Dec 6, 2014

Saturday, Dec 6th, 2014, Barry C. Silk

Theme: Saturday Silkie~!

Words: 72 (missing J,Q,V)

Blocks: 31

Starting off December's Saturdays with a Silkie, and a good one at that - and what I mean is, it was still difficult, but there was enough to work with that I did in fact finish, but with red-letter help and over my preferred time limit - but that was due to a ZEALOUS approach to the SW corner; I pretty much shot myself in the foot down there.  Oh well.  Two triple nine corners, and two long 14-letter fills;

28a. 2000s best-seller subtitled "The Dark Side of the All-American Meal" : "FAST FOOD NATION" - I pondered "SUPER-SIZE ME", but that was the movie about eating McDonald's everyday, every meal, for one month - more here

45a. It contains a due process clause : FIFTH AMENDMENT - DAH~!!  I was pretty confident that this was the SIXTH amendment - I watch a lot of "Law & Order" - because I know that the FIFTH amendment contains the right against self incrimination; found out that NY was the only state that requested 'due process', and that the 14th Amendment contains such language, too


1. Breakfast fare : SWEET ROLL - "----BAGEL" was working, so long as I had AGHA in place of RANI

10. Excuse : ALIBI

15. Disposable : THROW-AWAY - put it right in, decided to take it out; then the first "W" returned, and so it went back in

16. Mauritian coin : RUPEE

17. Chocolate-covered snack : RAISINETS - don't like 'em, but Goobers are good; referential clue - 47d. Maker of 17-Across : NESTLÉ

18. Tyrannical types : OGRES

19. Packed away : ATE - I can pack away a bag of Goobers no problem

20. Current : TIDE - Dah~! Not "LATE"

21. Revere : HONOR - not ADORE

22. Dry, in a way : WIPE - as, say, your windshield - see 35a.

24. Beethoven's "Archduke," for one : TRIO - did not quite understand this; here's the Wiki

26. Ones working at home, maybe : UMPS - baseball's 'home'

32. Besides : TOO

33. Alternative to shaving : NEET - NEET or NAIR? Had to wait

34. __-Cat : SNO - I'll bet Mr. Silk cringes when he has to use this in a grid

35. Cause of a wet blade : DEW DROP

39. Easter tradition : DYED EGG - I went with "EGG HUNT"

41. Prefix with lateral : UNI -unilateral

42. Working hard : AT IT - I was at it from 2am to 7am this morning at UPS, and from 12:15am to 9:30am every night this past week - only 13+ days to go~!

44. Hammer setting : EAR - ah, that hammer

50. "I'm just sayin'," in texts : FWIW - For What It's Worth

51. Reason for a warning : GALE

52. Persian Gulf capital : DOHA - shout-out to Doc~!  I had to wait on perps

54. Slate, for one : eZINE

56. Bk. before Job : ESTHer

59. Female lobster : HEN - I figured it was HEN or COW, had to wait again

60. Gem : STONE - worked for "Slate" at 54a, too, which messed me up

61. Zealot : EXTREMIST - also the title of a Joe Satriani album; here's a cut from "Surfing with the Alien"

63. Kingdom east of Australia : TONGA - Dah~! I put in SAMOA, and the "A" was good, but only 20% worth

64. Some priests : CELIBATES

65. Olympic event since 1968 : SKEET

66. There's one in the London Chancery Bldg. : U. S. EMBASSY


1. __ vote : STRAW

2. Experimenter's question : "WHAT IF...."

3. It may precede 16501 : ERIE, PA - very good - the zip code; I was pondering Roman numerals - but 10,000 =¯X; and that's not crossword acceptable

4. Daughter of Hyperion : EOS

5. Fool : TWIT - ah, the straight-up use of the word, IMHO

6. Eastern royal : RANI - AGHA was a possibility

7. Had because of : OWED TO

8. Eventually : LATER ON

9. Lille lily : LYS - Frawnche

10. Buck add-on : A-ROO - Buck-a-roo

11. Bit of wheel hardware : LUG NUT - important bits, I might add

12. "You can depend on me!" : "I PROMISE~!"

