Apr 6, 2021

Tuesday, April 6, 2021 Gary Larson

You're Dead to Me.  The word Dead can be placed before the first word of each starred answer to give common phrase.

15-Across. *     Instant in which emotional decisions are made: HEAT OF THE MOMENT.  Dead Heat.

61-Across. *     Defeat soundly: BEAT THE PANTS OFF.  Dead Beat.

1-Down. *     Flaky type: SPACE CADET.  Dead Space.

28-Down. *     Employment field: LINE OF WORK.  Dead Line. 

And the unifier:

37-Across. Like jobs with no future ... and what the start of each answer to a starred clue can be?: DEAD END

1. Shipwreck signal: SOS.  //  And 55-Down. Palindromic pop group: ABBA.

4. Stan of Marvel Comics: LEE.  Stan Lee (né Stanley Martin Leiber; Dec. 28, 1922 ~ Nov. 12, 2018) was the central creative director at Marvel Comics for over 20 years.

Stan Lee is on the left.

7. Catch in a trap: SNARE.

12. Time period: SPAN.

13. Off-roader's purchase, for short: ATV.  As in All-Terrain Vehicle.  Not to be parsed as A TV.

14. Quest for intel: RECON.  Short for Reconniassance.

18. Middle-earth menace: ORC.  The fictional characters made famous from the Lord of the Rings, by JRR Tolkien (1892 ~ 1973).  These characters, however, had previously appeared in folklore.  //  And 11-Down: Tolkien tree race: ENTS.

19. Female surfer: WAHINE.  Top Female surfers.  Bethany Hamilton (b. Feb. 8, 1990) is an American surfer who, at age 13 lost her arm to a shark attack, yet she still went on to become a professional surfer.

20. Times to remember: ERAs.  I remember doing laundry over the years.  In fact, I still do laundry.

21. Got a lift, in a way: UBERED.  I have never used Uber for a drive.

23. Popular mints: CERTS.  They are 2 mints in 1!

25. Tea container: CADDY.

27. Gradually come to be: DEVELOP.

31. Wander about: ROAM.

33. Pasture: LEA.

35. Where one may be taken to be reprimanded: ASIDE.

36. Verb in a recipe: ADD.

40. Tennis court divider: NET.

41. Family gathering attendee: NIECE.

43. Pacific Coast st.: ORE.

44. Loch with a legend: NESS.  Real or fake?

45. Ties to a post: TETHERS.

48. Rene of "Get Shorty": RUSSO.  Rene Marie Russo (b. Feb. 17, 1954) makes frequent guest appearances in the puzzles.

50. Show flexibility: ADAPT.

52. Dampen, as sound: MUFFLE.

55. Help in a bad way?: ABET.

58. Coral named for its shape: SEAFAN.  It's so beautiful.

60. Wheaton who played himself on "The Big Bang Theory": WIL.  I never watched The Big Bang Theory, nor am I familiar with Wil Wheaton (né Richard William Wheaton, III; b. July 29, 1972).  Apparently he is an actor.

64. More despicable: BASER.

65. Talk trash to: DIS.

66. Cork's country: EIRE.  Also known as Ireland.

67. Cowboy singer Gene: AUTRY.  Gene Audry (né Orvon Grover Audry; Sept. 29, 1907 ~ Oct. 2, 1998) was known as The Singing Cowboy.

68. Uneaten morsel: ORT.

69. Ship in Genesis: ARK.


2. Cheerios grain: OAT.  We seem to always have a box of Cheerios in our cupboard.

3. Came down in flakes: SNOWED.

4. Plastering strip: LATH.

5. Value system: ETHIC.

6. Tied, as a score: EVENED.

7. "Seats all taken" sign: SRO.  Standing Room Only.

8. Archrivals: NEMESES.

9. Asian laptop brand: ACER.  I learned about these computers from doing the crossword puzzles.

10. Barrett of gossip: RONA.  Rona Barrett (née Rona Burstein; b. Oct. 8, 1936) makes occasional appearances in the crossword puzzles.

