Sep 24, 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013 Kurt Krauss

Theme: Watch the Birdie - and say "CHEESE". The theme is four kinds of cheese.

17A. *1972 hit with the line "The day the music died" : AMERICAN PIE. American cheese.

26A. *County fair prize : BLUE RIBBON. blue cheese.

40A. *Home-based business : COTTAGE INDUSTRY. cottage cheese.

49A. *Beef-braised-with-tomatoes dish : SWISS STEAK. Swiss cheese.

62A. Green Bay Packer fans ... and a hint to the answers to starred clues : CHEESEHEADS

Argyle here and I've found Monday's puzzle. Anchored by a grid spanner in the middle and a subject dear to my stomach, food! This is a satisfying entertainment.


1. Babbling waterway : BROOK

6. Pillow covers : SHAMS. A decorative cover over the actual pillow case.

11. Healthful facility : SPA

14. Nocturnal primate with a ringed tail : LEMUR. The little guy with the big eyes.

15. Squiggle in "piñata" : TILDE

16. Make a mistake : ERR

19. Feel sick : AIL

20. Sharp turn : ZIG

21. Auction cry : "SOLD!"

22. "I'm innocent!" : "NOT ME!"

24. Pennsylvanie, par exemple : ÉTAT. French.

29. Receding tide : EBB

31. On edge : TENSE

32. Sambuca flavoring : ANISE

35. Place for a polar bear : FLOE

37. Street shaders : ELMS

43. __ II razor : TRAC

44. Tells in a bad way : RATS. Back in the day, "drop a dime".

45. Biblical beasts : ASSES

46. Blue gem, for short : LAPIS. Lapis lazuli, pretty as a burning shot of Sambuca.

48. "I __ you one" : OWE

53. Jones with a locker : DAVY

57. Cagney's TV partner : LACEY. Buddy cop show, ran from 1982-1988.

58. Spring bloomer : IRIS. Hey, Blue.

60. Go head-to-head : VIE

61. Prefix for the birds : AVI

66. Pince-__ glasses : NEZ

67. Prefix meaning "sun" : HELIO

68. Krupp Works city : ESSEN. On the River Ruhr in Germany.

69. Afternoon ora : TRE. Mid-afternoon time in Italia. (3:00 PM)

70. Bagel flavoring : ONION

71. "Star Wars" surname? : DETOO. (R2-D2)


1. Burn brightly : BLAZE. See 32-Across.

2. Send a money order, say : REMIT

3. Alpha's opposite : OMEGA. Start and end of the Greek alphabet.

4. "__ Man in Havana": Graham Greene novel : OUR. Made into a movie the year after it was published.

5. Barbra's "A Star Is Born" co-star : KRIS. Barbra Streisand / Kris Kristofferson (1976), Janet Gaynor / Fredric March (1937), Judy Garland and James Mason (1954).

6. Delay on purpose : STALL. But not on purpose, if it's a car.

7. Many an Indian, religiously : HINDU

8. The Eiger, e.g. : ALP

9. Start of the 16th century : MDI. (1501) Historical Events for Year 1501, LINK. (Slow year)

10. Greeted and seated : SEEN IN

11. Vehicle safety devices : SEAT BELTS

12. First-class : PRIMO. (slang)

13. Former senator Specter : ARLEN. Senator from PA, noted for switching parties.

18. __ salad : COBB. Food!

23. Excessively preoccupied : OBSESSED. Not me!

25. Precedent setter : TEST CASE

27. Boarding school jackets : ETONS

28. Bassoon vibrator : REED

30. "But I don't wanna __ pirate!": "Seinfeld" : BE A. The puffy shirt episode.

