Apr 19, 2021

Monday, April 19, 2021 Jana Persky

Theme: All in Place - Fitting its grid placement!

17A. Well-suited to a person's abilities: UP ONE'S ALLEY.

62A. Unpretentious: DOWN TO EARTH.

11D. "Correctamundo!": RIGHT YOU ARE.

25D. Made certain: LEFT NO DOUBT.

Boomer here. Congratulations to Jana Persky on her debut. 

First, to clarify, C.C. and I live in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. It is a northern suburb of Minneapolis and borders Brooklyn Center. Our city was under curfew in the evenings and many businesses have boarded up their glass windows, but we have been safe and free of the Daunte Wright protests. 

On to the puzzle. First, you pick UP a ball and roll it DOWN the LANE.  If you are getting oil conditions like I am this Spring you need to roll it hard to the RIGHT because it is sure to hook LEFT.  

A couple of Mondays ago we had a very nice 80 degree day and I got in nine holes on the course that hosts our league.  Not too good lately as we are having trouble hitting 50s recently in Minnesota.  My newspaper shows a map of the U.S. and it seems we are not alone.  I hope things will warm up for all of you in the northern half of the U.S.


1. Pats down in a weapons search: FRISKS.  I suppose we are safe from this due to Covid.  I wonder if police use a metal detector.

7. Gather, as crops: REAP.  It's almost time in MN to plant a few vegetables in our back garden.  We will be REAPing in August and September. I hope.

11. Theater ticket word: ROW.  I guess theaters are open now.  C.C. and I have not been to a theater for many years.

14. __ Beach: Southern California city: LAGUNA.

15. Memorable lioness: ELSA.  Not to be confused with Elsie, the Borden's cow.

16. Imprecise suffix: ISH.  This may also be a word if you are served fish stew.

19. Pontiac muscle car: GTO.  "Little GTO you're lookin' fine.  Three dueces and a four speed, and a 389".  Ronnie and the Daytonas.

20. One-named "Tik Tok" singer: KESHA.


21. College-level HS science course: AP CHEM.

23. Bundle of hay: BALE.

26. Kid's riddle: "Why is six afraid of seven?" "Because seven __ nine!": ATE.

28. Range above 41-Down: ALTO. 41. Range below 28-Across: TENOR.

29. Gift giver's eager urging: OPEN IT.  Unless it is moving.

32. Hire: EMPLOY.

34. Like Beethoven's "Pastoral Symphony": IN F.

35. Arrow controlled by a mouse: CURSOR.  Some folks may become CURSER when the mouse doesn't work.

37. Little piggies: TOES.  One went to market, one stayed home, one had roast beef, and one went bowling on a LANE.

40. Salad green: LETTUCE.  And the last little piggy dropped a bunch of LETTUCE at the casino.

42. LinkedIn user's quest: JOB HUNT.

44. Of sound mind: SANE.  Change the "E" to an "O" and you have a Twin hitting .100.


45. Fancy fish eggs: CAVIAR.  CAVIAR is made from fish eggs, mostly found in sturgeon.  Sturgeon are found in Minnesota but I never caught one.  Most are heavier than a bowling ball.

47. Shapiro of NPR: ARI.

48. Punctual: ON TIME.  A new baseball season!  Most games start ON TIME and then go on past my bed time.

50. __ of honor: wedding party VIP: MATRON.

52. Smell: ODOR.  Our boy Rougned ODOR is now with the Yankees.  I'll leave him alone.

53. Late-night NYC show: SNL.

55. Tenant's payment: RENT.  I lived in an apartment for ten years.  Rent is okay I guess, but you do not build up equity.

56. Like bouquets of roses: FLORAL.  We also have a garden in front of our home.  I will add some color if the weather ever warms up.

58. Dining room piece: TABLE.  We have one of those.  Great for breakfast cereal and newspaper reading in the morning.

61. Former soccer phenom Freddy: ADU.

67. Pen tip: NIB.  I remember these things that were made of licorice.

68. Reverberate: ECHO.  HELLO - hello hello.

69. Science journal since 1869: NATURE.

70. Obtain: GET.

71. Lion's warning: ROAR.  I never hear it when the Detroit football team comes to town.

72. What there may not be "in the house" during a tearjerker: DRY EYE.


1. Annual shot target: FLU.  I never got a flu shot.  The VA gave me two of those Pfizer Covid shots and now we are getting the same for C.C.