12. Macedonian neighbor: SERB.

15. MLB's Astros, on scoreboards: HOU.  Hi, D-O!

16. "Fiddle-__!": FADDLE.

17. Trifling: MERE.

22. Battering __: RAM.

24. Spot on the tube: TV AD.

26. Vote of support: YEA.

29. Keats works: ODES.  Odes have become a crossword staple.

30. Vets' concerns: PETS.  Dr. Oakley treats pets and wild animals.

31. Rave's partner: RANT.

32. Dog in the comics: ODIE.

34. Brouhaha: ADO.

37. Owner's document: DEED.  Who owns the house?

38. Blunder: ERR.

39. Mad Magazine mascot Alfred E. __: NEUMAN.

42. Idle talk: CHATTER.

44. Bounced-check letters: NSF.  As in Not Sufficient Funds.

46. Reckless: RASH.  Or, what one gets from walking into poison ivy.

47. Racer's bathing suit: SPEEDO.

49. Naturally brewed beverage: SUN TEA.

51. Animal with a snout: TAPIR.  We got a glimpse of a Tapir when we were in the Peruvian Amazon.

53. Vitality: LIFE.

54. Santa helper: ELF.

56. Steady guy: BEAU.

57. Toward sunrise: EAST.

59. Speedy: FAST.

62. "Do or do not. There is no __": Yoda: TRY.

63. Title for Paul or Ringo: SIR.  Prince William knighted Ringo Starr.

Here's the Grid:




Lemonade714 said...

It seems people are not adjusted yet to daylight savings time. As I said Friday, Gary is working to take over the puzzle world creating interesting and challenging efforts. This was fun, though some might cringe at DEAD being the key to the theme. Liked seeing ORC and ORT

Be well all and thank you for your entertaining and comprehensive write-up Susan

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Crossword friends. Your Dead To Me is a very funny, but educational history British podcast. If you like to listen to podcasts, I recommend it.

QOD: Do a little more each day than you think you possibly can. ~ Lowell Thomas (Apr. 6, 1892 ~ Aug. 29, 1981), American journalist

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Zip, zip, easier than yesterday. Didn't notice the theme, but on the other hand, d-o missed getting dead, so that's good. Actually, my father was a funeral director, so dead doesn't bother me. Thanx Gary and Hahtoolah. ("Stan Lee is on the left." Pretty funny.)

WIL: Wil Wheaton played the much-maligned Wesley Crusher on Star Trek, The Next Generation. The TBBT storyline is that Sheldon traveled all the way to Alabama to attend a Star Trek convention just to meet Wil Wheaton...and Wil Wheaton didn't show.

NSF: Got sideways with Chase when d-o deposited a check that bounced. The bouncing bank corrected their error, but Chase refused to remove the NSF fee from my former account.

LIFE: I notice it was only 10¢ in 1945. I remember it being a quarter. Reminds me of the Barnacle. Digital-only was $14/month in 2018, $17/month in 2019, and I just received notice that it's going to $20/month, beginning this month.

Boomer said...

Good Morning Everyone. Just thought I would check in with all of you since I was on the Links yesterday for the first time since October. 9 holes, 15 over par so I guess I will not be flying to Augusta this week. (It was my turn to sit out from bowling this week). Hahtoolah, What a great photo of the TV set that my Dad brought home for our family to watch in 1952. Black and white, we even had a choice of channels - 4 or 5 - CBS or NBC. Now, back to 2021, How about those Minnesota Twins. After laying a 9th inning egg on opening day in Milwaukee they have crushed opponents for three straight days while several of the regulars reported to sick bay. It's fun to watch Nelson Cruz get his regular American League start as the DH. So I am done, My lovely wife is kicking me off the computer so I guess I'll go play golf.

inanehiker said...

I'm with D-O - this felt quicker than yesterday. Interesting that all the theme answers could be headed up by DEAD - none of the "in the language" phrases had anything to do with being physically DEAD!

