Aug 7, 2014

Thursday, August 7, 2014 Johanna Fenimore

Theme: "We're In the Money!" 2:35

I'll start with the reveal:
55-Across. Basics of business, or a hint to the end of the answers to starred clues : DOLLARS AND CENTS. The theme was pretty obvious to me after seeing SCRATCH and DOUGH.  My confidence was a little shaken by JACK, but BREAD nailed it.

17-Across. *Like Grandma's pancakes, say : MADE FROM SCRATCH. This slang is probably based on the fact that you have to scratch out a living to earn money.

24-Across. *It's rolled with a pin and put in a tin : PIE DOUGH. Common slang term in the US, similar to BREAD.

37-Across. *"What a dummy!" : YOU DON'T KNOW JACK. I assume this refers to Jackson on the $20 bill? I don't think I have ever heard this term for money.

46-Across. *Deli supply : RYE BREAD. Based on the analogy of money being a staple of life.

Pretty easy for a Thursday. On a few "huhs" and "duhs" today. So lets spring right in.


1. Spring : JUMP. Epic (and hilarious) JUMP fail. 0:25

5. Goes kaput : DIES.

9. Buckle opener? : SWASH. Can you talk like a pirate?

14. With passion : AMOROUSLY.

16. Chekhov's "__ Sisters" : THREE.

19. Capt.'s heading : SSE. Not sure why "Capt." here.  I wanted something like "aft" based on the clue, but the perps wouldn't allow it. (From C.C.: Capt. hints an abbreviated answer.)

20. Wetland : FEN.

21. Director's headache : HAM.

22. Deli supplies : SLAWS. Are they really "supplies" or just "offerings"?

29. DDE opponent : AES. Adlai Ewing Stevenson.

30. They may be rolled over, briefly : IRAS.

31. Gun lobby org. : NRA. If the NRA rolls over their IRA can they take over IRAN?

32. Barely-there underwear : THONG.

35. "Rent-__" : A-COP.

36. "__ Holden": Irving Bacheller novel : EBEN. The book was based in the author's home town of Pierrepont, NY.

40. Solitary : LONE.

41. Alternative to de Gaulle : ORLY.

42. Houston hockey team : AEROS. I don't follow hockey or baseball, so I was thinking "Astro" here.

43. Common Mkt. : EEC. European Economic Community.

44. Actress Falco : EDIE.

45. Hobbit enemy : ORC. Nasty little beasts, they are.

48. Extreme : ULTRA.

51. Bush __ : ERA. Really vague clue that had me scrambling for perps. (Anyone else think "rat"?)

52. Simpson judge : ITO. The (in)famous O.J. Simpson trial.

53. Fury : IRE.

61. "She __ among the untrodden ways": Wordsworth : DWELT. This is one of his "Lucy" poems. No one knows exactly who Lucy was:

     She dwelt among the untrodden ways
            Beside the springs of Dove,
          A Maid whom there were none to praise
            And very few to love:

          A violet by a mossy stone
            Half hidden from the eye!
          --Fair as a star, when only one
            Is shining in the sky.

          She lived unknown, and few could know
            When Lucy ceased to be;                                   
          But she is in her grave, and, oh,
            The difference to me!

62. Begins, as a conversation : STRIKES UP. Or a band.

63. "Ciao!" : SEE YA.

64. Must have : NEED.

65. "Ol' Man River" composer : KERN.


1. Rough spots : JAMS.

2. Amherst sch. : U-MASS. This was a gimme.

3. Poser : MODEL. Literally, someone who is posing.

4. Start to text? : PRE. Pretext. What a poseur might use.

5. Arm-twisting : DURESS.

6. Takes the stage : IS ON.

7. Stately shader : ELM.

8. Part of CBS: Abbr. : SYS.tem.

9. Valuable violins : STRADS. Stradivarius.

10. Frisbee maker : WHAM-O.

11. Works at an exhibit : ART. The works on the wall, not what the docent does.

12. Champagne word : SEC. French for "dry." Actually, these champagnes are much sweeter than "brut" champagnes.

13. "Clever" : HEH.

15. "Let's hit the road!" : OFF WE GO!

18. Shoddy : CHEAPO. Fun word.

23. "Bates Motel" airer : A AND E. First aired in March of 2013, the TV series is based on the lives of Norman Bates and his mother, of "Psycho" fame.