13. Pub game : BEER PONG

14. -osis : -oses :: -y : -__ : -IES - plural endings, as in neurosis, neuroses, pony, ponies

21. Flavored, as roasted chicken : HONEYED - I've heard of honey-glazed, so this was close enough

23. Cornerstone abbr. : EST'D - when the stone is too small to fit "established"

25. Named : IDed

27. Get lovey-dovey, in Leeds : SNOG - if you've seen Harry Potter....

29. Regular religious reading : TORAH

30. Movie scenes : FOOTAGE - ah, good clue

31. Select group : A-TEAM

35. Behind : DUFF - the noun, in this case; seasonal gratuitous image

36. 1944 battle site : ENIWETOK - wow, what a fill - new one for me; the WIki on this Pacific Atoll

37. Place to get connected : WiFi ZONE - Dah~! the "X" from my erroneous "SIXTH" stopped me from seeing this

38. Strong cotton : PIMA - a lesson in fiber-producing plants

40. __ Scott v. Sandford: 1857 Supreme Court case : DRED - learned from paying attention in high school, I think

43. Fax forerunners : TELEXES - more pluralizing

46. Minor pain : TWINGE

48. Pitches a gem against : NO HITS - more baseball for C.C.

49. Luther's 95 __ : THESES - and yet more pluralizing

53. Restless : ANTSY

55. Undiluted : NEAT - There you go, Tin~! No "three-letter words" today~!

57. In good shape : TRIM - Dah~!  Not "HALE"

58. "Sunny" singer Bobby : HEBB - that one "ugh" moment, where I could not tell which letter to start this clue with and end the "Biblical Book" abbr. clue with as well - WAG the "H"

60. D and C, in D.C. : STs - streets; clever - nothing to do with "District" and "Columbia"

61. Old French coin : ECU - been popular, lately

62. Kid's cry : "Maa~!"


Note from C.C.:

Happy Birthday to dear Lucina, the first blog regular I've met in person. Lucina is very close to her three sisters and they travel to different parts of the country/world together every year. They also have very similar personalities: all bubbly, cheerful and happy. You can see more pictures here.

C.C. & Lucina, Mall of America, Oct 1, 2012


Jerome said...

THROWAWAY- Answer to "Where's Henry David?"

RAISINETS- Rearin' aliens

"Who's the King of the Blues, Tarzan?"

SWEETROLL- Swee'Pea's evil twin

Yeah, well it's a quarter to four and I just had a beer and a Ativan... Wadda ya expect...

TTP said...

Good mornin all !

Happy Birthday Lucina. Thank you Barry and Splynter.

Shout to Abejo with ERIE PA, 16501. Hope you are finally feeling a little better ! They must be making you miserable.

Also, Hey Doc !

Had 14 words after the first pass in each direction, and stalled. THROWAWAY was an unproven wag early on. Had nothing in the SW. Nada. Zilch.

Started building off of the Northeast where I already had AROO, OGRES, UMPS and SNO.


Hand up for first thought of "Super Size Me." And for having to wait on nair or NEET.

Oh, that SW. Fixated on early morning golf with "Cause of a wet blade." Simply could not bring DEW to the forefront. But had to keep wiping off my blades after every shot. D'OH !

Had PURE for undiluted, and IMHO for "I'm just saying" even though it didn't make sense; I couldn't think of anything else.

Finally turned on red letters and am glad I did. Better than just giving up, IMHO. Found the errors with PURE and changed to FWIW.

Never heard of ENIWETOK, and questioned it even with all of the supporting fill.

I was able to remember most of the lyrics and the whole "feel" of the song Sunny , but could not think of HEBB even with -EBB.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Pretty brutal today, but I stuck with it and eventually managed to get through it unassisted. Definitely touch and go in spots, however.

For the longest time, all I had in the NW was RAISINETS and ATE. I finally came up with ERIE PA, however, and that gave me the foothold I needed to finish that section.

Down in the SW, it took a long time to realize what type of "blade" was getting wet, so DEW DROP just wouldn't come. When I finally guessed that "Behind" was being used as a noun, however, I eventually tried DUFF (after TUSH wouldn't work) and that got me going. ENIWETOK was hard to spell, and I've only heard of it as a site where an atomic bomb was tested (hydrogen bomb, perhaps), but at least I'd heard of it. Hand up for PURE before NEAT.

The rest of the puzzle was relatively straightforward, except that I had to make a WAG at RUPEE, accept that NO HITS could possibly be a verb, and pray that HEBB was actually somebody's name.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

It wasn't silkie smooth, but I got 'er done. Only had bits and pieces until I got to Florida, and then things started to "click." Nice shoutouts to Doc, Tin and Abejo -- got my shingles shot a couple of years ago, and sure hope its working.

I read it as "Eastern tradition", so DYED EGG was slow to appear. LYS, as in fleur de lys was a gimme, as was HEBB. CELIBATES, because predators wasn't working. With ENI in place, I was sure it was ENIWETOK, but had no idea how to spell it.

