Apr 7, 2021

Wednesday, April 7, 2021 Jeff Stillman

Theme - today we have a broken word theme, with FALL getting fractured in three different ways,

16 A. *Second Commandment prohibition: FALSE IDOL.  "Thou shalt have no strange gods before me," is how I remember it.

22 A. *Old-fashioned parting words: FARE THEE WELL. Bye, now.

37 A. *"Cheese stands alone" kids' song title guy: FARMER IN THE DELL.  This children's song probably originated in Germany, and was brought to America by immigrants.  It is popular in many countries and languages.

49 A. *Metaphorical insect observer: FLY ON THE WALL.  Said of one who wishes to listen in on secret conversations.

60 A. Go to pieces, or what's literally hidden in the answers to starred clues: FALL APART. The word is divided in each theme entry and the presentation is elegant.  The first division is after the F, the next two bisect the word after the A, and the last one splits the two Ls.

Today's theme song --


Hi Gang,  JazzBumpa here to pull things together.  Let's get going.  We might have to solve this piecemeal.


 1. Go __: hit to right field batting right-handed, say, in baseball lingo: OPPO.  Is this in the sports language?  If so, I've missed it.  I've heard this in politics as doing research on your opponent.

5. Trying to block: ANTI.  Voting against.

9. Performs like Missy Elliott: RAPS.  I do not know her.

13. Ruckus: FRAY.  Ado

14. Eve's opposite: MORN.  No, not Adam.  Shortened evening and MORNING.

15. Sun: Pref.: HELIO. As our local HELIO-centric planetary system.

18. Heroic sagas: EPICS. Long stories about the great deeds of heroic figures.

19. "Awake and Sing!" dramatist: ODETS.  Clifford [1906-1963]  was an American actor, playwright, screenwriter, and director. As a playwright he was extremely influential in the 1930's and 40's.

20. South Carolina state tree: PALMETTO.  It is native to the southern U.S., Cuba, and other Caribbean islands. 

25. See stars: REEL.  To REEL is to lose one's balance and violently lurch or stagger.  One sees stars from a low to the head.  This could also make one REEL, but that does not make them equivalent.

26. Widen, as pupils: DILATE.  To become wider or more open.  I've been putting off my eye exam for almost a year.

30. Fri. preceder: THU.  THURSDAY and Friday on the calendar.

33. "Oh dear!": ALAS.  Too bad.

36. Sherpa's home: NEPAL. A land-locked Asian country between India and Tibet.  It is mostly mountainous, but also includes parts of the Indo-Gangetic Plain.  

41. When some dinners are served: AT SIX.  We usually start a few minutes earlier.

42. Delhi wrap: SARI.  A garment consisting of a length of cotton or silk elaborately draped around the body, traditionally worn by women from South Asia.   Read about it here

43. "Narcos" org.: DEA.  Narcotics agents in the Drug Enforcement Agency.

44. Certain Tibetan: LHASAN.  One from Lhasa, the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region, lies on the Lhasa River's north bank in a valley of the Himalayas.

46. Sounds of disgust: UGHS.  Along with eeew, and yuck.

55. "Yada, yada, yada": ET CETERA.  And so on and so forth

58. Old copy: MIMEO.  Short for MIMEOGRAPH, a machine that makes copies by forcing ink through a stencil.   From long ago in grade school I remember the pleasant fruity aroma of the ink.
59. Little pigs number: THREE.  


 63. Tally again: RE-ADD. You can count on it.

64. Skeleton prefix: ENDO-.  means "inside."   You have an ENDOskeleton.

65. Grandson of Eve: ENOS.  The first son of Seth, reckoned to be an ancestor of both Jesus and Mohammed.

66. Geologic spans: EONS.  Generally speaking, non-specific very long time-spans.  In geology, a billion years.

67. __ buco: OSSO.  Cross-cut veal shanks braised with vegetables, white wine and broth.

68. "The Banana Boat Song" opener: DAYO.



1. No longer using: OFF OF.  As a drug, I suppose

2. Designer bag brand: PRADA.  If you have more than  $1000 you don't need.

3. Not as bright: PALER. More pale is more in the language.

4. Raw bar mollusk: OYSTER.  The common name for a number of different families of salt-water bivalve molluscs that live in marine or brackish habitats. 

5. "__ imagining things?": AM I.  Nope.  They really are oysters.

