Aug 17, 2014

Sunday August 17th, 2014, C.C. Burnikel

Theme:  "Treasure Hunt"

Hi Yo Silver Away! C.C.'s puzzle takes the chemical symbol for Silver, Ag (argentum in Latin) and uses the A as a caboose for one word and the G as the engine on the next in this Silver Streak exercise. Every fill has a silver lining!

22. *Source of mohair : ANGORA GOAT - Angora wool was the preferred material for this in my high school

28. *Runner-up to Einstein as Time's Person of the Century in 1999 : MAHATMA GANDHI- His peaceful, civil disobedience inspired Martin Luther King

47. *Super Nintendo rival : SEGA GENESIS

44. *__ Tibbets, eponymous mother of a WWII pilot : ENOLA GAY- This Omaha-built airplane changed the world

67. *1965 Beach Boys hit : CALIFORNIA GIRLS - Now for a musical interlude

91. *Black-necked honker : CANADA GOOSE- these birds and, uh, their refuse populate our golf course

94. *Hue akin to avocado : PEA GREEN

110. *Gainesville team : FLORIDA GATORS - Many memorable games against the Huskers

Reveal entry:

118. Where to find the metal whose symbol spans the words in the answers to starred clues : SILVER MINE - An episode of Bonanza had the boys figuring out how to make the SILVER MINES in Virginia City safer. Also a fun theme!!

The theme was fun to discover although not helpful to this solver out here on the prairie, so let's see what nuggets our mistress of the blog has left for us.


1. Nannies' handfuls : IMPS - I've heard 'em called worse

5. "Now hear __!" : THIS 

9. Leak indicator : HISS - Another forbidding hiss

13. Those, in Toledo : ESOS

17. First king of Israel : SAUL

18. Court statements : OATHS -Somebody's lying Judge Judy!

20. Capone associate : NITTI  - I first NITTI and NESS on this 60's TV show

21. Running __ : MATE - "You like going to funerals? Have I got a job for you!"

24. Hard-nosed : STERN

25. Land south of Moab : EDOM

26. Three, for Kentucky Derby horses : AGE - No one seems to pay any attention to horse racing except on the first Saturday in May

27. Mule parent : ASS

31. Watch a pet for a friend : CAT SIT

33. Silent movie femme fatale Theda : BARA - A little heavy on the L'Oréal eye makeup?

34. V-J Day pres. : HST - Harry wasn't told about the atom bomb until 3 1/2 mos. before he had to decide whether to drop it

35. L x XXXI : MDL -The year chocolate was introduced into Europe

36. Loaded one : SOT

37. Highest U.S. capital : SANTA FE - Santa Fe - 7,000', Cheyenne 6,400', then the mile high city

39. Pinkerton logo : EYE

41. School address ending : EDU

50. Ostentatious, in a way : LOUD - Didn't Herb Tarlek of WKRP write the book on that?

51. Key above G : A FLAT

54. Proof goofs : TYPOS - Typos were a bigger pain when we had to use typewriters

55. Tragic fate : DOOM

56. Yahoo! rival : MSN

57. Manxmen, e.g. : GAELS - Occupants of the Isle of Mann (also called Manx) where a branch of the Gaelic language is spoken

58. Fire dept. volunteer, perhaps : EMT - On July 3rd, EMTs had to save my doctor's life at his lake house when he had a heart attack

59. High chain : SIERRA

61. Car buyer's choice : SEDAN - Joann's now an SUV gal and ain't goin' back to a sedan

64. Knock on : RAP AT - Knock, knock, knock Penny. Knock, knock, knock Penny. Knock, knock, knock Penny.

66. They may be planted : KISSES

72. "Full House" actor : STAMOS - A 90's heartthrob

74. Stifled laugh : SNORT - milk out your nose?

75. Produces interest, say : EARNS - Banks here are paying a whopping 0.95% on savings

79. Cup holder : SAUCER - Does anyone really put one under your coffee cup at home?

80. Sphere : ORB

83. Fish similar to the stingray : SKATE - Forms of rays and skates predate trees

85. One-third of an inning, to a pitcher : OUT - Great line by Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam - Sgt. Major Dickerson: [Pointing to his rank insignia] What does three up and three down mean to you, airman? Adrian Cronauer: End of an inning?