32. Do some film work : ACT

33. Partner of neither : NOR

34. Highlight in print, in a way : ITALICIZE

35. Banquet : FEAST

36. Put a match to : LIT. See 32-Across.

38. G.I. grub : MRE. (Meal, Ready-to-Eat)

39. Part of TBS: Abbr. : SYS. (Turner Broadcasting System)

41. Pinot __ : GRIS, Won't burn.

42. Detroit labor org. : UAW. (United Automobile Workers)

47. Film with a classic shower scene : "PSYCHO"

48. Sooner State migrant : OKIE

49. Bias : SLANT

50. Have second thoughts : WAVER

51. Five-letter song refrain : EIEIO. Did you know Farmer McDonald was a really bad speller?

52. Felonious fire : ARSON

54. Salt's "Halt!" : "AVAST!". Hey, talk like a pirate was last week.

55. Audio counterpart : VIDEO

56. Like "Will you marry me?" questionwise : YES/NO

59. Storage building : SHED

63. Clucker : HEN. "Hen, H,E,N,E,I,E,I,O" [buzz]

64. Yale alum : ELI

65. Suffix with Brooklyn : ESE



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Pretty easy for a Tuesday. Got the theme early on, which let me throw down SWISS STEAK with only STEAK in place, despite the fact that I've never heard of it before.

Hesitated a bit with GRIS (not a wine connoisseur) and thought TRE was a bit odd, but everything else was smooth sailing today.


Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Kurt Krauss, for a swell puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for the swell TUESDAY review.

Well, I was tired last night and hit the hay early, therefore I could not sleep this morning and got up early.

Pretty easy going today. NW corner got me started. Even got ETAT easy enough. We have had that before many times. However, Pennsylvania is not a state. It is a commonwealth. Not sure how that translates to french. Maybe it is ETAT in french. Maybe not.

COBB salad is a favorite of mine. Invented at the Brown Derby, I believe.

SWISS STEAK was easy. It is a favorite of mine. Barry, you have never had swiss steak? You are missing something.

Liked DAVY Jones Locker. Clever.

Never heard of Sambuca. Got the word, ANISE, with some perps and a wag.

Nothing better than an ONION bagel with cream cheese. Toasted first.

Well, since I am up I had better get some stuff done. The sun isn't even up yet. Good grief.

See you tomorrow.



Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

I'm with Argyle, this seemed like a Monday puzzle. Zoomed right through without spotting the theme.

Some weeks ago, there was mention about mixing up two movies, Quartet and Last Quartet. We saw and liked the latter movie, with Christopher Walken, at that time. The former, a British production, recently arrived via Netflix. It's got a simple storyline, but the main appeal is the setting: a pretty country estate that serves as a retirement home for musicians. The supporting cast is a delightful mix of genuine retired musicians who seem to be having fun. It's an enjoyable film!

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. I had fun with today's puzzle. It seemed a tad easier than yesterday's fare. Lots of long fills, which pleased me.

My favorite bagel is an Everything with lox and cream cheese. My next favorite is an ONION bagel.

Jones with a Locker = DAVY, made me laugh.

QOD: No grand idea was ever born in a conference, but a lot of foolish ideas have died there. ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald (Sept. 24, 1896 ~ 1940)


Dudley said...

Morning Abejo - I forgot to remark about your emergency landing comment from yesterday. Mechanical trouble over an urban area is no picnic, your choices are generally somewhere between bad & worse. Under similar conditions, Sully chose a river! Of course, he had a larger machine to bring to rest, and he knew it would float.

Dennis said...

Good morning, gang - a flat-out speed run this morning, no pauses, no problems. Been a while since we had one of these.

The theme finally dawned on me just before I got to the unifier, but fortunately the additional help wasn't necessary; very straight-forward cluing.

Misty, congratulations on your 'blueness'.

Have a great day; anybody else looking forward to the return of NCIS tonight?

Dennis said...

Also, for those of you who, like me, are fascinated with hummingbirds, I think you'll like this. Enjoyable and educational.

thehondohurricane said...

Hello everyone,

As already mentioned by others, an easy run today. Only one slowdown...had Atra before TRAC The perps got me back on "trace" quickly.

Misty, welcome to the world of blue.

Big day for the puppy, so got to run.

thehondohurricane said...

Cripes, I'm going blind. "trace" should be "trac"

Yellowrocks said...

A quick romp today.
Dudley, after the discussion here a few weeks ago I ordered Last Quartet from Netflix. I enjoyed it immensely.
Misty, congrats on going "blue."
I was born in PA and lived there until I married. Then I became a Jersey Girl. Although Commonwealth is part of its name, PA is also a state, one of the 50 states.
"There is no difference between a commonwealth and a state in the U.S. To Locke, Hobbes, and other 17th-century writers the term "commonwealth" meant an organized political community -- what we today call a "state." Officially Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Virginia, and Massachusetts are all commonwealths. When Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Virginia, and Massachusetts became part of the United States, they merely took the old form of state in their title."
I thought Cagney and Lacey was a good show. I am a Tyne Daly fan.

