Apr 14, 2021

Wednesday, April 14, 2021, Julian Lim


Gramagram sounds like a telegram from your grandmother, but it's actually a word that sounds like letters. Example: Seedy (CD), or excellency (XLNC). In today's puzzle, we find three words with NME embedded (each crossing two words), which sounds like the word enemy.
17. Monument on one end of the National Mall: LINCOLN MEMORIAL.
29. Singer of the 2019 #1 hit "Señorita": SHAWN MENDES.
44. Local political gathering: TOWN MEETING.
59. Upscale restaurant's offering: DEGUSTATION MENU. Dégustation is the careful, appreciative tasting of various food, focusing on the gustatory system, the senses, high culinary art and good company. Dégustation is more likely to involve sampling small portions of all of a chef's signature dishes in one sitting.
67. Foe found phonetically in four puzzle answers: ENEMY
Melissa here. I have heard of 59A but did not remember the phrase. That and a few other unknowns made this a little tougher than a typical Wednesday for me.


1. Treble symbol: G-CLEF. The leading G tripped me up here - I don't read music. According to Wikipedia: The only G-clef still in use is the treble clef, with the G-clef placed on the second line. This is the most common clef in use and is generally the first clef learned by music students. For this reason, the terms "G-clef" and "treble clef" are often seen as synonymous. 

6. "Do the __!": MATH.

10. Toppers with visors: CAPS.

14. Siri's Amazon counterpart: ALEXA. She's very nosey. I never talk to her but she continues to try.

15. Felipe of baseball: ALOU. Former Major League Baseball outfielder, first baseman, and manager. He managed the Montreal Expos and the San Francisco Giants.

 16. "The Thin Man" canine role: ASTA.

20. Cathedral recess: APSE.

21. Expected-in hr.: ETA. Estimated Time of Arrival.

22. At first, say: ON BASE. More baseball. Or romance ;).

23. Falsehood source: LIAR.

25. Rice-like pasta: ORZO.

26. Eleven-yr.-old insurance law: ACA. Obama's Affordable Care Act.

34. Mall cop's ride: SEGWAY.

36. "Brava!": OLE.

37. Schoolbook: TEXT.

38. O. __: HENRY. William Sydney Porter (September 11, 1862 – June 5, 1910), better known by his pen name O. Henry, was an American short story writer.   

39. __ rub: BBQ spices: DRY.

40. One with a need for speed: RACER.

41. Bread spread: OLEO. Aka margarine.

42. Bro's sib: SIS.

43. Mexican state south of Veracruz: OAXACA.

47. "Acid": LSD.

48. Capricorn critter: GOAT. Horoscope.

49. Poker variety: STUD. Stud poker is any of a number of poker variants in which each player receives a mix of face-down and face-up cards dealt in multiple betting rounds.  

51. Chosen groups: ELITES.

54. Watched: SAW.

55. File format for digital books: EPUB.

62. Christian on a label: DIOR. French fashion designer. Died in 1957.

63. "Marriage Story" actor Alan: ALDA.

64. "We didn't do it": NOT US.

65. Tall tale: YARN.

66. Itchy red area: RASH.


1. Lavish party: GALA.

2. Film segment: CLIP.

3. Many a Zeiss product: LENS.

4. Shine: EXCEL.

5. Toy retailer __ Schwarz: FAO. Some think of the scene in Big, when Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia play the piano with their feet. I always think of a line in the song A Secretary is Not a Toy, from the original 1967 movie How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying: "And you'll find nothing like her at F.A.O. Schwartz!" Sadly, that lyric was left out in the movie, but the full version was included in the Time Life collection of musicals on vinyl. Still a funny scene.

6. Meditation word: MANTRA.

7. __ mater: ALMA.

8. Piggy in a crib: TOE. Cute.

9. "It's weird, but just do it": HUMOR ME. Snort ... that made me laugh.

10. Ecological levy: CARBON TAX.

11. Himalayas locale: ASIA.

12. Education orgs.: PTAS. Parent Teacher Associations.

13. Bargain hunter's delight: SALE.

18. Patrick __, Vermont senator since 1975: LEAHY.

19. Cinq plus six: ONZE.

24. Words to an old chap: I SAY.

25. Sole: ONLY.

26. Had __: was still in the running: A SHOT.

27. Songwriter Green: CEELO. Sign language class final to a Ceelo tune. Don't view if bad language offends you.

28. Nixon's first veep: AGNEW.

30. Razzie Award adjective: WORST.

31. Hot rod attachment: DECAL. That was

32. Management bigwigs: EXECS.

33. Highly coveted violin: STRAD.

35. Right that isn't right, e.g.: WRONG TURN. Like the clue. Reminds me of a scene from The Long Long Trailer, with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. "You didn't let me finish, I was trying to tell you to turn left. What I was trying to tell you was 'Turn right here, left.'"

