Jan 1, 2014

Wedneday January 1, 2014 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: SILENTS (37A: Many Greta Garbo films, and what you'll find at the intersections of four pairs of answers to starred clues) - Parse it as SILENT S. The four intersecting S'es are all silent.
16A. *Sargent Shriver was its first director : PEACE CORPS. Crossing 8D. *Rank below earl : VISCOUNT

60A. *Aptly named New York region : LONG ISLAND. Crossing 47D. *We, to Monet : NOUS
10D. *Driving hazard : ROAD DEBRIS. Crossing 45A. *See 36-Across : MOINES

26D. *Theater guide : AISLE LIGHT. Crossing 36A. *With 45-Across, Iowa's most populous city : DES

Happy New Year, everyone!

C.C. here, filling in another blog gap. When I submitted this puzzle, the four intersecting S'es are circled. You can click here for my original clues and grid. Rich probably thought they're unnecessary. As usual, lots of clue changes.

1. Tail end : REAR

5. Airing, as a golf tournament : ON TV

9. Spoiled kid : BRAT

13. "Splendor in the Grass" author : INGE. I liked the movie, though it's a bit heavy.

14. Premier Zhou who hosted Nixon's 1972 visit : ENLAI. The most beloved figure in China. He could have done more and protected more during the Cultural Revolution.

15. Lauderdale neighbor : BOCA

18. Go-__: small racer : KART

19. Dry gulch : ARROYO

20. Wite-Out maker : BIC. Spitzboov uses Wite-Out.

21. Mind flash : IDEA

22. Move, to an agent : RELO

24. Seemingly forever : NO END

26. Doing the math, in a way : ADDING

28. Top-priority : URGENT. I don't think Argyle or the few friends I have on the blog like email from me with the subject line "Olio". It's normally trouble. Yet they always give me quick & honest opinions. Feels good to be prioritized.

31. National rival : AVIS

33. Supreme Court justice Kagan : ELENA

35. Dark horse : BAY

39. Runway disaster : RIP. No disaster here. Just a selfie from Gisele with a hashtag #multitasking.

40. Bigger picture: Abbr. : ENL

41. Fireplace bit : EMBER

42. Ill humor : BILE

43. Caroline and Maria, to Ted Kennedy : NIECES

48. Some cosmetic surgeries, for short : LIPOS

50. Midday : NOON

51. Fail to mention : OMIT. Welcome to the blue world, Buckeye Bob!

53. Classic Pontiac : GTO

55. Crunchy snack : NUT BAR

59. Gift-bearing trio : MAGI

62. Longing : ACHE

63. Company removed from the Dow 30 in 2013 : ALCOA. So were HP & Bank of America. Goldman Sachs, Visa and Nike were in.

64. Sicilian resort : ENNA. Learned from doing Xwords.

65. Fish catchers : NETS

66. Scout's good work : DEED

67. Positive votes : YEAS


1. Strahan co-host : RIPA (Kelly)

2. Nuke-testing dept. : ENER

3. Petri dish gel : AGAR

4. Audiophile's collection : RECORDS

5. Artist Yoko : ONO. I used a quote clue. Too long.

6. Workers' rights gp. : NLRB (National Labor Relations Board)

7. Six-inch putt, say : TAP IN

9. Beale Street blues legend : B B KING

11. Cornfield measure : ACRE. Is this heaven?

12. "Ciao!" : TA TA

14. Food recall cause : ECOLI

17. Watched : EYED

23. Deli counter qty. : ONE LB

25. Times in history : ERAS

27. Procter & Gamble toothpaste : GLEEM

29. Polish target : NAIL

30. Prepare a blog post, say : TYPE. What I'm doing now.

31. Yemen's Gulf of __ : ADEN

32. Part of a memorable boast : VENI. "Veni, vidi, vici".

34. "Conspiracy of Fools" company : ENRON. Thought of Husker Gary's uncle, who lost all his fortunes with Enron.

37. Drain slowly : SEEP

38. "That makes me happy" : I'M SO GLAD

42. U.K.-based luxury automaker : BENTLEY. Do you dream of owning one? I couldn't care less about cars.

44. Two in a Dickens title : CITIES

46. Ancient region of present-day Turkey : IONIA

49. Lifted or boosted : STOLE. I did not know "boosted" can mean "stole" also. Rich's clue of course. Great one!

51. Neighbor of Saudi Arabia : OMAN

52. Defensive spray : MACE

54. "The Raven" opening : ONCE

56. Downfall cause : BANE

57. "Breaking Bad" Emmy winner Gunn : ANNA.

58. Old cereal box stats : RDAS

61. Mars, e.g. : GOD

This blog will turn 6 years old on January 21, 2014. Tell me in the Comments section: How long have you been reading our blog? If you've been just lurking, delurk today and say "Hi" to our regulars.



OwenKL said...

Rudy signed up for the PEACE CORP$
Though he knew that duty would be a chore
He was shipped o'er sea,
Spent 2 years on K.P.
"I'm now a expert at removing a pea's core!"

Said the Duchess to his lordship, the VI$COUNT,
"You're honest, I'm sure, but by my count
We've less silver forks,
You've a comment, of course?"
"Yes, it's 'fewer', not 'less', if it's by count!"

I'll find my way with the help of the AI$LE LIGHT.
When I get to my seat at last, I'll light.
The movie's of an atoll,
Just one castaway, that's all,
And it's hardly a LONG I$LAND, more an isle lite!

OwenKL said...

Finished, but it took a while. Main problems were LIftS instead of LIPOS, fiNGer LAke instead of LONG ISLAND, and RENault instead of BENTLEY. Also ETNA before ENNA and AYES before YEAS, but perps cleared those up quickly.
Some tricky clues, for BAY, NAIL & STOLE particularly. I didn't realize Garbo dated to before talkies, so the reveal was cloaked from me until nearly the end, thus I was looking at all the places keywords crossed, not just the Ss.

crazyhorse said...

Hi all
I have read this blog for a very long time. I seldom post, but i feel as if I know many of you.

Thank you CC for a wonderful community!

Southern Belle said...

Morning to all,

Congratulations, C.C. for the long run of your blog.

I'm sorry I can't hang around and read everyone's comments, usually just Owens and Barry have posted when I finish the puzzle. My DH has Parkinson's, dementia, plus diabetes, so my time is not My Time anymore.

Not sure when I started, but must have been in your first year.

Happy New Year to all!

Truly enjoy the site!

Al Cyone said...

OwenKL: See Garbo Talks! and Garbo Talks.

Happy New Year to all and thanks to all who make this site a great way to start the day. And the year.


