Sep 28, 2013

Saturday, Sep 28th, 2013, C.C. Burnikel

Theme: C.C. Saturday~!

Words: 72 (missing Q,V,X,Z)

Blocks: 30

BAM~!!!  How's that for a Saturday Grand Slam~!  I get to blog a puzzle from our Northmost Host~!  ( OK, maybe our Montana is further up....) - a themeless from our very own C.C.  I was getting a little worried in the NE corner, but then things started to come to mind.  Two proper names crossing in the center form a mini-theme (both names start and end with the same letters):

36A. Youngest male tennis player to be No. 1 in the ATP Rankings : LLEYTON HEWITT -  Never heard of this "JOE"

21D. Duel personality? : AARON BURR -  Alexander Hamilton - the "JOE" on the $10 bill - was shot and mortally wounded by Burr; I knew of the duel, but not the history preceding the event - but I did remember this spot for milk;

And triple-7 corners - then there's the six 8-letter climbers; and, of course, one's of a baseball nature~!  Lots of two-word answers. 

8. Show known for its slow-motion shots : BAYWATCH - this is funny - but I gotta tell ya, I never got into this show; not a huge fan of bathing suits - I prefer the smartly dressed type.  For the rest of the male population, I offer this

38. Where most hits wind up : OUTFIELD - I played baseball for one season when I was about 14 - our record was 1-11, but in our only win, I had a blooper single that scored the winning run - HA~!  BTW, I was hit by more pitches than the number of times I made contact with the I jump in the way of the ball intentionally - a hockey ball, that is.

Should have saved for today~!



1. Piece of fruit? : SILENT I - knew we were looking for some trickery; "früt"

8. Time capsule ceremonies : BURIALS - I recommend the movie "Knowing" with Nicolas Cage; the story begins with the opening of a time capsule, and the movie has some chillingly realistic CGI scenes

15. Barhopping : ON A TOOT - Yep, Fridays were usually the 'official' bar-hopping night; as many as you could get to; Thurdays were typically Ladies Night

16. Awkward at gatherings, say : ASOCIAL - and I was pretty much this "JOE" at every one of those bars....

17. Big oaf : PALOOKA - my favorite scene involving this word; *warning!* language

18. "I need an answer now!" : YES OR NO - who else thought of this song?

19. __-Locka, Florida : OPA

20. Shortens again, as a board : RESAWS - measure once, cut twice - oh, wait - that only works if you need it shorter

22. Medieval fight club? : MACE

23. Move, briefly : RE-LOcate

25. Frozen Four org. : NCAA - the hockey version of the college tournament

26. Pequod co-owner : PELEG - Moby Dick

27. Give up a seat : STAND

29. Pianist Schnabel : ARTUR

31. Ivy League nickname : ELI

32. Wild West : MAE - nice mis-direction

34. Prefix with -syllabic : OCTO - poetry in eight lines - Yellowrocks?

35. NBAer Artest who changed his name to Metta World Peace : RON

40. Guy : JOE - G.I. Joe or Joe the Plumber?

41. Short remnant : STUB

42. Cagy : SLY

43. Battle of Shiloh monogram : U.S.G. - Ulysses S Grant - the "JOE" on the $50 bill; born Hiram Ulysses Grant, the "S" stands for nothing

44. Erect : PUT UP - yeah, what were you thinking....?

46. Bollywood garments : SARIs - Indian garb

50. Bedroom label : SERTA - mine now says "Sleep Number", and I have settled on "45"

52. Some brothers : FRAs - Italian monks, from the Latin 'frater', brother; my brother just celebrated his 40th B-day on Thursday - same day as Dennis

54. Having a single channel : MONO - in audio equipment

55. NYC train, familiarly : THE "A"

56. Historic events : FIRSTS

58. 16th-century date : MDL - 1550 A.D.