24. Preserved, in a way : PICKLED.

25. Literary twist : IRONY.

26. Open, as a gate latch : UNBAR.

27. El __ : GRECO. Spanish Renaissance artist.

28. Gump player : HANKS. "Forrest Gump."

32. First president who wasn't elected : TYLER. The tenth president, he assumed the office when Harrison (Tippecanoe) died.

33. Bunk : HOOEY. Another fun word.

34. Gold unit : OUNCE.

35. Some hotel lobbies : ATRIA.

36. Escape on the way down : EJECT.

38. Loving rejection : NO DEAR.  Yes dear. I don't know dear...

39. Dungeons & Dragons role : WARLOCK. Not very nice critters.

44. Listing in a revision, perhaps : ERRATA.

45. Bested : OUTDID.

47. Spare tire : BELLY.

49. Salon job : RINSE.

50. Keyboard contemporary of Vladimir : ARTUR. Rubinstein. Vladimir Horowitz. Just look at those hands! 6:47 (BTW, although he was called ARTUR in his native Polish, he preferred to be known as "Arthur.")

52. Memo header : IN RE.

54. World Cup broadcaster : ESPN.

55. Driller's deg. : DDS. Doctor of Dental Surgery.

56. Postpone paying : OWE.

57. Civil War figure : LEE.

58. Govt.-issued ID : SSN.

59. Absorbed, as a cost : ATE.

60. "A mouse!" : EEK. It just might be what these cats are saying from 0:05 to 0:12.

That wraps it up for this week!


Sexy Sweetie Pie said...

Yay ! The First !

Take that OwenKl, Barry Gee, and everyone else,who cares.

Put it down to Insomnia or Apnea or di Flanicodone.


OwenKL said...

When it came to the chore of making MONEY
Oscar was so bad that it wasn't funny!
He'd save every PENNY
(If he ever had any),
But CASH in his hand, like water, was runny!

Said JACK, "I'm a success who started from SCRATCH.
When I came here my clothes were less cloth than patch.
In just 3 weeks, though,
I was rolling in DOUGH --
Uncle John passed on, left me a million in CASH!"

Sexy Sweetie Pie said...

Tough but doable. Thats what I say when I got it. Some horrible words, but its all good in da end.

Have a terrific Thursday and may you meet a tall dark stranger or a pale fair buxom shapely you know what. The pozzibilities are endless. So go ahead and do your thang.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

I stumbled right out of the gate this morning by putting in TEE instead of PRE at 4D, thinking I was soooo clever to get it right off the top. Oops. Once I took care of that, however, the rest of the puzzle was pretty smooth.

I liked the theme, except that I've also never heard of JACK as a slang term for money. I didn't need to know it to solve the theme answer, but it did leave me scratching my head a bit when all was said and done.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

I don't remember seeing Johanna's name before. Is she new, or is my old mind relapsing again? My only write-over was A-CAR to A-COP. Oops, I lie. There was also that CLASP to SWASH thingee.

Interesting undies, Marti. I also enjoyed your lynx (cat videos) -- especially "Orange cats can't jump!"

DDS reminds me of my visit to one yesterday to make some room in my wallet for an implant crown. By this time next week I'll actually have a tooth in that space once again. The wallet, I'm afraid, will still have a big hole in it.

HeartRx said...

d-otto, we have had a puzzle from Johanna once before, but it was a couple of years ago.

(Glad you liked the "lynx." I have watched the orange cat one about 5 times, and I still chuckle every time I look at it!)

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

WBS, 'zackly.

Morning Marti, hand up for getting a smile from your global warming evidence!

D Otto, that's a chuckle too.

Recently I came across a fine example of multitrack harmony sung by a woman from Wisconsin. I could not make a link to it because Blogger doesn't like URLs that include HTTPS. Here's the URL by itself for those who are interested:

It's quite lovely harmony.

HeartRx said...

Dudley, here is the link. It is lovely to listen to, but a little unnerving to see those quintuplets!

Dudley said...

Thanks Marti! Apparently the URL is different when viewing YouTube on a mobile platform. Didn't know that.

Mari said...

Good morning everybody.

I can tell the week is progressing, just by the toughness of the puzzle.

I got the theme and the fill, but I had a few unknowns, including: EBEN, ORLY, KERN, ERRATA, and ARTUR.

I'm a bit curious about 9D: Valuable violins: STRADS. Since STRADS is an abbreviation, shouldn't there have been an abbreviation hint in the clue? I tried AMATIS, which was obviously incorrect.

Have a great day.

TTP said...

Good morning all.

Another very fresh puzzle. This time a success.

