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Sep 5, 2013

Thursday, September 5, 2013 Robin Stears

  (need I say more???)

17. Group for jive fools? : TURKEY CLUB. I'll go out on a limb and say that I think a "jive turkey" is someone who thinks they know what they are talking about...but don't. It was kind of a '70s slang term, right?

31. Quick swim in la mer? : FRENCH DIP. "The sea," in French, gave the hint for this one. The original sandwich was invented in L.A. Roast beef with "jus" on the side.

46. GI unlikely to pass inspection? : SLOPPY JOE. GI Joe is a common term for a US soldier. A sloppy joe is a really messy sandwich!

60. Reneged on politically motivated funding? : PULLED PORK. Pork barrel politics. DH's favorite! (The sandwich, not the politics...)

OK, now I am totally hungry again!! A really tight theme, with four sandwiches clued with literal interpretations. Fun stuff from Robin.  Let's see what else she has in the pantry.


1. Behold, to Ovid : ECCE. My Latin 101 helped here.

5. Graded : RATED.

10. Stow on board : LADE.

14. Décembre event : NOEL. The clue is French for December, and the answer is French for "Christmas."

15. Mosul resident : IRAQI.

16. Supply-and-demand subj. : ECON.omics.

19. Boat that can navigate in shallow waters : SCOW.

20. Big name in taco sauce : ORTEGA. I like their "Thick and Chunky" (but I would like it better if they made a "hot" version!)

21. Smooch : KISS.

23. NHL legend : ORR. Boston Bruins' Bobby. Here's his stats.

24. Kingston Trio song that inspired the Boston subway's CharlieCard : MTA. Awww, y'know I had to link this one!

25. "Superman Returns" character : OLSEN. Played by Sam Huntington.

27. Fed. nutrition std. : US RDAUnited States Recommended Daily Allowances. Take them with a grain of salt...

29. Great joy : BLISS.

33. Lip-___ : SYNC. ("Oh say, can you sync?")

34. FDR had three of them : VPsVice Presidents. John Garner, Henry Wallace and Harry Truman. (I bet you didn't know two out of three!) (I know I didn't!!)

35. Started the day : AROSE.

36. Like single-malt scotch : AGED. Shout-out to Tinbeni!

38. Ran when wet : BLED.

39. Iron clothes? : ARMOR. Fun misdirection.

41. Lingerie top : BRA. Shout-out to Dennis!

42. Short run : DASH.

48. "When Worlds Collide" co-author : WYLIE. Philip Wylie and Edwin Balmer. No clue. (Thanks, perps!)

49. Zenith's opposite : NADIR.

50. Tour de France stage : ETAPE. French for "step."

52. Jurisprudence org. : ABAAmerican Bar Association.

53. Justice Fortas : ABE.

54. Drying oven : OAST.

56. Boring tool : REAMER.

58. Longtime Lucci role : KANE. Susan Lucci as Erica KANE.

62. Rescue teams, briefly : EMTsEmergency Medical Technician(s)

63. Kiddie's refrain : E-I-E-I-O. Old MacDonald was a bad speller, y'know!

64. Jim Davis pooch : ODIE.

65. Lip : SASS.

66. Sunset ___ : STRIP. Ooooh, I bet you can come up with a more vivid clue!

67. Campus official : DEAN.


1. Puts in a vault, in a way : ENTOMBS.

2. Refined, as manners : COURTLY. That's how I imagine Keith Fowler...

3. Positive : CERTAIN.

4. Sexy Sommer : ELKE. Oh, I dunno...ya think?

5. Saudi capital : RIYAL. HaHa, got me!  I was thinking of Riyadh...but no, they are not asking for the city, but the currency of  Saudi Arabia. And then we have 22-Across. Bolivian capital : SUCRE. Arrrgh!  SUCRE is the capital city of Bolivia!

6. Parenthesis, e.g. : ARC. Took waaaay too long to figure this one out (added 45 seconds to my time!)

7. Loquacious types : TALKERS.

8. Like some track stars : EQUINE. Horses at the race track, not Olympic runners.

9. "Mine!" : DIBS.