6. Doze: NOD.  Take a nap.

7. Figurative expression: TROPE.  As defined.

8. Eloper's acquisition: IN-LAW.  Member of the new spouse's family.

9. Drove back: REPELLED.  To beat back an attacker.

10. Came down: ALIT.  Landed

11. Early Briton: PICT.  People inhabiting northern Scotland in Roman times.

12. Just okay: SO-SO.  Mediocre, meh.

15. Fashion variable: HEM LINE.  The line formed by the lower edge of a garment.

17. Sunrise dirección: ESTE.  En español.

21. Was ahead: LED

23. Get wind of: HEAR.  Learn about.

24. MLB pitcher Dock profiled in the 2014 film "No No: A Dockumentary": ELLIS.  Dock Phillip Ellis Jr. (1945 – 2008) was an American professional baseball player. He played in Major League Baseball as a right-handed pitcher from 1968 through 1979, most notably as a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

27. Parroted: APED.  Copied

28. One shared at a campfire: TALE.  A story that might or might not be true.

29. Jazz legend Fitzgerald: ELLA.


 30. Maker of nonstick cookware: T-FAL.

31. Doth possess: HATH. The owneth is upon him.

32. Constellation bear: URSA.  AKA Big or Little Dipper

34. Political commentator Navarro: ANA. Ana Violeta Navarro-Cárdenas [b 1971] is an American political strategist and commentator. She appears on various television programs and news outlets, including CNN, CNN en Español, ABC News, and Telemundo.

35. Walk with a swagger: STRUT.

38. Many printer jams: MIS-FEEDS.

39. Praised highly: EXALTED. Held in high regard and spoken of favorably.

40. Elevation word: HIGH.  Hight wold be more appropriate.

45. "Science Guy" Bill: NYE. William Sanford Nye, [b 1955] popularly known as Bill Nye the Science Guy, is an American mechanical engineer, science communicator, and television presenter.

47. Blood: Pref.: HEMA-.  Mediacal prefix derived from Greek

48. Ran through a reader: SWIPED.  As a credit or ID card.

50. Lover of Euridice, in a Monteverdi work: ORFEO.  An opera from 1607.

51. Tandoori breads: NAANS.  Contrived plural for an unleavened  bread traditionally baked on the outside of a clay oven.

52. Maytag rival: AMANA.  Makers of household appliances.

53. "Bad, Bad" Brown of song: LEROY.

54. Bear voiced by Ned Beatty in "Toy Story 3": LOTSO for short .  Lots o' Huggin' for long 

55. Basic French verb: ETRE.  "To be" in French.

56. "Sons of Anarchy" actor Rossi: THEO. John Theodore Rossi [b 1975] is an American actor and producer best known for his portrayal of Juan Carlos "Juice" Ortiz on the FX series Sons of Anarchy. 

57. Fruit drink prefix: CRAN-.  Because who would buy a drink called Crapple?

61. Mormons' gp.: LDS Latter Day Saints.

62. Bath bathroom: LOO.  British English.

That wraps up our legend of the FALL.  Hope you made it through unscathed.

Cool regards!

(Thanks, Alf)


Wilbur Charles said...

OPPO must be brand new "lingo". Dennis Eckersley coined "filthy" for excellent "stuff"(that was better (worse) than "nasty".

We had(Sal) MINEO recently.

"0 OYSTERS, come and walk with us!"
The Walrus did beseech.
"A pleasant walk, a pleasant talk,
Along the briny beach:
We cannot do with more than four,
To give a hand to each."

Dock allegedly pitched a No-hitter on drugs(LSD). My LL No-No was clean, I swear it. Speaking of Baseball, our previous THEO clue was "Epstein".

Apparently, after "The FALL" Adam and Eve had Seth etcetera

JzB I liked "Crapple".

Not exactly a five minute affair but Wednesday clueing made for another FIR.


alf said...

you have mistake in solution -bottom line left should be eons

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Definitely not Monday-level. "FALSE IDOL" -- is there any other kind? Don't think I've heard of ELLIS Dock before. The Gonzaga Bulldogs got their eyes DILATED by Baylor on Monday -- we watched the game last night. Needed the reveal (which I actually read) to get the theme this morning. Nicely done Jeff and JzB. (Hectograph papers smelled fruity. Mimeograph was just messy.)

NEPAL: Yeah, the Indo-Gangelic Plain was my first thought.

ANA: The only Navarro I remember is Lourdes (Lulu) Garcia-Navarro. She's the Sunday morning host of NPR's Weekend Edition.

