Sep 16, 2013

Monday, September 16, 2013 Jerry Edelstein

Theme: You may not like "dis" - Words that start with DIS are clued as if they were two words, starting with the slang for criticizing something.

17A. Criticize gas and electric companies? : DIS SERVICES. (disservices)

27A. Criticize a modeling shoot array? : DIS POSES. (disposes)

46A. Criticize stage shows? : DIS PLAYS. (displays)

60A. Criticize awards? : DIS TRIBUTES. (distributes)

11D. Criticize college subjects? : DIS COURSES. (discourses)

27D. Criticize farmers? : DIS TILLERS. (distillers)

Argyle here. No disrespect intended. This appears to be an ambitious debut by our constructor so a few hard nuggets can be accepted and the high number of "esses".


1. Manages (for oneself) : FENDS

6. Snuck : CREPT. Sneaked or snuck, ok? See the usage note here.

11. __ Moines, Iowa : DES

14. Native Alaskan : ALEUT

15. Cowboy singer Gene : AUTRY. No discouraging word here(2:43).

16. "That's nasty!" : "ICK!"

19. The Beatles' "__ Loves You" : SHE. Yeah, Yeah.

20. Sunrise direction : EAST

21. One of a D.C. 100 : SEN. (senators)

22. Russian capital : MOSCOW

24. Roy G __: rainbow mnemonic : BIV

26. Piebald horse : PINTO. Like what Little Joe rode on the Ponderosa.

30. It replaced the French franc : EURO

33. Pass out : FAINT

35. Mudville number : NINE. The poem on YouTube LINK

36. Complete, as a scene : WRAP

37. Tropicana and Minute Maid, briefly : OJs

38. Cheesy sandwiches : MELTS

39. Grounded jet : SST

40. Sworn statement : OATH

42. Isaac's eldest : ESAU

43. Wranglers with wheels : JEEPS

45. Folk music's Kingston __ : TRIO

48. Former Bears head coach Smith : LOVIE. Chicago Bears Head coach, 2004–2012

50. Be in debt : OWE

51. Sea near Stockholm : BALTIC

53. Prefix with pass : SUR. (surpass)

55. Become enraged : FUME

59. World Cup cheer : "¡OLÉ!"

63. Gen-__: boomer's kid, probably : Xer

64. Invalidate : ANNUL

65. On one's toes : ALERT

66. Fist pumper's word : "YES!"

67. Trotsky and Uris : LEONs

68. Pack animals : ASSes


1. Lose color in the wash : FADE

2. "On the Waterfront" director Kazan : ELIA

3. Loch with a monster : NESS

4. Brit's trash can : DUSTBIN

5. Sault __ Marie : STE.

6. Batman's hideout : CAVE. "Quick, to the Batmobile!" 12D. Bounce in a 6-Down : ECHO. "Quick, to the Batmobile!"

7. Wreck completely : RUIN

8. And so on: Abbr. : ETC.

9. Vacate the __: eviction notice phrase : PREMISES

10. Big name in chicken : TYSON. Perdue's competition.

13. Depict unfairly : SKEW

18. Invitation letters : RSVP

23. Bouillabaisse, e.g. : STEW. Traditional fish stew.

25. Practitioner: Suff. : IST

26. Kept in, as hostility : PENT-UP

28. Bodysuit for a tiny tot : ONESIE

29. "__ Marner": Eliot work : SILAS

31. Speak with a grating voice : RASP

32. Chooses : OPTs

33. 12 inches : FOOT

34. Open a bit : AJAR

38. Doctor's profession : MEDICINE

41. Owl's cry : [HOOT!][

43. A boxer may have a glass one : JAW

44. They're attractive to look at : EYEFULs

47. "Footloose" co-star Singer : LORI. Did you catch that Singer was capitalized?

49. "Myra Breckinridge" author Gore : VIDAL

51. Like the Honda Element : BOXY. Probably want to keep it like the following...

52. Away from the wind : ALEE

53. Really surprise : STUN

54. Web addresses, briefly : URLs

56. Beehive State natives : UTEs. Not Utahn today.

57. Little more than : MERE

58. Repair co. proposals : ESTs. (estimates)

61. __-cone : SNO

62. Sheep's call : [BAA]



Barry G. said...