10. Arles article : LES. More French lessons: Had to wait for perps on this one. You can automatically eliminate the three two-letter articles, at least:

                    Definite ("THE")  Indefinite ("A")

Masculine    Le                         Un
Feminine     La                        Une
Plural           Les                        Des

11. Camp David ___ : ACCORDS.

12. Like a Hail Mary pass : DO OR DIE. I had DOOR, and was scratching my head about the ending for it!

13. Swaddle : ENWRAP. meh...

18. They may clash on a set : EGOS.

26. Calif. law group : SFPDSan Francisco Police Department.

28. Poorly made : SHODDY.

30. Shrimp dish : SCAMPI.

32. "The Lion King" lioness : NALA. Learned from crosswords, but I'm guessing a lot of you grandparents out there have seen her first-hand at the movies?

34. Très : VERY. More "Frawnch," as Splynter would say...

37. Hit the big leagues : GO PRO.

38. La ___ Tar Pits : BREA. BREA means "tar" in Spanish, so I guess these are the tartar pits?

39. Talladega's home : ALABAMA.

40. Capybaras, e.g. : RODENTS. Sweet!

41. Coco-Cola producer : BOTTLER. Well...yeh, but...

43. Apple pie order :  À LA MODE.

44. Remote, undesirable locale, figuratively : SIBERIA.

45. Pay heed, in literature : HEARKEN. "Hearken my children, and you shall hear
Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere..." (Oh, wait. That starts with "Listen"...)

46. Racers and rattlers : SNAKESI hate snakes!

47. Ignatius of Loyola follower : JESUIT. Did anyone else have Jesuit teachers? (They were tough!)

48. Garden intruder : WEED. As long as it's not a snake, I don't mind...

51. Hosp. area : PRE-OP.

55. Zoo primates : APES.

57. ... peas in ___ : A POD.

59. Last of the Mohicans? : ESS. (Sorry, Jazzbumpa!)

61. Year in Claudius' reign : LII. Take your pick. He was Roman emperor in XLI, XLII, XLIII, XLIV, XLV, XLVI, XLVII, XLVIII, XLIX, L, LI, LII, LIII and LIV.

Time for me to call it a night! It's already X:III!!


Note from C.C.:

"An Evening with the Puzzle Master" - Will Shortz, editor of NY Times crossword, is visiting Minnesota next Thursday Sept 12, 2013. He'll answer all questions about puzzles. Click here for details. Please join us. I think all of Twin Cities crossword constructors will be there, including yesterday's LAT constructor Victor Barocas.


fermatprime said...


Thanks for the terrific Thursday puzzle and review, Robin and Marti!

Really enjoyed this one. Humorous theme. No problems.


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Mostly smooth solve today with a delightful theme. The only two outliers for me were WYLIE (which I was able to get easily via the perps) and RIYAL (which wasn't nearly as easy to get and almost caused a train wreck up north).

I couldn't decide if 21A was going to be KISS or BUSS and had OLSON instead of OLSEN at 25A. As a result, I couldn't see TALKERS at 7D and EQUINE just didn't occur to me for 8D. And then I was thinking that 15A might be OMANI...

I finally decided to just commit to KISS and see what happened. Once I figured out TURKEY CLUB, that gave me EQUINE and the rest fell into place.


River Doc said...

Happy Thursday everybody!

Add a couple more minutes to cogitate through this one, but a Ta-Da nonetheless…! Very appropriate puzzle to crunch through during the lunch hour, by the way…!

Misdirections galore, with LOTS of unknowns today, which either extremely lucky WAGS or perps eventually solved. As per my usual, the NW was the hardest corner by far….

EL PASO for ORTEGA, BUSS for KISS, KILN for OAST, AM NOT then ARE SO for EIEIO, and (Philip) K.DICK for WYLIE….

Hands up for Riyadh, tried it without the “H”, luckily RIYAL was close enough to give the V8 moment….

Favorite “expo” phrase (thanks to Marti!) = take the U.S.RDA with a grain of salt…!

Second favorite “expo” phrase = the “tar tar” pits…! Along that same vein, the Angels baseball team is thinking of changing their official name from The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim to simply The Los Angeles Angels. So that would make them “the the angels angels”…?

Finally, and speaking of Christmas in another country, visions of ELKE Sommers skulking through the nudist camp (with Peter Sellers) in A Shot In The Dark - the first Inspector Clouseau film - are now running through my head (10:46). I did not know that she was an “avid and lifelong nudist” until looking for this clip on You Tube, ACCORDing to one of the clip’s posters…..

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

I got mixed up at the Bolivian capital, mostly because I knew neither the currency nor the capital city of the place. Had to wait for perps. Nice theme today!

Morning Marti, good to wake up to your sparkly style! It must've taken you a while to work out all those Roman numerals. Your table of the French articles took me back a long way. I'm glad that in English we have both definite and indefinite articles, since they are linguistically useful, and that we don't assign gender to most nouns. Remembering gender in French nouns was hard enough; German nouns are harder! What a system.