Thanks Susan and Gary!

I am slogging to work today - exciting few days with Stanford women winning the NCAA championship Sunday night and Baylor winning the men's last night! We are alums of the former and our son is an alum of the latter- so more sports watching than usual! Definitely up way later than usual last night - so paying the price this morning!

ATLGranny said...

No DEAD END for me today as I FIR, to continue the string of enjoyable solves. Thanks, Gary. One misdirection (swine before TAPIR) and a couple of sloppy spellings were my WOs. Perps corrected them and I moved on to read Hahtoolah's enriched review. Fun cartoons today! As for the theme, once I noticed "start" in the description I stopped trying to make the entire phrase work with the reveal. Definitely need that second cup of coffee.

Excitement here today as a movie is being filmed on our street. Now it's time for me to get busy with chores. Hope you all have a great day!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Got it all w/o ERRor. Fairly easy. SEA FAN was new to me; also crossing SUN TEA. But they made sense. I see we've verbalized UBER now.
TAPIR - One of your odd-toed ungulates. Relative of the rhino.

Thanks Hahtoolah for another fine intro.

Wilbur Charles said...

This Tuesday we have RONA Barrett, last week Jaffe. But this week's NESS is not Eliot.

Two Tolkien characters and a Trek/TBBT (Will).

Does anybody TETHER in place of internet?

CADDY and CADET. The story that the former word came from Mary Queen of Scots who employed the latter in her French golf playing is considered now apocryphal.

As usual excellent visual Write-up by Hahtoolah


FLN, it was bandied about but never explained eg NESTING for Russian dolls???

Husker Gary said...

-Gene AUTRY – I’m Back In The (Subbing) Saddle Again!
-Susan’s always great write-up was complemented by listening to ABBA
-I still can’t tell my ORCS from my ENTS
-Take ASIDE – Don’t reprimand a child in front of his peers
-The sound system in our multi-million dollar church produces a MUFFLED sound due to excessive reverb
-Oops, I hear 8th graders ROAMING the halls in this direction

desper-otto said...

Wilbur, those Russian dolls are called Matryoshka. Each doll nests inside its slightly larger sister.

Wilbur Charles said...

Thanks D-O. I wasn't familiar with that style.

JJM said...

Boomer... for the first time in a long stretch of years, I can finally say " Watch out for the White Sox!"

Lucina said...


Thank you, Gary Larson and Hahtoolah! Gary's puzzles are always fun and this one was as well.
And your cute illustrations make me smile, Susan.

SPEEDO crossing BEAT THE PANTS OFF amused me.

Only one wite-out at SERB/UBERED where SOAR had to be changed.

Have a beautiful day, everyone! I have to go help count the Easter collection!

Malodorous Manatee said...

I have no idea what is going on with the SHORTYZ app on which I download and solve the LAT puzzles. I could not download an LAT puzzle yesterday and this morning both an April 5th and April 6th puzzle downloaded . . . but both were shown as being from those dates in 2018. Neither matched up with the puzzles recapped on the Corner. Hopefully, the situation resolves itself soon. If not I will have to use another source.

Bob Lee said...

LOL. Stan Lee is on the left.

Of course we sci-fi fans all know Wil from his time as Ensign Crusher on ST:TNG. He is also the creator of the YouTube TableTop series where he and others play various board games.

CrossEyedDave said...

I really wanted "hitch" before tether appeared....

I dunno, should it be dead end?

Or dead start?

this puzzle got me thinking...

CrossEyedDave said...

This clip might get you interested enough to watch the awesome movie
Stand by me.

Wil Wheaton is the kid in the red stripe T shirt.

It's a movie that is all about the fun things that happen when
4 kids go to find the body of a missing kid.
CED gives it three thumbs up!

Oas said...

Great spring morning all !