Unknown said...

Been reading for about 2 years. Just a lurker, not much on commenting, but I love reading it everyday for the added information & interesting comments from the regulars.

Lucina said...

Happy New Year! C.C., what a wonderful way to start 2014! You are amazing!

I lurked for a while then joined the blog in 2010. I couldn't resist this puzzle friendly community from which I draw my daily dose of crossword fix.

I loved your puzzle, C.C. and cannot fail but to be impressed over and over by your creativity and strong command of the English language. ENNA completely baffled me as I've never heard of it and though BATE made no sense, I left it so DNF for me on the first of the year! I'm appalled.

Welcome, newbies! I hope you stay and become a contributor.

Have a glorious day welcoming 2014, everyone!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all (and a very Happy New year)!

Decided to sleep in a bit this morning. My cat wasn't very happy about it, but I persevered...

Fun puzzle to start of the new year. I thought NUT BAR was a bit iffy, but everything else was spot on. And I have to say that I prefer C.C.'s original cluing to Rich's. I have no idea who "Strahan" or ANNA "Gunn" are, but I guess he just wanted to make it more difficult for a Wednesday?

Have I mentioned how happy I am that we now have easy to read numerical captchas? If not everybody is seeing them, maybe it's because I kept misentering the old ones and it changed my settings accordingly or something...

desper-otto said...

Happy New Year!

C.C., congrats on being selected by Rich to ring in the new year. You gave me four "problems" this morning. When I had ..ACE…. I figured it had to be SPACE -- nope, PEACE. Then there were ACLU/NLRB, AYES/YEAS and OOZE/SEEP. Not bad enough blobs to require Wite-Out, but still messy.

"Delurk" -- I love it. It's right up there with "plurable" in my book.

Best new year's present: I roughed out our taxes yesterday and found we can skip the January estimated tax payment. Works for me!

June said...

Hi and Happy New Year to all the regulars and also to the lurkers like me. I think I have been reading this blog since I started doing crossword puzzles - about 5 years. I found the site when I was looking up a crossword clue (cheating) and have enjoyed ever since. C.C. someday explain what you use the donations for. I would be happy to contribute.

Barry G. said...

Oh -- and while I don't recall how long I've was reading this blog as a lurker, I finally posted for the first time on April 30, 2008.

Jeanne said...

Happy New Year CC and all the bloggers. Thank you for a wonderful blog and your staying power. I was around within your first few months, and even though I don't contribute much now, I read it almost every day. Wishing you all a happy and health new year.

tewall said...

Happy New Year. Been lurking for about two years. Read the blog every morning. I really enjoy the write up and the comments.Thanks. btw Anon. you're life called. It wants you back. Please go get it

Anonymous said...

I have been eavesdropping on
this wonderful blog which has
given me lot of information
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about a year.

It sounds like a happy group,
ready to help each other.

George Barany said...

Happy New Year to all, and special congratulations to C.C. for this ingenious theme. The execution appears effortless, but knowing how difficult it is to actually construct something like this adds an extra level of appreciation and admiration for what C.C. has accomplished.

It must feel a bit strange blogging one's own puzzles. Years ago, a colleague of mine submitted a scientific paper for publication, and the "asleep at the switch" editor sent it back to him, asking for an objective critique of the paper's merits and weaknesses. My colleague sent back a highly favorable referee's report, closing with a comment to the effect "... I could not have written this better myself."

Susie said...

I've been lurking at least 4 years. Excellent blog CC. I appreciate it everyday.

buckeye bob said...

Thank you, C.C. Having you as puzzle constructor and reviewer on New Year’s Day is a great way for us to start the year. And thank you for the shout-out!

I did not fully get the theme until I came here. I got SILENTS, and realized there was a silent letter in each answer, but didn’t realize it was SILENT S at the intersection of the answers. Doh! Very clever!

As usual, there were a number of unknowns, but the perps got them for me: 40A ENL, 42A BILE, 55A NUT BAR, 64A ENNA, 57D ANNA.

Finished the puzzle, but no ta-da! What’s wrong? Reviewed all my answers, finally changed NUTTER to NUT BAR and ta-da!

I don’t know how long I’ve been reading the blog, but probably 2-3 years. I really appreciate the insight I get from the reviewer and the knowledge and experience I get from the bloggers. I do 2-3 crossword puzzles a day and I miss that with the other 1 or 2. Thank you, C.C., reviewers, and bloggers.

Happy New Year!

thehondohurricane said...

Hi everyone,

Almost started 2014 badly. The SE corner nearly did me in but when I changed Etna to ENNA it gave me BANE, then I only had to wag the R foe RDA's.

I did not look at CC's original clues yet, but I wouldn't be surprised to find for 19A "Former Yankee relief pitcher in the early '60's."
Luis Arroyo an was outstanding in '60 & '61, but his career ended much too early because of a sore arm.

When I was at the U, I don't think BOCA existed. Might be wrong because it was many moons ago. Perhaps one of our So Floridians could clear it up for me.

I'm beginning to think INGE shows up in puzzles more then Alou.

Barry, I'm happy you are happy with the capchas.

I don't recall when I joined the blog, but I think it was '08 or '09. I had been a short time lurker.

Snows "acomin" to Ct tomorrow, hope it doesn't affect the weekend business.

Argyle said...

Rabbit, rabbit! Good luck for the next year.

And greetings to all you Trekkies that have decloaked.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, C.C. and friends. Shhh! What a fun way to start off the New Year! Getting the Garbo answer helped with the ROAD DEBRIS.

I was thinking that Mars was the RED planet, not the mythological god.

I think I joined this Corner in July 2009.

All the best to everyone for a healthy and happy 2014.

QOD: The cure for crime is not the electric chair, but the high chair. ~ J. Edgar Hoover (Jan. 1, 1895 ~ May 2, 1972)


Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

What a great start to a new year-a CC puzzle with some sass! Loved the theme and execution; CC, you are a wonder at constructing and your expo skills ain't too shabby, either.

Today is "B" Day, as in bend the knee. No more immobilizer, thank goodness. Stitches come out on Jan. 9th.

Snow storm due tomorrow, plus bitter cold temps. Good hibernating weather!

I found this blog almost two years ago and started posting almost immediately. CC has brought together a diverse, interesting, warm and caring group of people who share a common interest: crossword puzzles. But, because of this blog, we have been able to share a lot more of our personal experiences, the sad ones as well as the happy ones. Thank you, CC.

On that note, best wishes to everyone for a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Just an fyi on the Gisele pic.
it is not a "selfie".

