Apr 15, 2021

Thursday, April 15, 2021 Mike Peluso

Today we have a return engagement by Mike Peluso.  Old timers will remember that Mike has published here many times over the years.  He has visited at least 5 times in the past year, the most recent being December 27, 2020.   This is a WORKING PERSON's puzzle, but even the retirees on the corner have to solve it.  The reveal best describes the TASK at hand:

36. Comment about routine work ... and hint to the ends of the answers to starred clues: IT'S A JOB.  That is the last word is a "type" of JOB.

And here are the themers:

17. *Closest to the rail, at Churchill Downs: ON THE INSIDE. e.g. INSIDE JOB is a documentary on the 2008 financial crisis, still available for streaming from Amazon Prime.  Haven't seen it, but I think they name names.

53. *It may be used with a grunt or two: ELBOW GREASEe.g. I did a GREASE JOB on my tiller the other day using WD40.  Did a spritz or two, but not much grunting (other than to drag the beast out of the shed).
11. *Suzanne Somers' "Three's Company" role: CHRISSY  SNOW. e.g. Oxford Languages defines a SNOW JOB  as "deception or concealment of one's real motive in an attempt to flatter or persuade".  I've never seen "Three's Company"  and as a legally blonde male, I much prefer dumb brunette jokes, but HERE'S CHRISSY ...

25. *Barely triumphs: WINS BY A NOSE.  e.g. a NOSE JOB never occurred to Cyrano de Bergerac but he won anyway.  My favorite movie version of this story is titled with the object of his affections, ROXANNE, and stars  Daryl Hannah and Steve Martin:

Hey, the work's just getting started:


1. Mail in: REMIT.  Not a themer, but often a metaphor for minimal effort on a JOB.  Same with "phone in".

6. Hair-raising experiences?: PERMS.

11. Bare-bones sleeper: COT.

14. Egypt's Mubarak: HOSNI.  an Egyptian military and political leader who served as the fourth president of Egypt from 1981 to 2011.

15. Font that's a homophone for a mermaid: ARIAL.  The font is rather dull, so here's Ariel.  She is the first non-human Disney princess, and even has her own wiki.

16. Color: HUE.  There are varying ways to define HUES, one of the most common being as factions of  RED, GREEN, and BLUE. "RGB" is a digital standard for this approach.

19. Mitch McConnell's org.: RNC.  The Republican National Committee, the titular governing board of the Republican Party.

20. Balance sheet category: ASSETS  versus LIABILITIES.

21. "Love Story" author Segal: ERICH.

23. The Big Easy, locally: NAWLINS.  A CSO to our very own Big Easy!

26. Works: OPUSES.  But there's really only one OPUS:

27. Get one's bearings: ORIENT.

28. Refines, as ore: SMELTSAlso a small silvery fish resembling a sardine.  I've always thought of them as food for larger fish, but apparently they are good eating if you know how to prepare them.   I'll be interested in what CC or Boomer have to say about them.  This fish is a tiny fraction of the size of the Ling cod in 44D.

30. Loads: TONS.

31. "Dandy for your teeth" old toothpaste: IPANA.   And here's Bucky!

32. Guffaw: YUK.   I don't see anything funny about this at all:
Mr Yuk

35. Ambulance letters: EMS.

38. Wee, in Dundee: SMA.  New to me.

39. Apply gently: DAB.

40. Novgorod nos: NYETS.  No, NOT the New York Mets!

41. Financial news channel: CNBC.

42. Judge of baseball, for one: YANKEE.  UMPIRE didn't perp, so I had to use perps to get this.  As I'm not a YANKEE fan so I hadn't heard of Aaron Judge.  AL Rookie of the Year for 2017:

44. Pakistani metropolis: LAHORE.

46. Jolson classic: SWANEE.  Jolson is best known for his appearance in the "Jazz Singer", the first "talking picture".  But he performed in many Broadway musicals prior to this, including the hit Sinbad in 1918.  At some point he included George Gershwin's Swanee in the song list.  It was a smash hit and helped launch Gershwin's career.

48. Dispensed (with): DID AWAY.

49. Privilege of playing first, in golf: HONOR.  All of you golfers may know this term, but this lefthander certainly didn't.  This explains it.  I do find it very relaxing to watch.  All those greens, and an occasional patch of brown.

50. Kid's retort: ARE NOTARE TOO!

52. Latin 101 verb: AMO.  Okay, let's not get too personal here.
58. Network soliciting donors: PBS.  Use to donate.  Now I just sponge off of people with JOBS.

59. Spry: AGILE.

60. Stubborn: BALKY.  This was a stubborn clue, especially crossing the NATICK ADORBS (see 45D).

61. Atlanta-to-Charleston dir.: ESE.

62. Evaluated: RATED.  This review is RATED PG.

63. Everly Brothers song sleepyhead: SUSIE. "Wake Up Little Susie" is a popular song written by Felice and Boudleaux Bryant and published in 1957.   The Everly Brothers' cover of it came out in September of that year and quickly went to the top of the charts.  Alright everybody, hands up if you found yourself in a similar situation years and years ago:

1. Pi follower: RHO.  Don't get 'em too close though.  You might start a FIRE.

2. Ages and ages: EON.

3. Casper winter hrs.: MST.

4. Consumes eagerly: INHALES.  Unlike some politicians of a certain age who didn't ...

5. Connects logically: TIES IN.  Personally I think everything TIES IN.

6. See-through sheets: PANES.  I have some friends like that, but I can't see thru 'em.

7. Once, old-style: ERST.

8. Social reformer Jacob: RIIS.  And a gluey one at that.

9. Magazine with "The Lighter Side of..." features: MAD.  [considered inserting a cover, but didn't want to blow my PG RATING.]