Splynter, in the olden days people did the dishes manually -- "You wash, I'll wipe."

Happy birthday, Lucina!

JCJ said...

I'm of the age where I still spell out lots of things in texts for which there are probably acronyms. So the southwest corner was the last holdout with FWIW and ENIWETOK. I had to verify my text acronym, for what it's worth.

Yellowrocks said...

Tough Silkie in the east. The west went down fairly easily. DEW DROP was cute.
PURE before NEAT, IMHO before FWIW. I doubted HEBB, but we have had ESTH before and the other perps were solid.
Three red letter assists in the East. I don't remember ENIWETOK at all.
As we discussed some time ago, TRIO can be the name of the piece as well as the group of three performing it.
Cool review, Splynter.
Happy birthday, Lucina. I always enjoy your cheery, friendly posts.
My older son is coming soon to help me with my tree and many of the little things I have always done for myself. I feel loved and blessed, but also old because I am now dependent.I really appreciate his sweet help. Life would be so much less without him.

Yellowrocks said...

from Directionally Challeged:
It is the East that was easy for me and the West that was tough. Living on the East Coast, how can i mess this up?

HeartRx said...

Happy birthday, Lucina! Great pics, and I can see why C.C. called you “bubbly, cheerful and happy.” Enjoy your special day!

I love Barry’s puzzles. They are always challenging, but ultimately do-able.

ENIWETOK???? 8 perps, and I nailed it!

21-A Flavored, as roasted chicken? Never heard of sweet chicken, and thought “ham” would be more apt. I finally did enter HONEYED, although begrudgingly.

I filled 52-A with only the "D" in place, thank you very much ex-DOHA Doc!!

FAST FOOD NATION was also a gimme. Reading that book was the most enlightening thing I had ever read about our nation’s food chain supply. I will never…never…ever, eat pre-ground hamburger again. I buy steaks from a local producer and grind my own.

It’s a cold rainy day here in the NE, so we’ll decorate the tree, bake cookies and enjoy a cozy fire. Ah, ‘tis the season…

Avg Joe said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! And many many more.

Had the same issues you've all mentioned. First pass had only a smattering of fill, but it grew from there. Even got Eniwetok from the full set of perps, but was ready for that to be wrong.

Finally had only What If, Ate, and Fast Food Nation in cells in or abutting the NW corner. Figured it had to be Lys, but thought it was spelled Lis. Knew a zip code was the idea behind 16501, but with only the 2nd e and the a, couldn't guess what state, let alone city, so googled that and it opened up the entire corner quickly. Then, I also googled Hebb because it didn't seem certain. So...2 googs and a DNF. But an enjoyable solve nonetheless.

inanehiker said...

Since I fill out on paper, I came to the blog fully expecting to find out where I had screwed up since I was left with ENIWETOK and was pleasantly surprised. I had already erased things several times when I pairs like INT and NAURU instead of STS and TONGA, but when WIFI ZONE became solid everything had to switch back.

Family story -- our first family trip to the East Coast my mom ordered coffee and a SWEET ROLL and our waitress didn't know what she was talking about. She wanted to bring a dinner roll with some jam. Finally figured out that mom meant a Danish, which was the local lingo for it. As a kid, my first exposure to regional differences in lingo.

Happy Birthdya, Lucina. Thanks for the write-up Splynter-- though I missed having the puzzle grid.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

A typical Saturday Silkie and I mean that as a compliment. Chip a little here, guess a little there, strike gold with a long answer, keep chipping and before you know it, TADA! As I have said before, I LOVE Silkie's puzzles because they are very challenging, yet mostly always doable, and no matter how long the solve might take, the reward is commensurate with the effort, IMHO.

Had jewel/stone but dew drop, Fast Food Nation, U S Embassy, etc. came easily with a few perps. Nice shout out to Tin, Abejo and Doc's past location.

Best wishes for a very Happy Birthday, Lucina. I hope the day is as special for you as you are to the Corner. Your smile must light up a room judging by those lovely pictures.

A dreary day here but at least the sleet and rain have stopped. No snow in the immediate future. Stay safe and warm, everyone.

Have a great day.

Husker Gary said...

A very doable Silkie! No nits, no puns no errors.

