Oct 8, 2014

Wednesday, October 8, 2014 Jeff Stillman

Theme: Dark Matters - or who turned the light out?

17A. Rooftop energy generators : SOLAR PANELS. If there's one part of the country where it should be a no-brainer installing these it's where I live, Southern California.

27A. Removable denture : PARTIAL PLATE. You probably don't want to go and Google the images of one of these.

43A. Apollo 11 achievement : LUNAR LANDING. This was the first time that BBC Television broadcast live at night in the UK, so huge excitement for us kids. It was about 4AM GMT that Neil Armstrong stepped down the ladder.

58A. Eidetic memory : TOTAL RECALL. A phrase-learning moment for me. Eidetic: "relating to or denoting mental images having unusual vividness and detail, as if actually visible.". I'd resolve to use it in a sentence today but that's probably going to be a bit of a stretch.

35D. 17-, 27-, 43- and 58-Across begin with types of them : ECLIPSES

Oh wait - wrong kinds of Eclipse!

There, that's better.

Morning all - Steve here, with the pleasure of introducing Jeff's own "Game of Shadows". It took me a little longer than usual - I had to leave the NW corner alone and go back to it at the end. The "1919" reference at 1A had me thinking of the World Series scandal for some reason and it took every cross to stop me trying to shoehorn (!) "Shoeless Joe" in there somehow. Eventually sanity prevailed, but it wasn't an eidetic moment.

Let's see what else we've got.


1. Subject of a historic 1919 sports deal, with "The" : BABE. The beginning of "The Curse" for the Red Sox.

5. Type of large TV : PLASMA. It's funny how quickly "hot" technology is superseded these days. Panasonic are closing their last plasma TV production facility this year.

11. Pre-LCD screen : CRT. Coincidence? It's LCD technology that's putting plasma out to grass.

14. Enthusiastic : AVID. TV tech mini-theme. Avid is also one of the world's leading manufacturers of TV post-production editing equipment.

15. Virgil epic : AENEID. Nailed it!

16. Informal greeting : HEY

19. Hieroglyphics snake : ASP. New-to-me clue which is much fresher than the "Nile biter" of yore.

20. Standard deviation symbol : SIGMA. Had to dig into my statistics class memory for this one.

21. Picked-up pickup, perhaps : REPO. Crosses filled this, I didn't see the cute clue until just now.

22. On the level : TRUE

23. Keats' "__ to a Nightingale" : ODE. The nightingale's song is a lovely part of the dawn chorus

24. Hopper : BIN

26. Markets : SELLS

31. Marseille menu : CARTE. Food! You'll find bouillabaisse on a Marseille menu. Now there's a handy crossword word, no?

33. College Football Playoff gp. : NCAA. We've seen a lot of this recently. It is a darn handy abbreviation though.

34. Image on a 42-Down, briefly : TAT. "If you're getting one, I'll get a tat too".

35. TV hillbilly __ May Clampett : ELLY. Thank you crosses. Before my (USA) time.

36. Looks toward : FACES

38. Opening night nightmares : PANS. Not bouillabaisse cook pots? Darn!

39. Lovey-dovey murmur : COO

40. Surrounding glow : AURA. The corona around a full solar eclipse could be described as an aura.

41. Peter or Paul : SAINT

46. Latin clarifier : ID EST. i.e. an additional explanation.

47. Fearful squeal : EEK

48. Dr.'s group : A.M.A. American Medical Association.

51. Medium rare : PINK. Food! You order a steak medium-rare, you order your lamb pink. Why? Because! If you're in Marseille you'd call it "à point". If you want to get thrown out of the restaurant and chased down the street by the chef brandishing a sharp knife, you'd order it well-done ("bien cuit") and then ask for ketchup.

52. Farrier's file : RASP

55. Restrict : LIMIT

57. Witness : SEE

60. Kin of -trix : ESS. I was trying to think of how to explain this to a family audience and decided I can't. So I'm left with "Dominatrix Goddess" which I think sums it up rather nicely.