Morning, all (and Happy Birthday, D-Otto!)

This was a very crunchy Monday puzzle. Or else I'm just especially tired this morning. Perhaps a little of both.

The theme was pretty straightforward (and enjoyable), but I just struggled with lots of the fill. LOVIE, BALTIC, FUMES, EYEFULS, FENDS... nothing unknown, but I kept zigging when I should have zagged.


Montana said...

Happy Birthday, D-Otto! Have a good day and enjoy the birthday puzzle.

Cruciverb wasn't working and I only have my iPad, so I tried the puzzle at latimes. Something has updated and it works much better than in the past. I still prefer Cruciverb style, but I solved the puzzle like an ordinary Monday. Slowed for a perp or two near the bottom, but finished quickly.

I lost the puzzle when I clicked on Corner link, so can't refer back to the puzzle to be more specific.

Off on my adventure to meet other bloggers,


Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Jerry Edelstein, for a fine Monday puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for the fine review.

Got up early. Tried cruciverb, no cigar. My paper is not here yet, so I printed it from the Trib Site.

Pretty easy puzzle. Some tough clue/words, however.

Liked the theme.

Had VIDAL the other day. ONESIE was the other day, as well. That is when I learned the meaning.

Cannot stay long, off to give a pint.

Montana: I see you are creative when the planned system does not work. Good for you. Have fun with your gathering today.

See you tomorrow.



PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great puzzle, Jerry E.! Great expo, Argyle!

I caught the theme early. Fun puzzle! Especially liked the farmer one: DISTILLERS! LOL.

Last fill was square 49 "V" in LOVIE/VIDAL cross. I wagd LOuIE which I thought sounded more coach-like. Then I CREPT up from the bottom and knew Gore's last name.

24A BIV unknown.

I thought bouillabasse was "soup", silly moi.

Happy birthday, Desper-Otto, you charming devil! Always enjoy your posts.

PK said...

Argyle: Gene Autry was my favorite cowboy as a child. Your choice of a song near and dear to my heart was appreciated.

River Doc said...

Happy Monday everybody!

Nice start to the week puzzle, but I would’ve liked to see DISRESPECT, the full-length version of DIS, somewhere in the grid, maybe as a unifier…? Criticize an Aretha Franklin standard…?

UGH for ICH and MORE for MERE were the only write-overs in this speed run….

Never heard of the rainbow mnemonic before now….

The Giants, behind Hunter Pence, STUNned the Dodgers two days ago 19-3 (sorry Bill G.)…. Other than this recent series in Chavez Ravine, my team has been playing like the Mudville NINE all season long….

The TYSON I know certainly wasn’t what you would call chicken….

The PINTO I know went on to become editor of National Lampoon magazine after he graduated from Faber College….

I would have to agree that the Honda Element is BOXY – and so is the Nissan Scion van….

Finally, HBD to Desper-Otto, whose blog name always reminds me of this song…. And Beyond –the-Call-of-Duty thanks to C.C. for creating his birthday puzzle – I’ll do it at the apartment tonight after work….

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. How good to see you back to greet us on the first day of the work week, Argyle!

I thought this puzzle was a tad more difficult than the usual Monday puzzle, but the theme was clever and creative. Great debut, Mr. Edelstein!

Bouillebaisse has a interesting history.

When is a door not a door? When it's AJAR!

As Abejo noted, MYRA Breckinridge by VIDAL Gore appeared just last week.

Happy Birthday, Desper-Otto. Hope you have a great time solving your puzzle!

Enjoy your get-together with the Northeast Bloggers, Montana.

QOD: Soon silence will have passed into legend. Man has turned his back on silence. Day after day he invents machines and devices that increase noise and distracts humanity from the essence of life, contemplation, meditation. ~ Jean Arp (Sept. 16, 1886 ~ June 7, 1966)


thehondohurricane said...

Good day all,

Nice start to the week, No issues, nits, etc. Kept hoping to find discombobulated. Would be perfect to describe our recent household trials and tribulations.

Doha Doc, We'll get 'em next year.

creature said...

Happy Birthday, D-Otto! Love the wonderful photo!

