Apr 18, 2021

Sunday, April 18, 2021 Jerry Miccolis

Theme:  "Diamond Jubilee" - Six long theme entries are made up of baseball teams.

23. With 32-Across, stately sailors fearlessly face full-bodied fish?: ROYAL MARINERS.

32. See 23-Across: BRAVE GIANT MARLINS.

52. With 66-Across, public park patrollers faced feathered facsimiles?: NATIONAL RANGERS.

6. See 52-Across: MET TWIN BLUEJAYS.

74. With 92-Across, energetic New Englanders filch furry fledgling felines?: ATHLETIC YANKEES.

92. See 74-Across: PIRATE TIGER CUBS.

109. Dugout denizens: BASEBALL TEAMMATES.

125. Contrived competition ... and what the 109-Across comprise in this puzzle?: FANTASY LEAGUE.

What a great title! I think this is Jerry Miccoli's LAT debut. Congrats, Jerry!

We've seen themes with baseball teams in a non-baseball setting, but none weaved a story as interesting as this one. Plus, look at the F* alliterative clues. Very Agnes.

A few more baseball bonus:

31A. Dodger great Hodges: GIL.

103A. Pitching stat: ERA.

6D. Go deep or go yard: HOMER.

102D. Phillies' div.: NLE. Nation League East.


1. "Yummy!": DELISH.  Yummers from Anon-T and Hahtoolah.

7. "Bein' Green" singer: KERMIT.

13. Best bro: MAIN MAN.

20. Cry from a balcony: O ROMEO. Juliet's balcony.

21. "Whatever works": I'M EASY.

22. Fats Domino's first name: ANTOINE. Other people names we have: 28. Actor Epps: OMAR. 45. DDE opponent: AES. Adlai Ewing Stevenson. 58. Yale founder Yale: ELIHU. 64. "Amazing" magician: RANDI. 87. Eponymous obstetrician Fernand: LAMAZE.  119. Astronaut Shepard: ALAN. 8. Novelist Zola: EMILE. 10. West of Hollywood: MAE. 15. Addams cousin: ITT. 8. Williams of "Happy Days": ANSON. 43. Writer Wiesel: ELIE. 48. Seder prophet: ELIJAH. 54. Emmy-winning portrayer of Gary Walsh in "Veep": TONY HALE.104. "The Joy Luck Club" novelist: AMY TAN.107. W.J. Clinton successor: G W BUSH 114. Polynesian Disney heroine: MOANA. 122. Composer Schifrin: LALO.

25. A, to Morse: DOT DASH.

26. Lots: A TON.

27. Place for un ├ętudiant: ECOLE. And 30. Monsieur's mine: A MOI.

36. It can follow land or sea: SCAPE.

38. Sea eagle: ERN.

39. "__ silly question ... ": ASK A.

40. Made foam: SPUMED.

47. Courtroom art: SKETCH. The Wells Fargo, Shell gas station in our street corner are still boarded up due to the Daunte Wright protests. The ATMs of Wells Fargo were burglarized.

59. Saigon soup: PHO. You can make an easy stock with five-spice powder.

60. Cowboy's catcher: LARIAT.

61. Port abuser, say: WINO.

63. Press: IRON.

70. Hirsute Himalayan: YETI.

72. A, in Austria: EIN.

73. Mosque holy man: IMAM. Also 4. Somali supermodel: IMAN. OK, here's another beautiful supermodel: Imaan Hammam.

82. Scam with spam, say: PHISH.

85. Munich Mrs.: FRAU. 111. Stuttgart starter: SALAT. German for "salad".

86. Texter's "As I see it ... ": IMHO.

89. Title for Tom Jones: SIR.

90. Loses one's head?: BALDS. Ha. Prince Williams was just crowned the sexiest bald man alive. Stanley Tucci fans were not happy.

96. Address: SPEECH.

98. "Livin' Thing" gp.: ELO.

99. Court chroniclers: STENOS.

100. Really long time: AEON.

105. Cell alerts: RINGS.

118. Big-eyed bird: OWL.

120. "Mon __!": DIEU.