Getting the three long theme answers quickly made this a fairly quick solve.

Still had to rely on perps in more than a few places. EBEN ? Only because of UNBAR.

Intersecting R of ARTUR and KERN was a wag. For me, it was "Who ?", "And Who ?" Thanks Marti.

Liked AMOROUSLY. And WHAM-O brought back memories of all the different toys they introduced. Also clue for DURESS.

I have four or five YOU DON'T KNOW JACK game CDs that we played on our Windows 95 computer years ago. They were fun.

Marti, I enjoyed your writeup and "Proof of global warming." And at Amherst sch ? I was thinking, "that's in Massachusetts, so there's Boston College, Northeastern,..." and then DUH ! came the V-8 can.

They're waiting for me at work. Gotta run for now. See all y'all later !

Husker Gary said...

All those euphemisms for money were a theme today where I too had some of Marti’s “huhs” and “duhs”

-Dreams are nice but it comes down to $ and ¢
-These are very good SLAWS
-Not the THONG picture I was expecting, Marti, but very funny!
-Disney used very non-threatening RENT-A-COPS at our hotel
-5 years later, Lucky Lindy could have used ORLY instead of Le Bourget
-Some thought ITO should not have allowed the trial to be broadcast and become a media circus. Really?
-When Papa STRIKES UP another conversation with a stranger, 9-year-old Elise simply says, “Well, Papa made a new friend”
-Unwanted modern POSERS (poseurs)
-This Brut was lovely but the fields around this Sonoma vineyard were very SEC
-We know our golfing buddy who died in the Pilger tornado will appreciate the IRONY of planting a memorial tree to him on the hole where he hit every other ball into the water
-Penny Marshall said getting HANKS for her movie wasn’t that tough as he had made three bombs in a row prior to that
-Robert E was a descendant of this famous revolutionary war figure (4:31) getting a snow job in 1776

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Not too hard as Marti said. Only strikethrough was at 1a. I had leap before JUMP. I DWELT over 36d quite awhile before EJECT hit me.
Good write-up
Good puzzle.
We grew up with 'kaput'. When a toy was broken, it was kaput. When a machine broke down it was kaput. I believe the German meaning is more like 'broken'.
DDE - Avatar was a DDE when I served on her. DDE's reverted back to DD in 1964.

Have a great day.

Montana said...

Good Thursday morning!

I did better than usual and got the theme on a Thursday puzzle, but had a sea of white across the top three rows. DNF. I couldn't finish yesterday's either.

Kazie, the opening session of DKG International was streamed on the Internet. I forgot and didn't watch. Hope you had a great time. I've only attended State conventions.


Husker Chuck (a.k.a. Ergo) said...

Yesterday there was a prediction by "Anonymous" that todays puzzle would be easier. Sure 'nuf! It was a breeze compared to yesterday.

Perhaps the editorial board got their days reversed.

Tinbeni said...

What is easy for some ... was a slog for me.
But "I got'er done!"

Since Tampa Bay is quite-a-ways from Amherst ... I only needed "Every-Single-Perp" (ESP) to get U-MASS.
ESP also got me THREE & EBEN (never heard of those novels) and ARTUR, Vladimirs bud.
And my Wetland was a BOG before OFF-WE-GO made me change it to FEN.

HEH for the clue "Clever" ... wasn't ... JMHO.

Fave theme answer was "YOU DON'T KNOW JACK" ... probably since I anticipated that Barry G. would say he had never heard of this term for money. lol

SEE YA ...

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Made it through, but it wasn't easy. Snags in E and W central.

Love the theme. I've heard JACK for DOUGH, so no prob there.

Don't like "Capt.'s heading" for SSE. Too vague. Barely There is also a Bali brand name for a full line of underwear products [I discovered via teh Googly], available at most department stores. Were that not the case, it would be a great clue for THONG. As is, not so much.

Great global warming proof, Marti!

We've rented cars and cops this week.

FEN or BOG - always takes perps. Ditto LONE and SOLE - with two common letters!

AEROS are pretty obscure. Hockey in Houston? Who knew?

And why did I have ARA for NRA? D'OH!

Another Vladimir (2:18)

This is the first day in weeks we have no deeds to do nor promises to keep, and the Tigers are on this afternoon.

Maybe I'll STRIKE UP a toast to y'all even before sunset.

Cool Regards!

desper-otto said...

Weird. Really weird! Just came back to the blog and landed right in the middle of tomorrow's writeup by Lemonade! Did I time travel? Or did somebody throw the switch early? It is still Thursday, right?