HeartRx said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. et al.

Fun write-up today, Argyle! I didn’t see a few of the clues until I read it, and got a chuckle over your EIEIO and HEN comments.

Fun theme with a spot-on unifier, since all the CHEESEs were at the HEAD of each phrase. But I did shoot myself in the foot a couple times. Like hondo, I also wanted Atra before TRAK. Then I wanted Pint Noir instead of GRIS. Those were corrected in short order, though, and the rest of the puzzle was a breeze.

Dennis, thanks for the fascinating clip about the hummingbird. We have had one visiting our gardens all summer, and they are simply a joy to watch.

Have a nice day, everyone!

Anonymous said...

WEES - seemed like Monday and Tuesday puzzles were switched this week. But i won't be late for work!

Will need to make sure my kids get a copy of this one--all born cheeseheads and Packer fans.

Yellowrocks said...

The Fallen Elm by John Clare

Old elm that murmured in our chimney top
The sweetest anthem autumn ever made
And into mellow whispering calms would drop
When showers fell on thy many coloured shade
And when dark tempests mimic thunder made -
While darkness came as it would strangle light
With the black tempest of a winter night
That rocked thee like a cradle in thy root -
How did I love to hear the winds upbraid
Thy strength without - while all within was mute.
It seasoned comfort to our hearts' desire,
We felt that kind protection like a friend
And edged our chairs up closer to the fire,
Enjoying comfort that was never penned.
Old favourite tree, thou'st seen time's changes lower,
Though change till now did never injure thee;
For time beheld thee as her sacred dower
And nature claimed thee her domestic tree.
Storms came and shook thee many a weary hour,
Yet stedfast to thy home thy roots have been;

Read the entire poem to see the elm's fate.
Link Fallen Elm

Mari said...

Good morning everybody. Nice, cheesy puzzle today. Easy as a Monday. Other than GRIS I did pretty well.

Dennis @ 6:48 am: I've been hearing a lot of people in my area have sited hummingbird moths. But I've never seen one.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Late to the party because I slept in this morning. DW missed her connection in DC and got in five hours behind schedule last night. It's been a long time since I've stayed up past 1 AM.

I agree with Argyle that Monday came on Tuesday this week. It was a straight-forward dive to the bottom, and I even got the theme.

Dennis, I enjoyed the hummingbird clip. The fall migration is almost over in south Texas, and there is only a few still visiting our feeders. Of course, our cats have been trying to improve the species by removing from active duty those who crash into our family room windows.

fermatprime said...


Thanks for the Monday puzzle, Kurt! Swell expo, Argyle!

Dennis: most certainly am going to watch (after DVRing).


Avg Joe said...

Yep, the Monday puzzle came a day late. Easy and enjoyable.

Mari, I've only heard those moths called Sphinx Moths, but I've seen quite a few this year. One even got in the house last Thursday, but I was able to remove it unharmed.

desper-otto said...

I'm glad that moth didn't attack you, Avg Joe! :)

Tinbeni said...

Argyle: Excellent "Monday" (lol) write-up & links EIEIO ...
Kurt: Thank you for a delicious and FUN solving experience.

My fave today was PRIMO. Have enjoyed it many times (and IT was always 'First-class'). Smoke'em if you got'em.

Dennis: Hand-up for tonight's NCIS and Sunday's Breaking Bad finale.

It's raining (Cats & Dogs) so I'm wondering how to see whether "the Sun is over the yardarm"?
I'm not taking any chances ... Cheers!!!

Lucina said...

Hello, friends! Right on, Argyle. You are in top form.

Easy as AMERICAN (apple) PIE today and fun, too. Thank you, Kurt Krauss.

I love CHEESE of any kind (except limburger and feta) and especially cream cheese on bagels, so I loved the theme.

I thoroughly enjoyed Quartet; those Brits really are humorous.

And yes, I'm looking forward to NCIS but have to record it as Jeopardy airs at the same time.

Misty, congratulations on turning BLUE!

Have a delightful Tuesday, everyone!

Misty said...

