Aug 31, 2014

Sunday August 31, 2014 Pancho Harrison

 Theme:  "Say Cheese" - Phrases with photographic term in are re-interpreted as if they're related to the specific photographer in each clue.

24A. The old-time photographer preferred the __ : NEGATIVE ASPECT. Now all digital.

31A. The IndyCar photographer used __ : ZOOM LENSES.  Zoom Zoom!

52A. The fashion photographer worried about __ : MODEL BEHAVIOR

66A. The dating service photographer was happy when __ : EVERYTHING CLICKED.

84A. The arctic photographer had to consider __ : EXPOSURE TIMES. Cold temperature exposure.

104A. The dessert photographer took a set of __ : JELLO SHOTS

112A. The stressed-out photographer __ : FINALLY SNAPPED. I like this as the final theme answer.

I know Lemonade remembers this fact: Pancho Harrison was our very first LA Times constructor when the Tribune Media dropped Wayne R. Williams edited daily crosswords.
Can you believe our local Star Tribune still carries the Williams puzzle? Same byline every day.


1. Thingamajig : DOODAD. I even nailed OEN (3. Vintner's prefix). Constructing crosswords sure makes me a better solver.

7. Toronto team, familiarly : JAYS

11. Schnauzer of fiction : ASTA

15. Jack Jones' record label : KAPP. Never heard of it. EMI (38. U.K. record label) was a piece of cake.

19. Place for an ace? : SLEEVE

20. Sitting on : ATOP

21. Stock holder? : BARN. Also, STY or PEN.

22. Jai __ : ALAI

23. #1 hit song from "Flashdance" : MANIAC. Got via crosses.

27. Foals' fathers : SIRES

29. Last Supper question : IS IT I? God I'm sure glad this question was asked. Very crossword-friendly combo.

30. A dog, or a little hoarse : HUSKY

35. Unassertive type : DOORMAT

39. Stuffed : SATED

40. Chorus : REFRAIN

41. "Suits" network : USA

44. Sea dog : SALT

46. Article 1, Section 3 constitutional subject : SENATE. Did you learn this in school?

48. Fair subject : SCIENCE. Subject clue echo.

50. Play area : THEATER

56. When tripled, and so on : YADDA

57. Smack, maybe : KISS

59. __ tai : MAI

60. Ortega's "other" : OTRO. No OTRO/OTRA confusion this time.

61. Stan Lee superheroes : X-MEN

63. Support bar : RAIL

64. Some coins : TOKENS

71. Finally : AT LAST

73. The last Mrs. Chaplin : OONA

74. "I'm buying!" : ON ME.  We also have A MOI (125. Michel's "mine")

75. Gardener's choice : LOAM

76. Here-there connection : NOR. Neither here nor there.

77. Dazzles : WOWS

79. Star athlete in Archie Comics : MOOSE. Also new to me.

89. Lao-tzu followers : TAOISTS

91. Meat-filled pastry : RISSOLE. I forgot. We had this before. Wiki said it's just small croquette.

92. "Help me out here, bud" : BE A PAL

94. ER command : STAT

95. Single : ONE

 96. Barenboim is its current music director : LA SCALA. Easy crosses. I have no idea who their music director is.

100. Modesto vintner : GALLO

102. Prior to, in poems : ERE

103. Peso part : CENTAVO

106. Arcade pioneer : ATARI

109. Mead milieu : SAMOA. Margaret Mead. Not the drink. Speaking of drinks, look what Steve sent to me.  I never had Rooibos or the other 7 teas before (Jasmine is my go-to tea). I'm now like a kid at toy stores. Different tea every morning.