86. Longfellow's "The Bell of __" : ATRI  

87. Spine-chilling : EERIE

89. Easy basket : TIP IN 

90. Words before dash or pinch, in recipes : ADD A

96. iOS part: Abbr. : SYS - My iOS doesn't necessarily like OSX let alone Windows 8

97. "Hold On Tight" rock gp. : ELO

98. Biblical quartet : GOSPELS - the four that made the cut

101. Pooh pal : ROO

102. Old jazz standard "__ Liza Jane" : LIL

104. Chip, say : MAR

106. Windex target : PANE - Nia Vardolas explains the use of Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding

107. Do a pitcher's job : PEDDLE

114. Stooge with bangs : MOE - Brothers Moe and Shemp Howard were two of the original Four (yes, four) Stooges

115. Clear (of) : RID

116. "Here's the thing ..." : LOOK

117. Continuously : ON END

121. Church recess : APSE

122. Ugli coats : RINDS

123. Where el-Sisi is president : EGYPT

124. Uniform : EVEN - Some our greens are still not uniform due to winter kill

125. Bane in a bed : WEED - Maybe Denver can be higher than Santa Fe...

126. "Transcendence" actress Mara : KATE

127. Capone nemesis : NESS - Nitti's too

128. Telescopic __ : LENS


1. First name in sci-fi : ISAAC

2. Japanese comics : MANGA - Okay.

3. Washington State Ferries setting : PUGET SOUND - Here's Joann at the top of the Space Needle  two weeks ago with the Puget Sound as a lovely background

4. __-mo replay : SLO - Umpires and referees get it right now

5. It usually pops up : TOAST - Great for holding up PB&J

6. Fairy tale staples : HAGS

7. Midori on the ice : ITO

8. Tribal healer : SHAMAN - White Bull was a Cheyenne SHAMAN who foresaw a great victory coming over Custer. Some say he may have killed Custer.

9. Work out : HIT THE GYM

10. Newsy tidbits : ITEMS - We don't need no stinkin' three sources. Print/tweet it!

11. Flag-capturing board game : STRATEGO

12. Join the chorus : SING

13. Polish, as text : EMEND -I did my best...

14. Achy from riding : SADDLE SORE - Bike and horse saddles

15. Texter's "Then again ..." : OTOH - On other hand, I have a wart ;-)

16. Truck stop sight : SEMI - Steeds for Interstate cowboys

19. Kick off : START - The Huskers kick off the season August 30th

20. "Defending Our Nation. Securing the Future" org. : NSA - Okay

23. Indian yogurt dip : RAITA - A dip, condiment or salad made with yogurt

29. Two-time Senior PGA Championship winner Jay : HAAS

30. "Right on!" : AMEN

32. Closing word : SOLD - Remember the old TV cigarette ad that ended "SOLD American"

33. Pungent spice : BAY LEAF - I wish I could link to a scent

37. Wild adventures : SAFARIS - I'd do a photo SAFARI

38. Honor in style : FETE

40. Private reply? : YES SIR - SIR! YES SIR!

42. Gowns for the rich and famous : DIORS - I don't "wear" DIOR, It's usually Haggar

43. West Point inits. : USMA - Honor Code -  "A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do."

44. O'Neill's "Desire Under the __" : ELMS - or the oaks or maples or ash or...

45. Sniffer dog's asset : NOSE - They'll stick those NOSES in embarrassing places

46. Laugh line : GAG

48. Well-put : APT

49. Historic Mesopotamian city : EDESSA - Due north of EDOM

52. Chow chow : ALPO

53. "God Save the __!": Russian Empire anthem : TSAR - Uh, he didn't

60. Resort spot : ISLE - Our favorite ISLE - Capri

62. Golden wattle, for one : ACACIA - Lovely National Floral Emblem of Australia

63. Dub : NAME

65. Heavy wts. : TNS

66. Pots on a table : KITTIES - Kitties who have anted into the, uh, kitty

68. Lancôme parent company : L'OREAL

69. RPI or MIT : INST

70. Benihana founder Rocky __ : AOKI - Nori AOKI plays right field for the KC Royals

71. Wrestle (with) : GRAPPLE

72. Skewered Thai dish : SATAY - SATAY/ATRI was a struggle por moi

73. Sets free : TURNS LOOSE

76. California street with a Walk of Style : RODEO DRIVE - I wonder how much C.C. would spend for a pair of shoes on RODEO DRIVE

