Apr 5, 2021

Monday, April 5, 2021 Sheryl Bartol


Theme:  SHAKY GROUND (64A. With "on," not strong, as an argument ... and what might cause the ends of answers to starred clues?)- The last parts of the theme entries are all synonyms of "trip":

17. *Bank form: DEPOSIT SLIP.

37. *Surprise inheritance: WINDFALL.

43. *Venue for a license plate game: ROAD TRIP.

Boomer here. 

I am not sure if any of you avid puzzlers were able to sit through 4 1/2 hours of opening day of the Twins game with the Brewers however the answers of 17, 37, and 43 remind me of the Twins 9th inning defense. Oh well, Happy 162 game season to all!


1. Guys: MALES.

6. Overplay on stage: HAM UP.  We got some Delicious HAM from Aldi for Easter.  C.C. and I hope your Easter went well.   

11. Sting operation: CON.  Great movie with Robert Redford and Paul Newman "The Sting".

14. Rent-a-car company: ALAMO.  "Hi up Santa Anna, We're killing your soldiers below, so the rest of Texas will know, and remember the ALAMO". The Kingston Trio.

15. State one's views: OPINE.

16. Penn or Brown, e.g.: IVY.  IVY League has great universities however place the word "Poison" in front of Ivy and you have a very nasty weed.  Don't ask how I learned about this.

19. Oz's __ Woodman: TIN.  If he only had a heart.

20. "Smell Ready" deodorant brand: AXE.  

21. Prepare to exit one's car: UNBELT.  I've been having trouble fastening the belt in our Santa Fe but no problem taking it off.

22. Actress/inventor Lamarr: HEDY.

23. Like Hammett's falcon: MALTESE.  1931 book, 1941 Movie.  A little before my time.

25. Jamaican music: SKA.

27. In the thick of: AMIDST.

30. "Let me run that errand": I'LL GO.  It's my Monday off  with the bowling team.  Did someone say "golf" ?  I'll go!  Weather man predicts 75 today!

34. Spoke like Daffy: LISPED.

39. At some prior time: ONCE.  ONCE upon a time, I was pretty good at something.  It's been so long I cannot remember.

40. Like A-listers: ELITE.

42. __ Piper: rat-removal fellow: PIED.  I think Hamline got a college named after that Piper.

45. Political candidate lists: SLATES.  Not the season.  I'm tired of politics for awhile.

47. Key above Shift: ENTER.  Caps Lock did not fit.

48. Some green sauces: PESTOS.

50. Org. in Clancy novels: CIA.  The only one I remember was "The Hunt for Red October".  I never was much of a reader. 

52. Support pieces above doors: LINTELS.

56. "Star __ III: The Search for Spock": TREK.

59. China's __ Kai-shek: CHIANG.  C.C. would probably know more about this guy.  He was actually the leader of Nationalist China which we now know as Taiwan.

62. __ v. Wade: ROE.

63. "Justice League" actress Gadot: GAL.

66. ER fluid hookups: IVS.  Interesting - I needed an IV for contrast before my bone scan but for radiation they just zapped me.

67. Soprano Fleming: RENEE.

68. Allow to fluctuate, as a currency: UNPEG.

69. Service charge: FEE.  I hate them.  My banks do not charge fees nor do we see them on most transactions.  Sometimes we have to pay on international transactions.

70. Heroic Schindler: OSKAR.

71. __ Dame: NOTRE.  "Cheer, Cheer for old Notre Dame."  Notre Dame is French for "Our Lady". And from that we get "Fighting Irish"  I guess.


1. "__ Secretary": 2010s CBS drama: MADAM.  I believe it was spelled backwards in this puzzle.

2. Echo Dot assistant: ALEXA.  I believe she is a roommate of Siri.

3. Flap for a mic: LAPEL.  I hesitate to say how many LAPEL pins I have from bowling accomplishments.

4. Moody music genre: EMO.  I think It's cousin EMU is in Liberty Mutual Commercials but he's not as ridiculous as the guy selling Wet Teddy Bears. 

