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Dec 16, 2014

Tuesday, December 16, 2014 Jerry Edelstein

Theme: At the end of a tunnel - is a light and both parts of the starred entries are lights also.

17A. *Actor Sydney of "Casablanca" : GREENSTREET. Green light. Street light.

11D. *Talent show hosted by Ed McMahon : STAR SEARCH. Starlight. Search light.

25D. *Break for fuel : GAS STOP. Gaslight. Stop light.

30D. *Danger after a heavy rainfall : FLASH FLOOD. Flashlight. Flood light.

59A. Understand (and a hint to both parts of this puzzle's answers to starred clues) : SEE THE LIGHT

Argyle here. More vert. than horz. today. I do wonder if  the theme has been done before. (C.C. said not both parts as lights) No matter; it was fun.


1. __ excuse for: hardly the best example of : A POOR

6. Largest city in Belarus : MINSK

11. Reg. : STD. (regulation/standard)

14. "__ Rae" : NORMA. 1979 film about a factory worker starring Sally Field.

15. Political convention setting : ARENA

16. Golfer's peg : TEE

19. Crazy way to go : APE

20. "Dallas" matriarch Miss __ : ELLIE. Barbara Bel Geddes.

21. Brought up : REARED

23. Boiling mad : ENRAGED

27. Takes advantage of : USES

28. Shower offering : GIFT

31. Waiter's carrying aid : TRAY

32. Get on in years : AGE

33. Pioneering ISP : AOL

34. Break down, as a sentence : PARSE

35. "It's the __ I can do" : LEAST

38. Hidden loot : STASH

40. Superman's symbol : ESS. Pop quiz: How is he standing?


41. Bug in a program, say : ERROR

42. Tomato concentrate : PASTE

43. Kitchen appliance : STOVE

45. Activist Guevara : CHE. He's been away for awhile.

46. Hem and __ : HAW

47. Ripped : TORE

48. Word with horse or track : SHOE

49. Tender-hearted : SOFT

51. Slander : ASPERSE. Ten dollar word.

53. Throbbed : PULSED

55. Things that shouldn't be done : NO-NOs

58. DDE's WWII command : ETO. (Dwight David Eisenhower/World War II/European Theater of Operations)

64. Bustle : ADO

65. Like a fifth tire : SPARE

66. Youngest Jetson : ELROY. The Jetsons (TV Series 1962–1988)

67. Curtain holder : ROD

68. Furry swimmer : OTTER

69. Trickles (through) : SEEPS


1. Zambia neighbor: Abbr. : ANG. (Angola)

2. Tiny skin opening : PORE

3. Sports analyst Hershiser : OREL. Former starting pitcher who played 18 seasons in MLB.

4. Folded eggs dish : OMELET

5. Took to jail : RAN IN and 24D. Takes to jail : ARRESTS

6. Gym cushion : MAT

7. Like some outlet store mdse. : IRR. (irregular)

8. Maiden name indicator : NÉE

9. Dummy Mortimer : SNERD

10. "Kiss Me, __" : KATE. Broadway musical version of William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew.

12. Conical dwelling : TEPEE

13. Homeowners' documents : DEEDS

18. Sealy rival : SERTA

22. Hole-boring tool : AUGER

26. Dilapidated building, e.g. : EYESORE

28. Quick intake of breath : GASP

29. Greek "i" : IOTA

32. Protected, at sea : ALEE

34. "That was close!" : "PHEW!"

36. Arty NYC locale : SOHO

37. Shade provider : TREE

39. Sports page numbers : STATS

44. Jules who created Captain Nemo : VERNE. "Vingt Mille Lieues Sous Les Mers" 1870

48. Forgetful, maybe : SENILE

49. Asparagus serving : SPEAR

50. Perform better than : OUTDO

51. Handy : ADEPT

52. Boot bottoms : SOLEs

54. Exxon, previously : ESSO. And still is, elsewhere.

56. Folklore monster : OGRE

57. Go for groceries : SHOP

60. Consume : EAT

61. Three, in Bologna : TRE

62. Ship's pronoun : HER

63. TV host Pennington and Hall of Famer Cobb : TYs. Tygert P. host of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.