59. Certain tie : NO SCORE

61. "Now, listen ..." : SEE HERE

63. As good as it gets : OPTIMAL

64. All-purpose : GENERAL

65. Covent Garden locale : WEST END - another musical link

66. Fuddy-duddy : OLD FOGY


1. Deep sleeps : SOPORS

2. Hot under the collar : IN A PET

3. Syllables sometimes said with one's fingers in one's ears : LA-LA-LA - I can't hear you, Linda~!

4. 1940s arena: Abbr. : ETO - popular this week

5. Queen who is also a humanitarian activist : NOOR of Jordan - beautiful

6. Keepsake : TOKEN

7. Mississippi source : ITASCA - oh, so this is in Minnesota, too~!

9. Capitalizes on : USES

10. Sigur __: ethereal Icelandic band : RÓS - I gave it a listen; it's a bit wandering for me

11. "Where __ from ..." : I COME

12. Wartime signal : AIR ALERT - and another music link

13. Loyal friend of Gawain : LANCELOT - "We're knights of the round table..."

14. Alabama Slammer ingredient : SLOE GIN - amaretto, Southern Comfort, OJ, and sweet & sour - never over ICE~!

24. Words someone 15-Across loves to hear : ON ME - loved these two words

26. Hunts : PROWLS

28. Mani-pedi spot : DAY SPA - there's a Day Spa on my new training route - I have not seen any cuties in there yet

30. Rugged vehicles : UTES

33. Incredulous accusation : ET TU, Brute?

36. Stop looking for a rescue plane : LOSE HOPE

37. Recliner features : LEG RESTS

39. Start of Popeye's credo : I YAM what I yam, and tha's all what I yam

40. Seconds ago : JUST NOW

45. Turn a corner, in a game : PASS GO - Monopoly

47. The Joker portrayer : ROMERO

48. Like comic Eddie Izzard, at times : IN DRAG

49. Alone : SOLELY

51. Unspoken : TACIT

53. Symbol of strength : STEEL

56. "Happily Divorced" actress Drescher : FRAN - Drescher, also starred in This Is Spinal Tap - one of my all-time favorites

57. Cellphone button : SEND

60. Cockney abode : 'OME

62. Mag mogul : HEF - ahh, to finish up with the Playboy himself, Hugh Hefner




OwenKL said...

When marriage was PUT UP, YES OR NO;
IN A PET, the galoot
But JUST NOW he told MAE he'd RE-LO.

Had to rely on perps for the sleeping tennis player, and didn't even know what THEA was until Splynter 'splained it, but got AARON BURR right off the bat.

Anonymous T said...

G'Morning All -

Can't sleep & heard the paper drop. A C.C. Puzzle! I've tried not to look at any answers yet (I'll still have to figure out what OwenKL means & where it fits), but I got about 30% off the bat. I'm expecting a hand-full of Googles to finish.

I wanted to thank C.C. for a fun (so far) puzzle now in case the day gets too busy.

Cheers, -T

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Congrats to C.C. for a stunning Saturday debut. Almost completely out of my wheelhouse, however. LLEYTON HEWITT? OCTO-syllabic? ITASCA? IN A PET?

What seemed completely impossible at first, however, eventually yielded to multiple passes through the grid. I had MONO for 34 at first, but had to abandon it when it appeared at 54, so I stuck in POLY instead. Finally abandoned that as well and eventually went with OCTO due to the perps.

Aside from the unknowns, the cluing on this on was truly insane in spots. I guess that is what makes it a Saturday. Having said that, though, I did finally manage to finish unassisted, so w00t!


Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Well, I tried, but couldn't finish unassisted. That NW corner done me in. Never heard of a Palooka, couldn't divine Sopors, and wasn't anywhere near Silent I and ETO.

Let not my defeat reduce my opinion of this superbly crafted puzzle, however. The elegant grid, with its perfectly centered cross of those unique names, is artwork. Congrats, C.C.!

Morning, Splynter, thanks for the 'splain, which allowed me to see just where I went wrong.