77. Studio subject : NUDE - Google away

78. Musial in Cooperstown : STAN - One of the finest gentlemen to ever play the game

79. Pollen production pouches : SACS

80. Montana motto word : ORO - Oro y Plata (gold and silver)

81. River to the Gulf of Mexico : RIO GRANDE - A very busy place these days

82. Kiss, in Cádiz : BESO - Paul Anka singing Eso BESO (That Kiss)

84. Doe in "Bambi" : ENA - Bambi's mother-in-law

88. Dorian Gray's flaw : EGOMANIA - See below

90. Single-season record holder for most HRs by a shortstop : AROD - The opposite of 78 Down

92. Where to pick lox : DELI

93. Hockey's Phil, to fans : ESPO

95. Garson of "Mrs. Miniver" : GREER

99. Dissect, in a way : PARSE - It's all part of the fun here

100. Navy flag : ENSIGN - Is Frank Pulver the most famous movie one?

103. Bugged : IRKED

105. Bond, for one : AGENT - Mine'll always be Sean Connery

107. Poe and Pope : POETS - Dead POETS Society was a great Robin Williams film

108. White sale item : LINEN - How did a white sale get tied to President's Day?

109. Pristine places : EDENS

110. Chip, perhaps : FLAW - One undetected FLAW in the number 2 oxygen tank fill line DOOMed Apollo 13

111. Move with long strides : LOPE

112. Nerd : DORK - 30 years later he's a zillionaire

113. Reasons for end zone dances: Abbr. : TDS

114. LeBron James has won four of them: Abbr. : MVPS - Many people loved seeing him move back to play in Cleveland

119. Drano ingredient : LYE

120. "The Producers" (1968) director Brooks : MEL - Yup, MEL was a Jewish man who wrote and directed a play containing the song Springtime For Hitler

NOW HEAR THIS! NOW HEAR THIS! The bloggers are about to speak!

Husker Gary


OwenKL said...

DNF today. After reading it, I vaguely recall the Longfellow poem, but not the name of it. SATAY I've never heard of (on looking it up, I discovered the local version is predictably vegan!), and never heard of "golden wattle", even though ACACIA plays a major role in at least two common Masonic rituals. More comments later.
P.S. There were at least 5 Stooges, Shemp, Curly, Curly Joe.

His hair is all turning to ARGENT,
Of beauty he's no longer an AGENT.
No more does his purse
Have SILVER to burst. --
' Least he still has his parent's basement!

I live near an old SILVER MINE.
I wish all of that SILVER were MINE!
I'd use all that metal
On KITTIES and kettle;
For antes, then on Auntie's stew dine!

fermatprime said...


Way past bedtime.

Went rapidly. No cheats. Scratched head at KITTIES.

Some WAGS. Some all perps, like MANGA and RIATA.

Must hit the hay.

Cheers! Have a great Sunday!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Husker, I recognized your style on the first hole. Nicely done! All that is AG is not Attorney General. Hmmmm. I escaped a DNF by a cat-whisker at the ATRI/SATAY cross. I vaguely remembered SATAY. Wanted AMEN for SING -- AMEN came later. I can't remember any fairy tale with HAGS in it, just sisty uglers.

DW adopted three feral kittens from the same litter. We named 'em Moe, Shemp and Curly. Shemp got run over. Curly ran away -- first of our cats ever to do so. Moe is now the matriarch of our feline clan. DW brought another feral kitten home yesterday. It's squalling under my computer desk as I write this.

Now to see how SADDLE SORE I get after our 10-mile bike pedal.

Al Cyone said...

The Week in Review:

It began in typical fashion: Mon: 4:44; Tue: 6:56; Wed: 7:09.

Then came Thursday with the CORK/CORN DNF.

On Friday the Mensa site showed no puzzle and the unfamiliar LA Times interface slowed me down: 16:40.

No Mensa on Saturday but no matter. It was a pretty disastrous DNF with, at best, only half the puzzle filled.

Today (still no Mensa) it was a case of "close but no cigar". I had a triple-natick with ATRI, SATAY, and ACACIA but guessed at the last one and started plugging in letters for the missing "T" in the first two. No dice. Turns out I had inexplicably entered ANGOLA for ANGORA.

See y'all next weekend.

Middletown Bomber said...

Mensa 3rd day in a row is not working

C.C. Burnikel said...

Middletown Bomber,
Please mark this site as a backup. It has the same format as Mensa.

You made me smile with your posts yesterday. Eat pickles!

desper-otto said...

Well, no SADDLE SOREs for me. DW's bike suffered a flatulent flat in the first mile. Walked the bike back home to repair the tube, but oops, there was a gaping hole in the tire. I've got a tube repair kit, a spare tube, and a compressor, but no spare tire. Bike ride postponed until next weekend. We walked 3 miles to make up for it.

Big Easy said...

