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Sep 3, 2013

Tuesday, September 3, 2013 Jerome Gunderson

Theme: Circle the wagons!

17A. 1976 debut single for Heart : "CRAZY ON YOU"

27A. Stable warmer : HORSE BLANKET

37A. Nationality of the two leaders suggested by the starts of 17-, 27-, 43- and 57-Across : SIOUX

43A. Biding one's time : SITTING TIGHT

57A. Informal name for the double bass : BULL FIDDLE

Argyle here. Jerome has provided a nice companion piece to C.C.'s Monday puzzle. Center unifier and a couple of climbers to tie it together (but no grid spanners). It lends itself to a bunch of musical links which I am more than happy to provide.

CRAZY(5:13) HORSE(2:27) and SITTING(2:42) BULL(2:18)


1. Take off politely, as one's hat : DOFF

5. Small silvery fish : SMELT

10. Ogden's state : UTAH

14. "The African Queen" co-screenwriter : AGEE. James Agee shared the credit with none other than John Huston.

15. Apple drink : CIDER

16. Golfer Ballesteros : SEVE. Sadly, he died at the age of 54 in the same town he was born in, Pedreña, Cantabria, Spain.

19. Yoked bovines : OXEN

20. The Beatles' "And I Love __" : HER

21. Metal-yielding rocks : OREs. and 6D. Ones who dig 21-Across : MINERS

22. Practices in a ring : SPARS

23. 21-Across tester : ASSAYER

25. Chasing : AFTER

31. Hiding places in walls : SAFES

34. Wild pig : BOAR

35. "We __ the Champions" : ARE

36. Jack of old Westerns : ELAM. He had several "looks" so I'll link Google here.

39. Not left out of : IN ON

40. Pallid : WAN

41. Latvian capital : RIGA

42. Move with ease : COAST

48. Crime against one's country : TREASON

52. Follow : ENSUE

54. Carson's predecessor : PAAR

55. Mary's little lamb, perhaps : EWE

56. Cabernet containers : VATS

60. Correct copy : EDIT

61. Native Alaskan : INUIT

62. Got long in the tooth : AGED

63. A bit blue : RACY

64. Garb at the Forum : TOGAs

65. Raises, say : BETS


1. Russian cottage : DACHA. Tuesday and later in the week word.

2. Hideous giants : OGRES

3. Shaking causes : FEARS. First thought was for quakes.

4. Brimless cap : FEZ

5. Cricket official : SCORER. Does he do more than keep score?

7. Outshine fruit bars brand : EDY'S

8. Regulus's constellation : LEO. Sort of makes 22D. Regulus, for one : STAR a gimme.

9. __TV: "Not reality. Actuality." : TRU. If you care, the Wikipedia LINK.

10. Golf tournament first played in 1895 : U.S. OPEN. Odd there was no abbreviation indicator.

11. Portmanteau region between Dallas and Little Rock : TEXARKANA

12. Solemnly swear : AVER

13. Ones in a pecking order : HENS

18. They have strings attached : YOYOs

24. "Beg pardon ..." : "AHEM ..."

25. Leigh Hunt's "__ Ben Adhem" : ABOU. (may his tribe increase!) Poem LINK

26. Linen fiber source : FLAX

28. WWII torpedo craft : E BOAT. The German version of the PT boats.

29. Cupid's Greek counterpart : EROS

30. Portable shelter : TENT

31. Hems but doesn't haw? : SEWS. Cute.

32. Jai __ : ALAI

33. Hard to believe : FANTASTIC

37. Moral lapses : SINS

38. Punk star __ Pop : IGGY

39. Mite : IOTA

41. Marriage or baptism : RITE

42. Dearie, in Dijon : CHÉRI

44. Reliable : TRUSTY

45. Milano's land : ITALIA. Or Milan in Italy.

46. Botanists' scions : GRAFTS

49. Swamp grass : SEDGE

50. Young bird of prey : OWLET

51. Non-negotiable things : NEEDS

52. On any occasion : EVER

53. Zippo : NADA

54. Socket insert : PLUG. I jumped right on BALL. Wrong! So was bulb.

57. Bridle piece : BIT. Horse harness.

58. Half dos : UNO. Uno, Dos, Tres: One, Two, Three.

59. Gentle application : DAB



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Can't say I've ever heard of a BULL FIDDLE before, but everything else went smoothly today. And that's all I really have to say on this one...