Jazzbumpa said...

Outstanding performance on Run To You. Superb harmonies.

Mari - STRAD is in the language, as is, so it doesn't need to be noted as an abrv.


Argyle said...

Lemon must have pushed publish instead of draft. It should be back to Thursday again.

joho said...

@desper-otto, I'm still pretty new to this so am very happy to be here again!

@Tinbeni, my clue for HEH was, "What, speak up, I can't hear you!" Yes, Rich changed some clues but for the most part to make them better.

I just wanted to pop in to say thanks to all who enjoyed this one and to those who didn't , your comments are still valuable and taken to heart.

I hope to be back again sooner than last time!


Argyle said...

So do we.

joho said...

Need I mention that joho is Johanna?

CanadianEh! said...

Enjoyed this puzzle although it took a bit of work! I haven't had time to reach the blog lately but have done CW in newspaper most days (or the next day).

Hand up for ASTRO and AFT. We don't use the expression "don't know JACK". I do make PIE DOUGH from SCRATCH and I even have an old tin pie plate from my grandma.

Enjoy this beautiful day.

Kevin said...

Good Morning!

Marti, I concur with you: I guess I don't know JACK... let alone why he has all of my money. The correlation of JACK to this puzzle's theme has been made even more elusive to me by the fact that my uncouth generation has added a defecation-based bad word to the end of Jack when using this phrase.

I also didn't no ARTUR, but luckily I've come across KERN enough times to close that loose end.

Even though it is not a novel fill, I did like RENT-A-COP only because we have seen RENT-A-CAR so much recently. It also got me pondering how much fun it would be if one were actually able to rent a cop for the day. Personally, I would make him do the dishes, reorganize my bookshelves, and babysit.

What would you do if you could rent a cop for the day?

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Had a snag or two but perps saved the day. Didn't care for unbar but liked hooey and cheapo. First thought for Simpson judge was The Simpson's TV show, which I've never even seen.

Thanks, Johanna, for a Thursday workout and thanks to Miss Marti for a purr-fectly fun expo.

Have a great day.

Tinbeni said...

joho @10:50
I like your original clue (for HEH) better.

Though my "solve-was-a-slog" it was a very enjoyable experience.

My "first-toast" at Sunset is to you!

Misty said...

Well, I wouldn't say this was easy, but not too much tougher than all the other toughies we've had this week. And totally enjoyable--man thanks, Johanna! Marti, your underwear photo was priceless, and thank you so much for giving us Wordsworth's "Lucy" poem. Some of its words and rhythms popped into my head as soon as I saw the clue, but I couldn't remember all of it. Forgot its sad ending.

Nice to see you back, Canadian Eh!

Have a great Thursday, everybody. We're off to see a performance of "The Buddy Holly Story" at the Laguna Playhouse this afternoon. Can't wait!

Whitey said...

Dudley and Marti -- Here is a neat song using the same multi-track harmony software:

Lucina said...

Greetings, Bloggers!

The same thing happened to me when I first opened L.A. Times Corner. There was tomorrow's commentary. Thought I had done a Rip Van Winkle!

Luckily I finally found Marti's snappy write-up. I can't say this puzzle was easy, but it was fun.

Had to JUMP around quite a bit to finally have a firm start and fill the empty cells. My eraser took out the rough spots when I fell for the misdirections, even the almost Natick at EBEN/UNBAR since I'd never heard of the book.

I thought the theme was clever and I've read of JACK used as money. I love the poem, LUCY, since that is my nickname.

When I wore pantyhose my choice of color was Hanes' "barely there." I used to buy them by the case once a month. Glad those days are over.

Have a wondrous Thursday, everyone!

Sallie said...

Good afternoon everyone.

I didn't even try to get this one done. Did just a few easy ones.

I just want to comment that the only phrase either I or my DH know is "YOU DON'T KNOW JACK sh*t."

Talk to you later.


Nice Cuppa said...

In re JACK. It is indicated in my MacDictionary as "informal, dated" (like most of us?) for "money".

But the phrase "You don't know Jack" is presumably a sanitized version of the (Vulgar) "You don't know jack-sh_t"; the vulgar phrase meaning "nothing at all", of course.

I thought "De Gaulle alternative" (ORLY) was good - the airport, not the President.

EEC - European Economic Community, no longer exists. In 1993, following the Treaty of Maastricht, it was renamed to the shorter EC - European Community. So the clue should have referred to "former" or "old".

