, but at least this one isn't such a glaring omission.

The Stable Song by Gregory Alan Isakov.

CrossEyedDave said...

Always Curious @3:40

Sometimes my links take me journeys for hours, the hardest part is editing my posts.

This Oak Chapel in France has captured my attention. YouTube has one video, but it is in French. Wiki has limited info on it. So far This link has the best info on it. But I still have not been able to find any pictures of the inside...

GarlicGal said...

Hello everyone. Had to add my two cents...CrossEyedDave, re: the list of unusual trees, #10 on the list created by Axel Erlandson. Mr. Erlandson developed his "circus trees" in California in the San Joaquin Valley. He moved his family and TREES over to Scotts Valley, near Santa Cruz, CA in the mid 1940's.

Long story short, after his death the trees fell into ruin and were slated to be bulldozed. In 1985 a Gilroy man in the tree business knew of them - dug them up, boxed about 28 that were still alive and relocated them, making them the center of a horticulturaly based theme park, Bonfante Gardens, now called Gilroy Gardens.

Google "The 80 Ton Tree Caper" and you can see how the move was done...passing thru 4 counties, many city streets, power lines that had to be manually lifted,freeways, CHP's, Sheriffs, Police officers and a bunch of volunteers. It's quite a story!

Thanks for the tree discussion.

Always Curious 2 said...


Thank you for replying to my post. The oak tree cathedral ? Is truly a miracle. And the wonder is ..... it is still growing.

After my earlier post I went back to the LISTVERSE web site but no matter how hard I tried, I could not get the 20 most exotic vegetables OR the 10 people who should have got the Nobel prize, but didn't. There are just too many lists on that web site and they do not have a search function or an index. The lists seem to have just disappeared, and probably gone into cyberspace for good. .....

,however, I did see. 10 unbelievable miniatures in the world.

And the creator. Willard Wigan, MBE, the artist

His art is mind boggling and eye spiring ..... The crown sitting on the pinhead has been personally requested by HM the Queen, for her diamond jubilee.


Tinbeni said...

Curious 2
Here is you link

10 Scientists Robbed of a Nobel Prize

Geez, after a couple of "Sunset Toasts" this was easy to find.
Go figure ...

Tinbeni said...

Curious 2
Is this the other one you mentioned @ 3:40?

20 Strangest Fruits

Lucina said...

My goodness, I learn so much on this Blog. Thank you all for the links to the unusual trees and to Garlic Gal for the supplementary information.

Anonymous said...

Such a Sweet Leaf!

Misty said...

Argyle and Desper-otto, many thanks for explaining the TRIO answer. As you can see, both husband and I are totally incompetent on music after the 1960's. Also explains why we could never survive "Jeopardy." So, Alabama and Kansas are Trios? Like Peter, Paul, and Mary? Who knew?

Argyle said...

No, the point is Alabama is a trio and Kansas isn't.

54-Across. Alabama, but not Kansas? : TRIO.

Anonymous said...

Argyle, [sigh].

I think this speaks to how great 54a was as a clue.

The misdirection Kansas and Alabama presented by both being U.S. State names was fun. The fact that not everyone would realize that both were also musical group names was devilish.

Presents the game about band names...

Boston, but not Chicago?


Anonymous said...

Bread, but not Meatloaf?

AC/DC, but not Tesla?

Beatles, but not Animals?

Did someone say Phish?

OwenKL said...

AC2 (and whoever else is interested): EVERY website has a search feature, though most probably don't realize it. For Google, the magic prefix is site: with no spaces. Google and whatever you want to search for, say crossword. Other search engines probably have the same capability, but Google's the only one I use.

Argyle said...

Re: game about band names

what is the answer? no good without a relevant answer.

Anonymous said...

Argyle, point taken. Let's try...

Train, not Cars?

dress part?

i'll get better with time...

Argyle said...

Well, I get train can be part of a dress but what is car part of a dress?

Anonymous said...

Argyle, You're killing me! At least the SONGs of Train and Led Zepp(2nd) had 'fiddles'!

I just can't riff these off my brain! That's what makes this a game only for the willing.

Wait...I've got it.

Pink, but not Deep Purple?


Argyle said...

There ya' go!

Anonymous said...


I'm only an hour and a half into your video, but so far, so good.

kjinkc said...

First of all, this was a speed run for me (good thing due to the late hour). I didn't even read many of the down clues as they were already filled in. I like a day like this once in a while...6 minutes.

Secondly, I wasn't going to even write since it's so late, however, I have a memorable WLS story to relate. In the early '70s, I listened every night to WLS. I kept hearing an ad "See 'Chicago' at the Illinois State Fair on August (let's say August 20th, as I'd have to dig out the ticket stubs to be sure of the exact date). So we loaded up the teenagers at 6AM, drove about 3 hours and I passed a billboard which said the Illinois State Fair was August 8-16th. Uh oh, what to do. Most in the car were asleep. So I drove a bit further, my heart sinking as we thought we were headed to the State Fair. Finally, I woke up my husband and said, uh, the State Fair was last week. What should we do?

We went ahead into Springfield, went to a music store and bought tickets to see Chicago at the Illinois State Fair GROUNDS. Not once in the ad did I ever catch the word GROUNDS. We did enjoy the concert which was 'Saturday In the Park'.

That's my fondest memory of WLS.

Anon T - we have radio station WDAF in KC. There might be other W stations, but it's late and I can't think of any other at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Well there you have it!

Chicago, not Boston.

Subject of previous post.