121. Super Mario's dinosaur: YOSHI.

122. Garage job: LUBE.

123. Middle East economic center: TEL AVIV. 11. Home of 123-Acr.: ISR.

129. Hurricane warning responder, maybe: EVACUEE.

130. School skipper: TRUANT.

131. Finally: AT LAST.

132. Hunting dogs: SETTERS.

133. Medicinal shrubs: SENNAS.

134. Like some grins: TOOTHY.


1. Hip-hop tops: DO-RAGS. Just had DO-RAG last Sunday.

2. Steamy: EROTIC.

3. Name associated with Jesuit schools: LOYOLA. Wiki says St. Ignatius Loyola founded the Society of Jesus, which the Jesuits belong.

5. Poivre partner: SEL. Oh have any of you tried acacia honey?

7. Former name of the Mariinsky Ballet: KIROV.

9. Weasel out: RENEGE.

12. Company that makes Ball Park Franks: TYSON. No Tyson plants in Minnesota.

13. Polite titles: MADAMS.

14. Arctic parkas: ANORAKS. Never had one. Boomer got me a nice coat when I arrived here 20 years ago. Workhorse in my wardrobe.

16. Bump-related: NODAL.

17. AmericanAirlines Arena city: MIAMI.

19. Classic sodas: NEHIS.

24. 2010 health law: Abbr.: ACA.

29. NYC subway org.: MTA.

32. "Mind your manners": BE POLITE.

33. Present-day Persia: IRAN.

34. Rare blood type, for short: A NEG.

35. Croupier's tool: RAKE. Saw quite a few Asian croupiers in Las Vegas.

37. Trident-shaped letter: PSI.

41. A, in Argentina: UNA.

42. School closing?: MARM. Schoolmarm.

44. "Darn!": DRAT.

46. In stitches: SEWN.

49. Dessert made with mascarpone cheese: TIRAMISU.

50. Bok __: CHOY. Shanghai bok choy.

51. Attila's army: HUNS.

52. "All Things Considered" network: NPR.

53. "Eureka!": AHA.

55. Enjoying crumpets, maybe: AT TEA. Mentioned to you before that Cantonese, esp retirees, like to "yum cha", literally "drinking tea". They share dim sum items and tea with their friends/family.

56. Kid: RIB.

57. NBC show since 1975: SNL.

62. "Certainement!": OUI.

65. Fool: DELUDE.

67. Pitching stat: WIN.

68. Trimming tape: INKLE. Learning moment for me.

69. Large penguins: EMPERORS.

71. "Lord, is __?": IT I.

74. Andrews and Edwards: Abbr.: AFBS.

75. Subtle stratagem: TRAP.

76. Diminutive devil: IMP.

77. Greek X: CHI. Means "breath" in Chinese. Tai chi.

78. Time long past: YORE.

79. Grub: EATS.

80. Send out: EMIT.

81. Stuffing stuff: SAGE.

83. Member of the fam: SIB.

84. Time sheet abbr.: HRS.

88. Buddhist discipline: ZEN. That character on the upper left means "Zen".

91. Sign of healing: SCAB.

93. Protected, at sea: ALEE.

94. Afghanistan's __ Bora: TORA.

95. Show with Miami and NY spin-offs: CSI.

97. More intoxicating: HEADIER.

101. Martini garnishes: OLIVES.

106. Main Milky Way makeup: NOUGAT. Great clue.

108. Wintry, in a way: SLEETY.

109. Creepy film motel: BATES.

110. Motrin alternative: ALEVE. Finally got my first Pfizer shot at the VA last Wednesday. My left arm was a little sore and then itchy for a couple of days. No other side effects. Sorry for your woes,  Anon-T.  Also hope TTP's ordeal ends soon.

112. Pass: ENACT.

113. Clumps: TUFTS.

115. Aides: Abbr.: ASSTS.

116. Prayer possessive: THY.

117. Red Sea resort: EILAT. Regular in our old Tribune Media Daily days.

124. Saturn SUV: VUE.

126. Exist: ARE.

127. Sister: NUN.

128. DDE's WWII command: ETO.




desper-otto said...

Good morning!