Definitely WBS! It was sorta creepy to read Barry. I kept looking over my shoulder!

Jerry Edelstein's puzzle was very creative with some unexpected spots, as well as the theme, which slowed my solve. Definitely not a regular Monday.

Hope to get to your b'day puzzle soon, CC. Such a deserved tribute .

Have a nice day, everyone.

creature said...

Dear Argyle, please insert your name in all of my thank yous. I'm so grateful your back and missed you terribly!

TTP said...

Happy Birthday Desper-otto !!!

Thank you Jerry Edelstein, and thank your Argyle.

Busy day at work. See all y'all later.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the theme, more involved than I expect for Monday.
Glass Jaw is learning moment for today.
Happy Birthday D-Otto!

Mari said...

Happy Birthday Desper-Otto! What a wonderful day. So happy we can celebrate with you.

After a spell of super busy mornings at work, I'm back in action.

I really liked the clue for 12D: Bounce in a 6-Down: ECHO. I don't usually like cross referencing clues because if you don't get one of them you're totally lost. But 6D was easy fill, and the cluing was clever.

I have a lot of catching up to do on the Blog, so away I go. I hope everybody has been doing well. I know CED will find us the perfect cake for Otto's birthday!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

And thank you all for the birthday wishes. C.C. sprung (sprang?) it on me last week, "I was wondering if you could test solve a puzzle for me? I hope to release it on the blog next Monday after some clue changes." I was surprised. C.C., I really feel honored that you went to all that trouble.

SNUCK must be similar to SPRUNG. It's used a lot, but definitely wasn't proper English when I was a kid.

That mnemonic is the only way I can remember the colors of the rainbow -- red orange yellow green blue indigo violet. If I weren't color-blind, I'd be able to see more of them.

I think Gene Autry was most famous for his versions of Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Here Comes Peter Cottontail. He also got involved with some kind of sports team at one point.

Cute echo, Argyle. And Hahtoolah, I thought your QOD sounded like something Thoreau would have said. Jean Arp was a surprise.

Hahtoolah said...

DO: I selected Jean Arp today because he makes so many guest appearances in the crosswords.

kazie said...

Congrats to Jerry E. on a great début!

Happy birthday to D-Otto.

Other than a couple of names (LORI, LOVIE), I sailed through this and those perped easily.

The bouillabaisse I had in Marseilles in 1971 I remember as decidedly underwhelming, so I probably didn't pay enough for it.

Well, as you may have guessed, I'm back after another two-and a half week trip to Chemnitz. Lea is crawling, having started at a week short of 8 months, but she'd really prefer to be walking, so we expect that any time too. Her dad did so at 8 1/2 months. I'll send some pix to C.C. as soon as I pick the best ones.

Nice to be back!

HeartRx said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. et al.

Happy birthday Desper-otto! We will raise a toast to you at lunch when the Northeast contingent meets...or, at least, I know I will !!

Fun puzzle, and a very nice debut. I got the theme with the first one, but when I realized they all begin with DIS, it made for a very easy solve. I ddin't even see a lot of the down answers until I read your blog, Argyle!

We went to Portsmouth, NH for the weekend. They had a Beer and Food festival at Strawberry Banke ( a historic neighborhood in Portsmouth.) Thursday is DH's birthday, so I gave the trip to him for an early birthday present. Great fun, and even though I don't drink beer, he was in "hog heaven"!!

Have a great day, everyone!

Yellowrocks said...

Happy birthday, DO.
Jerry, thanks for a fun Monday puzzle that needed some perps and second thoughts. It took just a tad more time than unusual, but still a very quick solve. I especially liked your theme.
Argyle, as always a great expo.
It looks to me like Lori Singer is crying in the photo.
DISTILLERS, a nod to Tinbeni.
Hahtoolah, interesting article on bouiellebaisse.
LOVIE was new to me.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone. Good to see you back, Argyle.

How about:

Criticize blankets - DISCOVERS
Criticize one of Napolean's generals - DISNEY

Great puzzle today with all the dissing going on. Got the theme immediately and plopped a DIS down in all the likely suspect areas. Only wite-out was I had 'soup' before STEW.
BALTIC is less saline than other open ocean areas. The Germans call it the Ost See (East Sea).
Good job, Jerry.