5. Insincere "My bad": SO SUE ME.  I'm thinking the ghost of President Roosevelt should sue Liberty Mutual!

6. Breeding environment: HOT BED.

7. Church niche: APSE.  My church has a pretty high APSE.  I cannot imagine why.  The heating bill must be higher than Texas in a snow storm.

8. Paper factory: MILL.  I think there is an old stream running by the factory.

9. Troop groups: UNITS.

10. Get-up-and-go: PEP.  There was once a breakfast cereal by this name.  I never tried it, and I don't see it in grocery stores any more. 

11. Name, as sources: CITE.

12. "Metamorphoses" poet: OVID.

13. Part of a Wall St. address: NY NY.  "Start Spreading the News"  Frank Sinatra.  From "The Sands" in old Las Vegas.  I believe it was on the grounds where the Fashion Show Mall sits now.

18. One with confidential info: INSIDER.

22. Thirty after the hour: HALF PAST.

24. Dated stereo component: TAPE DECK.  It's been a long time since I have seen or used one.

26. Josh: KID.

28. Credit card motion: SWIPE.  Most of the places we go now have an option to push your card in and remove rather than SWIPE,

29. __ for tat: TIT.

31. Milk, in Marseille: LAIT.

32. TV show about a high school choir: GLEE.  I was performing for three years in the Benilde High School Glee Club.  It took a lot of extra time for practices and concerts, but it was the most rewarding fun I had in High School.  And I say this 56 years later. 

33. Cutlass automaker: OLDS.  I never owned a Cutlass but I once had a 1955 sedan and a big 1957 -98 Sedan and I had a 1961 Two door Hardtop.  I hope the city appreciated my support by paying all the speeding tickets. 

34. Myths, legends, etc.: LORE.

35. Informed of: IN ON.

36. Ella's improv style: SCAT.

38. Like stored Russian dolls: NESTING.

41. Blistex target: LIP.  We use ChapStick

44. Bi- plus one: TRI.  Strike out in the tenth frame, or the tenth inning if you are a TWIN.

46. Extended period of time: LONG RUN.

49. Vampire vanquisher: SLAYER.

51. Partner of pains: ACHES.

53. Spew lava and ash: ERUPT.  I still remember Mount St. Helens.

54. Introvert: LONER.

55. Everglades plant: SEDGE.

56. "The workweek's almost over!": TGIF.  I can read, but it's only Monday.  Get to work (Or to the lanes, or to the course)

57. Glowing review: RAVE.

58. Above all __: more than anything: ELSE.

60. Slugger Aaron: HANK.  We only lost Mr. AARON this past January.  Although he was a Milwaukee Brave, The Brewers have memorialized him at American Family Insurance Stadium.  Miller Park has also left us.

61. Swedish furniture chain: IKEA.  I'm leaving this alone this time.

64. Sign of a sellout: SRO.  No Standing Room tickets this year.  Everyone gets a seat due to Covid.

65. Musician Yoko: ONO.  "Oh No" here's another puzzle with Yoko in it.


Notes from C.C.:

Happy 80th birthday to dear Irish Miss, the sunshine of our corner. Thanks for all the love and care you've showed to us all these years, esp to me and Boomer. Thanks for making us feel so special.
L-R: Anne, Agnes, Eileen, Mary, and Peggy.
St Patrick's Day, 2019


Hungry Mother said...

Easy enough and FIR, but I had some write-overs: HAMUP 4 emote, LAIT 4 Lech, and NYNY 4 NYse.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Once again failed to read the full reveal and failed to see the theme. But got 'er done in a hurry, so d-o will take a win. Thanx, Sheryl and Boomer.

EMu: I'm ashamed to admit that it was just last week that I realized Limu the emu is named for LIberty MUtual. I normally see those commercials in high-speed fast-forward.

MILL: The Fox River Valley (Neenah to Green Bay) in Wisconsin was noted for its paper mills. It was home to Kimberly-Clark and Scott Paper, among others.

Happy birthday, Irish Miss. Hope you've got something special on the schedule.

billocohoes said...

Supposedly the CIA report on Generalissimo CHIANG was "not enough general, too much issimo"

inanehiker said...