Morning C.C. - I wish it were possible to sit in on the Will Shortz program. I love Minnesota but haven't visited in the past decade.

Cheers All

Dennis said...

Good morning, gang - back from a five-day getaway to Sanibel/Captiva islands; got to watch some beautiful sunsets for a change.

I had a mostly smooth solve today with a couple perp-supplied answers. Whenever I see 'Susan Lucci', I automatically assume ERICA; had no idea of her last name. And as with Marti, I was trying to fit RIYADH; I thought the money was spelled RIAL, but that's just a variant. The correct answer is actually very close to my last name. Also, it took a while to see GO PRO and SUCRE.

Doha Doc, thanks for the Peter Sellers link; I watch those early Pink Panther movies whenever I catch them on TV; I still crack up every time I see him lean his hand on that spinning globe.

Marti, great job as always and thanks for the shout-out (but no link??). And yes, you nailed the 'jive turkey' definition.

Have a fun day; I think I need to go make a sandwich...

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Fun puzzle and great writeup today. Tartar pits, indeed! You just had to remind me that I've got an appt with the periodontist later this month.

Do you suppose Ms Stears included MTA because of the line, "and through the open window she hands Charlie a sandwich as the train goes rumbling through?"

thehondohurricane said...

Hello everyone,

I wasn't into this puzzle today. Did not particularly like the cluing, but at the mere cost of one eraser, I finished it off. Plenty of screw ups along the way though.

As an example, for 3D, I started with Yes, I Can. I was sure it was wrong, because I remembered 24A as MTA, not MTC. CERTAIN eventually found its way. I too wanted Riyadh for 5D, but it wouldn't fit.

40d, Capybaras/RODENTS was too solved with perps. The ..baras made me think of skinny dipping.

I really feel like Tin's single-malt scotch...AGED,. Maybe I'll try some. maybe it will be my the fountain of youth.

Marti, in addition to your write up, I really enjoyed the Kingston Trio link. Memories from my undergraduate days,

Doha Doc, Weren't they previously The Los Angeles Angels? I remember them as the California Angels too. but thought LAA was in for a year or two.

Robin Stears said...

Thanks for the awesome write-up, Marti! PULLED PORK was the inspiration for this puzzle. I saw it on "Jeopardy!" and it made me giggle.

Speaking of giggles, I may just use the idea TARTAR PITS, if I can figure out how to clue it.

Diane said...

Got stuck at 45D....I always thought it was "harken".

HeartRx said...

D-O, clever of you to notice the "sandwich" link in the MTA song. But I think it was merely convenient fill to go with those stacked 7-downs in that corner. Maybe Robin will check in and let us know? I often get myself into that same stacking setup, and kick myself for not trying to find easier word lengths to work with!!

Dudley, I dislike Roman numerals (even in my own puzzles), because they are usually clued so arbitrarily. The only way I will clue them is something like "CIV / II" for the answer LII. Of course, Rich can and does change clues if you ever see one of my puzzles with an emperor's reign as a clue, you will know it wasn't mine!

HeartRx said...

Oh, I see Robin snuck in as I was typing...(I'm watching news at the same time, so yes - I'm a little slow!)

Martin said...

I got SLOPPY JOES, CLUB and PORK from the perps and guessed that the theme was about sandwiches but I had to teach classes today so I didn't have time to finish. I probably would have had to have done some googling. I did finish yesterday's without googling. The only unknown was NIHIL.

Martin said...

I saw a Capybara at the zoo in Tainan County so RODENTS was an easy fill.

I also got ORR. My brother and sister were big fans of the Boston Bruins when I was growing up in Ottawa. I also remember in Grade 5 I shared a class with Bobby Orr's nephew.

Martin said...

I wanted ENCASES for ENTOMBS and ALBANIA for ALABAMA. The perps told me ALBANIA was wrong but, like I said, I ran out of time today.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks, again. Thank you, Robin Stears, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Marti, for the fine review.

I was in yesterday's earlier to check in and write my notes.

This puzzle started easily. ECCE was a piece of cake. As was ELKE. Was lucky to figure out ENTOMBS early on. Just a guess, but it worked.

Tried TURKEY TROT at 17A, not knowing what the theme was going to be. A little later I fixed that to CLUB.

I like all the sandwiches except the TURKEY CLUB. Not a big turkey fan except at Thanksgiving.