Have a great day

Husker Gary said...

The puzzle was as easy (except ALEUT not INUIT) as the theme was fun. We even had two capitals – EURO and MOSCOW.

-I was DISSING Time/Warner last weekend when their tiff with local CBS station made me go out and buy an antenna to watch Bama/A & M play
-Some of my golfing buddies DIS COURSES all the time
-She Loves You catapulted me into the lads’ music. Were you in England then, Steve?
-On Venus, the Sun rises in the west, but hey, it’s over 900°F so…
-Former students still recall ROY G BIV when I see them
-The tale of the Mudville Nine recalls my ute when town team baseball was king
-Stupid ESAU song!
-I’ve known two JP’s in my life and they went by JEEP
-Some SEN’s don’t care how much we OWE
-Be ALERT, the world needs more LERTS!
-FADED and ripped jeans can be very expensive in stores
-TYSON chickens ain’t exactly free range
-SKEW – there are lies, damned lies and then statistics
-Did you ever know a rebellious preacher’s kid (we called the PK’s) like the one LORI played?
-Unlike Splynter’s, some EST’s are bogus
-HBD, Otto.

JD said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C., et al,
Happy birthday Desper-Otto. Hope you have a lovely day. Can't wait to do your b'day puzzle.

Argyle, so glad you are back and hopefully healing. Your serious write up hit home with me. I am continually barefoot and did not feel it when I dislocated my toe last week.

Jerry, LOVED your ambitious debut. Did not know of that mneumonic, so I left a gaping hole for the I, not remembering indigo. Perps filled Lovie and Lorie, Although I do remember her. (Auto correct. Grrr)

Montana, can't wait to hear about the get together. There are so many truly nice people here at the Corner. Too bad we can't all meet up.

Kazie, welcome back.

Avg Joe said...

Crunchy but quick Monday morning pzl. Thanks Argyle, and glad your back. Had a few slow downs already mentions, such as ugh for ick and soup for stew, but no major hang ups.

Happy Birthday D-O, and many more.

Dennis said...

Good morning, gang - as others have said, this was a little tougher than the usual Monday offerings, but a fine debut for J.E. Simple but clever theme, and EYEFULS crossing ASSES was a nice touch, unintentional as it might have been.

Argyle, great to see you back, and it sounds like a full recovery is ahead.

Kazie, welcome back; you've gotta be racking up the frequent flyer miles.

desper-otto, a most Happy Birthday -- hope it's a great one.

Here's a little video to brighten your Monday. Great reactions.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Fun and breezy Monday offering with a clever theme. Only write-over was com(pass) before sur(pass). Thanks, Jerry, and thanks, Argyle, for your witty expo. Welcome back; we missed you!

Welcome back to Mari and to Kazie, as well. You were both missed.

Hatoolah, I wonder what Jean Arp would think of today's lack of silence and the preponderance of the machines and devices that are such distractions.

Happy Birthday, D-Otto. I really enjoy your sense of humor!

No Cruciverb again. Grrrrr!

Have a pleasant day.

Anonymous said...

Good morning everyone.

Happy birthday desper-otto. And it's good to have you back, Argyle. Hope all is well for you.

DNF even though it's a Monday! the SE corner got me. All I got were ASSES and BAA. But it was fun with all the DIS words.


Tinbeni said...

Argyle: Glad to see you back at the Corner. Wonderful write-up & links.

desper-otto Happy Birthday! (C.C. thanks for the tribute puzzle).

I would never DIS-TILLERS, they're my favorite people.


Martin said...

How about DIS COVERS = Complain about singers singing other people's songs?

I had trouble with DIS TRIBUTES. I had DIS TROPHIES for a long time. I was so happy when that turned out to be wrong as it would have been extremely poor taste!

Zcarguy said...

HBTY , Desper-Otto

I didn't dislike dis

Would've liked to see criticize Mickey = Dismantles

Criticize single women = Dismisses

Misty said...