Went fairly quickly through this - but many of the theme answers filled by perps so like D-O I didn't get the theme until I came to Boomer's write-up! Thanks Boomer and Sheryl-

Gorgeous weekend - nice to take a walk in the afternoon after the Easter festivities in the morning. Then we ended up going to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Stanford Cardinal Women win the national basketball championship! It was a nail biter!

Happy birthday to Agnes, our Irish Miss!

Mark said...

I'm not going to apologize for the way my Brewers got their one win of the weekend against Boomer's Twins. SoSueMe.

Side note, Hank Aaron was a Milwaukee Brewer his last two seasons. He hit his 755th (and still the record to many) at old County Stadium.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Happy Birthday to Irish Miss.

Happy Easter Monday to our Canadian friends.
Happy Dyngus Day to our Buffalo readers and others of the Polish persuasion.

Straightforward solve today. No issues. Apologize for not paying attention to the theme.

Nice job Sheryl. Keep 'em coming.

TokenCreek said...

Boomer, I too had that same bone scan followed by 43 trips into the high-beam zapper. Easy puzzle today. Oh, it's Monday. Warming up nice here and some needed rain is afoot for the rest of the week. TC out.

Lemonade714 said...

Very happy birthday wishes to Agnes. You are joy here and a great friend to C.C.

Wilbur Charles said...

Boomer, re. TRI, do you still refer to three strikes as a Turkey?

The Russian dolls/NESTING needs explanation?? This went quick and easy as a bunch of answers only appeared in the Write-up. Fe LAIT for our French lesson.

Happy birthday, Irish Miss.

I've got the box in the kitchen but can't think of the Kelloggs brand that replaced PEP. They have fruit like raspberries in them that I like.


STAYER was a bit gluey. I had emote, too.

Lemonade714 said...

In case you forgot, Sheryl is Debbie Ellerin’s sister
How many families can name two constructors

Husker Gary said...

-No inheritance for us, the Alzheimer’s facility got it all
-We had a nice ham as well and actually hugged our kids!
-Movie fans will know that the MALTESE falcon was a Maguffin
-UNPEG and UNBELT were interesting. At least SLAYER wasn’t STAKER. :-)
-My communications with Debbie and her sister Sheryl have been very nice!
-Happy Birthday, Irish! I always appreciate your comments!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

The theme hit home literally as I stumbled over Emote/Ham Up, Uni/Ivy, and Nestled/Nesting. I wasn’t keen on Unbelt or Unpeg, but smiled at IVs/Ivy and Males/Gal. I saw the theme early but the reveal was an Aha surprise. A direct CSO to Tin and an indirect one to OMK at Ham Up.

Thanks, Sheryl, for a fun start to the week and thanks, Boomer for the chuckles and commentary. Good luck on the links!

Thank you, CC, for your kind and touching words of tribute. Words alone cannot convey what you and Boomer and the entire Corner family mean to me. (I’m also at a loss for words to describe, much less understand, how I got to be 80 years old.)

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. It’s a bittersweet day because I shared this day with our dear Abejo.

I actually celebrated yesterday at a lovely Brunch at my sister Peggy’s. The generous gift cards I received will keep my online buying sprees going strong!

Have a great day.

TTP said...

Thank you, Sheryl and Boomer.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, IRISH MISS ! Hope you enjoy your special day. Not sure if you get the Movies! channel, but "The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer" just started. If you don't, maybe you can find another starring your favorite.

The only (momentary) struggle I had with today's crossword was that I spelled the answer for "Support pieces over doors" as if they were legumes. Not the first time and probably won't be the last.

D-O, we stayed in De Pere along the Fox River for a wedding in Green Bay. Had an excellent supper the night before at one of Wisconsin's many supper clubs. Eve's, a few miles north in Green Bay, looking out onto the river. For years after that, I thought that Fox River was the same one that flows to the Illinois River. Nope. Neenah to Green Bay Fox River flows north(east) and Waukesha to Ottawa, IL Fox River flows south. Two different rivers.

oc4beach said...