2. Knock (on): RAP.

3. "Here __ again!": I GO.  Here I GO again with the down clues.

4. Submerged: SUNKEN.

5. Joint above the ankle: KNEE.  Lately the cancer medicine has cost me some knee strength.  Bowling average is down about 30 pins.

6. Cheeky talk: SASS.  Shut up and roll the ball!

7. Tells, as a story: RELATES.

8. Building wing: ELL.

9. On the ocean: ASEA.  I believe Spitzboov spent some time there.

10. Online remittance app: PAYPAL.  I used to use this a lot when I was active on eBay.  Not so much anymore but it's a good account to have.

12. Bone: Pref.: OSTEO.

13. "To __ it may concern": WHOM.

18. "Figured it out!": AHA.  I'm sure all of you puzzle masters have figured this out.

22. Fabric: CLOTH.

23. Reaches 212 degrees Fahrenheit: BOILS.  That would be 100 degrees Centigrade.

24. Sleep disorder: APNEA.  The Twins have been on the west coast for a couple of days.  They do not give me APNEA. I fall asleep watching.

27. Expressive online image: EMOJI.

30. RN's workplace: ICU.  Covid has kept them busy for over a year.

31. Stanley of "The Hunger Games": TUCCI.


33. Golf tournament kickoff: PRO AM.  I was never good enough to play in one.  I was in several PRO AM bowling tournaments though. 

36. Paper purchases: REAMS.  500 sheets in case you are on Jeopardy and some one asks.

38. Disgraced energy firm: ENRON.  There's a name out of the past.  I still have some ENRON golf balls that I bought on eBay awhile ago.  Collector's items.

39. Period of work: STINT.

43. Half a bikini: BRA.

46. Only "V" Monopoly avenue not named for a state: VENTNOR.  Yellow - the light blue Vermont Avenue would be the other "V".

49. __ Joe's: TRADER.  We've been there often. I tried the frozen pizza.  Not as good as I make by hand.  I like their dough and sauce and I still make a great pizza.

51. Peace agreement: TREATY.

52. Song from the past: OLDIE.  But Goodie.

54. Chin-up muscle, briefly: LAT.

56. Vampire tooth: FANG.

57. Not of sound mind: LOCO.  Okay, I admit it.

59. "007" James: BOND.

60. Kind of jet: LEAR.  I don't see these much anymore.  I think Tiger tried to turn an SUV into a LEAR in California.

63. "Huh!?": WHA.

64. Regret: RUE. Ms. McClanahan - one of the Golden Girls.

65. The old college __: TRY.

66. Giggle sound: HEE.  Hee Haw! Another stupid show I watch sometimes.




unclefred said...

A wonderful, doable Monday!! Thanx Jana and congratulations! This CW flowed right along for me. Nice cluing! UP, DOWN are near the top and bottom of the CW; LEFT, RIGHT ate near the left and right sides of the CW. Well done! Very nice write-up, Boomer! Here in FLL I stepped outside at 1:15am and it was 81*!! Send some of that cool weather down here please!!

Hungry Mother said...

FIR, with no write-overs. VENTNOR is a great little town at the Jersey Shore. Absecon Island is home to, from south to north, Longport, Margate, Ventnor, and Atlantic City. I have kayaked the 21 mile circumnavigation of the island several times. The two inlets can be quite daunting.

Lemonade714 said...

Yes Unclefred, summer hit sofla hard this week. My walking is down a bit as the perspiring is way up.

Welcome to publication in a "major" crossword venue Jana. I see you had three puzzle published at BEST CROSSWORDS in 2020. I am not sure the site is still publishing. I would guess our constructor was the president and editor in chief of Volume 246 of The Stanford Daily. If so she also worked as a sports desk editor, news desk editor and managing editor of staff development at The Daily, and majored in Public Policy while a student at Stanford. Jana is from New Canaan, Connecticut, and I wonder is she she went home after college.

A very good debut Monday. Rich is getting his diversity in order. Thank you Jana and come tell us if my detective work is accurate

inanehiker said...

Creative layout with the various directions appropriately placed!

Virginia is also a Monopoly state card in addition to Vermont! I think it's purple or close to that.

Thanks Boomer! and congrats Jana!

ATLGranny said...

FIR today for a good start to the week. Saw the theme pairs but didn't notice their placement. Thanks Boomer for pointing that out and for your cheery review. Thanks Jana for today's enjoyable puzzle. Looking forward to more from you.