Believe it or not, I joined some of you in the 21st century this morning. Went to the curb in my bathrobe at 7 to get the LA Times--no paper. Phoned and was told it would arrive in 40 minutes. At 8, still no paper. Called again and was told it would arrive in 40 minutes. At 9 still no paper. Totally frustrated, upset, freaking. Then I remembered that most of you do the LA Times crossword puzzle online. Ran into a problem at first because I was supposed to log in and my user name didn't work (huh? I'd never logged in before, so what user name?). Finally went to the LA Times game page where I do my Fairway Solitaire and VOILA! There it was. My first puzzle online! I am so excited! Now I even understand what a red letter is!

So thank you, Jerry and Argyle, and happy birthday, Desper-otto!

Gotta go and get the rest of the day started!

Have a great Monday, everybody!

Lucina said...

Greetings, friends! It's good to see you back on duty, Argyle. I hope the foot is completely healed.

Happy, happy birthday, desper-otto! What a special treat to have a C.C. created puzzle!

Jerry Edelstein's debut puzzle was fun.

It seemed just a tad crunchy for Monday but nothing insurmountable. I would never DIS SOLVING it. Ooh, that made me groan!

Have fun today, all you New Englanders and Montana.

And everyone, enjoy your Monday!

Vidwan827 said...

Happy birthday D-Otto, and many, many more.

Glad to know you (hopefully - ) doing better, Argyle. I enjoyed your wonderful blog. Thank you Jerry Edelstein for a wonderful, yet a lil bit crunchy, puzzle. What is the opposite of dis- ? .... Con- , a-, uni- ?

Thank you Dennis, for that pleasant diversion. I am surprised none of the guys, zipping her up tried any stunts.... Maybe that's Quebec for you....

Montana, to keep the original puzzle, on your IPad, ... when you also, log onto the blogger page, ..... I load the first page 2 times, on 2 different .. Open in new Tab's ... Thus I have the original puzzle to refer to, at all times. You can toggle between two different pages, without losing your submission ....

I first had Glass Eye, before 'Jaw' revealed itself. Had not heard that before.

Have a nice day, you all.

Spitzboov said...

The Costa Concordia has been rotated 10º so far. Here is a site at which you can follow its raising Live. They expect to finish by dawn, tomorrow. (It is a little like watching paint dry.)

Don said...

Liked The Casey at the Bat rendition, but even more the linked version by Garrison Keeler:


desper-otto said...

Doha@6:35 -- That's one of the few songs which I could play from memory on the piano. Bridge Over Troubled Water and Maple Leaf Rag were the other two. Don't think I've touched a piano in over 10 years.

In addition to Jean Arp, I share my birthday with Alfred Noyes, Jack Kelly, Peter Falk, David Copperfield, and perhaps best known, Ava Addams, porn star born in Gibraltar. Quite a list of suspects.

I'm afraid to ask, C.C., but I'm going to ask anyway. What does "Sheng Ri Kuai Le" mean?

Shipwreck diver said...

Maybe they should just leave the Concordia alone, dipping at an angle, to honor Italian ship building technology, and Italian seamanship.

And as a living memorial of the sea faring blustery industry of the Mediterranean.

Dotto, I could tell you what thee four words mean ...... But then I'd have to kill you.

Bill G. said...

Hi everybody. Happy birthday D-O! I can't wait to try your puzzle.

This was an enjoyable puzzle and theme. Thanks Jerry and Argyle. I ran into trouble in the lower-right corner with LORI, DISPLAYS and FUMES but I finally beat the corner into submission.

I've loved Gene Autry as a kid. My father had met him on business trip and introduced me to him at a rodeo show at an arena in Washington D.C. I went backstage and got a signed picture which I still have. We used to watch his half-hour TV shows. I saw one recently on cable and I couldn't believe how how hokey it seemed.

Lemonade714 said...

Argyle back, wonderful. D-O the puzzle was fun, thanks, C.C. and many more for you "Tom"

Nice theme for a newbie constructor, looking forward to the report back from Hartford, which is where Dick McAuliffe was born.

Polyglot said...


Sheng Ri. =. Birthday

Kauai Le =. Happy

Zhu Ni. =. (Wishing you)

from Yahoo answers.. Isn't the Internet wonderful ?

Thank you, Al Gore.

PK said...