Got the theme today which helped to fill in some of the blanks. Nice puzzle and Boomer's tour was enjoyable.

Happy Birthday Irish Miss. Hope you have a great day.

Not many hiccups today. EMOTE before HAMUP, and I wanted AMONGST before AMIDST, but it didn't fit.

Had a good Easter ham yesterday with homemade baked beans. Just the two of us. No kids since they haven't been able to get their vaccine shots yet. Hopefully things will change by July 4th.

In addition to being National Deep Dish Pizza day and National Caramel day, it is also National Nebraska day. Husker Gary can celebrate Nebraska's statehood. I don't understand why today is National Nebraska day since the actual anniversary is on March 1st.

Off to the start of another week. Have fun everyone.

ATLGranny said...

An enjoyable Monday FIR with a theme I found easy enough. Thanks, Sheryl. You did lead me astray twice: emote for HAM UP and NESTled for NESTING. Perps straightened me out soon though. And many thanks for your witty review, Boomer. Hope you can get out and golf this pretty day.

Happy special birthday to Irish Miss! Enjoy #80, a round birthday! Also as you said it's the day to remember Abejo. Best wishes to all on this Monday start to a new week. No TRIPping, SLIPping or FALLing on SHAKY GROUND, please.

Contrite Constructor said...

Lemonade 714 wrote,'How many families can name two constructors ...'.

I could think of one ... The Bechtel Company.

This family of CONSTRUCTORS, contractors, has built and contributed to the Hoover Boulder Dam, numerous nuclear and LNG power stations, The BART, the British-France Chunnel. the Los Alamos National Laoratories, and cleaned up Three Mile Island nuclear plant, and Chernobyl, and doused the fires in Kuwaiti Oil fields after the Iraq war, and built seven cities.
And thats just a minor summary.

Its the 7th largest private company, in the world, and the largest construction company, with the FIFTH generation of the Bechtel family, now on the helm, leading the company.

"Family Constructors" of a different kind, but still 'real' Constructors. ;-o)

NaomiZ said...

Happy birthday, Irish Miss! You are an inspiration and a wonder to this relative newcomer.

Today's puzzle was fun to solve, and I bumped into the reveal in time for it to help with an answer.

Thanks to Sheryl for a nice start to the week, and to Boomer for an informative review.

Lucina said...


Happy birthday, Irish Miss! I'm glad you celebrated already and will enjoy your spending sprees.

No ACHES or pains were experienced while solving this clever puzzle from Sheryl Bartol.

I do have a question about pluralizing PESTOS since PESTO sauce is actually an adjective but, yes, I realize anything is possible in a CWD puzzle.

I love seeing lovely HEDY LaMarr and RENEE Fleming though I had Ronda first though I know better. OSKAR Schindler, too, one of history's heroes.

One of my former cars was an OLDS and ran for seven years but I don't recall why I got rid of it. Usually it's after too many trips to the repair shop.

In my closet is a box full of eight-track tapes but no TAPE DECK on which to play them.

We also had a lovely Easter feast with a tasty chuck roast, potatoes, carrots, salad and a gorgeous birthday cake for my granddaughter. The cake was a work of art made by my nephew's girlfriend who is a trained baker.

I wish you well, one and all!

AnonymousPVX said...

Happy 80th Birthday, Irish Miss.

My BD - but not my 80th - is in 2 weeks.

This Monday grid went quickly, but not without a write-over:

EMOTE/HAMUP. I was so sure. hair is longer now than in the early 70’s. Having my second shot 10 days ago, I called my cutter, figured to set up an appointment. He’s a great guy. But as it turns out, he is one of those folks who isn’t sure about the vaccine safety. So he’s waiting until NEXT YEAR to be sure.

Looks like I’m gonna need another cutter.

Stay safe.

waseeley said...

Still sore from rebuilding our BADMINTON court to give our PEPPY grandkids something to do while DW and I were finishing up Easter Dinner. Thank you Sheryl and Boomer, hope you enjoyed a happy Passover/Easter!