DW and I did our 2-1/2 mile walk earlier than usual today . We drive to a park that has nice wide hiking paths , partly through natural bush trails. A beautiful calm clear morning with a little nip in the air. We had missed two weeks of hiking due to other pressing matters among them DW was taking two shifts a day sitting at the bedside of her only sister who was in end of life care. She was laid to rest yesterday . Only 76 years old and bed ridden for more than 5 years . Her suffering was such that we thank the grim reaper for releasing her .

The puzzle today was easy and the write up interesting. Thank you Gary and little sister for the fun.

Spitzboov. SEAFAN was a guess but SUNTEA was in a puzzle not to long ago and I remembered it from that.

I don’t agree with Yoda that there is no TRY , unless trying is doing no matter successfully or not. An acquaintance had posted those lines from yoda just yesterday on Facebook otherwise I might not have seen that so quickly, tho the perps filled it already.

Punctilious Geographer said...

Thank you Gary Larson for a nice and enjoyable puzzle, and Hahtoolah for an always humorous and very enjoyable review. I especially enjoyed the Free Roaming Chicken...

This is ( meant to be ) NON POLITICAL ... and yet per the clue is inherently political....

12 Down .... Macedonian neighbor ... SERB
BTW, the clue and answer is perfectly fine. No problem whatsoever.

The map you have shown is a little outdated, and mistaken. Apparently, there NEVER was a country, in recent years, called Macedonia. Prior to April 1993, it was a part of Yugoslavia.

Originally, from April 1993 to June-July 2018 .... or practically upto, Feb 2019, it was called FYROM - the Former Yugoslav Republic OF Macedonia... in the UN etc. .... because the Greek nation was vehemently against it being called "Macedonia".

After Feb 2019, it was allowed to be called the Republic of North Macedonia.
Thats the name, now, and for the perpetual future.

If anybody wants further details, Wikipedia has a nice article on it, under North Macedonia.

CrossEyedDave said...

I have been searching YouTube for a clip of Wil Wheaton
That I thought was on The Big Bang Theory, where he himself
Shows a picture of Wesley crusher and says, " yeah I was such a cute kid,
I don't know what happened." But I can't find it...

But I did enjoy all the clips i did find.

Like this one that gives a little backstory to the Sheldon/Wheaton matchup.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was a clever theme with lots of fun entries but I’m always a tad disappointed with a premature reveal. That said, there were many delightful duos: Err/Mere, Odie/Odes, Fast/East, Heat/Beat, Net/Snare, Fast/Speedo, Yea/Lea, Oat/Ort, Orc/Ents, and Autry crossing Try. No w/os and the only unknown was the stunning Sea Fan. CSO to Lucina and Moi for our Acer laptops and to DO and Anon T at Hou.

Thanks, Gary, for en enjoyable solve and thanks, Hatoolah, for the outstanding write-up and so many just-right visuals. My favorites today were the Christmas Group Therapy, Noah and the Snails, and the very last photo of a feline which made me laugh out loud as all I could think of was an Imogene Coco Cat. Google Imogene and you’ll see why I reacted that way.

Thanks for all of yesterday’s kind words and birthday wishes and a special thank you to CED for the most beautiful and meaningful birthday cake I’ve ever received. Yesterday, I received lots of cards, emails, texts, plus an additional gift card and two floral deliveries and two phone calls from my best friends, so it was a very special day, indeed.

Boomer and HG, glad to hear you’re back to your one of your favorite pastimes.

Have a great day.

AnonymousPVX said...

I agree that this gomwas a bit easier than Monday.


I liked the Ladies final more than the Men’s...just a better game.

Stay safe.

NaomiZ said...

Fast, fun, and fresh! This puzzle went quickly for me, and held my interest. Many thanks to Gary for the grid, and to Hahtoolah for the embellishments.

Oas, I am sorry for your SIL's suffering. Life isn't fair.

Misty said...

Delightful Tuesday puzzle, Gary--a real treat, many thanks. And your pictures are always a pleasure, Susan, especially that cute little kitty-wig at the end.

