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Feb 6, 2019

Wednesday, February 6, 2019 Jerry Edelstein

Theme: THE TANGLED STRAP.  Each theme entry has circled letters spanning two words, which, when untangled can spell the word STRAP, though I might have that backwards.

17. Does really well, for a weekend golfer: SHOOTS PAR.  Each golf hole has a par rating, between 3 and 5 strokes, depending on tee to green length.  Typical par for 18 holes is 72. The letters of STRAP occur at the end of the phrase.

22. "Next time's for real": JUST PRACTICING.  I practice a lot, but have a hard time coming up with a real life situation where one might utter these words.  There are, however, memes that use the phrase, if you care to look for them.  The letters of STRAP span the two words, and are internal.  Same as in the next two entries.

36. Cardiologist: HEART SPECIALIST.  A specific kind of medical doctor. 

46. Jewish deli meat: KOSHER PASTRAMI. Read all about it.

56. "America's Got Talent" judges' concern: STAR POWER.  That elusive combination of poise, talent, stage presense, sex appeal and a certain je ne sais quoi, perhaps. Here, the letters occur at the beginning of the phrase, offering a nice symmetry, where the first shall be last, and the last first.

58. With 62-Across, handyman's assortment, and a hint to what's in each set of circles: LOOSE.

62. See 58-Across: PARTS.  Here we have a rare two-part unifier, in which it is revealed that the circled letters represent a scrambled word, as indicated by the suggestive modifier LOOSE, and that STRAP is PARTS

Very thematically rich array, with a central grid spanner, two others just a letter short, and even the shorter entries having nine letters each. And the final - central - initial placement of the circled letters is an elegant touch.

But there are a couple problems.  First, LOOSE PARTS does not appear to be an in-the-language phrase meaning what the clues suggest. Or, if it is, I'm failing to find any evidence of it.   Instead, it indicates a group of resources that provide children with an intellectually stimulating outlet for creative play.

Second - and this might be just a nit - but KOSHER PASTRAMI can also be parsed this way, with the PARTS not straddling both words.  Is anyone else bothered by this?

Hi gang, It's JazzBumpa, perhaps in an overly-critical mood.  Grab your STRAPS and PARTS and lets see what we can uncover.


1. Area with pews: NAVE.  The central area of a church.

5. It's saved for a rainy day: TARP.   Covering to protect the infield of a baseball stadium from rain.

9. Monster party: BASH.  A better than average party, with more excitement or better accessories.

13. Constrain: HEM IN.  Enclose something, or prevent it from moving.

14. Singer Adams: EDIE.  Her husband was Ernie Kovacs.

Having way too much fun

15. Spanish "this": ESTA.  Literal.

16. In first place: AHEAD.  At the head of the pack.

19. Sophs, come Sep.: JRS.  2nd and 3rd Yr students, respectively.

20. "Who Dat Girl" rapper __ Rida: FLO.  It's on You Tube, if you're interested.

21. Corkscrew pasta: ROTINI.  Descriptive name - Italian for "spirals.".

26. Hurry, old-style: HIE.  To rush or hasten, from Old English hīgian "strive, pant", of unknown origin.

27. Leaf-clearing tool: RAKE.  To clean them up when they fall in the Fall.

28. Hairy spider: TARANTULA.   I refuse to post a picture.

33. It stings: BEE.  I was always told that if I leave it alone then it will leave me alone.  Opinions?

40. Energy unit: ERG.  A minuscule unit of energy equal to 10−7  Joule.  An erg is the amount of work done by a force of one dyne exerted for a distance of one centimeter.  One of my college profs described it as the amount of energy exerted when one fly does one push up in one second.

41. Looks through, as a keyhole: PEERS INTO.  Sounds sneaky.

42. Tennis immortal: ASHE.  Arthur [1943 - 1993]  He won 3 grand slam titles and retired in 1980.

45. Spanish "that": ESA.  Also literal

53. Learn from A to Z: MASTER.  Have complete knowledge and facility in some activity or endeavor.

54. Little newt: EFT.  It's a strange life cycle

55. Bloke: GUV.  Types of British slang for a man.

60. Latvian seaport: RIGA. Latvia's capital, on the Baltic sea at the mouth of the Daugava River.

61. De __: again: NOVO.  Anew, from the beginning.

63. Cocktail garnish: PEEL.  Typically of an orange or lemon

64. Gets the picture: SEES.  Comprehends.  Not necessarily a visual reference.

65. Keep up (with): STAY.  Be like an electrician, and  STAY on top of  current events.


1. '60s jacket style: NEHRU.  The Nehru jacket is a hip-length tailored coat for men or women, with a mandarin collar, and with its front modeled on the Indian achkan or sherwani, a garment worn by Jawaharlal Nehru, the Prime Minister of India from 1947 to 1964.   [Wikipedia .]