A selfie, for the non-techie crowd out there, is a type of self-portrait typically taken with a cell phone camera and used on social media such as Twitter or Facebook.

The picture of Gisele was most likely taken by a professional photographer with professional equipment. Gisele received some mixed feedback from this picture. Some commended her for breast-feeding and being a professional woman, while others mocked her for appearing princess-like with her team of beauty professional attended to every need just before she probably hands her baby off to a team of nannies to change her diapers and take her out for a stroll.

Fyi part2:
This image is not a selfie either. This is a picture of three people in the act of taking a selfie. the actual selfie image is on Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt's smartphone and maybe her Facebook page.

Java Mama said...

Happy New Year to all the Corner denizens! What a great way to kick off 2014 with a puzzle constructed and written up by our Puzzler-In-Chief, C.C.!

Liked the Silent S theme, which I never would have sussed without the reveal. Thought of Splynter at seeing LONG ISLAND, which he amusingly refers to as “Lawn Guy Land”. Noticed that INGE showed up directly across from where it was located in yesterday’s grid – wonder how often something like that happens. Bronson ARROYO is a popular starting pitcher for my hometown Cincinnati Reds who is a free agent at this time, so the rumors are flying … hope he stays.

I started reading the blog about three years ago and have been commenting off-and-on for a little over a year. Always enjoy the lively discussions and camaraderie here.

Have a great day, everyone!

TTP said...

Happy New Years to all !

This is the best puzzle I've done and the best review I've read all year !

I've been bogging down the blog for about a year and a half.

My only slowdown was in the southeast with NUT--R. Finally saw it was BANE down rather than -ATE and then the TADA.

Still snowing in Chicago. Blower is poised.

From yesterday:
Owen @ 2:47, good points. I remembered the VDub commercials, so I just accepted the spelling in the answer.

VDub Wiki

VDub TV Commercial

Dennis said...

Good morning, gang, and again, Happy New Year to everyone.

This one seemed like a Monday-level to me, just over four minutes. Liked seeing both BOCA and GTO.

Not sure exactly when I joined this great blog, but it was within a few weeks of its start. Hard to believe it's been almost six years; the blog's come a long way since those days of a dozen posts or so.

Off to the beach for some recovery time; hope it's a great start to the new year for everyone.

John Lampkin said...

This is a terrific puzzle. It's worth pointing out that the theme answers violate the rule of symmetry which editors insist on except in cases like this. Silent S words are relatively rare and symmetry would have been impossible. Instead, C.C. set herself the constraint of having the silent s's cross.
I started visiting here in 2008, after the LAT published my first puzzle. Though I'm not a "regular" my digestive system is, so that must count for something.
Here is wishing you all a Happy & Helathy, and congratulations to C.C. for the brilliant idea, well executed.

Husker Gary said...

Very nice theme on this snowy, cold New Years Day! Upon seeing PEACE in the first theme answer I thought we might be headed toward New Year’s wishes. The only clue change I preferred was Dickens’s couple title.

-eNna/baNe got me. I supposed a resort on ETNA wouldn’t be all that great (BATE?)
-You say ZHOU; I say CHOU, let’s call the whole thing off
-Hondo and I know C.C., will soon use this ARROYO ;-).
-RIPS as fashion and not a faux pas
-GTO’s, Mustangs, Camaro’s and other muscle cars of the 60’s are still rockin’
-A fabulous scene (2:21) about a scout trying to do Ed Asner a good DEED
-Getting 13 YEAS in 1776 took a lotta horse trading
-I might as well have been showing my grandkids a buggy whip when I showed them a picture of me using a TYPEwriter
-Uncle Paul was never right after his Nebraska Natural Gas (ENRON subsidiary) debacle
-I remember Arlene Francis wearing a mink STOLE on What’s My Line
-What movie involves NOON and a man named Frank Miller?

inanehiker said...

I have been coming to the blog for a few years-- before that I was at another blog done every day by a young woman who finally had to stop when little ones and job made it too overwhelming. I can't remember what the other one was called, but she directed us here when she was ending. I think I first found the blogs when I was stuck and googling for an answer. One day I may go blue, but right now I have so many accounts for work with different names and passwords that have to change every 3 months, I can't handle one more! Congrats to CC!

Husker Gary said...

I stumbled onto this blog about 4 years ago and it has become a part of my life. Finding out the identity and background of the moderator (and now solo constructor) was a humbling experience. She is brilliant in at least two cultures. I won’t try to gild the lily by improving on the laudatory remarks made today but I second all of them and cast a resounding YEA! I have also have made some lovely acquaintances in this electronic environment and hope to visit some of you in our future travels.

J and G said...

First post but Wife and I have been fans for a long time. We sprinkle in a few letters before we start on hard days( following puzzle symmetry) The posts at 5:00 AM astound us (ZZZZ). CC thanks for your efforts and HAPPY 2014 to all.

Argyle said...

High Noon

Argyle said...

Inanehiker, you were thinking of L.A. Crossword Confidential. It is still out there in cyber-space.


mskmoorthy said...

A very nice puzzle to greet a new year. I have been reading it for the past 18 months or so.

Cathy said...

I am also a lurker who has been coming to this site since the demise of L.A. Crossword Confidential. I enjoy the comments and clarifications of the clues I don't always understand.

Pat said...

Happy New Year! Congratulations, C.C. for being our first constructor of the year.

Hand up for EtNA/ENNA. That gave me a FIW for today. The rest was pretty easy, for a Wednesday.

I was directed here when Puzzle Girl closed down the Crossword Confidential blog. I read this every day and appreciate the education and entertainment it provides.


tiptoethru said...

I found this place about two years ago. It's a wonderful way to feed my addiction and help with the crossword answers. I also enjoy the comments and definitely feel less a dolt when others find the same blocks as I did. Thank you and Happy 2014!

CanadianEh! said...

Happy New Year to all the regulars and the lurkers too. Good to hear from many of you. I discovered the corner like June looking up a crossword cheat and lurked for a year or more. When I semi-retired and had more time, I started posting (late 2012). Like Cathy, I enjoy the comments and clarifications for clues I didn't understand. Also enjoy the different viewpoints from all the Cornerites!

Enjoyed today's puzzle. Thanks CC. Nice level of difficulty for New Year's Day after a late night. I couldn't get the TADA and had to turn on the red letter help to see my error with ETNA instead of ENNA!

I was misdirected with RUNWAY DISASTER into thinking about airplanes instead of models. I also don't think of BAYs as DARK horses (not really the Black Beauty image with BAY for me). Smiled at LIFTED OR BOOSTED=STOLE.

Anonymous said...

