Oct 13, 2014

Monday, October 13, 2014 Carol Hacker

Theme: Retro Variant - Two word phrases that start with a R and a V.

18A. *MTV staple : ROCK VIDEO

31A. *Oral indication of anger : RAISED VOICE

47A. *Trip to somewhere you've been before : RETURN VISIT

62A. *Selling point of a home on the Hudson, say : RIVER VIEW

51D. Place for Winnebagos ... and for the answers to the starred clues? : RV PARK

Argyle here with what appears to be a debut puzzle by one Carol Hacker but could it be an anagram for our editor? I thought we weren't going to see any more of these simple repeat letter puzzles but this one was so clean it may be an exception. Strong corner blocks, a touch of whimsy in the clues.


1. Parody : SPOOF

6. Infant : BABY

10. Homeless child : WAIF

14. Songstress Lena : HORNE

15. Geometry class calculation : AREA

16. Throw hard : HURL

17. According to : AS PER

20. D-flat equivalent : C SHARP

22. Territory that became North and South states : DAKOTA

23. Mauna __ : KEA

24. Syst. with hand signals : ASL. (American sign language)

26. "Blazing Saddles" director Brooks : MEL

27. Baseball hat : CAP

30. Nine-digit govt. ID : SSN

34. Nickname of AA co-founder William Wilson : BILL W

35. Word before limits or space : OUTER

36. Home for a bird : CAGE

39. Home for the Heat : MIAMI

42. Dermatologist's concern : CYST

43. In front : AHEAD

45. Prophet whose name sounds like a mineral : MICAH. The mica group represents 37 phyllosilicate minerals.

50. "I need a short break," in chat rooms : BRB. (Be Right Back)

53. Brit. bigwigs : PMs. (prime minister)

54. Vote of approval : YEA

55. Explosive initials : TNT

56. Egg cells : OVA

57. Either "Bye Bye Love" brother : EVERLY. If you follow this to YouTube, there is an extensive bio there.

60. Comprehends : GRASPS

65. Take the part of : ACT AS

66. Fancy pitcher : EWER

67. Actor Morales : ESAI

68. Mowing the lawn, e.g. : CHORE

69. Small horse : PONY

70. Spanish muralist José María : SERT. (Josep Maria Sert i Badia)

71. Distance runs, briefly : TEN Ks


1. Crude dwellings : SHACKS

2. Western bad guy chasers : POSSEs

3. "Little __ Annie" : ORPHAN

4. Top draft status : ONE A

5. Classic Italian sports car : FERRARI

6. Happy hour spot : BAR

7. N.Y. Yankee suspended during 2014 : A-ROD

8. Turned into : BECAME

9. Gabbed : YAKKED

10. Slightest amount : WHIT

11. Chutzpah : AUDACITY

12. Anger : IRE

13. Mel's Diner waitress : FLO. Is it time to retire the old Flo and go with the new one?

19. Swedish automaker : VOLVO

21. Biblical song : PSALM

25. Actress Taylor : LILI. She was in Mystic Pizza.

28. Top poker pair : ACES

29. Sassy : PERT

32. Hindu teacher : SWAMI

33. "That's painful!" : "OUCH!". And afterwards 61D. Hurt : ACHE

34. Boyfriend : BEAU

36. Fish that complains a lot? : CARP

37. "Can I get a word in?" : "AHEM?"

38. Exacts revenge : GETS EVEN

40. Fine spray : MIST

41. Cake topping : ICING

44. Washer's partner : DRYER

46. Draw, as flies : ATTRACT

48. Uneasy "bundle" contents : NERVES

49. Suitcase : VALISE

50. Marathon city : BOSTON

52. Lowest choral parts : BASSES

58. Exceptionally : VERY

59. 2014, for one : YEAR

62. Sales staff employee : REP Shortened from representative.

63. __ Jima : IWO

64. Quickness of mind : WIT. Some don't give whit for wit. They think you're being pert.




Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Mostly smooth sailing today. I grokked the theme early on, which helped throw down a few of the theme answers with no perp help. Only sticking point was LILI, who I did not know at all. Wanted LIZ, which didn't fit, and briefly wondered whether it would be LIZA for some reason.