Had a couple of WOs: ShIfT/STINT before perps cleared It up. And no, it's not MAid Of of honor! And I started putting in iRa/ARI, getting my hosts mixed up. I looked for more pairs but only saw SANE and LOCO, which don't have special locations so weren't intended to be part of the theme.

Hope you all have a good day!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Super CSO to Misty at LAGUNA Beach. Beautiful area.
Got the theme easily enough. Perped unknowns TUCCI, ADU, and KESHA. No wite-out need. FIR.
REAMS - BJ's sells a super REAM of 750 sheets.
RIGHT - Another English word where the gh has lost it's sound. Compare German rechte; the 'ch' is pronounced as the ch in loch.

Congrats to Jana on the LAT start. Boomer, alway great to read your take on the puzzle.

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you, Jana Persky, and congrats on your debut at the LA Times !

Boomer, I'm picking UP that the lane conditions have been dry, and of course RIGHT YOU ARE that you need to lay it DOWN hard RIGHT on the ALLEY unless you want to hit LEFT of the headpin. Then again, a Brooklyn strike looks just like any other strike when it is recorded on the scorecard :>)

Can't believe I got a FIW today. I managed to spell CURSOR as CURSiR. I too appreciated that the direction words were appropriately placed.

C.C. mentioned Stanley TUCCI in her write-up yesterday.

Boomer, we are supposed to get possibly an inch or two of snow, but it's expected that it will be south and east of us. More towards the southern suburbs and east towards Gary, Indiana. April snows aren't rare, but getting any real accumulation is. A couple of years ago we had almost 8". I mowed the lawn yesterday afternoon. 5th time this year.

I wonder if Desper-otto is having problems with Soddenlink again ?

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Nice, easy-breezy start to the week with only one unknown, Adu, but fair perps solved that bump. I, too, saw the directions, but never noticed the placement component. Observant I’m not. Thought of Misty immediately at Laguna Beach.

Thanks, Jana, and congrats on your LA Times debut and thanks, Boomer, for the chatty, cordial commentary. You’d make a good talk show host.

Off for a routine doctor’s appointment this morning. Mask time, drat!

Have a great day.

Husker Gary said...

-I got in 18 holes yesterday on a beautiful spring Sunday but as I now look up, I see snowflakes!
-I stumbled onto the gimmick without a reveal
-Regular CHEM was hard enough for me
-The vegetable choir conductor exclaimed, “LETTUCE Sing!”
-JOB HUNT – My nephew is a fabulous teacher and yesterday we found out he has now been hired as the dean of students here in Fremont. Sigh…
-In the past year I’ve gotten a FLU shot, a pneumonia shot, two Moderna Covid shots and my first shingles shot.
-CLOTH – DW’s favorite shopping quest and my least favorite

Lucina said...


Thank you and congratulations, Jana Persky! Well done! I'm happy to say I caught her wave-length.

Stanley TUCCI is a brilliant actor and apparently a good cook. I have his cookbook which was given me as a gift and have made several of those recipes.

LETTUCE is something we eat everyday in our salad. That is what I took to my daughter's for last night's dinner and since the whole family loves salad, it was all consumed! I fear CAVIAR would not be welcome, though. It's too salty.

Big plans are afoot for EARTH Day according to yesterday's newspaper which had an entire section of several pages devoted to that subject.

Yes, I thought of Spitzboov at ASEA and of Misty at LAGUNA Beach.

Boomer, thank you for guiding us today and I'm glad to see you are still light-hearted as ever. And it's reassuring to know that you and C.C. are safe from the violence.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

CanadianEh! said...

Marvelous Monday. Thanks for the fun, Jana (congrats on your LA Times debut) and Boomer.
Where is everyone this morning?? Only 10 ahead of me at 11am!
I FIRed with just a little bit of crunch, and then nearly forgot to look for the theme (since there was not a reveal). Oh, I need to move my CURSOR from the centre UP and DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT. Clever.

Hand up with AtlGranny for Shift before STINT, and Ira before ARI.
My "bouquets of roses" on my TABLE were Thorny before FLORAL, but they had a fragrant ODOR (actually mine had an Odour (hi becky!)

We had some music with ALTO, TENOR and IN F.
I noted EMPLOY, and then JOB HUNT crossing that STINT of work (better be ON TIME and stay on your TOES!).
Also REAMS and REAP, ELL crossing ELSA (whose ROAR might ECHO in NATURE).