Tried ARISE for 35A. Fixed that at the end to AROSE. The O was my last letter.

ETAPE was easy. Five perps and it was mine.

Not sure if a REAMER is actually a Boring Tool. I think it finishes the job once the bore has been made. IMHO

BOTTLER was tricky. I was looking for the name of a company. A few cross letters made it work.

Liked the MTA link. I remember that song when I was much younger. Liked it then, as well.

See you tomorrow.



Husker Gary said...

-I’m subbing today and so have to post quickly. She left me no plans and no one seems to know anything around here. This drives left-brained physics teachers nuts!
-My favorite sandwich is anything with bacon and so I order a lotta clubs!
-RATED – “I give it a 97, Dick, it had a good beat and was easy to dance to.”
-Charlie, I still “think it’s a scandal how the people have to pay and pay”
-I wonder what Tin’s RDA of AGED scotch is?
-Hello Mr. Truman, you’re now president, we have this horrible bomb we didn’t think you needed to know about and you have very little time to decide whether to use it.
-Supply and demand was the ECON part of Fr. Guido Sarducci’s Five Minute University. Really, what else do you need to know?
-I did not know the capital (city) of Bolivia until today
-Those Camp David ACCORDS used disappearing ink
-Well, I have to go. We are taking the kids out to the nearby lake to go fishing. No, really!

Martin said...

I tried HAMMER for boring tool. It's a piece of wood with a metal head. How boring.

River Doc said...

Honda, you are correct. They started out as the Los Angeles Angels in 1961, then became the California Angels in 1965, right about the time I started being interested in sports....

Dennis, that funniest part of that clip at the nudist camp, to me anyway, is the band sitting there in the buff playing the soundtrack to the movie! I wonder if they asked Henry Mancici to make a cameo appearance...?

Robin Stears said...

desper-otto: If only the sandwich meta were true. I lived near Boston for a few years--even saw the Bruins play once--so I know the song. But I was a Girl Scout leader for many more years, and I'm actually more familiar with this version:

It, too, mentions the sandwich:

"His mom nails a sandwich/To a tree in the JUNGLE, and it's gone the the very next DAY."

Of the four sandwiches, the turkey club is my favorite; bacon on a sloppy joe sounds pretty tasty, though.

HeartRx: Rich loves those "Roman emperor" clues, doesn't he? My original clue was "Letters to be seen in Super Bowl ads in 2018." Maybe there was too much math in that one. LOL

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

What a fun offering! One of my favorite sandwiches is a French Dip. An added food bonus was scampi, another fav. Gee, I' m getting hungry.

Anyway, nice job, Robin, and super expo, Miss Marti. Definite no to tartar but a big yes to steak tartare. Yum.

Another beautiful day but 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. Fall-ish but the temps are going back up a few degrees over the weekend. At least the humidity is gone.

Have a great day.

Steve said...


Great write-up, Marti.

In my native UK, scampi is not a shrimp preparation, it's a specific type of shellfish - basically a saltwater crawfish - also called a langoustine or a Dublin Bay prawn.

Now I'm hungry!

Montana said...

How far away from New Canaan, CT, do any of you New Englanders live? I am traveling there at the end of next week.


Montana said...

Thanks for a neat Thursday puzzle, and thank you, Marti, for the expo.

I turn on red letter help on Thursdays, but I solved most of the clues myself. I don't remember a puzzle where the perps helped so much. It seemed everytime I was stumped, some perps came to the rescue. That made it a very enjoyable puzzle.

Many of my former students spent a year near Mosul, so IRAQI was easy. Use ORTEGA, but had to have perp help. Iron clothes didn't fool me--immediately put ARMOR.
Had the same issue as others with RIYAL. My friends would tell you I am LOQUACIOUS all the time. Wondered at DOORD_ but perps filled in the rest. I did not know the capital of Bolivia, nor what a Capybara is. My granddaughter's ancestors spent a lot of time in Siberia. I don't like to be startled by SNAKES.
I was going to ask what ARC had to do with Parenthesis, but Marti's write up showed it. (Duh!)

It is supposed to reach 97* here today. Must get outdoor work done this morning. Have a great day,


HeartRx said...

Here's Robins ink from 9:27. Funny song!

Robin -I'm with you on the TURKEY CLUB!

I don't know if you realized that I am Marti that did your write up on this fun puzzle, but my blog name is HeartRx...sorry for any confusion!

Misty said...