Spitzboov said...

Good Morning Everyone. Thanks for the great intro, Argyle. Good catch on 22d.

Lost power last night at 1800 and it came back a few hours ago at 0300. Since I was up setting clocks, I did the puzzle on line. Piece of cake. Got SIOUX easily enough after noting the x in FLAX and sussing CRAZY and HORSE. Thanks Jerome for an easy but bright puzzle. Feeling good about the solve I turned in for a couple more hours of z's.

Have a great day.

River Doc said...

Happy Tuesday everybody!

Nice Tuesday offering Jerome and nice musical lynx in the expo Argyle, so thanks for that!

Solo write-over = NOOKS for SAFES….

Favorite clue = Hems, but doesn’t haw….

Continuing the musical interlude theme (and a one-a, and a two-a), here’s the Little Steveland Wonder classic My CHERI(e) Amour - shouldn’t that be Mon Cherie…?

Followed closely by the memorable “chase movie” tune East Bound and Down, in which I first heard of some place called TEXARKANA….

And back to the beginning with Heart and Heartless….

And now for something completely different - Ball players are often said to DOFF their caps to the crowd to acknowledge applause….

Speaking of baseball, Anon T from yesterday: By my count, the least number of pitches in one game would be 52. Visiting team sees 27 pitches and make 27 outs in the top halves of 9 innings. Home team sees 24 pitches and makes 24 outs in the bottom halves of 8 innings. In the bottom of the ninth inning, the home team batter sees 1 pitch and hits the game winning home run. 27 pitches (outs) against visitors + 24 pitches (outs) against home team + 1 pitch for the winning home run = 52 pitches.

Sidebar – best pitched game ever (imho) occurred on July 2, 1963. Juan Marichal and Warren Spahn both pitched 16-inning complete games that night at Candlestick Park! The two great pitchers matched scoreless innings until Giants’ Willie Mays homered off Spahn to win the game 1–0, in the bottom of the 16th. Marichal allowed only eight hits in the 16 innings, striking out ten Braves, and saddling eventual career home run king Hank Aaron with an 0-for-6 collar.

Finally, a big THANK YOU to Argyle for deleting that spam post at the top of this page. Those postings must be the modern day equivalent of some poor schmo hired to cold-call potential clients (aluminum siding, anyone?)….

Lemonade714 said...

Nice start to the month with Jerome giving us a fun Tuesday. I also do not recall ever hearinng of a Bull Fiddle, and the tribute to the Sioux chiefs was well done. Started Nooks as well.

I think US OPEN is the official name of the event.

Back to work.

Martin said...

Had CHASE for ENSUE, HOLES for SAFES, WHAT for AHEM, ROSY for RACY and HANGING TIGHT for SITTING TIGHT but then I got SIOUX from the perps. I didn't quite finish the puzzle but I did change HANGING to SITTING. Then I came here.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

It's obvious you boys ain't from Texas. Everybody here knows what a bull fiddle is, bass viol, not so much.

Nicely done puzzle from Jerome. And Argyle, you were the Link'n' Fool today. Isn't the name of the tournament the "US Open", not United States Open? If so, I don't think any abbreviation indicator should be required.

grams said...

D O, I'm native Texan. Never heard bull fiddle! Thought the puzzle a little crunchy for a Tuesday. Lots of look ups.

Happy Day After Labor Day!

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Jerome Gunderson, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for the fine review.

Got through this quite easily. Theme was good. Made sense. Good photos of the chiefs, Argyle.

FEZ came after a perp. I think that the word hat would have been better them cap. That's kind of what threw me off for a second. I have three of them, red, blue, and black.