A pleasant Monday stroll and after some time off I scored a FIR. Got the theme only when Boomer pointed it out and it reminded me of 3 years ago when at age 71 I broke my first bone. TRIPPED on a makshift ramp, FELL off my truck unloading a snowblower, and landed on my collar-bone. Son was worried it might have been my head, and that might explain a lot. My collar-bone is fully recovered now.

Easter Vigil service this past Saturday evening at Baltimore's Cathedral was DIVINE!

And speaking of divine, 67A Renee is one of the last of the great DIVAS and she just happened to sing the lead in Dvorak's RUSULKA in this past Saturday's MET rebroadcast. A tragic, fairy-tale opera with her signature performance of the "SONG OF THE MOON".

42A IIRC he was also a CHILD-REMOVAL fellow until the town finally PAID THE PIPER.

8D There is a PAPER MILL in Luke, MD that closed down in 2019, ostensibly due to declining demand for paper (maybe they need to switch to making BITCOIN). Unfortunately this was a small, one industry town and all of the people were laid off. To make matters even worse the mill turned out to be a major polluter of the POTOMAC RIVER, and it will take years to clean up the MESS.

And a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you AGNUS on the Monday of the Octave of Easter!

OH! and the O's swept the BOSOX for their 3 game series opener. SO please don't SUE ME WC!


Picard said...

As a hiker, I am often on SHAKY GROUND and have to be careful not to SLIP, TRIP or FALL. Fun theme. Never heard of AXE deodorant. Anyone else? Always brings a smile to see HEDY LAMARR as a reminder from Blazing Saddles.

Here are three of my photos on WALL STREET in NY, NY

The first one really captures the feeling of the people there! Somewhere I have photos from the 1970s when you could go inside. I don't think that is possible since 9/11.

Picard said...

From Yesterday:
Lucina Thanks for asking about my carrot habit that sends us to the ALL CASH Farmer's Market each week. They are a healthful snack with few calories that I find very satisfying. They also keep my teeth and gums clean. I have a new doctor who was alarmed at the orange tone of my skin, but he correctly guessed it was from eating carrots. He said otherwise the color would show in my eyes.

I find it a challenge to find good carrots. Most are just woody, dry and tasteless. Hector grows a variety from Nantes, France that are sweet and juicy! I tried to encourage him to expand his farm to sell more, but he says he likes keeping it small.

Misty said...

Delightful Monday puzzle--many thanks, Sheryl. And Boomer, your write-up is always a pleasure, and I loved seeing your GLEE-club picture this morning!

Like others, I too had a problem by putting EMOTE before HAM UP. But I got WINDFALL for the surprise inheritance early on, and that was a big help (not that I've ever gotten a surprise inheritance). Cute picture of the TIN man, Boomer.

So glad you had a wonderful day with your sister, Irish Miss. I always love seeing that image of you and your sisters--what a lovely family you've enjoyed!

Have a wonderful week coming up, everybody.

waseeley said...

Make that "RUSALKA" and "Song TO the Moon".

Husker Gary said...

Musings 2
-Just back from 18 holes on a breezy but gorgeous day and I played okay!
-National Nebraska Day? Huh? No clue!
-Sprinkler repair for this afternoon.
-Here we are actually hugging our girls yesterday

Alice said...

Speaking of SHAKY GROUND, we had a 4.0 earthquake this morning in Los Angeles. But that's not big enough to do damage - usually.

I enjoyed Sheryl's puzzle. The theme was readily discernible, and helpful to the solve.

unclefred said...