I've been a lurker for 3 years. I enjoy the puzzle reviews and the comments of the regulars and occasional irregulars. Thank you CC and crew. Happy New Year to you all.

Dudley said...

Rabbit rabbit.

Hello Puzzlers, and Happy New Year!

What D-Otto said 7:10. Delurk ranks right up there with plurable. Now I have to teach them to my spell checker.

Zoomed through today, except for that speed bump in the SE where I assumed the Sicilian resort was Etna. I would have missed the theme if it weren't for the unifier. Thanks, John Lampkin, for clarifying the symmetry situation.

Morning C.C., and thanks for all you do! Blogger says I went blue in April 2010, but I recall posting as a guest (as well as lurking) for some months prior. I could see it was a happy and harmonious family, not to mention a good crossword resource.

MachII said...

Lurker for about three years.....Enjoy the comments from all....Great job C.C. Happy New Year

Julie said...

I lurk every morning... to see the answers to clues I just can't figure out... after three years, those clues are getting fewer.

Thanks to all who post, makes for an enjoyable start to my day.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, C.C., for a fine New Year's Day puzzle. Also, thank you, C.C., for the fine review. I think we had this recently.

Welcome back, TTP. Have missed your input.

I have been here for I think three years. I know I started in December, of 2010 I believe. Anyhow, lots of fun. I lurked for one or two days, then jumped in. Thank you, C.C., for making all this fun possible.

Puzzle was pretty easy for a Wednesday. Just had INGE the other day.

Had CART for 18A, then fixed that to KART after BB KING.

MAGI was easy. Tied to the Season. I am in a group that has a Magus as its leader. Singular of MAGI.

Tried ETNA, and remembered that ETNA just erupted the other day. Who would want to vacation there, so I changed it to ENNA. (BANE helped)

My almost Achilles Heel was ROAD DEBRIS. I could not see that for the life of me. I knew the S had to be silent. So, I did my old trick and stood up and looked at the puzzle from a bird's eye view and saw it immediately. I use that trick a lot.

Anyhow, off to my day. Have to shovel the driveway after the snow stops. Then pork and sauerkraut for a great meal this afternoon.

See you tomorrow.


(2233652 5440)

HeartRx said...

Rabbit, rabbit! And Happy New Year to all!

I thought this puzzle was brilliant, and then I finally looked at the constructor's name. Of course!

C.C. you are my inspiration, and I am honored to be on your team of bloggers. You make everything look so easy, but I know you put a great amount of thought and consideration into everything you do. And the end result is always amazing!

I have been around since July 2010, and have only missed a handful of times checking the blog first thing each morning! It has become as routine as making my coffee, but still provides interesting learning moments every day. Thank you!

JD said...

Happy New Year to all!

Lucky us... to get a C.C.creation today.As with most Wed I had to explore the web, and that is how most of us, and I, "found" C.C. writing her daily blog 5 1/2 years ago when I retired.I was new to Xwords so I kept a spiral of new words. Wish I could remember them all as many pop up over and over.

I enjoyed the evening banter between the 3 D's, Dennis, Dick and Dr. Dad, AND the ladies who added lots of spice: Carol, Lois, Jeannie and Melissa.

The blog has grown in leaps and bounds, hard to keep up with the new and the old, but it is a very special corner of my world. Thanks C.C.

Montana said...

Happy New Year to everyone! Hope 2014 is a year of good health and happiness!

After 2 DNFs this week, this CC puzzle was a pleasure. I am starting out the year with a speedy solve, although I slowed down in the area others have mentioned. Thanks, CC, for keeping this blog going.

I, too, started reading this blog at the suggestion of Puzzle Girl. I lurked for several months, then turned blue and joined in, 2 years ago—January, 2012. Besides getting help with crossword quandaries, it is interesting to read about others’ lives since we live in such varied environments. (We even enjoy talking about our weather! It is snowing right now in Denver, but forecast is for 50s tomorrow and 60s on Friday!)

I feel I have many acquaintances on the Corner and meeting several of them in person has been a great experience. Emailing with a few has also enriched my life.


Valencia said...

Happy New Year to all. I, too, have been a lurker since Crossword Confidential closed down. I check in every morning after doing my puzzle in the LA Times. Thank you for all the explanations ... WAG, clecho, etc.

Argyle said...


kazie said...

Great double-dipping, C.C.! Blogging your own puzzle means nobody can argue with your interpretation of it.

I found it to be a fun solve with my only hang-up being NUT-AR/ETNA/UDAS in the SE corner. I don't remember anything well these days, and ENNA and RDA just weren't on my radar.

I joined the blog on July 8th +/- of 2008, so I've been here 5.5 of the 6 years.

Congrats on 6 years of success, growth and creativity, C.C.!

Misty said...

The New Year really doesn't start any better than this! With a C.C. puzzle, a C.C. blog, a shout-out to blogging with 30 down ("prepare a blog post, say"), and then an invitation to, and terrific response, from our wonderful lurkers! Yay! What a great way to start this lovely, rabbity morning! Thank you, C.C., for all this!

I too am a refugee from the LA Crossword Confidential. Can anyone remember when it closed down and the name of the nice woman who ran it? That would tell me how long I've been on the Corner, since I joined right away. I still remember that the first comment after my first post was a scolding for unseemly language or some such thing. I was mortified but couldn't figure out what I had said that was bad. Turned out the comment referred to a post on a previous day, not to me, whew, great relief. If someone hadn't explained, I would have lurked off forever, I'm sure.

As for the puzzle, WLS (What Lucina Said). And, Irish Miss, I'm so glad your leg is getting better!

Southern Belle, my heart goes out to you.

My warmest thanks to everyone for helping to make this a fun 2013, and my best wishes for a terrific 2014 to come!

desper-otto said...

Misty, see Argyle's link at 9:55

Doug P said...

Happy early Blogiversary, C.C.! Keep up the fantastic blogging and constructing.

You taught me something new today. I had no idea the S was silent in VISCOUNT. Good to know.

Don said...

Happy NY everyone. I found CC's blog when the Philadelphia Inquirer was still running the LA times puzzles. As with others, I was searching for some answers on the web and found her.
Don't often find time to comment; like many retirees, I'm too busy!
I do read the blog every day though.
I find the comments from different areas of the US and the world fascinating. Keep it up CC!

Tinbeni said...

Pinch, pinch ...

C.C. This was the "Best!" blog write-up of my "Favorite-Puzzle-of-the-Year!"

I'M SO GLAD the 'circles' were eliminated. The SILENT'S' were apparent in your very clever theme.