10. Where apnea might be diagnosed: SLEEP LAB.  I can speak from personal experience, I predict that the person who invents a low-cost, paste on, disposable, blue-tooth EKG sensor will become a BRAZILIANAIRE.  Those of you who've been there know what I mean.  There's a CSO for ya' Anon-T (and I want a finder's fee)! 

12. Prevention unit: OUNCE. Always a good investment.

13. Many Microsoft employees: TECHS.  And a lot of them have nothing better to do than lard on useless new features to the next release of Windows.

18. "It __ fair!": ISN'TIS TOO!

22. Tire track: RUT.

23. Famous: NOTED.

24. Bakery draw: AROMA.  This is starting to make me hungry.

26. Napa prefix: OENOOENOLOGY is the science and study of wine and wine making. This is distinct from viticulture, the agricultural endeavor of vine-growing, and the agricultural endeavor of grape-harvesting. The English word oenology derives from the word oinos, "wine" and the suffix –logia, "study of" from the Ancient Greek language.  - Wikipedia.
28. Overflow: SPATE.

29. Some mil. brass: MAJS.

31. "Understood": I SEE.  Most of the time I really don't though.

33. Eclipse shadow: UMBRAWhat is an UMBRA?

34. Country singer Musgraves with six Grammys: KACEY.  New to me, but I was glad to make her acquaintance.  Here's Merry-go-Round from her breakthrough album, Same Trailer Different Park released in 2013:

36. Cochlea site: INNER EAR.  Here's your inner ear explained.   And here's a 'pitcher', and "they have BIG EARS" (as my Dad often said to Mom when I was in the room).  The COCHLEA is the part that looks like a conch shell on the right:

37. Child: TYKE.

41. Loire Valley sight: CHATEAU.  In addition to a CASTLE, also an Appellation Contrôlée, an official designation for French wines, certifying that the grapes in a vintage were grown, pressed, barrelled, and bottled on the CHATEAU estate. This is the highest standard.  The next highest I believe are COMMUNITY appellations, where the grapes are all from the same community in a REGION. Here is a map of the wine communities in the LOIRE VALLEY REGION (C MOE for more on appellations):

43. 2021, por ejemplo: ANO.  Today's leccion de Español.

44. __ cod: Pacific Coast catch: LING.   I'd not heard of this fish, and it's not really a cod, but those in the know consider it a delicacy ...

45. "Totes __!": really cute: ADORBS.  New to me. "Totes adorbs" is a slang abbreviation of "totally adorable" that's evolved among the 20 and under age group here in the States", per the Cambridge English Dictionary.

46. Fitness magazine: SHAPE.

47. Development sites: WOMBS.  More often UTERI, but it didn't perp.

48. Like morning grass: DEWED. Wet morning grass always brings to my mind this song, the lyrics by Eleanor Farjeon (13 February 1881 –5 June 1965), set to an old Scottish tune called "Bunessan", and sung by Cat Stevens:

50. Somewhat: A BIT. A humble but very versatile word.  With just a series of the values "0" or "1", they can be used to create vast universes,  or little ones like the Corner.

51. Part: ROLE.

54. JFK alternative: LGA.  A remarkable story began here on January 15th, 2009.   If you haven't seen the movie SULLY, I highly recommend it.
Miracle on the Hudson

55. Pacino and Capone: ALS.

56. Water __: SKI.

57. Hurricane center: EYE.  Hurricane Andrew (1995) had a "pinhole" eye, the most destructive type.  A CSO to Spitz or any other Cornerites with tales to tell about these storms.
Hurricane Andrew

 Here's the grid:


To get some insight into Mike Peluso's background, inspiration, and theme preferences here's C.C.'s interview with him from the early days (2009).




Wilbur Charles said...

Re. SUSIE, Yes, her name was Marylou. Alcohol may have been involved
Doc told me yesterday not to ignore my apnea and get used to the CPap

CSO to C-Moe with OENO

I crashed in the East. I had kING vs LING; cNet vs CNBC(Both financial news); KACEY(KAtEY) another unknown. And of course UMBRA/UMeRA.. Tough corner anyday. Do they still publish Barron's? It predicted 2008 crash.

So it was waseely on today's write-up. The tradition of not introducing oneself as author remains strong. I pretty much can recognize styles on the days where reviewers alternate.

I did get SMA and YUK. I think both CNBC and CNET are under the CBS umbrella.

WC with another FIW (3 bad squares)

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

I was on Mike's wavelength this morning (except for LING -- thank you perps), and only needed Wite-Out once: ARE too/NOT. Noticed the SO to our NOLA contingent. Even found the jobs; it's a red-letter day. Thanx, Mike and Waseeley.

IPANA: Yup, I remember those "Brusha, brusha, brusha" commercials.

PBS: Houston Public Media gets a check every fall when I do my QCD.

SUSIE: I wouldn't call the Everly Brothers' version a "cover" -- it was the original. Simon and Garfunkel did a cover of it.