Absolutely delightful CW, which I LOVED!! Thanx, Sheryl! Fun to do, and I got a good Monday FIR time (for me) of 12 minutes. MALTESE was a WAG. WOs LENTIL:LINTEL; INSURER:INSIDER. Thank u again, Sheryl, LOVELY CW!! Great write-up Boomer. U mentioned poison ivy. I remember going berry picking as a kid with my uncle, aunt and two cousins. Everyone got bad poison ivy except lucky me, who turns out to be immune to it! Boomer, u also mention the ridiculous “Wet Teddy Bear” commercial. U r correct. Irritatingly STUPID commercial. Only ones worse are the half-man, half-motorcycle ads, which are SO stupid I refuse to look or listen. As soon as I see it I hit mute and don’t look at the TV for a minute, to be sure I didn’t subject myself to such idiocy. Desper-otto, I grew up in Milwaukee but left WI for FLL in 1968. U say the Fox River Valley WAS the home to Kimberly-Clarke and Scott, I take that to mean they are gone? Geez, WHEN?? To this day I buy Scott paper products thinking I’m supporting jobs in Wisconsin!! Where did they go?? Happy BD to all mentioned!! My Easter was a community table in my neighbors front yard with neighbors each bringing something. My neighborhood is an interesting cross-section of all of America. A couple from India, a couple from Brazil, a gay couple, a couple from NY, an unmarried couple, and me, the divorced single guy from WI. Our get-together are always fun. We are all vaccinated now, so we can finally get together again!!

Ol' Man Keith said...

Happy Birthday, Irish Miss!
Welcome to the ranks of the "Elders." You have always shown wisdom, but from now on we have to believe everything you say!

Cool PZL today. I almost thought it was too difficult for a Monday, but then I saw I was mis-reading the numbers of the clues.

Most of us thought EMOTE before HAM UP. Technically, there is only a smidgen of a difference in their meaning. But EMOTE is closer to what actors may legitimately do, while HAM UP means to add a degree of mugging that has no place on stage.

Nice to see RENEE Fleming in the XWD. I am a huge fan.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

A bit crunchy for a Munday. Maybe cuz I OD'ed on chocolate Easter candy yesterday 🍫 and alas FIW 🙄. Had perped Ac with ALEc, a truly stoopid mistake. Should not have scarfed down that last chocolate rabbit..(swear I was only gonna nibble on his ears)

Albeit easily parsed clue/answers which could be the result of a precarious TREK.
(IKEA should appreciate such free advertising.)

Inkovers: so sorry/SOSUEME, orate/hamit/HAMUP, started to fill turntable/TAPEDECK. Those who say AMIDST say amongst and whilst as well I thinkst. Didn't know HOTBED, refers to a breeding environment. (Aqua mattress filled with boiling water?)

Stooge face after an altercation.....PIED
Shopping center lure...MALTESE
Medical climbing plant....IV IVY

One should avoid ever revealing a lady's age but Happy 80th Irish M!! To pick up on what Waz said...It's Agnes Dae

Yellowrocks said...

Fun puzzle, I did not slip, trip or fall over this one. No totally unknowns.
"The noun pesto can be countable or uncountable. In more general, commonly used, contexts, the plural form will also be pesto. However, in more specific contexts, the plural form can also be pestos e.g. in reference to various types of pestos or a collection of pestos." We have had many similar plural discussions.

Unpeg is used in financial circles. Unpeg/ "To remove a peg to which a country's currency previously subscribed. For example, Kuwait unpegged the Kuwaiti dinar from the U.S. dollar and shifted to a currency basket in 2007 because the dollar was weak at the time, resulting in high inflation. When a country unpegs a currency, it may choose to peg the currency to something else or to let it float."

Happy birthday, Agnes. Thanks for all your kindness and caring to all of us and especially to me. I hope you have a wonderful day.
AGNES - Agnes is a given name derived from the Greek Ἁγνή Hagnḗ, meaning 'pure' or 'holy'.
AGNUS DEI, Lamb of God. "Agnus Dei is the Latin name under which the "Lamb of God" is honoured within the Roman Catholic Mass and, by extension, other Christian liturgies descending from the Latin tradition."
ANGUS cattle breed "Angus Beef is known for its finely marbled meat, which means that the fat is dispersed evenly against the actual cut of meat. This marbling trait of Angus cattle typically creates a more tender, juicy and flavorful meat than other breeds"

I thoroughly enjoyed "Madam Secretary" for several seasons and then I tired of it.
Same with politics. Boomer, I, too, have sworn off politics for a while. Overloaded.

I find both MY BAD and OOPS to be insincere and not apologetic.

The prettiest car we ever owned was a yellow Cutlass convertible in the sixties. Also it was the most unreliable. We soon traded it in.

token creek said...

