Jan 14, 2014

Tuesday, January 14, 2014 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: Yeah, there's an app for that. - Find the four embedded apps.

16A. Recycled sheets for scribbling : SCRAP PAPER

23A. End-of-filming cast event : WRAP PARTY

45A. Toy gun loaded with rolls : CAP PISTOL

54A. Scrubbing brand with two periods in its name : S.O.S SOAP PAD

35D. Supplier of software hidden in 16-, 23-, 45- and 54-Across : APP STORE

Argyle here. Tricky to make sure there wasn't any inadvertent apps. Solid corners and nifty columns.


1. Like many bar brews : ON TAP

6. 2013 World Series champs, familiarly : SOX. Boston Red Sox in six against St. Louis Cardinals.

9. PC problem solver : TECH. Good guy to know but hopefully not on a first name basis.

13. Garlicky sauce : AIOLI. The mayo with attitude.

14. Stinky Le Pew : PEPÉ

15. Storybook baddie : OGRE

18. Senior's big dance : PROM. We only had a Junior Prom.

19. Rain heavily : TEEM

20. Dry as the Gobi : ARID. Large desert region in Asia.

21. Perfect spots : EDENs

22. Org. headed by the U.S. Comptroller General : GAO. (Government Accountability Office) Gene L. Dodaro is the Comptroller General.

25. "Alley __" : OOP. Being in quotes means this is the comic or song and not the basketball pass. (alley-oop)

26. Under lock and __ : KEY

27. Pervasive glow : AURA

28. Used a rotary phone : DIALED. Who still has one?

30. Fried rice ingredient : EGG

31. Spider's trap : WEB

34. Scandal-ridden Texas-based corporation : ENRON

35. Pirate's "yes" : "AYE"

36. Odometer button : RESET

38. Fast sports cars : GTs. Mine is only a ST, Sport Touring? GT stands for Grand Touring.

39. "Great" primate : APE

40. Skiing coats : PARKAs

41. Rain delay rollout : TARP

43. Pick up the tab : PAY

44. Tattoos, slangily : INK

48. Morning hrs. : AMs

49. Plane handler : PILOT

50. Stun with a police gun : TASE

51. Shopping bag : TOTE

53. Admit frankly : AVOW

56. Christmas candle scent : PINE. Put away for the year.

57. Works in un museo : ARTE. España.

58. With glee : GAILY

59. Serving whiz : ACER. Would have been good to be clued as computer maker today.

60. Golfer's smallest wood? : TEE

61. Tough journeys : TREKS


1. Brewer's oven : OAST. It's been awhile since I first posted this. Oast House Interactive.

2. "Good job!" : "NICE GOING!"

3. Ripped to shreds : TORE APART

4. Shrine to remember : ALAMO

5. Dot on a domino : PIP

6. Old-timey photo hue : SEPIA

7. Spot with regular and guest columnists : OP-ED PAGE

8. Gen-__: millennial preceder : Xer. I feel Millennial should be capitalized as it refers to the next generation.

9. First-rate : TOP DRAWER

10. Long-legged wader : EGRET

11. Chum : CRONY

12. Tailoring borders : HEMS

14. Fencing defense : PARRY


17. Poked at like a cat : PAWED

21. Lobed organ : EAR

24. Wrinkly little dog : PUG

25. Keats' "__ on Melancholy" : ODE

26. Historical novelist Follett : KEN. A gimme for a lot of you.

29. Suffered a blackout : LOST POWER

30. Cyclone center : EYE

32. Ice cream treat : ESKIMO PIE. 52D. "Grand" ice cream maker : EDY'S

33. Jack's access : BEANSTALK

36. Bit of sunlight : RAY

37. Pooh-pooher's sound : [TSK!]

39. Tycoon Onassis : ARI

40. Prefix with -lithic : PALEO. Paleo- A prefix that means "prehistoric" (as in paleontology) or "early or primitive" (as in Paleolithic).

42. On point : APT

43. Hustlers chasing rustlers : POSSE. "Cut 'em off at the pass!"

45. Word with duty or pride : CIVIC

46. Like a hermit : ALONE

47. Personal shopper's asset : TASTE

48. For the bond-issue price : AT PAR

49. Bearded Smurf : PAPA

54. Went unused : SAT

55. TSA employee : AGT. A shout-out to Dennis.


Note from C.C.:

Happy Birthday to dear JD, who joined the blog a few months after I started it. Over the past few years, JD has kindly shared with us many adorable pictures of her grandsons. Click here for more.

Left to Right: Cameron, Truman, Grady, JD & Dylan


Barry G. said...

Morning, all (and a Very Happy Birthday, JD)!

