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Feb 2, 2020

Sunday February 2, 2020 Mike Peluso

Theme:  "When in Rome"- The first number (1-10) in each familiar phrase is replaced by a Roman numeral.

22. Show for which Erika Slezak won six Daytime Emmys: I LIFE TO LIVE. One Life to Live.

28. Films with depth?: III D MOVIES. Three-D movies.

34. Video poker basis: V CARD DRAW. Five-card draw.

57. It's not good to be behind it: VIII BALL. Eight ball.

59. It's usually attached to a house: II CAR GARAGE. Two-car garage.

74. Certain incumbent's rally cry: IV MORE YEARS. Four more years.

76. 1995 Hugh Grant film: IX MONTHS. Nine Months.

96. Symbol of untouchability: X FOOT POLE. Ten-foot pole.

106. Set of schools that includes Vassar: VII SISTERS. Seven Sisters.

115. 2000s series set in a funeral home: VI FEET UNDER. Six Feet Under.
So nice to see Mike's byline again. I always associate him with Wednesday puzzles, probably because he made a lots of Wednesday puzzles when I started blogging.

The numbers are not in order, probably because he did not want to give us free letters. Guess how many I's in this grid?


1. Learn to fit in: ADAPT.

6. Wilson's predecessor: TAFT.

10. Eponymous 2000s TV sitcom: REBA. McEntire.

14. Runs for it: LAMS.

18. Chili __: dish with green sauce: VERDE. Never had it. Looks yummy.

19. Early Arizona natives: PIMAS. And 21. Siouan people: OTOE.

20. Tourney format, briefly: ELIM. Elimination.

24. Amt. rarely charged: MSRP. Mostly cars.

25. Lahore tongue: URDU.

26. Carried out: DID.

27. Theater sight: POSTER.

30. Hayride seats: BALES.

31. Hammed it up: EMOTED.

33. Border range: URALS.

38. Home security giant: ADT. Our neighbor has a "Secured by ADT" in their lawn.

39. Tom Joad, e.g.: OKIE.

41. Kolkata wrap: SARI.

42. Heavy marble: STEELIE. It does sound heavy.

44. Slime: GOO.

45. Inflation spec: PSI. Tire.

48. Capital north of Syracuse: OTTAWA.

51. Window treatment: BLIND.

52. Rolled up: FURLED.

54. Scand. country: NORW. Norway.

56. Gospel singer Winans: CECE. Gimme for me.

63. Former Hanford overseer: Abbr.: AEC.  Atomic Energy Commission. Dissolved in 1975.

64. Key, perhaps: ISLE.

65. Management deg.: MBA.

66. Charmingly rural: FOLKSY.

67. Takes in, say: ALTERS.

70. La Méditerranée, e.g.: MER.

71. Hall of Fame pitcher Blyleven: BERT. Known for his curveballs. Twins' color commentator. Boomer often picks on Bert's gaffes. Like "This is the second debut of ...".

73. One always reaching for the Skyy?: SOT. And clue echo at 59. Reach for the Skyy: IMBIBE.

79. Década components: ANOS. Decade/years.

80. Pride and envy: SINS.

81. Barry Gibb, for one: BEE GEE.

82. Wing it: AD LIB.

83. Aggravate: NETTLE.

87. Immigrant's subj.: ESL.

88. Soup legume: PEA. Can't wait for the fresh peas at our local farmers' market. Pretty and tasty with rice.

90. Transmission need: GEAR OIL.

93. "I'm on it, I'm on it!!": OK OK.

94. Ratted: SANG.

95. Nevada Northern Railway Museum city: ELY.

99. Stand for a canvas: EASEL.

102. Swallow: INGEST.

105. Exhaust __: FUMES.

108. Sun-Maid product: RAISIN.

110. Portland summer hrs., perhaps: EDT.

113. Theta follower: IOTA.

114. El __: PASO.

117. Shut (up): CLAM.

118. Alaskan island in the Eastern Hemisphere: ATTU.

119. "Sorry, not for me": I PASS.