I allot 30 minutes for the Sunday cw, and this one came in under the wire...way under the wire. I think I misread what you meant with "F*," C.C. Yesterday it was ANTAWN, today ANTOINE. Didn't realize that I knew SENNAS and EILAT, but they filled in immediately. About halfway through I realized that the themers were all sports teams. Oh, they were all baseball teams? Nice debut, Jerry. Enjoyed the tour, C.C. (I hope the rioters go home, and things settle down in your neighborhood.)

A NEG: That's my blood type, and it's not particularly rare -- 6.6% of the population, compared with 0.6% for AB NEG. The blood bank seldom lets me donate whole blood -- they always seem to want plasma or platelets -- something that takes over an hour to complete.

Lizza said...

Enjoyed the baseball theme very much. A lot of thinking getting so many team names was fun. Wanted natal for nodal, as in baby bump. Yoshi, sennas, Eilat and inkle unknown to me. Very fun baseball puzzle!

Best wishes to all, particularly to those in MN, IN and any other place where violence is happening.

Lizza said...

Enjoyed the baseball theme very much. A lot of thinking getting so many team names was fun. Wanted natal for nodal, as in baby bump. Yoshi, sennas, Eilat and inkle unknown to me. Very fun baseball puzzle!

Best wishes to all, particularly to those in MN, IN and any other place where violence is happening.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thanks to Jerry for a clever & fun puzzle to fill my too early waking hours.

Big thanks to C.C. for 'splainin' some of the stuff I didn't know. INKLE? never heard of that and it kept me from getting the TWIN theme entry for too long. Just could not get the W for a pitching stat either. Finally red-lettered it and still didn't believe INKLE.

Unknown names: ANTOINE (whose mother spelled better than Antawn's of yesterday -- spell check doesn't like that one either), RANDI, TONY HALE, LALO, YOSHI.

ALSO DNK: ECOLE (but should have), SPUMED, ELO, SENNAS (not aloes), SEL, EILAT, VUE.

Sure were a lot of plurals with "S" tacked on the ends.

PK said...

C.C. Sorry to hear that the violence came so close to you. Such a horrible time in our history. The daughter of some of my closest friends is a policeman in Minnesota but I don't know what town for sure. She went on line to ask us all to pray for them.

Memforest said...

What an amazingly clever theme! Caught on pretty early, so the solve went at a good pace with some fair challenges. Got stuck on the SPUMED and MARM crossing though for an FIW. Never heard of those, but they must be common enough since C.C. didn't need to elaborate in the write-up. A quick LIU gots me some good learnin' this morning. Stay safe, all!

Husker Gary said...

-Gimmick was fun and helpful once I got one! Don’t tell Boomer TWIN took a long time!
-I know “Wherefore art thou, Romeo” means “Why” not “Where” but still…
-Coincidence: I listened to AMY TAN’s clever TED TALK last night
-The funeral for BALD Prince William’s grandfather was very unusual
-EVACUEES - Foolish people south of me who insist on living next to the Platte River
-You might not BE POLITE by calling someone a MADAM
-Don Rickles’ “RIBBING” would never be allowed today.
-Edwards AFB was the second option for shuttle orbiter landings. Lincoln, NE was fourth

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Eventually got it done. Only complaint is I don't think ATHLETIC is an accurate synonym for 'energetic'. Thesauri don't list it. Liked the strong baseball bent of the puzzle. Lots of fresh fill; fun to root around in.
74d - AFBS - - Andrews is now called a 'Joint' Base. Don't know about Edwards. Once was billeted at Andrews while attending an oceanography course in Suitland.
91d - SCAB - - An 'itch' is a sign of healing, too. Sometimes they go together.
133 - SENNA - - A legume. Reminds me of vetch or birdsfoot trefoil.
127 - NUN - - Spelt it backwards, but then corrected it.
Dim sum - - CC's pictures made me drool. Loved meetings with our colleagues at Ontario-Hydro in Toronto, because there was a fine dim sum restaurant near their hdqtrs. building which they would treat us to at lunch.
128d - ETO reminded me of another theater of operations 60 years ago, today. which included my ship and squadron. Still not pleasant to talk about. A brighter, happier part of the voyage was a couple weeks later we supported the 1st sub-orbital flight of 119a - ALAN Shepard. (He flew 80 miles over our heads and made an ocean landing several hundred miles downrange.)

desper-otto said...