Dennis, I can't believe they AIRED that! LOL

I don't remember ever knowing what was a mnemonic, so it is hard to come up with Roy G. BIV. Oh, the gaps in my education. Why was I so engrossed in doing practical stuff that never make the crossword?

I love the sound of silence. I use the mute button a lot on the remote to get some relief during commercials.

Criticize the coach's rant: DIS temper.

Anonymous said...

For several years I have used the Ann Arbor newspaper web site to print puzzle for working as time was available during the day, and then visiting this blog to check my answers.
However, in past few days, they have changed formats, playing hard to get, crossword no longer available for printing. Local newpaper will not print properly, spreads across two pages, very awkward to work. I have just checked the Tribune site and LATimes site mentioned here to no avail. Any suggestions on where to find printable version?
Thank you. Enjoy following this blog. Have learned a lot.
Old Sage in Virginia Beach

CrossEyedDave said...

Happy Birthday Desper-Otto

(I'm off to print out your special Birthday puzzle!)

Pookie said...

Happy birthday to YOU D-Otto!
Really, how special are you that C.C. wrote a puzzle for your birthday?
Quite an honor, I'd say.
C.C., fun puzzle and what a nice thing to do.
Only missed two, ARABIC and SMEW.
Glad argyle is feeling better, nice to "see" you Sallie.
Hi! Mari!
Have fun on your birthday TOM!

C.C. Burnikel said...

What Polyglot said, including the additional "Zhu Ni" in her post. I think Polyglot is a she.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Old Sage in Virginia Beach,
Click on the puzzles on Ann Arbor website, then click on the "Print PDF" button on top right. That should give you the puzzle to solve on paper.

However, your paper has stopped carrying LA Times crossword. You should write to them and ask them to bring the old puzzle back. No one is blogging those on-line puzzles. LA Times is of much much higher quality.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Sheng Ri Kuai Le looks like this.

Great picture!

kazie said...

Yes, I do have enough miles for a trip back again next time, thanks to the bonus from opening a credit card with the airline we use most. Companion ticket once a year too, so the edge is taken off the expense.

JD and Irish Miss,
Thanks for your kind welcome back wishes!

Bill G. said...

I came across Irma la Douce, about halfway through, on cable last night. I can't think of a cuter movie star than a young Shirley MacLaine in Irma, The Apartment or in The Trouble with Harry.

Don, I absolutely LOVE Garrison Keillor's follow-up to Casey at the Bat. Great stuff!

Polyglot said...


Polyglot is a He. ( hee, hee).

Just to keep the record straight.

Internet is a). Unisexual. And b). Is sterile of x and Y chromosomes.

So your prediction record is. 0-1.

Pookie said...

Was it D-Otto's garden that was so beautiful and neat?
I can't figure out the search box at the top of the blog, I never find what I'm looking for.
If anyone remembers that post, please link it. Thanks.

Pookie said...

Thanks, D-Otto!
How's the day going? Good I hope.

How do I find those pictures again?
If he wants to see a picture of my dead roses that succumbed to the heat, I'll post 'em.^o^

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Late to the party today - just got back from Hartford where HeartRx, Hondo, and I had lunch with our new visiting friend Montana, who is just as nice as you'd expect a Cornerite to be!

HBTY D-Otto and many more. Afternoon Argyle, glad you're back in business.

ARBAON said...

I adore puns and plays on words so this puzzle was fun to the max. Once I realized that all the theme answers began with "dis", it went well. Favorite clue:27a. 12d was also mis-directionally clever.
Glad you`re back, Sir Argyle.
You too, Kazie. It`s getting to be perfect weather for your griddle cakes. Care to re-share you recipe?

desper-otto said...

pas de chat, I think that was Husker Gary's garden you're remembering. He asked others to post pictures of their gardens, and ... he's still waiting.

Here's a link to the photos Gary posted back on August 3rd: Gary's Yard.

BTW, to search the blog, use the search box at the very bottom -- not the one up top.

[oneonme] -- does somebody actually edit these captcha's?

Yellowrocks said...