-In the old Perry Mason shows Lt. Tragg grills the perp with no Miranda rights
-This bureaucrat certainly knew her 5th amendment rights
-This restaurant where we ate in Gatlinsburg, TN claims to serve the world’s biggest 1 Across
-In 1960 Vance Packard called THROW AWAY’s “Planned Obsolescence”
-This probably was never successful due to wind and TIDE that night
-Remember when they would WIPE your windshield, check your tires and oil…
-Those DEW DROPS leave a putting trail early in the morning
-A hit in the convent!
-STRAW VOTES for 2016 are silly
-My cwd skills are OWED TO my mom
-Our Lily is in my avatar
-BEER PONG display
-HBD, Lucina! That hair color works for you!

CrossEyedDave said...

Inane hiker @9:18 "Danish," of course, now it makes sense. (Never heard of sweetroll...)

"FC" Lucina!

Big Easy said...

The Sw almost did me in also. I wanted to put IMHO and even after I finished ENWETOK just didn't look right. I only got RAISINETS and NESTLE because I bought a box last week for my wife. I don't like them. ERIE PA, AMENDMENT, TRIO, and SNOG were perps and SKEET, FIFTH, TONGA and WHAT IF were WAGs.

I had no idea what a Mauritian coin was,miss reading at for Mauritania.I liked some of the misdirecting cluessuch as behind, current, warning, and wet blade.

Anonymous said...

18A "Tyrannical types" = OGRES? There is nothing suggesting political dominion in the definition of OGRE.

25D The past tense of ID is ID'D (spelled IDD in crossword puzzles), not IDED. This is an all too common ERROR (and the reverse of mistaking EXES for EX'S, George Strait to the contrary notwithstanding).

River Doc said...

Happy Silkie everybody!

Grunted and grinded out the top two thirds, but could not suss the south....

CAFE for ZONE, JEWEL for STONE, PURE for NEAT (sorry Tin), SOU for ECU all contributed to the fail....

At least I got the two long almost spanners in the middle, FWIW....

Actually tried OMAN until NO HITS and THESES led me to shout D'OH !!! (A)....

Finally, HBD to Lucina!

Lucina said...

Greetings, Weekenders! Nicely rendered, Splynter, thank you and especially for posting that DUFF photo which made me realize which def. of behind I was missing. Duh!

Mostly this was an easy Silkie throughout until I hit the SW and even doubted myself at the nonsense looking ENIWETOK. But it was right!

Actually, my brother just suggested I go to the Casino today with my 77. It should be lucky.

But how lucky am I already to first, have some friends come over to join me for breakfast, then my Corner friends with their good wishes! Thank you for the cake, CED. I was expecting that one with the mass of candles on it.

Have a delightful Saturday, everyone! I know I shall.

Pat said...

With help from my friend,Splynter, I finished a Saturday Silkie!!! The northwest and the southeast were my problem areas. Thanks, gentlemen, for the challenge and the help.

Happy Birthday, Lucina! Are you making fruitcakes this year?

Have a great day!


Sallie said...

Good afternoon everyone.

Happy birthday, Lucina. Hope it's a great celebration. Hard to have a birthday close to Christmas, as does my older son (the 21st!)

I don't even try to do a Saturday puzzle.


crazyhorse said...

Happy birthday Lucina! I always enjoy your posts. Difficult puzzle done with help.

Ol' Man Keith said...

I went from TENTH to NINTH to FIFTH AMENDMENT before hitting the right one. But at last, as Red Skelton's "Mean widdle kid" used to say, "I dood it.
Yessir, got 'em all--with no lookups! Pretty good, eh? -- one of my better encounters with the smooth one, Mr. Silk. The trickiest one was ERIE PA, for running two proper names (and one abbreviated) together. Almost as hard was the name of the 1944 battle site. Fortunately I remembered ENIWETOK from my childhood, as I had a relative who fought there. It is where a famous photo was taken of the Victor.

Dr Dre said...

"A beer and a Ativan"? Wow!

Might as well "Eat a Nirvana Bead"

but you shouldn't really do that or

you might "Rave I eat bandana"

which, I guess, isn't as bad as the the time you

"Raved, I Ate Banana!"

But seriously Jerome, what the hell are you thinking? That combo can kill you! It can cause sleep apnea or even just stop the breathing reflex all together. Geeez.

Middletown Bomber said...

Great write up by Splynter, and an exceptional Silkie.

FYI the sixth amendment is a right to counsel. The Amendment is due process and equal protection as applied against the federal government the right not to incriminate yourself i.e. your Miranda Warnings. The 14th Amendment which applies to the states is equal protection and due Process clause.

Jerome said...

Felicidades, Lucina... Mi corazon.

