Oct 14, 2014

Tuesday, October 14, 2014 Jacob Stulberg

Theme: Five Feet High And Rising - The water is coming up behind both parts of the theme entries.

18A. Access using force : BREAK OPEN. Break water, Open water.

23A. Old-time fountain employee : SODA JERK. Soda water, Jerkwater.(insignificant rural settlements)

38A. 1954 Oscar-winning Brando film, or where either half of 18-, 23-, 51- and 61-Across can literally be found : "ON THE WATERFRONT"

51A. Like unabridged print dictionaries : HARD BACK. Hard water, Backwater. (Out of the main current)

61A. Being attacked : UNDER FIRE. Under water, Fire water.

Argyle here with Jacob who is venturing into the earlier days of the week. I'm glad the reveal mentioned both halves of the answer because I tend to miss that. Nice grid layout.


1. Westminster landmark : ABBEY. On left, Westminster Palace on right.

6. Literary captain who says "I'd strike the sun if it insulted me" : AHAB

10. Natural bandage : SCAB

14. Witch : CRONE

15. Decide, as a judge : RULE

16. Freight train hopper : HOBO

17. Stolen pastries in "Alice in Wonderland" : TARTS. Pop Quiz: Who stole the tarts?

20. Say with certainty : AVER

21. "Get off the stage!" : "BOO!"

22. Without any slack : TAUTLY

25. Right-angle bend : ELL

26. Amigo : PAL

27. They're earned by completing college courses : CREDITS

31. Shade : HUE and 29D. Shade : TINT

34. __ bear : POLAR
37. Buffalo's lake : ERIE

42. Gyro bread : PITA

43. Staircase pillar : NEWEL. This one has a Westminster look.

44. Ultimate degree : NTH

45. Many a rush-hour rider : STANDEE

48. Drink often iced : TEA

50. Justice Dept. division : DEA. (Drug Enforcement Administration). Often one of their tactics, 4D. Catch in a sting : ENTRAP

56. Less biased : FAIRER

59. Wall-climbing plant : IVY

60. Bump off : DO IN

63. Sudden power increase : SURGE. It's time I bought a new surge protector.

64. Observes : SEES

65. Tablet operator : USER

66. In base eight : OCTAL. Odd looking word.

67. Police crisis unit acronym : SWAT. (Special Weapons And Tactics)

68. One of the deadly sins : LUST

69. Kick off : START


1. Attend to the duties of : ACT AS

2. "Well done!" : "BRAVO!"

3. Yawning in class, say : BORED

5. "Certainly!" : "YES!"

6. Ann __, Michigan : ARBOR

7. "Impresario" memoirist Sol : HUROK. Wikipedia LINK.

8. Stein filler : ALE

9. Car that's ready for the scrap heap : BEATER. That's what I and one of the Tappet Brothers drive.

10. Side of a road : SHOULDER

11. Egyptian Christian : COPT. The forgotten Christians?

12. Adam's second son : ABEL

13. More than lean : BONY

19. Leafy green : KALE

21. Later on the page : BELOW

24. Joke : JAPE. Hmm, JAPE has a sometimes bawdy history.

27. Group of workers : CREW

28. Appliance with a water reservoir : IRON

30. Late-night host Meyers : SETH

31. Beer flavoring : HOPS

32. Curriculum part : UNIT

33. James of jazz : ETTA

35. Path to the pins : LANE

36. Consumed : ATE

39. Ergonomic keyboard feature : HAND REST. Wrist rest.

40. Second attempt : RETRY

41. Hurried away : FLED

46. Bucks and does : DEER

47. Tongue-lashing : EARFUL

49. Kidnap : ABDUCT

51. Adds to the staff : HIRES

52. Stave off : AVERT

53. Vital blood line : AORTA

54. Groucho's smoke : CIGAR

55. Prepared to be knighted : KNELT

56. Make a scene : FUSS

57. Once again : ANEW

58. Creative spark : IDEA

62. Pocatello sch. : ISU. (Idaho State University)

63. Sea captain's "Help!" : S-O-S


Note from C.C.:

After Irish Miss downloaded iOS 8 to her iPad Mini, she has to sign in to her Google account every time she leaves & rejoins the blog. There is no "Stay signed in" box for her to check.

If any of your iPad users know how to solve her problem, please leave her a note in the blog Comments section. Thank you.