Paul said...

Thanks for the early posts... I guess my day starts early... feels like since we returned to standard time they've been later. Oh well. Still checking in daily. Hello to all! Enjoying your company!

OwenKL said...

There was a posh fellow from Weems
Whose vehicle created scenes.
Its ceiling was daft:
Up two floors and a half!
But he wanted a car with high beams!

The concoction called "driving at night"
Is stout filled to half a glass height,
But the froth that brings cheer
Is from low-calorie beer,
It's a quaff that provides a head-lite!

When creating the first traffic signs
With bulbs, to ensure that it shines,
And the red light for stop
Located on top --
Did the boss green-light those designs?

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Easy, breezy Tuesday solve for me today. Had no idea what the theme was, but didn't need to know it to solve it. Clever that both parts of each theme worked with LIGHT, though.

And Superman is standing arms akimbo, if that's what you are asking, Argyle...

Anonymous said...

Speaking of vert. vs horz., Owen, quite a few places have their traffic lights side by side rather than top to bottom.

Red - means STOP
Green - means GO
Yellow - means GO FASTER!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This one was a zipper! Though I was surprised to see it start of with an A-word paired with an abbr. and also to run into ASPERSE so early in the week.. Even after getting the reveal I didn't realize that GAS STOP was one of the theme answers. Thanks, Argyle. Maybe I'm getting SENILE [response not required].

This puzzle did have an "old" feel to it. Edgar died back in '78, so it's doubtful that anyone under the age of 35 has ever seen Mortimer SNERD. Miss ELLIE's Dallas went off the air back in '91 and CHE Guevara died in '67. You need some miles on ya to recognize those names.

Anon@6:41 -- Speaking of old things, that was an observation made 30 years ago by a very young Jeff Bridges as Starman. His understanding of Yellow was slightly different -- "Go very fast."

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Pretty much WBS. I didn't know Asperse was a word, but it seems to make sense. Very nice theme execution today.

Morning Argyle, I liked the color coding of today's answer grid.

desper-otto said...

Argyle, Superman looks like he's standing for truth, justice and the American way.

Madame Defarge said...

Fun Puzzle! I liked the compound answers. They came pretty easily thanks so Sydney Greenstreet.

When a teacher stands with her hands on her hips, she appears relaxed; when she places them akimbo, there is probably trouble afoot--especially with the addition of a raised eyebrow. ;-)

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Jerry shined a LIGHT on us today. Well done.
Tuesday easy. No searches or strikethroughs were needed.
58a - Clue reminded me that Avatar was designated a DDE while I was stationed aboard HER.

Gotta run.

HeartRx said...

Good morning!

Argyle, loved your colors in the grid today. 'Tis the season!

Word-before-or-after-a-word puzzles usually don't excite, but this one was nicely done. I'm not sure if GAS STOP is a thing that I would ever say, but maybe it's a valid term elsewhere.

Other than that, what D-O said.

Have a nice day, everyone.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Jerry Edelstein, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

Good morning, Brother OwenKL, nice to se you again.

This puzzle went quickly. More like a Monday than a Tuesday, but that is OK.

Theme was nice. Very clever. Figured it out right away.

ASPERSE was a good word. I needed a couple perps to get it.

Tried PUREE instead of PASTE. Only inkblot.

Had to hold off for a couple letters before MINSK became obvious.

Raining lightly here today. If it was colder it would be snow.

I am now wired up with a heart monitor 24-7. Only for a month. We will see how it goes.

See you tomorrow.



Jerome said...

NORMA crosses NORMA at 4- and 5- down... and I'll be a son of a gun! MARTI is hangin' out next door at 6- and 7- down.