2. "What __!": "Ick!": A MESS.  A situation or thing in a condition of disarray, and possibly unsanitary.

3. By way of: VIA.  From the same word in Latin meaning "way" or "road."

4. See 28-Down: END.  But, as you can see we still have a ways to go. Vide infra.

5. Musk's electric car brand: TESLA.  Named for this guy.

6. Limited in scope, as a committee: AD HOC.  Latin, literally, "to this, " designating a committee assembled for a specific purpose.

7. Grande opening: RIO.  Together these words make the name of a border river separating Texas from several Mexican States.  Lame clue.

8. Illinois city that symbolizes mainstream America: PEORIA.

9. Lifelong pal: BESTIE.  From Best Friend.

10. Clinton's first Defense secretary: ASPIN.   Leslie Aspin, Jr. [1938 - 1995] was a representative from Wisconsin from 1971 to 1993, and Defense Secretary from January, 1993 to February, 1994.

11. Sporty Ford, to devotees: 'STANG.  Mustang.  I am not familiar with this slangy abbrv. but I guess it's real.

12. Big name in spydom: HARIMargaretha Geertruida "Margreet" MacLeod [1876 - 1917] better known by the stage name Mata Hari, was a Dutch exotic dancer and courtesan who was convicted of being a spy for Germany during World War I and executed by firing squad in France. [Wikipedia]

13. Pilgrimage to Mecca: HAJJ.  This takes place in the last month of the year, something all Muslims are expected to complete.

18. Clock sound: TOCK.  Or TICK

20. Guitar neck features: FRETS.  Metal strips inserted into the fingerboard to divide it into fixed segments.  Each fret represents one semi-tone in standard western equal tempering.  If you don't know about tempering and tuning systems, believe me, you are far better off.

23. Whaling direction: THAR.  Evidently meaning "there."

Cetaceans don't get any privacy

24. Pub order: PINT.  Half a quart, or 0.473 liter.

Is anybody thirsty?

25. Copy on a transparent sheet: TRACE.

28. With 4-Down, fairy tale's last words: THE. Vide supra.  Anyway, I thought it was "They lived happily ever after."  But hang on; we're still not finished!

29. Fizzy prefix: AER-.  Indicating something to do with air, in this case inducing bubbles.

30. Tattered cloth: RAG.  

31. Word with class or case: UPPER.  UPPER class indicates having lots of money, irrespective of actual classiness. [Funny how that works.] Upper case indicates THIS KIND OF LETTERING.

32. Blues legend John __ Hooker: LEE.


33. Storage container: BIN.  Of Celtic origin, via Old English, indicating a container of no specific type.

34. Approximate fig.: ESTimate.

35. WWII arena: ETOEuropean Theater of Operations.

37. "__ my case": I REST.  An indication that you [believe that you have] done enough to prove your point, and no more argument is necessary.  The origin is from courts of law, indicating that an attorney has finished presenting her case to the judge and/or jury.

38. Exec's hire, perhaps: ASST.  Assistant.  N.B. Abbrv.

39. "Tell the truth!": LIAR.  A command presumably issued with no sense of irony to someone you don't believe.

42. Starlike: ASTRAL.  From the Latin astrum, meaning "star."  Relating to actual stars in the sky; or to a supposed nonphysical realm of existence to which various psychic and paranormal phenomena are ascribed, and in which the physical human body is said to have a counterpart.

43. Fox News anchor Smith: SHEP.  [b 1964] He serves as the channel's chief news anchor and as managing editor of the breaking news division.

44. Wading birds: HERONS.  There are 64 known species, some of which are referred to as egrets or bitterns.

I got this pic of a great blue heron on the grounds where my mom was in hospice in 2015.

46. Five-time Olympic swimming gold medalist Ledecky: KATIE.

47. Missouri river: OSAGE.   A 276-mile-long tributary of the Missouri River in central Missouri, draining a mostly rural area of 15,300 square miles.

48. "Pet" irritation: PEEVE.  We all have one, right?  My petty pet PEEVE is gratuitous verberization - the morphing of perfectly fine nouns into completely unneeded verbs.  "Parenting" frex.  Grrrrrrr!   What's yours?