I needed to parse UP ONES ALLEY from Upon Esalley to make any sense. Same with PROAM at first.

ICU is timely here in Ontario where our third wave of Covid is causing major stress on our ICUs (especially Toronto). (But not much FLU this year.) More beds can be created and patients transported to other areas but ICU RNs are in short supply. Our premier has asked the other provinces for help.

uncle fred- we have snow forecast for this Wednesday (although today is supposed to be a balmy 16C (61F). Would you like a present from Canada?

Wishing you all a great day.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thank you, Jana Persky for getting us started in the right directions. Boomer, I thought this one would be UP ONES ALLEY for you. Fun one.

Kept trying to insert Eight in a down instead of ATE in an across. Got the pun okay but just went in the wrong direction. Gave up and let ESP fill it. These days I'm never sure if it's the gremlin in the computer playing with me or I'm wrong.

Several relatives in their 50's have had to JOB HUNT when the places they worked folded because of covid. Causes a lot of angst at that age. Daughter had to find work twice in three years because her first job had both bosses die. Unemployment insurance helped financially, but with nothing to do at home, boredom ensues.

NaomiZ said...

When C.C. cited Stanley Tucci as a famously handsome bald man yesterday, I thought she was having a bit of a laugh, since I know him as a chef, most recently on CNN's "Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy." Today's 31 Down made me realize I've seen him for years in a variety of films. D'oh! I rarely remember actors' names. Apparently food is more intriguing to me.

I hope all the Anons enjoyed today's puzzle. I did! Without Boomer's fine review, I would have missed the charming theme.

A good week to all!

oc4beach said...

Welcome aboard Jana. Very good Monday puzzle.

Got it done with no WOs, but I did have to wait for perps to fill in the (in)F and (ad)U. Plus I wanted PISMO Beach instead of LAGUNA but it wasn't long enough. Other than that, it was smooth sailing today, although I didn't see the theme until Boomer pointed it out.

I'm on LinkedIn but I'm not in a JOB HUNT. I just like to keep up with what some of my former coworkers are up to. I volunteer as a mentor with SCORE in helping entrepreneurs start new businesses and help existing businesses through rough times. Our organization is very busy. The pandemic has hit many businesses and people and we have found that many people are trying to start their own businesses instead of looking for a job.

I agree with PK that being unemployed after 50 is very tough. I hope that PK's relatives weather the crisis and get back to work soon.

Have a great day everyone.

Julie said...

Recipe for Honeymoon Salad:

Lettuce alone.

desper-otto said...

Right You Are, TTP. The only thing dependable about SoddenLink seems to be their undependability. Their automated assistant assured me that they were doing everything they could to restore service as soon as possible. I guess the nice weather with no wind or rain was too much for their infrastructure to handle.

AnonymousPVX said...

This was a bit crunchy for a Monday but no issues.

No write-overs today.

Plus it’s my Birthday.

I’ve gotten a Flu shot ever since 1993...I caught the flu that year, I’ll never forget it. It was bad, I was in a (heated) waterbed, blankets, comforter, sweat pants, and my teeth were actually chattering. Then into the shower because I was so hot. A really bad experience not to be repeated. Never missed a flu shot....or any other...since.

That’s why when folks were trying to compare COVID to the flu I realized they knew nothing about either one.

So stay safe.

TTP said...

D-O, DW works from home every other week, logging remotely into four or five different systems. She's also on the phone with customers and internals almost the entire day. All of this over the internet with VPN tunneling and VOIP.

When Comcast works, it's great. When it's down, you wanna scream in frustration. Two weeks ago was awful. It started on a Friday, then Saturday, then M-F the next week. Two or three 10 to 15 minute outages every morning and every afternoon. Throw in a few hour or two outages for good measure a few times.

You can imagine her frustration.

One repairman working in the neighborhood. I asked him. He said they were doing "upgrades." DW asked why they didn't just bring in four or five trucks and get the job done in one day. Easy answer. They don't care. Why didn't they alert the customers so they could make alternate arrangements. Easy answer. They don't care.

Irish Miss said...

Anon PVX ~ Have a very Happy Birthday! ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ‰ How is your son doing?

Misty said...

Woohoo! Started the puzzle and there it was right under the top: LAGUNA Beach, California, my town! Thank you for remembering, Irish Miss and Lucina. And thank you for a fun puzzle, Jana--enjoyed it very much. And, of course, your commentary is always a pleasure, Boomer.