Looking forward to Hahtoolah's Wait, Wait episode in 5 hours' time.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Ow! Ow! Ow! Really hard, C.C., but finally got it with some red-letter help. Well, a lot!. SILENT I & SOPORS were not what one would expect and were among the last to fill. The whole NW was undoable without a couple red-letter runs. I pecked and picked down to the bottom, got a toe-hold & worked back up. Thanks, Splynter.

I knew MAE, FRAN, RON, NOOR, & LANCELOT but no other names, including the drag queen.

Duel-personality was a clever mislead. Not a lot of names which start & end with double letters.

Hand up for MONO before OCTO. When that filled, I thought I don't know that long a word. Oh, poetry?

Never heard of Frozen Four in the NCAA. Don't follow either tennis or hockey which I needed today.

RON Artest, I did know. He had one of the hottest tempers in NBA, real scrappy player, often penalized for fighting, traded a lot. Then he was assigned to take anger management training and changed his name legally to Meta World Peace. Still a tough defender, but not quite so volatile.

desper-otto said...

Oofta! This one required some heavy lifting. My biggest misstep was figuring that the 1940's theater must have been Madison Square Garden. I should have known that C.C. would have no MSG in her puzzle. Is this her first ever Saturday entry?

The double-L in LLEYTON was slow in coming. I finally guessed that maybe it was like the LL in Lloyd. Never heard of the guy. AARON BURR, on the other hand, came to me immediately. If I had noticed the AA...RR, then the LL...TT would have made sense to me.

Splynter, with all those musical links, I couldn't believe you didn't link Duke Ellington's Take The A Train.

I remember Fran Drescher from The Nanny -- her accent was like fingernails on a chalkboard.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Yes, as Barry G mentioned earlier, my first Saturday. Completed the cycle. Mission accomplished. That's it. No more Saturday for me. I don't have the heart or skill to make these stumpers.

Lemonade714 said...

The puzzle was awesome, the write up great...but it was D-O' s MSG comment that wins. Unforgettable!

Lemonade714 said...

Congratulations for a wonderful accomplishment C.C., from being published, to ha

HeartRx said...

Good morning, all!

Wow, congrats C.C. on your Saturday debut. I have to strongly disagree with you about your heart and skill at putting together Saturday puzzles, though!! This one was equal parts tough and equal parts AHA, and a very satisfying solve once it was done.

I really liked ON A TOOT right over PALOOKA. I had "galloot" at first, but that spelling just looked all wrong to me. Oh, wait - it was the wrong spelling...

Then when I had HEWETT from perps, I briefly thought of Jennifer Love HEWETT. I think with her name, she should have been a tennis star. I never heard of LLEYTON, but have to admit it's a really cool name.

Thanks for a fun romp, C.C. and an equally fun write-up, Steve!

TTP said...

Great puzzle CC. DNF here. Had about 75 % done, but got stock and ran out of time so I turned on Red Letter assist to find errors.

My big oaf was a bALOOKA, my recliner had armRESTS and some brothers were FRAT. Loved Duel personality = AARON BURR and medieval fight club = MACE. Never heard of ON A TOOT or IN A PET.

But there was great cluing and fill all over.

Running late. Will have to read the write up later and add some other thoughts.

Husker Gary said...

CC, you started with SILENT I and SOPORS – I’d like some insight on that thought process. What a wonderful Saturday excursion! I’d love to go on and on about CC’s amazing facility with our culture (both words and cluing) but that’d be redundant for me. How anyone makes these triple stacks is beyond my ken (and Barbie)! Progressing from partnering with Hard G, to solo early weeks to this… Incredible! We’ll see another Saturday, just wait.