Spitz, is the "joint" base a result of the relaxation of marijuana laws? And just what was your ship doing 60 years ago today? Were you in the Pacific?

Anonymous said...

Full sentences using only baseball team names? Tres fun. Hat's off to the constructor. Could be a fun assignment for an English class.

Spitzboov said...

D-O @ 1006. Joint designation came about at one of the last BRAC decisions.
Ship location was in Caribbean. Event was very sore point politically.

Hungry Mother said...

FIR, with my usual Sunday sloggy pace. Bombarded with names again. Please, more wordplay.

Lemonade714 said...

This is the first LAT by `Jerry Miccolis (Greek?) though he has other publications;

20193 Jerry Miccolis nyt 21x21 140 72 5.27 J,Q,V, Sun, Jul 17, 2016
22362 Jerry Miccolis wsj 21x21 140 72 5.27 F,Q,V,Z Sat, Feb 25, 2017
19426 Jerry Miccolis nyt 21x21 138 75 5.30 J,Q,X, Sun, Apr 02, 2017
19809 Jerry Miccolis nyt 15x15 78 41 4.72 J,Q,X,Y Tue, Nov 14, 2017
and Jeff Chen

He clearly likes Sunday sized puzzles and has benefitted from the mentorship of Jeff Chen. If you read his comments on his puzzles you can learn much about him and his style. You also will learn that his absence from creating puzzles was caused by his writing of a book BOYS OF LATE SUMMER . Which has been published. He obviously loves baseball.

Jeff Chen is a great guy, mentor and also a published author. Thanks guys and thank you C.C.

Lemonade714 said...

Looking great C.C.

Meanwhile, is Imaan Hammam completely naked in the picture?

NaomiZ said...

This puzzle was very clever and lots of fun! FIR in spite of my ignorance of sports. INKLE was new to me, and it took a moment to understand it was *that* kind of Milky Way.

Lemonade, Imaan is clearly wearing a dress! Is she naked *underneath* her clothing? Aren't we all? ;-)

C.C., you are cute as a button. Boomer is a lucky man.

Anonymous said...

DNF by choice. This whole thing was a slog. I like most puzzles, but I did not care for this.Way way too many proper names and cross-referenced sports clues for my liking. I’ll pass on this one.

Alice said...

I loved this puzzle even though it was difficult for me. The clever theme is much appreciated, and helped greatly with some obscure perps (KIROV; ANSON; SALAT, etc.)

Jerry, couldn’t you work in Dodgers, or at least Angels? ­čśü

TTP said...

Hi all !

Thank you, Jerry Miccolis and thank you, C.C.
Also, thank you for thinking of me.

Neat puzzle ! Not just the baseball teamed theme sentences, but also the alliterative clues for them !

Guess who slept late (really late) today ? Well, I was up for a bit in the middle of the night and that's when I did the puzzle. Caught what was going on and that sped up the solve.

Not much else to say for now as I made myself late for today's tasks by sleeping so late.

See all y'all later n'at !

Becky said...

Husker Gary, thank you for that Amy Tan TED talk! Who knew she had such a wonderful and twisted sense of humor? And that wonderful dogs, staying in that zipped up bag for 18 minutes! Speaking of humour, where has Canadian Eh been lately?

I loved this puzzle, I don't really follow baseball, except when the Dodgers get close, but somehow I knew all of the teams. And I wanted the sub theme , A to Morse, A in Argentina -- huh, I thought there were more than two. Guess I'm wrong about the sub theme.

The snow is melting here, it should get up to 50 by 3 P.M.

I hope everyone stays healthy and comfortable after their vaccinations!


Lucina said...


I am sorry I can't be as excited about this theme as C.C. apparently is and likely many of you. I am not a sports fan but I enjoyed the solve. It's always satisfying to meet the challenge and this was in several places.