120. Barrel racing milieu: RODEO. Not familiar with barrel racing.

121. Flag: TIRE.

122. In the order given: Abbr.: RESP. Respective?

123. Sassy: PERT.

124. Whence the Israelites fled: EGYPT.


1. Lifelong, as a fan: AVID.

2. Seller of dogs: DELI.

3. Like the Namib: ARID.  Southern African desert.

4. Adobe file format: PDF.

5. Disc golf starting point: TEE PAD. I think Mike is an avid golfer.

6. Attacks, knight-style: TILTS AT.

7. Friend of François: AMIE.

8. Green Bay legend: FAVRE. Brett Favre's final season was with the Vikings.

9. Mao __-tung: TSE.

10. Sent in: REMITTED.

11. Pitcher of milk?: ELSIE. Fun clue.

12. Pudelpointer, say: BIRD DOG. Never heard of Pudelpointer. Wiki says "It is a pointing breed that came from a cross between the German hunting poodle (pudel) and the English Pointer.

13. Time toggle: AM PM.

14. Site of Pei's pyramid: LOUVRE.

15. Glass-roofed lobbies: ATRIA.

16. Runway walker: MODEL.

17. Grinch creator: SEUSS.

19. Toughies: POSERS.

23. All __: including everything: TOLD.

28. One of the halogens: IODINE.

29. "Yes, yes, Dominique": OUI OUI.

30. __ Scurry, 1999 Women's World Cup championship U.S. team goalkeeper: BRIANA. Also new to me.

32. Evil intent: MALICE.

34. Brandy letters: VSO.

35. Siamese, e.g.: CAT.

36. Museum works: ART.

37. Online program: WEBCAST.

40. 2001 Peace Prize sharer Annan: KOFI. Graduated from Macalester College here in MN.

43. Poem of loss: ELEGY.

45. Hospital supply: PLASMA.

46. Word with best or book: SELLER.

47. Cars in jams, say: IDLERS.

49. "Star Trek" franchise Klingon: WORF. Drew a blank.

50. 2012 Best Picture: ARGO.

53. DH's stat: RBI.

55. Former 49ers coach Bill: WALSH.

57. Nix: VETO.

58. Bakery workers: ICERS.

60. Alpine goats: IBEXES.

61. Monterey neighbor: CARMEL. Clint Eastwood was their mayor ages ago. Jesse Ventura was the mayor of our Brooklyn Park before I came here.

62. Old-time cinemas: RKOS.

63. Collection plate alternative: ALMS BOX.

67. French 101 verb: AVOIR.

68. Jockey strap: REIN.

69. "Auld Lang __": SYNE.

72. Dress (up) fancily: TOG.

74. Mosaic pieces: INLAYS.

75. Prevents, by law: ESTOPS.

77. Sherpa, commonly: NEPALI.

78. Suffix with ump-: TEEN.

79. Astaire and a singer: ADELES. "Hello, can you hear me?"

82. Survey category: AGE GROUP.

84. Fight stopper, for short: TKO.

85. Online response to humor: LOL.

86. Barely manage, with "out": EKE.

89. Disturb: AGITATE.

91. Most up in the air: IFFIEST.

92. Botches, with "up": LOUSES.

94. Option at the bagel shop: SESAME.

97. Forget to mention: OMIT.

98. Academic job security: TENURE.

99. Throw out: EVICT.

100. Its name is derived from Provençal words for "garlic" and "oil": AIOLI. So thick. What do you use the sauce for?

101. Stringed Asian instrument: SITAR.

103. Homes in the woods: NESTS.

104. Nonsense: TRIPE.

107. Engage in verbal jousting: SPAR.

109. In the distance: AFAR.

110. Marine hazard: EDDY.

111. Word with sleep or freeze: DEEP.

112. Pace with a wide range of speeds: TROT.

115. Guest in a team owner's skybox, often: VIP.

116. Eggy beverage: NOG.


May 17, 2019

Friday, May 17, 2019, Mike Peluso

A Chipper By Another Name Would Still Be a Chipper.  Wait, what?  In this puzzle each time we are given the clue "Chipper" we get an entirely different definition.  Look how the first and last answers span the grid.  The two middle theme answers are symmetrically placed in the grid.  Nice!