Spitzboov said...

Good afternoon everyone.

Happy Birthday, Lucina. Nice picture. You two look very classy.

The MUSE of puzzle solving did not stir me today, even after launching a 2nd assault later in the morning. After getting LYS spelt right, (no 'i'), I finally got THROW AWAY and the rest of the NW. Generally went from the bottom (DUFF?) up. Had sou before ECU.
Favorite clues were for DEW DROP and UMPS. 60d, D & C were good, TOO.

Bill G. said...

Happy Saturday everybody! Saturday puzzles are too hard for me to finish unaided so I just admit it to myself and start with the red letters on. So I get finished and enjoy it but I can't brag about it.

Happy birthday Lucina! I always enjoy your posts and photos. We almost got to meet in person...

I loved this panoramic photo of our Milky Way. Click on it for full resolution. Can you spot the Andromeda Galaxy? (Hint: It's not one of those two blotches on the left side.) Milky Way

Yellowrocks said...

Tyrant need not be political. Hopefully you have never had a boss who was a tyrant or an ogre.

From the Dictionary:
ID Informal n.
A form of identification, especially an ID card.
tr.v. ID'ed, ID'·ing, ID's
To check the identification of, especially in order to verify legal age; card: The bouncer ID'ed everyone who looked younger than 30.

My son's close friend's father fell from a ladder last month, shattering leg and hip bones, so Dave is fearful of trusting me on ladders. He also realizes I walk with difficulty. Today he set up a cut tree on the patio for me and set up my main tree in the house, adding lights and timers to both. He placed decorations in two very high windows, changed the screen to storm door. and hung curtains in my remodeled bathroom. All of that would have been so difficult for me alone. He's a real sweetie.

Yellowrocks said...

In re sweet roll vs. Danish ( We say Danish here.)
There seem to be many regional differences in word usage.
In the novel I am reading some of the characters live in SEMIS. To me that is a truck with a semi-trailer. I looked it up, and as I suspected, found SEMI refers to semi detached houses. The characters wear RUNNERS, AKA sneakers.
The language seemed British to me, certainly not American English, so I checked out the setting of the story, TORONTO.
Sometimes these Canadian and British regionalisms turn up in crosswords, so I try to remember them.

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Barry, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Splynter, for a fine review.

This was a toughie.

My easiest answer was, of course, ERIE PA. My home town. My ZIP code as a youth was 16506. My brother's is 16505. Downtown Erie is 16501. Wahoo!

US EMBASSY was clever.

I had BEST FOOD NATION until a couple perps corrected it to FAST.

HONEYED was easy. I love honey baked ham.

Had RUMP for 35. Started with a U. After a while and FIFTH AMENDMENT I changed that to DUFF.

Happy birthday, Lucina, and many more.

Off to a dinner tonight in Chicago. See you tomorrow.



Ergo said...

Happy Birthday Lucinda. Thank you Barry Silk and Splynter.

I was able to complete from the FIFTHAMENDMENT and points to the North. The South however, was a complete train wreck. But for a Saturday Silky, I can't help but feel a sense of accomplishment.

One funny - I can't tell you how long I stared at ERIEPA trying to make sense of it. But the perps were solid and there were other mysteries to solve. One has to appreciate clues that prompt you to explore multiple methods of solving.

BV Ahlers said...

20A TIDE is an up/down measurement, while CURRENT is a back/forth movement. I don't think that even "poetic license" would fit here!
Tide can cause a current as in tidal current but they are not the same. FWIW

Lime Rickey said...

Current is back/forth? I think not. I'm pretty sure the current of most rivers flows just one way.

Tide is up/down? I think not. The tide come in and the tide goes out. Back and forth.

In any case, both terms describe the movement of water. It's Saturday. Get over it.

Yellowrocks said...

The tides cause the water level of a specific place to rise and fall, but they also cause the water to flow in and ebb out in a current.
"1. (Physical Geography) the cyclic RISE AND FALL of sea level caused by the gravitational pull of the sun and moon.
2. (Physical Geography) the CURRENT, ebb, or flow of water at a specified place resulting from these changes in level: the tide is coming in."
I picture the undertow as a current. It is also the tide going out.

PK, are you all right? I certainly do miss your posts.

CrossEyedDave said...

Don't be a tidal bore...

CrossEyedDave said...

Oh crap, Yellowrocks, you snuck that in just as I was posting.

It was in no way directed at you.

Just a play with words.

Splynter said...

Hi again~!