I loved this puzzle, Robin, and it was almost a speed run. But in the end I messed up with ASRDA/SACRE instead of USRDA/SUCRE. Still, those sandwiches sound pretty yummy, and I loved the DAGWOOD intro pic, Marti. DAGWOOD surely is the Emperor of Sandwich!

Only other struggle was the one Marti already mentioned, wondering what on earth that DOOR ___ thing could possibly have to do with a Hail Mary pass. I may not be a sportie, but that still didn't make sense. However I eventually had my AHA! moment on this one.

Lots of fun for a Thursday morning, thanks, Marti, and thank you, Robin, for checking in.

Have a great day, everybody!

HeartRx said...

Sorry - Robin may or may not have a tat, but I meant to write "link" not "ink"...

Montana, we are about 2 to 2 1/2 hours from New Canaan. Lovely place. Send me an email so we can discuss off line.

JD said...

Good morning Marti, C.C., et al,

This has been a GOOD CW, Robin! Marti,I always enjoy your finishing touches,and humor. Thanks ladies.

Still struggle with abbr., so rely on perps. Grrrr. Confused by hearken due to my spelling. Like you Marti, I did some head scratching with door, but perps were good there too.

Susan Lucci has not returned to AMC, now on OWN.It's very poorly written and the newer characters are really green. If I were Susan, I'd steer clear.

As a kid, I was completely fascinated with the La Brea Tar Pits. At that time, it was just big ponds of tar with bird bones, but there were great pictures of what animals were buried in those pits.It was just a short bus ride down Wilshire Blvd from home.

In Ausin, TX, you can observe capybaras living along Town Lake where the bats come swirling out in ribbons of black each evening.

Enjoy your day.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Great chewy theme - Yum! and lots of tasty fill.

Alas, though, this puzzle is marred by the unappetizing ESS and the SLOPPY cluing of the equally unappetizing LII. Throw in some of the hated French and a bit gratuitous geographic obscurity, and this gristle quickly spoils the meal.

I should have known OLSEN, but thought the clue meant a character specific to "Superman Returns," not a regular character in every Superman story EVER. So that, crossing the very Whisky-Tango-Foxtrot RIYAL was a very unappreciated Natick.

ARMOR BRA is rather amusing, though.

Cool regards!

Lucina said...

Greetings, Mart, and all!

Oooh, food, glorious food! I loved the theme for this puzzle though had a tough time starting in the NW so slithered downward and PULLED it together quickly. Got the theme then and sped to the NE corner.

Couldn't parse DOORDIE. DOOR DIE? Thanks for your analysis, Marti or I'd still be baffled.

RIYAL was my Waterloo. First I wanted DINAR then puzzled over RIYADH and left it minus the H. Had no idea about OLSEN.

Also I was sure LA PAZ was the capital of Bolivia but got SUCRE from the crosses.

Great job, Robin.

Marti, for hotter hot sauce, try adding jalapeno chiles to ORTEGA'S.

Have a great Thursday, everyone! 110 here today.

Jazzbumpa said...

Marti -

Elke looks so much like Ann Margret in your link.

Here is a gallery. Guys might want to scroll down.


GarlicGal said...

I found this puzzle very enjoyable.

Little twists and turns...Irani before Iraqi. RATED, erased, then filled in again. I got HEARKEN only because I came across it in another puzzle recently.

Anyone see "Rhymes With Orange" in the funnies today? I had to think about that one, too!

Attn: CA Coven: JD, Chickie, Jill - Minneapolis. Next week. ROAD TRIP!!

Just kidding...

Love lazy Thursday mornings.

Tata For Now.

Tinbeni said...

Marti: Wonderful write-up and links.
Robin: Thank you for a FUN (and YUMMY!) Thursday puzzle.

Surprise, surprise ... my fave today was that AGED Single-malt scotch.

Husker: The "Tin RDA of AGED scotch" would (should) be ... probably 'no-more-than' a quart (as if ...) lol
As long as you can:
"Stand in the Sun,
Count to one ...
And then rest ..."

In other words ... Joe's Simple Song (1:22)

Every little thing is gonna be all right.


Ol' Man Keith said...

Great visuals, Marti! Thanks for those eye-popping sandwiches: hunger-inducing even this close after breakfast!

I was happy to see that the answer to "FDR had three of them" was not ENS! It is enough that we had "ESS for "Last of the Mohicans."

I see DD had EL PASO first for ORTEGA. It was not solamente yo; I was en buena compañía.
The theme was fun. I hit on FRENCH DIP first. By the time I was closing it was the theme that saved me from entering TURKEY TROT.