However, LOYOLA, LARIAT, KERMIT, FRAU (Hi Spitz and Misty), TRUANT, MARM, LAMAZE and many others were in my wheelhouse. I just kept at it and finished. Now it's time for me to go. I'll read you all later.

C.C., that is a great photo of you!

Anon said...

Hated the stupid question clues. Couldn’t solve even though I solved “baseball teammates”. I must admit it was a clever way to fit all those baseball teams in the puzzle. I just missed it.

Picard said...

I am not a sports fan, but I was very impressed with this construction! I think we have seen other puzzles with similar construction. You did not have to know much about the teams; just had to recognize them.

Almost DNF in NE with all those proper names. Who can keep track of these corporate sponsors like "American Airlines Arena"? Hand up learning moment about INKLE. Also, SPUMED. FIR.

CC or anyone else: Any idea why the alliterative F clues in particular? That was also impressive.

The AMAZING RANDI used to hold an annual convention called The AMAZING Meeting in Las Vegas.

Here are just a few of my photos of RANDI, including him graciously posing with me.

Most of that set is with Penn and Teller. But sitting to the right of RANDI on the panel is Julia Sweeney who was a regular on SNL. Another puzzle answer we see often, including today. Sadly, RANDI recently died.

Malodorous Manatee said...

I had not the slightest inkling that INKLE was a legitimate word.

waseeley said...

Thank you Jerry for a challenging Saturday puzzle. And thanks to CC for the expert PLAY BY PLAY. And special thanks to DW for helping me STEAL HOME to an FIR - her late entry in the game in EXTRA INNINGS made all the difference.

The theme clues were exceptionally GROAN WORTHY and if I'd taken the trouble to find the reveal earlier it might have been a lot easier. I'm sure most of the sports fans on the Corner WENT DEEP on this one.

In some ways this reminded me of a slimmed down version of Merl Reagle's classic TRAFFIC JAM, with 3 lanes across and 3 lanes down spanning the grid, intersecting in the middle, and consisting of a streams of nothing but the names of car brands.

68D INKLE was the last to fall. Completely new to me.

59A PHO We've seen this before and CC's tip on 5-spice powder might spur me to actually make some.

73A IMAN is also the widow of musician David Bowie.


jfromvt said...

Fun puzzle, and right up my alley as a big baseball fan. I guess getting my team the RED SOX into an answer would have been tough. They are playing the WHITE SOX this weekend by the way, including a doubleheader today, with seven inning games (vs nine) using the COVID rules put in last year.

Lucina said...

It was really nice to be reminded of the KIROV Ballet Company which we saw in St. Petersburg. Those Russian dancers have remarkable precision and discipline. We also saw some Cossack performances on that trip. It was impressive! Some old palaces have been transformed into theaters and that in itself was interesting.

I am grateful to have been able to travel during the time I could walk long distances. Today I could not take such a trip but have wonderful memories in reserve. Tel Aviv also recalls some good memories but I didn't take a jacket with me and just remember how cold it was!

As usual your photos are impressive.

Have you ever thought of writing your memoirs? I believe it would make interesting reading.

Anonymous T said...

Sunday Lurk Say...

Wow! Cool puzzle. I didn't play but kinda wish I did - I love Baseball.
//Waseeley - I just found the Traffic Jam / Gridlock puzzle. Thanks for mentioning it.

Spitz - I think I know the original mission... 'Nuff said.

Picard - I'm sure you know Amazing Randy was Penn & Teller's hero. Link.

Edwards AFB - a little story:
Many manufacturing plants, I learned, have electricity generating power plants bolted on. The power plants use left-over steam from the manufacturing process to make electricity.
The power plants are usually owned by a different company than the manufacturing plant.

Anyway, the power plant was changing hands and I was sent to four (3 in Texas and one in California) to convert IT systems to the new owners' standards. One plant (the one in CA) was bolted on to the Borax facility just east(? - I might have been turned around) of Edwards AFB.

They guys at the plant were looking forward to the Shuttle landing scheduled for the next day (or two) and told me how cool it was (the sonic booms were something special as it turned just above the facility). Now I was looking forward to it too!