49. High dos: AFROS.  Hair dos, a la Jackson Five.

50. Greek marketplace: AGORA.  A public space used for assemblies and markets.

51. Smelling of mold: MUSTY.  A damp, vaguely unpleasant odor associated with mold, mildew or decay.

52. Lithographer James: IVES. [1824 - 1895]  He oversaw the business and financial side of the Currier and Ives print-making firm.

53. No. on a new car window: MSRPManufacturer's Suggested Retail Price.

57. Misery: WOE.  Great sorrow or distress.

58. CD predecessors: LPS.  Differently formatted discs for recording and playback of music or other audio presentations.

59. Breakfast grain: OAT. A cereal grain, Avena Sativa, grown for its seed.  It is suitable for both humans and livestock.

On that nutritious note, our journey ends.  A very well constructed, thematically rich puzzle, though I had my nits.  Hope it gets your Wednesday off to a good start.

Cool regards, 

Nov 19, 2018

Monday November 19, 2018 Jerry Edelstein

Theme:  HORSE AROUND (59A. Engage in tomfoolery ... and a hint to what goes with each part of the answers to starred clues, but not in the same way) - Horse precedes the first word and follows the second word in each theme entry.

17A. *Kids' recreational garb: PLAY CLOTHES. Horse play. Clotheshorse.

23A. *Two-person log cutter: WHIP SAW. Horsewhip. Saw horse.

36A. *Soar: FLY HIGH. Horsefly. High horse.

49A. *Daytona 500, e.g.: CAR RACE. Horse car. Race horse (Horse race as well).

3D. *Economic conflict often involving tariffs: TRADE WAR. Horse trade. War horse.

38D. *Hiker's carryall: BACK PACK. Horse back. Pack horse.
Boomer here.  

A wonderful time of the year.  I just want to wish each and every one of you that frequents this blog, a very Happy Thanksgiving, and a great kickoff to the holiday season.  Please do not call it "Turkey Day", and please do not patronize stores that open on Thursday evening. Trust me, they will all have stuff left on the shelves on Friday. And whoever started the expression "Black Friday"?  Go if you like, but usually, the best deals run from December 23-24. 


1. Fast plane: JET.  Don't know when I'll be back again.

4. Sultan's group: HAREM.

9. Prickly seedcase: BUR.  Not Perry Mason, and not it's cold outside

12. Organ with a hammer and anvil: EAR.

13. Puts money away, as for retirement: SAVES UP.  Tax season is coming soon.  Time to save down.

15. Opposite of WNW: ESE.  Clue is easy, so easy.

16. Actress Longoria: EVA. He had a girl, Eva Braun, hair as red as flame
- Ah, ja, ja.
He papered walls for many years till his moment came
- Of course!  

Check with Desper-Otto for detail

19. Revolutionary British soldiers: RED COATS. Bill Cosby did a skit about how in the Revolutionary War, American soldiers would hide while British soldiers must wear red and march in a straight line.

21. John of "Fawlty Towers": CLEESE.

22. __ lot: stuffs oneself: EATS A.  Do we need this clue three days before Thanksgiving ?

24. Little chess piece: PAWN.  History channel shows a lot of Pawn Stars reruns.  Still not sure if Chum Lee is still employed there.

26. Genetic initials: RNA.

28. UFO passengers, presumably: ETS.

29. On the house: GRATIS. Yup, Latin for "no charge".  (Does not apply to dead batteries though.)

32. Elicit: EDUCE.

35. Put on TV: AIR.

38. Dickens pen name: BOZ.

41. City hall bigwig: MAYOR. Lots of new ones were elected this month.

42. Opposite of cruel: HUMANE.

44. Artist's deg.: MFA.

46. Moscow's land: Abbr.: RUS.  Fools rush in, where wise men never go.

48. App symbol: ICON.

52. Practical joke: PRANK.

55. Inexact lunch time: ONE-ISH. By one o'clock?? ISH my lunch is cold.

56. Mom's and dad's dads: GRANDPAS.

61. Set a price of: ASK. And you shall receive

62. Miners dig it: ORE.  I've seen this nearly every week, and no clue ever asks for the state where D.B. Cooper bailed out.