111. Computer acronym : ASCII

116. Passionate : ARDENT

120. Envelope abbr. : ATTN

121. Canter, for one : GAIT

122. Garr of "Tootsie" : TERI. Who's your favorite actress, D-Otto?

123. In layers : TIERED

124. Investment factor : RISK

126. Norse god of war : ODIN

127. Pope works : ESSAYS. Not Alexander Pope. Pope Francis, correct?


1. Mil. decoration : DSM

2. Motor extension? : OLA. Motorola.

4. Ben Franklin's belief : DEISM

5. Is of use : AVAILS

6. Downward movement : DECREASE

7. Star of TV's "The Fugitive" : JANSSEN (David). Thanks crosses. I've only seen Harrison Ford's "The Fugitive".

8. Supped : ATE

9. Hindu mystics : YOGIS

10. White-robe providers : SPAS. Marti told me she prefers massages over facials. How about you?

11. Not much : A BIT OF

12. Oskar Schindler, to many : SAVIOR. Indeed.

13. Half of sei : TRE

14. California's Santa __ Mountains : ANA

15. Done for : KAPUT

16. Pub offerings : ALES

17. Prepare for a trip : PACK

18. "That's rough" : PITY

25. Word with pool or table : TIDE

26. Twain of country : SHANIA

28. Shift neighbor : ENTER KEY. Of course I looked at my keyboard.

31. Piquant : ZESTY

32. Fred Astaire's birthplace : OMAHA. I thought he was born somewhere in Kansas, Gary/ Avg Joe.

33. Quieted, in a way : OILED

34. Dutch cheeses : EDAMS

36. Bulldoze, in Bath : RASE

37. St. comprised of two peninsulas : MICH. I had ???H earlier on and I knew it's not UTAH.

40. Cab in a bottle, say : RED. Wine.

41. Southwest competitor : UNITED. Steve's airline.

42. Disdain : SCORN

43. AHL's Iowa Wild, when they were in Houston : AEROS. Iowa Wild is an affiliate of the Minnesota Wild. They were called Houston Aeros before 2013.

45. Skosh : TAD

47. Set-__: arguments : TOs

49. Bring to mind : EVOKE. I tried to mimic Argyle, but I forgot he really reached out for Mr. John Deere.

Minnesota State Fair, August 26, 2014

Spitzboov & Argyle, Washington County Fair, August 23, 2014

 51. Makes serious demands on : TAXES. Not an easy clue.

53. Webzine : EMAG

54. Not of the cloth : LAIC

55. Puff up in the breeze : BILLOW

58. Chant : INTONE

62. "Rocky III" actor : MR T

63. Genetic letters : RNA

64. Airer of many RKO films : TCM

65. Vermont ski resort : OKEMO. I can only think of STOWE.

66. Slip by : ELAPSE

67. Luis' "Let's go!" : VAMOS. Learning moment for me.

68. Laugh-a-minute : HOOT

69. Calvary inscription : INRI

70. Prepares for use, as software : INSTALLS

71. 1999-2004 Olds : ALERO

72. Snake venom, e.g. : TOXIN

77. Like an Aberdeen newborn : WEE

78. Siouan language : OSAGE

80. Grafton's "__ for Outlaw" : O IS

81. Bone: Pref. : OSTEO

82. Get underway : START

83. Bass-baritone Simon : ESTES. Never heard of the guy.

85. Cirque du __ : SOLEIL

86. __ Bator : ULAN. The Chinese for Ulan Bator sounds very pretty.

87. Staff notation : REST

88. G.W. Bush is the only president who earned one : MBA

90. Dole out : ALLOCATE

93. Old TV's "knight without armor in a savage land" : PALADIN. "Have Gun, Will Travel" . I drew a blank.

97. Othello's lieutenant : CASSIO

98. Forward, to Fellini : AVANTI

99. __ Linda, Calif. : LOMA

101. Underworld god : OSIRIS. Isis's husband/brother. Do you know who his father is? Nut!

103. Ill-tempered type : CRANK

104. Made fun of : JAPED

105. Conceals : HIDES

106. At a distance : AFAR

107. South American monkey : TITI

108. Farm workers : ANTS. Ant farms.

110. Vision: Pref. : OPTO

113. NYC traveler's option : LGA

114. Holiday veggie : YAM

115. Verdi's "__ tu" : ERI

117. Victorian __ : ERA

118. Marshal under Napoleon : NEY. Wish Bob Ney still served in the Congress. We'd have a good clue for NEY. He was once so powerful, but so corrupted.

119. NFL scores : TDs



fermatprime said...


Went very fast! Thanks, Pancho and CC!

The theme was great!

I do not have an enter key anymore!

Loved the Paladin show!

MANIAC was perps and WAG. KAPP and AEROS perped.

I hope that Joan Rivers survives!


OwenKL said...

I went to see my thingamajig
Sing dolly-daddy-doodad all the day.
My gizmo I still had to rig!
Sing dolly-daddy-doodad all the day.

It had to fit my old gimcracks
Sing dolly-daddy-doodad all the day.
My woman says they're just knick-knacks!
Sing dolly-daddy-doodad all the day.

This geegaw isn't just a kludge
Sing dolly-daddy-doodad all the day.
I'll sell it and make headline news!
Sing dolly-daddy-doodad all the day.

This tchotchke's worth a million bucks
Sing dolly-daddy-doodad all the day.
Once I finish the doohickey up!
Sing dolly-daddy-doodad all the day.