STRAD is listed as "informal", without a period, so no abbr. pointer is required.


Anonymous said...

Thanks lemony for this little peek behind the curtain. Now the illusion of you staying up half the night, sacrificing sleep with your weary eyes trying to correct all your typos is now officially blown!

I suppose this is not your fault as none of your mistakes ever are.

why lie to us about staying up late to complete the write up? just tell us that you have early access to the puzzles so you are able to do what you do.

Lemonade714 said...

Sorry for the momentary disruption, but some weeks are like that.

I am surprised that people did not know Jack about JACK but that varied knowledge is part of what makes building a fair puzzle so challenging.

It was nice to see Joho (is there a breakfast test reason for the name?) back in the LAT. I read her insightful comments on various blogs regularly. She is one of many who are active in both arenas. Glad she stopped by to say hello after a long absence. She used to visit back in the day.

It is a real challenge to get the grid spanners in and keep the puzzle fresh and she did, and marti always finds ways to add to the entertainment. Thanks to both.

Dudley said...

Whitey 11:15 - I see what you mean! That artist is unfamiliar to me, but her multitrack blend is similar.

Now that home studios are practical and affordable, we are benefitting from a much broader landscape of musical art. I'd like to try making a multitrack myself one day. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be as polished as that of the singer we linked earlier...

Hi Joho! Thanks for stopping by, it's always nice to hear from the creator.

JD said...

Good morning all,

Any time I can finish 99% of a puzzle and have some laughs, it is a good day. I hate it when some of the easier ones, like ham, have to be filled by perps. Anyone else put in pie crust before dough?...or bog before fen? Lots of fun, Johann...thanks.

Marti, enjoyed the evolution of the thong, and the links. Kitties were lord, 8 of them!!

Glad we are home from the islands... Stay safe all of you on the big island.

Chairman Moe said...

For whatever reason, the first clue eyeballed was 42A; and seeing as I was once a pretty big hockey fan, I knew it was AEROS. I was (and still am) a follower of the Detroit Red Wings, and knew that Gordie Howe decided to rekindle his HOF career with his two sons, Mark and Marty, at Houston. Back then (early '70's) the WHA was akin to what the AFL was in football a decade earlier. It was a league that allowed players to earn a lot more money, and eventually, several teams from the WHA (all from Canada) merged with the NHL. Expansion continued in the late '70's as the New England/Hartford Whalers were also rescued from the WHA to join the NHL.

The Howes - Gordie/Mark/Marty - won the AVCO Cup (WHA's version of the Stanley Cup) twice, and ended up being signed by the Hartford Whalers in 1977. They played the Winnipeg Jets for the AVCO Cup in 1978 - and lost. I know this, as I was on the connecting airplane flight to Hartford as the Whalers team returned from the final game. (I lived in Western New England from 1975 - 1990). Quite a rowdy bunch if I recall. Didn't seem too upset by the loss. The team, et al, took up 1/2 of the seats on the flight and probably consumed 7/8 of the alcohol that was on board!!

Spitzboov said...

Kannst Du pfeifen, Johanna? in honor of today'sw puzzlist.

How's this for women staying in line?
Chinese Military Women

Lemonade714 said...

SSP our early poster welcome to the head of the table.

Chairman Moe, where in western New England? Pittsfield?

willow said...

My brother came for a whirl-wind visit yesterday. In the evening, we tried to get him to help us w. the puzzle, which we had been working on on-&-off. After trying for a while, & after a few other non-complimentary comments, he said: "You two do this every day for fun . . . apparently!"
We never finished! DH says we have to finish yesterday"s before we can start today's! Luckily my sister should arrive soon!
Bon chance!

joho said...

@Spitzboov, LOL, no I cannot!

Kevin said...


Instead of the clue "What a dummy!" (37A), how about: "Response to, 'Hey, why doesn't that guy just stay in his box?'" Ugh, sorry, I couldn't resist. At least it is better than my initial urge: "Response to, 'Who's that old dude with the great Lakers' seats'"

Joho, all in all, this was an ideal Thursday puzzle; I could not ask for anything more. Thanks for the excellent creation and for taking the time to visit!

Cincinnati Slim said...

Joho is from Cincinnati? Lots of readers from this area! I guess its because the local paper carries the LAT puzzle. I wonder if Buckeye, Seen and Buckeye Bob are still with us?

desper-otto said...

So Houston's got a hockey team? What's next? Football? Baseball? Probably not.