-Fabulous AARON BURR commercial
-I don’t care much for bathing suits either, but the stuffing…
-Knowing when to stop spending was not Nicholas Cage’s forte
-You can always make that board shorter but board stretchers are very expensive
-Ron Artest - WHERE I COME FROM, he’s a PALOOKA (1:45)
-NO SCORE – “I can tell you the score of the game before it even starts”. “Yeah, smart guy, what is it?” “Nothin’ to nothin’”
-Gee, a King gets a beautiful wife. What are the odds?
-ON ME - My tightwad former principal’s favorite liquor was what anyone else was buying for him. When we asked for paper clips, he asked “how many?” and counted them out to us
-Great limerick Owen!

Husker Gary said...

On a Personal Note
-A FIRST for me yesterday. Because I was hitting into a 20mph wind, I overswung and sliced my ball OB into a cornfield. I dutifully hit again off the tee box on that 210 yd hole and the ball went right down the middle and, you guessed it, into the cup. I still had to take a 3. Not OPTIMAL nor a real hole-in-one but still pretty cool. No really, Tin, I had 3 witnesses!

Steve said...

Nice, CC! Thanks for the write-up, Splynter. Took me a little while but got there eventually. Fun double-letter names crossing in the middle.

HG - Congratulations, take a mulligan on the OB!

thehondohurricane said...

Hi folks,

A rare Saturday for me and to tackle a gem from CC. Doesn't get any better.And save for one letter, almost a success. The NW corner was the toughest and 1A did me in. Wagged an O for SILENTI & ITASCA. Silento/Otasca seemed logical.

Splnyter, to answer your question at 44A... "Good old days", but it wouldn't fit!... unlike the good old days!

Never knew LLEYTON HEWITT had double L's. He is now one of the older players on the tennis circuit.

38D OUTFIELD GRASS was a gimme considering the constructor.

Frozen four was another gimme... Two Connecticut schools- Yale & Quinnepiac (SP) were finalists this year. College hockey has become an enjoyable watch.

Happy I could chip away at today's puzzle, lots of challenging and fun stuff. Hope you change your mind CC.

thehondohurricane said...


It's still a helluva feat & you avoided the 19th hole tradition.

Husker Gary said...

Special notice to any OLD FOGY who think kids are worse than we ever were
-Click on the second picture from the left in the top row to see who the Homecoming King and Queen were at our High School yesterday!

LaLaLinda said...

Hi Everyone ~~

Wow ~ C.C. ~ what a masterpiece! Everything just kept falling into place as I worked and I kept marveling at the cleverness. So much to like. I, too, hope we will see more C.C. Saturdays!

Unlike others, I filled in SOPORS / SILENT I immediately (surprisingly), but had lots of trouble with the NE corner. Finally getting YES OR NO opened up the area. At 8D - the slow-motion show, I was thinking of ESPN sports, so BAYWATCH took a while.

~ Just about every letter in LLEYTON HEWITT was a perp.

~ desper-otto and Hondo ~ chuckling at your comments.

~ Favorites: 59A - Certain tie - NO SCORE and 21D - Duel personality - AARON BURR.

~ Splynter ~ CAN YA HEAR ME NOW?? ;-) Fantastic write-up ~ I always smile at your comments and insights. Thanks for clearing up my "Duh" moment - THE "A." Sheesh. :-)

Enjoy the weekend!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

A very tough but, ultimately, doable offering from our own CC. First pass left me thinking, uh-oh, this is a no-finish, but I chipped away and eventually got the TaDa w/o help.

Never heard of Lleyton Hewitt so that definitely needed perps. Also had generic before general, trails before prowls, and CSA before USG. Congrats on your first Saturday, CC, and here's hoping you change your mind and treat us with more in the future. Great expo, Splynter.

Had an "interesting" experience yesterday. I was checking in at the hospital for some routine tests when this announcement came over the PA: "The hospital lock-down has ended. Repeat: "The hospital lock- down has ended.". It seems there had been a man in the ER brandishing a knife, who then ran away but was captured and arrested. I don't think there were any injuries. Scary, though.

Have a super Saturday.

HeartRx said...

HG, don't ya hate it when that happens??? Congrats on the par, though!