OwenKL said...

This song is commemorating that DOODAD was in both the LAT and Seattle Times puzzles today! And it's also for my Dad, who probably spent a small fortune trying to build a perpetual motion machine. He was a brilliant man who probably knew as well as anyone that it was impossible, but it gave him an excuse to keep out of my harridan mother's way!

Yellowrocks said...

Quotes from Alexander Pope, the famous essayist and poet:
-To err is human, to forgive divine.
-Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.
Pope wrote 145 essays including "Essay on Criticism" and "Essay on Man" in verse form.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Mostly smooth solve today. Got the theme early on and had fun with it for the most part. The only theme answer that had me scratching my head a bit was MODEL BEHAVIOR, simply because I didn't associate either word with photography at first.

A few unknowns slowed me down, including RISSOLE, ESTES, KAPP, OKEMO, CASSIO, LGA and AVANTI. The perps took care of them, but thing were a bit hairy down south until I got FINALLY SNAPPED and that gave me enough to get LGA, CASSIO and AVANTI.

Yellowrocks said...

Pope, English Lit. 101. This poem is not an essay

Ode on Solitude by Alexander Pope

Happy the man, whose wish and care
A few paternal acres bound,
Content to breathe his native air,
In his own ground.

Whose heards with milk, whose fields with bread,
Whose flocks supply him with attire,
Whose trees in summer yield him shade,
In winter fire.

Blest! who can unconcern'dly find
Hours, days, and years slide soft away,
In health of body, peace of mind,
Quiet by day,

Sound sleep by night; study and ease
Together mix'd; sweet recreation,
And innocence, which most does please,
With meditation.

Thus let me live, unseen, unknown;
Thus unlamented let me dye;
Steal from the world, and not a stone
Tell where I lye.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

OK, I'll admit it right off. DNF! I entered CENTIVO and never looked downward at the down-word. That's what happens when a solve goes too fast.

I wanted BILLOW to be BLOUSE, and I prefer the 1-D version of YADDA. Not sure I've ever seen the Spanish spelling of VAMOS, only the Anglicized VAMOOSE. I remember KAPP and Cadence from the old 45 RPM days -- they both had a red label with silver lettering.

C.C., I don't think I've got a favorite actress, or actor for that matter. I do enjoy Sarah Shahi as Miss Shaw on Person of Interest (she got her start as a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader) and Renee Felice Smith as Nell Jones on NCIS LA. But it's the character who interests me more than the actress playing her.

And C.C., it would appear that Argyle's "John" is bigger than yours.

Al Cyone said...

The Week in Review:

M 4:53 T 8:07 W 8:46 T 16:05 F 10:18 S 25:42 S 19:02

A very enjoyable end to a good week. It looks like Thursday's puzzle was the outlier. As did others, I got hung up in the west-central with CARY, ONI, and ELI. Fortunately VARIG finally dawned on me and that broke the impasse.

See y'all next weekend.

Al Cyone said...

Oops! Make that "ELY". (Guess I'm still hung up there.)

HeartRx said...

Good morning everyone!

I'm not sure if I found this amusing. The theme entries seemed a bit forced and inconsistent. NEGATIVE ASPECT is not an "in the language" phrase, to me. Two of the entries were directly related to photography (ZOOM LENSES and EXPOSURE TIME), while the remaining ones were not. So a big "meh" on the theme.

As far as the fill goes, there were no real smile generators either, and quite a few tired entries: ASTA, ALAI, IS IT I, MAI, OONA, OLA, INRI, O IS, ERA following ERI, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I guess I should go back to bed and get up on the other side...

Lemonade714 said...

Yes C.C. Pancho will always be special. The tractor pics were also special thanks.

KAPP is really a obscure record label but then the old Viking quarterback,Joe is also not a household name. They were swallowed up by MCA but did release Louis Armstrong's hit version of HELLO DOLLY

I liked that KAPUT was also fill.

Marti, grumpy pill prescription refilled?

Had the pleasure of meeting Chairman Moe and Ellie at a wine tasting in Fort Lauderdale. He was working, but another Corner connection.

SwenglishMom said...

Worked hard on this one and needed the red letteres to find my mistake -- ALERA and TOXIC gave me ACE instead of ONE. Gotta get those car models down. It goes without saying that RISSOLE was an unknown to me. Other than that, enjoyed learning about W's graduate degree, remembering Archie comics (I recommend getting a few C.C.!)and just generally nudging the ol' brain cells that are left into some form of order. LGA I will have to look up.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Pancho, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for a fine review.