39. Paleo __: DIET. Every year a new diet or two. This one is still fairly popular.

40. Tortellini topper: RAGU.

42. Five-armed ocean creature: SEA STAR. Aka, starfish.

43. When a football may be snapped: ON TWO.

45. Springfield bar: MOES. Everything I know about The Simpsons I learned from crosswords, and I never remember this.

46. Old Testament prophet: ISAIAH.

50. Exorcist's target: DEMON.

51. Jacuzzi effect: EDDY.

52. Kylo Ren's mother: LEIA. Once it filled in, it made sense, but I had no idea who Kylo Ren was.

53. Composer Stravinsky: IGOR.

54. Criteria: Abbr.: STDS.

56. Best of the Beatles, once: PETE. Replaced by Ringo Star as the drummer in 1962.

57. Word on U.S. coins: UNUM. E pluribus unum – Latin for "Out of many, one" – is a traditional motto of the United States, appearing on coins and on the Great Seal.

58. At it: BUSY.

60. __ carte: ALA.

61. Omaha-to-St. Paul dir.: NNE.


OwenKL said...

I was invited to a DEGUSTATION,
With a different food at each station.
Just a taste of each,
And I swear to PETE,
My stomach thought my throat had an amputation!

The facilitator asked of each guy
To tell a book that had made him cry.
Maybe O. HENRY
Or some such entry --
At my turn, "My MATH TEXT," says I!

{B+, B.}

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Hooray. No problem with 1a today. The theme was something else, though. It went whooshing right over d-o's head. Fun solve, nonetheless. Only needed Wite-Out to change SPEC to STDS. Thanx, Julian and Melissa Bee.

ALEXA: My Fire TV probably has it -- never tried it. I do use Siri to dial phone numbers when I'm in the car. In general, I don't care for appliances that try to talk to me.

DEGUSTATION MENU: Really? Sounds disgusting. I'm pretty sure that's what we were "treated to" at a company retreat years ago. There were lots of samples, but the portions were very small. On the way back to the hotel there was a chorus of, "Could we puh-lease stop at McDonalds?"

Fun day -- quarterly dental cleaning. Yay!

Wilbur Charles said...

Anybody remember OHENRY candy bars?

At first I thought those numbers were Spanish then I realized it was French

Best was my FIW. I thought it was Dave. So I checked. Once I had PETE the corner fell but I have to take FIW. Furthur complicating things I had UNis and DEvil inked in. And …

The MNE trick completely befuddled me. I was looking for Y.

Owen, I liked #2, although MATH was my bailiwick.

I've got to get back in Web mode to see that CLIP from MelissaB


Hungry Mother said...

FIR and enjoyed the challenge. All unknowns were fairly crossed. Nice to see ASTA again. That was my first crosswordese when I started out on this journey. We were stopped by a Federale while on an RV caravan tour of Mexico. We were headed for OAXACA. The policeman was not at all happy with my pronunciation of our destination.

Anonymous said...

Today's took me just under 7 and 1/2 minutes. I didn't see the theme.

"Degustation" was unknown to me.

desper-otto said...

Hungry Mother, I've always heard it pronounced Wah-Hah'-Kah. How did you pronounce it?

waseeley said...

Thank you Julian and thank you Melissa. Great clips. "How to succceed ..." should be revived uncut, but I doubt that they could still assemble that many great dancers these days. In the ongoing aftermath of #METOO it would be right on the MONEY. Should be required viewing for all 32D's.

Learned several new words today: GRAMAGRAM and DEGUSTATION. As a theme, which I thought was supposed to help solvers it was more what they call a "FRENME". I do have to admire Julian though for assembling 4 themers that filled the bill. And speaking of bills, "Degustation" just sounds like a $50 word for TAPAS to me.

Lots of great fill though and I did find it solver friendly and a relatively easy Wednesday slog.

1A I barely read PIDGIN MUSIC and found the explanation of CLEFS right on KEY.