Avg Joe said...

Had every bit as much trouble with this fine puzzle as a Silkie. First fills were ETO and Itasca. Lightly penciled in Opa cuz it sort of rang a bell. Tried Topors before Sopors, REL before USG. Dragged Hewitt out of the cranial dust bin, but could not come up with Lleyton, but the final fills were those two Ls as it all came together.

Thanks for the shout out at 40A, CC. A great puzzle!

Splynter said...

Hi again~!

Ugh, HeartRx, it's SPLYNTER, not Steve~!


Misty said...

I couldn't believe it when I saw it: a C.C. Saturday puzzle! Wow! Wow! Congratulations on your debut, C.C. and don't give up on Saturdays. I promise I will NEVER NEVER call you the "dreaded C.C," even though this was a bit of a toughie. Still, I got the whole West and South and had trouble only in the NE. Even with a bit of cheating, it was still a lot of fun. Thanks too, for the cool expo, Splynter.

OwenKL, I love your opening rhyme--many thanks!

PK, I actually had POLY rather than OCTA at first.

Still don't understand how PELEG is the co-owner of the Pequod? Surely the answer should have been AHAB? No?

Didn't know most of the names, alas, including RON for Metta World Peace. Did anyone else see him on "Dancing with the Stars" a few seasons ago? He didn't last very long, but it's one of the things I enjoy about the program--that I get to know a few sports figures there.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

desper-otto said...

Splynter, I think you're gonna be Steve forever!

Husker, was that Homecoming King also the center for the basketball team? Oops, maybe it's the queen who played center? I'm not even gonna ask what an OB is. Yes, I am. Old Bat? Odd Ball? OverBearing? GYN?

desper-otto said...

Misty, check out Peleg here.

PK said...

HG, Congratulations on your sorta, kinda, almost hole in one. Fun no matter what score the rules gave you.

Dear C. C., congrats on your first solo Saturday puzzle. Don't let my moans of pain discourage you from more Saturdays. You do have the skill. I keep trying Sat. no matter how painful. I just wish I had your vocabulary. Very impressive!

Irish Miss, good luck on your tests.

Lovely cool temperatures and soft falling rain on my new grass seed. Unfortunately, I didn't get but about a fifth of the seed down before I wore out. Try again next week.

MPPuzzler said...

A very enjoyable puzzle. Thanks to C. C. and Splynter.

Can someone please explain IN A PET? I've never heard that expression and the dictionary doesn't help.

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Wow, a Saturday C.C. As soon as I saw who the constructor was I thought this was going to be an especially hard puzzle. It was, but man oh man it was fun! Laughed when I finally got MACE. Wanted either mono or poly as the prefix with syllabic, so I entered the letter o in the 2nd square and waited for the perps to indicate which it would be. Wull gosh-durn it, it wasn't either one! Sheesh!
A very few gimmes, such as ARTUR, FRAN, and ITASCA, got me a toehold, but I ended up having to googoolala several answers. Saw the U as the 2nd letter of 44A and stubbornly wanted BUILD there, which inhibited me in that area. JOE PALOOKA is a now-defunct comic strip, so I smiled when I saw those 2 words appear. Wanted LEDGER for The Joker portrayer, but couldn't think of a Bollywood garment that began with SAL. My stubbornness there also almost did me in. Then I saw Cesar ROMERO's face in my mind's eye but couldn't think of his name for a long time. I loved this puzzle. Best wishes to you all.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Shoulda been an easy win today, but for PELEG. Funny: My memory *thought* it was PELEG, but I went for something called TELEG because my answer for 26D was TRAWLS, not PROWLS. I submit that mine was (almost) as good as Burnikel's. (I mean, who knows for sure whether 34A shoulda been OCTO rather than OCTA?)
- and -
Hands up if anyone else contests SILENT I! A true silent letter must have zero influence on pronunciation, like the "G" of "Gnu" or the "P" of "Pshaw." The "I" in "Fruit" modifies the "U," definitely altering the vowel sound. Without the "I," the word would rhyme with "Put" or "Hut."