KACEY: She got high honors for her 2018 Golden Hour album in both Pop and Country.

inanehiker said...

Amusing theme - I got the "IT'S A JOB" first- which is not usually the case - so thought the theme answers would end in actual job titles. Still quick solve.
Enjoyed the link to KACEY Musgraves song - unfortunately many of my patients embody that lifestyle.

My husband is from Oregon - so he has actually caught a LING cod on a fishing trip!

Thanks Bill and Mike!

TTP said...

Good morning.

Mike almost got me on this one. Moved right along until getting to the lower east side. Finally got SNOW, UMBRA and KACEY. That area took me as long as the rest of the puzzle. Figuring out SNOW JOB based on the reveal was the key. CNBC was the only answer in that area for the longest time.

Great job on the write-up, Bill. Just as entertaining as the puzzle.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Finally got it all. SE was last to fall, with ADORBS et all. Perped it. LING was a learning. Join the CSO to Big Easy. Theme was straightforward.
LOIRE - The longest river in France.
MAJS - I think the clue was way overstated but YMMV. Rank is an O4. I was a LCDR (O4) once and I hardly considered myself brass, and I don't think anyone else did either. Brassy perhaps but definitely not brass. (When our eldest was little, she called the rank 'lieutenant gander', because she couldn't say 'lieutenant commander' - - long ago. - - We lost her to cancer 8 yrs ago.)
EYE - I think I've mentioned; our ship took a 60º roll once. Fortunately the Chief Engineer had her ballasted down well so as to have a strong righting moment.

Have a great day.

Hungry Mother said...

Super easy today, although I ignored the theme which would have been some help. Remembering a great family trip in the Loire Valley, visiting CHATEAUs. I was also there on a bus tour organized by my wife, who was a French teacher (as well as English, speech, and drama).

Oas said...

Good morning all. Good puzzle fun thanks Mike P.
And an interesting review thanks Bill.

Had to make a couple of changes— King cod to LING . Was probably thinking of king crab.
Homes had to become WOMBS when I saw SWANEE . PBS slowed me down.

Having experienced a total eclipse, umbra came easily.

NAWLINS was familiar , having been there during Mardi Gras about eight years ago.

COT was only the second thing that came to mind .

Wake up little SUSIE was playing on country radio when I was young. A more carefree and exciting time with more hope for the future IMO than nowadays.

My knees feel good enough to go for our customary 2-1/2 mile walk. Can’t really run anymore but can do a 3 mph walk for about an hour or so. DW’s dancing legs are faring quite a bit better.

Goodnews. Our only grand daughter landed a teaching term position only five miles down the road for the next couple of mos. We expect to see more of her as she passes our place on her way.
Besides her we have six grandsons and two great grandkids.


Brent said...

SPATE for Overflow is an unusually British thing to see. I've been cutting my teeth on Cryptics recently and it was jarring to find a UKism in my more familiar US puzzle.

billocohoes said...

Besides hearing about the UMBRA during an eclipse, I remember that if I want a little shade I could use and UMBrella.

Re the 2008 financial crisis, Bernie Madoff died yesterday, thus avoiding the last 138 years of his prison sentence.

Yellowrocks said...

Good job, Bill and Mike.
We have seen Totes Adorbs before. I remember it because it grates on my ear. It is too, too cloyingly sweet.
LING was new to me, but LAHORE showed it was not KING. KACEY was new to me. I doubted its odd spelling. That area made me pause for a bit.
I remember RIIS for its odd spelling.
I never heard of HONOR in golf, but a few perps suggested it and it made sense. Bill, thanks for the article explaining this.
Yes, I have seen Crissy Snow often. Three's Company is another of Alan's favorite old-time shows. He loves the TVLAND channel. Chrissy is a caricature of a dumb blonde.
From last night, Lucina sorry your diabetes gives you painful, bad days. You asked if others have diabetes. I do, but it is well controlled with Metformin. Only if I eat way too much does my glucose reading rise above 130. Usually it is below 115. My A1C stays low.
SPATE is American English, too, but is used for many other things in addition to water, such as a spate of hospitalizations due to Covid. We can say, "The break in the water main resulted in a spate of water rushing into basements."

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was on the easy side for a Thursday with a pretty straightforward theme and early reveal. OTOH, it took me forever to accept Nyets as I was reading the Nos in the clue as numbers instead of nos, the opposite of yes, plus I never heard of that city. I knew Ling Cod (and yesterday’s Bream) as my husband was an avid fisherman and told lots of fish tales over the years. Nice CSO to the Louisiance contingent at Nawlins.

Thanks, Mike, for a smooth solve and thanks, Bill, for a delightful and informative summary and fun links.

Oas, how nice that you’ll get to see your granddaughter more often.


Lucina, I’m sorry to hear that you’re not feeling up to par. I commiserate with you on the cooking for one chore. Not only has it become an effort, it’s boring cooking the same foods over and over. In your case, it’s even more challenging because of your diabetes. Hang in there, Girl, we’re here whenever you need us! 🥰

Snow in the higher elevations is tomorrow’s forecast. April truly is the cruelest month.

Have a great day.

Husker Gary said...