61. Geometric figure with equal angles : ISOGON. I think I learned this today. I don't think I ever knew there was a word to describe a regular polygon beyond an equilateral triangle.

62. Sicilian rumbler : ETNA

63. AL and MO : STS. I've visited the fine states of both Missouri and Alabama.

64. Tropical fruit : PAPAYA. Food! I like Jeff's puzzles.

65. Peters out : DIES


1. Opera villain, often : BASSO. If he's deeply villainous, is he a basso profondo?

2. Skirt : AVOID

3. Poppycock : BILGE

4. Dutch export : EDAM. And a mighty fine export it is.

5. Mushy food : PAP. Aaaw, burst my Food! bubble. I put POI first.

6. Absorbed, as lessons : LEARNT. I think this is much more elegant than LEARNED, in a similar way that I prefer DREAMT to DREAMED.

7. Ill-fated Boleyn : ANNE

8. Ooze : SEEP

9. "Bloom County" reporter : MILO

10. They often adorn city buses : ADS

11. Fraud : CHARLATAN. Great word.

12. Consequential : RESULTANT

13. Prepares for printing : TYPESETS. Does anyone actually typeset any more with the disappearance of hot metal, or is the process of computer-based layout design still called typesetting?

18. Morocco's capital : RABAT. A short ocean voyage through the Straits of Gibraltar and a scenic cruise off the south-east coast of Spain and before you know it you'll be waving at Les Marseillaises eating bouillabaisse.

22. __ Aviv : TEL. At the opposite end of the Mediterranean from Marseille.

25. Filled with rage : IREFUL. Hmmm. Not convinced about this one.

26. Relaxing getaway : SPA

27. Get too personal : PRY

28. Peruvian of yore : INCAN

29. Big shot in the sky : ACE.  A fighter ace, like this one:

30. Glasgow gal : LASSIE

31. Least fair, in a way : CLOUDIEST. Weather-related.

32. State of seclusion : ALONENESS. Had ANONYMITY first, which fit with the A**N* that was already there.

37. Constellation near Scorpius : ARA. Parseghian has a star cluster named after him? Awesome! Go Irish! :)

38. Oinker : PIG

40. Museum filler : ART. I think the artists might be miffed to discover their masterworks are mere "filler".

42. Common 34-Across site : ANKLE

44. Query : ASK

45. Position strategically : DEPLOY

48. Cremona craftsman : AMATI. One day, I'm going to be able to unerringly fill this one in without waiting for perps, nor wondering if I'm confusing it with that darn bell town.

49. "Now We Are Six" author : MILNE. I will never forgive Disney for what they did to A.A.Milne's wonderful prose and verse and E.H.Shepard's whimsical illustrations.

50. Geography volume : ATLAS

52. Santa __: Sonoma County seat : ROSA. I'm heading up north for a few days of food and wine tasting at the Santa Barbara Vintner's Festival of Harvest in Santa Ynez this weekend. Food! Wine! Yay!

53. At the apex of : ATOP

54. The "Star Wars" films, e.g. : SAGA

56. Like most cupcakes : ICED. Tinbeni - call it "frosting" and you'll be fine

58. Helpful hint : TIP

59. Messenger __ : RNA

That's me done - hope you enjoyed the puzzle as much as I did. See you all next time!


Notes from C.C.:

Happy Birthday to dear Jayce, whose presence here on the blog is a huge comfort to me. Jayce speaks Mandarin Chinese and is married to a lovely lady from Hong Kong where Cantonese is spoken. 

Jayce is super observant and caring. His comment yesterday "You, Ron, great job again!" is a good example. Ron likes to write "I, Ron" when he sees IRON in a puzzle.

Click here for a few more photos of Jayce and his wife, both serious foodies like our Steve. Something is going on in Marseille :-)

Wedding Day


Lemonade714 said...

How cool, I am watching the blood moon appear fro a lunar eclipse.


fermatprime said...