Argyle said...

IN A PET. Being petulant. Good read here. You will have to scroll down aways. We have had it before.

Tinbeni said...

C.C. Thank you for a FUN Saturday Ink Blot ...
Splynter: Excellent write-up & links.
Just curious, but when was the last time YOU didn't do the Saturday write-up? 3 years ago?

Husker: Did you at least go to the next tee box and ask: "Anybody have a two?"

Hondo: I've had the pleasure of 2 holes-in-one ... and 2 extremely LARGE bar tabs. lol !!!

Never been ON-A-TOOT ... I don't Barhop. I prefer to walk or crawl (but never HOP!) from Pub to Pub.

A 'toast' to ALL ... NOW!

Misty said...

Desper-otto, many thanks for the PELEG link. I guess I didn't read my "Moby Dick" carefully enough because I sure didn't remember those two guys. But that's what I love about the blog--learning new things, and re-learning old things!

creature said...

CC, I can see how you wouldn't want to do Sat. puzzles. It's because you are a perfectionist!

That's probably the finest effort for Sat. that I've seen.

I couldn't complete,as it just plain had fill that I didn't know or couldn't conjure up. Really a fun challenge though. And thanks.

Splynter, you did an excellent job, also. Thanks

The crossing names were a 'bear'. Never knew 36A.

PELEG and ROS and ARTUR didn't ring bells.

Gonna sit at a pal's lake and try to avoid the rays she so loves. I'll be slathered in big gobs of cream and clothes; She loves it and and spends her life at the dermas' office getting the stuff removed before its the big C.

We go back so far, we finish each others sentences. So I'm looking forward to it.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Irish Miss said...

Decided to start watching the shows in my DVR List before it gets any longer. I watched the two season-opening episodes of TBBT and, as Lemony said on Thursday's blog, they have jumped the kraken (shark).

I didn't think the story lines and dialogue could get any more crude and tasteless, but was I ever wrong. I know one show I won't be watching again. OTOH, it was the highest rated show, with almost 20 million viewers. To each his own, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Found this one from our gracious host just barely doable offline after several wags, but for the inaPet/ oPa natick. My money had been on "in a Het", as in "het up" about something.

Husker Gary said...

-Re: Homecoming picture. The short boy is a special needs son of a friend of mine and he was elected King by the student body. It was very special and speaks of the good hearts of most kids today. The girl in the picture was the center for the basketball team last year but Fremont has a USA Today All American transferring in from Lincoln SE and so the queen will have to play elsewhere.
-Tin, yeah, I did ask if my 3 gave me honors on the next hole!! No arguments.
-In what movie set in Las Vegas did Caesar Romero play a man who was going to marry Peter Lawford’s mother?

Jayce said...

Oceans 11

Manac said...

Oh boy!
A DNF for me today.
The proper names did me in.
C.C. Very clever the crossing of Aaron Burr and whats his name.
At 47D I had Romera which led me to Old Fart at 66A. Hey! Don't judge me. I thought Rich might have been asleep that day.

All in all I had fun with it.

Congrats on your Saturday debut C.C.

Maverick said...

I thought I was headed for a DNF, but I took another whack at it this afternoon, and nailed it. The last fill was that danged SILENTI and a big doh! for the 1940's theater: ETO. I was thinking the whole time it was something like the Grand Ole Opry (GOO), Madison Square Garden (MSG) or the RKO Theater. The center cross had me for a while too. I got HEWITT pretty quickly but couldn't for the life of me divine his first name. And my initial swag of WYATTEARP for the Duel Personality held me back for a long time

Lucina said...

Good evening, word warriors!

Congratulations, C.C., on your brilliant Saturday debut!!!

And thank you, Splynter, our Saturday stud!