Lemonade714 said...

Always amazed at the double word puzzles like this. Good to see Jacob branch out to early week puzzles.

Path to the pins,was nice alliteration and Sol Hurok was a distant memory. Tax extensions run out tomorrow.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Mostly smooth sailing today. Didn't know/remember HUROK and was surprised to see it in an early week puzzle. Fortunately, the perps were solid.

I always thought a NEWEL was the little knob on top of the post and not the post itself. Live and learn.

Wasn't thrilled with STANDEE, but I'm sure it's perfectly valid. I just didn't like it, personally. I guess it's better than STANDER, though...

thehondohurricane said...

Good morning,

The cluing for 38A made no sense to me until I read Argyle's explanation, but it did not slow me down either. 38A was a gimme.

Only nit was 66A OCTAL. I know it's legit, just didn't care for the fill.

I was a SODA JERK at my grandfathers drugstore for a few summers. In describing me then, some would say take away the SODA.

Have a good day.

Argyle said...

Could you make an egg crème?

Old Timer said...

The bombing of Sol Hurok's office by the JDL was terrorism. No matter what the reason. It was terrorism then and would definitely be terrorism now, irrespective of the reason and the causal organisation.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This one seemed easier than yesterday's. My only misstep was BREAK INTO rather than OPEN.

"Justice Dept.," FAIRER, RULE seemed like a mini-theme. Probably because I had jury duty yesterday. I was juror #52 in a panel of 53. How lucky can you get. OK, I guess being 53rd would have been luckier, but the result would turn out the same.

OCTAL reminds me of my old Heath H-8, 8-bit computer. Couldn't do much, but cost a pile of money back in the late 70's. I maxed out the memory at 64K and put in three 100K floppy drives. No such thing as a hard-drive in those days. All that computer "power" plus a dot matrix printer set me back about $3500. There was very little available software -- you had to write your own. Ah, those were the days...

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. Fun Tuesday puzzle with a few non-Tuesday words (OCTAL, HUROK).

Cain slew ABEL, and SETH was the third son of Adam and Eve.

I hope all are safe from yesterday's harsh storm. Violent winds here and a felled tree caused the electric company to cut the tree in the wee hours of the night.

QOD: This is the precept by which I have lived: Prepare for the worst; expect the best; and take what comes. ~ Hannah Arendt (Oct. 14, 1906 ~ Dec. 4, 1975)

kazie said...

No real problems today, though needed perps in quite a few places. didn't know NEWEL or HUROK. Haven't heard the term HARD BACK before--always hard cover.

Thanks Argyle for the Johnny Cash clip. I'm not a particular fan of his but it was nice and nostalgic.

HeartRx said...

Hand up for HARDcover, Kazie! It also stuck out as being inconsistent because it was a compound word, while the other theme entries consisted of two separate words.

I was also surprised to see HUROK in an early-week puzzle, but the perps were easy enough to suss.

NEWEL was a gimme because "spindle" didn't fit. We had several missing spindles, and had to have replacements custom made to match the ones on the staircase next door. The NEWEL post was in good shape, but was missing the decorative ball on top. I finally found one to match, and now the entire staircase is restored to its original beauty.

Avg Joe said...

I'm not sure I thought that all the phrases are enough in the language to make this theme particularly interesting, but found plenty to like in this puzzle, including the reveal as it's own stand alone answer. I only knew Octal because my sister was a computer geek back in the 70's. Liked seeing Newel.... and think it would be nice to see Baluster just once. Didn't know Hurok, but the perps were all good.

Good to see you again Hahtollah!

desper-otto said...

Marti, you sent me to Mr. G to check out "spindles." I'd always heard them called balusters, but Google says they can be either. I wonder if that's a regional thing.

Hahtoolah, where have you been? You can't just show up with no explanation and post as though you've been here all along.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

I liked the theme and all the WATER words. No searches or strikethroughs. Interesting to see both HUE and TINT in the same puzzle.
BACKWATER calculations are used by hydraulic engineers to compute water elevation profiles in a river channel.
BEATER - Not really in my vocabulary. I would be more apt to use 'clunker'. Wonder if it's dialect.

Have a great day.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Yup, Hurok was 100% perps.

We have three cherry newels in our staircase; trouble is, they're made of glued-together pieces, and the color match is poor. Rats.