Actually finished this morning! Wow! Of course I started early.

Theme was fine. I believe all entries are definitely photography. NEGATIVE is what you got from using film. LENSES is obvious. MODEL is the subject of the photographer. CLICKED is what the camera does. EXPOSURE is the amount of light allowed to enter. SHOTS are photos. SNAPPED is a picture taken.

ULAN again. Just had that.

Remember MOOSE from Archie. I read where Archie is now KAPUT.

OONA is crosswordese.

My toughest area was the South West, Had PACE instead of GAIT for a while. SOLEIL was perped. LA SCALA came after AVANTI. CASSIO came after a few letters to help. Took me a while.

NW corner gave me confidence.

Off to a parade today in Buffalo Grove, IL.

See you tomorrow.



Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was an FIW for me due to Capp/Caput and Odem/ere. Not that it made any difference, but my puzzle had no title.

I am beginning to dislike Sunday puzzles for a couple of reasons: 1) They take more time to complete because of the size. 2) For the most part, the theme is usually obvious early on and that makes the solve less challenging. I'll take a Saturday Silkie any day. (Maybe Marti and I got up on the same side this morning!)

Going to a family outing this afternoon but, if the weatherman is correct, I think we're going to be dealing with some heavy rain and very high humidity. It will affect the grill master the most, as we can go inside.

Great expo, CC, as always. Enjoy your treasure of tea!

Have a great day.

Irish Miss said...

That should be Oden/ere.

Husker Gary said...

-A “just right” Sunday exercise by Pancho. Gotta love HUSKY cluing!
-My first 10 attempts to take a picture of a ZOOMING car near the fence in turn 1 at Indy resulted in snaps of empty track and the Hell’s Angels in the infield
-JACK JONES’ most famous song? (2:58)
-Some stock never see a BARN
-A bad buy for USA?
-I’ve judged many a child’s SCIENCE project where parents did a great job!
-It’s time to go home if this RAIL is your support bar!
-This food barbarian had RISSOTO first with RISSO _ _
-I only had LA____ and wondered what Los Angeles group would work not an Italian one
-It’s a long way from ASCII to WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)
-How to PACK (1:57) with disclaimers at end
-Fred and Adele Austerlitz were born in OMAHA but they left when Fred was 6 after dad lost his STORZ brewery job
-In politics, hands are sometimes OILED or greased
-UNITED has the best theme song in all of advertising! (1:00)
-Sheets can’t BILLOW in the wind here because clotheslines are not allowed in our covenant
-A lovable CRANK
-Many here will recognize the song with this lyric, “Passengers will please REFRAIN”

Spitzboov said...

Good afternoon everyone.

Seemed easier than some Sundays. Few unknowns like OKEMO and CASSIO came easily enough from the perps. Favorite clue was for Mead milieu || SAMOA. Dopey moi was at first thinking mead - honey - bees. Sigh.

Have a good day.

Steve said...

Thanks for the expo, C.C! I was very nearly Natick'ed by OKEMO/MOOSE, but I guessed right - I was torn between "M" or "G".

"RASE" doesn't look right to me anymore.

Husker Gary deserves the credit for the tea selection idea when I polled the bloggers for suggestions - thanks, HG!

Big Easy said...

15A- KAPP- never heard of the record label. Wasn't Joe KAPP a Vikings QB way back when? Lotsa unknowns in this puzzle; thankfully the theme answers were easy to solve after getting a few letters. I had trouble right off the bat because of MANIAC as I have very rarely ever watched any movies. Others completely solved by perps were ESTES RISSOLE VAMOS AVANTI (Studebaker?) ERI RED (cabernet?) IS IT I, AMOI, OKEMO (Kokomo and Okemo- there's a song somewhere in that).

PALADIN- have gun will travel, now that's an old one. He put them under and OSIRIS took care of them. And I remember watching The Fugitive with David JANSSEN not realizing that if he caught the one-armed killer of his wife, the show would be over. I Gilligan got off the island that show would have been over too.

The clue that gave me the most trouble was 28D. I started thinking of a gear shift and trying to guess what button was there on some newer cars. ALT, CTRL, TAB, CAP LOCK,FN-nothing seemed to work and I went and looked at the keyboard and saw the shift key on the right side. Duh, what an idiot I felt like.

Speaking of Archie comics, I read that he gets killed in the last one. There had to be a love triangle somewhere with him, Betty and Veronica. I remember MOOSE and JUGHEAD.