17-Across. Chipper: JONES OF BASEBALL.  As in Larry Wayne "Chipper" Jones (b. Apr. 24, 1972).  He was a third baseman for the Atlanta Braves.

27-Across. Chipper: GREEN SIDE IRON.  A golfing reference.  I'll let the golf pros in this group provide you all details.

46-Across. Chipper: IN A JAUNTY MOOD.

56-Across. Chipper: MULCH MAKING TOOL.  This made me think of the wood-chipping scene from the 1996 movie Fargo.  Not for morning consumption, however.


1. VMI program: ROTC.  As in the Reserve Officers' Training Corps.  Such programs are found on at the Virginia Military Institute as well as many other university campuses.

5. '80s-'90s courtroom drama: LA LAW.  This television drama was on when I was in law school in the other LA.

10. On-call worker: TEMP.  As in a TEMPorary worker.

14. Assert as true: AVER.  A crossword staple.

15. Three-time A.L. batting champ Tony: OLIVA.  As in Tony Oliva (né Antonio Oliva Lopez Hernandes Javique; b. July 20, 1938).  He had a long career with the Minnesota Twins.

16. Pupil's place: UVEA.  As in parts of the eye.

20. Tetra- doubled: OCTA-.  4 doubled is 8.

21. Atonement: AMENDS.

22. Confuse: ADDLE.

25. Wrigley brand: ORBIT.  Chewing gum that comes in all different flavors.

31. Geological time span: EON.

32. Carpenter's joint element: TENON.  It's the projecting piece of wood made for insertion into a mortise of another piece of wood.

33. Hiccup cause: SPASM.

36. Genesis voyager: NOAH.

38. Protector with strings: APRON.  My favorite clue of the puzzle.

40. Mlle., across the Pyrenees: SRTA.  Today's French (Mlle.) and Spanish (Srta.) lesson.  Both are abbreviations for Miss in English.

41. God of Islam: ALLAH.

43. Called from the field: LOWED.  The sounds the cow makes.

45. Bordeaux vineyard: CRU.  More of today's French lesson.  A Cru is a vineyard or group of vineyards of high quality.

49. Rural wagons: DRAYS.

50. Response at the door: IT'S ME!  Sometimes the answer is: It is I, which has the same number of letters.

51. Fair-hiring problem: AGEISM.

54. "I don't like your __": TONE.

62. Tierra en el mar: ISLA.  More of today's Spanish lesson.  The Island (Isla) is a bit of land (tierra) in the sea (el mar).

63. Force to leave: EXILE.

64. Personification of victory: NIKE.  Nike was a Greek goddess.  Here is the winged victory wearing Adidas.

65. Dance basic: STEP.

66. Shemar's longtime "Criminal Minds" role: DEREK.  I have never watched Criminal Minds, however, Shemar Moore (né Shemar Franklin Moore; b. Apr. 20, 1970) played Malcolm Winters on The Young and the Restless for many years.

67. Plus: ALSO.


1. One of five characters on "The Big Bang Theory" to appear in every episode: RAJ.  Another show I have never watched.  Raj is played by Kunar Naayar (b. Apr. 30, 1981).

2. Ab __: from the start: OVO.

3. Cube root of 1,000: TEN.  Crossword math:  10 x 10 x 10 = 1,000.

4. Spicy cuisine: CREOLE.  Well, I rather suppose this depends upon one's definition of "spicy."    I don't consider Creole to be an especially spicy cuisine, but then, I am accustomed to this style.  The word "Creole" is derived from the word "criollo", which is Spanish or Portuguese for "born in the colony".  The word "Creole" initially referred to the first settlers of European descent in the French colonies, especially New Orleans.