Irish Miss - sorry to say that I have not a glimmer of an idea what's going on with your iPad. I read your appeal yesterday and quickly realized I had no advice to give.

Yellowrocks said...

Quick Tuesday puzzle. No unknowns. I knew Sol Hurok, but had to wait on perps for the spelling. He, along with Eleanor Roosevelt and others, was instrumental in arranging for Marian Anderson to sing at the Lincoln Memorial in 1939, after the DAR refused to let the black singer sing at Constitution Hall.
I needed perps for the L in octal.
Although hardback is legit,I believe hardcover is more common.
SODA JERK reminded me of my college waitressing days at Howard Johnson’s with its 28 flavors of ice cream. We had no SODA JERK, so dipped our own. A busload of 20 Army reserve soldiers on maneuvers all ordering ice cream was a real challenge. Being short and having to lean into the cooler to dip it, I went home covered in ice cream, shoulder to knee.
Ice cream sodas were popular. One day when a New Yorker asked for an egg crème we didn’t know what that was. Basically it’s an ice cream soda without the ice cream, just syrup, seltzer and cream or milk. Living and waitressing in various places in PA and NJ, to this day I have never seen egg crème on the menu. Is it just a NYC thing? I much prefer to have ice cream floated on top.

Avg Joe said...

D O, Anyplace that I've lived the laypersons term has been spindle and the architectural term baluster. But they are effectively interchangeable.

Dudley, Cherry is one of the nicest woods to work with and IMO has the most beautiful grain. But it is notorious for poor color match because the deep hues develop over time...largely with an assist from UV exposure. When the wood is fresh you can "sort of" tell which pieces will get darker, but it's hardly foolproof. I think it's criminal to stain it, but it's hard to avoid the problem you describe, so much of what you see in commercial cabinetry is stained for that reason.

Husker Gary said...

After yesterday’s R__V__ puzzle, I saw BREAK OPEN and thought this puzzle might have BO. Nah, just a fun Tuesday level exercise.

-I’ve only been UNDER WATER in the shower, never financially
-We drink HARD WATER but use soft when we need suds
-He prefers BOOS (2:53)
-My kids were good at seeing STANDEES on Disney busses and giving up their seats
-If you get ENTRAPPED into buying meth…
-My MIL’s life is secure because we ACT AS her representatives
-Brady Hoke’s 29 – 17 record in ANN ARBOR has Michigan fans giving him an EARFUL in person and in print
-Does your state have these strips to keep you off the shoulder?
-Tribute to a BONY girl
-If that CREW has on orange jump suits…
-Mom’s ironing water reservoir
-Who Bialystock and Bloom HIRE was based more on LUST than competence
-Groucho CIGAR quip

Yellowrocks said...

I have been lurking, but posting here erratically. I am in the tedious business of thinning and sorting my files.
Alan has voluminous medical and legal records that I want his brother to be able to access easily.
I have tons of square dance files on line and on paper, some of it no longer relevant, which I need to prepare to pass on to other officers.
After decades I am no longer an officer in my church and have years of unneeded paperwork that should be sorted for sensitive material to shred before dumping. Ugh!
Thanks for keeping me entertained with your posts when I get weary.

Anonymous T said...

Hi all!

Fun, easy Tuesday offering from Jacob. BONe to BONY was my only WO. Fun theme. Thanks Argyle for parsing it all out.

ESP (as Tin would say) for HUROK. When I don't know something, even in the cobwebs of my mind, it's such a PITA.

Fav. OCTAL! 2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024... I can do 'em in all base - so don't make me START.

NEWEL was NEW to me. Does it rhyme with NOEL or is it slurred to newill?

I kept wanting elm or oak for 31a. 29d TINTed my thinking the right way.

IM - Sorry, I've not jumped to iOS 8 yet - apparently I have used up to much memory and need to dump photos and podcasts.

My favorite JERK.

Cheers, -T

joeknows said...

I have been doing the LA Times Crossword for several years and didn't realize that there was a blog. Good find form me.


Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

A nice, typical Tuesday offering with no bumps. Two CSO's to Abejo with the ubiquitous Erie and tea. Really didn't "get" the theme until reading Argyle's succinct expo. Thank you and thanks, Jacob.