GIFT- End of the week shout, to the SENILE

Describing a Pooh pal's stye- EEYORE'S EYESORE

ALEE- What 1- down is

Lucina said...

Greetings, friends! Nicely done, Argyle, thank you.

Owen, it's wonderful to SEE you in top form again. Great limerick.

And a quick easy romp from Jerry Edelstein, thank you.

Sydney GREENSTREET was a great actor, not only in Casablanca but The Maltese Falcon and others.

I saw the LIGHT in the theme but didn't realize it applied to both answers. I always find that very clever in a puzzle. Glad you showed us the way, Argyle.

My STOVE has been doing double duty lately with holiday dinners & lunches and it's not finished yet.

I believe I've mentioned before that MINSK is a gray, depressing city. At LEAST it was 16 years ago. I hope it's changed since then.

Well, after three nights of insomnia, a full night's sleep felt supremely good.

Have a delightful Tuesday, everyone! It's SHOPping day for tamale ingredients today.

carol said...

Hi all,

Wow, I don't think I have ever breezed through a puzzle as quickly as I did this one, what fun!!!

Desper-otto, you are correct, you need some years under your belt to know the names in this one. Maybe that is why it was easy for me.

OwenKL, love your limericks. I'm a big fan of those.

Argyle, I loved watching the original Superman on TV waaaay back when. He must be standing on a that he leaped on with a single bound!

thehondohurricane said...

Good day,

What i needed for today, a quick and easy solve. Xmas cards and trimming the tree on todays agenda, a couple of holiday chores not on my favorites list.

Forgot Sydney GREENSTREET was in Casablanca. Only Sydney that came to mind was Lumet, so I relied on perps.

Time to face the tree..... keep cool Hondo. Fat chance.

Anonymous said...

On long trips we make food stops, potty stops and gas stops, combining as many as possible.

Husker Gary said...

I made an ERROR and showed up to sub at 7:30 and wasn’t supposed to be here until noon. So she TOOK ADVANTAGE and left! Cool!

-I hope the drought is being broken in CA despite the FLASH FLOODS
-Do political conventions have smoke-filled rooms anymore?
-Best SHOWER gift solution ever!
-TV Superman George Reeves had a bit part in From Here To Eternity
-Margaret insists on changing the flat tire on the jeep and asks Hawkeye to at least get out of the vehicle. His reply, “Never let it be said I didn’t do THE LEAST I could do”
-T-Shirt I saw on a teacher’s desk last week
-How ‘bout her TRACK SHOES?
-A man was upset because my hometown wants him to tear down his unoccupied EYESORE
-A-Rod had great STATS but not when they counted
-Bill has a great line about forgetfulness
-Freebie: What object are GREENSTREET and Bogart discussing in this scene?
-Read ‘ya later, somebody just let some 13-year-olds into the room!

Qli said...

Good puzzle , limerick and expo today! Now that I have zipped through the puzzle, I can grocery shop and bake my bars for a Christmas party tonight.

My day off is feeling pretty weird. Lucky DH is on his second day of retirement! Since I am younger and have the insurance, I will work for another three years or so... that's the plan anyway.

CrossEyedDave said...

Learning moment: Asperse

So, in that fashion, I give you:

I hope I encounter the Green streetlight!

I had a little trouble finding funny Starlight, but I thought this amusing...

Be cool in the searchlight...

Unfortunate gas light...


(Slow news day...)

I found a funny floodlight pic, but did not understand it. So a little research later, I found the complete story under Moral: Do not piss off your Australian neighbor!

Tinbeni said...

Argyle: Nice write-up & photo links. Good Job Santa!

Enjoyed the puzzle and its theme ... alas there was nothing to drink ...
I guess my Waiter's TRAY was empty.

Off to my favorite store.

Anonymous said...

Jerome - I 11a/16a your latest puzzle observations. especially when you only use some letters from this word and some letters from that word and oooooh, they make up a useless little reference.