I loved how we got such an easy start with SOS and OAT and SNOWED. A good start always makes the rest of the puzzle easier, and this one just fell into place here, there, and everywhere. Can't believe I got WAHINE since I've never surfed in my life. And FADDLE made me laugh--can't remember seeing that in a crossword before.

Funny "Pearls Before Swine" cartoon in the LA Times this morning. The little mouse brags about having just finished James Joyce's 'Ulysses'--turns out he just read the last page. Cracked me up.

Have a good day, everybody.

unclefred said...

Thanx, Gary, a fun speed-run. I liked the theme cluing. With D-O & others, I thought this CW a bit easier than yesterday, although it was 14 minutes to FIR today and only 12 yesterday. Thanx for the fun write-up, Hahtoolah!

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Easier'n yestereday IMO.

Started with spur (too short) for 15a, as "of the moment" which didn't work with OAT perp anyway. Junior mints wouldn't fit either of course (famously dropped into the surgical field by Cosmo Kramer). Value system: ETHIC or ethos? Didn't come close to parsing the theme (Dead line? People attending a wake?)

Shouldn't DEADEND be plural like the clue? Woodshed also wouldn't fit for reprimand site. insufficient funds iSF? evolve for DEVELOP wouldn't work (plus may violate rule # 2) Thought WAHINE was "girl" or "woman" in Hawaiian. Hafta be a "Surfer Girl" ?

Is SRO against fire code now?

Silly lager....BRUHAHA
Beach lover.....SEAFAN
Fast money....SPEEDO.
"Pleasant" French town...NIECE

CREASTER plants.."Should bloom at Christmas but bloom at Easter instead."

Besides a Christmas cactus gifted to my daughter in November when sick with Covid that just started flowerinf and a pointsettia blooming non stop since last Christmas......

This was the strangest.
A pointsettia from Christmas 2019 grew like a vine for 2 years and started blooming a couple weeks ago

Wilbur Charles said...

Misty, Is this the one? That's Rat talking to Goat*.

PVX, the Men's game of the year was the semifinal with UCLA vs Gonzaga. The woman's game I missed but must have been great too.


*No, not Tom Brady. I read War and Peace twice
Also ….The TBBT link takes one to "cosplay" clips.

CanadianEh! said...

Terrific Tuesday. Thanks for the fun, Gary and Hahtoolah (and for that hilarious cat!).
I FIRed in good time and found the DEAD ENDs. I thought this CW had some slight crunch for a Tuesday.

One inkblot to change Ethos to ETHIC. (CERTS set me straight). I waited for perp to decide between Yes and YEA, and I quickly corrected a W to U in NEUMAN (Alfred not Paul!). I also corrected Nemesis to - ES when I noted the plural clue.

LOL, I was reading the 58A clue as Corral shape (Circle K perhaps😁). SEAFAN did not make sense until I saw Hahtoolah’s beautiful illustration.

We had a tea CADDY and the SUNTEA. There is a DEAD END to the old CW rules.

OAS- sorry for the news about your SIL. May the sense of release soften the pain of the separation for you and DW. Memories remain.

Wishing you all a good day. Beautiful here.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Decades ago I drove up from Greece through Macedonia, west of SERBia, to spend some time touring former Yugoslavia.
It is still hard for me to remember which of today's countries I was in back then.
My favorite was the time I spent in Dubrovnik, especially in the old walled city. I know that was in today's Croatia.
But I am not so quick to name the other countries old Yugoslavia became.

A good PZL from Mr. Larson today, and a great response from Hahtoolah. I love the selection of cartoons!

Too bad about the lack of diags...

Chairman Moe said...

Puzzling thoughts:

Thanks Gary and Susan

Wrote NEWMAN before filling RUSSO; RWANDA wouldn’t fit into five squares so I knew I erred

After getting DEAD END early, I went back to fill in the 15’s; thought BEAT would start 15-across and then corrected it once I saw HOU

Other than those two w-o’s the puzzle was solved without ERRor

Jayce said...

I like Gary Larson's puzzles and this one was no exception.

I like Hahtoolah's write-ups and this one was no exception.