-An obscure Russian city and fish did not stay me from the swift completion of my appointed round
-The GREASE JOB on my tiller is cleaning it after use.
-A PERM still lifts the spirits of my 98yr-old MIL at her nursing home
-In the same era as that IPANA ad, we heard ”A little DAB’ll do ya!
-Stephen Foster changed Suwannee River for his song to Swanee River because its cadence fit his song
-We mostly play “ready golf” (play if you’re ready) and don’t worry about HONORS
-Colleague would hear, “It ISN’T Fair!” and would respond, “Fairs come in the summer!”
-Yeah, I’m the only one who had S P _ _ _ and put SPILL for overflow
-Gary in binary code (bits) - 01000111 01100001 01110010 01111001
-Me too, YR, on TOTES ADORBS. Were “I can dig it” and “That’s so cool” that annoying in our yute?

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

An inky mess but FIR.. whew!! "Hairy" Mike (peluso = "hirsute") did quite a JOB on us.

Lots/TONS of inkovers: Hozni/HOSNI, GOP/sen/con/RNC (finally!), spill/spare/SPATE, Norlins/NAWLINS (sorry y'all), long/LING. Couldn't think of a font like siren then partly perped ariel/ARIAL. Thought nos meant "numbers" though we've had this clue before 🙄. If you asked any kid in my grade school class what the tallest building in our state was they'd say "the Umpire State Building), yep made that mistake too.

Hair raising experiences apparently has nothing to do with rearing rabbits. 🐰🐰🐰🐰

ŒNO 🍷(enoteca italian for wine store). IPANA (Bucky Beaver, like DO.."brusha brusha brusha"), then a little DAB of Brylcreem will do yah, (a substitute for ELBOW GREASE?)....If you need to Wee in Dundee ask for the loo.

Perpwalked ESE for "Atlanta to Charleston direction" which seemed wrong (Georgia is south of S. Carolina) but.. LIU, surprise ! 😳

Jacob RIIS..had 4 of them (2 in his name 2 in his head).

Stubborn BALKY
Balki Bartokomous from TV's "Perfect Strangers"

More messiness

Provide the catcher with a new glove....REMIT
Where a lady wears her diamond studs.....INNEREAR
An UMBRA is a round dark ______ CHÂTEAU
"Totally ____ !"...DEWED.

Anyone want to join me in a class action suit to force the CW police to permanently ban the use of the clue/answer combo Totes ADORBS!!, "really cute?" No it's NOT!. 😖

ATLGranny said...

FIW today. It looks like that kind of week. Much to learn from. Like WC, I left kING, not catching the mistake on the Pakistani city. And my other wrong square was Mubarak's first name, not seeing TaES IN didn't make any sense. That was less excusable. Oh well, better proofreading after a second cup of coffee, it looks like. Not so fast should be my mantra. Thanks waseeley and Mike for today's puzzling puzzle fun.

I've been reading a book about crosswords: Thinking Inside the Box. Had anyone else seen it? Interesting. Hope you all are doing well and have a great day.

Vidwan827 said...

Thanks Mike Peluso for the puzzle and Bill Waseeley for the review.

HONOR : An old, old joke...

A prince of one kingdom got married to a princess of a neighboring kingdom. A courtier was smuggled in, on their wedding night, to make sure that their union was compatible...
The next morning he reported to the Kings-in-law, his experience.
The princess said to the prince, I OFFER you my HONOR.
The prince replied, I HONOR your OFFER.
... and thats the way it went on the whole night...

Since this is a family blog, you have to make up the punch line words, based on your imagination of homonyms.

And, BTW, LAHORE, the etymology, is not based on any french word. There is no such word.
LAHORE is based, by best estimates. from the name, Lava (or Loh), the son of Rama, the protoganist from the RAMAYANA, ( Story of Rama - ), the indian epic.
Per the Ramayana, Lava ( pronounced 'love') and Kusha ( 'Koosh' rhymes with tush ) were the twin sons of Rama and his wife, Sita.

Have a nice day, all.

Big Easy said...

The Big Easy reporting from NAWLINS on this very stormy Thursday. The only time you hear any local say NAWLINS is when they slur NU-AWLINS for New Orleans. But you see it printed in company names and in advertising.

After filling ON THE INSIDE and WINS BY A NOSE, I was thinking horse racing and was I ever wrong. Mike pulled a CON JOB on me with that one. There were a lot of unknowns that were easily filled by perps today. SHAPE Magazine, YANKEE, LING cod, KACEY Musgrave, and Suzanne Sommers' character from a show that I never watched-CHRISSY SNOW. But she made a ton of money from Thigh Master. Learned ADORBS from an earlier puzzle.

IPANA with Bucky Beaver. Crest & Colgate dominate toothpaste. What happened to Pepsodent, Close-UP, Aqua-Phresh and all the rest?

DEWED- easy fill but never heard the word used. The ground is just WET with DEW.

EYE- immediately after Hurricane Zeta knocked over an 85 foot oak tree across my yard last October the hurricane's EYE passed over. Weird feeling. 100mph wind and a minute later it was dead calm. Luckily the tree missed my house by inches with no damage other than destroying the mailbox on the street. There was another 85 foot water oak next it that stood firm but I had it cut down ASAP. Not giving it a chance to damage the house.

Wilbur-CNBC was a joint venture between NBC and Microsoft, now solely owned by Comcast.

Becky said...