28A I actually shook hands with SPIRO AGNEW when I was in high school at a Student Council meeting in Baltimore County. Seemed like a nice guy at the time.

34 SEGWAY. Knew it, but needed a few perps to remember it. Further researches indicate that contrary to rumors, Dean Kamen, the inventor of the Segway is ALIVE and WELL. Here's the story.

57D UNUM. What has happened?


Yellowrocks said...

FIR, but I worried about CEELO. LEIA was all perps. I knew of LEIA from Star Wars, but had no idea who Kylo Ren was. LEAHY was perps and wags.
I found NME in retrospect after the reveal.
I like the reruns Of the old Thin Man movies 1934, based on 1934 novel of the same name by Dashiell Hammett. William Powell and Myrna Loy starred in it. I see that Johnny Depp is set to star in a remake.
O. Henry is most famous for The Gift of the Magi. Lovely story.
I am a Capricorn, a goat. I always thought being a goat was negative, until G.O.A.T. came along, GREATEST OF ALL TIME.
I think of GUSTO, not disgust when I see degustation. The common word GUSTO comes from a Latin word for taste. Gustatory, concerned with tasting or the sense of taste, is another from the same root. I have heard of a degustation menu, very pricey, too much so for my pocketbook. "These meals, called tasting menus, are offered at restaurants all across the United States and can range from under $100 to over $300 per person—depending on where you eat and whether or not you get a drink pairing. They typically also demonstrate the culinary mastery of the head chef." They often are comprised of 20 or so gourmet samples, so you get plenty to eat.
When I gave a boy a ride home from youth group. I asked, "Should I turn left here?" A kid of few words, he said "Right," instead of yes. There were several other miscommunication snafus along the way. That ride is my only memory of him 50 years later.
I just LIU pronunciation of Oaxaca. Learned something new today. t

Oas said...

Good morning all.
Thanks to Julian Lim for a fine puzzle to break up the boredom of the incessant restrictions .
And thanks M B for the write ups.

Very doable c/w but took awhile. Mcd’s coffee only luke warm at the end. Coffees shops are open but strict rules apply.

The last open square was the E in D—GUSTATION MENU. I guessed LEIA and looked up what DEGUSTATION MENU was.
On the whole not too difficult for a Wednesday.

I’ve missed reading the corner comments regularly these past few months and haven’t seen PK . one of the regulars that I particularly looked forward to hearing from.
Pleasant spring turned messy. with snow . Promise of sunshine gives hope.


Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Didn't quite make it over the Humpday hump. Couldn't remember PETE Best crossed with EPUB. (Hands up for noticing WORST counterpoint) and iffn there be a theme I ain' seein' it. Ah, just read your commentary M Bee..Julian you went way out on a LIM with that theme, how DVS!

"Do the Mash"! (As in monster) nope just arithmetic, MATH. "ALEXA what is Siri's Amazon counterpart?" Cathedral recess: time to play on a "Jungle St. James?" Why does a SEASTAR have 5 arms? Isn't one good handgun enough?

Tortellini topper: RAGÙ (keep the gravy for the turkey). Capricorn must be the best sign ever (GreatestOfAllTime!). CSO to YR.

Wall-to-wall clue LINCOLNMEMORIAL was a gimme but its southern counterpart?...Disgustation Menu?...wha? Yuck.
....oh wait....sorry. DÉGUSTATION MENU..(where are my glasses?)

Learned OAXACA from previous puzzles with added perp help (but I thought it was in Japan).

Still playing STUD not STrip poker

More nonsense to follow:

Prisoner's former home....EXCEL
One who sports burning trousers..LIAR
Ladies say: "There's no one ____ as SHAWN MENDES!"...ASHOT
Spin off of the popular TV series with Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia .....NOT US.

Sunny day...finally did a puzzle outside on the deck.

ATLGranny said...

Julian's puzzle got me this morning so I am back on the FIW track. I left OrsO, though I am familiar with the pasta ORZO, but not knowing the French word for eleven I didn't catch it. Like WC, I first was adding in Spanish and then realized ONCE wasn't right. Maybe I will remember this French lesson. Other problem fills I caught: DEvil/DEMON, cleft/G CLEF, and LINCOLN Monument/LINCOLN MEMORIAL. (Needed second cup of coffee!) I did find the NMEs after the reveal and thank Julian for the enjoyable challenge today. Thanks to Melissa B for straightening me out so helpfully.