TEXARKANA was easy. I worked there once. What I remember was that the telephone exchange served two area codes, in two states. The state line splits the city. Now days that may not be so strange, but back then that was not normal.

FLAX was easy. I take a tablespoon full each day (flax seed oil).

Learned RIGA from doing crossword puzzles. Seems to be a favorite word.

Really like the poem ABOU Ben Adhem.

Great parade yesterday. Weather was mild.

See you tomorrow.



Montana said...

Good morning. Thanks for the expo, Argyle. I forgot to look for the theme, but I would have gotten it if I had.

I had to use an eraser to spell PARR, PAAR. Knew the spelling, but fixed it for GRAFTS. All else went well.

Interesting sidenote. The videos for Crazy and Sitting would not load on my iPad 1, but the ones for Horse and Bull, did.
It usually isn't a distraction to not see the linked videos. If enough posters talk about one, I will go to a computer to see it.

4 hour drive ahead to finally get back home this morning.
Read you later,


PK said...

Hi Y'all! I thought the Indian names puzzle was fun & different, Jerome. I had to FIDDLE with several clues to let the answer ENSUE and that's no BULL. Call me CRAZY and I'll SIOUX.

Shaking cause was not "palsy", but FEARS. Okay! I had trouble deciding on "O" in the (mite) IOTA/COAST (move with ease) cross. Duh!

Is Tinbeni on the COAST, SITTING "TIGHT" at Via Incognito, maybe in a RACY TOGA, I BETS, sipping drinks AGED in VATS? (Stop groaning, I know it's sorta bad.)

Thanks, Argyle & D.Doc for all the music! Now I'll go back and listen to the rest of them. I don't know how I never heard of Heart or Queen until the last few years. I missed a lot of two decades of musicians while I was raising kids and typing away at a writing career. I heard some of the music in the background but had no clue who was making it.

HeartRx said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. et al.

What a fun puzzle. I loved the way you put together the theme on this one, Jerome. When I saw your name as the constructor, I thought sure we would have an anagram. But you fooled me! Great job. And nice expo, Argyle - loved the musical links!

I wanted "holes" in the wall for hiding places. But ALAI made me switch gears, and SEW showed me it was SA**S. Then for 33-Down I wanted FANTASmagorical, but had to pull it in at the end.

All in all, a nice Tuesday treat! Have a great day, everyone.

Montana said...

I have only heard of Edy's from doing crossword puzzles. I researched a little and found out Mr. Edy was raised in Montana before he moved to CA to found his ice cream business with Mr. Dreyer. The ice cream is branded as Dreyer's here.

Sitting Bull was born in Montana and Crazy Horse fought here. Our students learn a lot about them in Montana History. In my hometown, Chief Joseph is their most interesting, though, as his chapter is followed by a field trip to the site of his last battle, 70 miles east of us.


Misty said...

Delightful speed run this morning, Jerome--many thanks! Very clever Native American theme! And you too, Argyle, especially for explaining E-BOAT. Have never seen anything but U BOAT or U BOOT in puzzles, so that E threw me.

Interesting how often one sees clues relating to MINING in puzzles--three of them with ORE, MINERS, and ASSAYER thin morning. Except for RIGA, this puzzle had my mind pretty much in the American West today.

RK, you must have gotten a good night's sleep because your riffs on the puzzle were in great form this morning.

Have a terrific Tuesday, everybody!

Ol' Man Keith said...

Sometimes, for no reason I can discern, a long, seemingly impossible phrase just tumbles into my lap. HORSE BLANKET did this for me today. Early on, before I knew the theme, and when I had no more than the "n" in place, the answer flashed across my mind's eye. I didn't hesitate, but filled it in.
Others followed almost as easily, even though I would say that this was a little tough for a Tuesday pzl.

A nice pzl at that. Clear, well-clued, well designed by Gunderson and neatly expounded by Argyle.

Lucina said...

Greetings, friends!

Jerome, I DOFF my virtual FEZ to you! What a splendid puzzle you gave us!