I've been lurking but not posting because this has been a weird spring for us. Sold our 5,000 square foot house
in Woodland Hills, bought a 2200 condo in Pasadena, moved in April 7, left for Park City April 9. It's been snowing for the past two days, things are somewhat unsettled. But I can always count on the Cornerites to soothe me, and always interest me. I FIW today because I spelled Kacey wrong.

I'll read you all tomorrow! We did get both our vaccinations so we're very happy about that. Will return to Older Posts to see what I missed FLN


Wilbur Charles said...

The word of the day in the Brylcream days was SWELL. Now it's "wonderful".

Given the K I immediately tried to fit Karachi. I'm vaguely familiar with LAHORE and UMBRA but couldn't recall them. The word "channel" was the key to CNBC. CNet would be a stream or URL. Thanks for clearing it up BigE

I had to go back and listen to SUSIE* and KATIE to get that @#$& Brylcreem AD out of my head.


*I followed the link and saw it was "Banned in Boston". It wasn't until the thirties that Sunday baseball was allowed at Fenway Park and even later for Philadelphia. Redsox games used to start at two pm and apparently the reason was there was a Church service nearby. It was surely over by two. Another anomoly. I was always confused because Sunday baseball in Detroit started 3pm EDT but hockey games started at 730 EST. Only later did I realize that Michigan did not go to Daylight Savings Time until much later.

Becky said...

FLN I loved the scene with the candy bar, unfortunately, where my kids went to tennis camp and had a swimming break in the afternoon, at least once someone would actually do it in the pool. And I don't mean pee. I assume it was a young boy, I hope that doesn't make me seem sexist.

Lucina, cut yourself some slack please. It's hard to do stuff when you're not feeling well. And I think frozen food is getting better these days, I just think it's better when it's cooked less than the recommended time. Don't mean to poke my nose in, but I know what it feels like when one disappoints oneself.


Ray - O - Sunshine said...

ATL granny. Always looking for something interesting to read. Checked my library app and put a hold on that book...thanks for the recommendation

Terry said...

I was onboard a submarine during a storm. We were on the surface and took a very heavy roll. A sailor rolled out of his bunk, landed on his feet, waited for the roll back to the other side, and jumped back in his rack. He gave no indication that he even woke up. 😉

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thanks for the fun, Mike & Bill. I was late to the puzzle after giving up at midnight because I was too sleepy. Then I forgot to look for the theme when done.

Liked the clues "hair-raising experience = PERMS & "development sites" = WOMBS. Despite being experienced in both subjects, took me a while to catch on.

DNK: HOSNI, Judge, LAHORE, UMBRA, LING, KACEY or SHAPE (one look at me will tell you I never read a fitness magazine.)

Mitch McConnell: not sen, GOP, Rep but RNC. Groan!

Had to lapse into my deep south mouth to get the right NAWLINS fill. Questionable.
Whew! No alcohol or drugs involved.

Two of my kids had apnea diagnosed by a machine used at their homes -- no LAB.

Didn't remember CHRISSY had a last name. When I thought of SNOW, didn't think it was that.

Lucina said...


Thank you, Mike Peluso! It's been long while since we saw a Peluso puzzle and I was immediately on his wave length. Much of it was nostalgic: CHRISSY SNOW, PERMS, IPANA, ERICH Segal, etc. How well I remember Three's Company. RIIS has appeared in puzzles before and the odd spelling of his name makes it memorable.

HOSNI Mubarak is familiar because he was so notorious and frequently in the news.

Yes, ADORBS has been in other puzzles but I, too, would like to ban it.

PBS is my favorite channel especially their British dramas to which I am addicted.

Well, thank you all for your kind words and I am embarrassed that I allowed myself a pity party when I know so many of you have even harder challenges. I count my blessings of which I have many and am grateful.

YR, I didn't realize you had diabetes and I'm sorry to hear it. Metformin does not agree with me but I have other medication that I take and it definitely helps.

Bill, thank you for your sparkling review!

We are having a glorious April here and I shall enjoy it a while longer.

I wish you all an equally glorious day!

PK said...

Correction: Part of my post disappeared again. It should have read: Hand up for #63 Little SUSIE. Woke up and sang the song all the way home. Parents still asleep. Whew! No alcohol or drugs involved. Both of us worked hard all day.

Yellowrocks said...

I seldom hear or see dewed as a verb. I see bedewed quite often in literature, not always referring to dew drops, but to tears bedewing the brow.
Here is a poem with bedew.

Bleeding Hearts

bleeding hearts
dangling flowers the night skies bedew
your rocklike petals shimmer

CrossEyedDave said...

Brent@9:13, I hear ya...
however, my bane has always been the amount of French in English puzzles.
(in another spate...)
(meaning, which leads to...)

"L"ing crossing "L"ahore only took 5 WAGs
with the red letters on!

The theme has promise...

(even if they don't tell you...)

and is ripe for really bad puns!

HG!, that Brylcream commercial makes me want to run out & buy some!
But, before I do, Ladies, do you really want to run your fingers through greasy hair?

but the combination of "Grease,"
and "Ipana," require a link to the slumber party scene...

unclefred said...

FIR, but took 31 minutes. I do believe I am just slowing down on CW solving. Never heard of ADORBS, I was sure something was wrong there, SPATE, DEWED and BALKY and OPUSES all seemed a bit stretched. But, slowly, I worked my way through it. Thanx, Mike for the mental workout, and thanx, Waseeley for all the time you obviously put into your terrific write-up.