The term "Creole", when referring to food, is a style of cooking that originated in Louisiana, that blends French, Spanish, Portuguese, West African, Native American, Caribbean, German and Italian influences.  Traditional Creole dishes include red beans and rice, jambalaya, gumbo and creole sauce dishes.

5. Plunder: LOOT.

6. Italian wheels, briefly: ALFA.  The Alfa Romero Automobile company was actually founded by Alexandre Darracq (1855 ~ 1931), who was French.
7. Ad-__: LIB.  An appreciation for ad libitum, which is a Latin phrase translated as "at one's pleasure".

8. Director DuVernay: AVA.  Ava DuVernay (b. Aug. 24, 1972) is probably best known for her 2018 film A Wrinkle in Time.

9. Horseradish relative: WASABI.  Wasabi is a plant of the family that includes horseradish.  Apparently, however, most of what American's think of as Wasabi really a mixture of horseradish, mustard and food coloring.

10. Casual summer garments: TUBE TOPS.
This tube top doesn't look very comfortable.

11. Former Indiana governor Bayh: EVAN.  Evan Bayh (né Birch Evans Bayh, III; b. Dec. 26, 1955),  is the son of Senator Birch Bayh, Jr.  Both father and son served as United States Senators from Indiana.

12. Amalgamate: MELD.

13. Chums: PALS.

18. Crime scene clue, maybe: SCENT.

19. Arab bigwigs: EMIRS.  This has become a crossword staple.

22. Gemini rocket stage: AGENA.

23. Eagerly anticipate, with "over": DROOL.

This baby is too cool to drool.

24. North America's highest peak: DENALI.  Mt. Denali is in Alaska.

25. Fragrant: ODOROUS.  I think of odorous as being more stinky than fragrant.

26. Fame: RENOWN.

28. Large expanse: SEA.  Yup.  It goes on and on.

29. Part of the picture: IN PLAY.

30. Busters: NARCOS.

34. Four-decades-plus first name in the Senate: STROM.  As in Strom Thurmond (né James Strom Thurmond; Dec. 5, 1902 ~ June 26, 2003).  He served as a United States Senator from South Carolineafor 48 years.  In 1948, he ran for President as the States Rights Democratic Party candidate.

35. Title role for Bea: MAUDE.  As in Bea Arthur (née Beatrice Frankel; May 13, 1922 ~ Apr. 25, 2009).  She would have celebrated her 97th birthday earlier this week.

37. Links equalizer: HANDICAP.

39. Take-home: NET.  The amount of money you have after taxes.

42. Tough to hear, as criticism: HARSH.

44. Like embers: DYING.

47. Stuck: JAMMED.
48. Medit. tourist attraction: MT. ETNA.  Italian volcano.

51. Author Martin: AMIS.  As in the British novelist Martin Louis Amis (b. 1949).  He wrote the novel Money, which I read, but didn't enjoy.  He is the son of novelist Kingsley William Amis (Apr. 16, 1922 ~ Oct. 22, 1995).

52. Unexpected blow: GUST.

53. Couture monthly: ELLE.

54. Roof piece: TILE.

55. Fraction of a meg: ONE K.  One Thousand (one K) is a fraction of a million (meg.).

57. Men's grooming brand: AXE.

58. Aperitif named for a former Dijon mayor: KIR.  The cocktail is made with crème de cassis topped up with white wine or champagne.  It was named after Félix Kir (Jan. 22, 1876 ~ Apr. 26, 1968), a Catholic priest, resistance fighter and politician.  He served as mayor of Dijon from 1945 until his death in 1968.

59. Good thing to strike: OIL.  The first oil well in Louisiana was drilled in late 1901-early 1902.

60. Signs off on: OKs.

61. Sign of summer: LEO.  Sign of the Zodiac.

Here's the grid:

I'll leave you with a QOD:  The trouble with words is that you never know whose mouth they’ve been in.  ~  Dennis Potter (May 17, 1935 ~ June 7, 1994), British screenwriter and journalist