I went to the local bar that night (there's not many out there) and met some of the crew assisting with the landing. OMG! I'm talking to NASA guys over a few beers!!
I had a gas.

Unfortunately, the landing was delayed but my flight out of LAX wasn't. I missed the landing by a day :-(

//I didn't say it was a great story... :-)

Enjoyed reading everyone.

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

Lurk addenda - I should have mentioned, the gig in CA was a few years before I consulted at JSC (Johnson Space Center) where I got to know lots of NASA folks. #NerdHeaven -T

Boomer said...

I am very happy that I was able to take C.C. to the VA for the Pfizer Vaccine. One more trip in a couple of weeks and we should be protected. However we are still wearing our masks when we go to a store or somewhere where stupid people are not wearing one. What a great puzzle with all the baseball connections And Prince William should be happy that I am not bald.

Misty said...

Tough but fun Sunday puzzle--many thanks, Jerry. And what a lovely picture of you, C.C.
Thank you for your commentary too, as always.

Since I don't know baseball, I needed help with all the long answers. But many of the shorter items were fun and sometimes easy. Only, like others, I never heard of INKLE. But nice to see AMY TAN and G.W. BUSH, among others, and places like MIAMI and TEL AVIV. Also liked getting the German FRAU (thanks for noting, Lucina).

Have a great week coming up, everybody.

Spitzboov said...

Lucina - Thanks for the SO. Re: writing ……memoirs. Haha. I have enough trouble cobbling together posts for this blog. One finger on a keyboard key, the other on the back-space(delete) button. -- And remembering to turn off the caps lock after each use.

Big Easy said...

Good afternoon from this A NEG person. AFTER ROYAL MARINERS and BRAVE GIAN MARLINS the baseball team theme was obvious.

Lots of proper names and I actually knew all but three- LAMAZE, TONY HALE, & ELIJAH- without resorting to perps. I won't count YOSHI- never heard that dinodaur. I know a lot of German but SALAT was a new one. EILAT- I knew of the place but it's on the Gulf of Aqaba, which is not the Red Sea which is about 100 miles away. I finished at the cross of an unknown- TONY HALE- and BALDS. Never heard of Tucci and if BALD is sexy, I guess looking at my bald head could be considered EROTIC with bad eyesight.

ANTOINE- any local knows that and if they don't all I can say is "AIN'T THAT A SHAME". With that "I'M WALKING" not to "BLUEBERRY HILL"; I'm " WALKING TO NEW ORLEANS" and hope to make it to "BLUE MONDAY'.

Lemonade714 said...

iNKLE rhymes with TINKLE. Naomi Z, my vision is not good now and I thought she was naked. Like so many other subjective standards, bald is often Beautiful .

inanehiker said...

I was gone to a retreat Friday/Sat and came home to out-of-town company Sat/Sun so just got around to today's puzzle now! I am in the amused camp that anyone could put all those teams into actual sentences though whimsical, bravo to Jerry! I also had the MET TWIN portion fall last - mostly because I was looking for one team to fill that space and had _ET_ _N

Having a son in the Air Force and many young people from our area going into the military after high school, I'm very familiar with Joint Base _____ concept. It makes a lot of sense to not have redundant departments like eg. HR, medical for an army post and an air force base that are right next to each other. The ones I am most recently familiar with are Joint Base San Antonio (comprised of Fort Sam Houston and Lackland AFB) and Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Tacoma, WA (comprised of Ft. Lewis and McChord AFB).

I thought the American Airlines Arena was going to be in the Dallas/Ft Worth area since that is where the headquarters is - but no-- MIAMI. The Mavericks in Dallas actually play in the American Airlines Center. Fortunately perps came to the rescue!

Thanks CC (and glad you have gotten your vax!) and congrats to Jerry for a fun puzzle and debut!

CanadianEh! said...

Super Sunday. Thanks for the fun, Jerry and C.C.
Well, Take me out to the Ballgame! This is the closest this Canadian will get to a Blue Jay's game for a while, as they are in Dunedin and the border is closed.