I solved it quick as a wink with some chuckles here and there, especially 31D, hems but doesn't haw, SEWS. Love that!

After numerous errors on PARR/PAAR over the years I think it's finally etched into my brain and so it fell right in today.

Count me as one who never heard of BULL FIDDLE but then I'm not from Texas.

And not only do we have the SIOUX but INUIT as well and none of them wear TOGAS.

18D was also clever, they have strings attached, YOYOS. Good stuff!

Have a FANTASTIC Tuesday, everyone! But you knew I would use that, didn't you?

Lucina said...

Yesterday out of curiosity I read your profile and went to your website. What an impressive career you've had! It makes me wish our paths had crossed along the way in a theater where you were performing.

desper-otto said...

Grams, you must have led a sheltered life, far from the ice houses and country music dives.

Abejo, I remember an episode of How The States Got Their Shapes where the state line not only crossed through a town, it crossed right through the middle of a bar. You couldn't carry your beer to the restroom, because it was in a dry county of another state.

Montana, I've never seen Edys brand, either. Around here it's gotta be Blue Bell from the "little creamery in Brenham."

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

No speed bumps today. Wouldn't have known that S. Bull and C. Horse were Sioux, but the perps made it so. Morning, Argyle, and thanks for the write-up.

From the weekend: since synthesizer pioneer Bob Moog was mentioned, I was reminded of an article about the man I read years ago, in which the pronunciation of his name was made clear: "it rhymes with rogue." I've always assumed it's a Dutch name, but never checked - what say you, Spitz?

Lucina 12:02 - following your post, I took a look at Keith's Wiki page too. Keith, you have quite a résumé! Plus you're the nearest thing to my actually knowing a person with a Wiki page.

Cheers All

Tinbeni said...

Argyle: Nice write-up and thank you for all the musical links.

Jerome: Wonderful & FUN Tuesday puzzle.
Like Marti (HeartRx), I was anticipating anagrams ... which slowed down my solve a BIT.

PK, too funny ... but my "drinks" are AGED in barrels.

HG (from yesterday): Nice photo from the Royals game ... but I prefer your NASA avatar. (It fits you!)


Jerome said...

We all have our heroes. Among others, Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull are two of mine. I'm glad to be able to honor them in some way.

Irish Miss said...

Hi Everone:

Late to the dance due to appointments, grocery store, farm stand, etc. Appropos of nothing, when I was at the grocery store, I happened to notice the prices for cartons of cigarettes and almost fainted. Marlboros were $102.00 and Parliments were $106.00! Sure glad I don't smoke.

Great puzzle, Jerome, if a wee bit bitey for a Tuesday but finished without difficulty. Super write-up, Argyle.

Enjoy the day.

fermatprime said...


Swell puzzle, Jerome. No problems here. Played in several orchestras, so BULL FIDDLE was a gimme. Great review, Argyle.

Has anyone here ever had prolotherapy? Am thinking about it for awful back.


Bill G. said...

Happy day after Labor Day! I enjoyed the puzzle including SEWS and BULL FIDDLE. It's nice to see Jerome back again. Thanks for the puzzle. Also, thanks to Argyle.

It's still hot and humid here.

Are you tired of loud grunting, etc. at women's tennis matches?

Shouldn't they have thought of this ahead of time? A hot skyscraper in London!

CrossEyedDave said...

Thought I breezed through this one, but the write up pointed out that I misvoweled 1D docha. (Is misvoweled a word? Maybe I should have said disemvoweled Dacha.)

36A Jack Elam. He was so handsome when he was young,,, (what happened?) Dang that 62A... (Note his quote on the subject 3/4 down the Bio.) Also, his left eye was the result of a Boy Scout Meeting...

5A Smelt, well, I looked for funny links, & found nothing noteworthy, but it did lead me to a definition that makes me think that maybe Rich Norris is messing with the Clechos! (21A+6D+23A)

Misty said...

Jerome, are you our Jerome and today's puzzle Jerome? If so, double thanks to you!