Ohhh, look at the steroid user hanging out in the SW. And neato,
ELROY pees backwards over in Florida.


That GIFT floats over my STASH. Wow, how interesting.

11a/16a said...

*DETEST, for the ridiculously anagrammed impaired

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was a fun and easy romp, no nits, no problems. Enjoyed shoe and tree intersecting, followed by soft (shoe) and the proximity of spare and (the) rod.

Thanks, Jerry and Argyle for "lighting" up our day.

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Look at 60d/61d, what a TREAT, an extra E!

desper-otto said...

I do believe this is the first anagram war I've ever witnessed!

thehondohurricane said...


The Maltese Falcon?

Avg Joe said...

Me too. Looks like things could get raw.

But I have seen (and had) floodlight wars. And I had a neighbor that was attacked by racoons that were after his pet the middle of the his underwear.

Misty said...

A totally delightful speed run to help the day get off to a great start. I must be just the perfect age for this puzzle's clues--thank you, Jerry, and you too, Argyle, for your always fun expo.

Owen, how nice to see you back and with a neat limerick!

Have a great Tuesday, everybody!

Dennis said...

Jerome, hopefully you won't take the bait from that precious little thing who's trying to feel significant.

CED, that Australian exchange was laugh-out-loud funny.

CanadianEh! said...

WBS! Easy, enjoyable puzzle today even though I didn't get the theme (and akimbo too). Yes Desper-otto, we are showing our AGE but we are not SENILE yet.

Glad to see OwenKL back!

We have had lots of shower GIFTS. Daughter's big wedding coming up soon.

Gennifer Rivers said...

Bill said to Bill, "Did you ever get a 11a?"

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Great puzzle today. The theme is bright idea.

Owen - brilliant - you outdid yourself today.

Jerome - real people appreciate what you do.

Happy Hanukka. Today is day 1.

Cool regards!

Rainman said...

Enjoyed the quick and clever offering today as well as Argyle's write-up.

I went back and looked at Jerry's October puzzle and recalled it immediately... very, very entertaining. Today's was a bit too quick to enjoy, but where have we heard that before?

Reading OwenKL's limericks today made me think of doing a 21x21 (Sunday size) puzzle of similar nature but adding some kind of twist to it making it different from those already published. I remember also constructing a limerick for each worker in my office, sort of a mode to an ode.

Yes, the most difficult part of constructing a CW is coming up with the theme, isn't it? Anyone with a good theme is way ahead of the one who can do only the clueing, IMHO. I'm thinking it's an acquired skill, though.

OwenKL: For years, I used to work in your area, commuting from CA every month or so. Miss it, but not so much this time of year.

Bill G. said...

That was a pleasant Tuesday puzzle. Thanks Jerry and Argyle.

Well, we've got AUGER. But what about augur, augurs and 'augurs well'? Without looking it up, I'm not sure I would have known they were spelled differently.

Akimbo, another neat word.

lois said...

Good afternoon Santa Darlin, CC, et al., Great fun puzzle. Thank you, Mr. Edelstein and Santa Baby for your colorful, insightful, informative write up. You are a master!

This was such a fun run. It took me the whole puzzle to ‘see the light’. Don’t think I’m SENILE but sure don’t have anything to SPARE. AGE is definitely a GIFT, but it comes at a price. We say GAS STOP or pit stop, so that wasn’t odd to me.

Owen, wonderful limerick today. Carol is also an outstanding limerick-ist. I would love to see you two have a limerick-off to see who can OUT DO the ‘OTTER’.

Dennis: good to see you too. Yes, I am free now, fully retired with the medicare nightmare done. Hopefully I will have time to play with you all now.

Santa Baby, I am so relieved that I am at LEAST on a list, and thrilled to be on your ‘personal’ list. I will be waiting with bated breath for your arrival. Molasses cookies and Gingersnaps will be among the treats waiting for you. So looking forward to your coming in my chimney. Now, Santa Baby, to answer your question about how Superman is standing? Erect, of course!