C.C- I was really sailing through this puzzle guessing the unknowns easily until 72D and 86A, which caused a big fat DNF. My wife said put a 'T' but I don't cheat. I also struggled with 89A because it could have been TAP IN instead of TIP IN, but Japanese names usually end in 'i' so I guessed correctly. The NE was an initial struggle because I misspelled GANDHI and I never use text abbreviations. I do know LMAO and IMHO but only from reading them. There were a few complete unknowns RAITA STRATEGO MANGA ACACIA EDESSA GENESIS( I knew SEGA) AOKI KATE Mara STAMOS, which the perps took care of.

I guess since we had a Biblical Sunday- EDEN EDOM GENESIS GOSPELS EGYPT.

If C.C. doesn't want to get her shoes on RODEO Drive, she can always go to Worth Ave in Palm Beach, Florida. Just as expensive with a richer clientele, just not as famous.

Lemonade714 said...

So cool to see C.C. has her own Sunday caddie with Gary, nice combination.

I loved seeing the self-referential PINKERTON as our leader worked for that venerable company.

Mel Brooks remains one of the most creative irreverent and successful comic minds. I saw an interview recently and he seemed as sharp as ever.

Did not recall Santa Fe being that high,liked seeing Theda Bara and Kate Mara in the same puzzle. I did not know Edessa or Manxmen but it did not matter.

I liked the mini-theme of CAT SIT and KITTIES, a CSO to all our feeling friendly fans.

Big Easy said...


I also have a feral kitten who adopted me 4 years ago. My granddaughter fed it once and it never left. It sleeps on the back porch, runs away when I open the door, and then comes back to me or my wife. It runs from everybody else. It will not eat cat food unless we stand by it and watch it, but will catch lizards, birds, and rats. Every time we drive up the cat meows and meows really loud because he misses us. He is truly a crazy cat. The only time he has ever been inside was for hurricane ISAAC when I picked him up and locked him in the garage overnight during the storm.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

An easy-going Sunday effort today, but I failed to get a TaDa. Hmmm. Turns out I filled in across after reading a down clue, where oro meets orb. Oops! As usual, I'm amazed C.C. was able to find so many workable theme answers.

Morning, Husker, I recognized your style right off! Thanks for subbing today.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Great puzzle, CC! I started off oh-so-sure of myself by entering Mother Theresa, which was wrong, wrong, wrong, then spelled Gandhi incorrectly, so I got help up a bit. But, soon enough, all was well and I finished w/o help.

Ala CC, there were lots of sports references: Musial, ARod (yuck), Ito, MVPs. Also like seeing Ness and Nitti, Catsit and Kitties, and Beso (kiss) and Kisses!
Also, CSO to Spitz and Splynter with RPI.

Nice job, CC, and a very enjoyable write-up, HG.

Have a great day.

Irish Miss said...

Sorry - should held up.

Irish Miss said...

Double sorry - should be held up.

desper-otto said...

Do I hear three? Going....going....gone to Irish Miss for a double sorry.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Not much to add. Always fun to do a C.C. puzzle. This one was a little easy - but had an interesting theme.
Since we had Manx, three other possible AG fills might have been:
Scottish - Caledonia Gaels
Irish - Hibernia Gaels.
Ancient Londoners - Britannia Gaels
(I guess AG couplings are many so there are a lot to pick from)
Last fill was SATAY - took me a while to think of it.

Argyle or Irish Miss - Are either of you planning to attend the Washington Co. fair next weekend? We hope to visit there on Saturday, the 23rd.

Have a great day.

Bill G. said...

OK, I'll speak...err, write. I enjoyed the puzzle as I expected to and I enjoyed the writeup though I had to wait until the end to find out its source. Thanks CC and Gary.

I found "Dead Poets Society" on cable and recorded it. I am starting to remember how much I liked it. Guess who I recognized as one of the main students? Josh Charles, that's who. The actor who played The Good Wife's co-worker and boss (Will Gardner) until they killed him off.

D-O, yes, I've had several similar experiences lately involving my bike tires. I used to patch the inner tube myself but my present bike doesn't even have a pump and the brakes make changing a tire a big hassle. So I take it to one of the local bike shops and they put in a new inner tube. The recent episode was a full-blown blowout (sounded like a medium-sized firecracker) and they had to replace the tire too. They were nice enough to fix it quickly while I waited.

Argyle said...

County fair: I go on Senior Citizen Day (Wed.) but I can pop down on Saturday, no problem.

Tinbeni said...