Uncle Fred @ 1:38 Kimberly-Clarke moved their HQ to Irving,TX in 1985. The Scotts we bought when hoarding began last year came from CANADA.

CrossEyedDave said...

happy birthday Irish Miss!

trippy puzzle...

oh, and by the way...

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thank you Sheryl for the nice Monday puzzle w/ a little extra crunch (LINTELS? -on Monday?)

Fun expo Boomer - hey 'Stros are 4-0!

Fav: HEDY Lamarr [Smithsonian] (that's HEDley!) [Brooks Interview 2;02]

Happy Birthday IM! You add so much to the corner daily. May you have a glorious day.

You thinkst, Ray-O :-) //nice!

I love the "Wall St. MALE" in full suit and a backpack pic, Picard.

We had a wonderful Easter. I built a roast w/ mashed potatoes, gravy, peas, sautéed green beans, and roasted carrots/celery/baby potatoes/garlic/onions. After the early dinner, MIL, BIL, & SIL came over for an out-door get together and desserted on Youngest's Tiramisu.
HG - Eldest & in-laws are fully vaccinated so they got their first hugs in a year.

Eldest & I are off to the Garden Store... Play later!

Cheers, -T

Jayce said...

Happy birthday, Irish Miss.

Zipped through this puzzle quickly, but enjoyed every 10 of the minutes it took. Hand up for EMOTE --> HAM UP. I also had FLOAT before UNPEG.

I lived in Taiwan while CHIANG Kai-shek was president. There was martial law at that time. An often-heard and often-spoken phrase on the street was "Fan gong da lu!" which means "Retake the mainland!" Obviously they never did.

LW and I had a good Easter day, but apparently our son and his wife had a better one. Both of their children, plus DIL's mother, were all there to enjoy each other's company. They are all vaccinated.

Boomer, I also find it easier to unfasten my seat belt than to fasten it.

MacGuffin was a word that Roger Ebert loved to use.

Hand up for not catching on that Limu the emu is named for LIberty MUtual. Their "Liberty, Liberty, Liberty" jingle makes me think of Bill G.

I still have 2 tape decks, one open-reel deck and one cassette tape deck. Can't bring myself to part with them.

It must be a slow news day if they are reporting small, almost unnoticeable, earthquakes.

Good wishes to you all.

P.S. AnonymousPVX, thanks again for the information about your LG OLED TV set. I wanted to let you know we got an LG NANO90 unit and love it. LW and I feel LG really nailed it, got pretty much everything right, not counting the utterly useless owner's manual.

unclefred said...


unclefred said...

Jaycec@ 3:43: I bought a set of knock-off earbuds recently. Instructions: “1. The left ear the right ear touch the position, touch 1 to answer the call, the left earphone touches 2 times and the volume decreases, the right earphone touches 2 times, the left ear presses 3 next and the right clicks 3 times. Last song long press 3 seconds SIRI function, long press 5 seconds to switch on and off, two headphones simultaneously report when calling.”

Got that?

CanadianEh! said...

Marvellous Monday. Thanks for the fun, Sheryl and Boomer. (And thanks Spitzboov, for the Easter Monday greetings.)
I FIRed and saw the theme. If that SKAKY GROUND is on your property, and someone SLIPs, FALLs or TRIPs, do you say SO SUE ME?
Only one dark inkblot where Emote refused until the very end to be replaced by HAM UP (even if I did have Easter Ham yesterday). Zip changed to PEP.

I noted SKA and SCAT, plus EMO. IM beat me to MALES and GALS.
YES, Jayce, I wanted Float before UNPEG. YR’s quote @2:28 used that term as equivalent to UNPEG.
During Covid, I am happy that I can Tap my charge card and not SWIPE. (And I’m envious of all of you with those hugs. We are back in lockdown😮. )

Lucina, I still have my 8track TAPEDECK, but the last time I tried it, it ate the tape😮
Ray-O- I thought of a HOTBED of iniquity. Probably an expression used by those same speakers of AMIDST etc.