Fun Tuesday puzzle from our fearless leader today! There's something just so meta about using an APP to solve a puzzle about APPs...

No missteps or hesitations today. Even the obligatory baseball reference was solidly in my wheelhouse (Yay, SOX!)

OwenKL said...

Is it true, is it true, is it true what they say,
That a APP. a day keeps the Dr. away?
And Adam and Eve got kicked out on their ass
Because of a sin involving an APP.?
And an APP. beaned old Newton one day?

Was it an APP. Jobs and Wozniak wrought,
And a golden APP. that Hercules sought?
Another APP. of gold that fell in
That led to Paris eloping with Helen?
Was it an APP. that William Tell shot?

DNF for me today. I couldn't remember OAST, never heard of AIOLI before, and never heard of TEEM being used to describe "rain heavily". The rest of the puzzle fell together fairly easily, but I did need the reveal to get the theme.

TTP said...

Good morning all !

P was a very Popular consonant in this Puzzle. How APPropriate !

Nothing unadePt about this Puzzle's creator when it comes to finding fun themes. Thank you CC. And a Perfect recaPitulation of that theme by Argyle.

New word for me: PARRY

Thought of:
Dudley with PILOT
DesPer-otto with LOST POWER (but only for a few seconds until his backuP generator Powered on.)

Liked AYE crossing EYE, and Golfer's smallest wood = TEE.
I kept exPecting to see APPle somewhere, but we got ACER instead.

Happy Birthday JD ! HoPe you get rain soon.

That's a WRAP.

See all y'all later n'at!

Anonymous said...

Just ran across this from this past Friday: Broom Hilda.

Anonymous said...

OwenKL here. Blogger is acting WEIRD! Posts me as anonymous, when I try to re-sign in, it gives me a blank page as dashboard, different buttons on the page, all avatars are blank. It's like they're revising the coding while I'm trying to use it! Anyway:
Just ran across this from this past Friday: Broom Hilda.

Lemonade714 said...

Happy birthday JD and many more. Thanks C.C. for a fast but fun Tuesday which recognizes the unstoppable march of technology and new language. Who would have though APP would be an accepted word so quickly.

Thanks for the Broomhilda, but we use ink and just write over our mistakes.

Happy Tuesday all.

HeartRx said...

Good morning all, and happy birthday JD!! Love seeing pics of those cute little guys.

I haven't been solving since last week. The creeping crud (whatever bug it was) just wiped me out. So this was a really nice way to ease back into the daily rhythm. Thanks, C.C.

I did have one misstep - I put GTO instead of GTs at 38-Across. That gave me LOoT POWER for "Suffered a blackout." Well, I guess there might be a lot of looting during one, but it definitely was not the right answer. Other than that, it was smooth sailing.

Have a great day everyone!

thehondohurricane said...

Hello all,

Happy Birthday JD, hope it's a fun day for you with grandchildren sprinkled in.

Fun puzzle today, got thru it without any issues, but one complaint. CC, didn't need to see SOX. I'm still reminded at every card show who won the '13 series by loud moth SOX fans still yukking it up.

Atgyle, thanks for the write up.

thehondohurricane said...

OOPS...Moth s/b mouth

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Am I the only one who thought this was a tough Tuesday puzzle? How appalling!

I had know idea who won the World Series, much less who played in it. Took me forever, it seemed, to get NICE GOING. And when "Alley ___" appeared, I thought of this.

I agree, Argyle, Junior prom only. PUG reminded me of "Bruiser." The little guy accompanies us on our daily march when he escapes from his owner.

Happy Birthday, JD! Hope you're going to do something fun, unlike me. I have an APPt at the periodontist. Ack!

desper-otto said...

I know better than to write "know idea."

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

WBS. Even I knew the sports reference this time, though I did have to stop and recall for a bit. Such is the low impact of sports upon my world. Hondo, I pledge not to gloat in your direction.

Happy Birthday, JD, and many happy returns!

Welcome back to society, Marti - you were missed. I was tempted to bring over a bucket of medicinal Glögg just in case... :-)

Mari said...

Good morning everybody. This one seemed a little easier than yesterday, but neither puzzle gave me any trouble.

I always want PESTO instead of AIOLI, so I let the PERPS take care of this one.

I didn't know GAO (22A).

I bet not many parents let their kids play with CAP PISTOLS these days. I usually heard them called cap guns, not pistols.

60A was cute. (Golfer's smallest wood? TEE)

Have a wonderful day!

kazie said...

No problems and a fun ride today. C.C. still amazes every time with her command of our culture and language. TEE came easily, but I wondered if they're still made of wood. I thought maybe plastic?