Not too many names, this morning, but even so, I only got ELSA, my favorite lioness. Fun food items, though, especially all that CAVIAR on the dining room TABLE. Guess I don't watch tearjerkers any more because I don't cry. But, sadly, I've had wet eyes for three weeks now and have an eye doctor appointment this afternoon to get better medication.

Have a good week, everybody.

inanehiker said...

We have a 90-100% chance of snow tomorrow too here in Mid-Missouri- 1-3" predicted, but it won't last with all the warm weather we've been having. I have loved all the dogwood and redbud blooming, it will probably nip that in the bud - literally!
I just hope it's not coming down during the morning commute!

PK said...

AnonPVX, Happy Birthday! I enjoy your posts.

oc4beach: My daughter has a new job with a kind boss and they seem to like her. She is frustrated having to learn new techniques she'd never encountered before, but is happier than she was sitting at home worried. My niece changed jobs and was working from home until she saw on TV that her new company was bought out and all the employees were jobless. Shock!

TTP said...

Had to cut off my last note at 11:52. Remembered that I had to get my second shot at 12:30 ! Lost track of time this AM.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, PVX !

Lucina said...

Happy birthday, PVX! I hope you can celebrate with family and/or friends.

I had to be out and about this morning so now I'm ready for a nap but first ordered some gnomes for my daughter's birthday next month. She loves gnomes!

Also, I have many errands before Saturday's big dinner party so need the rest.

Picard said...

Fun little theme. After the extravaganza yesterday almost any theme would seem little!

I have a great photo of my parents at LAGUNA Beach, but I can't seem to find it.

We love Trader Joe's and shop there once or twice a week. They have the best (and most affordable) berries and nuts which are about half my daily diet! It is an eight mile round trip ride on my bicycle. Just about to bike over there now.

Before COVID we got to attend the Rose Parade. TRADER Joe's had a spectacular float.

At 1:08 in this video of the 2019 Rose Parade you can see our view of the TRADER Joe's Float!

Unknown proper names today: KESHA, ADU, TUCCI easily perped. SNL two days in a row!

Picard said...

From Yesterday:
Lucina, AnonT, CanadianEh, Wilbur Charles Thank you for the kind words about my AMAZING RANDI photos.

AnonT Thank you for the video with Penn and Teller talking about RANDI. I love his quirky house! Good that Penn and Teller recognize RANDI as the courageous hero that he is. He is indeed tiny in stature, but a giant when it came to calling out fraudulent people.

All three are impressive magicians and performers. But I have to say Penn is a bit of a bully. I challenged a point that Penn made at the convention and his main way of dealing with it was to use his massive size and booming voice to try to intimidate me.

Wilbur Charles I am honored that you thought of me when you saw a unicyclist. Please do tell more about the circumstances. It is not a common sight in most places! Even when I ride in San Francisco it attracts attention!

Ol' Man Keith said...

Thank you, Ms. Persky.

This was as pleasant a PZL as can be,
for an easy Monday and without diagonals.

Kelly Clark said...

Happy Birthday, PVX -- it's mine, too! And many congrats to Jana Persky on the LAT debut...very nice puzzle! And thank you, Boomer, for the lovely exposition.

Lizza said...

Good day everyone! Very nice puzzle and review. HB to Anonymous PVX! Many more ๐Ÿฅณ

I’m not that old (yet), but most of the current movie and TV actors who are guests on talk shows and guests in crossword puzzles are usually unknown to me. Ugh!

Happy to hear that things are going well in Brooklyn Park. My son, his wife and my granddaughter don’t live very far from that neck of the woods. I’m so sad about everything going on in Minneapolis. Such a beautiful city. A tad chilly, but it’s so great. Prayers for peace.

Absolutely love Boomer’s review all the time. So happy you’re enjoying your life, bowling and golf. You’re a very delightful inspiration. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š

waseeley said...

Congratulations Jana on your LA Times debut. A very enjoyable and DOWN TO EARTH puzzle, which I FIR, despite not catching the FLU at 1D (thought at first that "Annual shot target" might have something to do with TURKEYS). And thanks to Boomer for another PUNishing review. BTW, you're not really LOCO if you think you are.

20A DNK KESHA as I barely know what TIKTOK is. It reminds me of the clock in a "Jacques Brel" song:

"It tick-tocks oh so slow, it says, "Yes," it says, "No", It says, "I'll wait for you."