Spitz, those women should try out for the Rockettes. Sorta reminds me of the June Taylor Dancers on the old Jackie Gleason show. Or maybe those old Busby Berkeley movies.

Johanna, thanks for dropping by. Enjoyed your puzzle. Keep 'em comin'!

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling" thoughts . . .

Loved the clues/solves from 9A (Buckle opener?=SWASH), 36D (Escape on the way down=EJECT), and 55D (Driller's Deg.=DDS).

Marti, your underwear/global warming comparison picture was hilarious!

Flew into and out of Paris several times but never used ORLY. I know deGaulle (CDG) is mostly for international flights; don't know for sure, but ORLY may only handle flights originating in France.

My write-overs were 39D (had WARLORD initially) and 65A (had KAHN before KERN). 26D/36A perp was a WAG (EBEN and UNBAR didn't register, but were correct).

Good theme; good puzzle and a moderate challenge - thanks Johanna!

Today's limerick:

We all know from the nursery rhyme "drill",
That two kids tumbled down the big hill;
Are you taken aback
Had never really fallen for Jill?!

Chairman Moe said...

To Lemonade 714 @ 12:24

I lived near South Hadley MA (pretty close to Mt Holyoke College so UMASS was a slam dunk in today's puzzle) and then moved to a town south of Hartford, CT. Traveled to Pittsfield, though, as I used to do some business with GE Plastics.

HeartRx said...

joho, thanks for stopping by! It's always nice to hear from the constructors.

Kevin @ 11:03, if I could rent a cop for a day, I would have him go arrest every single person who walks their dogs and doesn't clean the poop from our sidewalk. Oh, and all the litterers and cigarette smokers who throw their trash and butts in my yard...

Whitey, that was a nice one. Dudley, I'd love it if you could make a harmonized song for us here on the blog - it could be your passport to fame!!

Al Cyone said...

Cincinnati Slim@1:11: "I wonder if Buckeye, Seen and Buckeye Bob are still with us?"

If Seen was here today, I'm sure he would have posted The JACK, a little bluesy number about...well, let's just say it's NOT about money.

Kevin said...

HeartRx @ 2:05, I am fully onboard with that. My sidewalk is like a minefield of doggy poop; really, who hasn't gotten the memo that it is no longer cool to leave your pet's doo doo on public walkways or other people's yards. Also, I'd have my rent-a-cop write tickets to people who don't return their shopping carts.

Lemonade714 said...

I had friends in Chicopee; we used to go to Clinton and Beach Park and my father went to high school in South Manchester.

As far as the past posters who are no longer posting, reading the old puzzles and write ups like the Joho linked by marti, reminds us of how many we do not see here anymore. I know we have lost some to the inevitable, but others I hope are thriving somewhere. You all know who you are.

Irish Miss said...

Chairman Moe - Didn't you kind of, sort of, maybe, say you would tell us about the origin of "Chairman Moe? I, for one, would love to know. BTW, great limerick today.

Argyle - Are you being hit with the storm? The warnings I've seen include your county.

Joho - Nice to have you drop by.

PK - Finally spoke to my neighbor about the Bolshoi performance. She raved about it and said the costumes were spectacular. I saw some color photos of the performers and they did look stunning.

JD @ 12:14 - Yes, I forgot to mention I had crust before dough.

Montana said...

Canadian Eh!

I also make pie dough from scratch, but in a pan from my mother-in-law. She gave it to me when she moved into a retirement apartment. She used it at my house, every visit, though!


Al Cyone said...

I've stopped posting from Mondays through Thursdays (unless I have to acknowledge a DNF) but I feel compelled to note that the "Al Cyone" who posted @2:25 is not this Al Cyone.

Chairman Moe said...


Despite living in NE for all those years, we never spent much time on or near the water. Clinton was/is a neat historic town - we knew a lot of folks who frequented Hammonasset Beach St Park.

I do know Chicopee pretty well. It used to be the home of Spalding Sports - golf balls, footballs, basketballs, etc. I had a number of projects with them. Don't know if the factory still exists or not. I was into golf then and played a few courses near Chicopee.

Tinbeni said...

My Grandma's PIE DOUGH was never MADE FROM SCRATCH ...

She preferred to use Flour, Sugar, Butter and a Pinch of Salt.

Of course, I now add "A Pinch of Pinch." lol

Jazz: Did you STRIKE UP that pre-Sunset toast?

I know Hondo & I just did ...

Chairman Moe said...

Irish Miss @ 2:55

Thanks (with regard to the limerick). It took me awhile to complete the last line (had several write-overs) but I think it came out OK!