Thank you, Jeff and Steve! Great work! Nice theme!

No problems with anything. Went smoothly.


(What do you think of the latest Castle episodes? How about Homeland and THE baby scene?)

fermatprime said...

Whoops! Happy birthday Jayce! And many more!

Lemonade714 said...

HBDTY HBDTY dear Jayce

I enjoyed this puzzle and liked seeing IDETIC and IDEST in the same grid. Sheldon is our favorite character with an identify memory. Big Bang may not be funny anymore but you can learn.

Thanks Jeff and Steve

Barry G. said...

Morning, all (and a very Happy Birthday, Jayce)!

I was hoping to see the lunar eclipse this morning, but we've got rain clouds obscuring everything around here....

Mostly smooth solve today. Before I got the theme, I couldn't get IREFUL to save my life. Once I got the theme, however, I quickly filled in PARTIAL PLATE and LUNAR LANDING which gave me enough letters to guess at IREFUL.

Did not know that MILNE wrote that particular piece, but with enough perps (basically MI_NE) I was able to make an educated guess.

I was thinking "Big shot in the sky" was referring to God, so I was a little confused when the perps gave me ACE. Then I had my V8 moment.

Is LEARNT standard AMerican English? I always thought it was slang or perhaps archaic or even the way they say it in England.

Lemonade714 said...

I no longer can sit through a Castle episode. If they left out all the silliness it would be a nice detective story with some good characters like Ryan and Javi

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Jeff Stillman, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Steve, for a fine review.

Happy Birthday, Jayce. Always enjoy your posts.

This puzzle was great. Theme was appropriate, for there was a lunar eclipse this morning.

Started at 1A and put in BABE. Was not sure but I winged it and lucked out. I guess that is officially a WAG.

Got the AVOID, BILGE, and EDAM, but BASSO took me a while. Then I saw the light.

We still have three CRT TVs. Two in Illinois and one in PA. We do have a new one in the kitchen. That is the one we always watch.

ISOGON took a while. Got all but the G and figured that had to be it.

I think we have recently had RABAT. That is why I remembered it.

Off to man the Gardening "Hot Line" today. I have to get a few of these days in before I can become an official, bona fide, Master Gardener.

See you tomorrow.



desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Coincidence that Rich scheduled this one on the morning of a lunar eclipse? I think not. Steve, I enjoyed you foodie take on it, but it did get a little soupy. With your French angle and the LUNAR LANDING, you could have mentioned that the solar radiation has turned the American flags on the moon pure white. The fear is that when ET lands on the moon he'll think it was the French who were there first.

ELLY May Clampett was the hottest hottie on TV until Daisy Duke showed up.

Steve, you must not be a fan of Criminal Minds. You'd know that Dr. Spenser Reid has an eidetic memory, and you'd even know how to mispronounce it with four syllables.

Happy birthday, Jayce. What's shakin'?

HeartRx said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Jayce! I always get a kick out of your observations, and often learn something from your comments. Thank you for being a pillar of this little community!

Gee, do you think it was a coincidence that Rich scheduled this puzzle on the day of the LUNAR eclipse? ;-)

I almost missed the theme reveal, but had to check perps for PINK. It just didn't occur to me that that is another name for medium rare. I always believed that medium rare has a warm red center, and a pink center denotes a steak that is cooked "medium."

Of course, 1A was all perps for me. Which is really stupid, because The BABE is such an icon of sports. Huge V8 moment when it filled in. Other than that, it was pretty much smooth sailing.

Fun write-up, Steve. (Food!) And I cracked up at your ICED comment. Hopefully, Tin will let that one slide...

Avg Joe said...

I got up an hour early today to see the lunar eclipse. That also involved waiting for the paper to arrive, so it was a very pleasant surprise to see this theme. Enjoyed it a lot.

Steve, with your fixation on bouillabaisse you need to read up on cioppino. It's got San Francisco roots, and is quite similar. Enjoyed the recap.

Happy Birthday, Jayce. And many more.

C.C. Burnikel said...