Tinbeni said...

Husker inspired this link ...

Father Guido Sarducci's Five Minute University

Dang, it should be called "The 3:54 University" ...

HeartRx said...

JazzB, yes, ELKE and Ann did look a lot alike, especially in the photo I linked.

Tin - I had forgotten how funny Guido Sarducci was! Thanks for linking...

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, Loved the theme. I did this puzzle at lunch time and my measly PBJ didn't really satisfy my yen for those meaty feasts that Marty put up!

I had one problem. My French is nil, so Tres/very didn't make it. Therefore, VP's didn't emerge. I had initials INT. for FDR had three. Not very inventive, but all I could think of.

Enwrap? I thought that was a stretch. Kind of like those A-words that we see quite often.

I, too wondered how Door Die could possibly be any synonym for a Hail Mary Pass. Duh and double V-8 can hit!

Capybara was easy as I had just watched a segment of a PBS program about those interesting animals from SA.

Thanks, once again Marty for a super take on a Thursday puzzle.

Have a great day everyone.

Pookie said...

Thanks,Robin. Tough but doable.
Thanks, Marti, great links and panache!
Never had a French dip, Sloppy Joe, or Pulled pork sandwich.
I gotta get out more ^o^!
Favorite dine-out lunch is Turkey Club poolside under an umbrella.
REALLY hot in SoCal today.

Dennis said...

CED, I meant to ask you earlier, did you get to Naples last month?

Bill G. said...

A good Thursday to you all. Like many of you, I stared at DOOR DIE for a long time before inspiration finally set in. Thanks Robin and Marti. WEES.

I used to be really hot for Elke. Now I'm not sure why. I still like old pictures of Ann Margaret, Sophia Loren, Raquel Welch and others but Elke, not as much.

Pas, yes it certainly is hot. I'll go for a short bike ride along the beach and hope for a little sea breeze. I'll bet you have A/C though. We don't. Most of the year I wouldn't use it because of the mild weather but there are always about 20 days a year that I wish we had it.

Anonymous T said...

G'Afternoon all...

I've RATED Robin's puzzle as 93, great theme (what's the USDRA allowance of SLOPPY sandwiches?), but I just can't dance to all the FRENCH. That left me with 4 Googles plus help from mother-in-law (I was CERTIAN that's how it's spelled) to get me n-SYNC. Oh well, A DNF on Thursday is just my pace. Marti - nice writeup with great pics/links. How long does that take after a solve?

Dad had JESUITS, I got SIBERIAn penguins.

Father Guido is a top 5 favorite SNL character! Thanks Tin for linking!

Forgive the commercial, but here's what I think of when I hear SLOPPY JOES.

Cheers, -T

Pookie said...

Bill G: Nope, no air except AC unit in wall in front room. Craftsman 2-story 99 years old.
Upstairs is BRUTAL.
AND I'm inland.
At least you're at the beach!(sigh)
Hey, Husker G. Dig your new avatar!

HeartRx said...

AnonT @ 3:24, you asked How long does that take after a solve?

I just spent more time explaining all the steps involved, than the time it takes me to do it! Since the explanation waaaaay exceeded 20 lines, I decided to abbreviate it:
"2-3- hours."

desper-otto said...

I get no audio from Tin's Father Sarducci link. Anybody else experience that problem?

Bill G, pas de chat -- No A/C? You wouldn't survive a week in SE Texas. High temps, high humidity, high utility bills. We've got it all!

Bill G. said...

AnonT, I enjoyed your Blues Brothers/Nun link. I hadn't seen that before.

Barbara wanted a ride back from getting her car serviced. So I'm driving us in 82 degree weather with the sun roof cracked, the windows open and the A/C on. Lovely!

Pas, our upstairs (where I hang out most of the day) is pretty hot too. The windows are letting a bit of sea breeze blow across and I've got two fans running. I guess I'll head out for a short bike ride soon.

Irish Miss said...

Anonymous T @ 3:24 - The nun's habit in your BB's clip looks like the one my "penguins" wore: they were Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. We also had Sisters of Mercy and their habit was similar to Sally Field's Flying Nun. The wooden rulers (or yardsticks) were standard issue! (-:

Anonymous T said...

D-O: I didn't get Tin's Sarducci video either, but found This.

Also, having lived in LA, OK, & now TX for 30+ years I have to stop and recall that, yeah, not everyone has A/C. I was listening to the news and Chicago(?) had 1/2 days because it was all of 90F. I was thinking "90, that's not hot!" until I recalled my grade school in IL didn't have A/C either.