Taxing day. Gotta run...

desper-otto said...


Hungry Mother said...

When are too many names intolerable? FIR, in spite of so many unknowns. I didn’t see the theme until done.

Wilbur Charles said...

HM, I'd say it depends on the names, the perps and the clues. fe. LEROY Brown is common; THEO and the RAP Artist not but easily perped.

It's the Naticks that border on intolerable.



KS said...

FIR, but the puzzle overall? MEH!

Anonymous said...

This took 7:51 to "fall."

Having all of those proper names (Orfeo, Odets, Theo, Leroy, Lotso, Ana, Ellis, and Ella "et cetera.") weren't worth the theme of having a word separated.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

This theme I got, early on. Even pre-filled a couple FA's at the starred clues. Mostly liked the puzzle but thought OPPO was a tad gluey. I'd never heard it but did understand the clue. FIR.
MIMEO - Remember them well and the alcoholish smell that went with the process. Our school had ample paper, what with a pulp and paper mill making fine office papers in our district. One of the oerks I guess.

jfromvt said...

A typical Wednesday puzzle. Getting the theme helped with the solve.

I’m a huge baseball fan, and have never heard the expression “go oppo”. Like WC, I get to listen to the Eck with all his lingo, and he never sprang this one on us.

Corpulent Cook said...

Thank you Mr. Stillman for a challenging puzzle, and Jazz Bumpa for an enchanting review.

Just a note, 51 Down .... Tandoori breads :NAANS
you wrote. Contrived plural for an unleavened bread traditionally baked on the outside of a clay oven.

Naan, or Naans are very much leavened bread, they contain yeast and/or starter dough, to make them rise, and are normally allowed to 'ferment' for 4 to 12 hours. The consistency, both pre-baked, and after baking, is like pizza dough = soft, fluffy and chewy.
Unleavened bread like matzos, tortillas, chappatis and rotis are kneaded and baked within the hour.
Also Naans are baked very much IN the oven, with contact with the direct flame and heat ... they are just stuck on to the walls of the oven, rather than on the floor, because the floor has the burning embers.

Have a nice day, all.

Lizza said...

Good morning from the

Good morning from the chilly Lower Hudson Valley. Temps should be very nice this afternoon.

I’m a baseball (Yankee) fan since I was a very young kid, never heard of “oppo”. Guess I missed something. Did not know trope, pict, orfeo or Theo. Ugh. Got it all done correctly, though.

Belated holiday wishes to all, and a belated HB to Irish Miss. Had a wonderful week in the very lovely state of MN last week visiting my son, his wife and my granddaughter. And then had the great pleasure of being with my other son and my grandson in PA , close to Valley Forge. Life is good. Hope it is for you as well.

Wishing you a great day. The

billocohoes said...

Baseball has enough slack time that you don't have to shorten "hit to the opposite field" or "go the other way"

I always think NAAN tastes like pretzels

“Things FALL APART; the centre cannot hold
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is lost
The best lack all conviction, while the worst are filled with passionate intensity.” - William Butler Yeats, "The Second Coming"

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

The theme was evident early on so the reveal was easily filled in. The solve proved more difficult than a typical Wednesday due to the unknown proper names: Orfeo, Lotso, Theo, and Pict. I have hear Oppo only as political lingo, as Jazz pointed out. On the plus side, we had Ellis/Ella, Hem/Hema, Eons/Enos, and Nepal/Lhasan. We also had the O team: Oppo, Helio, Palmetto, Mimeo, Endo, Osso, Dayo, So so, Theo, Orfeo, Loo, and Lotso!

Thanks, Jeff and JazzB for a mid-week challenge and interesting and informative commentary.


Oas, sincere condolences to your family on the loss of your SIL.

Ray O, that Poinsettia is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing it.

Pat, thank you for the birthday wishes.

Anon T, thanks for reminding me of TXMiss and Leo III and I send my apologies to them for forgetting! Thanks, also, for the link to the specialty food store. After a cursory browse of their site, I know where I’ll be spending a lot of time and where I’ll be putting my birthday gift cards to good use!

Have a great day.

Irish Miss said...

Lizza @ 8:45 ~ Thank you for the birthday wishes. I was typing when you posted. Where are you in the lower Hudson Valley?

JazzB, I forgot to thank you for the musical links. So, thanks a bunch!

Lizza said...