Enjoy your day.

Lucina said...

For anyone who likes and enjoys neat and wonderful words, I'm putting in a shameless plug for my friend, Joy K. Smith, who wrote a book containing pages and pages of alliterations. It's an abecedarian called Fabulous Fauna Fables and will tickle your funny bone as well as your erudition. Through

Jerome said...

Dennis- I never respond to anons. But I do have feelings for them... seriously. I have to believe they lead lonely, empty, lives that have turned them bitter, and frightened of any meaningful human contact. In that kind of isolation and despair they are to be pitied, but not in a way that shows anger or disdain. For them I feel at least a touch of sorrow. If I could look into their eyes I'm sure I would see people who died long ago. So no, I won't be baited.Ever. Trying to contact the dead is a foolish endeavor.

Dennis said...

Lois: Hopefully I will have time to play with you all now.

Damn, that caused all kinds of reactions...

Jerome, very well said.

Somewhat Lurking said...

Goldarn it Lucina, you came in the middle - or I would been right under Lois' ! - post that is. ( It gives me the tinglies). Finally someone who can really open my eyes, has come back to life, ready for the season.

Husker Gary, besides your brilliant coup yesterday, I noticed two items in your linkups, today, worth commenting on.

1). Re: The Wedding Best shower gift solution.

- the number one item, requested, is a heavy cast iron wok ???
(That marriage ain't gonna last long.)

2). And regarding the female sprinter, from the rear view - if you look carefully, long enough, her fingers, on the ground, are beyond the starting line. She's already disqualified ...

Actually, she is Ivet Lalova, Bulgarian, 100 mtr. champion, and yes she did win that sprint race, per Youtube. Wiki describes her as '... holding the fastest (world) time by a sprinter, not of African or African -American descent'.

What does that tell you ? What a QUALIFIER.

Ergo said...

Thanks Jerry and Argyle.

Help Desk: I recorded 30 seconds worth of video on an LG cellphone and tried to email it to my cpu. I received a notice that files of more than 20MG could not be sent.

Whaaa? 20MG's for 30 seconds? Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Jerome - don't cry for me, I am Tina.

Speaking of bitter and baited, please get in your way back machine and read the posts of last Thursday's blog. never say never as it is a very long time. Even if it has already happened.

As for posting anonymously, I occasionally enjoy putting forth my two cents worth but don't feel the need to sign my posts. Call me a coward, call me soulless, its no big deal. I just thought I had a funny observation to make. I'm sure several readers thought so too.

This blog has a staid approach to banter with long running themes between the usual suspects often with juvenile innuendo. Its sometimes amusing. But many other blogs thrive on anonymity. There, users interact in an anonymous and ephemeral environment that facilitates rapid generation of new trends. Sort of like a suggestion box. Jokes and zingers fly without the judgement and disdain shown here.

Cellphone Innards said...

Lets just say certain hot topics ( tsk, tsk) can overheat my memory. Deep inside, I'm only human, like everyone else.

Anonymous T said...

HI all!

Not A POOR puzzle at all. In fact, a STD Tues GIFT on a TRAY. Only one write-over - she before HER at 62d. Fun theme; I too missed 25d as in play. Thanks Jerry & Argyle!

45a - I read Actor Cuevara at 1st. I didn't know CHE was in film... Argyle's review fixed that for me.

Those of us of Italian decent always have a STASH of Tomato PASTE.

D-O - I liked your answer better than akimbo until lois OUT DO'd you :-)

CED - I miss Larson. Argyle Sweater (no relation to our host, I assume) is not a suitable-sub. The letters were a hoot too.

I have a standing conf call Thursdays with an Aussie, Brit, and a Scot. It is funny as good-natured barbs fly.


Cheers, -T

Divine L said...

Speaking of juvenile innuendo, it appears Argyle is a master, and Lois is bated.

Good to see them back together again!