Still recovering from a hectic week with our AR son staying here. Today we had about 4 inches of fresh white stuff outside when I got up. Looks like it's stopped for now, beautiful!

Husker Gary said...

Lovely job CC, as per Argyle’s astute summation (loved golf’s smallest wood). Our airline info from MSP to SEA reads includes 763MOVIES+12**110V AC POWER IN C/USB POWER IN Y+13**WI-FI and so it looks like I can use my APPS on the plane now

-We very seldom had a PISTOL for our CAPS but always had a hammer and a sidewalk
-My girls agreed that anticipating PROM was more fun than the event
-TEEM to me is to be filled with or a soft drink of my yute
-This nighttime picture from space clearly shows the desserts
-In the Hollywood Argyle’s silly 1960 song, you didn’t mess with Alley Oop “Cuz he's a mean motah scootah and a bad go-gettah
-PAPA, you had to put your finger in a wheel and turn it to make a call and not just say the name? Wow!
-ENRON moved its headquarters from Omaha to Houston before the scandal
-Do APES and other animals stay inside in the winter at the zoo?
-We used to “pick up the tab” for family restaurant dinners but when that bill went north of $200, we started going Dutch
-EGRETS are fine but here is another long-legged wader
-Rapper Nelly and his modern day POSSE
-Happy birthday, JD! I am so sad we will not get to meet up in SF this summer because of your concurrent vacation but have enjoyed our correspondence over the years.

buckeye bob said...

Thank you C.C for a fun puzzle. Thank you Argyle for a fine review.

I thought this was another easy-peasy puzzle. I did it in about a minute less than my usual Tuesday time, but not without a few mistakes along the way.

Hand up for ALLEY CAT before ALLEY OOP.

Had GSA before GAO, SOY before EGG

Favorite clue / answer was Golfer’s smallest wood?: TEE

I’ll bet there are many Gen Xers who have never dialed a rotary phone. It’s funny how we still say “dial a number” when we use a touch-tone phone or cell phone key pad.

Happy birthday, J.D.!

kazie said...

OK finally, I hope this works. I posted the two deleted comments through my remote computer helper, now I can try again to say what I did earlier, when it wouldn't let me post. I've had the problem once or twice before, asking for a master security device password which I have no record of. Always when I've gone a few days without posting.

First: Happy Birthday, JD! Great photos of the kids!

Today was a fun ride. C.C. never ceases to amaze and impress with her ability to use our language and culture as well as she does.

We woke up here to a wonderful four inches of the white fluffy stuff. I was intending to go out and shovel the driveway after posting here (DH is at the office), but during the reboot, I heard my neighbor running his snowblower, and went out to see he'd just about finished our driveway and front path. I think that deserves another loaf of my bread, which he loves!

JJM said...

For the people who are daily solvers, this puzzle was fun & made you stop and think before you put in your answer. So, on that level, kudos to C.C. I do think for the person who doesn't do this daily, there were words that you normally would not see on a Tues.

The first time I heard the word app used in reference to tech was in 1984 by Steve. He used the word constantly and I had no idea what he was talking about. The other PC manufacturers like to use the word "program". Probably to distinguish themselves from Apple.

The word really didn't gain any popularity beyond the Apple eco-system until the iPhone. (BTW the iPhone turned 7 yesterday) Then EVERY manufacturer had to use it to as they had to have an "app store" to compete.

Fun facts for those who like tech.

Hubble said...

"-This nighttime picture from space clearly shows the desserts"

Husker Gary, I looked for quite a while and didn't see any pies, or cakes, or ice cream or anything like that. Where are they hiding?

Spitzboov said...

Good Morning everyone.

Happy Birthday, JD.

Briefly hesitated in the NW; but AIOLI seemed solid and when ON TAP was parsed, the rest fell in quickly. Great theme with all the APP business. Agree with what Argyle said (WAS) about the solid corners and nifty columns. Fun solve.

TREKS - an English borrowing from Afrikaans.

Have a great day.

CanadianEh! said...

Lovely! A Tuesday puzzle from C.C. (and HBD to JD).

I enjoyed this puzzle with its large collection of standard xword clues: OAST, OPED, EGRET, AIOLI, PEPE, EDENS, ALAMO, and our favourites ODE and AVOW (or is that AVER!)

Also enjoyed seeing ESKIMO PIE and PARKA although a small nit to pick. I don't think of a Parka as a ski jacket because Parkas are too bulky and long for good skiing.

Many folks in Toronto LOST POWER for up to a week with the ice storm just before Christmas.

Our Canadian dollar is not AT PAR with American dollar this week (only $.92). That will hit the snowbirds!

Tinbeni said...

C.C. Thank you for a FUN Tuesday puzzle.
Argyle, nice write-up & links.