I live in Nanuet, NY, right on the border of Pearl River, and not too far from the Tappan Zee Bridge, Rockland County, about 30 minutes NW of the GW Bridge, Palisades Parkway north.

CanadianEh! said...

Wonderful Wednesday (why was THU in the CW to confuse me?!). Thanks for the fun, Jeff and JazzB.
I FIRed and saw the FALL theme (but it is Spring here! Jeff is really trying to confuse me!). Actually I had WELL and DELL first and thought that we might have an -ELL rhyming theme. WALL put an end to that thought.

Only one inkblot today where Adam changed to MORN (with a loud guffaw!). And we had Eve in the clue at 65A.
I wanted Idolatry but FALSE IDOL fit the spot.
I waited for perps to decide between Hemo or HEMA; also a slight pause to decide between Eras and EONS (but Geologic decided it).
Unknowns like OPPO, PALMETTO, ELLIS, ANA, ORFEO perped. READD was a gluey UGH(S) or SOSO.

I smiled at INLAWS, and groaned at "Ran through a reader=SWIPED" (credit card again, not Dick & Jane). I also smiled to see FRAY instead of the usual Ado.
We had SAGAS and a TALE, ETRE and ESTE. Plus LHASAN, NAANS, SARI, NEPAL for our Asian trip. And, we had some anatomy terms today with HEMA, OSSO (Italian for bone), and ENDO right underneath.
How many of you did "Awake & Sing" with all the music today? - RAPS, REEL, Jazz with ELLA, DAYO crossing LEROY. Don't tell me you weren't at least humming - "Daylight come and we wan'go home" or "baddest man in the whole damn town".

Glad you had some good visits Lizza.
No visits here. We are going into strict "stay at home" lockdown tonight (after emergency brake lockdown has been ineffective in keeping cases down). The variants are bringing Covid to younger people, and vaccination priorities must be adjusted. Relieved that I got my first Pfizer dose last week (and DH two weeks ago).

Wishing you all a good day.

Bob Lee said...

For once all the proper names didn't throw me as I had enough crosses to get them. I found this puzzle just the right difficulty.

I figured out FALL from Farmer in the Dell and Fly on the Wall, so that helped me figure out that it wasn't No other Gods (didn't fit) but instead False Idol.

Never heard of Orfeo. And OPPO was a stretch but figured a shortening of Opposite Field.

Three little pigs - then, of course, I picture/hear Negan saying, "Let me in!" (Sorry--seeing too many tv ads for The Walking Dead lately)

Husker Gary said...

-Never heard of OPPO either. You’ve been warned: Don’t look up GO OPPO in the Urban Dictionary.
-Otherwise the puzzle and the easily spotted theme made for a good Wednesday run. Patsy Cline was a bonus, Ron!
-My hero’s take on HELIOCENTRIC
-The kids loved to smell the alcohol from spirit masters after they came off this machine
-Note to self: DILATE has only two syllables and the dreaded silent “H” is the second letter in LHASA
-The P.A. system now plays DAY-O at baseball games when runners are on base (Daylight come and me wanna go HOME)
-Didn’t you learn it as “30 days HATH September…”
-A printer jam and you’ve procrastinated and have kids in five minutes? Yikes!
-HEMA/HEMO - I have shown this wonderful Bell Labs movie many times

Malodorous Manatee said...

I have played, been around, and followed baseball my entire life but have never heard of OPPO.

Great music today...thanks JzB.

I have, obviously, found an alternate source for the LAT daily puzzles.

Husker Gary said...

Yesterday I got an email from a friend who said he needed to get a gift for his niece today and he was out of town. He has been going through some very tough times and I replied I was glad to help. He said he was having trouble with his credit card online so he wanted me to get $400 worth of Google Play Cards, scratch off the material on the backs of the four $100 cards, photograph the codes and email the images to him. A twenty-something clerk at Wal~Mart asked me if I was sure this was legit and I told him that that wasn’t any of his business. Suddenly my common sense kicked in and I called the friend and he said he had no idea what this was about and had no idea how someone had hacked his email account. That Wal~Mart kid had seen this before, is my hero but had to refuse the tip I offered him. I am still taking myself out to the mental wood shed!!

NaomiZ said...

Wow, HG, you got lucky! Beware!

I enjoyed today's puzzle. Interesting to hear from all the sports fans that go OPPO is not a thing. Since I'm *not* a sports fan, my last fill was the L where REEL and ELLIS met. I do occasionally stand up too fast, REEL and see stars.