63. Sides of an issue: ASPECTS.

64. Michael of "SNL": CHE.

65. Snake's sound: SSS.  I've never heard a hiss.  Maybe a rattle?

66. Bogs: MIRES.

67. London's __ Gardens: KEW.  How much is five Kew Gardens plus five Kew gardens?  "Ten Kew" gardens.  You're welcome!


1. Boo: JEER.  Sounds like a laundry soap Blue Cheer

2. Roof overhang: EAVE.

4. "Papa Bear" of football: HALAS.  Incredible story.  George was owner AND coach of the Chicago Bears when I was a kid.  I think he won five championships.  (Before the Super Bowl era.) The Bears now display his initials on their uniform sleeve out of respect.  If he knew he would be in this puzzle, he may have named his Chicago team the "Horses."  

5. Gamer's game face: AVATAR.  Featuring faces worse than "The Exorcist".

6. "Curious George" creators Hans and Margret: REYS.

7. Corner PC key: ESC.  Upper left.  (I had to check)

8. Chips in a garden: MULCH.  We use the cedar kind and they tend to fly around.  But C.C. doesn't like the reddish brown and neither do I.

9. Order: BEHEST. So you're at McDonald's and the person at the window says "May I take your behest?"

10. Repurposes to replace, as a tool: USES AS. Sounds like a slogan for Scandinavian Airlines.

11. Stitch again: RESEW.

13. Pick out in a crowd: SPOT. If you're picking out a dog, then you spot Spot.

14. __ sci: college major: POLI.

18. Conical home: TEPEE.  We don't see these much anymore.  But Minnesota was home to many Native Americans.  They had to be tough to live in an unheated tent in these winters.

20. Ray Charles' "I __ Stop Loving You": CAN'T. "I've made up my mind.  To live in memories of these lonesome times."

23. Dry riverbed: WADI.

24. Links gp.: PGA.  I've been watching the Georgia event this weekend. Charles Howell has been on the tour forever with only two wins. C.C. and I remember seeing him at the PGA Championship at Hazeltine in 2002.  Yesterday,  Charles survived three dropped shots on the first two holes in the final round. Congrats to Mr. Howell on his third PGA win !

25. Radio host Shapiro: ARI.  Not familiar with this radio guy. But I do watch Ari Melber on MSNBC

27. India's first prime minister: NEHRU. I wonder if he ever really wore those jackets with funny collars.

30. "__ tree falls ... ": IF A. And no one is around to hear it, does it still make a noise ??

31. Underhanded: SLY. And the family Stones.

33. "Yuck!": UGH.

34. Former Energy secretary Steven: CHU. Nobel Prize winner.  Served under President Obama.

37. Days long gone: YORE.

39. Beatle bride: ONO. Oh No!  She never changed her surname to Lennon?

40. Buddhist discipline: ZEN.

41. Roger who hit 61 in '61: MARIS.  He never got the credit because two new expansion teams
were added so pitching was weaker.  Besides, he was from North Dakota, and Nodakians never get credit for anything.

43. Take care of: MIND. Over matter.

44. Estate homes: MANORS.

45. Bordeaux brothers: FRERES. Frere Jacques, Morning bells are ringing, Ding Dang Dong.

47. Neaten (up): SPRUCE. These will be decorated in homes next month.  Neatening up will need to take place after they have served their purpose.

49. Silver salmon: COHOS.

50. On the ocean: ASEA.

51. Deep depression: CHASM.

53. Raves' companions: RANTS.

54. Added conditions: ANDS. Ifs or Buts.

56. Suffix with movie: GOER. This seems like a made up word to me.

57. 1975 Wimbledon winner Arthur: ASHE.

58. Twist, as facts: SKEW.  you will need a SKEWER to close the Turkey so the stuffing won't fall out

60. Troy, N.Y., school: RPI.


Notes from C.C.:

1) Husker Gary and I made today's Puzzle Society Crossword, edited by David Steinberg. Click here to solve our "Golden Words" (great title, Gary!). Click here to see the answer grid and constructor note. 

2) Boomer has been writing a column for MN Bowling since 2007. Turkey of the Year is an annual feature. Read here for his thoughts this year.

Sep 21, 2018

Friday, September 21, 2018, Jerry Edelstein

Title: There are no bubbles in my champagne- we need some CO too!

We meet today to discuss our 20th puzzle from Mr. Edelstein published in the LAT. I blogged his second one back in 2015. We need to locate the five fill phrases where the letters CO are removed leaving a new phrase clued appropriately. This is an interesting puzzle with some new fill in addition to the theme fill. It also features 8 so called "cheater squares" to create a symmetrical puzzle. I have included the grid here to show both the original fill in red and the cheater squares marked with a + sign. He even manages a new three letter fill as well lots of longer fill like ADDRESS, CLEAVES, DISSENT, ELUDING, MASCARA, ROMANIA, ONE BELOW and SEQUENCE.