Yes, WAHINE simply means a woman or wife. It comes from the Maori. In Hawaii it can refer especially to a surfer girl.

I have never "UBERED" in my life. I dare say neither has our son, although he has used Uber many times to give him a ride.

So, it was SEAFAN coral, not antler coral.

Four-letter name for Ireland? Put in the E and wait to see if it will be EIRE or ERIN.

Fortunately my lovely wife never kicks me off my computer; she's got her own.

Good wishes to you all.

Pat said...

Fun puzzle and write-up today, thanks Gary and Hahtoolah! I don't time myself but this was quicker then usual.

16D FIDDLE I had sticks/FADDLE. FIDDLE FADDLE by Leroy Anderson.

11D Tolkien tree race ENTS Ent

Irish Miss, belated birthday wishes! Glad you were able to see family!

Oas, I'm sorry for the passing of your wife's sister but I understand how it is a blessing for someone to no longer suffer. My daughter has just learned of a couple people she knows who are close to the end. It's not easy.

We are having some beautiful weather this week. It's early April so I'm afraid we'll have to pay for the nice weather with a quick return of winter. Have a good week.

Sandyanon said...

No one else wanted FIDDLE-DEEDEE?

The Curmudgeon said...

I thought of this for FIDDLE FADDLE.

>> Roy

Yellowrocks said...

Susan, I loved your cartoons and illustrations. The one with the dogs playing tether ball was great.
No hang ups and a smooth solve today. WIL was my only all-perps fill.
WAHINE has two meanings, one of which is surfer lingo,
1. a Maori or Polynesian (especially Hawaiian) woman.
2. US a young woman, especially a surfer.
DEADEND is an adjective here, no plural needed. The word LIKE is the clue that we need an adjective.
According to the dictionary MACEDONIAN is a native or inhabitant of the country North Macedonia. OR an inhabitant of ancient Macedonia, a Roman province.
Wiki says Serbia has borders with North Macedonia, whose inhabitants may be called Macedonians. Clue was correct.
I do my best work under pressure of a deadline. Then my intense focus pays off. Once I wrote a paper quite early at a leisurely pace. The night before it was due I decided I could do better and produced a far better result under pressure.
UBERED can also mean was half drunk and needed to call UBER for a ride.
OAS condolences on the passing of your SIL. So sad.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks Gary for the Tuesday

LOL SNARE drummer SNARE-trap, Hahtoolah. Thanks for the expo.
//WIL Wheaton played Wesley Crusher (Dr. Crusher's precocious son) on Star Trek TNG. Fans (hand-up) hated Wesley.

WO: ORg -> ORE
Fav: Alfred E. "What, Me worry?" NEUMAN.
Runner-up: SUN TEA. Brings back memories of Pop's-side Grands - I stayed with them one summer and, every morning at 10a, we'd set a gallon pickle jar of water and 6 Lipton bags in the sun and wait ~1h. Add ~1c of sugar and we had tea all day.

OAS - From your post, it sounds like it was a long time coming (and suffering). I'm sorry for your family's loss.

FLN - WC: Russian NESTING dolls. They fit inside each other (and tell a story).
DW got those a few years ago on her trip to Russia. //and D-O beat me to it and CED made it meta :-)

Boomer - good thing you gave C.C. her computer back; she's puzzles to make! :-)

IM - Don't forget LEOIII and TxMS in HOU.

Ray-O: SRO is certainly against Covid-Code.

Curmudgeon - That's what I thought too. In HS, DW would have Fiddle Faddle pity-parties with her girl-friends when someone had a bad day (boyfriends, tests, etc).

Filming on your street, ATLGranny? I guess that's one company (acting company that is) that didn't pull out of Georgia.

This morning, Eldest took me to Phoenicia Specialty Foods (she thought I'd like it).
I loved it - Rose-hip nougat, wafer cookies from Russia, some Ras el hanout spice, and other yummy stuff.
THEN! we went to a restaurant supply store - I was in heaven but,... Eldest kept me in check and I didn't get the giant mixer :-(

Then to the hide shop (all they sell is hides; cow, deer, rabbit, ostrich) for a book Eldest wants to TRY to bind in leather. We saw two(2!) "real" cowboys in there!