To clarify, yesterday's HIVE clue is not our original. I'm sure I've seen that clue before.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Blue Iris,
I ditto what Yellowrocks said. Amazing post on Monday night.

Husker Gary said...

-I wonder if The BABE could get around on today’s 100 mph fastballs
- If we can land a man on the Moon, we should be able to make SOLAR PANELS that stand up to hail
-Sheldon’s EIDETIC memory on display (1:04)
-REPO man vs Karate (2:01)
-The Senate Hopper is full of bills that aren’t going anywhere
-Does seeing a TAT on someone color your assessment of them?
-Astronomers can only see the Sun’s corona (AURA) during a solar eclipse
-If the $50 filet that I ordered medium rare ain’t PINK in the middle, they can try, try again.
-ADS on slightly faster vehicles
-Look at the average $449,000, 1225 sq ft house in Santa Rosa, CA. Yikes!
-Name the fine movie with this dialogue – “That’s TRUE, isn’t it?” “No, but it’s accurate.”

Husker Gary said...

File under "better late than never" - Happy Birthday, Jacye!

Steve said...

Happy Birthday Jayce!

I completely missed the fact there was an eclipse last night - my Uber driver told me when he picked me up this morning to go to the airport - the moon was beautiful, low and full - just not eclipsed any more.

@Avg Joe - funny you should say that, I had a bowl of cioppino for lunch a week ago at La Boulangerie on Mission in downtown San Francisco.

D-O - sniggering about the French flag quip :)

Prof T said...

Kind of a fun puzzle today, but a few questionable words IMHO; e.g. IRENESS, ALONENESS, LEARNT, ESS

kazie said...

I loved the puzzle today, and thoroughly enjoyed Steve's blog.

I agreed with Steve on 6D too. I think it's a British English thing.

I did have to wait for perps to get BABE, and my one erasure was changing RESULTING to RESULTANT. I have a nephew called ARA, who I'm sure wasn't named after the constellation.

I prefer my beef PINK but lamb must be bien cuit. I thought D-O's French joke rather mean. The French resistance were very heroic during WWII. As is frequent, the general population did not necessarily all think the same way as their government.

Happy birthday Jayce! Lovely photos too.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Happy Birthday Jayce!

I guess the LIMIT of this grid is an ISOGON. Gives it a whole new meaning. Liked the theme. Thought IREFUL and ALONENESS were kind of stiff but, HEY, it's Wednesday. Good job, Jeff.

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Ellie May and the Clampetts are on TV Land as we speak. Old sit-coms never die.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Zoomed through, no speed bumps. Needed the reveal to get the theme, though.

Viewing the eclipse wasn't an option. At that time we were having a big noisy thunderstorm complete with power outage and driving rain.

HBTY Jayce!

Thanks Steve, always enjoy your food-oriented style!

thehondohurricane said...

Howdy folks,

Before I forget, Happy Birthday Jayce.

This was one of the most difficult puzzles for a Wednesday that I can recall. It was a struggle from the start. Even though I knew it was wrong I had Carsill Plate instead of PARTIAL. Had Cry for PRY, Learns for LEARNT, & Lce for ACE. At that point my wee brain was done in, so I accepted a "Did it wrong" for today"

Nothing came easy today, every section was a slow go, but eventually I figured it out. This puzzle was fun because of the challenge, which I prefer over a speed run just filling in spaces without any thought.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning;

I enjoyed this offering which has lot of fresh, long fill. Didn't care for ireful or aloneness but, overall, fun and just enough of a challenge.

Thanks, Jeff, and thanks, Steve, for the colorful and image-provoking expo. I can just see that mad-man chef, toque askew, waving his razor-sharp, gleaming knife, chasing the "well-done, ketchup-loving" culprit down the cobblestone streets of Marseille. Mon Dieu!

Happy Birthday, Jace, hope it's a day of fun and celebration. Lovely pictures of you and your wife.

Have a great day.

CanadianEh! said...