2-3 hours to put together a writeup?!? Marti, CC, Argyle, Steve, Lem, Splynter, - you guys are wonderful to spend that kind of time for our enjoyment. THANKS!

Cheers, -T

Pookie said...

Well, I'm sorta glad I don't live in SE Texas, if it's really bad, LOL.
At least it's just September and part of October that tries everyone's patience.
Bill G: Right now, the air is on in the living room, a box fan pushes the cool air into the dining room and then another pushes it into the kitchen.
After dark, I open upstairs windows and crank up 3 fans.
All the windows are hinged at the side and open inward (don't know what they are called)so it would involve a lot to put a window AC unit in.BTW, how is Barbara's knee now?
I should be cleaning the house, but have NIHIL energy to do so.

HeartRx said... in the beautiful country of New England, we are having 65 F temps, it will get down to about 44 F tonight, and I am sitting here in jeans, wool socks, and a hoodie. Totally comfortable. (OK, you all down south can laugh and taunt me in the middle of January, LOL!!!)

Anon T @ 5:00, I think all who are on C.C.'s team agree, that it is truly a labor of love...

Anonymous T said...

HeartRx. Yes, this winter, I shall taunt you a second time in March when I put the tomatoes in :-) (you only need to watch the 1st 3.5 min.)

IM - Those standard issue yard sticks, 1 EA, would hurt. It was Sister Mary Francis, however, that created the 8th grade catch phrase when she said to a buddy "What ails you boy?" We couldn't stop saying it and laughing our butts off..

Cheers, -T

Pookie said...

I went to school and worked in the Boston are for 11 years.
It was beautiful at times, but I remember sometimes snow from Oct. to April.
One February, I called home (SoCal beach town)and asked Mom what the temp was. 84, she replied. It was 12 in Boston... Marti, right now I'm envious of your "fall-ish" weather. I just mopped the kitchen floor and I'm soaking wet.
Anon T: that was HILARIOUS! Thanks for posting it.

Argyle said...

Frost advisory for tonight.

HeartRx said...

AnonT, fun Monty python link!

pas de chat, yes New England is times!! Especially in spring, summer and fall. Winter? Well, there's always SKIING!! (so, what's not to like???)

Avg Joe said...

The weather pattern is very strange right now. Frost warnings in NE (New England) and heat advisories in NE (Nebraska). As I type, it's a very pleasant 86 with nominal humidity, but for mañana, they are predicting upper 90's with dew points in the 70~ range. Central AC is mandatory here these days, but most of us grew up without it.

I'm very much looking forward to soup season...but it will have to wait a bit.

Martin said...

Isn't SIBERIA literally a barren,remote place and not figuratively?

Spitzboov said...

Anon T said: 2-3 hours to put together a writeup?!? Marti, CC, Argyle, Steve, Lem, Splynter, - you guys are wonderful to spend that kind of time for our enjoyment.. AMEN to that. That LOL (labor of love) is much appreciated as well as the time that C.C. and others spend to keep this blog on an even keel.

What a pair of lungs on this trombone soloist. I wonder how she stacks up in JazzB's opinion.

Fair amount of ELKE discussion today. I have a niece with that name; but her career has taken a different tack. She's a graduate of Bill G's alma mater and has a PhD. from MIT in climate physics and chemistry.

Bill G. said...

AnonT, I LOVED the Monty Python video! What clever chaps!

Pas, Barbara is doing well though she seems to have hit a plateau with her physical therapy. She's walking all over but isn't sure when and if she will try hitting a tennis ball again.

I had a couple of scares this afternoon. The electricity went off. No computer, no TV, no refrigerator, no fans, etc. I could anticipate this turning into a long, hot, unpleasant powerless spell but the power was restored after about a half hour. No big deal as it turns out.

Then coming back after a bike ride and a stop at McDonalds for a soft-serve cone, I discovered my wallet was missing. I drove back to McDonalds and as I walked in the door, a customer who I remembered from earlier said, "They've got it at the front desk." Sure enough, one of their maintenance workers had turned it in. I was so excited to get it back, I didn't think to ask where he found it. He wasn't around or else I would have liked to thank him and offer him a reward.

Spitz, I'm no trombone expert but I'd say she measures up well. I think what she's doing is called double and triple-tonguing.

Lucina said...

Frost???? It reached 111 today and shows no signs of abating.

Inspired by today's theme I made SLOPPY JOES for dinner and they were yummy, especially when tweaked with a little hot sauce. Mama mia!