CC, I appreciate your mentioning my dilemma with the sign-in issue. I have contacted Google but no reply yet. Dudley, thanks for your interest. I'm typing this on my old iPad which keeps me signed in; so much for the constant "improvements" in technology!

Have a great day.

Chairman Moe said...

Just stopped by today to say "hi" to all y'all; been really busy at work these past few weeks, and that won't let up (fortunately) until late next Spring.

I'm sure I wasn't conspicuous by my absence . . . but I was having a bit of withdrawal from sometimes not being able to work on the crossword puzzle, not being able to spend time on the Crossword Corner, and also not being able to find the time to create a few limericks.

Anyway, no other "puzzling thoughts" to add, other than I DID manage to come up with a limerick, and its "theme", while not based on today's LATCW puzzle, might appeal to a few of our baseball fans:

The young pitching ace tweeted on Twitter,
About throwing his recent no-hitter;
The tweet said his success
Was because, he confessed,
That the bulk of his pitches were spitters!

Anonymous T said...

Moe - I can't speak for all, but I missed ya and OKL.

Spitters are WATER out FRONT :-)

Welcome to the Corner joeknows.

Gotta pack for Nashville. They call it the south, but a forecast of 50F overnight is cold!

Cheers, -T

Chairman Moe said...

Anonymous -T: thanks for tying my limerick to today's theme!! :-D

joeknows: welcome; I found this blog as you did, perhaps, by accident, when I was searching the internet for an answer to one of the LATCWP clues. Up popped C.C.'s blog, and it has me hook, line and sinker!

OK - back to work . . .

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Jacob Stulberg, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

Hey, Hahtoolah, nice to see you. I have missed your inputs and your QODs.

Puzzle was fine. Typical Tuesday level. I did most of it at the blood bank after I gave my pint. Use a fingerprint now to sign in.

Did this one from the bottom up. NW corner was not easy as a starter, for me.

HUROK was unknown. Perped him. I guess I have to look him up. Sounds interesting.

Had TIRED for 3D. BORED arrived later. Only inkblot.

Thank goodness I held off on OCTAL until I had KNELT. Otherwise I would have had another inkblot.

My favorite lake again, ERIE.

I have had a couple BEATERs. One, many years ago, kept splitting the radiator. I would resolder it and then it would split again. Finally figured out I had a blown head gasket and the compression was getting into the cooling system, splitting the radiator core. So, I just kept the cap off and added water daily. Worked well until winter, then I junked it.

See you tomorrow.



CrossEyedDave said...

DNF. I had cops for copt, & bone for bony. Having never heard of a car being called a beater, I was unable to correct "Tausle" to tautly...

(hmm, might be an M, or an N, maybe a T,, or a V? B? D? F? K?L? oh, I give up...)

Argyle, I noticed recently, and again with the Johnny Cash video, that there is no time stamp, or way to fast forward the clips. Is this something new we are stuck with?

always make sure your waterfront hotel comes with a pool...

CanadianEh! said...

Back here after a busy Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Good Tuesday level puzzle and enjoyed seeing the theme emerge.

WES re HUROK and OCTAL. Smiled at TEA for Abejo and ALE for Tin.
ERIE was a given.

Welcome joeknows. I found the blog the same way.

Welcome back Hahtoolah. Your QOD is always interesting.

Lucina said...

Hello, puzzle people.

BRAVO to Jacob Stulberg and to Argyle for today's entertainment. It was mostly straightforward except for HUROK whom I didn't know.

We've seen NEWEL many times in other past puzzles.

BONY had me pausing for a long time because I was thinking of lean as meaning tilt but it all worked out.

What desper-otto said. I missed you.

I'm expecting a friend for breakfast so I'd best get on it.

I hope you're all having a great Tuesday!

Nice Cuppa said...

The theme answer was a gimme, which made the rest a smooth ride. I would add though that the theme here is WATER not WATERFRONT, so for once it was not particularly helpful.

If you want to impress an Italian woman, say BRAVA when you mean "well done!". BRAVO is masculine.

According to my MacDic., Hard-Back is chiefly Brit. And our word for a Beater is a Banger, usually "Old Banger".

If you call anyone in Britain a SODA JERK don't become a STANDEE or pay the consequences.

Might as well add the old Graucho Marx quip, whether or not it is apocryphal.