And since you asked (with regard to the origin of Chairman Moe) . . . well, about 20 years ago, I started getting into wine, as both an interest and hobby. I found a bulletin board for wine discussion at the Wine Spectator website. Since monikers were encouraged, and since it was a wine-themed board, I came up with the name, Moe Vedre (a take-off of the grape varietal, Mourvedre). Over the years, most came to know me as just "Moe". The "Chairman" part came after I organized a number of "off-line" get-togethers - and was sort of dictatorial - so the Chairman Mao/Chairman Moe sort of stuck.

It didn't hurt that I was a Three Stooges fan . . .

BTW, I used to travel in and around the Troy/Schenectady/Albany area back in the late '70's and '80's. One of my big accounts was in Cohoes . . . lots of fond memories

PK said...

Hi Y'all! I didn't JUMP right into this puzzle. I got into a JAM with those two "J" words evading me at 1D&A. I didn't know JACK either. However, I kept plugging in a few words and letters and worked back up and liked the puzzle. Thanks, JOHO! Nice to meet you.

SWASH was a long time coming too. I had to really buckle down to WAG that.

Loved Marti's global warming clothes line. With all the skirts & petticoats pioneer women had to deal with to squat behind a tree, you'da thunk they would be the ones wearing THONGs. The clothes line also shows the slow death of modesty.

Lemonade714 said...

Ramen noodles rule!

Argyle said...

Yes, Irish Miss, the storm hit here but mild in comparison to others. Little bit of hail, a few lightning bolts and big cold drops of rain. Came out of the NW.

I read Eben Holden after the last time he showed up. It's on line. I even know some Ebens around here.

CrossEyedDave said...

Very enjoyable puzzle, it had me puzzling all through my lunch break. I especially appreciated that the theme answers helped in finally getting all those tough ones.

Amatis b/4 strads

Carat b/4 ounce

Bog b/4 fen

The 5d, 6d, 14a combination was the hardest for me. But once I got model it helped me out of that 1D (Jam)

I went looking for funny thong pics, but it got to be too much...

Tin@10:12 (& others) The only person I know who thinks Heh is clever...

( to spare you 2:52 of Hehs, this was listed as Sheldons best laugh scene )

Hmm, funny link for the theme, what to do, I could probably add 20 links for funny money, but I found out this morning that some Sound Engineers work very hard for their money...

HeartRx said...

Chairman Moe, funny story about your moniker. BTW, I really liked your JACK limerick, too.

Kevin, here's another way I'd use my Rent-a-COP:

I’d arrest everyone who’s in sight
For not turning when they're going right.
What’s so hard to believe
It's my favorite peeve?
But I just want to get home tonight!

Irish Miss said...

CM @ 3:27 - Interesting nickname story and, based on your avatar, I knew the Stooges were involved somehow. Cohoes is trying very hard to revitalize the downtown. Some of the old mills have been restructured into upscale condos and apartments. The same holds true for Troy.

Argyle @ 4:04 - Glad to hear your area wasn't heavily hit. It seems as though Saratoga and Warren County always bear the brunt of these storms. We had a little rain and that was it.

Steve said...

I keep looking for Scratch but I can never find it at the market. It seems all the best food is made from it, so it must be tremendously versatile. I wonder what it is?


Fun puzzle today! Thanks for the expo, Marti!

Avg Joe said...

I've been busier than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs this week, so no time to comment. But I did think this was the second day of tougher than usual puzzles for the day.

Got them both done without assistance, but they were challenging. Knew Jack as a term for money, and have always wondered on which shelf in the store they stock scratch. It must be great stuff, but hard to find.

Hoping tomorrow is easier....and then there's Saturday?

Bill G. said...

-People mentioned their frustration with owners not cleaning up after their dogs. Interesting but it seldom happens around here. It does occasionally occur but considering how many people walk their dogs around the shoreline, most folks are very considerate.

-When I've complained about annoying phone solicitations, several people have suggested getting Caller ID. How would that help?

-Without Caller ID; The phone rings. I walk across the room to answer it. I tell the caller I am not interested and hang up.

-With Caller ID; The phone rings. I walk across the room to answer it. I notice that it is from an unknown number. I don't answer it. Then I start wondering if I missed a call from somebody I care about. I don't see the big improvement. Rats...

-We are considering getting solar panels installed on our roof to cut down a bit on our electric bill and to do our part to cut back on burning fossil fuels to generate electricity. Thoughts?

aka thelma said...