PICT, TROPE, ORFEO, et alia didn't bother me. LOTSO was unknown but perped. FIR.

Thanks for a nice puzzle, Jeff, and for the review, JzB. The video links were terrific. I especially liked The Three Little Pigs.

Lucina said...


A Wednesday wonder! Thank you, Jeff and JazzB! I got into the FRAY very quickly and the eastern end filled fast with RAPS, HELIO and EPICS. I certainly know PALMETTO from my many visits to the neighboring state of North Carolina.

It is almost time to DILATE my eyes, too, for the every SIX months' appointment.

UGHS follow MIMEO for me, not the smell, but the mess! My hands would shine blue ink for days after using that machine. I was deliriously happy when it was replaced by Xerox.

How many times I have wished I was a FLY ON THE WALL when certain discussions were held.

My son-IN-LAW is a wonderful man and so good to my daughter.

It takes years to learn not to FALL APART in emergencies or lesser mishaps in the classroom. Right, Gary, YR and other teachers? At least it did for me.

Have a pleasant day, everyone!

Anon said...

Straightforward puzzle despite the ten or so proper names. OPPO?? Are you serious?!

Anonymous said...

All of you self-professed baseball fans must not watch live broadcasts very often, or ESPN SportsCenter at all, if you have never heard of OPPO. I must have heard it five times alone since this baseball season began. There's a west coast team (Angels?) whose broadcaster came up with "Oppo Taco," so get ready for that variation.

Good challenge for a Wednesday. PICT and LOTSO were new for me. Needed perps because I haven't seen any of the Toy Story movies. It's been awhile since I've seen ORFEO.

Have a great day everyone.


waseeley said...

Thanks Jeff for a challenging puzzle and thank you Ron for your informative and entertaining review. The Belafonte clip brought back fond memories of an SRO subway ride in Paris, when suddenly a busker broke out a boombox and accompanied himself to a sock puppet pantomime of the "Banana Boat Song".

This was a crunchy Wednesday for me, but I managed to FARE WELL with an FIR. Didn't get any traction until the NNE at 12D and worked clockwise slowly prying the clues APART. Landed at OPPO and like everyone else so far, never 'eard' of it (whoops, with the exception of Anonymous @11:34AM!).

Liked NEPAL, LLASA (not APSO), and Dehli SARI. One of my sisters married an Indian and she has a beautiful SARI, which as a blonde brought her a lot of attention when she visited Gujarat, India with then B.I.L.

37A One of my earliest elementary school memories was being the "CHEESE STANDING ALONE". I think because I was the shortest in the class I seemed to be always "taken" last.

4D Here in "the Land of Pleasant Living" we call OYSTERS Chesapeake Bay SUSHI. Except we serve them with lemon juice or cocktail sauce instead of Wasabi.

8D Wanted LADDER but it wouldn't fit. The IN-LAWS could be the cause of the elopement in the first place, but getting married to them is not the way to escape!

62D Cute clue. Spent two weeks in BATH for work and it is absolutely beautiful, especially the Roman Baths and the Royal Crescent, a magnificent arched array of town houses several blocks long. Also Jane Austen lived there for a stretch.

Billochoes @8:59AM Thanx for the Yeats quote, one of my favorite poems, chock full of symbolism. In fact I did a senior thesis on it for English lit in UNI. I'm still asking myself "... and what rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches toward Bethlehem to be born."


Misty said...

Cool Wednesday puzzle, Jeff--many thanks. And always enjoy your comments, JazzB--thanks for those as well.

The upper right corner filled in pretty quickly and also gave me the left middle. Once I saw THE DELL, I knew it would be a FARMER IN THE DELL. A little further down I got the FLY, but the expression eluded me. Had to laugh when the ELOPER'S ACQUISITION turned out to be an IN-LAW. And so it went, lots of fun.

Have a good day, everybody.

AnonDon said...

HG. Sounds like the time my grandson called asking for bail money for a DUI accident arrest. He explained his hoarse voice was a result of the steering wheel hitting him in the throat. The scammer hung up when I asked him the name of his dog.

CrossEyedDave said...

just because it's messy doesn't make it a bad thing...

Wilbur Charles said...