Occasional Lurker said...

Lucina, your friend, Joy K. Smith's book is

Fantastic Fauna Fables: An Abecedaria of Absolutely Awesome, Avowedly Amiable, Alliterative Animal Anecdotes.

(Capital A's are in the title).
by CreateSpace Independent Publ. Platform. $ 9.58

I googled Fabulous Fauna Fables and couldn't get anything.

CrossEyedDave said...

OwenKL, thanks for brightening our day!

AnonymousT@3:40, I did not understand yr post. Possibly because I am having trouble with that link, sometimes it shows the Far Side pic I linked, & sometimes it shows the website. Just to be sure, it was the pic of the pilot & the fuel gauge. (What's this reference to Argyle Sweater??)

Anonymous T said...

CED - I did see the GAS LIGHT Far Side. Argyle Sweater is also a one-panel comic that appeared shortly (+/-5 years, it's all a blur) after Larson retired, but it ain't Larson.

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

Occasional Lurker:
Thank you! I should have looked it up. When I ordered mine, I just looked for Joy's name and it appeared.

She gave me a print of one page (the L, imagine that) and it is hilariously clever.

Fantastic Fauna Fables. Got it.

JD said...

Good afternoon all,

Happy to see you Owen...loved your limericks!

I also worked vertically today, and pretty much sailed down. Have never heard of asperse, but am familiar with aspersions.So funny to have no no's in the same puzzle. Before I put in tepee, I wanted hogan.

Looking forward to Wednesday... more rain and a newCW.

carol said...

So good to see Lois, Dennis and JD back's the reason I'm back. We had some fun times, with zingers and I'm sure now we will have more.
Lois, so nice of you to tidy up your chimney so Santa can slide right in. Also LMAO at your ERECT comment about Superman's standing...reminds me of Dennis standing at attention in his front yard :)

fermatprime said...


Thanks Jerry and Santa! Very nice work!

Puzzle went very fast. (Clearly am old enough!)

Great work, Owen!

More rain here. Wonder how much total we have.

Am beginning to think that I will never get well.


lois said...

Carol 6:12: OMG! LMAO!!! crying laughing. Yeah, that's quite a memory of Dennis standing at attention out in his front yard getting the wind. Thank you for bringing that image back to life. He should live in OKla where the wind blows every day...sweeping up and down the plain (or whatever you want to call it). :) Such memories!

Dennis 2:10: fasten your seat belt. I love your reactions.

Somewhat lurking 2:27: LOL timing is everything.

Divine L 3:44: LOL Great catch! It's a seasonal thing and there is none better than our own Santa Baby. He is the best.

JD: More rain! Are you safe? Good to see you here.

carol said...

Lois, you know how MOREL our Dennis is, always 'up' to the challenge too.

I remember your Okla. trips...all those happy cowPOKES..YeeHaw.

Oh what fun it is to ride...

I am Tina said...

Rule #38: There are no such things as coincidences.

Good to see all the old timers coming back.

Argyle said...

I did not see that ending coming.

JD said...

Lois.. very safe, and just loving the sound of the rain. No fear of FLASH FLOODing in our area, and we were not silly enough to live on the side of a hill!! Ground is saturated so many may have some problems.

Carol, sure liked that Dennis visual...

Anonymous said...

pretty slutty around here

Dennis said...

Jeezus, my ears were burning.

What a perfect time of year for a gathering of the 'angels'. Christmas has come early this year! (Fortunately, that's the only thing.)

Ergo said...

I tend to agree with you on this one Anonymous.

I for one could do without the sophomoric sexual innuendo.

Dennis said...

Lighten up, guys, we're just having fun.

Anonymous said...

Dennis - I was "just havin' fun" earlier and you shamed me for it. Comedy is a multi-laned street.

Zhouqin (C.C.) Burnikel said...

This is not the old blog. If you want to continue the overtly sexual innuendo, I suggest you move to the blog Carol frequents.