I liked your second offering today OwenKL and would agree. DO, I haven't been to OAXACA but know the spelling and pronunciation (as you indicated) so that was an easy fill for me. Hope you all have an easy day!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Julian usually throws in a couple tough ones but not today. WAGged EPUB and it was done. Guess I was looking for homophones on the reveal, so missed out on connecting 'NME'. But, no matter, I did enjoy the solve. Liked the WRONG TURN clue. No lookups; no strikethroughs; FIR.
ISAIAH - Spelt it right today.

Enjoy the day.

Husker Gary said...

-OR_O/ON_E? Crashed and burned. DEAUGUSTATION? Got it on autopilot. Wednesday learning!
-Gramagram was EZ to learn as well.
-Theme: ME stood out but the leading N, not so much
-Would a gamer who fulfills his need for speed be an E-RACER and drink at an E-PUB?
-How do you pronounce OAXACA?
-From a previous session here: Is RAGU a sauce or gravy? :-)
-Green Right X Shift to Viper Right 382 X Stick Lookie on TWO!
-NNE – If I go to visit C.C…

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Big challenge for me from Julian, thanks! Liked Ray-o's quip about "Julian went out on a LIM with the theme. How DVS". I thought so too. Found the theme reveal in time to help with a couple other theme entries.

I thought DEGUSTATION had to be wrong despite it didn't turn red. Made a point of coming to the Corner to see what Melissa said. Thanks for a great explanation. No such restaurants out here in this unsophisticated city of Kansas that I ever found.

My mother was a music teacher and I never remember hearing about a GCLEF. Wasn't room here for treble which was all I ever heard. Thanks, Melissa.

Knew SEGWAY but it took awhile to dredge up the word. Nothing my body will ever go on.

DNK: EPUB, LEAHY, LEIA. Tried ONcE before ONZE. Didn't realize it was French.

Know enough Spanish pronunciation to get OAXACA right but always have to stop and think it out.

Oas: I appreciate your thinking of me. I haven't been able to get to the Corner for awhile. I do the puzzle. My blurry eyesight & weird sleep patterns have kept me away. Also have had a hard time adjusting from an iMAC to PC and losing my posts so gave up. This week I'm on a day schedule for the first time in months.

CanadianEh! said...

Wonderful Wednesday. Thanks for the fun, Julian and melissa bee.
I FIRed and saw the theme. “ We have met the NME and He is Us” per Pogo.

Bash turned to GALA, Lies turned to LIAR, for my inkblots IN TWO.
I smiled at OLE and OLEO.
Favourite clue was for WRONG TURN.
I must not be visiting upscale restaurants, as I am not familiar with a DEGUSTATION MENU. (Actually we can only do Takeout!). I am familiar with A LA Carte.

Much American knowledge required today for the fill - LEAHY (is he related to our famous Maritime musical LEAHY family?), LINCOLN, AGNEW, ACA, OLEO, FAO, IN TWO (Canadian football rules may differ), even NNE with those American cities. But I have been coming here long enough to know the differences (and to just sigh to myself as I entered HUMOR without the U 😊😮).

I would never have pronounced OAXACA properly.
I have read many EPUB books on my Overdrive app (through my Public Library) during Covid. I just finished The Things we Cannot Say by Kelly Rimmer. Great read!

I’m sure we could have a good discussion about CARBON TAX but it might become too political.
This Canadian doesn’t need ACA, but is thankful for universal health coverage here in Canada. I suspect we would have needed to remortgage our house to cover the bill for myself and eldest after premature birth (4 week hospitalization for me and 10 weeks for baby in NICU, plus a surgery). We never saw a bill or knew the cost!😮

Wishing you all a great day.

Yellowrocks said...

Some of the zodiac symbols do not translate well in our culture, such as rat or goat. I think of goat as the person to blame or scape goat or a cantankerous old man. Not I. These days G.O.A.T. is the greatest. Not I. Thanks for the compliment, Ray, but not true. There is a big sea of the greatest out there. I am a little fish.
Which reminds me - The Corner is the greatest. It is the only blog I follow. I can interact with so many sharp, knowledgeable minds in a variety of fields, tech, science, medicine, literature, nature, words and vocabulary, sports, books, movies, culture, etc. The conversation here is mentally stimulating, humorous, kind and caring. You Cornerites are the G.O.A.T.

ARBAON said...