Chairman Moe said...

Puzzling thoughts:

FIW with a Natick @ LAHORE and LING

I too, had thought this was a horse racing theme when I solved 17-A and 25-D

The use of UMBRA, ADORBS, and DEWED was a bit clunky

Great description Bill of the CHATEAU and French wine appellations.

Nice to have another CSO today with OENO, following yesterday’s obvious one with the Simpson’s bar (MOE’S); likewise, a CSO today to the folks from NOLA

I’ve watched Sully several times and echo that it’s a movie worth seeing

Loving the year-‘round MST here in AZ. I don’t miss the changing of the clocks one bit

See y’all manaña

NaomiZ said...

Thank you, Mike! I FIR but DNK IPANA toothpaste, and was unsure of SPATE and LING. Thank you, Bill, for a marvelous review!

Spitzboov, I was impressed by the story of your ship rolling in that storm. More than that, I am sorry for the loss of your eldest daughter. My younger sister died of cancer 10 years ago. How strange that is for my mother, who is turning 90 this year.

Lucina, there are times when each of us is overwhelmed with woe. The fact that others have greater challenges does not make ours less, or easier to bear. I'm sure all of our hearts go out to you.

AnonymousPVX said...

This was an appropriate Thursday level grid.

Despite living in Charleston and flying to Atlanta to get to the NE, and KNOWING that Atlanta was slightly north of Charleston, I confidently put ENE in.

Write-overs...GOP/RNC, ENE/ESE...with a ”D’oh”.

I just didn’t care for brother lives there, no one who does says that. Plus another issue, how do you properly spell a slang word?

I’m a type 2 diabetic, too much metformin leads to a day in the bathroom. Ozempic has been of great benefit.

Stay safe,

ATLGranny said...

billocohoes at 9:30 AM, I am still smiling at your "small shade" UMBrella. Thanks.

Anonymous T said...

Big Fat DNF / FIW.

Hi All!

Thanks Mike for the puzzle but the Carolinas were gnarly (and not in the good "catch a wave" way either). Nope, didn't know LING (had kING), LAHORE, nor KACEY (riCkY was right out).

"Other than that, I enjoyed the play." -- Mary Todd Lincoln.

Theme helped me remember SNOW.

Thanks waseleey for the fine expo. You new guys sure put A BIT to digest in the re-cap ;-)

WOs: AROMA in NOTED squares (D'Oh!). aENO -> OENO. I tried to redo CHRISSY to make ERR | Ricky fit at 32a but UMBRA had to be right (R_BRA(?)) so back to CHRISSY. Oh it's an inky mess.
ESPs: Yes, thanks for asking.
FIW: AReAL 'cuz RIIS couldn't be right, right?
Fav: I thought the clue for OUNCE was cute.

IPANA - learned of it here at The Corner. Still takes me a perp or two to come up with it.

FLN - PK, it is nice to see you back. Sorry the trouble with electronics.
LLN - Lucina - NaomiZ @1:23 said it better than I could.
FToday - Nice to see you back too, Becky.

Spitz - to a PFC, MAJ is definitely brass :-)

CED - LOL IKEA interview.

58a -- going to be PBS or NPR (local station just started their 'Spring Drive').
PBS won by a NOSE.
//go ahead and sponge, waseleey - I am a 'sustaining' member and, since I listen to NPR way more than I watch TV, I give them ~1/2 of what my cable bill is (and my company matches to close the difference!).

Hey, y'all!
I got my second poke in the arm today! 15 days and I can finally! return to the gym (the facetime sessions are ok, but... I really don't have much equipment) and dine out.

Play later. Cheers!, -T

jfromvt said...

I thought this was a nice puzzle with some clever clues. Other seem to think it was easy or average for a Thursday, but it was a bit of a challenge for me, but very fair.

oc4beach said...

True Thursday level puzzle. Had to turn on Red Letters to get the last few words. So officially a DNF. Good write-up by waseeley.

Didn't like ADORBS and didn't know SMA which I assume is a shortened version of small. Even though YUK is supposed to represent a sound, I would spell it YUCK, but that's just me.

Big Easy: You can still get Pepsodent, Close-Up and Aquafresh toothpastes, but you have to look for them. Our local supermarket has them plus I have found them in Dollar Stores, but they are on the bottom shelf and usually there are only one or two tubes available. You're right that Colgate and Crest are the dominating products on the shelves these days. Many of the old products have been sold by the original companies that made them to small niche companies (many of them overseas) that rely on old brand loyalty to sell the products with no advertising.

-T: I'm also looking forward to dining out, but the gym is not on my list of want-to-dos. Walking outdoors is good enough for me.

Have a great day everyone.

unclefred said...

Hey, c.c., I have an idea for a CW theme. I tried to email it to you, but when I clicked on "email me" at your c.c. link, my computer took me to a Microsoft site that wanted me to O.K. them reading, forwarding, or deleting any or all of my gmail. I couldn't accept that. Please email me at my "follow-up comments" link and I'll forward the idea to you.

Lemonade714 said...

My brother from another mother, while we have grown from the time "anything goes" innuendo fest of days gone by, I think the blog is mature enough to not be offended by the punchline, "he was honor and offer all night long." Maybe I am wrong.