Husker Gary: Job well done!!!
Really enjoyed your write-up, links and humor.
I'm really glad you told me you were doing the Sunday write-up of a C.C. puzzle (since I usually skip Sundays).

C.C. Thank you for a FUN Sunday puzzle. Clever AG (silver) theme.

CSO to Chairman MOE ... and all the Cat Lover's here with CAT-SIT & KITTIES.

I prefer Dogs ... I hope Riley is feeling better.

Faves today:
The comments about STAN -v- AROD
The comments about NITTI -v- NESS
And TOAST ... mine "pop-up" when I'm Toasting the Sunset.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a fun puzzle, CC and write-up HG!

At first I thought the theme started with ora-- (?maybe gold in a variant Romance language to the oro in Spanish) but having a science background I quickly sequed to Ag being silver.

HeartRx said...

Happy Sunday afternoon everyone!

I finished this morning, but was visiting at a friend's house and didn't get to write my comment before she dragged herself out of bed and came downstairs. I hope my typing didn't wake her up? Or, maybe it was the HUGE V-8 can smacking my forehead when I finally realized that "Pots on the table" were KITTIES. You got me good, C.C.

I also noticed the shout-out to the Pinkerton logo, and all the sports references that highlight the signature style of C.C.'s puzzles.

Then, to top it all off, we get a whole blog full of musings from our own Husker G.! I SNORTed coffee out my nose when I read your comment about Theda BARA...too funny!

I hope you all have a lovely day - whatever is left of it!

OwenKL said...

I held off on commenting earlier so I wouldn't interfere with any CSO comments about all the references to this POET'S location, but no one seems to have noticed. :`( My huge ego is deflating like a HISSing bicycle tire.

Yes, SANTA FE is high. We refer to Denver as "the lowlands". Some touristas even suffer altitude sickness on arrival. The SANTA FE River empties into the RIO GRANDE just a few miles outside of town. An ORO and SILVER MINING boom town of Cerrillos is also near by (one of my eddresses is I've mentioned before that I live just a couple blocks off RODEO Road, but almost as close in the other direction is the GREER Garson performing arts center (recently expanded to Garson Studios) since SANTA FE is where she retired to.

Jayce said...

A splendid Sunday sumptuous C.C. silver mine! Loved it! As with most C.C. constructions, this had a lot going on at several levels, behind the scenes. I liked the fresh cluing, too.

Husker Gary, I enjoyed your writeup immensely. I have always taken pleasure in your wit and insight.

I made the same ANGOLA - ANGORA mistake that Al Cyone did. Had to turn red letters on to find it.

WIMIS, SIRS! When Irish Miss Is Sorry, She Is Really Sorry.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Had fun with this one, C.C.! Just the right difficulty to be challenging without being frustrated. No circles on line, but easy to find AG's after the unifier. Great start to Sunday.

Had trouble believing PEDDLE and not a baseball thrower with C.C. constructing.

Oh phooey! Ancient Moab. I was thinking Moab, Utah. All perps for EDOM.

Gimmee: SANTE FE. Our walking-tour guide told us this high fact when we bussed into town.

Gary: Great expo! You are so lucky to have a clear day at the Space Needle. The mountains were out?! The one time my husband went, we didn't see them from the SN -- too rainy. I had a good clear view the time I went alone.

Hey, I knew Jay HAAS!

PK said...

I got pictures today from my DIL of the birthdays of two grandsons. Guess who forgot to send cards with money in them. Last year I sent the two cards in April, having confused them with their brother whose birthday is in April. Well, fending off senility is why I keep slogging away at crosswords. I better do more of them. I think the boys will accept late money gifts though. Just stretch out the festivities...

Bill G. said...

PK, I'm sure the boys will appreciate the money whenever it shows up.

Don't forget to look at the very close conjunction of Venus and Jupiter (the brightest objects in the night sky except the moon) in the east early tomorrow morning, about 5:15. They will be closer together than the diameter of the full moon. Venus and Jupiter

Carpe diem...

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old time is still a-flying;
And this same flower that smiles today
Tomorrow will be dying.

Q. When you pat a dog on its head he will wag his tail. What will a goose do?
A. Paul Lynde: Make him bark?

PK said...

BillG.: Alas, I can't see the stars at all here. Too many city lights. I miss my farmyard where the stars were always viewable and appreciated in a magnificent panorama. Sometimes now I can see the moon, but the trees often get in the way.

Anonymous said...

cup holder? saucer..Took me the longest time to figure this out, as all I kept thinking of was a jock strap!! lol