Yep--one of the speediest puzzles ever--many, many thanks, Kurt. (Can you tell I like speedy puzzles best?) I loved the CHEESE theme, and since I love cheese (the food kind only) this puzzle made me surprisingly hungry--not only for cheese but for steak and lox and bagels, and more. All in all, a fun morning, with a fun expo, as always, Argyle.

On recommendations from the blog, we too watched both "Quartet" movies last year. Totally delightful!

Many thanks for the warm welcome to the world of blue, everybody!

Have a great Tuesday!

CrossEyedDave said...

Re: yest: Dennis @8:44pm $158.00
People in nearby Newark NJ have found a solution to the red light camera problem.

AnonymousT@ 11:28pm Great advice!

Re: Today...
I can enjoy French (etat), Italian (tre), & even StarWars Technobabble (Detoo) if it is properly perped as it was today.

I must see this Man in Havana movie, it looks great!

23 Down

23 Down

23 Down

23 Down

Pinot Gris?

(I wanted Silo for 59D storage bldg.)

Great hummingbird video,,, I want to thank Bill G,,,, um er,, Dennis???

Argyle said...

I watched the season premier of Castle last night. It answered the cliff hanger from last season and left you with another one last night. It only said to be continued so I'm not sure about how many parts.

Qli said...

I thought this was more like a Monday puzzle, too. I really enjoyed it. I love CHEESE (both the food kind and the pun kind).

Welcome to the blue world, Misty!

Nice to be reminded of Swiss steak; it's one of my husband's favorite crockpot meals. Tis the season for nice warm comfort food.

GarlicGal said...

Easy cheesy puzzle this a.m. WEES.

Lucina, hello to your "twisted" sister from me, too! Have a great visit.

I see that "The Great Gatsby" is out in the RedBox. Is it worth $1.39? Has anyone seen it?

A little breezy in CA this morning, but sunny. Looking forward to a fairly lazy Tuesday.

Hasta La Pasta (Pasto?, Pesto? Penne? Hehehe

CrossEyedDave said...

Uh, apologies might be in order...
(re:23 Down link#1)
I had no idea what "cheesy smegma" meant, (I just liked the pic), but being curious, I Googled it after I posted.

Whatever you do,
do not,
I repeat, DO NOT Google image cheesy smegma. (Gross!)

HeartRx said...

Please take CED's advice @ 11:37...TRUST ME ON THIS

Lucina said...

Thank you, Garlic Gal. I shall. She will be leaving today at noon.

Does anyone have Amazon Prime? I wonder how it compares with Netflix as I'm very disappointed that streaming Netflix has a very limited number of movies. It's great for the grandchildren, though, as they carry Disney and other toons.

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, I breezed through this puzzle with only a couple of hiccups. Noir for Gris, and Pillow Slips for Pillow Shams. Other than that I put in the answers almost as fast as I could write.

I did scratch my head over Afternoon ora with the answer of Tre. My Italian is nonexistent. Thanks, Argyle for the explanation!

The cheese theme was fun. One of our favorite appetizer plates here at home is cheese and crackers. We had cottage cheese and pineapple salad last night for dinner.

This CW for me was a lot easier than yesterday's Monday puzzle. I think I was just on the right wavelength today.

Dennis, thanks for the Hummingbird picture. Our Hummingbird feeder right outside our kitchen window has provided me with many hours of enjoyment.

Garlic Gal--You crack me up!!

Have a great day everyone.

Lo cal eater said...

CED and HeartRx thanks for piquing my curiosity. Googled Cheesy Smegna or was it chessey smenga ?

Good to watch if you're on a diet.

(bekatcha) ?

Pookie said...

Pretty easy for Tuesday.
I LOVE cheese!Thanks Kurt, fun puzzle.
Thanks Argyle for clarifying TRE.
Did not know HELIO for "sun"
Re: Yesterday and SASHA FIERCE, I knew it because I read the Calendar section, even though I don't know most of the musicians, actors or artists. Now she's "Mrs. Carter"
Kind of like David Bowie a.k.a "Ziggy Stardust" Kind of silly, IMO.
Geez CED, what were you thinking with that 23D link?
At least give us a warning.

Dennis said...

CED, helpful advice re the red light camera. BTW, I went online this morning to pay it, and after entering the violation number, etc., I got a message stating, "The Notice of Violation associated with this notice # and PIN has been dismissed and no further action is required." Not sure why, but no complaints here.