My favorite Pub has 50 Craft Beers ON-TAP. (If you want a Bud or Coors you can go somewhere else!)

Well it's TEEMing outside, time to get back-to-work on that Ark.


Husker Gary said...

Musings 2
-OMG, Hubble, ya got me! I even thought about the mnemonic “Dessert has two S’s because everyone wants more desserts, not more deserts” when I was typing but still blew it. Thanks.
-Another mnemonic is for principal/principle in that the former is your “pal” and the latter is a ruLE and
-BTW, the map also shows jungles (or rainforest for some people), mountain borders and population centers.
-How can you be an astronomer like I, and not love the Star Walk APP where you hold your phone up to the sky and see what’s there in real time?
-My ski jacket would have to have an airbag

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I am always happy to see CC as the constructor because I know I'm going to have a clever theme and a fun solve. And today's offering didn't disappoint.

CC has a magical touch when it comes to making sure the level of difficulty matches the day of the week, BUT, with a few clues/answers taken up a notch, as Emeril would say. That is what makes her puzzles sparkle, IMO.

So, thank you, CC, for a fun and challenging solve and thank you, Argyle, for your always cogent expo.

Happy Birthday, JD. Hope it is fun-filled and full of surprises.

We're having a gloomy, rainy day, but with mild temps, so no complaints.

Have a great day.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

HBD, JD. Love the kids.

Well, I thought this was a bit hard for a Tuesday. Had to APPly myself. The long verts - which are excellent - were slow to develop. ALAMO was slow to fall.

Was thinking of blackout as a coma.

Jack's access took a few perps.

Don't recognize that meaning of TEEM.

In that satellite pic - shouldn't it be daytime somewhere?

Or are the dark days already here?

Cool regards!

Tinbeni said...

oops ...

Happy Birthday, JD! Hope you have FUN with the Grandsons.

HeartRx: Just curious, did you get THAT flu shot ... which became the "creeping crud" within two weeks???

Lucina said...

Hello, dear puzzlers! NICE GOING, C.C. with another clever puzzle.

Argyle, one small nit. I believe there is no accent on the second syllable of PEPE since it is pronounced PEH-pe.

Happy birthday, JD! I know you'll have fun with all those cute grandkids.

This went quite fast and I was happy to see some familiar crosswordese, OAST, AIOLI, OGRE and AVOW though it took three perps to fill SOX.

I thought APP meant APPlication not apple. Am I ALONE in that?

TEE was fun.

I have a friend who has a Princess style DIAL phone.

My sister from Charlotte is flying in today so I'll be on the go.

Was that ESKIMO PIE I saw in Alaska on your map?

Have a terrific Tuesday, everyone, especially you, JD!

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, Happy Birthday JD and many, many more.

A fast moving puzzle today, but with one misstep. I put in Scratch pad for Scrap paper and so the top NW corner had to be erased and started over. I knew that pit wasn't correct for a domino dot, so had to rethink my answer for sheets for scribbling. Other than that another great puzzle from C.C.

Thanks for the writeup, Argyle. I enjoyed the clip from Emma Peel's first appearance.

Teem is an obscure term for heavy rain, but it was in my dictionary. I had to look it up to make sure I had that answer correct. My learning moment for today.

Welcome back Marti. I'm glad you are feeling better.

Have a great day eaveryone.

Chickie said...

Oops, "Everyone". Even with previewing my post, I don't see all the mistakes! Sigh!

HeartRx said...

Tin @ 10:36, no, I didn't get a flu shot. I'm pretty skeptical about how well they work. I've had friends who got them but ended up catching the flu anyway. Even the CDC couches its evaluation of the vaccine in vagueness.

Dudley, sorry we couldn't get together last week when you were in the neighborhood - I sure would have liked some of that Glögg!

Misty said...

I love a C.C. puzzle on a Tuesday morning! And, as always, this one was a delight! I even got the theme, even though I'm not a techie and I'm pretty sure I've never used an APP. (Does one "use" APPs or are they just there?)And fun expo, Argyle, thanks! Loved being reminded of Emma Peel--what a great role that was.

Almost put TOP DOLLAR before it became clear that it would be TOP DRAWER. And I must say I've also never heard of TEEM to mean raining heavily. Learn something new every day on the Corner.

Clever post, TTP.

JD, what adorable grandkids!

Have a great day, everybody!

JD said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C, and all,

Thanks for the sweet birthday wishes and the gallery of grandkids, C.C.I realized awhile back that I was over doing the sharing, but they sure do mark the passing of time that we've all enjoyed your blog.