Chickie said...

Garlic Gal, Road trip, indeed. Wouldn't that be a hoot?

As for weather, I don't even mention our weather here for fear of being banned from the blog!! We have such mild all year round weather that we get terribly spoiled when we go somewhere where there is humidity, or hot weather for any length of time. I'm thinking Iowa in the summer. Our relatives lived in the country and we sat around in the back yard under a big shade tree and sweltered!!

I'll add my thanks to all of the people who keep the blog alive and well. It takes a lot of time and expertise. It is something that I look forward to every day--even if I don't do the puzzle, or don't finish it, I learn something new all the time.

Manac said...

Yes Frost!
And me caught with my pants down!
Stove is still on the deck after I
rehabbed my man cave in Aug. and waiting for help to move the cast iron beast this weekend.

Oh... The Irony !

Dudley said...

Yep, frost is possible. Our temps are 40's and dropping.

Montana - I'm a tad closer to New Canaan than Marti. Feel free to drop a line to discuss.

Irish Miss - hard to believe, but it's Tugboat Roundup time again! I'm hoping to go on Sunday if you're in the neighborhood. Spitz and Argyle, how about you?

Anonymous T said...

Bill G. Good news about the wallet. I heard on NPR's All Things Considered today that is Tokyo's plug for the Olympics - you will get your wallet back with money :-)

Spitzboov - that was a great video. Can you or Jazz B tell me - do slide trombone have stops or indications on the inner-tube of notes (like a fret) or are notes made just by "feel?"

Lucina - I looked up a Sloppy Joes recipie to make this weekend. I bet w/ the SW influence, yours is better. Recipie! :-)

Cheers, -T

Spitzboov said...

Dudley - an you post a link on the Tugboat races, viewing spots, etc?

Anon T - I don't do trombone. Hoping that JzB will weigh in.

Spitzboov said...

That's can you post

Argyle said...

Tugboat Roundup

Argyle said...

Or Washington County Cheese Tour or do both.

Lucina said...

It's a very simple recipe for sloppy joes:

1. Saute together:
onion, green pepper, garlic

2. Add: ground beef, cook until it's done. Salt to taste

3. Add: 8 0z tomato sauce, 1 tsp Worchestershire sauce, 2 tblsps water, 1 1/2 tsps chile powder

4. Optional: a few dashes of bottled hot sauce

5. Simmer about 20 mins then serve over warmed buns

6. Enjoy!

Lucina said...

Use your own measurements in proportion to how much meat is used.

Anonymous T said...


Thanks. That is as easy as the others I found (CED - you could do that camping too!). None of them had chili powder nor hot sauce (I like Cholula, Tabasco, and Crystal).

Bill G. Do you seemed to know about trombones, do you know the answer to my trombone question? I'm just curious. I love music, but alas, never learned an instrument nor can I sing. Eldest, however, has the voice of an angel after a few years of training. Her choir teacher is not happy she wanted to do theater this year :-).

And, from the haven't-heard-this-much-lately file - Astros Win! Cheers, -T

Bill G. said...

AnonT, I don't know much about trombones except as a casual observer and as someone who appreciates music. I think I've heard the terms double-and triple-tonguing with regard to other brass instruments like a trumpet or cornet. I don't remember hearing the trombone played that way and I thought that woman seemed very good. I hope JzB will weigh in and correct anything I may have gotten wrong.

Speaking of music, I was driving around taking my bike to the beach for a ride on the bike path while listening to a CD in my car of Scott Joplin rags. Geez I love that music!

Anonymous T said...

At the risk of over posting... Jazz B - It's on you to tell us how the heck a trombone player hits a note on the slide.

Bill G - I had to look up Scott Joplin - Ahha "The Sting Theme." I love that! My first thought was Janice's dad? :-)

If I count 6 when I go throught the blog history, don't worry as no one will see me until very late Friday - my dance card is filled from 7a - 9p. The BLISS of work :-) Cheers, -T

Bill G. said...

AnonT, yes, "The Sting" music. But he did many more too. Before that movie, his most famous one is The Maple Leaf Rag. Another one I like is Elite Syncopations. There's a slow, thoughtful one in The Sting called Solace. You ought to download them from iTunes or buy a CD to play in the car. Really good music.

PK said...

Anonymous T: no stops or markings on a trombone. They position the right note by ear and practice. At least one note is located in relationship to the bell, but I've forgotten which. Scott Joplin was very black pianist--no relationship to Janis.