A woman with 14 children meets Groucho Marx:

Woman: “I have 14 children, Groucho”.
Groucho: “You have 14 children? Why do you have so many kids?”
Woman: “Because I love my husband”.
Groucho: “I love my cigar too, but I take it out of my mouth every once in a while.”

An oldie but goldie; and there is one born every minute (pun intended).


Misty said...

Another great speed-run--many thanks, Jacob! Didn't know HUROK--many thanks for the interesting information, Yellowrocks (sorry about your paperwork hassles).

Loved being reminded about Groucho's CIGAR. He was a hoot, wasn't he? Ann ARBOR was easy for me--lived there for eleven years. One of these days I should watch ON THE WATERFRONT again. Is that the one where Marlon says "I coulda been a contender"?

Nice to get your limerick, Moe, even though I'm not sure I got all the baseball intricacies. Reminds me, has Owen checked in lately?

Irish Miss, I hope you get your problem solved--what a pain.

Have a great Tuesday, everybody!

Argyle said...

CED, it may be new. I hadn't paid attention to it but the embedding method has changed. You can click the YouTube icon and watch it there. Probably just what they want.

fermatprime said...


Thanks for fun puzzle and expo, Jacob and Santa!

No problems. OCTAL very familiar from the old days. HUROK easily remembered.

Thanks, Santa, for Johnny Cash clip!

Hang in there Yellowrocks! Sounds like a barrel of fun (hah).

Definitely did not get enough sleep. Ugh.


JJM said...

Irish Miss;
if you sign out of your account, the 'Stay signed in' function will be turned off.

If you're not being automatically signed in even though you haven't signed out, you may need to enable your cookies. Then try signing in again.

I think this is what happened. Somehow in the update process some of your settings didn't transfer over.I could be wrong but it certainly can't hurt to re-set them. Here's how.

1. Go to SETTINGS--> SAFARI and scroll down to CLEAR COOKIES AND DATA. Click on that and your cookies will be erased. Don't worry you won't lose anything of importance.
2. In that same Setting, now scroll up to PRIVACY and SECURITY section. Where it says BLOCK COOKIES click on the arrow and make sure that you have either "FROM THIRD PARTIES AND ADVERTISERS" or "NEVER" selected. Personally I would select the first option. Your problem should now be solved.

If that doesn't work, repeat the same process but this time after you clear Cookies and Data also click on CLEAR HISTORY.

The Irish always stick together! Good luck!

JJM said...

Also to all:

Dont EVER update software when it first comes out! Always wait until the x.1 or x.2 release comes out. There are always bugs in any initial release of software and could potential destroy something you value.

Bill G. said...

This seemed harder than usual for a Tuesday for me. Trickier. I liked it though. Thanks Jacob and Argyle.

When I was younger and watching early television, I would often hear impresario and Sol Hurok in the same sentence.

What a clever idea! An electrical, smart bicycle wheel. I want one! Will I get one? Copenhagen smart bicycle wheel

Did you hear about the talking gray parrot named Nigel who was stolen but then recovered a year later? When he was stolen, he 'spoke' with a British accent. When he was returned, he had a Mexican accent. True story.

Irish Miss said...

JJM - I have followed your instructions, so let's see what happens. (Settings language is a little different in 8 vs 7.). BTW, I deliberately waited a couple of weeks before I downloaded 8 for the reasons you gave, but I guess I didn't wait long enough. :-)

Irish Miss said...

I'm now going to see if I'm still signed in.

Irish Miss said...

So far, so good, JJM. Could you please email me?

Ergo said...

---> joeknows. Welcome and enjoy the fun. I too am rather new to this site and have the community to be warm and embracing.

---> yellowrocks. On a whim, I asked the square dance caller if I could give it a try during my parents 40th anniversary celebration/dance. He cued up the square dance version of "God Bless America," handed me a sheet of lyrics, and off I went. Sadly, the caller passed away a few months later (Husker Gary may have known him: Harold Bausch) and I've been courted ever since to fill his shoes.

Oh, and the puzzle today was fine.

Tinbeni said...

Hahtoolah, glad to see you back, I've missed your daily QOD.

joeknows, glad you found the fun.

Gotta like a puzzle with the proper answer, TEA, for a "Drink often iced" ... though that would never happen at Villa Incognito.

Think I'll have something neat ...

Jayce said...