I have met so many wonderful people here. Dick and Irene continue to be our travel buddies, Carol and I continually chat over our Scrabble games, and I am blessed to live close enough to Chickie, Garlic Gal, Dodo, and Jill so we can get together often.Maybe Jayce will join us one of these days.

Of course I loved today's puzzle. C.C. always gives us a treat and has fills that bring up memories from the past.Ken Follett wrote my favorite book, Pillars of the Earth. His Century Trilogy is not as captivating.Edge of Eternity is about to be released.

Edy's is Dreyer's in CA.

Argyle, must have missed that oast house. That was one of the 1st words that I learned quickly as we saw it often a few years ago.

Teaching the paleolithic unit in 6th grade was one of my favorites...never learned any of that info in any of my classes.

I ran thru this puzzle pretty quickly, but I did have to ABC my way to fill my last letter, the s in sat/s.o.s soap pad. I thankfully never saw parry, as that is a new one.And, speaking of one, that was my 1st answer to dot on domino.

kazie said...

Just came back to read more, and found my original post had actually posted, even though I'd gotten the runaround with the non-existent password and thought it had been lost. Mystery!

CrossEyedDave said...

I really think people are overdoing it with all these Apps!

Teem? When it comes to heavy rain, I have my own Barometer...


There were several cakes available, & I was not sure which was appropriate,,, so take your pick!




Jazzbumpa said...

This has to been seen to be believed.

Mother nature always wins.


desper-otto said...

Jzb, enjoyed "the iceman cometh." BTW, it took 12 days for the ALAMO to fall.

Lemonade714 said...

Tin, are you a Cigar City fan?

warti, glad you are back.

CED I love the cupcakes.

JzB and people ask why I put up with the heat and humidity. I never saw a mini-glacier form before

Bill G. said...

That was an enjoyable puzzle. Thanks CC and Argyle. Happy birthday JD!

I counted 20 Ps in this puzzle. I was sorry that SCRAPPLE was overlooked. Mmmm, I may have to get some at my next foray to the supermarket.

The weather for the next week looks like it's going to be hot and dry. A high-pressure area is camping over southern California and keeping all the rain away. When there is a high-pressure system, the sound from the waves is much louder (on my bike rides). The waves aren't any larger so my friend and I opine that when there's high pressure, the air molecules are packed closer together and transmit sound better. What do you think?

I see Justin Bieber's house is being searched related to a crime of egging his neighbor's house. I suspect that there's been bad blood between them before this.

I second the comment about Mrs. Peel. I used to really enjoy that show though the stories didn't always make much sense. Another old show that I enjoyed was "The Prisoner." Remember that one?

Montana said...

Happy Birthday, JD!
I still have a rotary phone in my basement. It works.
You can buy cap pistols for kids on stores in the West.


Ol' Man Keith said...

My first gimme was AIOLI. It has appeared in several pzls of late & is becoming an old friend.

I like the app theme. Apps intrigue me. I don't use many, but I might try some new ones this year. There's a new TV program about an "intelligence" agent whose brain has been adapted to receive apps directly. Pretty cool. When asked how he will manage for a coming assignment in China when he doesn't speak Chinese, he answers blithely, "Oh, I have an app for that."

PK said...

Just real quick. Swiss cheese, criminally underrated by the cheese community. I never even touched it until my college years because why would I want cheese with all sorts of holes in it? Seemed like a travesty of cheese. But I’ve been eating more and more Swiss cheese recently, and at the current moment, it’s my 1 seed. Sits atop my cheese kingdom, ruling all the other cheeses. I’m not just putting Swiss on sandwiches, but putting it on burgers. 2 years ago I’d offer to cut off my thumb before putting swiss cheese anywhere in the vicinity of my burger. Didn’t even want it in the same zip code and now I’m making special orders for it. Swiss here, swiss there. Like it, love it, gotta have it. Swiss cheese.

Cheese Power Rankings:

1) Swiss
2) Pepperjack
3) Cheddar
4) Provolone
5) Cottage

no just kidding, that’s gross. Screw cottage cheese. Lumpy shit, get it away from me.

5) Mozzerella

And I feel there are so many cheeses I’ve yet to even try. Kinda like how we’ve only seen like 1% of the ocean or whatever it is, I think I’ve only had 1% of the cheeses. What if there’s another cheese out there I love and I don’t even know about it? It’s haunting me.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Yes! - a very happy B'day to JD!

Not being a rudesby, I shall not ask for an age. But I admit to curiosity, as I approach one of these milestones next month. Let's see...
Oh, BTW, on a completely unrelated matter, could anyone please pick a number between one and one hundred?
~ Kf

retired lineman said...

Bill G @ 2:04 The Prisoner was a great show. I still remember the end of the intro:

"Who is number one"

"You are number six"

Bill G. said...