D-Otto, I was on a completely different wavelength when I did the write-up this AM - first off, it was raining here, and so subconsciously, I read 'blade' in 22a. and thought of wiper blades, not grass blades....hence my version of "wipe". When I go to mom's house, I do the washing, and she does the drying.

Happy B-day Lucina~!

Loved the panoramic image of the Milky Way, BillG - just not dark enough around here, even at the far end of the Island, to see the details, but you can see its vague haze sometimes.


Rainman said...

Thanks to Splynter and Barry Silk for another terrific Saturday Silkie and write-up.

This is my first blog on any site ever so I hope to get it right and add value to your turf. Any help is appreciated. Please forgive me should I err or break any rules.

Being a former postal employee, even before the Zip Codes existed (1963), I was able to get the cleverly clued " ... 16501" right away. Until then, I was just spinning my wheels. I'm always happy when I can complete a Saturday LAT puzzle without help and I'm a happy man today! Everything finally fell into place. It was a bit of a struggle, taking me almost an hour.

Thanks also to Barry G and Marti, each for offering some motivation, and to all of you. I've been following and enriched by your comments for several years and I feel I know many of you from your posts and profiles. And thank you, C.C. It's a privilege to take part.

Felíz Cumpleaños, Lucina. Yes, 77!


CanadianEh! said...

LOL. Yr@3:22. MY daughter bought a semi to live in; I Wear runners to run, and my husband loves Danish. And I don't live too far from Toronto! So I understood your story perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Never heard of Neet. Perhaps it's a knock-off of Nair and Veet?

Mike Sherline said...

I grew up in the D.C. area, and sweet rolls were also called cinnamon rolls, somewhat tall, made in a spiral with cinnamon & sugar rolled inside, with white sugar icing; always thought of Danish as more flat, made in one piece, with fruit or cheese in the middle, and maybe icing too.

I still don't get 60D. D and C are street names in Washington, D.C., and probably lots of other cities, but I can't imagine a situation where they'd be written as D.C. Streets.

Lucina said...

Gracias. You make my heart flutter!


We shall yet meet. I'm sure of it.

NEET is a brand name, same as Nair.

Again, thank you all for your good wishes. I partied at my daughter's house and now I'm all tuckered out. Tomorrow is my granddaughter's birthday so, another party.

Mike Sherline said...

Never mind - I just noticed the comma in the clue. Funny how such a small thing can make all the difference - like using apostrophe-s to indicate plural.

Anonymous said...

Has no one anything to say about duff? How about a guy with a duff?

Moe said...

Ok is your guy with a DUFF.

Yellowrocks said...

Welcome Rainman.
CED, LOL at your apt coincidence. No harm done. Your link should have been "tidal excitement" rather than tidal bore. Spectacular!
I am very interested in tides. Today's Wall Street Journal suggests that the tide may have been of great assistance in Moses's parting of the Red Sea.
Link Moses's tide

Bill G. said...

I was watching the football game on television and heard one of the announcers say, "He's having trouble keeping his eyes on both he and Marcus" I chalked it off to a mistake in casual oral grammar. About 10 minutes later he said, "...between he and Jason..." Geez...

I stumbled across a 25-year-old movie on cable called "Great Balls of Fire" with Dennis Quaid and Winona Ryder. It looks like good fun and great music.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Extra late to the party. Really struggled with this one, especially in the SW corner. Erie PA was all perps, and I failed utterly to parse it - D'Oh!

Had to smile at Duff, the real name of the president of my old university.

HBTY Lucina, late but sincere!

Bill G - Winona Ryder mmmmmm

Bill G. said...

Winona Ryder brings back an interesting memory. We had gotten some better-than-usual seats to a Dodgers game 15/20 years back. I was standing in the aisle when I noticed Winona Ryder walk by with a friend to an even better seat. I told daughter Bonnie, who was a BIG fan, about who I had just seen, pointed her out walking to her seat and suggested she go say hello and get an autograph. She was embarrassed and reluctant. I told her that this was probably her only chance to meet her and to just act like a normal person and not a fan. So she did. Winona did chat with her and gave her an autograph after making her promise not to tell anybody else. A job well done by ol' Dad.

Crow said...

Winona Ryder with red hair.

Oh, the horror...

Anonymous T said...

Only played 1/2 the puzzle today said...

HBD Lucina! Thank you for all the recipes and I hope your tomorrow is as good as today.

Cheers, -T

Blue Iris said...

Happy Birthday Lucinda! I will wish your granddaughter a HBTY since getting here so late.