Hondo: Boca Raton was incorporated as a city in 1925 (per Wiki) ... probably a few years before you attended the 'U'.
(I also attended the 'U' ... but UP-here in Tampa. Go Canes!)

Did like the "shout-out" to Dennis with BOCA.
(I'm still waiting when "one-of-our" constructor's sneaks in "Pinch" ... as in "A____to grow an inch").

Etna was my 'BANE' too ... lol

I came here in November 2009 ...
I've made a lot of "toasts-at-Sunset" to my comrades here! (A true labor of joy!)

john28man said...

Happy New Year to everyone and a big thank you to CC for providing continuous enjoyment while I do the LAT Puzzle.

I join the large group that struggled with ENNA/ETNA & BANE/BATE.

Misty said...

Thanks, Desper-otto and Argyle. My computer is so weird I'm always nervous about Links, so I hadn't checked Argyle's. But there it was, the Puzzle Girl's last post in October 2011. So that's when I became a regular on this blog. A happy day for me, thanks to C.C. and Marti and all of the rest of you.

Again, I just loved reading the posts from all our sweet lurkers. Hope we hear from you again.

Anonymous said...

Hi, all. Discovered this blog about one year after it started. Was looking up answer to a clue on Google. Have always been intrigued with crosswords and dabbled in them for many years without really unstanding how they were constructed and how the answers interacted with each other. This blog has made my experience much more understanding and fun and satisfying. Thank you CC and all for all your efforts. I will turn 76 last of April, still work full time.
Check in here most every week day.
Old Sage in Virginia Beach

oc4beach said...

Good morning C.C. et al. I have been a follower of the blog for about two years, but only an occasional commenter for the last 5 or 6 months.

I've found this blog to be informative, entertaining and enjoyable and the participants, both regular and occasional, to be a nice group of people.

It has helped me, not just in solving puzzles, but in finding the logic in the themes and clues. I particularly like many of the links that provide a greater depth of understanding and entertainment.

In trying to solve the puzzles, I don't use Wite-out, it messes up the computer screen too much, but I keep a supply of erasers handy since I try to do each puzzle in the newspaper before giving up and finishing on the LA Times website.

Keep up the good work. Thanks.

WestTx said...

Another refugee from Crossword Confidential...

My thanks to C.C. for the Corner I enjoy every day.

Although the Crossword Corner was informative and I enjoyed the posts of Puzzle Girl, this place is much more comfortable to me. I always look forward to Husker Gary's Musings, Abejo's travels of devoted goodwill, the HeartRx good cheer, Barry G.'s posts that seem so often to read my mind, Dennis' appreciation of examination, Tinbeni, Hondo, Argyle, Hahtoola, TTP, and all the others I've forgotten at the moment.

I appreciate the effort that goes into the expos and it's interesting to hear from the other puzzle constructors who drop by and to read the interviews often posted.

Thanks C.C. and Happy New Year everyone


GarlicGal said...

Wow. I love the comments this morning. WHAT EVERYBODY ELSE SAYS..

I've been around since 2010. The corner has been a source of trivia, facts, humorous "musings" and sometimes head scratching. It has also given me a chance to meet, and I mean alive and in person, new friends!

And as always, thank you C.C.

Anonymous said...

Yet another LA Confidential refugee turned regular lurker. Checking in with the Corner after doing the puzzle has become a very enjoyable part of my morning ritual. As others have noted, this is, above and beyond the excellent puzzle explanations and information, a wonderful group of people whose conversations I enjoy following. Who knows, maybe I'll even delurk soon!

C6D6 Peg said...

C.C. You never cease to amaze and amuse me with your cleverness in the themes. Tough to blog your own work, though! Thanks for a great job!

Guess I've been reading the blog for about 4 years now, and just posted a few days ago for the first time!

klilly said...

I have been reading and commenting occasionally for about a year and half. I love the blog and always start my day with it.

Thanks for all who post.

Happy New year... Watching the hockey game in Ann Arbor on TV...I am so glad I am in houston and not there..brrrrr

Gigi in Reading said...

I found you about 2 years ago and was thrilled. Before that I had to keep the day's paper till the next day to find the answer to a tough one. Also happy to know there are so many other addicts, and I enjoy the blogger's comments.

lois said...

Good Afternoon CC blogger, CC constructor, and CC my idol, et al., Thank you for a fun and well done puzzle, CC. It was just perfect for Weds.

32D made me LMAO remembering Dennis' order of those 3 Latin words. Vidi, Vici, Veni.

And 42D Bentley is always good to see. That's our horse's name. Silver Ghost is his Stage name.

39A The link of Gisele multitasking brings back a ton of mammories. Except I wasnt getting my hair nails or makeup done. More like pulling out my hair, biting my nails, and helping one precious child w/her make-up work.

I came here shortly after it opened. It was just the 3 D's (Dennis, Dick and Dr Dad), Katherine, CC, me, Argyle,and a few others in the very beginning. Lordy it was hilarious! Carol, JD, Jeannie, MelissaB, Lemonade came in and the laughs got even moreso.

I am not here as often b/c of work. But just a little longer.

The talent here is amazing! I love the blending of it all. Thank you, CC, for creating this blog. You are and will remain my most admired and respected person. You are an inspiration to us all. Thank you. Happy New Year to you and all of your blog followers.

Go Big Red!!! Go Cornhuskers!
Go Sooners!!!

Maui Lurker:) said...

Aloha! Enjoy reading this blog. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite pastimes is doing the LA Times Crossword puzzle and afterward reading your blog. It is entertaining and I learn a lot of trivia.
Thank you!

LaLaLinda said...

Hi Everyone ~~

Wishing all at the Corner a New Year filled with good health and many blessings!

Still not feeling up to par, thus I've been too cranky to post. ;-)

It's heart-warming to see how many people enjoy this blog daily ~ what a wonderful place you've created C.C. I echo all the praises of today!

JB in VA said...

WEES. Loved the start to the NY.
Have viewed this blog since 10/11. Don't post often due left arm issues after BC treatment.
Makes it hard to type. Thanks for the entertainment. Always read this blog.

Razz said...

Happy New Year C.C. DFs & DFetttes

Great way to start the new year CC, excellent xword. (imho)

I started when this was still the Star Tribune Crossword Corner. Earliest post I could find was Halloween 2008. I have not been very regular for some time now, but will try to improve. I saw lots of names besides mine that don't show up much anymore.

I have the W R Williams xword in my paper now (he edited the Star Tribune xword for years) and I still make the same comments about his work the the Corner used to make way back when. LOL

I am glad '13 is gone, a very bad and sad year for me.

I hope 2014 is a prosperous and peaceful year for all you LATCCers out there.


erocchio said...