I had to work at this CW and like others here, I was stymied in the centre at the MET TWIN (crossing WIN!). I wanted Spuyed (is that a word? I think it should be Spued) before SPUMED, and Advil before ALEVE.
I though B NEG was rarer than A NEG, but GIANT changed that.

Hand up with Lizzie for wanting Natal, thinking of a baby bump.
INKLE was totally unknown.
Fortunately RANDI perped. Great photos Picard.

I'm honoured that you have missed me, Becky. I posted here Thursday afternoon (I don't always get here in the morning), but just lurked on Friday and Saturday as I was late to the party and "too pooped to participate".

Wishing you all a good evening.

ATLGranny said...

This puzzle was a toughy that I worked on much of the day every time I had a few minutes free. I ended up with a FIW, but after almost giving up several times, am satisfied with only three wrong squares. One was at a true natick for me, two unknown names: RANDI and TONY HALE. The others were careless mistakes. But the theme helped once I saw all the words were names of teams. The hardest section was the middle ATHLETIC YANKEES PIRATE .... The others came together fine. Thanks for the learning moments, Jerry (INKLE, for example), and for explaining the extra meanings, C.C. Nice picture. Thanks for including it!

We had a nice outdoor visit with our Atlanta family this afternoon during wonderful weather. In a few weeks they'll be fully vaccinated and we can spend more time together safely. Onward to the Monday puzzle with enthusiasm.

OwenKL said...

I've got a dictionary app on my 'puter that is sometimes annoying because the definition is usually buried in verbiage. One word I didn't know today is a good example. I've put the word I looked up in bold, but the entire entry was a mix of italics, bolds, red links, and blue links.

Etymology 1

From Middle English inklen, inclen (“to give an inkling of, hint at, mention, utter in an undertone”), derived from inke (“apprehension, misgiving”), from Old English inca (“doubt, suspicion”), from Proto-Germanic *ink├┤ (“ache, regret”), from Proto-Indo-European *h₁eng- (“illness”). Cognate with Old Frisian jinc (“angered”), Old Norse ekki (“pain, grief”), Norwegian ekkje (“lack, pity”).

inkle (third-person singular simple present inkles, present participle inkling, simple past and past participle inkled)

(transitive, rare) To hint at; disclose.
(transitive, rare) To have a hint or inkling of; divine.


See also Thesaurus:allude

Related terms


Etymology 2

Apparently from earlier *ingle, perhaps from an incorrect division of lingle, lingel.
Alternative forms



inkle (countable and uncountable, plural inkles)

Narrow linen tape, used for trimmings or to make shoelaces
1598, William Shakespeare, ‘Love's Labour's Lost’, Act III:

COSTARD - '… What's the price of this inkle?'


Elkin, Klein, Kline, k-line, kline, lekin, liken

Wilbur Charles said...

Where are my redsox? Just kidding. A tour de force. But. WINS are statistics, ERA is a stat.

Baseball is my bailiwick(Hi Jfromvt*) but I never put it together. Then looked at theme and dawn fell on marble head. But "PUSS". There's no such team. V8 can:CUBs(not SIs,not pSI).

My last fill was TOOTHY to replace filTHY(What can I say?)

Let's see CC's take. She's a big baseball fan

TONY HALE, ANSON and LALO were unknowns (CSI I've heard of)
SALAT was another 5 Perps as was KIROV. EILAT same.

Minny has Daunte, Tampa has the exact opposite: Dontae Morris who shot and killed two cops in Tampa.

I just needed the Y for YOSHI . The IA got me that arena. I don't pay attention to corporate monikers

ECOLE would be better clued with "Eleve" than Etudiant (but maybe the latter was easier for non French students.

Picard, nice pix. I saw a unicycle riding next to the road and immediately thought of you

Boomer lol. Here in central FLA the masks are 50%

BigE, love my Fats. Walk'n to NAWLENS

WC with a new phone

*An old classmate posted that he burned his Redsox hat he'd had for 70 years. Politics Aaarrrgggghhh!!!

Anonymous said...

First thought on Williams from Happy Days was "ROBIN", as Mork from Ork began as a stint on Happy Days. Moved on to "ANSON" when the crosses didn't work.