Degustation was a new term...knew OF such offerings...just not that term.
Osaka,Japan...Oaxaca (wah HAH Kah)
Mexico (may HEE koe .) Why not just “ starfish.” Oh! It wouldn’t fit!
What sort of road tax would electric cars pay since they use roads too.
Chance to become a gazillionaire: invent/build lockable bays (to prevent theft or tampering while charging) for electric cars. Place them at high end hotels to start. Make them operable with cards or cell phones. Cut me in on profits since its my idea. Good afternoon to all.

NaomiZ said...


Not familiar with SHAWN MENDES, but perps were fair. Traveled to OAXACA by bus, way in the south of Mexico, when I was in college and eager for adventure.

Yesterday a pigeon leapt in front of me as I was walking my dog. It was the same pigeon my daughter rescued 5 miles from here, three weeks ago. I had given my daughter some help with the bird, and she had taken it to a pigeon rehab place 20 miles away. Her husband saw the pigeon near their home on Monday, which was to be expected. How it wound up in my neighborhood on Tuesday is a mystery. In a city of 12.5 million people, it seems incredible that the bird would approach both me and my daughter for help, in different locations. We returned it to rehab!

Thank you, Julian and Melissa!

Oas said...

Happy to hear from you and know you’re doing ok.

Lucina said...


Gracias, Julian Lim! This was a challenging but fun puzzle. The top three-fourths filled like a smooth waterfall then I hit DEGUSTATION MENU which I was certain was WRONG. I've never heard of it. Is it like DIM SUM where one samples from small dishes? The word does not sound appealing.

There is a OAXACA Restaurant here near the capitol building. I've been there once and the food was good. It is pronounced WAH-HA-CA.

ONZE is pronounced the same in Spanish.

I have neither ALEXA nor Siri.

Some tourists here use a SEGWAY to get around.

It's great to see O. HENRY, one of my favorite short story writers!

I read Rachel Maddow's book on AGNEW, Bag Man, and learned a lot from it. I knew he was corrupt but didn't realize the extent.

Thank you, Melissa! I enjoyed reading your expo.

Have a sensational day, everyone!

unclefred said...

Fun CW, good clues, nice theme, which I managed to get. FIR in a bit of a long time for me for a Wednesday: 24 min. Sea stars come with a wide variety of number of arms. DEGUSTATIONMENU was new to me. After filling it I thought, “That can’t be right. It sounds disgusting, like a menu designed to make you throw up!” I guess I don’t eat in fancy enough restaurants. Every time I see OAXACA I cannot remember how to pronounce it. Thanx for the fun CW, Julian, and thanx for the terrific write-up, Melissa.

Spitzboov said...

Arbaon said "What sort of road tax would electric cars pay since they use roads too."

Many states have imbedded an EV tax into license renewal. Seems to be in $50 - $100/yr range.

Reason others haven't can quickly get into a political discussion which I'm not doing.

Lizza said...

Several unknowns. But still managed to get it done right. Is that FIR? Very new at this.
Hope you’re feeling well and having a lovely spring day .

Lizza said...

Several unknowns. But still managed to get it done right. Is that FIR? Very new at this.
Hope you’re feeling well and having a lovely spring day .

TokenCreek said...

SPITZ ; In my state it's $75.00 for hybrid cars and $100.00 for EV only.

AnonymousPVX said...

FLN...Lucina...last year I planted some hosta. I was so sore the next day, and the one after that. This year I had my lawn guy plant some sedum, wrote him a check, and I feel great.

I don’t feel bad at all, I feel lucky I can do that.

This Wednesday go had its moments. Happy to get the solve.

Ragu....the jar itself says “sauce”.

You want aggravation? Just try to have any automatic transmission repaired. You can rebuild a manual forever.

Stay safe.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Anon PVX

I planted 2 hostas at the back corners of my house when built in 1994. Grew into large beatiful plants. Never touched by wild life until two years ago when the deer and rabbits suddenly developed a taste for them. Nibbled on them right down to the ground.

Caught Mom and her fawn having breakfast

If I don't spray them after every rain with "Liquid Fence" a most foul-smelling product the plants disappear as if they never existed

Jayce said...

Seeing that Julian Lim was the constructor I expected I would not be able to finish solving this puzzle without a lot of help. I'm glad to acknowledge I was wrong. In spite of not knowing who Kylo Ren is (like several of you) or what a DEGUSTATION MENU is, I guessed the E in LEIA and it turned out to be right. Thank you, Julian, for a fun puzzle.