I've been a reader for several years...especially since retiring. I love how you explain the answers because sometimes I just don't see the answer for the clue given. Thank you for the educational, informational and enjoyable answers!

Ol' Man Keith said...

I guess I've been coming here for about a year. It still feels new to me; I am still figuring out the cast of characters. I have appreciated several helpful folk, some who've volunteered information when I have needed it.
Today's pzl - almost finished.
My only uneasy feeling (before signing on to peek) was with something called NUTFAR at 55A. I knew in my soul it should have been NUT BAR, but FATE seemed such a good cause for a "Downfall" that I couldn't let it go, even to the extent of accepting ETNA as a "resort." (What's with this ENNA?)
Anyway, I was happy to have cracked the mid-east sector. I was holding with BLUE for a long time at 42A. My memory of renascence "humours" finally clicked in and gave me BILE. As my usual temper roams somewhere between sanguine and phlegmatic, biliousness is less familiar to me.

PK said...

All praises be to our fearless leader, C.C., forging ahead into the adventure of a pristine 2014 with a novel crossword idea, then also doing the expo. Brava, C.C.! Encore!

I couldn't get internet on the farm and having retired, I didn't ever want to touch another keyboard. So I didn't for ten years. I finally gave into peer pressure from relatives and bought a new IMAC and hooked up to the internet January 28, 2011. Learning to Google, I stumbled onto Crossword Corner not many months after that. One of the best moves I've made to enhance my life with meeting all of you.

The food recall locally was not ECOLI but Listeria in mayonaise-type salads. I had eaten most of two cartons before I got the recall notice. I was sick some time later but still don't know if that was why.

PK said...

When I was 20 I kept books for a boss who fancied himself a lady's man. The PEACE CORPS had just been started. One day with a lot of frustrations, I threw down my pencil and said, "I'm going to go join the PEACE CORPS." My boss waggled his eyebrows and said, hopefully, "Oh, and who gets the first piece."

A friend's niece was a CPA with the infamous accounting firm which had done the auditing for ENRON before it went up in smoke. She had a devil of a time finding work with that on her resume.

Obama looks like he's having such fun taking selfies with world leaders. He deserves a good time once in a while.

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Happy new year greetings. So many of you have expressed what a terrific blog this is, and all I can do is heartily agree. Time flies by so fast that I often am very inaccurate as to how long ago something happened; most of it "seems like yesterday." I think it was 3 or 4 years ago I found this blog and have stayed with it ever since. Dennis was usually the first one to post and he often had a QOD and an observation about what makes the day special. Weren't you living in New Jersey and running a hobby shop then, Dennis? Hahtoolah, thank you for giving us a QOD when you post. By the way, you were Hahtool back then. I also remember that Lemonade asked me if "Jayce" stood for Jason, and I replied that while my name isn't Jason, my nickname is and I am honored that my best friend from high school named his son Jason in honor of me. I remember Buckeye and Clear Ayes and Eddy B. Best wishes to you all.

Yellowrocks said...

CC, thank you so much for our wonderful Corner. I admire your dedication to this blog. You are such a talented puzzle constructor, blogger, and administrator, not to mention a kind and caring virtual friend. The sense of camaraderie, humor and insight here keeps me coming back every day.
I am not sure whether I have been here 2 or 3 years. I enjoy you all.
This morning I did the puzzle in the ER. Last night my bum knee buckled and threw me flat on the floor. I hurt my shoulder and have a couple of knots on my head. Does that make me a knot head? LOL. The ER determined that no bones are broken, but my shoulder is extremely painful and difficult to use. Tomorrow if it is not too snowy I will see the orthopedic doctor.

Spitzboov said...

Good Afternoon Everyone.

Happy New Year. And to all " einen guten Rutsch!" (a good slide). From Wiki:
"Some linguists claim that this traditional New Year's expression in German has nothing to do with "sliding" (rutschen) into the new year—despite the fact that most German-speakers understand it that way. The expression may come from the Hebrew word "rosh," meaning "head" or "beginning"—thus the beginning of a new year. The expression could have come into German via the Yiddish for "a good beginning"—as in "Rosh Hashanah," the Jewish New Year. That would make it just one of many German (and English) expressions that come from Yiddish.

What an honor for C.C. to have presented the first crossword of 2014. And then to lead the 1st comments into the New Year; a two fer!

Spent New Year's Eve and this morning in Saratoga to sample their First Night festivities, with our middle son and his family, so it was special.
So I didn't get to do today's cw until getting home. Very interesting theme with the 4 SILENT S's. crossing. Almost had a Natick with the ANNA/ENNA crossing but……good guess. No Wite-Out or searches were needed.

Husker Gary said...

HUSKERS WIN! HUSKERS WIN! HUSKERS WIN! This will make for a much better winter.

p.s. How great is it that so many lurkers and former posters have shown up today.

Avg Joe said...

It was a pleasant surprise to open the paper this morning to a C.C. puzzle. And a challenge. Like most I fell into the Etna trap. Then with uncertainty about the R in RDA's due to the clue and a good feeling about Fate with Etna in place, it was nearly a DNF. Finally got it sorted out, but it was slow in coming.

I took the scenic route in finding this blog. The Lincoln Journal Star started with the Sunday NYT (week old) and I discovered Rex's site after a few years. Finally noticed the Confidential site, and lurked ,then participated there for a year or more. Lurked here for several months, then started posting around April of 11. It's been a fun run. Thanks to all that make it an enjoyable place to learn and shoot the.....breeze.

Yes Gary, it's nice to get a win, especially when we were 9 point underdogs. It's also a much nicer day in Jax than here.

Spitzboov said...

I've been reading the blog since the Summer of 2009. Found it like others; through a fortunate google of a crossword entry. Went blue in Oct. 2009, drawn by the wonderfully interesting people who seemed to get together here.

Re: BOCA - Felt it was a shoutout to Dennis.

mtnest995 said...

What a fun way to start the New Year - a CC twofer and charming comments from the regulars, and so many posts from lurkers. I've been reading (lurking) for several years - used to post pretty regularly, but quit when I realized my comments would be pretty much WEES nearly everyday.

My thanks to CC for creating this wonderful blog and to all who post. I learn something new every single day, and I've actually gotten way better at solving. I no longer cringe when I try an NYT (Monday thru Wednesday and sometimes Thursday anyway).

Cheers to all for a fabulous 2014.


River Doc said...

Happy Wednesday everybody!

WEES re: ETNA. Knew BATE sounded incorrect, oh well....