Keith, 54.

PK, I love Swiss cheese too. Though it's totally different, I also love Gorgonzola, especially the drier, more crumbly kind. (Belgioioso)

Jayce said...

Hello everybody, and happy birthday, JD. Nifty puzzle today; a very enjoyable solve. What Argyle said.
I think Lucina is right: "app" stands for application (program).
We keep an old dial telephone; it comes in real handy when the power is out, although more and more we rely on our cell phones more than our land-line phone.
That glass of Samuel Adams looks inviting.
Never saw ice creep along so fast as in the video JazzB linked; amazing!
Best wishes to you all.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Thank you, Bill G @2:48!
A very good number indeed.

Incidentally, JD, PK's paean to cheeses reminds me of a treat I discovered in my mid-fifties, a gourmet pleasure to celebrate a birthday perhaps? It was when I was in Holland, where they have perhaps the largest selection of cheeses in the world on sale in ubiquitous delicatessens. The great treat was to combine cold drinks with cheese samplings. My favorite was to sip their specially spiced and iced old Gin while eating an aged goat cheese, maybe with Bremner wafers. Ahh now there's a memory....
(I think I have talked myself into having some. I shall lift my glass to you both, JD and PK.)

windhover said...

If that was the real PK @ 2:15 I'll eat a gallon of cottage cheese.
Though in the spirit of things, my favorites are St. Andre (75% butterfat)
and Ignacio Vella's 2 year old California Jack from Sonoma.
Can't wait till the real PK shows up. Lumpy s--t? I don't think so.

Bill G. said...

Consider the pronoun we. It can be used both inclusively and exclusively. So 'we are going to the movie' can mean that you aren't accompanying us. Or it can mean that you are coming with us. The remarkable thing about 'we' is that it is a Janus word in almost all languages. Only a few obscure languages have different words for the two meanings of we.

Regarding the old dial phones; they work by interrupting the signal quickly corresponding to the number you dialed. As a kid, we used to try to dial a number not by using the dial but by clicking the hang-up switch or button quickly. It was hard to do correctly but I could sometimes dial a whole phone number that way.

Also, that brings back memories of trying to get free calls on pay phones by spinning pennies into the nickle slot or by sticking a paper clip into the mouthpiece and grounding it to a part of the metal case of the pay phone. It was fun to try to save a whole dime that way.

Windhover, very perceptive. I'll bet you are correct. I shoulda thought of that too!

HeartRx said...

JazzB @ 1:03, holy crap! That ice actually looked like it had creepy feelers as it crawled along.

PK @ 2:19, have you ever tried blue cheese on a juicy burger? It's to die for!

It seems that "What goes around comes around" is especially true when It comes to phone APPs. When I was little, in a rural town, we would just pick up the phone and say who it was we wanted to call... The operator would then connect us. Later, we got a new phone and had to dial the number ourselves. When we got a "princess" phone, we thought we had reached the age of enlightenment. Just punch in the # instead of dialing! In later years, I got a touch screen phone. Cooler still. But now I have an APP, and all I have to do is pick up the phone and say who it is I want to call...

Pat said...

Happy Birthday, JD! Have a wonderful day!

Thanks, C.C., for the fun, easy puzzle. I needed the reveal to see the apps. I have a stupid phone, no iPad, so I have no need (or want) for apps. Thanks, Argyle, for your witty write-up!

RE: yesterday's Ohio city answer, think about the syllables being Cin cin nati. That should help remember where the single and double "n"s go.

KEN Follett's "Pillars of the Earth" is my favorite book.

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday. Hope it's a good day.


PK said...

The real PK who posts here regularly is allergic to most cheese and did not post at 2:19.

Great puzzle and expo.

Happy birthday, JD!

Welcome back, Marti! You were missed.

CrossEyedDave said...

PK, Pls go blue before people think you cut the cheese!

Besides, there was no mention of Brie! (Brie, & a glass of white wine,,, mmmmm,,, Swiss may be holy, but Brie is Heaven...)

Jzb! Freaky ice!
I wasn't going to post this as it is too bizarre, but there are some freaky things going on with nature...

TedA said...

I have never heard/ read the word "teem" be associated with a description of. rain. (19 across) Didn't seem to be a problem for anyone else, so I guess it is me.

PK said...

**Curd Alert**

People, I give you the best warm cheese outside fresh curds from a vat. Called Juustoleipa (pronounced oo-stah-lee-pah, with the first syllable rhyming with the word who), this cheese originates from Scandinavia, where the fine folks in northern Finland have been making it from reindeer, cow and goat milk for 200 years.