Bull G...

If your unknown caller leaves a message you can listen to the message and decide whether you want to talk to them or not..... :) :) if they don't leave a message then chances are you really don't want to call them back.... :)

thelma :)

Anonymous said...

Bill G:

Solicitors have machines that know which phones have Caller ID, and which do not, and they only call the phones without it.

Therefore, by getting Caller ID, you eliminate all unwanted calls.

Also, residential solar panels are a scam.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

WEES - slog, but I got it! I found today's easier than yesterday's.

W/O trAyS before SLAWS (really supplies? I'm not sure I want that SLAW). 20a bog->FEN, 45a ent-> ORC, 20a ego ->HAM. Oh, can you tell I JUMPed around a lot?

Two natniks WAGs 36a x 27d and 50d x 65a. I can't believe I guessed both correctly!?!

Thanks Joho for stopping by (and for the pzl) and Marti for the write-up - THONG photo was funny.

Anyone else play the trivia video game "YOU DON'T KNOW JACK?" DW and I played it back in college to bone up for Trivial Pursuit nights w/ friends :-)

JzB - Of course we have a hockey team. 3 of our 5 teams have space-related names; Astros (baseball), Rockets (basketball), AEROS (hockey as you now know :-)), Dynamos (futball) is a stretch, and Houston Texan's (football) is way out.

Bill G. I read last year the ROI on solar panels is about 10 to 15 years, but the price keeps dropping. I don't think the HOA here allows it :-(

Cheers, -T

fermatprime said...


Swell puzzle, Johanna! Nice of you to drop by. (Anyone who couldn't have figured out immediately that you were also jojo could not have worked much of this puzzle! Great expo, Marti!

No cheats, but took awhile. Hand up for ...PIE crust and leap first. The only name which was not a gimme was EBEN. All perps.

Bill G: The solar panels have saved me a ton of money. (Getting it all connected to the system was a many-month pain, though.)


fermatprime said...

What Anonymous at 8:30 said is nonsense.

Irish Miss said...

Anonymous @ 8:30 - I have Caller ID and get 2-3 calls per day from either telemarketers or scammers. I don't answer any number I don't recognize. They hang up after 4 or 5 rings or when the answering machine kicks in. They never, ever leave a message. I don't miss any calls because if it is a legitimate call, the caller will leave a message.

I don't know what annoys me the most: scam phone calls or scam emails. I have been chosen to inherit more Nigerian estates than I can count. I must be a multi-billionaire by now. Running a close second
would be the pharmancies promoting the lowest prices
on Viagra!

Kevin said...


I love that limerick; I once again could not agree more. I wanted to reply with a limerick about not using turn signals, but the family just got home. But I will say that one of my favorite things in the world is when I slow down to let someone into my lane and they do the little hand wave. I know it is a small gesture, and I do not see it as a requirement, but it warms my heart every time.

On that note, thanks for humoring a new poster on the block--I have always enjoyed your Thursday expos.

Dudley said...

Chairman Moe -

I live near Chicopee. Spalding doesn't exist there any more; there is a bit of golf ball production, but that's it. The buildings are mostly empty, waiting for rehab. That part of Chicopee is much in need of renewal; at least the Munich Haus restaurant is prospering. And they have Spaten. Mmmm

CrossEyedDave said...

Ack! I couldn't stop myself from looking... (I need help!)

Here are the best of the "funny money" images:

For the borrower...

The Govt's view on money...

Ease your pain & suffering, email me & I will give you a P.O. Box of mine that you can send your money to...
(it will help with my psychiatrist bills!)

Anonymous T said...

CED - Promise you're not from Nigeria? -T

Kevin said...


Do you by any chance accept this form of currency JACK MONEY TO EASE SUFFERING?

Anonymous T said...


MIL just called out my error on TYLER - I had TYLoR / oEC; so TDNF :-(

Tin & JzB - PICKLED yet? Cheers, -T

Bill G. said...

This is from AKA Thelma:

Fun musical/beer bottle video

Anonymous T said...

Bill G. - MJ's Billy Jean on beer bottles in an old Church. LOL!

Reminds me of a bar / casino I visited in Aberdeen that was once a church. The architecture was worth the privacy violation (who, what, when, where, why, and let us snap a photo and register you as a gambler) to enter the upstairs casino. The second-story bar has beautiful stained*-glass behind it. Absolutely ULTRA-awesome even at night.

Cheers, -T
*so is it stained-glass or stain-glass? Iced-tea or ice tea? :-)