This was a trick puzzle and you had to be lucky with some of the crosses such as LING and LAHORE which I knew.

Among the many things that make this blog so special are the caring people we have; Lucina you are a favorite here. Becky, I missed you and had a tinge of worry. Moving is among the top three stressers in life along with death and divorce. I do thing your assumption that the "floater" came from a little boy tunnel is sexist, but my children have made me aware that our generation is never going to be a bastion of political correctness. Speaking of which there is CED, who continues to deliver with the very apt IPANA link.

I have a cousin 60ish who made me aware of TOTES ADORBS a few years ago. Who knew it would help my puzzle solving.

Be well all

Picard said...

Hand up, valuable learning moment that Atlanta is North of Charleston. Hand up TOTES ADORBS is annoying in a way that “I can dig it” and “That’s so cool” were not. We have seen this many times before. Still, it is a learning moment. Hand up KACEY utterly unknown. UMBRA a gimme for this eclipse watcher.

Fun JOB theme. FIR.

The man Sully indeed was a hero at LGA. But when we watched the SULLY movie I could not believe what I was seeing. Was this entire story of him being treated badly by a government panel really made up? Yes. I find this kind of film making really harmful. Most people get their history and public policy learning from movies.

Here is the Conde Nast Traveler story of how Clint Eastwood completely made up a fake story in SULLY just to have a set of "villains".

We see NAPA quite often. Time to dig out some old photos!

Here I was with my family in NAPA in 1980.

We have our own OENOphile valley now in Santa Barbara County, as seen in the movie Sideways.

Misty said...

Thursday toughie for me, but still fun--many thanks, Mike. And your commentaries are always a pleasure, Bill.

Musical references in puzzles often give me ear-worms. Today it was "Swanee" (how I love you) and "Susie" (wake up little), both of which keep buzzing in my head.

Have a good day, everybody.

CanadianEh! said...

Terrific Thursday. Thanks for the fun, Mike and waseeley.
I FIRed and saw the JOB theme. Filled in good time, but hand up for being held up in that SE area with possible Natick crosses of SNOW CNBT, LAHORE.

Also, I had ARE Too before NOT.
I only had EAU in the bottom of 41D at first, and was trying to figure out what kind of water was in the Loire Valley. Oh CHATEAU - lightbulb moment & big smile!
TONS (of ore!) under SMELTS brought a smile too.

I saw the CSO to Big Easy and our other NOLA Cornerites.

I learned Totes ADORBS doing CW; hand up for thinking it is infantile.
Yes YR, I wanted Dewy, but knew beDEWED from literature. DEWED was a nose wrinkle.
Merrium Webster says plural of Opus is Opera, also OPUSES. Wow, who knew!?
Even this Canadian is not used to that British meaning for SPATE.

waseeley - Re your "low-cost, paste on, disposable, blue-tooth EKG sensor" - I have Kardi Mobile app on my iPad for DH. He can get an ECG using fingertips on sensor pad beside my iPad. I believe they also had a Kardia Band that went on Apple Watch that met some of your requirements, but they discontinued it when Apple brought out their own product.

Lucina - NaomiZ@1:23 said it well. We are always glad to listen.
Welcome back Becky. Glad to also see PK back today and the other day.

Wishing you all a great day.

Big Easy said...

CED-"HG!, that Brylcream commercial makes me want to run out & buy some!"

I thought you were a Vitalis person, not one that uses "The Greasy Kid Stuff". All kidding aside, those hair creams kept the LICE out of your hair.

oc4beach- from my experience as a buyer and manager of a wholesale drug company I could probably name a 1,000 products that once sold a lot but you rarely see these days. Maalox, Bufferin, Geritol, White Rain hair products, Lilt & Toni permanent waves, Anacin, Hayey's MO, Phillips Milk of magnesia, Pacquins & Ponds creams, ...etc. You can probably still get them but I haven't seen any of them in any store that I've visited in quite a while.

Lucina said...

Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate that.

You also fill me with gratitude. Thank you.

I often deliberately look for Pepsodent toothpaste and as has been noted, always it's on the bottom shelf. One of my sisters uses only and always, Colgate. Another likes Lux soap not just for the brand name, but other soaps cause rashes. She can only use All laundry detergent. I like Dove or Caress. Luckily they are sold in six or eight packs which I like to buy.

The desert is in bloom and I just purchased plants for the area under my front windows. They will be planted by the landscapers when they come on Saturday.

Oas said...

Eight years ago and again seven years ago we spent January in Arizona. We were told that the E Apache Trail would be alive with color in April. Hope to see it some day. We drove up there and got a sense of how beautiful it might be. We seem to be able to spend hours taking in natures wonders like lakes and oceans , mountains , forests and campfires . Staring at desert blooms is on our bucket list.

CrossEyedDave said...

Holy Greasy stuff!

Thank you big Easy for pointing out that
whenever we look at history, we are only looking
at a small part of the story...

Totes Adorbs,
Yea, I remember it from Xwords past.
Except, I can never remember it when I need it for a puzzle...
But it did make me think, what would the opposite totally
ridiculous, absurd, short hand, generation speak sound like?

Unfortunately, mine comes out like a license plate...

"Efn MizR A Bl"

What would you come up with for a new (whatever u call this crap!)