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, A fast, smooth puzzle with Sioux coming before I finished the puzzle's bottom half.

The few unknowns, such as, Cricket scorer, and Punk Star, Iggy Pop were filled in with the perps.

I wasn't sure what kind of Young bird of prey would show itself, but Owlet was the only choice. That told me that Mary's little lamb was an ewe, not a ram.

I played the "Bull Fiddle" all through Jr. High and High School. I hated that name for my mellow Base Vile.

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day holiday. Ours was quiet, with children coming for a BBQ.

The news here was dominated by the opening of the new span of the Oakland to San Francisco Bay Bridge. After a closure of five days, which sent traffic into gridlock in places, the new beautiful span opened at 10:20 last night.

Have a great day, everyone.

Tinbeni said...

Bill G.
Yes! I'm tired of the "loud grunting" at women's tennis matches.

Don't really have "an opinion" about the "etc" part of your question ...

CrossEyedDave said...

Forgot to mention, if you read jack Elams' bio, he must be some distant relation to me...

Re: Tennis grunting!

It could be worse! (note the wearable microphones at the end...)

Spitzboov said...

Dudley @ 1243 - Re Moog. Dutch is pronounced phonetically. If Moog were Dutch, it would sound like the o in rogue, or the oo in Das Boot. The g would have a sound like the voiced ch in German ich. I have been unable to find any connection of his name to Dutch or German; his on-line bios seem silent on the name's origin.

HeartRx said...

CED @ 2:21, I SMELT a rat when I read the other three clechos you mentioned, LOL!

I used to love Jack ELAM in the old westerns. I had read that quip of his about aging before, but it was fun to see it again!

Ol' Man Keith said...

Lucina & Dudley,

Thanks for your kind words. As for the Wiki page, Dudley, my somewhat homey theory is you just have to be hanging around when history is happening. Good history? Bad? Macht's nichts....

Husker Gary said...

The CRAZY HORSE Memorial in The Black Hills dwarfs Rushmore and has its own stoplight and exit ramps. It has been over 40 years in the making but the monument and the buildings in the complex are first rate! A guide did tell us that some Sioux are offended because their people would never point in the manner the memorial portrays. Crazy Horse was killed in captivity at Fort Robinson in northwest Nebraska 136 years ago on September 5. Not a proud moment in our state’s history.

-Home after 36 holes
-The early, simple Beatles’ tunes remain my favorite
-Finding SPARRING partners for Mike Tyson wasn’t easy. Would you get in there for $500/day, room and board?
-ADAM LAMBERT is now singing lead for Queen with Freddy Mercury gone
-The Huskers were up big in the second half and tried to COAST against Wyoming. Too close…
-RACY of our ute now seems quaint
-Little Dickey Smothers always played a BULL FIDDLE while being a straight man for Tommy
-What great Johnny Cash song has the lyric “…just about a mile from TEXARKANA…”

Avg Joe said...

Busy day, so late to the party.

Enjoyed the puzzle a lot, Jerome. Not a hitch in sight, but nothing was too easy either. Had to wait for a perp or two to get the fiddle part of the last theme answer, but the bull was already filled. I'd add Standing Bear to your list of admirees.

I think the funniest comment I ever heard (read) about the silvery fish clue came from Amy Renaldo: "I shall continue my lifelong quest to see a clue that reads: 'He who ______ it dealt it'." It's been at least 3 years, and I just can't read that fill without that visage making an appearance.

And for D.O., here's a song featuring a <a href=">Bull Fiddle</a> to complement your earlier comments.

Avg Joe said...

Ooops. Mis-link.

Try this: That's right....

Husker Gary said...

-CRAZY HORSE MEMORIAL site showing all the fabulous details. Well worth a visit to the virtual and actual site!!

Steve said...

@Irish Miss - thank goodness I quit a couple of years back - that's outrageous!

Thanks for the write-up Argyle. Fun puzzle, nice theme and some cracking musical links!

Manac said...