And thank you, Melissa Bee, for your write-up.

I learned how to pronounce OAXACA from watching cooking shows by Rick Bayless, whose specialty is Mexican food.

Lucina, is ONZE really pronounced the same in Spanish? I don't know Spanish but isn't ONCE pronounced sort of like "on say"? In French that final E has no sound, and ONZE is pronounced like "ons" as in "offs and ons".

LW and I do our best to avoid having any Alexa product in our house. The remora control that came with our new LG TV set has a voice-recognition option, but when I learned it actually is Alexa I did not enable it. Heck, we can change the channel more easily simply by pressing a button anyway.

Speaking our TV set, I have gotten invitations from the manufacturer and the retailer from whom we bought it to write a review. I'd like to but it sounds like a lot of work; I don't want to write an uninformative review such as "Great picture, great sound, we're happy with the product." I know when I am shopping I am not helped at all by such reviews; I want to know what's good and what's not so good about a product.

It's good to read all your comments, and I concur with Yellowrocks that "The Corner is the greatest." A pleasant place to participate in. Good wishes to you all.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Mes deux sous

11 is pronounced "OWNS" in He "owns" a house

Lucina said...

Yes, ONZE is pronounce ohn-say with a long o.

In my bedroom I have a Smart TV which can also be voice activated but I have never used that feature. In my daughter's home they have regular conversations with ALEXA any time they want some thing changed, even the oven temperature or have it turned on or off. I know it's the way of the future and present, but I believe I am too set in my ways to change and I like it that way.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks Julian for the fun puzzle. Theme helped at the "Senorita" singer crossing ONZE and I liked all the 'X's.

Fun expo, mb. Thanks for teaching me what a GRAMAGRAM is...
//M R Ducks.
M R Not.
O S A R. C M Wangs?
O I C..., L I B. M R Ducks!

WO: Started Adlai b/f SEGWAY forced AGNEW (all b/f my time).

{B+, A}

LINCOLN MEMORIAL - been there twice. Lincoln's Tomb? I've been there 100s of times; grew up just a few blocks away and the cemetery was a fun place to ride our bikes.

"ALEXA!, Why would I intentionally bug my own house?"

Enjoyed reading everyone; play later!

Cheers, -T

waseeley said...

I've got better things to do than spend valuable time training LISDEXIC machines in the finer points of the English tongue. Like lurking around on the Corner per esempio.

Anonymous T said...

Forgot to Say say...

WC - yes, I remember Oh, Henry! I liked them.
BTW, you can still buy them.

Cheers, -T

Mexican Aesthetic said...

One of the notable tourist and classical products from Oaxaca, and more particularly from Jalisco and the Sierra Madre mountains, is the Huichol ( pronounced 'Which-all' ) peoples
intricate and sophisticated bead and yarn art works.

The artwork sculptures are ( now ) made of carved wood, covered with bees wax and shellac, and decorated by the precise setting of thousands upon thousands of small colored beads into intricate patterns. Many of these patterns are very colorful and appear psychedelic !

The myths and stories surrounding this pains taking work is that, the huichols occasionally, and at sacred conventions, consume peyote --- a psychedelic hallucinogen mushrooms, which gives them the inspiration for the art. This consumption is also a part of their sacred rituals of the religion that they profess to, prior to the advent of Christanity.

Jayce said...

Thank you, Ray-O and Lucina, for showing me the correct pronunciation of onze and once.

Jayce said...

Well that'll teach me to write a long detailed product review. Both the manufacturer and the retailer invited me to write and submit one, so I did. I think it all got fully posted on the manufacturer's site, but the retailer's site truncated about half of it. Looking back at it, I see the retailer had a size limit of 3000 words, which I guess means my review was about twice that long. Sheesh. I should be a newspaper columnist; wrote a 6000 word essay in an afternoon. Dang I'm a wordy fella. Ah, if only I got paid by the word.

Jayce said...

Mexican Aesthetic, thank you for that interesting information.

Lemonade714 said...

Julian Lim is my longtime undoing here at the Corner, but this one was very doable for me. NME is a nice concept and I really doubt that ​the Mexicans care about gringo pronunciations.

The concept of a DEGUSTATION MENU like the one from DISNEY occurs often inmystery fiction. It is so convenient tohave 7-10 courses to poison you NME.

PVX, as the Mexicans say, planting your own ground cover leads to HASTA LUMBAGO.

Jayce said...