And I'll echo CED and Marti - do NOT do any lookups on smegma, particularly if you plan on eating anytime soon.

River Doc said...

Happy Tuesday everybody!

ChiTrib xwords are now back online after a one day hiatus. WEES about easy puzzling, liking cheese, and so on....

Wow, haven't heard the word smegma since hanging out with the boys in high school. Of course we were a very erudite bunch, always seeking ways to improve our vocabulary....

One of these daze I'll learn how to cut-paste links on the iPad. Today's link would have been the Monty Python classic routine The Cheese Shop....

Anonymous said...

My goodness, pas de chat, it wasn't that bad!

Tinbeni said...

Vegas Doc, I'll help you out ...

Monty Python The Cheese Shop (5:30)

sasses said...

Beautiful! Thank you.

Bill G. said...

Fun puzzle and writeup. Thanks. WEES.

I really enjoyed that hummingbird video. We've had several nests, eggs and babies in camellia bushes and other plants. It's fun to watch.

I'm waiting for the next America's Cup race. Very exciting.

kazie said...

Really late after a morning of duty volunteering at the local thrift shop.
But like Argyle, I felt this to be far more Monday than Monday was.

In fact, I had it done before even making breakfast today. My only failing was having no time to ponder the theme, and despite being in the state of the CHEESEHEADS, I really didn't make that connection.

I'm now going to finally take the time to read what the rest of you think.

Mari said...

Avg Joe @ 9:32 am: Was your sphynx moth pretty big? I hear they are the size of humming birds around here.

CED: I couldn't open the 23D files here at work, but I'm curious what the ruckus is (or isn't). I'll have to open them from home.

Dennis said...

Mari, nooooooo.

Tinbeni said...

Well that race was exciting ...

Geez, they were going at one point 30 knots upwind against the incoming tide.

Oracle has now won 9 out of 17 races (but still trails 8 to 7 in points).

Irish Miss said...

Hi Everyone:

I'm late, I'm late! Busy day so just getting to the blog. WEES about the ease of solving and the "delicious" theme. I love cheese, too; in fact, I had a sinfully cheesy French Onion soup for lunch.

Thanks, KK, for a terrific Tuesday offering and thanks to our resident funny man, Argyle, who always tickles our funny bones.

Did anyone watch the new show, Hostages, last night? I DVRed it but haven't watched it yet.

What glorious weather we are having. Too bad we can't bottle it.

Enjoy your evening.

HeartRx said...

Mari @ 3:26...step away from the keyboard. Do not click on the first link. Do not look up cheesy smegma...

Dennis said...

I fear that all our warnings are gonna do is pique more interest/curiosity. So at the risk of ruining people's dinner (and possibly several meals into the future), think of smegma as 'genital crud'. That way you don't have to read the more descriptive versions out there.

Marge said...

Hi all,
This was a fun puzzle. I didn't catch the cheese theme until the end. I didn't even get 62A CheeseHeads until the end. Isn't that stupid.We do love our cheese and Packers here in Wis.

Dennis, thanks for the humming bird link, it was beautiful. We also have a humming bird feeder outside our dining area and they are fun to watch. They alway have to fight with the bees, and the bees often win.

We are also eager to see NCIS tonight but I am very sorry that Ziva is leaving the show.

I never got around to posting here last week as we delivered "Meals on Wheels' last week at noon and it takes up a big hunk of the noon hour but it is fun to do. They are so happy to get their lunch.

Hope you all have a good evening.

Avg Joe said...

Mari, I'd guess they are about 2 1/4" long with a wingspan of 2 3/4". So not quite as big as a hummingbird and certainly not the same shape. But they are pretty cool looking and they do make a very noticeable hum when they're flying. I found out they are the moth of the larval tomato hornworm while looking them up this morning. I've seen fewer of those this year than typical, so I'm not sure why there are more moths. They must be coming from the next county. :-)

Manac said...

Miss one day....
Misty, Kudos on going Blue! We now know you are you.

CED has sunk to a new low Tsk, Tsk
But from Yest. Maybe he is just Paranoid?

chefwen said...

Great puzzle for this former Cheesehead and die hard Packer fan.

Irish Miss said...

Manac @ 4:12 - Your "Paranoid" link made me laugh so hard my stomach hurts!