Re: Yest,
There's no need to fear, Red Sox
fans are Everywhere :)

Tinbeni said...

I remember the Creedence Clearwater Revival tune with that line.

Cotton Fields (2:59)

Lucina said...

My sisters and I were deeply impressed with the Crazy Horse Memorial, even in it's unfinished stage, when we visited three years ago. Traveling around the U.S. and seeing its diversity is just delightful.

TTP said...

Jerome, I enjoyed your puzzle. As to, "We all have our heroes...", what about Ole and Sven and Lena ? There has been so much written about them. :>)

Desper-Otto, Blue Bell. "Cows think Brenham is heaven." That was the old commercial (or something along those lines) from the 80s .

Catching smelt in the early morning hours and eating them on the shores of Lake Michigan is an annual rite for some here in Chicago. Never had them.

Thank you Argyle. Great pics and links.

Hip Hip Hooray for Dianna Nyad's accomplishment. Good for her !

CC, thank you for the puzzle yesterday. I was remiss.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

So nice to have a puzzle from Jerome - and a pleasant outing it is. Tight theme and excellent fill. Fine tribute to a couple of native American leaders.

We had Nate and Em for the last time today. School started today for all the other kids, later in the week for them.

Great kids, but they wear me out. That's why you don't have them when you're 60.

Cool regards!

Jayce said...

Sitting Bull was an excellent leader. We sure could use a few now.

Jayce said...

JazzB, interesting your grandkids (are they your grandkids?) are called Nate and Em. Mine are named Nathaniel and Emilie, Nattie and Em for short.

HUTCH said...

Montana. I don't believe Chief Joseph was a Sioux but an eastern Oregon Tribesman and leader. I think the Appaloosa was their horse. Recently I've read they have been able to buy back their original prime valley which was stolen from them {Sorry-- No politics!]

Irish Miss said...

Steve @ 4:39 - As you may know, New York State's so-called "sin" taxes (alcohol, tobacco, etc.) are considerably higher than most other states. But even knowing this didn't lessen my shock at seeing a carton of cigarettes costing over $100.

Anonymous T said...

Evening all,

Back from the salt mines, kids are fed and tucked in and finally get to unwind a bit before finishing up some work...

What a fun pzl Mr Gunderson. As I was doing it, I was thinking this is a Tuesday? But as I worked a bit, it all enjoyably fell out. Thanks too to Argyle for the writeup and copious links.

Hand up for Dacha. I also had navy at 63a and thought "that's more than a bit blue?" 33d fixed it FANTASTIC!

On the MS150 we overnight in Brenham (closest hotel with rooms) - guess what's on the menu?

IM that price, I'm glad I switched to e-cigs!!!

And since no one linked to The Coz, Cus, Sit; Sit Cus I'll do it.



Manac said...

Irish Miss,
When I quit smoking, cold turkey at that. The cost of a pack was around
$0.75 at the vending machine at work or the bar. Times have changed.

Veritas said...

The top picture on the previous page, shows the famous native indian chief, in his characteristic regal pose. The picture from main hallway room of the American Indian museum in Butte, Montana is titled -

Bull ... sitting.

( no typos, please - ). ;>))

Abejo said...

D-O: Thanks for the tidbit on the bar straddling two states. That would have been neat to be in.



JD said...

Way too late again, but just wanted to tell Jerome how much I really enjoyed his CW, and especially the theme. The Crazy Horse Memorial is very impressive. The family(maybe it's a tribe) has refused money from the get this work finished. Finished or not, it's quite a site.

owlet: This is the newest video of "The Owl and the Pussycat". Enjoy.

Anonymous T said...

Abejo / D-O:

I've never been to that bar (is it in Texarkana D-O?). But I was in one in CA where you had to smoke outside but couldn't bring your drink with you. So they put your beer on a 1/2 door with a shelf and while you smoked. When you wanted a sip, you'd break the law for a few seconds and then put it back.

Cheers, -T

Bill G. said...

Those owl and cat videos are very appealing.