BOSTON caught me by surprise, despite the fact that I'm from here and the marathon obviously became very famous due to recent events. I was just thinking about ancient times and trying to remember another Greek city that would fit until the perps tossed a V8 can my way.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

If this is a debut, I must say it's very nicely done. The fact that I didn't get the theme didn't detract from the solve.

I did shoot myself in the foot with bird's NEST before CAGE, but that didn't last long. AUDACITY and FERRARI were nice, even though they're not Monday-friendly, but were solidly perped, so no foul.

Argyle I had the same thought about FLO. Only folks of a "certain age" remember the old one.

thehondohurricane said...

Good day everyone,

Todays theme eluded me until I filled in RV PARK, but not picking up a theme is pretty standard for me. I did like this puzzle, but is proved to be a lot more difficult then I was anticipating.

LILI, BILLW & ESAI were unfamiliar names & I had to, somewhat uncomfortably, rely on perps.

On top of which I had several initial errors that needed to be corrected. 23a loa/kea, 60A Gets
it/GRASPS, & 36A Tree/CAGE.

In the end, it all worked out and got it done.

Maybe it's me, but in my way of thinking, the Boston Marathon was already famous (world wide) before the recent events mentioned by Barry.

Montana said...

I've been doing the puzzles and reading the blog but not posting lately. I'd like to share with my Corner friends that my 49-year old son passed away last week (complications of alcoholism) and family all made it home except the youngest grandkids. So some good visiting but for a sad reason. Very glad we were all able to gather last summer in CO for happy times.


Anonymous said...

Nice Monday puzzle.

Good luck, Montana. Stay strong. Good will come from your loss, though it may take awhile to recognize it.

Ergo said...

Montana - I was in and out of treatment for years. It finally stuck about 7 years ago. My condolences. I can certainly empathize.

Argyle - Thank you for the write up. I usually do the Monday and Tuesday puzzles directly online. Haven't paid attention to my "score" until this morning. "1890" which was also the score I got last time and the time before that. Is there page that describes the online scoring system?

Spitzboov said...

Good morning.

Happy Navy's Birthday to all.

Kinda got the RV thing about halfway through. RV PARK confirmed the idea. Fill was straightforward - perps helped with LILI.

Have a great day.

Husker Gary said...

-Apt comments Argyle!
-MTV still plays videos?
-That RIVER VIEW makes more sense from up on the bluff than down on the bank
-Macho MLB pitchers and batters get hurt every year because they don’t wear these kind of hats
-Todd Davis has had his identity stolen many times because he does this with his SSN
-BRB or this
-The Second Continental Congress eventually got 13 YEAS on the Declaration of Independence on July 4th but no one signed for at least a month. More interesting stuff about this document
-Is this really the best way for this guy to be doing this chore?
-OUCH – Injuries are felling NFL stars in droves this year
-I’m such a lousy artist I can only draw flies
-BOSTON Strong
-So sorry, Montana. That disease took my brother as well.

Spitzboov said...

Montana - Sorry for your loss. Deepest sympathy. It was nice that your family could be with you and support you through this difficult time.

desper-otto said...

Montana, very sorry to hear about your son. It's sad at any age, and for any reason.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Montana, I am so, so sorry for your loss.

I, too, thought this was a bit chewy for a Monday but it turned out just fine. Cute to see Mel and Flo together, even if it was the wrong Mel.

Nice job, Carol, and ditto to Argyle.

Have a great day.

Lemonade714 said...

Montana, I am so sorry for your loss. There are so many ways people hurt themselves. Having met you and some of your family, I know you will help each other.

Yellowrocks said...

Montana, my deepest sympathy. My heart goes out to you.
Here's a great big virtual yellowrock. I wish I could deliver it in person.

kazie said...

There's no way to understand what you must be feeling. I can't imagine losing a son or daughter at any age. It isn't supposed to be that way. I hope you are comforted a little by the warmth of close family. God bless.

Avg Joe said...

Straightforward Monday level puzzle, but lots to like. Ferrari and Audacity in particular. I've always like the word Chutzpah.