Fun puzzle today (Thanks Jeff and Steve)and great timing with lunar eclipse (blood moon) this morning. DH saw it but I was a sleepyhead.

HBD Jayce!

A few slowdowns: Evade before AVOID, Even before Tied before TRUE, Square before ISOGON, Aloofness before ALONENESS. Perps to the rescue!

IREFUL was a Meh clue to me! Loved the ANKLE and TAT clues.

HeartRx said...

Irish Miss, vivid imagination, LOL!!!

Bill G. said...

Happy Wednesday everybody! I enjoyed the puzzle. Very appropriate since there was an eclipse of the moon last night. Thanks Jeff and Steve.

Happy birthday Jayce! I hope you'll get back to trying some of the math puzzles again. I'll try to do better with my responses.

Steve, regarding regular polygons; yes, equilateral triangles for sure. Also, squares. Also stop signs. Also, the hexagons in bee hives.

Marti, I agree with your comment about medium rare. We went out for lunch with another couple. When they ordered their up-scale burgers, they asked for them to be cooked as rare as was allowable.

I wish we'd get one of those rainy thunderstorms...

Misty said...

Terrific Wednesday puzzle, Jeff--many thanks! Much to love in it, though (as an English professor) I frowned a little at IREFUL and ALONENESS (my spell check underlines that one as unacceptable). But loved being reminded of ELLY and her delightful hillbilly family. And Steve, thanks for giving me a better fix on ACE with Snoopy.

Coming home from grocery shopping and dinner last evening we noticed a spectacular moon in the southern California sky--but had no idea there would be a LUNAR ECLIPSE.

Jayce, have a wonderful, wonderful birthday!

Abejo, congratulations on the approaching Master Gardener certification!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everybody!

Tinbeni said...

Happy Birthday Jayce!

Enjoyed the timely ECLIPSES theme today.

Most cupcakes, at Villa Incognito, would be Bluenerry but todays ICED is acceptable.
In fact, that is the first, and only, time I enjoyed that answer this year. lol

As for PINK ... that had me thinkin' about something else ... all together.


PK said...

Hi Y'all! Very interesting and unusual puzzle, Jeff. I enjoyed it. Great expo, Steve!

I got off to a great start plunking in BABE. WAG, but what else has 4 letters and follows "the"?

Didn't know CRT, MILO, ID EST, ESS or (last to fill) "N" in the ISOGON/RNA cross.

Forgot AENEID had a second "E".

Hopper: not some kind of insect or kangaROO, but BIN? Not in my house. I had an uncle whose last name was Hopper, but he didn't fit either.

I was expecting a verb not a noun for "fraud" so kept trying to think of a way to make CHARLATAN into a verb form once I had enough perps to suspect the word.

Happy birthday, Jayce! I enjoy your input always.

Lucina said...

Greetings, folks!

Happy birthday, Jayce! I hope you do something special.

Que maravilla! I loved this puzzle by Jeff Stillman and was on his wave length almost immediately though had to skip over to PLASMA before the BABE occurred to me.

And how nice to have Virgil's epic instead of Homer's. Great to SEE CHARLATAN there and hand up for first filling RESULTING and ANONIMITY. RESULTANT filled SAINT for me. ISOGON was a new one.

Steve, thank you, not only for your witty style but for using "US kids" correctly. I'm really tired of "between we" or "between you and I". I do believe we are going backwards in this country. Ok, end of rant.

I also loved all your food references, Steve.

Wishing you all a wondrous Wednesday!

Tinbeni said...

oops, forgot to answer Husker ...

Absence of Malice
When referring to the Paul Newman character (Gallagher) ...
Sarah Wylie: "I need to know how to describe your relationship with Gallagher. Mac said to quote you directly. You can say whatever you want."
Megan Carter: "Just... say we were involved."
Sarah Wylie:>"That's true, isn't it?"
Megan Carter: "No. But it's accurate.

Ergo said...

Nice moment of enjoyment when the theme came into view. The whole puzzle had that eclipse effect: slowly, slowly revealing itself.