Fabulous DO puzzle. CC. I liked the way you worked in so many references to blog regulars.
I find the Sunday NYT puzzle at the library and copy it. Somebody swiped the magazine section this week Boo Hoo.
I am finding I have a growing stack of unread magazines which I have no desire to pick up. I used to read them the day they arrived. I finally realized that my problem is that the print has become smaller and smaller. LOL Maybe I should switch to versions I can enlarge and read on my Kindle.
I enjoyed the additional DIS suggestions by you all.

Pookie said...

Well I be darned!
Didn't know there was a search box at the bottom!
Thanks D-Otto!
Gotta get ready for work.
Enjoy the rest of the day!

HeartRx said...

Lucina @ 11:57, “DID SOLVING” – too funny!!

PK @ 1:44, DIS TEMPER, you guys are good!

Kazie & Mari, welcome back! I figured you were travelling again, Kazie. You are too faithful to miss so many days…can’t wait to see the pics!

Desper-otto @ 4:06, I didn’t post pics of my gardens because it might make everyone jealous (^0^)

HeartRx said...

Dang auto correct! DIS SOLVING!!!!!

LaLaLinda said...

Hi Everyone ~~

A great puzzle today ~ I, too, thought it was a bit tougher than a usual Monday. Very enjoyable with a clever theme ~ thanks, Jerry Edelstein and thank you Argyle. So good to see you back doing what you do so well. Once again, I loved your title.

I guess I was a bit (or a lot) foggy this morning when I couldn't come up with FENDS at 1A - sheesh! :-) After a few perps, things fell into place there, and with a few other things I wasn't sure of.

~ I had another visit with the chiropractor this morning - it's been two or three a week and I think there's a bit of improvement. While there, I was thinking of the rest of the New England group meeting in Hartford with Montana. Lots more fun, I'll bet! Looking forward to the stories and maybe some photos.

~ Welcome back Mari and Kazie.

~ Happy Birthday, desper-otto. I really enjoy your posts and I hope you've had a wonderful day. How nice to have a puzzle in your honor!

~ C.C. ~ Thanks so much for sharing the extra puzzles the last couple of days. I'm off to get started on them now.

thehondohurricane said...

La LA LInda,

I started with a local Chriro a year ago at three times a week and now I'm down to once a month if necessary. Helped me immensely as I'm sure it will help you.

When you are ready, we'll have a Hartford II. Only one rule, NO YANKEE/RED SOX talk!

Get better.


CrossEyedDave said...

Hmm, I tried to find some funny insult links, but Google didn't seem to understand "dis."

But under the above link, was another link that had nothing to do with "dis." I thought the teachers on the Blog might like it, but DO NOT read it if you have a weak stomach...


Hmm, my captcha is "chosedat." (I think dis thing is messing with my head.)

Husker Gary said...

Son of Musings
-Beautiful fall day for 36 holes!
-Glad to see Argyle back. The elves can just do so much ;-)
-Puzzles on line leave me cold but any port in a storm. Right Spitz?
-Fun gag in the mall, Dennis.
-I did post pix of my yard, okay, Joann’s yard, and would still like to see some others. BTW, I showed Marti mine and therefore she, uh, showed me hers ;-). Hers was spectacular!
-Great, disgusting story Dave. I have seen every variation of not following directions in my lab experience.
-I too am interested in a recount of the summit meetings of the Nor’easters and the High Plains Drifter Montana.
-p.s. PK, you were right yesterday, Grease did contain Rizzo singing the song about SANDRA DEE “lousy with virginity” line and also, “…won’t go to bed ‘til I’m legally wed.”

Ol' Man Keith said...

Happy Monday, all,
and Happy B'day, D-Otto!

A nice easy Monday pzl with some enjoyable because unexpected versions of the DIS words. My faves were DIS TILLERS & DIS TRIBUTES.

I am almost finished with "The Tragedy of Arthur." Thanks for putting me on to it; it's a very pleasurable read, with brainy introspection, some neat turns, and a truly impressive balance of research and high lit taste.

I'm in the third act of the "Tragedy" itself now, and I enjoy speaking many of the lines out loud. While Phillips sticks to Shaxper's pedantic early practice of exacting ten-syllable lines, he still manages to work in enough rhythmic shifts to keep it lively.
I hadn't heard of Arthur Phillips before. I'll have to read more of him. "I thank thee for this kingly lessoning."