Like a lot of others, I found The Corner by googling a crossword answer. Not long after, I made this site a favorite on my browser and started posting in April 2012. Mostly because the people here are so supportive of each other (except for the snarky anons, of course).

Big Thanks to C.C. for starting the blog and Big Thanks to her group of bloggers extraordinaire...!

Happy 2014 to all and to all a good day...!

Illini Ken said...

I have been reading for a few years but this is my first post. I usually do the newspaper version of the puzzle Monday through Wednesday and then the electronic version with red letter help on the rest of the week. I read the comments every day.

Anonymous said...

Rabbit, rabbit.
Hello from southwestern Nebraska. I've been a lurker for about 3 years. I've posted a couple of times. Thanks for the great blog!

desper-otto said...

YR, that's a helluva way to start the new year. I've got a back that likes to play tricks on me, so I can understand how your knee threw you a curve. I feel your pain. I once threw my back out putting on my socks to go bowling. Really. Since I've been walking daily, my back has been better behaved. (Fingers crossed.) I hope you'll be back square-dancing shortly.

It's great to see all the lurkers "delurking" today. Why don't you post more often? We have a fun here.

And finally, C.C., thanks for giving us a great home away from home.

Bill G. said...

I wished everybody a Happy New Year last night but a second helping can't do any harm. So, Happy New Year to you all. Prosperous too would be nice.

Best wishes to you all and especially to those who may be going through tough times; either themselves or because of family members.

I got pointed here from a Google search also. I can't remember when exactly but it was close to three years ago. Very serendipitous I think. I feel as if I've enlarged my group of friends as a result.

Crispy816 said...

Happy New Year!

Thank you C.C. for both the wonderful crossword puzzle & blog. I had to stare for awhile at ETNA/BATE before the extra coffee kicked in. But got it done in the end. Think I must have still been groggy from going to neighboring Kennett Square for their inaugural Great Mushroom Drop at midnight. What a hoot!

Found the blog by accident while searching for more crosswords & usually just lurk. But I do appreciate everyone's insights, added amusing links & poesy, etc...

Off to finish cooking!


Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, A double for C.C. today, the puzzle and the comments on the puzzle. Thanks for a stellar job on both.

I finished, but not before Etna was in before Enna. Bane fixed that. Thank goodness for perps, right?

Good to see you Southern Belle. I'm sorry to hear that your DH has so many problems. I know that the care giving is a full time job, having done that for my MIL for two years. I'll be thinking about you often.

Congratulations, C.C. on the upcoming anniversary of your blog. I've spent many enjoyable hours reading, commenting, and actually meeting in person some of the people you have brought together. We have a wonderful CA Coven as we've been named. Thank you.

Lemonade714 said...

Great to sign on and see 87 comments on a new year and and a wonderful double dose of C.C., showing us more of the inside of constructing while writing up her own work, re-imagined by Rich and his cluing. What a wonderful way to start our year and thank you to all the quiet ones who have checked in; mtnest995, all comments are welcome and there is no competition for first or best; just say it.

Rabbit rabbit, I am off to throw some old china at my Danish friends house? I wonder if you throw an old Danish at a Chinese friend's house if that would work?

Chickie said...

Thank you C.C. for the shout out for the Peace Corps today. Our grandson spent two years in Senegal, West Africa with the Peace Corp. He learned a lot and had a wonderful experience.

According to my profile, I've been on the blog since Dec. of 2008. I lurked about a year before that. Like many others, I came upon the corner while Googling a CW answer. My CW skills have improved soooo much since I found the blog. The day I finally finished a whole puzzle all on my own was a real milestone.

YR, Not an auspicious way to start off the new year. So sorry to hear about your fall.

A T.S. Eliot quote was put on Facebook by my SIL and I would like to share it with all of you.

"For last year's words belong to last year's language
And next year's words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning."
Happy 2014 Everyone.

thehondohurricane said...

OK, I guess Boca was either too distant, located on the wrong side of the state, or have any emporiums worthy of a Cane student.

JD said...

Yellowrocks, so sorry about your fall. It's tres disconcerting that our balance seems to get shaky with age.

BTW, Splendor in the Grass was at one time my favorite movie. I do love this scene, and could relate to it back then.I would not want to be that age again.

So nice that so many lurkers came out to play.

Ev. said...

I've been reading this blog since (I think) sometime in January 2008 - that was my first month of retirement. I still read it most every day, and have learned a lot from CC and the regular posters - like most others. (I really do not like the term lurking - sounds too sinister for this enjoyable activity.)

My first recollections were that CC received Orange's book, maybe for Christmas, that she had Orange as her first interview, and that Dennis from early-on helped explain some clues. I love the blog! - Evelyn M

dodo said...

CC, I'm so glad I chose today to finally send a word to my dear friends at Crossword Corner. Our paper doesn't disclose the name of the constructor but somehow I was pretty sure it was you! What a treat. I loved the puzzle and would have aced it but for that Etna/bane thing! I did think Etna wouldn't be a very desirable resort spot but put it in anyway.

I don't make New Year's resolutions but I have vowed to get some order in my life, so I hope
to do a bit more posting. I do feel that what I send is usually WEES (and I just figured out what that means. Thank you, Irish Miss. I think.)

There are some other new acronyms etc. thathave appeared since I was a more regular poster, so bear with me if I need help. In fact, what's with "Rabbit. Rabbit"? Probably something I should know anyway, but right now I don't have a clue.

Oh, I joined this wonderful blog in January of 2010 and it is truly dear to my heart, as are you, CC, and my friends at CC. dodo

Lemonade714 said...

Started reading in 2008, became active early in 2009 inspired by discussions about father-son golf families and Sport team nicknames without an S at the end.

Ev. you may be the longest regular

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Double helping of C.C. today. Perfect start to the new year.

I think I started reading early in 2009 and delurked some time in April.

Strong Silent theme today. Clever.

Terrible ending to the Winter Classic today. Shoot outs are despicable.

Spartans just took the lead in the Rose Bowl.

Happy New Year everyone, and

Cool regards!

Lemonade714 said...


Jayce said...

Wow, you folks are a wonderful bunch of nice people!

Jayce said...

I bawled my eyes out when I watched Splendor in the Grass. Every time, 3 times. Oh my oh my how parents used to (still do?) manipulate the heck out of their children, causing so much damage! I so much appreciate the playwrights and other artists who highlight such abuses and direct our attention to how damaging they are. Heavy handed or not, I very much admire the performances of the actors, and give a special thumbs up to Zohra Lampert's performance as the woman whom Warren Beatty's character (Bud Stamper?) ended up marrying.

The very best wishes to you all!

pennybank said...