I agree with the comments about medium rare. I cooked many a medium rare steak to a perfect warm red center while working at Sirloin Stockade in the late 70's. Never once did I have one come back.

I did not like LEARNT or IREFUL, but one could not ignore their perps. PANS and messenger RNA I'll need to look up later.

CrossEyedDave said...

Fun puzzle today! But I did get one letter wrong, & in looking at it I am embarrassed to say which one...

Happy Birthday Jayce!

Ah yes! Elly MaY!...

Some notable eclipse pics:





& always remember,,, Safety First!

Also, I can't hear Air Ace without thinking about Douglas Bader. He lost both legs, & yet with prostheses he could fly a plane better than most pilots. (Note, you steer a planes rudder with your feet!) When he did get shot down over Germany, his prosthesis got stuck in the rudder pedal & he had to bail out without it. Due to his missing legs he spent most of his time as a prisoner of war in a hospital. The Germans thought so highly of his accomplishments that they allowed a single spitfire to fly over Germany and drop a replacement prosthetic leg so he could get around. He promptly put on the missing leg, tied some bedsheets together & climbed out the hospital window to escape. (Boy, were the Germans mad!)

Jayce said...

2310Hello everybody. Thank you for the birthday wishes. You all are such a bunch of loverly folks, and I enjoy reading each and every one of your posts.
Steve, you do such good blog! I know you will enjoy Santa Ynez.
Fun pozzle today, with a fun and timely theme. Usually I can't figure out the reveal on themes like this (what do the first (or last) words all have in common?) but this time it was not at all eclipsed. Lots of 3-letter entries today, but for some reason I didn't find them annoying.
FermatPrime and Lemonade, we stopped watching Castle a couple of years ago. I also notice Extant, which LW and I both felt iffy about right off the bat, seems to be kaput. We both like Madam Secretary and hope it doesn't go too far astray. Our perennial favorite is still NCIS, and its New Orleans spinoff seems okay so far, too.
Jeez, more time spent on discussing TV shows than the puzzle.
LW and I are going out for dinner tonight at a semi-upscale place. I am craving rack of lamb; she's not telling me what she's craving.
C.C., you must take notes; you remember so much!
Bill G, I'll resume trying your math puzzles.
Best wishes to you all.

JJM said...

Husker you think they didn't have 100mph fastballs back in the day??

- Walter Johnson
- Christy Matthewson
- "Smokey" Joe wood (according to Satchel Paige)
- Bob Feller
- Lefty Grove

Nolan Ryan threw a recorded 101 mph fastball in 1974… 40 years ago. These are just a few.

A good fastball pitcher will always be able to throw heat, whether it's 1923 or 2014. The Babe was the greatest hitter of his day. I'm sure he got around on the greatest fastball pitchers of his day.

Deep Thinker said...

Cross Eyed Dave, what fun links. Loved them.

Re: Group Captain Douglas Bader, RAF, I read the biographic book on him, by Paul Brickhill, 'Reach for the Sky', in 1962, and I was impressed. That he could do all that with 2 artificial legs was beyond ( my) belief.

Despite your story, Bader did not finally escape, in his hospital breakout, and he ended the war in a German POW hospital, rescued by the US Army.

For fairness' sake, you should also see the old movie 'The one that got away',(1957)(The Rank Organisation) about a WWII German flying ace, ObLt Franz von Werra, a Luftwaffe pilot, who did actually get away and escape, on his third attempt, by crossing the frozen Lake Erie (?), from a Canadian POW camp, to the (then -) 'neutral' USA in 1940.

Although, it is sometimes difficult for us to rationalize, we should try hard not to taint brave and honorable soldiers by the politics of the wars they fought in. Just a passing thought.

Avg Joe said...

Feeling old about Jeopardy Part Deaux:

Today they had a "name that tune" type category. They give the singer or the band and a sample of the lyrics. I got nada. And I only recognized one of the answers.