HG*, got it. I see baseball borrowed it from U-S vs the OPPOsite prolific borrowings from Sport. Btw, did I tell you about the FB Lottery and the 200k due me if … That was FB messenger from a '62 classmate/Town Selectman. My son clued me after the obligatory ROTFL. And… AnonDon, I'll bet there was no dog. I should have asked for name of basketball coach**

For every Dock ELLIS gimme for JfromVt etal, there's ORFEO for the classically inclined. I'll bet OMK will enlighten

Re. Classroom… Did I tell you about the sliding blackboards and not checking behind? My back was turned and a few titters turned into roars as I slowly turned around to see

Misty, did you catch the Years poetry? Anything to add?


**I learn everyday from your posts Gary. Ps, what's that strange machine?

***Or better yet our halftime ritual. Oranges. After a berating Coach asked "Any questions?" And my fellow benchwarmer responded "No oranges, today, Coach?"

AnonymousPVX said...

Huskier G....I’m really surprised you almost bit on that worm...from what I know, these clerks are trained to ask as they see more of this than anyone else...kind of a mean answer to the guy who ended up doing you a huge favor...did you go out before you had your coffee? ;-)

This Wednesday grid had some grit to it.

Go OPPO...”he went the other way” is what I hear most, and I watch a LOT of baseball. I agree, no need to abbreviate stuff in BB.


The NW gave me a tough start, had to skip to the SE and work back up.

My landscaper just texted he needs a COVID test as he spent “a couple of hours” in the car with his brother Saturday...who just tested + for it.
Don’t trust anyone. I don’t. See my Monday comments about my hair cutter....150,000,000 doses given and he wants to make sure it’s “safe”. Yeah, so do the clients that you’re 12” away from while cutting.

Stay safe. Because it’s not over.

Husker Gary said...

Musings 2
-Wilbur, that is a spirit duplicator and the sprits are the alcohol in that plastic container at the top of the picture and the freshly produced sheets reeked of it. Your only hope was that the machine would turn out enough copies before the master gave out and copies could not be read.
-Anon PVX – Me too! The person for whom I thought I was doing the favor has had a horrible event in his life and I was trying to be helpful. No good deed… BTW, I was effusively apologetic to the Wal~Mart clerk, tried to tip him and am going to find out his name today and report his very helpful actions to the manager!
-With 162 games to cover, sports writer/reporters are constantly trying to come up with novel language – “Leave the yard (home run)”, “Shopping at the gap (ball hit between outfielders)”, “Good hus (hustle)”, etc. GO OPPO has never crossed my radar
-BTW2, subbing again felt great! I have made some great connections with the staff over there who are 15 – 40 years my junior. The superintendent has asked me to be her son’s sponsor for his confirmation next month.

Lucina said...

In that same scam he wanted me to go to Walmart and purchase two $500 gift cards. I wonder how those people live with themselves! Now I NEVER answer a call that I don't recognize.

Are all Jeopardy watchers enjoying the guest hosts? I have liked both Katie Couric and the current one, Aaron Rogers with whom I wasn't familiar but he makes a congenial host.

desper-otto said...

Lucina, I had to read your comment three times before I figured out "visits to the neighboring state of North Carolina." Was thinking, "When did they move Arizona?"

Jayce said...


Lucina, we have also been watching and enjoying the show "Hemingway" on PBS.

Keep on taking care, all.

Ol' Man Keith said...

I enjoyed the cluing in Mr. Stillman's PZL, with several amusing moments to be enjoyed.

I took a chance on one Natick (30D + 44A) and lucked out. After filling LHASAN, I recognized the start to the name of a well-known canine breed.

Ah, MIMEO sure took me back. In the late '50s I was the student assistant for publicity for my drama department and in effect ran our whole PR program. I had a mimeograph at my disposal for our press releases (and silk screen apparatus for our posters).
Back then, anything run off on MIMEO had an "official" look to it.
Four diagonals today, three at hand and another in OPPO.
The main diagonal anagram (14 of 15 letters) pertains to one of today's fills.
It answers the question, "What do you do when you need directions to that bathroom in the UK?"
You turn to the nearest knowledgeable person, and you...

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

TGI seemed a better fit than obvious THU for day after Friday. Unfortuntely overthought a misdirection. Look up STRUT in the OED, find a photo of Mick Jagger. Guess PRADA isn't just footwear. The "ETS" plus a WAG got me ODETS. Got fancy and put eddas, an old standby, before EPICS.

OPPO? Early Brit: I woulda PICT a CELT first if I could, 'cept for the perps. And as a PICT might say " I dinna get the theme".