Very sorry to hear of your loss Montana. My condolences.

Lucina said...

Good day, puzzlers.

Montana, you have my deepest sympathy for your sorrow. What a sadness to lose a child. We also have lost a few loved ones because of that affliction. Stay strong.

Well, thanks to Carol Hacker this quickly BECAME a romp as I sashayed right along. It was nice to see BOSTON/TEN KS crossing each other.

Loved AUDACITY and only write over was NEST/CAGE but I see I'm in good company on that one.

Have a happy Monday, everyone!

Irish Miss said...

Testing only re Google Identity.

Misty said...

Well, I found the Friday and Saturday puzzles last week so difficult, I didn't even bother to post. So it was a wonderful relief to find this delightful speed-run by Carol Hacker this morning! Thank you so much! I even got the RV theme by the third theme answer, which felt great. And I loved many of the clues, including MEL and FLO and, of course, the EVERLY BROTHERS! Fun expo, as always, Argyle--thank you too.

Montana, your calm and courage in the face of your family tragedy is inspiring. Thank you for sharing your news with us.

Have a wonderful week, everybody!

PK said...

Montana: I'm so sorry about the death of your son. I'll be thinking of you in the days to come.

HeartRx said...

Montana, so sorry to hear about your son. I agree that it is difficult to lose a child at any age, for any reason. Stay strong, and know that positive vibes are coming your way Via the Corner!

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Carol Hacker, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

Montana: My deepest sympathies to you and your family. Parents aren't supposed to bury their kids, no matter how old they are. I am sure your family will all support each other.

The puzzle was fine today. I did not get Saturday's or Sunday's. Saturday in Springfield and Sunday at a funeral.

Had BABE for 6A. Fixed that to BABY after YAKKED.

Also had NEST before CAGE.

Had ESAO before ESAI.

That's my three inkblots.

Liked TEN KS. That one sneaked up on me.

GETS EVEN is something people should think less of doing.

Remembered WAIF for some reason.

I have more CHOREs to do than Carter has liver pills.

Just got off my stint at the Master Gardener Help Desk. Another shift next Monday.

Book Club tonight.

See you tomorrow.



JJM said...

Montana, alcohol addiction is a horrible disease. I stopped when I was 26. My deepest sympathies go out to you and your family. I will keep you in my thoughts & prayers.

Nice Cuppa said...

Riveting Voyage! Really, virgin
release viable? Rising virtuoso
revisited? Valleys ….

reached, ’verbalist’s rocky vantage recaptured via Ravines. Viagra restored vim?

Rubbish! Vee-8 rules: vintage
recollections vital; recovered vibes
resound; villain regains valor.

Rueful Valedictions


Bill G. said...

I enjoyed the puzzle and sussed out the theme about halfway through.

Montana, I'm so sorry. Best wishes for you and the rest of the family. I wish I knew the words to write to be more helpful...

thehondohurricane said...


So sorry about your loss. It's time like this when family
support is so very helpful. God Bless.

aka thelma said...

I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. My heart goes out to you. I lost my daughter (47) due to alcohol complications. My deepest sympathy I send to you and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


Jayce said...

Best wishes, Montana.

Anonymous said...

Condolences to Montana.

Husker Gary touched on the problem with the clue "MTV Staple". Despite hosting the MTV Music Video Awards, MTV has not shown music videos as part of their regular programming for many years, thus music videos are no longer a staple. Without a qualifier, like "original" or "former", the correct answer is "reality show", unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Sincere condolences to Montana. Such a heartbreak, no matter the cause, to lose a child. May God hold you in the palm of his hand, and bring you solace. God bless you and your family.

Worried Onlline said...

I was going to solve this puzzle online until I saw the name of the constructor- Carol Hacker.

Then I was really worried and closed the app immediately.

Maybe she should change her last name. lol

aka thelma said...

Irish Miss,
Do you sign out of your google acct after you have posted... ? I have found that if I sign out for any reason then I will be asked for my password when I come back to post.. just a thought... :)

thelma :)

Prof T said...