Happy 80th Birthday IM. Glad you could celebrate already.
And can we all (with TIN), raise a glass at sunset in memory of Abejo.

Wishing you all a good day.

Anonymous T said...

Lucina / C, Eh! / Jayce:

Jayce - Mom's 3rd husband (a bassist) had two open-real TAPE DECKs (and all-tube amp!) - It was soooo cool. Do you still have tapes to play on yours?

I still have 3 cassette DECKs (if you include my Walkman).

In the '70s I had an 8-track TAPE deck unit for my stereo but only a hand-full of hand-me-down (from Stoner Uncle) 8Tracks. My favorite was Queen's Night at the Opera; at first it was annoying that a song (Bycycle Race [TV-MA] comes to mind) would fade out while the track changed and then fade back in... Then, curses!, it became how I heard the song in my mind's ear!

Kinda like when you hear a song on the radio from an album you've listened to 100x and then are jarred when the next song played on the radio isn't the one that followed on the LP.
Just me? :-)

I wonder if the technology (8Track) drove the song order on a release. That is, on a record, producers would pick a hot-track for the 1st song SideB - I wonder if they chose specific songs to 'fade-in/out' for good listening on 8-Track.

Cheers, -T

Chairman Moe said...

Puzzling thoughts:

Nothing new to add re the puzzle

Happy Birthday Irish Miss Agnes! FWIW, I had a grandmother named Agnes (Mom's mom) and she lived to be 100! I want to say she was born in 1896 but I might be off by a year or two . . .

What Dash T said about HEDY/HEDLEY in the Mel Brooks' classic, Blazing Saddles

Busy week here in the desert but I managed to solve the puzzle fairly quickly despite its crunchiness and my usual write-overs

Enjoy your week, and I will have a dram of nice Scotch, IM, later tonight in your honor . . . but like Tinbeni, it'll be "sans ice"!

Bill G said...

Hi Jayce, right you are about my opinion of Liberty Mutual and their dumb and annoying jingle. Also, their selling point of 'You only pay for what you need.' Too bad for the rest of us stupid jerks who get insurance from other companies who charge us for insurance we don't need.

Happy birthday Irish Miss! I love hearing from you.

Olio -- Two all-time favorite classic movies: Casablanca and The Third Man. I've watched each of them half a dozen times. They are dramatic and romantic. The Third Man has some of the most beautiful black and white photography I've ever seen with lots of back-lit shots.

Bill G said...

Oh, and thanks Sheryl and Boomer. I enjoyed your stuff.

Wilbur Charles said...

OMK, I mentioned earlier that 3.0+ reading glasses and a quality pen with black ink is de rigueur. For me, anyway. Oh, and good lighting. I have done what you described too often. Pretend I'm 80* and that my advice is golden.


*3 ½ years to go

Ps, Special K

Jayce said...

Jeez unclefred, makes no sense.

Anonymous T, I probably still do have the tapes, both open reel and cassette. I just have to find them.

Bill G, I just listened to “Solace” again and thought of you, again.

Oas said...

Happy birthday and best wishes .
I like your posts and am always happy to see your comments.

sasses said...

Amazing to solve a puzzle on shaky ground while experiencing three earthquakes this morning! What's next - tsunami Tuesday?

CanadianEh! said...

AnonT- all I remember about listening to 8 tracks was the CLUNK as the tracks changed . . . and it could occur anywhere in the song as I recall! I’m afraid to try any more of my tapes in case they get eaten. Wouldn’t want to ruin a collector’s item like Wings at the Speed of Sound😁😅😂

Anonymous T said...

sasses - LOL tsunami Tuesday.

Jayce - re: Tapes... They're down in the basement, to the left of the furnace, over above the paint cans. No, your other left :-)

C, Eh! - Let 'em In.
//Love that album.

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

One reason I cling to those 8 tracks is Freddy Fender. I love him and wistfully hope I can play them someday. But yes, I have a CD with him, too.

Lucina said...

I can't imagine all those people packed into Red Square! And with Lenin's tomb right there, too.

Anonymous T said...

Lucina - They're Russian NESTING dolls? :-) -T