Yellowrocks said...

Criticize the class cut up – discard
Criticize a fraternal order – dislodge
Criticize a fellow in your club – dismember
Criticize a young lady – dismiss
Criticize the morbid silence - disquiet

LaLaLinda said...

Hondo ~ Thanks for the good wishes and encouragement. I'm glad things are going better with you. And I agree, if there is a Hartford II ~ NO Red Sox / Yankees talk! ;-) I did like the tribute to Mariano last night ~ such a classy guy!

Lucina said...

Very funny video! That takes some major self confidence to pull off.

I just hate to bother you but I had the same problem tying to print D-Os puzzle. The left side is left off. Thank you.

Welcome back! I started wondering when you would return.

desper-otto said...

YR, those are some great DIScussion items! That would be enough for another whole puzzle.

And just where are the photos from today's NE luncheon? America is waiting...

TTP said...

For No Particular Reason

Ten Pills and You're Fine

HeartRx said...

I promise, pics to come!! We had such a great time. And would you believe, the restaurant I chose...thehondohurricane's son lives right above it!! Coincidence? I think not!!

Montana is such a lovely lady, and we had great discussions about teachers and how they can (and do) change lives. She told me about one challenged student she taught, who now has a masters degree and teaches other challenged youth. All because he was given extra care. Amazing!!

YR, great entries!! I particularly loved DIS MEMBER...although, I was thinking of a disenchanted girlfriend who was dissing her mate', "thing."

Ol' Man Keith said...

LMAO! Those are clever and fun, Yellowrocks.

Is it even worth trying?

Criticize one who would informally demand that Robert enter and be scolded for his tardiness?



Manac said...

HBD to D-Otto
Your Wit and Humor is always an
enjoyable read every day. Many more to you.

Anonymous T said...

I'll comment in a min on the puzzle after I finish catching up on the blog. However, if you are an Art Bell fan and have SiriusXM - he's on ch. 104 right now... -T

Bill G. said...

I found this fascinating and enjoyable. Almost as good as Garrison Keillor... Intuitive musical scale.

Anonymous T said...

G'Eve All

Fun puzzle, but what Sallie said... SW was a DNF for me... I couldn't get EYEcandy out of my head and refused to put in FUME.

@1a I had FuNDS - when my kids get their own they will manage for oneself!

Didn't know Roy G, but knew my spectrum...

But I'm not DISmayed (removes the salad dressing?). J.E.'s puzzle was a hoot when the theme hit me.

Argyle - glad you are back in business... Thanks for the writeup.

CED - "learn to pay attention." I'm going to pull that on the kids (though not with a cadaver).

Doha - I miss Pence - he was a very good Astro. Have a good trip back to the States (today to get home Wed - or does travel start Wed?)

Bill G - The scale was great -- think they rehearsed that?

And of course, a "Big as Texas" Happy Birthday to D-O!

And now to do his BD puzzle.



kazie said...

Arbaon, here is the recipe:
(This makes a huge batch. Divide it all by 3 and it is just right for two people.)

Sift together in a smaller bowl or measuring jug:

2 cups whole wheat flour
3 tsp (=1 Tbsp.) baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1 Tbsp. brown sugar (or see below for honey instead)

Beat the following together until fully blended in large mixing bowl or measuring jug (I use an electric hand-held mixer):

2 cups milk
½ cup oil
3 eggs
(1 Tbsp. honey if using instead of sugar)

Add flour mixture to liquids, fold in on slow speed and mix together until just blended and let sit a few minutes to fully meld. Cook on a hot skillet/griddle greased with plenty of oil. I use a large electric skillet set at 350 degrees.

Manac said...

For the DF crowd only! One version of
The finger taste test

Anonymous T said...

Manac - what does DF mean? The clip was funny... "I see..." Cheers, -T

Yellowrocks said...

HeartRx @8:05 Ha Ha. The aptly named Mrs. Bobbitt did exactly that some years ago.
link She bobbed it.

fermatprime said...


Sleep cycle so badly off I do not get to blog at a decent time.

Hope you had a wonderful birthday, d-otto!

WBS about puzzle!