Husker Gary said...

Golf at 8 am and then subbing and now this cheesy puzzle!

-I believe fair ribbons around here are Purple for best, BLUE for excellent, Red for good effort and White for “Thanks for playing”
-LEMURS have their own section at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha
-Until someone RATS, some neighborhoods are never getting better
-I remember another DAVY JONES with the Monkees
-The HELIOcentric theory was a tough sell to the church
-This prevents STALLING in the NBA
-Seinfeld’s Puffy Shirt Lady Leslie was a low talker as opposed to Dan the high talker and Erin the close talker
-We are going to our hometown for the monthly Chicken, Fish, Rib all you can eat FEAST tonight at the Legion Club. The food is delicious and makes McDonalds look like health food
-Hahtoolah, a lotta good ideas have died in conference too
-It might be a while before the sun rises on the day I can tell a Pinot Grigio from a Pinot Gris
-…or google Dave’s term

Tinbeni said...

WOW ... WOW ... WOW ...

Oracle has won again and now the Regatta is tied at 8 to 8.
(Though let us remember Oracle has actually won 10 races ...)

SOOOOOOO ... it will be a single race tomorrow ... WINNER TAKES ALL for the America's Cup.

(Didn't think this was possible when the USA was down 8 to 1 to New Zealand).


Jayce said...

What Tinbeni said. Wowie zowie! (My wife says Oracle just has to be cheating somehow.)

TTP said...


We've had beau coup of the hummingbird moths here. I've seen them in our gardens almost every late afternoon.

We planted Easy Wave™ Great Lakes Mix Spreading Petunia this year; they have spread magnificently. The flowers are purple, white and pink. The hummingbird moths love the purple petunias. I've yet to see them take the nectar of the white or pink petunias.

We also planted the new Verbena Enduro in purple. The hummingbird moths love those as well.

There must have been 6 of them in the front gardens the other day in late afternoon, flitting from flower to flower, and even more in the air overhead coming in for their dinner, as I walked to the street to get the mail.

The amazing thing is just how close you can get to them. We have hummingbirds as well, but they are 30 yards away in a split second.

Last night one flew into the garage as dusk arrived. It landed on the rail of the garage door opener near the light. After I shut the light off, it flew back outside.

Dennis, thanks for the video on the hummingbirds. That was great.

Lucina said...

Wow! I finally got to see Castle which was recorded last night. It's a frightening cliff hanger for sure.

LOL at the paranoid link. Funny.

Please no spoilers for NCIS tonight as I can't watch it right away though I do know that Ziva is leaving.

fermatprime said...

I watched Castle. Wish I had waited. Hate these multi-parters.

Did anyone watch The Blacklist? Thougth it was pretty good!

Ol' Man Keith said...

Never would have known of the cheese theme. Even explained, it seems pretty mild.

Anyway, it was a good Tuesday challenge.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Yes! The opening BLACKLIST episode was a real winner. It broke a few conventions right away. The female lead and her husband are very attractive, and it may be a breakthrough for James Spader--the first time he's playing the "wise old guy," not a sassy junior partner.

Anonymous T said...

G'Eve all:

A CHEESEball of a puzzle. Loved it & Argyle's write up.

Only uncertain square was the I in LAPIS, total WAG.

Voyager 1 just jeft the HELIOsphere. The data is interesting to the guys that study this.

Dennis - Cool hummingbird VIDEO.

Abejo - if you like black licorice, Sambuca is great in coffee at dissert time (and it's booze).

Vegas Doc - link on iPad. In URL you want, tap, tap again, Select All, wait... Copy. Then in your post, include type a <, then, a href="URL" and a > what you want in blue then another < \ and then > with no spaces. I hope that comes out right - if not, I'll fix after dinner. But, thanks for the Python Tin linked.

My favorite LEMUR.

PK - Please post after last night's scare...

Cheers, -T

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great puzzle, Kurt! Great expo, Argyle! Speed run through the cheesy puzzle.

Now I'm hungry for my mama's SWISS STEAK which I loved as a child and never made as an adult because my man & kids didn't like it.

My older son called pictures of LEMURs, "little booey animals" when he was little.