Welcome back, Hahtoolah. Really good to see you again. I know it's not my business, but I admit I'm kinda curious as to where you disappeared to, and I hope you don't have to do it again (unless it was good.) Dang, I'm rambling.

Fun puzzle. Like Gary, I thought it was going to be a BO theme after I filled BREAK OPEN.

Best wishes to you all.

Irish Miss said...

Sending a big Thank You to JJM for saving my sanity and sending a resounding Boo to Google for not responding, and a bigger Boo to Apple for not leaving well enough alone! Amen.

Lucina said...

Where is Owen? I miss those limericks. Thanks for reminding me, ChairmanMoe.

Welcome to the Corner!

Jayce said...

As an owner of an original iPhone 4, I have been advised by my son, who is in the Cell Phone Repair business, not to upgrade the OS. He says each new iOS version has simply made the performance worse and worse. So I have been ignoring the upgrade notifications over the past several years and have been enjoying how well my old phone works without them.

Yellowrocks said...

Ergo, how exciting that you call square dances. I would love to "talk" to you. Please email me.

Fermatprime and Misty thanks for you encouragement. Today Alan's nurses were telling me how lucky Alan is to have an advocate who is concerned, organized and is able to coordinate his care. They said many of their clients have neither case worker nor advocate and really need one.They say there is a lot of confusion that the clients can't always handle themselves. That reminded me that this is all worthwhile. I hope I can be organized enough to have his care continue properly after I am out of the picture.

I am still waiting for the contractor to start renovating my two bathrooms. I signed the contract in April.

It seems that our negotiations for renting a new square dance hall will go through this week. YAY!

Irish Miss, hurray for you. I hope you can stay signed in.

Chairman Moe said...

Jayce @ 4:54

I too, have an iPhone 4 (actually the 4S) and have ignored their offer to update/upgrade my OS for at least a year, if not longer. I am just fine with the old system, thank you! My wife - who has the same phone as I - DID make the conversion. She seems OK with it, but anytime I use her phone I feel lost.

Probably the same reason I haven't upgraded to Windows 8 on my laptop. I loved Windows XP; Windows 7 is not too bad; but Windows 8 seems really weird. Guess I am just too "old school" to change . . .

Argyle said...

Aaurgh! The heat and the AC on at the same time.

Talk Parrots Writing said...

Bill G. -

Here is the Nigel, the 4 year AWOL, bilingual parrot.

No only has he learnt how to talk spanish, he now ... ( here come all the racist jokes.) So I'll stop.

Thank you for the link to the Copenhagen wheel - why not the MIT wheel ? M I T conceived it, built it, developed it.

Now, if only somebody or something could teach me how to cycle on a two wheeled contraption.

Bill G. said...

Since passing out neat birthday cakes has become a tradition around the blog, here are a few that wouldn't make the cut. Birthday cake fails

Irish Miss said...

Still struggling with the Staying Signed In process.

Bill G. said...

Here are some dogs and cats losing their battle with Morpheus. Sleepyheads

aka thelma said...

Irish Mis,
I really am sorry to hear that you are still having trouble.... perhaps you could call Apple and get some help from them... I have had to call them more than once... :)

I wish you the best of luck with this problem.

thelma :)

Irish Miss said...

Thelma and YR and others: Thank you for your encouragement and best wishes. I do hope I will get this resolved one way or the other. Sorry for over-posting.

Anonymous T said...

I finally made it to Nashville after delay, delay, on-time, nope; delay. Lovely dinner at an overpriced eatery with a good book (who says you can't dine alone?). Now it's sleepy time.

C-Moe - Time to exit XP for 7 (or 10!) - I agree Win8 is POLAR opposite of what was needed. Don't get me wrong, I still have two XP boxen and 3 XP VMs.

Bill G. - Cake fails wins the CIGAR!

Cheers, -T

Unknown said...

Good for you. I found it also a few years ago and just got on the comment part this year

Unknown said...

Hi all,
Well it was a pretty good run today but copt had me wandering.

Did the puzzle without seeing the theme again. Oh well, I do it forward and backward for the hell of it.

Good finish for me since no look UPS. Lol. Hahtoola where you from ?

C.C. Burnikel said...

Boo luquette,
You need to put your question to Hahtoola on Thursday's post. People normally don't read comments on old posts.