Not much to say about the puzzle today, but Montana, I am so sorry. I just heard about the passing of one of my best friends' husband for the same reason, and pretty close to the sme age. After reading your post, the puzzle went out of my mind. All the best to you and your family.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Late to the dance due to driveway construction at last.

First, dear Montana, I extend my condolences too. My family suffered much under the relentless grip of alcoholism, and we had much loss. Stay strong!

Puzzle: easy enough, but WBS regarding the marathon city. I was thinking antiquity, and Boston was slow to occur. D'oh!

fermatprime said...


Thanks, Carol and Santa! Fun puzzle!

Hand up for nest first.

Lili Taylor has been in many shows. The first that I can recall was Six Feet Under.

Montana: so sorry for your loss. If only everyone could have the rehab experience that I had. No urge to drink for almost 19 years.


Kalendi said...

Enjoyed this puzzle! I dropped my paper somewhere on the way home so I had to do in online. Found I don't like online very much, maybe because of the red letter help. Is there any way to turn that off? If I can't do Friday's I just come here for help! I find it much more satisfying to use pen and newsprint. But I had nest and tree before cage and didn't know Lili for Taylor.

Irish Miss said...

Thelma @ 4:22 - I did not sign out knowingly and when I do sign in now, there is no box to check to stay signed in. I recently downloaded IOS 8 to my Mini iPad and it seems that's when this issue started. It's very frustrating to have to sign in every time so if anyone has any other advice, I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Thelma.

Pat said...

This was a work weekend at the folks' home so I read the blog and comments for the past 3 days but didn't try the puzzles. Today was my easing back into puzzledom but a DNF. Thank you, Carol Hacker, for a great transition back to reality. Wonderful expo, Argyle.

Montana, my sincere sympathy on the passing of your son. I hope he is no longer fighting his demons, as hard as it is for his survivors. Thank you for sharing with us.

I hope everyone has a good week.


Unknown said...

Hi all,

Haven't posted lately but have doing the puzzles. Finished quick but one FIW Bilow for Bill W. Lioi looked right to me. Hands up for tree and nest.

Didn't see the theme until rv park. Wasn't looking for it. Never heard of Carol Hacker either.

Flo I know from Alice. Good wholesome sitcoms way back when. I laughed when Mel liked his shiny clean grill when his new employee cleaned it, but a burger doesn't have the same flavor on a mirror shiny grill. IMO.

I usually sign off in French but no frawnch in todays puzzle.

So tood a loo from Cajun Country !!!

Anonymous said...

This wasn't a monday? Valise tenks waif and rock videos for mtv? Wtf only older indiv will get this puzzle. Younger won't get it. And I'm not a troll but keep to the fu#$$$g personal comments out . It's depressing. This is a puzzle blog not what u did today blog. Have a good day. Go Kansas City Royals.

Anonymous T said...

Hi all!

Another long day and getting ready to head to Nashville.

Ms. Hacker? Mmmm, I may have a Cyber beef with her. Esp. at 49d x-ing 67 & 69a. Ouch. A Monday DNF. Argyle - as always :-)

MIL said she recalls VALISE from old for her time movies - it wasn't in my vocab.

Otherwise, a great Monday offering. Favs - WAIF for the fun word and 36d for the fun misdirect.

WEES - I saw Video Killed the Radio Star on the launch of MTV.* Today, not so much with the M.

D-O: Who you callin' of a certain age? Eat my grits!

Montana - so sorry for your loss. WEES not the way things happen. My condolences.

Troll feed follows: AC** @1:02 - Yes, things happen in people's lives and we care; like you do about KC Royals except more. Follow for a while and you'll grow to love and care about the daily contributors who often offer plenty more than you did.

Cheers, -T
*for some reason the iPad doesn't play nice w/ the link. YMMV.
** AC == Anonymous Coward

Anonymous T said...

Here's and iPad friendly link but you have to wait for the 30s ad. C, -T

Montana said...

Thanks, Anonymous T, for the support. I felt attacked by that black Anon. You made me feel better. After enjoying the puzzle discussions, I do like to hear about others lives.

Some of us have even managed to meet others from this Corner. But if we never meet in person, I still feel like all of you have become cyber-friends.

CC, thanks again for starting this a Blog.