After that, since we were in the Vietnamese part of town, we pick'd up Banh Mi sandwiches for everyone on the way home.
A quick bite and then into the garden to plant thyme, rosemary, cukes, squash, & zucchini.

Fun day so far!

Cheers, -T

LEO III said...

Fun puzzle today. FIR, got the theme and the DEAD phrases.

Thanks Gary and Hahtoolah.

Bethany Hamilton’s movie SOUL SURFER is worth a watch.

Last week, we had the Los Angeles Angels (HALOS); this week, we have GENE AUTRY, who was one of the original owners of the LAA. Something that I didn’t know until I just read it in Wiki (and have copied shamelessly):

The number 26 (as in 26th man) was retired by the Angels in Autry's honor. The chosen number reflected that baseball's rosters are 25-man strong, so Autry's unflagging support for his team made him the 26th member (see also the 12th man, a similar concept in football). When the Angels finally won their first (and to date, only) World Series championship in 2002, star outfielder Tim Salmon held Autry's cowboy hat aloft during the on-field celebration, and the public address system played his hit song, "Back in the Saddle Again."

Another song from my ute…

That's Life…
What's life?
A magazine…
How much does it cost?
It costs twenty cents…
I only have a nickel…
Ooh, ooh…
That's life!

-T --- If you can find the audio and want to post it, OK. Computer issues make it difficult to deal with ANY audio.

NSF --- Technically yes, Ray - O, but the bank hits the returned checks with a big red NSF stamp. I had to collect my share of them over the years. There was ALWAYS a DEADLINE involved too. NOT FUN!

Yes, I too had to wait for the perps to decide the rest of FIDDLE….

YR, me too. Everything done at the last minute gets done better! Keeps me from having to think about it and endlessly (needlessly, that is) revising anything.

Anonymous T said...

LeoIII - Not quite what' you're looking for but AUTRY's picture is in the clip. Are you really thinking of Aerosmith's Back in the Saddle?

Gary - I didn't finish my thought re: thanks. I was looking for alliteration for Tuesday and never got back to it.

Re: Restaurant store and hide-shop... Those are those stores you pass oft on the freeway and think, "One day I gotta go there." Today was that day.

Cheers, -T

Hungry Mother said...

FIR without much of a strain. I didn’t notice the theme.

Michael said...

Pat @ 3:28:

Nice rendition of 'Fiddle Faddle' ... it almost made me want to go to Novosibirsk!

Michael said...

-T @ 4:32 --

One of the best levels-of-meaning in nesting dolls, from a couple of decades ago, went like this:

The outer doll was Gorbachev, inside of which was Brezhnev, then inside was Khrushchev, then Stalin, then Lenin, then Engels, then Marx. The nesting stopped there, but could have added Feuerbach, and then Kant.

LEO III said...

-T --- I'm sorry. I didn't make myself very clear. I was looking for the "Life" song. "Back in the Saddle Again" hadn't even occurred to me. I'm showing my age, when I'm thinking EVERYBODY knows the Gene Autry version of THAT song.

I'll get out my table tomorrow and find both of them.


Lucina said...

Is anyone else watching Hemingway on PBS? It's really interesting and though I've read his biography and most of his books I am enjoying it.

Anonymous T said...

Lucina - I caught about 3m of episode 2 Hemingway on PBS b/f the Girls found Peter Pan Goes Wrong [Trailer] on some new "service" (I now pay for -- Broadway Channel or some-such, I think(?)) while we supped on sushi.

I'm going to go back and watch all of it [Hemingway] over the weekend.

Eldest goest (hey Ray-O! :-)) back to OU tomorrow...
Sadness ensues :-(

But, we had fun today! -- Harry Chapin comes to mind. //that song always brings me to tears..

Cheers, -T