(Love that Patsy Cline song). If false IDOL (she was never on "American Idol") sang "country" too we'd see "the farmer in Adele"

Other inkovers: taper/PALER.

"Little fly upon the wall aintcha got no clothes at all......" 3 Stooges, Curly's poem. (Couldn't find it online)..Speaking of insects (we are?) PALMETTO bugs: cockroaches with a fancy name .

Makes baby cry......MISFEEDS
FRAY, possible cause of ______ change...HEMLINE
Live early and _____ DILATE

Thanks for the reminder to pick up the "Hemingway" series.

Jazzbumpa said...

Corpulent Cook -

Thanks for the correction on NAANs. Either I got bad information or misunderstood valid information. Either way, my bad.

Cool regards!

ATLGranny said...

Late to comment today due to first knee PT appointment this morning. Good report there but puzzle's NW corner kept me puzzling until after lunch. I was trying to fit in "raise" as FALSE wasn't coming to mind. Only after I thought of OFF OF did it work out before reading JazzB's helpful review. Saw the theme and thank you, Jeff, for an interesting puzzle that didn't make me FALL APART after all. Actually it turned out to be another FIR day.

Lucina, most of the Jeopardy guest hosts are doing fine, but my favorite so far is Mike Richards. Watching Jeopardy is another way I have turned into my parents. (They were crossword solvers too.) Hope everyone has had a good day!

Lucina said...

I am sorry. I shall try to be more clear in my sentence construction. One of my sisters lives in North Carolina which is the neighboring state to the north of South Carolina and that was what I was referencing. When she first moved there in 1971 (?) I think, we visited every other year. After her husband died unexpectedly of a heat attack she now comes here for prolonged stays. In fact, she flew in last week and will be here several months with a visit to our other sister in California as well.

I just went out to the mail box and it is glorious. I have to enjoy the mild weather now before high temperatures lock in permanently.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

UGH! (I mean ALAS), FIW at ORFEa|aSSO

Thanks Jeff for the puzzle and the FALL of my ego :-)

Thanks JzB for the expo and LEROY Brown.

WOs: HELeO, HEMo, ScanED [sic] b/f SWIPED. I put far before EWELL in 22a before realizing the FARE is up-front (like an Uber).
ESPs: RAPS, PICT, [see: FIW]
Fav: I thought the clue for SARI was cute.

Hand-up -- never heard of OPPO in a baseball context (and I listen to games on the radio where there's more idle chit-chat (CHATTER), er, color-commentary).

PALMETTO state - Thank you Stephen Colbert (he says it all the time - that's his home-state)

D-O: same here w/ only knowing NPR's Garcia-Navarro.

HG - Boy did you get lucky. I see that scam (reported to me) about twice a month; useta be twice a week. Often it is a spoofed address and not necessarily that your friend's account was hacked (I tell our users "No, our CEO's account was not compromised - and why do you think he'd reach out to you for Apple gift-cards anyway?!?").
Tell your buddy to change email-password, reboot (safe mode if possible), do a virus scan, reboot again, then change email-password a second time.

Lucina - they live with themselves by thinking "they're rich and won't miss the money I need" --- especially if they live in a 3rd-world country.

IM - I had to use a hand-basket instead of a shopping-cart so I didn't go nuts. Enjoy shopping!

Cheers, -T

Ron in LA said...

Oppo was weak, hope to never see it again.

waseeley said...

Since no one has taken the bait on ORFEO, I'll bite the hook. It's a baroque opera by Claudio Monteverdi based on the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. While not the earliest opera, it is the earliest still in the standard repertory.


Jayce said...

I love the overture to Orfeo and Eurydice. It’s so beautiful.

LEO III said...

Thanks, Jeff and JazzB!

FIW. Last fill was the last letter ODET_, and I chose the T and not the S. Upon further review, I should have been able to suss the S, as in Punta del ESTE, but I didn’t. Bah, humbug! Of course, there was another unknown name there, so…. Oh, I also had INDO skeleton, crossing another obscure, unknown name. Duh!

I’ve never heard of OPPO in baseball. My excuses are:

1. I’ve banned all professional sports from my body, because of (as mentioned before) all of the rules changes MLB has been the most egregious.

2. Therefore, I have also banned ESPN.

HG --- Me too! It’s a very malicious scam! I got lucky when someone tried to pull it on me.

Gotta run! Thursday’s puzzle will be available in 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1….