It has taken me all day because I did it between chores, telephone calls, etc., but one cell at a time, it filled. The NW gave me fits since I adamantly thought the Mississippi started in ATASCA. Finally, realization struck me and so did SILENT I.

I had many write overs, too many to list but eventually sanity prevailed. Obviously red letters are a huge advantage but that's missing in the newspaper, of course.

AARONBURR was an early fill but in one hundred years I couldn't have guessed LLEYTON HEWITT. What a superb crossing of those two!

This was a wonderful challenge and I don't LOSE HOPE that you will give us another in the future.

Today is my brother's birthday so had to call him and also confirm that I'll be going to the Cancer Walk in Redlands to support my niece who has breast cancer. I've never participated in one before so this will be interesting.

Everyone, I truly hope this Saturday has been special for you!

HeartRx said...

Splynter @ 10:33, I think I'll just call you "S" from now on. Then I'll be OK, whether it's Wednesday or Saturday...

Blue Iris said...

CC, very challenging puzzle!

Splynter, Maybe you should stop by the DAY SPA for a Mani-Pedi (with your UPS uniform still on)to attract some ladies?!?

HG, it always sickens me when I see a huge waste of money,i.e. Nicholas Cage, when I think about the student loans my daughter owes now for a good reason. She will work many years to pay off. She graduates this December with her PhD.
(My capsha is CAGEGIV... LOL)

My husband helped me with LLEYTON HEWITT. His middle name also has two consonants...Glenn.

Got "Dark Shadows" from Netflix. Haven't watched yet.

Bill G. said...

Did anybody post this before? If so, I apologize. Otherwise, enjoy a really good advertising video. Baby and me!

Manac said...

Nicole came home for this weekend :-)
She and her friends have planned a get together for tonight.
I think her mother and I raised her right because her only complaint about college (besides the food) are the students there that only want to party. Including some of her former HS classmates that go there. She is not a prude, but has her priorities right and has avoided that scene. Thankfully her room mates also.

I bet you never would have thunk it knowing me, would ya! :)

Blue Iris said...

Manac, My son is also home this wkend. He is an RA at KSU and had to bust several students for underage drinking in the dorm last wkend so not a popular guy right now.

Manac said...

Blue Iris,
What a difference a letter makes!
She's at KSC.
I wonder if there is a KFC? :)

Bill G. said...

A squirrel that's going to grow up thinking it's a cat. Adopted squirrel

Manac, good news about Nicole. It's nice to see when your efforts as a parent bear fruit.

Blue Iris, good luck to your son. That can't have been easy.

PK said...

Wonder if the baby squirrel will eat cat food or they'll have to give it nuts. The red squirrels in my yard don't eat the cat's dry food although possums, coons, Blujays, and starlings love the stuff. Squirrels sure loved the sunflower seed I used to put out for birds. Had to quit feeding birds because my cat wanted to eat them and I didn't like enticing them in to a bad end.

Blue Iris, When my daughter was an RA, she took a keg away from some rowdy athletes one weekend in the dorm. I thought she was lucky she didn't get gang raped. The Dean was so impressed by her handling of the situation, she hired her for a very good job when she graduated. I hope your son will get some good reviews from his Dean for doing what is right.

Anonymous T said...

G'Day Everyone...

And what a day: I started early on C.C.'s puzzle - a DNF for me. Too much to do today. I got some work done around here, took the kids to the county fair and wore out a new wallet ($32 for 2 funnel cakes, a corn dog, 2 lemonades & a beer!), and made cupcakes with youngest for her Girl Scout troop. Finally, I just looked up Splytner's answers. C.C. Nice - best Sat. in a while for me!

Bill G - Re: squirrel-cat - It amazes me how adaptable life is... The scent is on the squirrel now, so even if a brother thinks "rodent," the squirrel won't be a snack.

Cheers, -T

Middletown Bomber said...

Great Puzzle CC: Leave it to a Minnesotan to use Frozen Four rather than final four.