Whether or not the Mexicans care if I pronounce their words correctly, I care.

Lucina said...

I also care about pronunciations and as a Spanish speaker I also care about how other people pronounce Spanish words as well as English words. If at all possible I also try to learn the correct pronunciation of other foreign words. One of the nicest features of Google is their pronunciation assistance.

Wilbur Charles said...

There's Parisian French and Quebec French. I learned ONZE as Jayce explained as ONz(Cinq is Sank and Six is cease). Ok Sept is Set and Huit is wheat; Neuf is like a Nerf ball. And Trois is twa.

When exercising I like to count off in French.

As I said earlier my brain froze on PETE Best. When I had Sirius that was my go-to Station and I knew PB very well.

So, if it's not mild Covid my brain takes little vacations where things I know well can not be brought up.

Then again, I could have retired the xword Tuesday night and taken a crack Wed morning. And..

I don't have Thurs with me and I solved all but the SE corner. I'll have to go online and hope a fresh look will help.

Anyway, did everyone know PETE or did it perp in easy with EPUB(another unknown and unfortunately the D(ave) yielded EDUB-not impossible.

And of course the theme would have straightened me right out but I'm as bad as D-O with themes.

-T, those OHENRY bars look like the one in the pool in Caddy Shack


Ol' Man Keith said...

One of those PZLs! It took P+P, but we finished in good order.
Thank you, Juliam Lim for testing both my patience and my persistence.

I count CEELO + ACA as a Natick. Outside my range of interest. Still, I lucked out.
Another 3-way on the far side today.
The central anagram (13 of 15 letters) reminds me of the Geico Gecko.
I guess it's the accent.
Actually, the anagram is more likely to be yelled by a Cockney teenager, staring forlornly into his or her mirror and complaining...

NaomiZ said...

Huichol art is certainly colorful and perhaps psychedelic ... but peyote is not a mushroom! It's a cactus.

waseeley said...

Mexican Aesthetic @5:55pm. Peyote is actually derived from a cactus. The drug derived from mushrooms that you are referring to is probably Psilocybin. There are other mushrooms containing psychotropic drugs, but they are potentially toxic (e.g. Amanita muscaria).

LEO III said...

Thanks Julian and Melissa.

Finished this one up early, early this morning. Been busy all day. We had a “Kiss the Boss Goodbye” social at the museum today. She’s moving on up to the east side – gonna be the director of the San Jacinto Museum, way over on the far east side of town.

Anyway, I had a FIW. I’d like to blame it on my getting here so late and not proofreading properly, but actually no amount of proofing would have fixed FAO, ONZE/ORZO or ACA (I had ADA – stupid mistake, time frame wise).

Happy to say that I did get the theme, though. That and a nickel….

I’ve got a busy weekend ahead of me. Gotta work for another guy tomorrow, Friday is my regular day, and Saturday is Open Ramp Day, so I’ll be there all Saturday too. Oh, well. That’s why they pay us volunteers the big bucks --- i.e., they let us watch airplanes all day long, up close and personal. The only problem is that the weather is apparently NOT going to cooperate at all.

-T --- I was trying to come up with a succinct way to dis Alexa and Siri! Thank you!


waseeley said...

I should have read further before my last comment NaomiZ!

NaomiZ said...

Waseeley, we were essentially typing the same comment at the same time. Far out, man! ;-)

Lucina said...

ORZO can be a substitute for rice. I keep both in case I run out of one or the other. I have always cooked from "scratch" but lately I find myself relying more and more on prepared foods and even frozen dinners! Oh the horror! I never though that would happen but it's necessary for when I have bad days.

I haven't seen or read of anyone here having diabetes. This is what happens to me: a bad day means my entire body aches and debilitates me. It is something I am learning to live with since I have no choice. But as one who in the past never had health problems, it is really a challenge.

Thank you all. Even if you don't read this it is comforting to be able to post this and express myself though I know it is not within the sphere of the puzzle! I consider you all virtual friends upon whom I can confide.

Anonymous T said...

Lucina - well, you did mention ORZO :-)
Sorry to read of your health problems; and cooking for one when you're not feeling up to par... Yeah, nuke it.
//we keep a handful of chicken pot pies in the deep freeze for just those days.

WC - I know the scene with the Baby Ruth.

LeoIII - I get my second poke tomorrow. Come May/June, I'll make my way out to Hobby.

Funny DR, OMK.

Cheers, -T