Despite being worth $5 million, it waits for KESHA too.

34A If I could take only one piece of music to listen to on a deserted island, it would be Beethoven's 6th Symphony. It contains the whole world.

1D DW and I are still awaiting incubation on COVID shot #2. And as I do every fall, I will get poked for flu too.


Lizza said...

HB Kelly Clark! ๐Ÿฅณ Many more. Enjoy your day.

Irish Miss said...

Happy Birthday to you, too, Kelly. ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ‰

I spent $22.00+ today for 5 greeting cards. I also noticed a trend in the blah colors of the matching envelopes; hardly any of them had any of the coloring on the cards themselves. One of the cards I chose had all pretty pastel shades and the envelope was an ugly light mustard hue. Don’t tell anyone but I replaced it with a soft shade of lavender. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ This was a Hallmark store, to boot.

ATLGranny said...

Happy Birthday to both Anon PVX and Kelly Clark today. Have a special day!

Chairman Moe said...

Puzzling thoughts:

FIR with maybe one write-over

I didn't see the UP / DOWN / LEFT / RIGHT until Boomer's blog

Great debut puzzle to the constructor; liked the fresh fill

Have a wonderful week ahead . . .

LEO III said...

Welcome, Jana! Nice puzzle! Thanks Boomer!

HBD, Kelly and PVX! Congratulations on completing another trip around the sun!

FIR. I forgot to look for the theme, which makes me mad, because I probably would have stumbled onto this one, and I might have even noticed the placement. Had a handful of perps, like others mentioned.

LOCO --- Me too, Boomer! Me too!
“I've always been crazy, but it's kept me from going insane….” Waylon Jennings (1978)

Boomer, we still see quite a few LEAR jets pop in and out here at Hobby Airport, so they all aren’t gone. You’re correct, though: There aren’t as many as there used to be.

Yeah, I had IRA before ARI too.

I’ve been really busy the past few days. I'll have to go back and finish a bunch of puzzles, so that I can come back to the Corner and see what everyone had to say.


CanadianEh! said...

Happy Birthday to AnonPVX and Kelly Clark. ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽˆ๐Ÿ’๐ŸŽถ

Irish Miss - yes, I have noticed those blah envelope colours too (and switched when I could find a better one๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜). And the Canadian prices for those cards are even higher (probably over $30 Cdn for those 5 cards). I buy them only for immediate family or special number birthdays, anniversaries etc. Jacquie Lawson e-cards for the rest.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Congrats on the debut, Jana! Fun puzzle but the theme didn't 'strike' me until Boomer bowled me over.

Fun expo Boomer - curiously, I have a sleeve of ENRON golf-balls too ;-)

ESPs: TUCCI (from the clue), ADU, and had to wait on the 'F' key @34a
Fav: OPEN IT - DW can't stand that I can wait until occasion (Christmas|Birthday|etc) to open something.

Happy Birthday PVX!... Always enjoy your posts, I do.
Kelly Clark?, You say it's your birthday too? Well, Happy Birthday to 'ya!

Hey Misty in LAGUNA!

PK - glad to hear your daughter is back in business. Being in technology, and now over 50, I'm afraid I'd just have to hang my own consulting shingle.
//DW says I should dye my hair to stay relevant / off the chopping block :-)

TTP - First, Whoot! for shot #2.
Second, Pop sent me a picture of his tulips last week. He told me last night of the impending snow downstate, IL come Tuesday.
I said, "Aren't you glad to know better than put your tomatoes in before Mother's Day?" :-)

3rd, and Comcast (or any ISP really)?
Yeah, when DW was teaching online classes from home (years ago - b/f pandemic), I also got DSL so I wouldn't get anymore frantic calls at the office re: why the internet didn't work.
During the pandemic, having both services has been a GOD SEND; never off-line for more than 5 minutes (well, except for the 3-day power-outage during the Big Texas Freeze).

Well, Here I GO Again [Whitesnake] linking music WC won't like :-)
//WC: frankly, the song gets really boring (to me) after 20 seconds; it's the same droning over and over.

Cheers, -T

Malodorous Manatee said...

A nice start to the week. I am still experiencing internet problems but the tech is scheduled to be here tomorrow.

CrossEyedDave said...

I forgot to look for the theme too...

Happy birthday AnonymousPVX And Kelly Clark.

Picard said...