So let us see the theme:

16A. Result of too many people fishing?: COPIER JAM (7). Pier Jam sounds like THIS to me.

24. Religious music?: COPIOUS NOTES (10). I like this clue/fill combo. 

32A. Well-versed about sailing ships?: COUPON CLIPPERS (12). The fill is actually UP ON, menaing knowing about. 

40A. Dispute between polite fellows?: COGENT ARGUMENT (12). This was the biggest stretch IMO. Gent argument just clangs in my ears.

49A. Problems with cellphone signals?: COPING ISSUES (10). I guess we all know pinging as a word now.

62A. "Above my pay grade" ... and, read in four parts, a hint to 16-, 24-, 32-, 40- and 49-Across: NO CAN DO. In three parts rather than the three logical ones. NO C AND O (7). I do love a logical and complete reveal. On to the fill. 


1. Harmonious groups: CHOIRS. Do you all watch America's Got Talent?

7. Maybelline product: MASCARA. A cosmetic for coloring eyelashes, 1883, mascaro (modern form from 1922), from Spanish mascara "a stain, a mask," from same source as Italian maschera "mask" (see mask (v.)). Like the raccoon's mask. Cleopatra used kohl.

14. Role for Miley: HANNAH. Ms. Montana has changed.

15. Sticks: CLEAVES. Not the noun, but the verb. Very tricky.

18. Customer file prompt: ADDRESS. The clue confuses me, the fill became easy.

19. Lincoln and Grant had them in common: BEARDS. Not my first thought either.

21. Meet halfway: AGREE.

22. Show of support: AYE. And, 67A. No: DISSENT.

27. Buoyant wood: BALSA. Ochroma is a genus of flowering plants in the mallow family, Malvaceae, containing the sole species Ochroma pyramidale, commonly known as the balsa tree. It is a large, fast-growing tree that can grow up to 30 m tall. Balsa wood is a very lightweight material with many uses. I did not know there was a Mallo(w) family other than this one.

30. On point: APT.

31. '60s protest gp.: SDSStudents for a Democratic Society. Very big when I was at UConn.

37. Exhilarated shout: WAHOO. Especially when catch ONE.

38. Fencing gear: EPEES.

44. Term.: STA. I actually do not know, but the perps are strong.

47. Practical joke: GAG.

48. Stimulate: PIQUE. Curiosity.

54. __ corda: played using the piano's soft pedal: UNA. The soft pedal is one of the standard pedals on a piano, generally placed leftmost among the pedals. On a grand piano this pedal shifts the whole action slightly to the right. wiki.

55. Orly arrival: AVION. Airplane en Francaise.

56. Like little-known facts: ARCANE. "In his dissent, John Roberts, the chief justice, noted the country had over 10,000 tax localities, many of which have their own arcane laws on how different products should be taxed." The Economist, July, 2018.

59. Hungary neighbor: ROMANIA. Hungary in yellow.

65. Dodging: ELUDING.

66. Pushes back, say: RE-ACTS.

68. Antarctic explorer Shackleton: ERNEST. Sir  Ernest Henry Shackleton was an Irish-born British explorer who was a principal figure of the period known as the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration.


1. Golden State traffic org.: CHPCalifornia Highway Patrol.

2. "Bali __": HAI. The name refers to a mystical island, visible on the horizon but not reachable, and was originally inspired by the sight of Ambae island from neighboring Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu, where author James Michener was stationed in World War II. wiki.

3. Nearly zero: ONE BELOW. Inferrable new fill, but puzzle critics call this a "GREEN PAINT" fill. But would you have known THIS?

4. About: IN RE.

5. Indian noble: RAJA.

6. Cutting: SHARP. Like wit from our other bloggers.

7. George Strait label: MCA.  Music Corporation of America is now defunct, but it was their controlling company that I dealt with back in my music days, most people did not know that MCA owned the Universal Studios.

8. Munic. official: ALDerman.

9. Family ride: SEDAN.

10. Shipped stuff: CARGO.

11. Dodges: AVERTS.

12. Fix some bare spots, say: RE-SEED.

13. Take stock of: ASSESS.

17. Sixteenth-century year: MDI. 1501.

20. Ivory, for one: SOAP. Not from Elephants, thank you.

22. __ Dhabi: ABU.