Dennis: thanks, for the hummingbird video. Who knew tongues could be so complex?
TTP: My farmer gave me two baskets of "Easy Wave" petunias and I had visits from the only hummingbird I've ever seen in this state. It never occurred to me the special flowers were the attraction. They must be specially sweet. I've seen the moths all my life around here.

I didn't get to the puzzle until 6 p.m. because I was in the yard all day. I used my MIL's antique "wheel hoe" to plow up the places with no grass in half my front yard and broadcast the seed. Lovely cool 65 degrees with cloud cover. I'm headed for the pain meds and bed with the satisfaction of a workday.

Avg Joe said...

NCIS update ( no spoiler, don't worry).

Great season opener. Lots of twists and turns. Hard to tell who's a good guy and who's a bad guy. Just don't lose your sense of Yuma.

However, be prepared to wait for an answer... It is "to be continued"

Steve said...

Late to the party today - I'm in San Francisco for my company's annual customer-fest and I got to see part of today's second race. It's incredible to see the speed those boats get to!

@Jayce, shame on your wife. Team USA? Cheat? :)

Bill G. said...

I've never been knowledgeable or a fan of sailboat racing but America's Cup has been eye-opening. Like Steve, I'm astounded by how fast those technological marvels go. It's like huge high-tech water skis with sails. I saw the penalty at the beginning of the first race. How was it assessed? One boat has to give the other a head start? A exciting day looming tomorrow if the weather holds up. The Dodgers game seems a bit tame by comparison.

Here's a little kitten that may win your hearts. Kitty

Pookie said...

CED: The more I think about your disgusting post, the angrier I get.
There is NO way you didn't get the photo and captions.
Yeah, you liked the photo... who are you kidding? If this is what's going on, I'm off the blog.
I DON"T think it was funny and I was offended and think you should have trashed your blog.
I will NEVER go to your links again.
Absolutely DONE in SoCAl.

Anonymous T said...

PK - So did the jumper-cable guy come back?

Vegas Doc:

Let me try to be more clear...

After you've copied the link you want to post, then, in your post type:
< a href=" paste link " > Words in blue < / a >.

I had to put spaces in to post it (apparently there's no escape character), so take out the spaces.

Anonymous T said...

pas - take it easy on CED. I saw that pic & had no idea what the heck it meant either - focus was on tight tummy and all the cows...

CED - Google what you don't know 1st - yuch! :-)

ANISE - is also a wonderful flavoring for pizelles. I make a hundred or two every Christmas.

Cheers, -T

Dennis said...

pas de chat, that's a bit over the top. CED's a good guy and meant no harm.

Bill G. said...

CED and PAS, I didn't like the post either (very unusual for CED) so I closed it up and that was that. Since it hasn't been a commonplace occurrence, I found it easy to ignore. I'm not sure if I've got the right adage but "Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater" comes to mind.

Manac said...

Have to agree with Dennis and Anon-T and Manac ( Oh wait.. That's me).
No one would have noticed anything if not for CED apologizing for his post. Mistakes happen and My friend Dave owned up to it.
( Not to say I am going to treat you with kid gloves from now on Dave:)

Pookie said...

B*LL SH*T to all the CED defenders.
LOOK at the picture. There is NO way he didn't get the idea of her peering , well... you know.


Anonymous said...

Everyone was warned
Everyone was apologized to
That included you
So maybe should move on
Turn on some Ry Cooder and have another drink

Bill G. said...

I dunno... If several other people, with whom I've had pleasant interactions and who seem thoughtful and intelligent, have a different point of view, it probably would give me pause to think about and possibly reconsider my own opinions. But that's just me.

Speaking for myself, I'll miss you.

Anonymous T said...

Pas - I want to say something tongue-in-cheek, but I shant. I like your comments on the puzzles and hope this episode doesn't make you leave this diverse community of knowledge and wit (and sometimes witless (hand-up)).

Take another look in the light of day, and hopefully, you will stay and play. Cheers -T

Anonymous T said...

I will use my last post now just for me...

It's now the 25th of September and thus 25 wonderful years with DW! Us, two pre-college kids dreaming, we've done it all together (5 degrees between us (she wins)), two fantastic kids and a good life - all with my beautiful wife!

Cheers, -T

C.C. Burnikel said...

Pas de Chat,
Dave apologized. We should just move on. Trust me, he has no intention to offend anyone. He's a honest and curious person.