AnonPVX and Kelly Clark Please let me add my Happy Birthday greetings, too! Small world that you share the same special day. Hope you are doing something joyful to celebrate.

AnonPVX Well stated about the shot for inFLUenza. I always say the full word INFLUENZA because people throw the word "FLU" around to mean any random illness. So true that most people have no clue how serious INFLUENZA is and COVID is even worse than that.

Please get vaccinated for anything that is possible. You are not just helping yourself. You are helping everyone else, too. And you are giving your immune system the education and workout it loves to have! Just the opposite of what the anti-vax people seem to believe.

TTP said...

PK, good news for your daughter, but sad news for your niece.

Happy Birthday, Kelly Clark !

Leo, your comments today remind me of the often read statements of "Who knew retirement was going to be so busy ?"

Canadian Eh, my neighbor used to send Jacquie Lawson e-cards for all reasons during all seasons. They can be absolutely beautiful. Some were time consuming, but they were artistic and beautiful.

Dash T, yes, our tulips have all bloomed, as well as the crocus and other unknown stuff that DW planted that I enjoy. Now they are saying we'll get just a few tenths, if that. OK by me.

Yep. # 2 done. They even gave me a vax card with the dates taken, which deltoids injected in (I alternated), and the lot #s of the Pfizer. Checked MyChart later, and the same data is already loaded.

Sadly, I'm too far from the nearest telephone C.O. to get DSL, and although they said they would, I don't think they've ever upgraded the neighborhood wiring closets to fiber optic loops from the c.o. or put in repeaters that would get me DSL. I quit checking. So Comcast it is.

Also, I was going to link the 1973 Midnight Special video of Jeff Lynne's (ELO) revamped version of Chuck Berry's Roll Over Beethoven for Bill but I didn't think he would like it, so I didn't. If you weren't aware, Chuck Berry wrote it in 1956. See Inspiration and lyrics.

MM, that's good news for you. Seems like it has been out for quite some time.

Yellowrocks said...

Fun puzzle today. It was not a "fast as I can write" day, but had a clever theme.
Happy Birthday to both Anon PVX and Kelly Clark today.
PK, good news for your daughter, good luck to your niece.
My accountant son has been out of a job for the last two years. He was in his late fifties and could be replaced by a far cheaper forty-something with plenty of experience. And then the pandemic blow to businesses made finding a job even harder.
Dave allowed Kenny to pass up a scholarship at a lesser college to attend his first choice, Villanova, because Dave was making a good living. It does seem that this school was the best thing for Kenny but with no job it is tough.
We seem to alternate between cold and warm this spring. All the greenery and blooms came out together this year rather than bit by bit. Lovely. At least we have no snow or freeze in the forecast.

Jayce said...

I think it was CanadianEh who said a few days ago something like she was too pooped to post even though she had been doing the puzzles and reading the comments. I have been feeling the same way, having enjoyed working the puzzles and reading all your comments but feeling just too exhausted to post anything. The puzzles have been really excellent, the write-ups entertaining and informative, and all your comments enlightening and interesting. And now I have simply run out of words.

Good wishes to you all.

Lemonade714 said...

Bill, I enjoyed your catch of CATCH22.

Some current history for the LEAR JET which lost out to both cheaper and more complete private jets. I was blown away on my first private jet flight, after having experienced some propellor travel. GULFSTREAM too the top of the market and Embraer the bottom. It has been a while but its great to be asked "when are you leaving" and answer when I am ready."

HBD to PVX and KC without the Sunshine Boys and many more.

CanadianEh! said...

Jayce- yes, I was the one who posted. I understand how you feel and am glad that you dropped in to comment briefly. Sometimes everything has been already said (and perhaps more eloquently than moi). WEES or ditto is about all I can muster. But the beauty of this community is that I am missed❤️

Wilbur Charles said...

Late again. I misplaced the insert with the xwords.

I thought the first range was ALPS. I should read the comments first.

Talk about names from the past: VENTNOR. ENRON is like an onion, many layered. The blame list got populated early.

Re. OLDIE: I heard Righteous Bros yesterday and recalled a top 500 with "Unchained.." at no. 1

I knew a Persky in the Marine Corps

I never saw ADU, I did the downs. I remember Freddie, very young when he turned pro..

Had PVX And Kelly. I missed Catch22 ref. One of my fav books. My father flew B24s and I said "This book is nuts!", His response? "No, it was just like that"

WC (Late again but now i'm caught up