Hi folks...It was two years ago this month that I found this blog googling an answer. What a wonderful surprise to find all of you. Yellowrocks jumped out at me since DH and I used to square dance. I do hope your shoulder and knee behave themselves so you can get back to dancing, YR. I do miss it.

I usually do this crossword and read the blog in the evening as a reward for getting things done during the day..(Well, maybe NOT!). And I have found doing the puzzle in the morning with a fresh mind can be more which case I check in with everybody that evening.

A great bunch of people I learn a lot from...Wow! And I have also found out that my leaky memory isn't all that different. I surprise myself whenever I can fill in one of 'those' answers. Aha...there is hope yet!

Everyone have a wonderful healthy New Year. Welcome, 2014!

JD said...

Dodo, here's a little bit about the saying "rabbit,rabbit" on the 1st day of each month...something that I had never heard of before coming here.Isn't it amazing what we learn every day right here?

JD said...

Ha! Ha! Lemonade, I love your short version much better.

tawnya said...

happy new year!

i've been lurking with an occasional post for over 2 years. i check in most days since i've found that if i read about the clues, i remember better for next time. and i like the pictures and videos that are shared.

congrats CC on the successful blog - and thank you for keeping it going. it's obviously appreciated by many of us even if we don't post.

thank you for all you do!


Moon said...

Happy New Year CC and gang! It felt good to have CC's puzzle on this day!.

I'm too busy to do the crossword every day now - but when I do, I come back and read the blog.

Have a wonderful year ahead!

Jazzbumpa said...

Owen -

You're 2nd limerick is brilliant!


K-Dub said...

Happy New Year to all and thanks C.C. for creating and maintaining such a great blog. As with many others, I stumbled across the blog about a year ago while looking for help.

I try to do the crossword in ink every day in the Chicago Tribune. Occasionally, I'll do a Friday or Saturday electronically.

I enjoy the info and trivia posted by the active members.

OwenKL said...

I see I'm a bit late to the party, being preceded by Lemon and JD while I was researching Rabbiting. I was curious about rabbit, rabbit too, and found Wiki has a plethora of information on it (the reference Lemonade gave is an excerpt from it). Also how many ears do 3 hares have between them?

Manac said...

All the comments today!

0 for 3 this week by one letter each time. I'm so ashamed :-( Etna did me in also. Thought bate was slang of some kind.

I too am a throwback from LA Confidential. I only lurked there to help me with the late week puzzles.

Lurked here for almost a year before I had the nerve to post.

This is a great group of people!

Best wishes to all for a great New Year!

Yellowrocks said...

hinkedsThank you all for your kind sympathy, an adult's version of "Mama will kiss it and make it better." It does help. That's another thing I like about this blog, all the virtual yellowrocks we share.
That reminds me of my birthday yellowrocks from CED. Dave, I’ve been missing your great comments and links this week. I hope you are okay.
Yellowrocks from Kathy

Dennis said...

Wow, thanks for all the 'early-blog' memories; amazing how it's evolved over the years. It's truly one of the premier blogs on here.

Have a great night.

Lemonade714 said...

Moon, glad to see you are fine. Be well

Karl said...

I've been lurking for a couple years and really enjoy the reading. I learn a lot and am improving my CW solving ability. Happy New Year to you and the folks!

kand said...


I am a daily visitor for about two months now. I am new to crossword (can only solve one or two myself without spending a lot of time). Then, I look here for the answer and the enjoyable lines after that.

Thank you,

Bill G. said...

Welcome to all the 'lurkers' and newcomers.

Did you notice the beautiful weather for the Rose Parade and for the Rose Bowl football game? The Chamber of Commerce couldn't have ordered up anything better.

The nursery where we get out Christmas trees keeps them in water and so do we. This year's tree stayed really fresh. We have a green funnel with a long tube. You just hide it in the tree and use it to easily add water to the base. Whoever thought of that and those huge plastic bags to enclose the tree when carrying it out was a genius. We put it around the base when we first set up the tree and pulled it up around the tree just a few minutes ago when we were getting ready to carry it out. Even going downstairs and around a corner, almost no needles fell on the floor. Clever though simple ideas but somebody had to think of them.

HUTCH said...

Well- I am one of your lurkers but it is time for me to say that you'all are the best bloggers ever. Your comments are all high class and make my day, every day. I'd love to meet you all, personally but that is just a dream. Happy New Year.God Bless!

Lucina said...

You should be proud, and justly so, of all these people who have stepped up to comment and praise your efforts on this Blog. You have brought us together as crossword puzzle aficionados who enjoy this wonderful hobby.

I've mentioned before that I've been solving crosswords since age 10 and until reading this blog never analyzed or paid too much attention to themes and certainly not to the constructors. As a result of this Corner, my life has been enriched through the expanded knowledge I've gained and continue to gain every day here on the Blog.

Thank you a million times for starting this and welcoming all of us.

Impromptu said...

Wow! What a compliment to C.C. for the impromptu gathering. I hope this goes through. Seen, sincerely.

Anonymous T said...

Oh, C.C. What a way to start the new year! Thank you.

I tried to post a Happy New year at 12:12a CST, but the google wanted me to recall my password. Um, too much at the party to bring that to the frontal lobe.

YR - get well soon! You & IM, what a pair :-)

C.C. - my first resolution is now broken. It was "no DNF's before Wed." BAtE/EtNA like EES. Only 5 more resolutions to go...

Like others I lurked Puzzle Girl's blog and then felt lost for a while but finally found the Corner (I kept checking LACC to see if it came back - I'm hopeless that way).

This last spring I spent more time here as I kept trying to get a Thurs or Fri. I finally went "blue" when IM & Lucina guilted me into it (thanks!). Keith gave me my handle. Anon -T, (I like the sound of that :-)

I then found that C.C. did custom puzzles and got one for my MIL. That was fun - my early suggestions were quickly thrown out by C.C.. Being a pro, she knew there was no symmetry in the 7P's (anyone with a military background knows what that means. Spitz, I know you do) and helped create something that touched MIL.

The "virtual" friends here are an eclectic bunch that I love hearing and learning from every day. If I tried to name everyone, I'd leave some out -- you all know who you are.

C.C. 6 years is only a stepping stone to 60 years!

Cheers and Happy New Year, -T

Bill G. said...

Lucina, I wish I could say what I think and feel as well as you do. Others here have a gift of being aable to use the written word very well also. I'm happy to be in this company.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Anon at 8:59am,
Thanks for pointing out my goof. She released that photo on her Instagram account.

Crazy horse et al,
It's so comforting & rewarding for me to read your comments. Thank you!