While, I think it works in hindsight for 2020,
I do wonder what Yellowrocks thinks of this whole phenomenon...

waseeley said...

CEh! @4:13 PM

Perhaps I was incorrect in my assumption that the sensors used to detect sleep apnea are simply monitoring heart rhythms. Here's a more detailed description of "Polysomnography" (see this detailed description from the Mayo Clinic In brief here is what is monitored:

"Polysomnography, also called a sleep study, is a comprehensive test used to diagnose sleep disorders. Polysomnography records your brain waves, the oxygen level in your blood, heart rate and breathing, as well as eye and leg movements during the study."

From the perspective of the patient this involves having several dozen sensors pasted to various parts of you body (scalp, torso, and limbs), which are then wired to a harness which is then attached to monitoring equipment. The patient is then expected to "fall asleep" for several hours and try to avoid too much "tossing and turning" while a technician watches all of this from an adjoining room. I went through this procedure 3 times, before conclusive results were obtained. Needless to say this is arrangement is not conducive to monitoring someone's regular sleep patterns.

My suggestion was that cheap blue tooth sensors would eliminate the wire harness, which I found to be the major obstacle to getting reliable results.

If this "Rube Goldberg" could be replaced with a Fit Bit or a Smartphone this would be a great technological break thru and Sleep Labs would go the way of buggy whips.

I guess time will tell.


Spitzboov said...

NaomiZ - - Thanks for your comments and the kind words.

Lucina - We use Dove (unscented), too, on the recommendation of my dermatologist. We buy it in a 16-pack (hexadecimal?) from BJ's.

Glad to see PK here with us in the thick of things.

Anon -T - - You may be right. Guess I was thinking of 'top brass'.

Anonymous T said...


Youngest just came home with her graduation regalia (pickup was today).

Included with all the "Senior Stuff" was a T-Shirt with the following on the back:

Class of 2021
We can do

Cheers, -T

Chairman Moe said...

Dash T:

Virtually anything . . . excellent!

Congrats to your daughter!

waseeley said...

-T @6:00pm Congrats to your Youngest. Her generation is proving that Virtuality can be Reality.

DW and moi got our second pokes today too. We'll need to compare notes. Thus far no after effects. We're planning to take it easy for a few days. Other than trying to fix the tailgate on my Ford 150 Lemon Model Alpha, which nearly fell off yesterday as I was leaving the dump. Had to tie the damn thing up with rope to nurse it home. Thank heaven for the Boy Scouts.

Cheers and thanks for the PBS support.

Anonymous T said...

Moe & Waseeley - Youngest was nonplussed...

"Really? Virtual? Too soon." :-)

Lucina said, "They will be planted by the landscapers when they come on Saturday."
That's the spirit!

I'm sure I've mentioned Staged [Teaser] on Hulu before. The main two actors started the verisimilitude series at the beginning of the pandemic and it was Totes "Yeah, us too!"
DW & I just finished Series 2 which is near real-time re: pandemic [read: they can travel now]. Anyway, it's the funniest thing about Covid-life I've seen.

ATLGranny - I've gotta find that book now. Thx.

Cheers, -T

CanadianEh! said...

Waseeley- I missed the disconnect between your sleep apnea discussion and the EKG question. You were probably thinking of EEGs which are used in a sleep study.

AnonT - I love that T- shirt! Congrats to your daughter.

oc4beach said...

Waseeley @ 5:23pm: I agree about the Sleep Study harness and hookups being a literal PITA. It bothered me so much that I barely got enough of a REM cycle in the 8 hours I was hooked up for them to make a diagnosis. I now use a CPAP machine every night in order to get a few hours of sleep without waking up. I download my sleep performance each morning and am sometimes amazed at how many times I have stopped breathing during the night. It's not a perfect system, but it does help.

CanadianEh: I think EKGs and EEGs were both part of the sleep study that I had. I think it took a few days of hair washing to get the glue out of my hair from the EEG hookups.

LEO III said...

Thanks, Mike and Bill!

Another DNF, and some of what I finished I FIW! The southeast got me. I could blame ARETOO, instead of ARENOT, but I’m not even sure not making that mistake would have made much of a difference.

I did get the theme, though. I knew HOSNI, and I figured out SNOW easily enough. Both Norman Fell and Don Knotts also played in THREE’S COMPANY.

Goldfinger usurped James Bond’s honors on the last hole of their golf match. Bond’s caddy mentioned it to Bond, but Bond let Goldfinger have them, so that he could spring the lost golf ball trap.

Yeah, I thought BRASS was a bit of an overstatement.

Just bought a three-pack of Aquafresh at Wally yesterday.

JKF/LGA was a nice misdirection. Had me fooled for a while.

-T --- FLN --- Great! Just let me know ahead of time, so that I can be there to give you the grand tour! However, if it’s the third Saturday of the month (either Open Ramp Day the first two months of each quarter, or Wings and Wheels the last month of each quarter), I’m busy out on the ramp ALL day, but I can get you a better tour guide anyway! Those third Saturdays are more fun anyway! And what Moe and C-EH! said!!!

Lucina said...

Congratulations to your daughter! I know you are proud of your girls. Will we see photos?

Anon said...

Good puzzle but hardly super easy. SE corner a little difficult. When did you ever hear a kid’s retort as “are not”?