23. Jabber: YAP.

25. Cut or crust opener: UPPER. Boxing or elitism.

26. Seventh in an instructional 39-Down, perhaps: STEP G. Literal, original and...

28. Obstacle: SNAG.

29. Back to back?: ACHE. Again, my brain must be fading cause this is all perps.

33. Pines: LONGS.

34. Very small amounts: IOTAS.

35. Volunteer for another tour: RE-UP.

36. Final Four game: SEMI.

39. Order: SEQUENCE.

41. Eau in Ecuador: AGUA. I wonder why Ecuador? Anyway, my one year old grandson asks for AGUA when he is thirsty.

42. Sister: NUN. That is how many sisters I have.

43. It may be iced: TEA. Not ice.

44. Showed leniency toward: SPARED. Spare the rod...

45. Villa d'Este city: TIVOLI. The MUSEUM.

46. Hostility: ANIMUS.

50. Cattle drivers: GOADS. I did not know this was a spiked stick used for driving cattle.
synonyms:prod, spike, staff, crook, rod.

51. Navel configuration: INNIE. If you said a 'navel' orange, give yourself a gold star (or a navel orange, if you're feeling peckish). Navel refers to the spot in the middle of your belly where the umbilical cord was once attached. Naval on the other hand, pertains to a navy, that branch of the military that operates at sea.

52. Shore bird: ERN.

53. Goal or basket: SCORE.

57. Lenovo competitor: ACER. Lenovo Group Ltd. or Lenovo PC International, often shortened to Lenovo, is a Chinese multinational technology company with headquarters in Beijing, China and Morrisville, North Carolina, United States. Acer Inc. is a Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronics corporation, specializing in advanced electronics technology, headquartered in Xizhi, New Taipei City, Taiwan

58. Bangalore bread: NAAN.

60. Lodging spot: INN.

61. Sports rep.: AGT. Agent.

63. Sot's affliction: DTSDelerium Tremens.

64. East, in Essen: OST. We have had this German word before.

Well that was a workout even after getting the theme. I look forward to all of your comments; thank you Jerry and all of you who read and a special thanks to those who comment. Lemonade out.

Feb 12, 2018

Monday, February 12, 2018 ~ Jerry Edelstein

Theme: An Honest Puzzle Would I lie to you?

16. Trifling matters: PENNY ANTE STUFF. Penny ante is the smallest ante in poker; Lincoln Penny.

27. Focal point in a theater: CENTER STAGE. Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts is a 16.3-acre complex of buildings in the Lincoln Square neighborhood in New York City.

34. John Paul Jones was a commander in it: CONTINENTAL NAVY. Lincoln Continental: luxury car from Ford.

42. May observance for those who died in military service: MEMORIAL DAY. Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

54. Statesman born 2/12/1809 whose surname can precede the starts of four long puzzle answers: ABRAHAM LINCOLN

Argyle here. Happy Birthday, Abe. I'm sure we can come up with a cake for you.


1. Send (to), as an inferior place: RELEGATE

9. Partner of Paul and Mary: PETER. Peter, Paul, and Mary.

14. Trite: OVER-USED

15. WWII bomber __ Gay: ENOLA. This answer isn't trite but is over-used.

18. Iroquois enemies: ERIEs

19. Editor's "never mind": STET

20. IRS form IDs: SSNs. (Social Security number)

21. One out on the lake, e.g.: BOATER

24. Cookie holder: JAR

29. That girl: SHE

32. 18-wheeler: SEMI

33. Tablet with Mini and Pro versions: iPAD

39. Chevy subcompact: AVEO

40. Rowlands of "The Notebook": GENA. "The Notebook" is a 2004 film based on the 1996 novel by Nicholas Sparks. Interesting concept.

41. Originally named: NÉE

46. Two-__ tissue: PLY

47. Troubled state: UNREST

48. Has a midnight snack, say: EATS

52. __ upon a time ...: ONCE

53. Kate's TV sidekick: ALLIE

59. Señor's squiggle: TILDE

60. Schemed: CONNIVED

61. Bottomless chasm: ABYSS

62. Ones storming the castle, say: INVADERS. Hagar the Horrible's forte.


1. Lassos: ROPES

2. Activist Medgar: EVERS. Civil rights activist assassinated in 1963.

3. Russian Revolution leader: LENIN. Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known by the alias Lenin as we learned recently.