That's it. I'm old. Pass me the laxatives cuz I'm feeling highly irregular. Oh...and would somebody turn on Lawrence Welk as they walk past the TV.

Bill G. said...

Avg Joe, I know what you mean! Not only do I not recognize any of the recent popular music but I don't like it. I can't hum it or whistle it. The lyrics don't engage me. Geezerville!

Why is Jeopardy on so early where you are? Here it's not on until 7 pm and that's over four hours away yet.

The weather has cooled off so it's off for a bike ride and a macchiato before I have a student whose head to fill with the wonders of mathematics.

Spitzboov said...

BG and AJ - Jeopardy. In our market they had that category on last night @ 7:30. I agree with Joe about oldNESS.

thehondohurricane said...

jjm @2.43

I don't know if, or how ,it was determined the pitchers you listed threw the ball 100 mph, but I am sure if they did it was a rarity, not consistent. Joe Wood & Mr Johnson are the least likely yo have achieved the century mark. The ball they used was like a hardened nerf ball.

The others MAY have ben clocked at 100 mph, but they sure did not record it regularly, like today's pitchers.

And as far as the Babe, he hit everything pitched to him, in spite of his activities the night before. That would still apply in 2014!

fermatprime said...


Any old rectangle is also an ISOGON.

It is not known whether or not Extant will be renewed for a second season, according to what I can find on the net. (I hope it will be.)

I like my steak quite red.

CrossEyedDave said...

Deep Thinker @ 4:01

The one that got away, an amazing story, I was not aware of it. Thanks!

People say they have watched the whole movie on you tube, but so far I have only found the trailer. I will definitely keep looking.

Your last line reminded me of Charlie Brown & Franz Stigler, who could have been shot for treason for escorting a B17 out of Germany!

Blue Iris said...

Happy Birthday, Jayce!

Thank you Yellowrock and CC for reading my late night post yesterday.

Today's puzzle was crunchy for me, but I made it through. Thanks Steve for helping me understand the wags.

My Dad was a TYPESETTER until the age of 50+. I remember his angst as his job changed to the computer.He said they threw 75+ printer's boxes (drawers) into the fire. He rescued 2 printer's boxes for me and I also have metal type and old advertising blocks.

Blue Iris said...

Sorry, it was a late night post on Monday. I've lost track of time. Thanks anyway!

Deep Thinker said...

CED Thanks for the follow thru.

I was not aware of the book, The Higher Call, but I will look for it.

War, like many human endeavors, often brings out the best and the worst in us.

... and yet, most scientists, technocrats, economists, medical doctors etc., all agree that the progress in all sciences, technology and advances in every field that are achieved during war - would NEVER have been achieved in peace... or in so short a time.

There we have it.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Fun easier than normal Wednesday for me except for the LA TIMES site. Not wanting to pay $5 again for a print out, I started working online. When I got to HEY, it would only let me TYPE Ts into the grid. I guess that's apropos considering my avatar.

Only write over today was TaPES-off. I read 13d as "painting." Perps to the rescue!

Theme helped my finally get PARTIAL PLATE and fix 13d.

I liked the theme, but there where some words... WEES. Thanks for the puzzle Jeff. Steve - awesome as always.

Fav of course was the reveal. It ECLIPSES everything.

I also LEARNT PAPAYA has a Y, not an I.

Steak? - Medium well please. I want to make sure it's dead.

Lucina - between we. I agree, is grating to hear.

CED - Great Links! Deep Thinker - I read Higher Calling two(?) years ago. It will keep you on the edge of your seat.

AveJoe - Don't go into the Welk!

Finally, HBD Jayce! Thanks for adding in your $.02; I always enjoy the posts.

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

I had to go back to double-check, but nope, I would have expected someone in this crowd to link FACES. C, -T

Bill G. said...

Stories like this warm my heart. Minneapolis good samaritan

Lucina said...

Thank you for posting that; it is definitely a heartwarming story.

Montana said...

Happy belated Birthday, Jayce!