Juustoleipa is merely fresh curds pressed into blocks. It it then briefly baked. The result is a squeaky cheese with a mild, buttery flavor. The best part is the splotchy brown crust, formed when heat from baking caramelizes the sugars on the outside of the cheese. The cheese is made to be grilled in a skillet or warmed in an oven (it doesn't melt when heated) and eaten for breakfast with coffee and maple syrup or honey, or after a meal with jam or jelly.

Legend has it that in Finland, mothers of "eligible women" - I love that phrase - used to offer suitors a cup of coffee with the cheese and, if the man liked the cheese, he married the girl. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Who wouldn't want to marry a man who didn't like cheese?

Spitzboov said...

TedA @ 1630. Once again we've been bushwhacked by British English.

BTW, CED is right. Brie is very special. Also am very fond of smoked Gouda.

Don said...

Try Vermont extra sharp cheddar cheese by Crowley (not Cabot) for a true heavenly experience. Crowley is a small independent maker that makes cheese by the batch...the way they've always done it.
Great with Apple pie, or even better, Mac and Cheese. Yummm!

And, on another subject that arose yesterday, when I buy a jar of mixed nuts, Almonds are usually a substantial part of that. I never heard of mixed "seeds" or "kernels".
To me, Almonds are Nuts... just like peanuts, cashews,hickory,pecans,brazil,macademia,and the rest.
Ergo...they are not "nutlike"

PK said...

Cheese, I feel grate.




mtnest995 said...

Thanks, C.C., for another stellar puzzle. Thanks also to Argyle for your review.

My DH would I say I have way too many apps on my iPhone, but I don't know what I would do without it.

HBTY, JD. What a lovely family.

There was a blurb in our local paper that Bernice Gordon celebrated her 100th birthday on Saturday. Belated wishes, Bernice, if you happen to be lurking. She constructed tomorrow's NYT puzzle - can't wait to see what she has in store for us.

Cheers to all.

JD said...

CEDave, thanks for the cupcakes... yum! Even though I have no fear of spiders, that clip was a little freaky.

JzBumpa, your clip was mind boggling. Who knew that could happen...obviously not the people who filmed it.

Marti, funny about the evolution of the phone.. I'm not "with it" yet. I still rely pretty much on our land line (another new term).

Again, my thanks to you all for bd greetings.We went to see August: Osage Countywhich was very depressing about a dysfunctional family.Great acting, but...not fun to watch.Followed it up with a great glass of wine and a delicious dinner.

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to say, I have a brother named Argyle. Do you pronounce your name like the sock? He calls himself "R-jill."


OwenKL said...

I wait a week and then read all the comics online for the whole past week at once. Just found another one, The Grizzwells from last Wednesday.

Lucina: I'm pretty sure you're right, APPlication is what it means with re: phones, but none of the uses in the cw were specific, and my tries at liming on application were abject, so I took the liberty of using the more amenable meaning.

No Edy's in New Mexico, either. One of the pitfalls of constructing using what you assume is a national/international brand name and it's actually only regional.

JzB: Googled creeping ice when I saw it on FB earlier and didn't believe it, saw lots of pics & videos, houses destroyed in Minnesota & Manitoba. Biggest surprise? This all happened MAY 12 & 13, 2013!

Another PK said...

This is not your "regular", PK, just another PK.

CRUD alert CRUD alert

I live in MI, hi JazzB, and I luv cheessess, cheeses, cheeses and and I am not not allergic to anything, especially good looking guys. Hey you there.

A couple years ago, I was trying to make it with this guy from the farm, and I cooked up some stale Limburger cheese ". He loved it, he was a pig farmer, and he just loved the Limburger with blue cheese on a rotten tomater. That what's folks in michigan do.

As for the real PK , .who cares ? So go drink your chocolate milk.

OwenKL said...

Spiders and bugs give me the creeps (not icy creeps), so I didn't watch that vid, but since cottage cheese (a.k.a. curds and whey) has come up, here's a poem I memorized for a speech class 45 years ago, and discovered I still remember better than I can remember what I did yesterday.

Anonymous T said...

Good Eve all!

What a fun way to relax after work with a wonderful C.C. offering. Nary a write over (I wanted APPle inc at first, but a quick TASE fixed me. Thanks! And to you too Argyle for the write-up.

WEES re: TEE & EDYS. And AIOLI still gets me - just vowels TEEMing everywhere. (Spitz, that's the context I've heard TEEM too).

And a great HBD to JD!

I forgot who asked, but I'm a gen-Xer who's used a rotary to DIAL. G&G had one - boy was it slow but I loved watching it ThkThkThkThk back to position. Fortunately, you only had to dial 7 numbers back then.