4. Diving seabirds: ERNEs

5. Fellows: GUYS

6. Busy __ bee: AS A

7. Bill with Hamilton on it: TEN

8. NYC summer hrs.: EDT. (Eastern Daylight-savings Time)

9. Be a nuisance to: PESTER

10. Goes in: ENTERS

11. Promote big-time: TOUT

12. North Pole worker: ELF

13. U.K. flying squad: RAF. (Royal Air Force)

17. East, to 48-Down: ESTE. 48-Down. Legendary Spanish hero: EL CID

21. "__ there, done that": BEEN

22. "I've got this round": "ON ME"

23. Prickling with excitement: ATINGLE

24. Tokyo's country: JAPAN

25. Tequila source: AGAVE

26. Color again, as hair: REDYE

27. TV forensic series: CSI. (Crime Scene Investigation)

28. __ Pan Alley: TIN. The collection of New York City music publishers and songwriters.

29. Rascal: SCAMP

30. Ramshackle home: HOVEL

31. Hostile force: ENEMY

35. In addition: TOO

36. Kennedy and Koppel: TEDs

37. Gray's subj.: ANAT. (anatomy)

38. Dismiss from work temporarily, with "off": LAY

43. Put spots in magazines: RUN ADS

44. Foot's 12: INCHES

45. Side squared, for a square: AREA

49. "__ like ours / Could never die ... ": Beatles: A LOVE

For educational purposes only. Do not use commercial.

50. Flooring specialist: TILER

51. Mails: SENDS

52. Paris airport: ORLY

53. Kendrick of "Twilight": ANNA. No idea about her or "Twilight".

54. One step __ time: AT A

55. Baby's spilled food protector: BIB

56. 1101, to Romans: MCI

57. Chaney of horror: LON

58. Bill for mdse.: INV. (invoice)


Note from C.C.:

Happy Birthday to dear LaLaLinda, who used to post regularly on our blog. Health issues have prevented her from engaging with our little Corner community actively, but she still solves puzzles daily and reads our blog.

Nov 15, 2017

Wednesday November 15, 2017 Jerry Edelstein

Theme: SHUFFLES AND CUTS THE DECK- Three different anagrams of DECK span across each theme answer.
18A With 57-Across, what a 37-Across does; also, as the circles show, what each answer containing them does : SHUFFLES AND

24A. Item that isn't on its regular hook : MISPLACED KEY

37A. Casino employee : BLACKJACK DEALER

48A. Prepared goodies for the fundraiser : BAKED COOKIES

57A. See 18-Across: CUTS THE DECK

Boomer here.

Good morning or evening as the case may be.  Remember, it's always morning somewhere.  The puzzle was a bit difficult with some stretches to get something to fit.  However, since I have never constructed a puzzle, I can only imagine how difficult it can be.  "DECK" letters are integrated in several answers, and he got "BLACKJACK DEALER" to accomplish that. Quite a found.

I believe most casinos now refer to that game as "21".  Here's hoping all have a safe and pleasant Thanksgiving holiday and an eventful "Black Friday !!"
1. "Rhoda" production co. : MTM - Initials of Mary Tyler Moore.  She turned the world on with her smile, and Mary's statue is proudly displayed on the Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis.

4. It may follow cries of "Bravo!" : ENCORE - I don't know about this.  Bravo is usually after curtain calls at a play.  Encore is "sing another song".

10. Brink : EDGE - Gillette shaving gel too.

14. Longtime coach Parseghian of Notre Dame : ARA - Extremely famous.  Notre Dame has more followers than Minnesota has snow.

15. Chestnut horse : SORREL

16. Witnessed : SEEN

17. B.A. or B.S. : DEG - This is one of those needed fillers that is not a word but a made up abbreviation.

20. Alamo competitor : AVIS - I first thought of Davy Crockett.  I only rent a car once a year and I don't use the expensive brands (or cars).

22. DDE's overseas command : ETO - European Theatre of Operations.

23. Racers in some Wii games : KARTS - I do not have a Wii, but I have ridden go karts.  The best ones are at Wisconsin Dells.

28. Gear components : TEETH - You said a mouthful.

29. Assist : AID

30. Peace, to Pedro : PAZ - I think most of you know how I feel about foreign words in crosswords.

33. Say yes : AGREE

35. Journalist Curry : ANN

36. Warsaw native : POLE - I get it but I think "Minnesota fishing stick" might be a better clue for me.

41. The two : BOTH

42. Tolkien forest shepherd : ENT -  ??? Never heard of the Tolkien Forest but I once worked at an ear nose and throat clinic.