61A-Stan Lee's heroes- I have been watching his television show on H2 that find real people with unbelievable abilities. Anybody else seen it; some of these people are unreal.

Lime Rickey said...

HG@10:22: This train had the disappearin' railroad blues.

Bill G. said...

Hi everybody. I found myself understanding Marti's comments though I still enjoyed the puzzle. I had trouble in the south.

Favorite actresses? Sofia Vergara, the character Carter on Person of Interest (but they killed her off). I agree with DO's choice of Nell and Miss Shaw. In movies, Emma Stone, Ellen Page and Rachel McAdams. A young Shirley MacLaine of course.

Jayce said...

I felt the same way about this puzzle as Marti did, and could not have said so more clearly than she did.

The other puzzles this week were awesome! I was extremely impressed by the one yesterday; I couldn't solve it without looking many things up, but very much appreciated the construction. "I like my puzzles like I like my women: well stacked!" Just kidding about the women part.

Husker Gary said...

Musings 2
-Steve, I’m glad C.C. was happy with your lovely gift
-Lime, I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Steve Goodman and hearing his original version of that iconic song of train travel. His tragic early death raises the question of how much more great music he could have written. His devotion to the Cubs that included writing Go Cubs Go, which is sung after every Cubs victory (too infrequently?) and having some of his ashes spread at Wrigley Field was also great.
-Passengers will please REFRAIN
-Every year I taught, I saw the equivalents of Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead and Moose.
-Girding our loins for 1 – 2 more inches of rain and storms. I wish it would go to our west coast friends.

Unknown said...

I had several answers that were solved by perps: KAPP, RISSOLE, AEROS,OKEMO, ESTES, CASSIO, and JAPED. Otherwise it was pretty smooth going.

Bill G. said...

Those of you with some artistic bones in your body may enjoy this. Quite extraordinary I thought. Maybe a little overlong.

HeartRx said...

Bill G., I was mesmerized by the transformations in those paintings!

Jayce said...

Bill G, that is pretty cool.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Did the puzzle just after midnight but am just back from my granddaughter's 15th birthday party. Haven't had time to post.

As a former photo-journalist, I enjoyed the theme very much which I got on the first one. Great one, Pancho, thanks! Great expo, C.C.

Last fill was "G" LGA/GAIT cross. Still don't understand what is LGA? I tried cab, bus, MTA. Nope. Then FINALLY SNAPPED showed up with the "L". Cute!

Didn't understand JELLO SHOTS "in the desert" then re-read it after finishing. DESSERT? Oh, Duh!

Had all three "A's" but couldn't think of the name LASCALA although I was thinking of the right place. Finally the SC showed up and I got it.

NEver ate RISSOLE. Don't know ASCCII? Didn't know KAPP. All perps.

My granddaughter picked eating in an Indian cuisine restaurant. I'd never eaten Indian. I had lamb sheesh kababs just because I said the other day I didn't know if I'd ever eaten lamb. They were good. We had very young wait staff, who couldn't recognize what the dishes were, bringing food to people who couldn't recognize them either. After shuffling them around between several tables, we think we ate what we ordered.

Granddaughter got two puppies for her birthday. The mother was a chihuahua. One pup looks like a golden lab, the other puppy looks like a long-haired dachshund. We had a lively discussion about genetics which is of great interest to my granddaughter who is taking honors science courses.

JD said...

Hi C.C., and all,

Didn't have time to do the CW, but loved the write up, and the tractor pictures. Just painted entry hall, stairway and hall upstairs, so took down all my pictures. I am in the process of reframing many of them and adding pictures of the "boys" to the mix.

Bill, I really enjoyed that baby to adult painting..very cool.

Wishing you a lovely holiday tomorrow. The beach traffic starts very early..will stay away from HW17.

Argyle said...

LGA - LaGuardia airport, NYC.

PK said...

Thanks, Argyle. Should have figured that out. I was stuck on Lawn Giland something, as Splynter says.

Anonymous said...

I would really love reading Zhouquin's interactions with the bloggers like we saw back in the day.

Anonymous said...

My only problem is that Asta was a wire hair fox terrier, not a schnauzer.

Mark M said...

Really late I know but I didn't see anyone who like me had sIDE for 25D. I was absolutely sure it was correct (poolside, tableside) until the crosses gave me NEGATIVEASPECT and proved the answer was TIDE. Can anyone explain how this is a word that goes with table??

Argyle said...

I'm miles from the sea but still know about tide tables. They are set for your locale and give you the time of day for the high and low tides. Very important to sailors.