Lucina - is your friend still paying ATT rent on the princess phone? :-)

Marti - That's what I thought too re: the ice monster. Wow! Welcome back to the land of the living! We missed you (that's inclusive we, not not me, just everyone else Bill G).

Don - Crowley not Cabot? OK, I'll try it. I've been ordering Cabot from VT since we visited 4 years ago. I still get Sugar Bush Farms maple syrup too. I threaten the kids on it's use - I tell 'em it's liquid gold. Waste it, pay me :-)

With all the talk of cheese I wanna post Python's cheese shop - but I'm fairly sure I did 5 months ago.

On APPs - my wife & kid's phones are riddled with 'em. I figure if they are free then what they're selling is me.

Keith - OK, I've picked my number... Now what?

Cheers, -T

Anonymous said...

OwenKL. You are a poet par excellance".

Argyle said...

Hello: Just wanted to say, I have a brother named Argyle. Do you pronounce your name like the sock? He calls himself "R-jill." JoAnne at 8:29 PM on Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Yes, it is pronounced like the sock.

Sorry but your post was in the spam filter for awhile.

Bill G. said...

Re. cheese: I have an Internet friend from England who gets a little worked up any time we talk about cheddar cheese. It is her contention that cheddar cheese comes from only Cheddar village in Somerset in the UK. So there are many places making good cheddar-style cheese in the US but it's not really Cheddar cheese; sort of like Roquefort cheese not being any old blue cheese, Champagne not being any old sparkling wine and Scotch tape not being any old cellophane tape. Your mileage may differ but that's her POV.

Yes, I remember the Monty Python cheese-shop sketch; almost as good as the dead parrot classic. (Also, how about their Olympics for the handicapped including the 100-year dash for the deaf? The starter's pistol went off and nobody moved...)

Maci45 said...

We used TEEM a lot as kids, in New Orleans. Maybe it's a southern thing. I also remember cap pistols being cap guns. Tried ASHE before ACER came through. Got TEE right away, but not PIP. On the whole, pretty easy.

Argyle said...

I was about to put my foot in my mouth; Crowley Foods is a NY dairy and it only has cottage cheese. But ...Crowley Cheese (link) in VT has made cheese for years and, gosh, I'd never heard of them. Their cheese is their own and doesn't claim to be a cheddar although it is close.

It's not too far away, I might have to make a trip to the factory...give a first hand report. Make that a first bite report.

Anonymous T said...

Bill G:

You disparage the handicapped. That was the Upper Class Twit of the Year competition.

CRONY-ism breeds Upper-Class-Twits.

OK My fav cheese snack (not often - just when I'm in the mood): good blue cheese, crackers, italian bacon (brucceta?) on the side, and a glass of deep red. Yum...

Or slumming it, cheddar, sardines and Saltines w/ a beer. :-)

Cheers, -T

Argyle said...

Welcome aboard, Mary.

Lucina said...

No, he owns the princess dial phone.

It wasn't just you, others seemed to infer that APP meant Apple and I, being completely deficient in technology, thought I had it wrong.

My sister is here visiting from the cold and shivery eastern U.S. Happily, it was 72 today and we went for a long walk. She loved it.

My two favorite cheeses are guyere which if memory serves me, Chickie first mentioned on this blog and Cotswold, God's gift to humans.

Bill G. said...

AnonT, brilliant stuff. I laughed and had to wipe away the tears. However, no disparagement intended. This is the link I was remembering. It's all good but my feeble memory was recalling the second skit at about 0.40. Silly Olympics

Lucina, I'll have to look for Cotswold.

Lucina said...

The only place I find it is at Safeway and it's available on line.

Anonymous T said...

Bill G.

I know you didn't have any animosity in the post- it was just my setup...

However, I did forget about the Silly Olympics. I love how well Cleese emulated a chicken. And the EGGs on the hurdle! Good, good stuff!

Lucina - glad your friend hasn't paid 10-Large for the phone since it was introduced :-)*

Cheers, -T
*old saw about monopolies/innovation - ATT's only innovation in 30 years was the princess phone...

Abejo said...

Good Wednesday morning, folks. Thank you, C.C., for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for then fine review.

I got this done on Tuesday morning, but was in class all day and never got to log in. So, Here I am.

Liked the puzzle and theme.

CAP PISTOL was easy. I think we all had them as kids.

EYE and AYE crossing was clever, or was that an accident? I doubt if it was an accident.

SEPIA was easy. We used these documents in my old company. At least, that's what they were called.

I hope to have lots of BEAN STALKs this year.

My gardening class was great. I learned so much on the first day, it was astounding. Now I have to take a test on it.

Today, off to give a pint. Enjoy doing that every eight weeks. Will do the puzzle for today while I am on the way.

See you later today.


(non seennli)