43. In __: unborn : UTERO - I don't think I have ever heard or seen this word.  But I am only 70, there's still time.

44. Stun : AWE - Aw shucks

45. "The A-Team" actor : MR T - I know crosswords like a lot of four letter words with three vowels, but they also like three letters with no vowels from the A-Team.

46. The "A" in James A. Garfield : ABRAM - I never knew this, however Garfield was president before I was born.  I think we started paying attention to presidential middle names after Harry Truman did not have one, so he put an "S" between Harry and Truman.

52. Blotch : SMEAR

55. Former transp. regulator : ICC - Another three letter acronym for something.  You know what I say - "LBJ took the IRT across the USA, what did he see? The youth of America on LSD."

56. Confident words : I CAN

61. Keogh plan rel. : IRA - This is a great service to everyone.  But remember to take some and spend it when you are 70 1/2, or pay a penalty.  (Good luck trying to find out how much you need to withdraw!)

62. Many : A LOT

63. Paradise : UTOPIA - This is a book by Sir Thomas More about a fictional island in the sun.  I of course disagree, because there are no bowling centers or golf courses on this island.

64. Third-qtr. ender : SEP - or this could be a contribution to your IRA.

65. Actress Russo : RENE - One of my favorites from "Tin Cup"

66. Fireplace shelf : MANTEL - I wonder if this is where Mickey displays his MVP trophies

67. Goal line crossings: Abbr. : TDS - Ok - I have said enough

1. Start of a famous palindrome : MADAM - This word in itself is a palindrome,  I think it refers to "Madam I'm Adam"

2. Eternal City fountain : TREVI

3. Legal administrator : MAGISTRATE - "ALL RISE"  Rookie of the year

4. Difficult curve : ESS - Wonderful Lombard Street - San Francisco, California, USA.

5. Tenant's winter complaint : NO HEAT - Or The heat in Miami - "No LeBron".

6. Source of support : CRUTCH

7. "Friend __?": sentry's query : OR FOE

8. Slo-mo reviewer : REF - Or in hockey - the guy with the red stripe on his black and white shirt.

9. Pipe shape : ELL - Nope - the pipe is straight, the ell is a pipe fitting.

10. Composed piece : ESSAY

11. Expensive : DEAR - I may have clued " ___ Abby" and those of us over 40 would have gotten it right away.  Did you know --?  Abby Van Buren whose real name was Pauline Philips has a grandson, Dean Phillips who is running for third district congressman in Minnesota.

12. Bloke : GENT

13. Fades to black : ENDS

19. __ out a win : EKED - A good verb for the Vikings in the nation's capital last Sunday.

21. The State of the Union, for one : SPEECH

25. Onionlike veggie : LEEK - I have never had one.  How do they taste?

26. Moist and chilly : DANK - This is one of those crossword words.  Does anyone ever say "dank".  "Do you want to go for a walk ?" "No, it's too dank".  "What's the weather forecast?"  "Cloudy and dank."

27. Nice : KIND

30. One drawn to controversy : POLEMICIST - I thought this was a guy that did the vault in the Olympics.

31. Oriole or Jay : ALER - Sorry, never heard of this.

32. MapMyWalk starting point : ZERO - Beetle Bailey's Pal

33. "Waterloo" band : ABBA

34. Healthy look : GLOW

35. Pretend : ACT

36. Former New York governor George : PATAKI - Anyone who watches "Law & Order" reruns will have no problem with this one.

38. Weightlifting move : JERK - Yes it is.

39. Start a pot : ANTE - I wonder how many times this word has appeared in crosswords. (And it doesn't even have three vowels.)

40. German capital : EURO - I guess capital is money, but why be so tricky?

45. Retail outlet : MART

46. Say yes : ACCEPT

47. Italian lawn bowling : BOCCIE - I played Boccie ball as a kid, but I did not know how to spell it.  Now I do.

48. Keep moist, in a way : BASTE - Thanksgiving Day is coming.  Keep that baster handy. 

49. "What I __ My Summer Vacation": school essay : DID ON

50. Like some seals : EARED -  I Like some Mousketeer hats better

51. Spells, as of cold weather : SNAPS - How about some warm Ginger cookies

52. Emotional mark : SCAR

53. Beast of burden : MULE - 20 of them are on a team of Borax.

54. Thames academy : ETON

58. Run smoothly : HUM

59. LAX announcement : ETA

60. __ Kan pet food : KAL