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Sep 21, 2013

Saturday, Sep 21st, 2013, Brad Wilber & Doug Peterson

Theme BW&DP

Words: 72 (missing J,Q,Z)

Blocks: 30

  The "other" dynamic duo appears again, this time with the authors trading places in the title; DP&BW gave us Saturday's puzzle just 3 weeks ago.  Two meaty corners tied to two grid spanners, with a pair of 10-letter climbers to tie the top and bottom halves together:

17. It's hard to write with one : NON-DOMINANT HAND - I am left-handed, and the hand-held devices UPS drivers use for package deliveries are designed with right-handed people in mind. There are some other obviously "biased" items; guitars, scissors, etc., but did you ever consider that ALL vending machines and ATMs assume you are right-handed?  Tape measures annoy me, I am polling the reading audience today to find out what your dominant hand is <--

53. Hunter's companion : GOLDEN RETRIEVER - I knew we were looking for a dog, but I had to wait for a few perps first

12. "Color me surprised!" : "I HAD NO IDEA~!"   I liked how this crossed 21D. "Hah!" : "TOLD YA~!"

Sorry for any goof-ups....I have spent the last 5 days in UPS driver training; the classes were easy, but the commute would kill me if I had to do it every week....about 90mins to get from Suffolk into NYC - and I'm talking Queens, not Manhattan - and then a minimum 2 hours on the way out.  One-way in miles?  55.  ARRGHH~!! and that's not pirate talk~!  Had this great view though



1. Faux-antique décor : SHABBY CHIC - speaking of Faux, see 7D.

11. Nurses : SIPS - anyone really reaaaly want LPNS ? (can't be); this is the "takes too long with your beer" nurses

15. Words next to many 22-Down : YOU ARE HERE; 22D. Check alternatives : Xes - I found this image, too
16. Malaysian Chinese shoe designer Jimmy : CHOO - Marti NNNNNAILED this one

19. Cub games setting: Abbr. : CDT - Dah~! went with CHI(cago) - nope - Central Daylight Time

20. Hidden Valley competitor : KEN'S - Salad dressings and marinades

22. Small-screen princess : XENA - warrior princess

23. Sing ballads, say : CROON

24. Word in a Le Pew address : CHERI and a clecho of sorts; 49. Star of Looney Tunes' "for Scent-imental Reasons" : PEPE - he's Frawnch~!

26. Tab alternative : DIET COKE - Tab, the cola; movie clip

29. Foe of the fictional spy agency CONTROL : KAOS - "would you believe...?"

30. Pump parts : TOES - On those Jimmy Choo shoes

32. Authorizing : OKing

33. First-aid practitioner, briefly : EMT - Popular this week

34. In reality : DE FACTO

36. Cutting remark : DIG

37. Don't bother : LET BE

39. Jardín occupant : FLOR - Garden and flower in Spanish

40. They're built on benches : PECS - the muscles, and bench presses

41. Pretends : PLAY-ACTS

43. Yupik craft : UMIAK - cool  - or would that be frigid?

45. Thomas who co-created "Free to Be... You and Me" : MARLO - the Wiki

46. Spanish autonomy Castile and __ : LEON

47. Astronomy Muse : URANIA - the ruling planet of my astrological sign is Uranus - check out this link here - rather racy, I must say ( but I don't like my sex 'fast' )

49. Stick with a spring : POGO

50. Brief black-and-white flash? : APB - The 'flash' of a message received in a police car (black & white) is an All Points Bulletin

56. Singer of the children's album "Camp Lisa" : LOEB - I have had this clue/answer on a Saturday before, I believe

57. Prevented from getting unruly : KEPT IN LINE

58. Minute : ITSY - dah~! Went with TINY

59. Biological cooler : SWEAT GLAND


1. What collaborators should be in : SYNC

2. Garment feature that's sometimes detachable : HOOD

3. Family title : AUNT

4. Like some news : BAD

5. Stock character? : BROKER

6. Dweller on the Red Sea : YEMENITE

7. Hutch contents : CHINA - D-Otto's story on Sunday about "faux pas" finishes reminded me of a customer I had waaay back in the day at the home improvement store; a woman came in and asked for a "china closet".  I took her to the RTA furniture department and showed her what we had.  She got very snotty with me, stating that I "must not be very smart", because that's not what she meant.  Turned out that she wanted a porcelain (china) water closet - in other words, a toilet. 

8. European trio in a Christmas song : HENS ...Four Calling Birds, three Frawnch HENS...

9. Soc. Sec. supplement : IRA

10. Rogers __: Toronto stadium : CENTRE - and then there's Rogers Arena, where the Vancouver Canucks play; Roger's got some sweet man-caves, I'd say

11. Cheesy stuff : SCHLOCK

13. Shot glass : PONY - In light of yesterday's wonderful "AA" grid spanner, I have not lifted a PONY in 8years, 8months, 13days

14. Bar supply available at the touch of a button : SODA -yeah, heavy on the Jack, light on the diet coke....

18. Pretentious : TOO-TOO

23. "Welcome to the human network" tech giant : CISCO